Gabriel Aubry & Halle Berry’s lawyers came to an “amicable agreement” apparently

There are about a million new pieces of Gabriel Aubry-Halle Berry news, and each media outlet is offering their own slightly tweaked version. From what I gather, Gabriel and Halle’s lawyers were in court yesterday and a deal was either worked out in court, or the lawyers had worked something out beforehand, so a deal was made and no one is really expounding on any of the particulars of said deal. Here are some highlights from the various coverage:

*TMZ says the lawyers spent “hours” together working to resolve all of the issues yesterday. The agreement which was hammered out is described as “amicable” and a source tells Page Six, “The agreement extends beyond the family law court.”

*The joint written statement: “The parties have reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter.” Gabriel showed up to court yesterday, but Halle did not.

*Radar’s source says: “Olivier will NOT be present in the future during the times that Nahla is dropped off and picked up between Gabriel and Halle. This was very important to Gabe going forward because he feared for his safety. Gabe was supposed to have Nahla on Thanksgiving, according to their custody agreement, but Halle asked if she could have the little girl that day and Gabe said yes. He had no obligation to do so, but he had been acting in good faith and knew it meant a lot to Halle, so he did it. Gabe was absolutely blindsided by Olivier and his rage.”

* The Page Six source also says “it would not be a surprise” if Olivier Martinez lets his criminal restraining order against Gabriel Aubry expire. And Radar’s source says Gabriel won’t proceed on his restraining order against Olivier. So that was probably part of the deal too.

*Halle and her team have started leaking to Us Weekly now… maybe because People Mag is tired of her BS? Us Weekly’s Team Halle source says, “They keep playing this game and Nahla is used as a pawn. It’s her I feel sorry for. All [Halle] wants is a normal family life.” Us Weekly’s print edition also promises to expound further on Gabriel’s “anger issues” or something.

*An LAPD Commander named Andrew Smith told People Mag that the Olivier-Gabriel fight is still being investigated but “Our officers have initially concluded that Aubry was the primary instigator.”

So, is it over now? Doubtful. I think it’s wishful thinking to say that we’ll go another year before there’s another outburst or attack or abuse claim. Christmas is coming… another opportunity for drama, you know?

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  1. Eve says:

    So…part of the deal is that after being violently beaten, Aubry must let it go? He won’t sue Martinez or anything?


    • Mimi says:

      But Eve he asked for it. You know, after he let Halle have Nahla for Thanksgiving because he’s such an angry man.

      • Eve says:

        Yeah, I know…he let Berry have their child for Thanksgiving and that was what he got in return.

        Look, I’m not that invested in celebrities’s families — most of the time I skip the dramatic stories related to their personal lives. I follow the news about those I like or admire, but even then, I don’t like commenting on their children, or how they should raise them.

        But Halle Berry, who I never paid much attention to before all this (except for that hit and run incident), has gotten on my very last nerve. I remember watching an Oprah interview where she talked about her divorce (from Eric Benet) and Oprah said something like “how can — or why would — you let this woman go?”.

        Oprah, we all know now.

      • Mimi says:

        I hear you, Eve. I’m loathe to quote Lainey as she drives me round the bend, but sad smut is no fun to discuss. Bring back the Cumberdong! Lol Cumberdong to the rescue?

      • Eve says:

        I saw her (Lainey) intro post yesterday…it still pissed me off that, in spite of all the evidence that points to Berry and Martinez being wrong, she still tried to make it sound they’re all to blame (equally).

      • Mimi says:

        Oh don’t get me started…Lainey is so invested in always being right and her holier than thou pontifications make me nauseous. It’s just gossip, Lainey; you’re not saving the world or even making it a better place. You’re talking sh-t, nothing more, nothing less.
        /rant over

      • Rikki says:

        @ Eve What evidence points to Berry and Martinez being wrong? Gabriel started the fight by pushing Olivier and in return got his ass handed to him. I don’t know why people want to paint Gabriel like an angel. Didn’t he shove Nahla’s nanny once? He had his part in this too. He shouldn’t start a fight with someone unless he knows how to fight back. They ARE all to blame equally.

      • Eve says:

        @ Rikki:

        All of it.

        And if you so firmly believe Berry and Martinez’s version of the story…with no witnesses, no camera footage, nothing to confirm their claims, I’m really not going to argue with you. It’s pointless.

      • V4Real says:

        @ Rikki
        Even though it was not physically proven that Halle and Olivier started the fight, even Stevie Wonder can see it was a set-up. Also the nanny story was just another fabricated lie from Halle. We are not on Gabe’s side because we have such disdain for Halle, it’s because we dislike her for all the vindictive crap she has done. She is hell bent on keeping that man away from his daughter.

