Robbie Williams: Doing it to the Kids

The News of the World reports that fuzzy little mini-mars bar sized popstar Robbie Williams, an old soul at the age of 32, is taking a line from his own songbook and “Doing it for the Kids” … or well at least Doing it for Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Michelle Trachtenberg — who is all of 21.

“Robbie really likes Michelle — he especially loves her sense of humour. They’re having a great time just hanging out.”

“As we all know, Robbie doesn’t have a high celebrity profile in the States despite many attempts to launch his career over there.”

“So as far as Michelle is concerned, she’s just spending time with a normal bloke from a place called Stoke. That’s just how Rob likes it.”

Well we have all heard lots of talk about how Robbie likes it … some of it involving blokes fom Stoke … but Michelle managed a gay romance on Six Feet Under … I’m sure she can manage it with Five and a Half Feet Williams.

It’s always amusing to watch how the ultimate dig the UK press lobs at one of their own is that they tried to crack the US market and failed. They take Oasis and Robbie to town for that regularly. I actually think Robbie Williams has pretty high Q factor in the States –even if his Billboard numbers never were cross-over stellar. But then again I just may be partial to Stoke Blokes — just like Michelle.

The tortured man-child has never been the poster boy for maturity, but he seems to have medicated most of his early demons back into the box … and just might be a lovely set of celebrity-dating training wheels for young Miss T. Michelle recently threatened to kick Lindsay Lohan when Drunky McFreckles went off at her in some Miami Club so we already know the girl has good sense – Lindsay Lohan kickage oughtta be an Olympic Sport at this late date.

Michelle you are old enough to drink — so drink deep from the well of crazy English boyfriend … you’ll be a better hydrated woman for it … also maybe talk him into a little manscaping … you are both in L.A. after all.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Don’t really know anything about these two, but I do love British gossip writers….Drunky McFreckles, that’s great :)

  2. Jaime says:

    Drunky McFreckles… I will never again refer to LL as anything else. :) I think Robbie Williams is seeeexy, when he doesn’t look like he needs a nap, so you go on with your bad self, Michelle!

  3. UrbanDK says:

    He’s an adorable little monkey and I love all Buffy alumns … I bet they are having a grand old time

  4. frewtloop says:

    He loves her sense of humour? Hehehehhahahahah rotf lmao that’s a good one…

  5. anna says:

    love him
    but shes omg just want to smack her
    he need someone nice and suitble not some lil whore