Taylor Swift, suspiciously busty in Elie Saab in Sydney: obviously bolt-ons?

These photos are from…? WENN has the date as the 29th, but I think the ARIA Awards actually took place on the 28th. But the event was in Sydney, Australia and the International Date Line confuses me, so let’s just say these pics are from sometime this week, at the ARIA Awards. I saw the pics yesterday, but WENN didn’t get them in until today, and I’m so happy because I really wanted to talk about them.

Taylor Swift was the big “get” at the awards show, and of course she dressed like a pretty princess, America’s Virginal Pop Princess, yet again. Swifty is wearing Elie Saab… is it just me, or is this a particularly awful shade of cream/ivory? It doesn’t look “crisp”. It looks like… bandages. OLD, used bandages. I think this dress is also a bad choice because it’s just further evidence that Taylor Swift DID get bolt-ons around April or May of this year.

When we first started talking about in May of this year, there were a lot of Bolt-On Deniers, and a lot of you said that Swifty is still young, and maybe she just grew them magically overnight and it was all completely natural. I considered your point, and agreed that it might have some validity, mostly because I went up a bra size in my early 20s too. But it didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen without me gaining weight all over, you know? Swifty went from an A-cup to a C-cup (at least) within the span of two weeks.

And now these photos… this is the first time Swifty has worn something this low-cut in months and months. And now we know why. Because that, ladies, is a boob job. Those look like obvious implants to me.

Obviously, her body, her choice, etc. I’m not judging her for getting a boob job. I am, however, giving her a side-eye for getting a boob job all while promoting cotton-candy-sprinkles and sparkle-ponies to young girls.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. someone says:

    If they are fake, they are nicely done. She couldn’t have gone any larger and had them appear natural. Doesn’t look like a C cup though. Maybe only a B.

    • LAR says:

      Looks smaller than a C to me too

    • Amelia says:

      Props to her surgeon if she did have them done. Very subtle.
      But I’m still on the fence a little – in the second picture the bust isn’t fitting particularly well so it could be chicken fillets/water bra.

    • ohhello says:

      I’m a double A. I can use padding and cutlets to make these puppies look like Cs.

      Also, getting a boob job isn’t really consistent with Taylor’s “brand,” if you will.

      As a side note, I love the pink lipstick as a change from red.

      • Vesper says:

        I’m also an A cup and a good quality pushup bra (especially if it’s worn tight) does wonders. For Halloween I needed to be busty so I took some heavy duty string, laced it at the very back of the straps so they were pulled together, tightened as much as I could and tied it into a knot. For the first time in my life my cleavage looked really amazing.

        Also, some designer dresses have the most amazing built in padding.

        Taylor looks like a B cup to me too.

        The dress looks like more of a light blush colour, or maybe acrue, not ivory.

      • Vesper says:

        Spelling error. It should be ecru.

    • deehunny says:

      lol, so not a C. Maybe a large B but certainly not a C.

      Firmly in the B camp

    • Lishka says:

      Are you kidding that they don’t look FAKE? She looks like she has half a grapefruit under one side and the other one is missing!

  2. Buckwild says:

    I was of the denier camp, but looks like bolt on’s to me. Quite an unnatural curve at the top on a very skinny build. But I don’t judge her for it, at least she’s not pushing the boobs in our face.

  3. adrianne says:

    She never seems happy. She always look cute there is nothing glamorous or sexy about her. Dam this girl is so boring but she gets the guys Im jelous.

  4. Christina says:

    They dont’ have that hard edge which fakies have so I think they’re real. It could be just a good bra, or padding in the dress. If they’re fakes, they’re pretty modest. Hardly Pamela Anderson territory.

  5. Lulu says:

    Nice boon job, and I like the dress and the fact that she isn’t pushing them in our faces.

  6. Jenna says:

    Don’t get me wrong, she makes my teeth itch, but I just don’t see the boob job everyone keeps hammering on about. And the whole “She went from nothing to huge in no time flat” thing… can’t see it.

    Granted. I basically went to bed a rail thin tiny wildcat and woke up a DD, can’t walk without tripping 6’2 where’d I get hips & shoulders at 12. (Rough year for my dad) I know I can’t have actually sprouted that much overnight, but I swear… I remember going to bed swimming in my big brother’s old band t-shirt, and went to the breakfast table with it barely covering me. All I noticed before dad started hollering for mom was being sore and limping from my knee locking (spent 4 months in a brace because the growth spurt sped past any useable cartilage in my knee and it dang near locked up until it could catch up.) So to me… I can buy her body just going nutty.

    Still makes my teeth itch though.

    • AlexandraJane says:

      wow that sounds like a tough year!

