Crystal Harris on if she has sex with husband Hugh Hefner: “no comment”

Hugh Hefner’s runaway and then back-again bride, Crystal Harris, was on Huffington Post live recently and I have to hand it to the interviewer. She really called Crystal on her crap. Back when Crystal and Hef split the first time, she went on Howard Stern and claimed that she’d never seen him naked, that they’d only had sex once and that it lasted two seconds. You can see the video of her interview here, she screws up her face when describing sex with Hef as if the thought disgusts her. (At least back then she could screw up her face.)

So now that Crystal is married to Hef, having realized she could do no better, the awesome HuffPo live interviewer asked Crystal about their sex life and reminded her about the comments she made about Hef being awful in bed. Crystal denied ever saying that, (again – video of her saying that) but she also said “no comment” when asked directly if she ever has sex with Hef. In her mind, intimacy is watching movies and playing backgammon.

Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner’s wife Crystal Hefner told HuffPost Live Wednesday that she had “no comment” on the couple’s sex life.

Asked about intimacy in their relationship, Hefner said that “since Heff is older now and has had the phase of his life — the phases of all the girlfriends and all that kind of stuff — I feel now is more, you know like cuddling up and watching a movie or playing backgammon.”

“So does that mean that you don’t have sex?” HuffPost Live host Alyona Minkovski asked.

“Ah, I’m not gonna — no comment,” Hefner said with a laugh.

Hefner did go on to refute claims that she had once called Hugh a “two second man” after initially calling off their marriage.

“People switch things all over,” Hefner said. “I never said that. When I first left I did some interviews I shouldn’t have done … I was mad. I was, you know, it was a breakup. So I shouldn’t have done some of the things, and at the time I had a bad publicist, so things did get switched and turned around.”

[From Huffington Post]

So it’s all Crystals’ ex-publicist’s fault that she did an interview on Howard Stern alone and talked about what an awful lover Hef was and how trapped she felt in the Playboy mansion.

Later on in the interview, Crystal admits that she married Hef for “security” and the reassurance of “knowing that I’m the one for him,” meaning she doesn’t have to work, gets a nice crash pad and a chunk of change when he kicks it, even though there’s a prenup in place to protect the bulk of his fortune.

Well I have to give Crystal credit. I’m grateful that she described intimacy as playing board games. I no longer have to picture her trying to make it work with Hef and imagining what that entails.

Crystal on if she has sex with Hef:

Crystal on why she married Hef:

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  1. Nina W says:

    I know why she married him but I cannot understand why he married her.

    • dcypher1 says:

      I know rite he can have any chick. Any other chick is better than her gold digger ass.

      • Gabriella says:

        Actually, at this point, the only chicks he can have are golddiggers. He’s used and abused young girls for a living, and now he is fated to being used and abused by one of his dumb plastic girls. If it’s not Crystal, it is going to be any other like her, and Heff’s got a mansion full of them.

      • Pandy says:

        you are right Gabriella. karmic payback.

    • Rumorhasit says:

      I stopped caring when Hef so stupidly refused to marry the woman who honestly cared for him…now lets all listen to Mrs
      Hefner, and no comment this couple into obscurity.

    • rose says:

      team Holly?

  2. Eleonor says:

    She was right, talking about necrophilia isn’t polite.

  3. Aussie girl says:

    Wowsah!! Her face is looking as real as their sex life!! His the same age as my beloved nanna!!! I can’t help but imagine my nan with a “husband” crystals age. Actually I retract, I can’t imagine!!!

  4. pootatoo says:

    no comment.

  5. Evelyn says:

    Egch, he looks like my great grandfather. Actually, my great grandfather had better skin

  6. Kimbob says:

    Crystal is an awful liar. To say things, then say she didn’t say them, even when she was video-audio taped…really?

    This marriage is a sham. Don’t know why it even made news headlines.

  7. Merritt says:

    They married each other because they are both gross. She wanted whatever money or fame she could get. And he wanted a young blonde.