        So what if Gabe pushed or shoved Olivier; Olivier was the one that got in his face. I’m preety sure that’s exactly how Oli wanted it to happen so he could use the self-defense plea. He most likely provoked Gabe into attacking him first. If someone is known for having anger problems it would’t take much to set them off.

      • Nikki says:

        Don’t you find it odd that Martinez was even present during the hand-off? Olivier has no kids, he owns property in the US and France, and yet Halle wants to move to France? She can barely act in English, she’s not working over there. So why would Olivier try to have a “conversation” with the man whose kid he’s trying to move across the world? Whatever he said, clearly it didn’t start with an apology.

        Sorry this was a set up.

      • emmie_a says:

        Rikki: The entire settlement points to Berry and Martinez being wrong! Halle went away. Quietly. She hasn’t done that once during this entire custody saga. Why do it now? She knew there was too much evidence against her & Martinez and she had to give in.

      • Liv says:

        I’m with Eve on this. As long as there is any proof I hardly doubt Gabriel startet the fight. I definitely don’t believe this crazy woman and her creepy boyfriend.

        Plus this settlement says so much about Halle. It confirms that they planned to get at Gabriel and she’s now very much afraid to lose custody.

        (emmie, just read your comment: I so agree with you!! ;-) )

      • Vesper says:

        @ Rikki:

        Did u see the pics of Gabriel’s injuries and his clean hands? He had no cuts, bruises or defensive wounds. Those pics are pretty strong evidence that Gabriel was blitz attacked from behind. There is no evidence that Gabriel even threw a punch.

        It doesn’t even matter who instigated the fight. The severity of Gabriel’s injuries are well out of proportion, when considering the legal aspects of self defense. You can’t just beat someone to a pulp because they tried to instigate something. I just don’t understand how it is that Oliver wasn’t criminally charged? Didn’t Lindsay just get arrested for punching a woman in the face. I didn’t see any cuts or bruises on her victim.

        What I find even more disturbing is nobody seems concerned that Natayla might be in danger. Why is Halle staying with a man who is capable of such violence? Why is the court as well as Gabriel not insisting that Oliver have no contact with Natayla? Why is Gabriel not trying to obtain full custody? None of it makes sense.

        I think this is far from over.

      • Rikki says:

        @ Vesper It does matter who initiated the physical fight because if Gabriel did that would mean whatever Olivier was acting in self defense, hence why he wasn’t charged. That is not evidence that Gabriel got attacked from behind. According to most reports, Olivier came out of the house and said to Gabriel if they can move on. That’s when Gabriel pushed Olivier and and threw a punch at him. Olivier ducked and caught him with a left hook (according to most reports). Martinez is a trained boxer who knows how to fight. That is why Gabriel didn’t have any injuries on his hands. The guy picked a fight with a real fighter.

        @ Nikki No I don’t find anything odd about Olivier being at Halle’s house during the hand-off. He’s her fiance and they live together. I’m not picking sides but it’s funny how everyone immediately assumes it was a set up and blame Berry/Olivier. I do hope this is the end of all their drama for Nahla’s sake.

      • Feebee says:

        @ Rikki, c’mon keep up! The “most reports” you refer to were the ones that came out immediately following the event meaning totally one sided. Since that time Aubry’s side via court docs has come out. This calls into question Martinez and Berry’s version. Why believe Martinez and not Aubry? What has Martinez done that makes him such a stand up guy that he should be believed in the face of so much evidence (mainly on Aubry’s face) to the contrary. Who has the motive for violence. Not Aubry that’s for certain. Yes it may matter who initiated the fight and I believe Aubry when he says it was Martinez.

        No, nothing strange that Martinez was at the home he currently lives in but strange that he would answer the door to Aubry. Couldn’t find another room to kill some time in for the 3 minutes it would have taken to ensure Nahla was safely with the nanny? He was there for one reason only and it wasn’t to greet Nahla.

    • Lithe says:

      Agree with what @Eve wrote.

      Gabriel and Nahla are the losers in this. I can’t believe I used to like Halle! I’ve completely lost respect for her.

    • Little Darling says:

      Yep! It’s called “lets make ridiculous deals to try and maintain a relationship with your daughter.”

      Where can I sign up to play??

      But…all of that for nothing, right Halle?


      • Loulou says:

        It’s emotional blackmail. Halle is torturing Gabriel for all the men that came before him. It’s so undeserved. I can tell you that people in Aubry’s backyard in Canada – aside from maybe Lainie – aren’t going to roll out the welcome mat for Berry or Martinez anytime soon.