      • Jenna says:

        Not the most fun, no. But worse for my folks. My mom spent the year getting pulled aside by people ‘breaking’ the news of my dad running around with ‘some hussy half his age!’ because they didn’t recognize me – and dad suddenly had to deal with 20+ year olds hitting on me.

        Thankfully, I was still a little kid in my head, no matter what I looked like, so I either hid or didn’t understand. Still… not the most fun.

    • Snookie Wookie says:

      I agree with you, Jenna. I just don’t see it. I think it’s well placed chicken cutlets. I just don’t think Swifty is that stupid that she’d risk alienating her fan base from her wholesome image with some bolt ons.

    • Redheadwriter says:

      Just gotta say I love that expression “makes my teeth itch.” Absolutely perfect description of what Swifty does to folks!

  7. Obvious says:

    I think this is the best I’ve seen her look in awhile. I LOVE her hair, it’s not all down for a change. Can we please give her credit where it’d due?

    Now to fix the outfit…

  8. marie says:

    hell I dunno,it’s possible-they’re perky but she’s also early 20′s and everythings perky at that age.. that is a really ugly dress, looks very bed quilt-like..

  9. GoodCapon says:

    Wow, has she always been this thin? And I really hate that ‘look over your shoulder’ pose that all celebs do on the carpet.

    I’m gonna go for bolt-ons. The top curves don’t look real to me.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree she looks awfully thin. Not scary thin yet, but more like maybe she’s over working and not getting enough to eat. But I must say, so many of you are in denial. Those are breast implants. I am not against that at all. They are tastefully done. She looks good…aside from the poor color of the dress. :)

  10. Darlene says:

    I think it’s her dress, not her boobs.

  11. Nessa says:

    Definite boob job… But they look good. They are the perfect size for her thin frame.

  12. Gine says:

    Yeah, I don’t see it. It just looks like the bodice of that dress is ill-fitting and squashing her chest. If they are implants, they’re really small.

  13. venny says:

    Definitely looks like a boob job to me. Specifically, they look like cohesive gel implants – the more ‘realistic’ tear-drop shaped gummy-bear type. Had she gotten regular saline balloons, they would have been too obvious.

  14. Esti says:

    It’s just padding in the dress. In the second picture, you can see that her chest doesn’t come out nearly as far as the bust on the dress — the padding is doing most of the work, and it’s also pushing up what she does have to create cleavage above the dress. I’m flat as a board, and I’ve got dresses that do that as well.

  15. suhon says:

    I feel that it looks “gappy” around the breast area, like it doesn’t really fit her chest/cup size. I don’t think she had surgery, just help from gel bras and maybe the dress has a built in bra. Nothing remarkable here. Skinny chica with A+ boobs!

  16. JustJen says:

    OK…for all who don’t see it: top pic, big cavern between her breasts. Not natural.

    Look very carefully at the last two pictures at her left breast. The shadowing around the inside curve and across the top definitely indicate angles that are not natural for skin and fatty tissue.

    If you have a hard time seeing it, compare to the angles of your own breasts. Fatty tissue and skin are supple and flex to soft angles and slopes but implants form more hard angles. In order to get angles like that, from say a bra, you’d have to push the breasts together, not apart, as in the first picture.

    Now do you see it? To me it’s very obvious.

    • lizbet says:

      Yeah, I didn’t think they were fake before, but I definitely do now. This is the best explanation for why.

    • Esti says:

      The “cavern” thing is just stupid. If you have a smaller chest, there’s going to be a gap between your boobs because they just aren’t big enough to fill it! Breasts don’t automatically sit closer together to compensate for being smaller. And the “shadowing” is what happens when you squash your boob into your chest with a tight dress or bra — which, if you have little boobs, is the only way to create cleavage.

      Do any of the people commenting these are fakes themselves have a small chest? Because seriously, that is *exactly* how I look if I’m wearing a really good bra or a dress with a padded bust.

      • venny says:

        I have a small bust and mine definitely don’t look anything like that – in any sort of bra.

      • JustJen says:

        But the dress isn’t tight. There is a gap in the second picture between her ribcage and the fabric of the dress. Even if you were to say that the dress was cut to be tight across the breast, when a dress presses breast tissue flat, it spreads which would eliminate the cavern between her breasts.

        Look at the last picture. The angle of the side of her left breast. It looks like a clock — one hand on the “one” and the other on the “seven”. It’s a perfect angle. Not like the angle made by supple breast tissue.

        Try to make that kind of angle across the top of your breast. It doesn’t work — soft tissue spreads, it doesn’t rise sharply like that. You CAN get it to do that, yes, if you pressure it from multiple angles. But that dress is very simply cut.

      • Vesper says:

        I agree with @ Esti. I have that cavern as well. It don’t think it is unusual for very slender girls who are an A cup. If u are very slender u have less fatty tissue.