    I don’t buy the “poor Hef” line. He has surrounded himself with random blondes for years. However they have become increasing trashy. Holly, Bridget, and Kendra at least seemed to have personalities. Although at a certain point even they acknowledged (more Kendra and Bridget) that they were there to further their careers.

    The idea that a young woman is going to be so in love with an octogenarian is ridiculous.

  8. aims says:

    Why is everyone so cynical of this lovely couple? She married him for all the right reasons. Not for his mass amount of cash or his connections, eye roll.

    Nothing like waking up in the morning, to see your husband doing the old man shuffle with his wrinkly, old man ass.

  9. JL says:

    Failing to comment on their sex life was the 1st classy thing the girl has ever done, and I’m sincere about thiat one.

    She just spared us all

    • Shannon says:

      This gold digging fool HAS commented on their sex life. And what she had to say was not good. She pretty much said she was repulsed by Hef.

      Soooooo she’s learned to keep her mouth shut after running her mouth on the same subject in the past. She’s not classy.

  10. Mayday says:

    I’ve thought about this a lot and I don’t blame him, or any other older person for the matter, that is coming towards the end of their life that wants a companion to spend their remaining time with.

    No one should die alone.

  11. greenmonster says:

    I know I just watched an interview with Hefner’s nurse… I mean wife, but for a few seconds I thought I was watching Heidi Montag. If that isn’t the best warning sign against plastic surgery, I don’t know what is.

    • Brittney says:

      Yeah, it looks like she used the same doctor (ahhh, he died though, didn’t he? oops) for her lips and cheeks. She’s ONE YEAR older than me (and I still get carded for liquor). I have absolutely no idea why stunning young women do this to themselves. I guess I understand it a little more when actresses in their 50s start tweaking (it usually looks awful, but at least their rational makes sense), but girls are doing it so young now. Don’t they realize it makes them look 15 years older?

  12. Ruyana says:

    They deserve each other.

  13. RobN says:

    People marry for different reasons; he knew what he wanted, she knew what she wanted, and there was a benefit to both of them. Doesn’t harm anybody else, and this isn’t a situation like the Anna Nicole deal where the old guy had dementia, so good luck to them both.

  14. donnabobonna says:

    I don’t get why Hef didn’t just marry Holly. She wanted to marry him, may have actually cared about the man, was willing to pretend they had sex and never said a bad word about him to anyone. Wait…maybe this is karma?

    • silver says:

      it’s totally karma! I think Holly said that their break-up came down to her wanting a baby & to start a family, and he didn’t want to have any more kids. now Holly’s pregnant & seemingly very happy, while Hef has to buy the affection of someone who publicly humiliated him and obviously is repulsed by him.

  15. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    What the hell has she done to her face? Isn’t she supposed to be only in her early/mid 20′s?? She looks terrible and it doesn’t appear that there is much going on inside of her head either. Talk about a major gold digger, ugh.

  16. sashavice says:

    So pretty much she’s doing things with him that you do with your grandpa. Uno, Backgammon, scrapbooks…

  17. jwoolman says:

    Aw, it’s kind of nice if they play board games and cuddle in front of a movie like an old married couple. She’s probably earning her keep if she’s being nice to him. Yeah, he’s been a sleaze for decades but he doesn’t have that much time left probably (he’s been frail for years) and he always struck me as a relatively benign sleaze. Not someone I’d want around me, but he didn’t put a gun to the head of the people buying his stupid porn and posing for it. He must be really missing his old friend Mary the secretary who recently died, must make him feel really alone now. She was closer to his age and they knew each other for a long time so their friendship was comfortable. And fully clothed…

  18. Lizzie says:

    jeeesus she looks just like shannon tweed! except i love shannon tweed SO much (i’m sorry but she is hilarious on the family’s reality show) and this chick seems insufferable/waaay stupider.

  19. IkhwanOnline says:

    Is There Sex After Heart Disease?