      • Perplexed says:

        As a compatriot of GA, ITA with Loulou re: the disgust felt in French Canada towards Halle and boyfriend. Should they decide to pay us a visit, they will find our welcome quite chilly, not to mention our lack of interest in their movies.
        After all, we Quebeckers have a moto on our licence plates which reads ‘Je me souviens’ and this means ‘I remember’.
        Team Gabriel and Nahla.

      • Madame says:

        I live in Berry’s neighborhood and am a SoCal native. I assure you, she is not that welcome here either. I don’t know anyone who isn’t disgusted with all her obvious ploys.

        I never booed anyone in my life, I think it’s cruel and rude. I swear if I ever see her at my market or wherever, I would. Only thing that could stop me is Nahla’s presence. She apalls me.

    • eileen says:

      I could be wrong, but I honestly think Halle’s lawyer made it clear that if Gabe drops this, she will stop with the lawsuits and let him have normal rights to his daughter and stop fighting it. I think she realized this did NOT go the way she thought it would and Gabe clearly looked like he was attacked.
      Now let’s hope that she doesn’t do the run for a border with Nahla to never be seen or hire someone to take him out and just LET HIM be with his kid. I’m doubtful.

      • rose says:

        Lets hope thats her agenda

      • Lisanne says:

        Halle will never “run for the border” with her daughter. She needs an audience for her drama, and her daughter is her current tool for getting attention/sympathy. (Not working so well at the moment, of course.)

      • Vesper says:

        While I do think Halle & Oliver planned to instigage a fight with Gabriel, and to rough him up, I don’t believe Halle would have agreed to that extreme of a beating, if only because it could have had serious consequences for her – retaining custody, as well as Oliver being allowed to remain in Natalya’s life, not to mention her public image. Even Halle isn’t that stupid.

        I think Oliver completely lost control, and that he has huge rage issues, and likely a problem with alcohol. I totally believe that he was angry enough to threaten to kill Gabriel. That is the only reason Halle agreed to start playing nice with Gabriel. She was backed into a corner. She didn’t even show up to court.

        She’s not exactly a passive woman, I wonder what impact this will have on their relationship. I don’t like her, but I don’t like him either, so I hope she kicks his ass to the curb.

    • Turtle Dove says:


      +1 on everything that you said.

    • Sassy says:

      Some serious money has been offered to Gabriel. That is it!

  2. Lucy says:

    I’m willing to bet her lawyer got her to comply with him since the nanny is the one who is meant to receive the child during these hand offs and it was a hot mess for her PR wise

  3. Ms Kay says:

    Well at least Gabriel Aubry face shall heal with time. Hell Berry reputation is so damaged there ain’t no miracle aid band for this one!

    • Ellie66 says:

      Hell Berry…Bwahahaha!! oh Ms Kay that’s perfect!

    • DreamyK says:

      Halle and Olly have way more to lose than Gabe career-wise. I personally refuse to see anything she’s in and that now officially extends to Olly by golly, too. Not that he’s made anything that I had a burning desire to see anyway.

      Fun fact:
      Olly played Gabriel in a movie called “Blood and Chocolate”.

    • Vesper says:

      Yes, he will heal, but what about any permanent damage – scars, a broken nose, a broken cheek bone? It’s not exactly a selling point for a model. The beating might have cost him his career. Actually, his career was probably already dead, with all the stress Halle has put him thru he has aged 15 years since the breakup. He used to be hot.

  4. Tasha says:

    I have to guess as to what happend.

    1. Gabriel gave up and gave Halle what she wanted.

    2. Gabriel Lawers have evidence that shows it was a set up and said they would make it public unless Halle comes to some sort of an agreement.

    • LakeMom says:

      I thought it was definitely the second one the minute I read they reached such a quick settlement.

    • Dani says:

      Agreed with number 2. I think the ONLY reason that it was resolved quickly and quietly is because they have proof its a setup and all signs point to Halle, and if they go public it will ruin her (lack of) career and relationship with her daughter.

    • LAK says:

      Definitely no 2 or a variation on any theme whereby Halle still loses.

      If Gabriel was in position 1, Halle would be on a plane to France TODAY!!! Or as soon as she could arrange it. TMZ would have ALL the details twisted to show Gabriel in even worse light than she has already tried to do. Maybe even a date with Oprah, to tell her side of things……and how brave she was to put up with it all. And Gabriel would lose ALL custody, never to see Nahla again until she was 18 and made the choice for herself, and she would be pressing for criminal charges.

      That’s how no 1 would work out because she always pushes for the most extreme action everytime she thinks she can win over Gabriel. Case in point, that emergency protection order and police escort to YO Gabba Gabba!