        Also, cleavage can be created using a makeup brush and powder bronzer. It’s used a lot in modeling photoshoots.

    • Erinn says:

      Eh. I get what you’re saying, and I do suspect that she had small implants – good ones though. However, I have relatively wide set breasts, and about the same spacing between them as she does in the first image.

      EDITED: I also, don’t have a small bust. They are D’s and have a gap. So it’s not just about being skinny and small chested as far as the caverns go.

      • LAR says:

        I can believe that she has implants, but I have wide shoulders and a little gap between my boobs unless they’re pushed together. I’m a G/H cup and had a much bigger gap when I was in the A-C range, even when they were flattened.

  17. Annie says:

    You call that busty? Really? It doesn’t look remarkable enough to be considered fake.
    And also, boobs do continue to grow for some of us, even in our 20′s. Mine still grew well after 18. You don’t stop growing in any way after 18. That’s a myth. Jeez, I even think I grew an inch taller after high school. I remember bumping into one of my closest friends like 4 years after high school and we used to be the same height when we graduated… and I was much taller now!

    • M says:

      I grew too. And Kaiser, I literally went up a bra size in just a matter of days a few months ago, so it does happen.

  18. KellyinSeattle says:

    I don’t see the bolt ons. Doesn’t really matter to me, she’s flat either way, which is fine. But damn, girl is always dressed up and going to events; I’d like to see her (besides w/ boyfriends) living a normal life in jeans and sweatshirts.
    C’mon already.

  19. Jess says:

    I think she got a small implant a while ago. You can never tell what body insecurities girls have. I saw her body and thought perfect, and Taylor saw something else.

  20. IsaBELLA says:

    Someone of you dont know that bras can do amazing things, including making your boobs look bigger than they are. Also as you get older your boobs get bigger Im 22 and last year I went from B to DD. And everybody thought I got a boob job. So I dont really know whats going on in here. She always look cute but there is nothing glamorous or sexy about her.

  21. Tuxedo Cat says:

    Unfortunately, she probably feels as if she has to get implants in order to compete as a female in the entertainment industry.

    Oh well, at least she didn’t get triple G’s…

  22. PrettyTarheel says:

    No upper arm meat and boob growth=implants every single time. It’s the clearest indicator. Kind of like the upper lip delineation is the best way to tell if there is have been lip injections, etc.

  23. anna says:

    I don’t see any outline that would suggest implants. Her boobs didn’t appear overnight. She has always gone from looking flat-chested at one event to looking slightly bustier in the next candid set. It’s because of different bras and clothing choices. And she probably started taking the pill.

    Why does she look like “America’s Virginal Pop Princess”? Because she’s wearing ivory? That’s a pretty lazy generalization. Her new album is full of sexual references.

    • Tammy says:

      I know, right? The dress has see-through bits on the side to give the impression Taylor’s not wearing any underwear. Yes, very virginal…

  24. Rita says:

    “Suspiciously Busty”, huhhhh

    It’s summer in Aussieland. I thinks it’s simply swelling from a bee sting.

    Downunder bees always go for the left side. It’s something to do with the earths rotation. It’s the same reason their toilets flush backwards.

  25. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Looks like she got a boob job, but it’s def modest…I actually like it. I think she looks more “womanly.” Maybe she just got them for herself, wanting to look more voluptuous, since she is very thin. Looks like one of those girls who is just a naturally thin person, and maybe she is insecure about that. You can be rich and beautiful and still have major insecurities. I would actually doubt she got it to “keep up” with the entertainment industry image. I say good for her.

    • sharylmj says:

      I think she got one too, but it’s really a good one, they look great! Kate Hudson did the same thing and hers look really good too. This doesn’t bug me.. THAT DRESS!! that bugs me!!

      • Vesper says:

        I don’t typically like implants even if someone is an A cup, and I hate how so many women in Hollywood (in general) seem to feel they need implants. Women like Heather Locklear, Nicole Kidman, Carmen Diaz. I thought all of them looked far better before their surgery.

        That being said, there are two women who I always thought looked really strange having a small cup size. I’m not sure what it is about their bodies, maybe their shoulders, but they looked really unproportional and masculine. They both got small implants and I think they look amazing. The two women are Kate Hudson, and LeAnn Rimes. In my opinion Taylor looks(ed) good as an A cup, so I hope it’s just a bra especially since so many of her fans are teenage girls. If she did get implants, what message does that send them?

  26. Tanya says:

    Padding can work wonders. Just ask Julia Styles, Lea Thompson, Annie Potts…

  27. Jillian says:

    I think it’s chicken cutlets with a padded bra.

  28. Muny says:

    I see padding not actual boobs.

  29. stephanie says:

    she looks fantastic here.