      • EscapedConvent says:

        I would think one would look like an idiot going to Yo Gabba Gabba with a police escort. How ridiculous! I guess she & Martinez were terrified that Gabriel Aubrey would swoop in out of the blue, since he’s all violent. *eye roll*

      • Isa says:

        I think if he did have proof he should have used it.
        It’s only a matter of time before his name is drug through the mud again. I wish he would expose her. I understand he wouldn’t want to just outright hold a press conference because of Nahla. But I think he should have shut her down once and for all.

    • bluhare says:

      Without a doubt No. 2. It probably explains why Halle has been looking so glum. Not the trauma from the fight, but pre trauma from realizing she’d finally overplayed her hand.

      • Jane says:

        Overplayed her hand is an excellent way to put it. I think that is exactly what happened.

        I think it was a set up, but I also concede it may have just happened. But, if it just happened it was because HB has been stirring up OM, whining and crying about the recent court ruling. Whether it was set up or just happened, HB knew OM was going to say something to GA and she knew it was going to start some drama. On top of that she disregarded their usual hand off procedure. If this hand off procedure was court ordered or even just recommended by the court, she screwed up right there.

        A judge who really cares only about the child will want to know everything about what happened. That judge will also take into account that the only witnesses are not partial in any way and have to look at other evidence to determine who is at fault. HB would have some ‘splain to do about her boyfriend getting in the middle of this and question her judgement. HB either has no control over OM (which is scary) or she egged him on, either way she looks bad.

        I don’t think HB thought of any that and this has all back fired on her.

      • Lulu says:

        ‘zactly what I been saying all along! The first day she looked gleeful, but that quickly disappeared into grim glumness. Olivier continued to enjoy his celebrity though. I have to wonder how much longer those two are going to stick it out.

  5. valleymiss says:

    Translation: Berry, her publicist, her manager, her lawyer, and the folks at Revlon who pay her to represent their products are quite aware that this is a pr disaster and that the vast majority of folks who have an opinion on this story think that Berry set up Gabe. Her brand is tarnished, she looks like a crazy fool, and pics of Olivier at a liquor store the next morning at 7am didn’t help anything. I hope Gabe got anything he asked for in those discussions yesterday. And I hope everything is signed and notarized and that nothing has been “repositioned.” Lol

  6. mel2 says:

    I will never ever trust her or her boyfriend. Stay tuned.

    • Madame says:

      I have an exboyfriend who went through a similar circumstance after we dated. His baby’s mother did everything possible to take his child away from him. Everything. Detailed death threats from male family members and false assault charges. It got so bad the LAPD officers would apologize everytime they arrested him. He spent all his money on legal fees and attornies. He lost his business and declared bankrupcy. He was terrified she would intentionally injure their child just to set him up.

      She eventually claimed he molested their daughter, he lost custody, and a long exhaustive investigation concluded nothing happened. Two years of legal wrangling after that he eventually won sole custody. He had to represent himself in court because he lost everything, but his daughter. Good news is the little girl is doing well with daddy a decade later.

      Everything Berry is doing is the same trajectory as that mad woman. Halle has done the abuse allegations, demonized Gabriel, had him beaten, and death threats from another male. What’s next? I expect a major escalation. Don’t we all?

  7. Talie says:

    If I had to guess? Halle’s PR informed her that the public was not siding with her at all and she was suffering bad backlash from all of this. Even the morning shows like The Talk weren’t on her side.

    The other side is that Gabriel’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman-Holley, made it clear that she would grill Olivier and have him removed from the situation.

  8. Jess says:

    Halle Berrys lawyer ( Blair Berk) is the best celebrity lawyer in hollywood and Gabriel Aubreys lawyer (Shawn Holley) is not far behind. They are also good friends. I dont care who is to blame, its a petty immature war they are fighting. I am glad these to excellent lawyers got these two selfish immature people to bury the hatchet for the sake of that child. Hopefully it will last.

    • emmie_a says:

      GA and HB are not fighting the same war. GA is fighting to keep Nahla in his life and HB is fighting to keep Nahla away from him. HB is being petty, selfish and immature but how can you say that about a guy whose *crime* is wanting to be a loving and devoted father to his daughter?

      • giddy says:


      • themummy says:

        Yes. Thank you. I have no idea why people just assume they’re all doing the same thing no matter what the evidence (and proof) actually says. Gabriel just wants to see his daughter. That’s all he’s ever asked for and all he fights for. Berry on the other hand is trying to alienate Nahla from her father and cut him out of her life (in a very public way). SO how is that both of them being immature, etc.

      • OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

        Thank you emmie_a! I am always perplexed how anyone can characterize GA’s behavior as anything BUT noble (I am ashamed we even have to use that word for fatherhood), loving and unselfish for that matter.

  9. brin says:

    Yes, Gabriel is so angry that he let Halle be with Nahla on his custody day.

    • Dawn says:

      You got it, and then because he is such an angry man he pushed Ollie away when he lunged at him and therefore instigating a beat down. That has to be why Halle’s lawyer settled this so quickly because Gabe is so angry. That just has to be it! I see Halle and Ollie running with Nahla to France where they will use the French legal system to get their way because no one is buying their b.s. here. Isn’t this a sad situation?

      • truthful says:

        “Ollie” had no damn business interacting when it should have been the nanny–its in the court documents.

        He is a raging boozehound, check his history of brawls and arrogant acts.

        short man complex

      • Vesper says:

        There is no way Halle is going to run off with Natalya to France or anywhere else. Legally, that is kidnapping. She doesn’t have full custody. Even if she goes to a country that won’t extradite her, I’m fairly sure the police would forcibly remove Natayla and send her back to the US. Even countries that don’t extradite are not going to allow a child that was kidnapped to remain in their country (well, except for Iran).

        Does anyone know about this area of law?

    • Gia says:

      Completely. Canadian Thanksgiving is in September, so the American holiday was no thing to him. He was reasonable and let Halle have her. And this is the thanks he gets?

    • bluhare says:

      I hope he got Christmas in return.

      • Loulou says:

        And I hope it comes early for him this year!

      • bluhare says:

        LouLou: I think it did!!

      • Loulou says:


        I’m not sure that the headline that Halle’s paying his bills doesn’t make him appear emasculated. I preferred if they instead pointed out that was the price of Martinez being responsible and having to bargain his way out of trouble. I’m just non-plussed.

  10. PleaseICU says:

    Sounds like HB’s high powered pitbull attorney probably got through to her and told her SHC will make this situation unwinnable for Halle and Olivier. I did read a theory on another site that the reason Halle’s so willing to let this go is that maybe Nahla did see or hear more than HB/OM let on and they don’t want a judge or CPS really questioning her about it because what she saw doesn’t match up with their story.

    I don’t think her agent or publicist had much to do with it. She hasn’t cared about the quality of projects she takes on in years. And Halle hasn’t cared about saving her brand for years either, she’s all about “winning” her daughter and destroying GA at all costs.

    I also doubt it’s her publicist that got through to her because HB’s still having her publicist leak nasty stories about GA to the tabloids. US doing a cover story on GA’s anger issues while Halle just wants a normal life? That spin and exclusive is coming from her and her publicist.

    • Eve says:

      “I did read a theory on another site that the reason Halle’s so willing to let this go is that maybe Nahla did see or hear more than HB/OM let on and they don’t want a judge or CPS really questioning her about it because what she saw doesn’t match up with their story.”

      That’s a great theory.

    • OXA says:

      If Halle were capable of putting her daughters needs before her own, she would not have pulled any of tbe stunts she did.
      I think she gave in because she knew she was guilty of planning to exorcise Gabriel from Nahla;s life, the public is on to her and she can not bare the backlash.

  11. V4Real says:

    After Halle was denied the right to take Nahla to Paris she pulled this stunt. I bet it won’t be long before she set another scheme into motion. I’m just happy that a devoted father will be able to spend quality time with his daughter.

    I used to be somewhat of a fan of Halle and even defended her once when people were calling her crazy. I now stand corrected because this woman has deep rooted issues and perhaps family therapy might help them all.

    • Loulou says:

      I used to think they looked like a happy couple and rooted for them. Now? GGGgggrrrrr I too dread the next stunt she’ll come up with and I don’t think being the nice guy who takes beatings is the right strategy. He’s going to have to expose her sooner than later, for his safety and possibly Nahla’s.

  12. truthful says:

    I think that Gabe got a payout, because he was going to file an order for SHORTY to stay away from Nahla (which means Ms. manipulative)

    PLUS Gabe could sue for damages to his face (he’s a model)

    they settled and he got some money.

    Halle did not expect the backlash, LOL

    as mentioned up top, the nanny was always the change off person but here comes mighty mouse, to take out his aggression because he wears lifts in his shoes and his hair is thinning.

    Halle knew what it was when she signed up w/Gabe, he’s a pretty guy, she wants to wish him away, it does not go like that Halle, you procreated with him. Nahla is his baby girl.

    its horrible that she is so controlling and manipulative.

    Does lil sweetmeat, go on a rant when Nahla spends time w/her daddy??


    I hope Nahla cusses her mom out, when she is an adult–when she sees her dad’s face on the internet.

    I’m a daddy’s girl and he could do no wrong in my eyes.

    • priestess says:

      Gabe totally got a payout thats been his MO since the beginning. Thats what the fight is about money not Nahla. Halle hates him for trying to milk her by pretend ing to be so into Nahla. He is the set up artist he got his ass beat and now he gets her money. Watch when it comes out you will all feel so stupid this man is a low life gigalo who finally got her money he would not have settled so easily for such “a crime”

      • Vesper says:

        @ priestess:

        Why so negative about Gabriel?