  30. Sweet Dee says:

    My goodness you guys really? She clearly had them done. You can see the top is perfectly round, unlike real boobs and she was FLAT as hell before. I don’t get the need to deny the fake tits?

    Anyway, thanks for not posting another vapid interview to go along with the pics :-)

  31. Ginger says:

    I’m not buying that is a C cup either since I border on a C/D and I’m much larger than she is. She is so tiny so any implants are going to stand out a lot. Why does she always look so vacant in her photos?

  32. sarah says:

    I’m not a Swifty fan at all but I’m not seeing boob job here.

  33. Hmmm says:

    Hmm, it’s hard to tell. I went from a 32A to a 32 C/D when I turned twenty with only about a five pound weight gain. I was about swifty’s size too ie too skinny. She might have been just under the normal healthy cutoff for her weight before, which caused her body to shut down and stop maturing (this is how the doc explained it to me). When you gain just enough weight (can just be a few pounds) for your body to be able to function normally, the hormonal maturing that was kept at bay can come flooding in all at once. They do look a bit hard though, so who knows.

  34. aims says:

    Shes really thin. I guess i never paid a attention before

  35. ruby says:

    Look, I’m 20. And I have just gone up a bra size or so too. But you know what ? While I am far from overweight, the rest of me has rounded out a little too. Now I have a decent butt, a little belly, and I have lost that thin, coltish look I had as a teen.
    Same goes for my sister who is 19.

    So it seems very obvious to me that Swift has got a boob job. In my anorexic phase when I was pretty much as skinny as her, my boobs were about the size of hers before her boob job. There is no way she can have put on fat only in her boobs. I’ve been in both situations and I can tell you, the fat distributes evenly to your belly, thighs and for some people upper arms too.

    • Hmmm says:

      Not always noticeably (especially when clothed) ! It can be different for everyone. I’m 23 so this wasn’t too long ago for me.

  36. Isa says:

    I don’t really see a boob job.’its hard to tell since the dress doesn’t fit that well in the bust.
    I wish people would stop doing so much of the “hands on hips pose.” A little is fine. But man I see pictures after pictures of girls on my FB standing to the side, sucking their belly in and a hand on their hip. I call it the skinny girl pose. I am not fooled.

  37. diane says:

    lol, busty where?

  38. skuddles says:

    A little padding and push-up – nothing more.

  39. Onyx XV says:

    If that’s busty, then so is Goldie Hawn! I see no boob job. Heck, I barely see any boobs at all!

  40. Cait says:

    If she did get them a boob job, they look very tasteful so good on her. Still think it’s probably just a good push up bra. I have one from Vicky’s that makes me look a cup larger, easy.

  41. tabasco says:

    Honey, if that’s a “busty” or a C-cup, I must be Christina Hendricks.

  42. Kosmos says:

    At least Taylor never looks trashy. I still like it when women contain themselves somewhat and don’t go for the slutty look just to gain attention. Kudos, Taylor!!

  43. Jellie says:

    Boob job or not, that dress still doesn’t fit up top. Maybe she overestimated.

  44. Joanna says:

    they’re fake. they’re just small ones, that’s why everybody thinks they’re real.

  45. M says:

    Im a C cup and hers are clearly a solid B with the use of a pushup bra. She only has nice boobs like that when she is wearing a bra and the rest of the time she is flat as a pancake.

  46. I Choose Me says:

    Maybe a good bra or chicken cutlets is my guess. Still not convinced it’s bolt-ons. I am however convinced that she’s the real life version of Skipper, Barbie’s little sis.

  47. asdfg says:

    No boob job just a good push up bra. I love the dress! I love Elie Saab!

  48. B says:

    Whatever the case, I love her style. Loathe both her and her music, but the makeup, hair, and clothes are consistently on-point.

  49. gobo says:

    That dress has transparent side panels so I have no idea how she could be wearing a push up bra and padding. It’s have been done in my opinion. As an aside, fairer skinned girls shouldn’t wear that kind of shade, it only looks good against olive skin tones.

  50. Malificent says:

    I’m on the fencepost. If they’re fake — they are tasteful. She could have also gone on the Pill. Even the modern lower-dose birth control pills can still change breast size. Being on the Pill never made a noticable difference for me, but I have friends who went up a cup size.

  51. Maggie says:

    If you’ve ever had implants you can spot them a mile away. Without question, those are implants.

  52. Shelly says:

    She looks the same to me. If she did get her boobs done, they were done tastefully.

  53. Annie says:

    Natural breasts don’t have a ridge like she’s got going on on her left (our right) side. I call fake.

  54. alons-y alonso says:

    pfffftttt….nobody watches or cares about the ARIAS.

  55. renee says:

    I def. think they are implants…I have implants and work for a plastic surgeon…I think her surgeon was smart and got a size that would fit her frame and not be to obvious..