        He is (was) one of the top 10 male models in the world as far as earnings. He has worked for the biggest names in fashion, and he has done so for over 10 years. His reputation in the industry, is, apparently, flawless. Numerous net worth sites have indicated he is worth $4 million.

        When he was with Halle he owned a restaurant in a trendy area in Manhattan. He has released an album, and produced it himself. He is an avid golfer and plays in celebrity tournaments. He did all this by the time he was 35.

        It is pretty obvious he is a very devoted dad who wants to be involved in his daughter’s life in a big way, and he is bending over backwards to do so.

        He is legally entitled to child support just like any woman in his position. If he really wanted Halle for her money he would have married her when she got pregnant. Until all the chaos, he was a great looking guy and he has done well for himself. I’m sure Halle wasn’t the only wealthy woman interested in him.

        Comments like this are insulting because they imply that a wealthy woman who earns significantly more than her partner is only being used for her money. In other words, the wealthy woman in question has nothing else of value to add to a relationship. It seems the only way that a man can date a wealthy woman without being called a goldigger is if he earns more than her.

      • Madame says:

        What an intelligent response to a moronic comment.

        It’s hard to believe @priestless could be so illogical.

    • Vesper says:

      Oliver the hobbit probably has small feet too. ;)

  13. LAK says:

    Translation: Gabriel Won.

    Why would I come to such a conclusion?

    Because IF Halle had any leg to stand on, she would push it and Gabriel would be stripped of any and all rights and he’d be facing criminal charges right now!!! That’s how Halle rolls.

    VOICEOVER: Tune in next time, in a very near future, to see what Halle does next in her continued efforts to strip Gabriel of his parental rights and keep Nahla to herself. She has tried race allegations, abuse allegations, and violence allegations with actual violence. Tune in for the surprising new way Halle tries to remove Gabriel. It will be a doozy!!!

    • bluhare says:

      That’s exactly what I think, LAK. I wonder what he’s got on her/him/them that would be so damaging she’s willing to Cruise it and cave within a week.

    • Violet says:

      I agree.

      The whole thing reeked of a setup, especially the lack of security cam coverage on the FRONT door and the nature of the men’s injuries.

      Halle’s probably already researching countries she can flee to with Nahla. And no doubt thinking of more extreme ways to eliminate Gabriel. After all, what’s a third hit and run in the grand scheme of things?

    • Vesper says:

      Here’s one scenerio…

      Oliver beats Halle in a drunken rage and she turns it around and tries to blame it on Gabriel, with the hope that he will end up in court having to defend himself against criminal charges. He will then be deported and won’t see his daughter again because by the time she is 18 she won’t even remember him.

      As if she isn’t evil enough to pull that.

      • feebee says:

        A variation of that was part of the plot on the TV show Revenge. She’d have to do better than that.

      • LAK says:

        how much has Halle’s reputation sank into the sewer that i didn’t find that an implausible scenerio???

        And never forget these people are actors. with few brains though as demonstrated by the beatdown they tried to pin on Gabriel as ‘mutual’ and ‘instigated’ by him and so fearful of her life, presumably from Gabriel, she now needs police escorts.

        All that demonstrates is the lengths she’ll go to. And this woman holds strongly on the most flimsy excuses eg nannygate, letting police AND CPS investigate for months and yet, gives in immediately when according to her she’s faced with the raging beast that is Gabriel that necessitates a police escort and a 100yard separation from ALL of them AT ALL TIMES!!!

        Capable. yes. brains. not so much!!

        I could plot a water tight scenerio for removing Gabriel better than thse two idiots. I hope he wins full and permanent custody and she gets minimal visitation.

  14. G says:

    Shawn Holley gave Martinez (does he have his OWN lawyer BTW?) and HB a legal beat down and Gabriel agreed not to make it public to put an end to this.

    Halle would have no interest in keeping things quiet if SHE was the winner in this, would she?

    • Lucy says:

      No if she had come out on top she would be out there screaming to the world. It wasn’t looking good for her at all

      • Mirella says:

        No, she’d be shouting it from the rooftops.

        I really hope this is the last of the drama. I know it won’t be, but I’m still wishing for it.

  15. Yasmine says:

    I give Halle a couple months of”peace” and then she’ll once again act a fool when she feels as though people have forgotten about this. Which unfortunately for her won’t happen because this has been going on more than long enough for her to have not only ruined her image but what little of a career she had left. She shot her own self in the foot multiple times and I feel no sympathy for her at all. Karma is real and it definitely comes back around.

  16. julie says:

    still think Oliver should be charged with assult and battery. I give Halle and Oliver another 2 months together and they will be over and Halle will be looking for her next victim. also, does anyone else think that the French fighter is very short and it’s true, his hair is thinning. Wouldn’t matter if he was a decent guy but he is just a loud-mouthed hot-head

    • Annie says:

      He’s a shortass but he was handsome not so long ago. I can’t believe how much he’s aged in only 7 years or so.

  17. feebee says:

    I think Mr Aubry has once again bent over backwards in order to keep Nahla’s life as calm and normal as he can in the face of extreme hostility and insane behaviour. All he appears to have asked for is that the thug that beat him senseless stays the fuck away from him and away from where he shouldn’t have been in the first place. I hope the agreement includes some safe guards and for that matter some out and out direct and severe consequences should Halle and thug return to the script they were following.

    I hope GA stops being so accommodating because we’ve all seen how that works out for him. Stick to your days and if Halle has a problem well then its hers alone to stew in.

    • BeccaZ says:

      I really hope that this is the final “go along to get along” gesture on Gabe’s part. It never works with people like this. They just keep pushing and taking advantage.

      Its already happening. Not even 24 hrs later, her people are already leaking more “GA’s violent!” bs to the press (or “press”). She won’t stop. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another issue before the year is out.

      I do wonder what this has done to the rest of Gabe’s life. How much work he misses, not only due to the mother of his child’s boyfriend beating him up, but to work around HB’s schedule or just because he’s afraid to be gone too much. He can’t have a girlfriend. Halle can expose Nahla to a violent drunk, but she’d probably throw a fit if Gabe had a woman around. The girlfriend could be the biggest sweetheart in the world, but Halle would probably still leak nasty stuff about her and be marching back to court.

      Not to mention the psychological damage this is doing to him.

    • OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

      I hear you feebee but guess what? The more agreeable he remains, the closer he gets to having full custody. BAM! I know most people hating him will HATE him even more if that happens b/c due to the 20k/month he gets however if she keeps it up it will turn into 10x that amount b/c he will have FULL CUSTODY.

      Family courts, at least here in NY, do not play that. If the CP or NCP acts disagreeable and petty repeatedly and they see you too much in court for every little thing, the most rational person gets full custody.

      True story: I have a good friend who went through an ugly custody battle w/ her ex-husband and guess what? She eventually was granted full custody. Why? Her ex-hub fought to fight w/ her not & to spend as LITTLE time as possible with his son on his wkd/holidays. The courts got tired of his petty behavior. Fast forward: Their son is now 13. His dad clamors to hang with him on his weekends/holidays but the son notsomuch with his dad. BTW, she did not poison his mind. He is just being a teen with friends etc. and I believe those things trump dad b/c he did not put int he work. I think the kid remembers those extremely short weekends with his dad. Pick up Fri. at 7p. & Drop Sat. 9pm or earlier with an excuse even though he could have had the entire weekend with his son. Useless human being. Sad but true.

  18. lin says:

    Was an agreement reached because the two men involved could both face expulsion from the USA for a criminal act?

    • lena80 says:

      Lin, I think you are correct. and its refreshing to see a poster thinking legal instead of emotion which has no place in the court of law. gabe is on a work visa and can get kicked out if charges were pressed and according to the report he was the aggressor and struck Olivier first. Olivier, legally, had a right to defend himself, he’s a former boxer, and in my opinion should know when to show restraint, but legally they entered mutual combat according to the police report, and it wasn’t a matter of someone attacking the other person because of something said. So Gabe nor Olivier will be filing charges against one another because they legally agreed to fight. Halle, legally is not culpable for anything because she was just a spectator and her past shenanigans don’t legally apply to this matter. Please dont take my opinion as an approval, im simply stating what ive read on TMZ, and Radar hadn’t offered a different take on the police report.

      • OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

        Lena80: of course it is plausible for both men to be deported, however they would have be proven guilty of crime first. And yes deportation changes the tone of this ridiculousness as well. However I will bet my life on it that HB would not care if GA was deported. She might care if it applied to OM. She might also care about her very marred rep. (See Tiki Barber)

        The claim of mutual combat is another joke. I can not and will never believe GA started the fight. Why would he? Has he ever lashed out at the obnoxious paparazzi who say things to bait ALL celebrities? NEVER happened EVER. Case in point: Did you hear what they recently said to Robert Pattison. Just vile. The only allegation of violence has come from HB and the paid help.

        If the LAPD was not so corrupt and incompetent, I would take their report as 60% percent truth. I always take any police report with a healthy amount of skepticism but with LAPD it is with a Rushmore size grain of salt. We have all heard too many horror stories of people being railroaded by incompetent, lying cops. (I am sorry, if I am offending any officers or their families who do the right thing.) LAPD is known for its brutality as well. Not just for beating blacks and Latinos, but white married mothers with cell phones. Go figure. I am not joking.

        These two upstanding LAPD officers were caught on tape clothes lining a woman in August of this year. They beat her to a pulp. Luckily the fast food restaurant’s parking lot security cameras, which she smartly drove into, caught it all on tape. Security cameras focused on the parking lot not only the fence of its property as the LAPD advised HB to do.

    • bluecalling says:

      thank you for the the lone sane answer in the the sea of lynching dribble…

      and as an immigrant, i would know.

      BOTH of them want this no where near the courts and, in effect, neither does halle (her daughter loses her father and she loses her fiance).

      • badrockandroll says:

        My question: if a person is innocent until proven guilty, can they be deported if they are only facing charges? If they are deported before they have their day in court where they they could have been acquited, how is that fair? I can see getting rid of people who have convictions, but only to be facing charges – it means crazy citizen arrests and corrupt cops never get their work looked at. And you can appeal criminal convictions too.

      • Lulu says:

        Halle would have been ecstatic if Gabe was in danger of being deported, so I doubt that was even on the table for a minute. As for Martinez being deported, somehow I doubt she would have even cared. She’s a pathological narcissist, she doesn’t care FOR people, she cares what people can do for HER. Now that he is a PR liability she’s going to get rid of him, you watch.

      • lena80 says:

        @ LuLu…Gabe was in danger of being deported. Charges weren’t filed against him. You have to remember the police named him as the aggressor and the police said it was mutual combat. Settling this amicably was the best thing for all parties involved and technically/legally speaking…Olivier could have pressed charges since Gabe was said to be the aggressor. The way I see it, they were trash talking each other and entered into a fight and Halle can’t make two men fight. And again, please don’t take this as an approval for their behavior…I’m just going on TMZs report and Radar’s non rebuttal of the police report.

      • Lulu says:

        And yet there he was in court, but not Martinez. If he had been truly in any danger, why wouldn’t Halle and Martinez have pressed the matter? Wouldn’t that have been her dream come true? To have him deported and effectively end his custodial rights?

        Technically you are correct. But the other party has to be willing to press charges. We’ve seen Halle go to court every time she thinks she’s got something on Gabe, but not this time. She tucked tail and ran. I seriously doubt Olivier’s claim that Gabe instigated the fight would have held up in court. JMO.

  19. carrie says:

    finally !!

  20. Starlight says:

    Is this for real? I don’t think so. Wait few more months it will be same old story again. She will never leave GA alone. She is obsessed with him. Olivier knows it that’s why he is becoming …. how do say it?

  21. Rachel says:

    I’ve hated Halle Berry since she was on Oprah talking about her suicide attempt. She took her dog into the car with her and turned on the engine, hoping to gas herself. All I could think was: really? You’re going to kill the dog too? I’m not even a huge dog person but it made me sick: why does she have the right to decide the dog has to die too? It’s like those men who kill their families and then themselves. And Oprah completely glossed over that part, of course. The fact that she was dogocidal (is that a word?) as well as suicidal. Oprah was all: poor, poor Hallo! And I was all: that is one seriously sick bitch.

    • Sol says:

      If she is suicidal i wonder if she is capable of doing something like that again but instead of the dog using Nahla. We’ve seen many cases where exes do this for revenge. I wonder if child services made a psychological study to her sometime.

  22. MG says:

    How in the fack did the LAPD conclude that GA was the instigator?!?! Oliver just being at the hand off makes him the instigator. He had never done that before and had no business being there! So annoying.

    • Ducky La Rue says:

      This is stuff “leaked” to a gossip site, not any officially filed statements or papers from the police department, as far as I know.

      And since other people have pointed out that off-duty LAPD officers work as Halle’s security team, and it was leaked to a Halle-friendly site, I think you can take it with a grain of salt.

      It’s very likely the regular PR shenanigans, and the truth doesn’t play as well.

  23. delia says:

    So if you’re in LA, rich, famous and well connected:
    1. You don’t even have to show up to family court.
    2. You don’t have to be questioned by a judge.
    3. Your violent new boyfriend does not get charged with assault and battery and deported asap.
    4. CPS does not get to question your 5 y.o. child to see if/how your psycho behavior is affecting her.
    5. Your lawyers meet, behind closed doors, you don’t show up for that either, and everything is magically resolved.

    The legal system for poors is so much different.

    • Sapphire says:

      My suspicion is all of this is true, the judge knows it and threatened both sides with the consequence of not coming to an agreement-which would favor GB.

    • Mmmmm says:

      i still don’ t understand how the police is alow to work with HB as security , isn’t this an easy way to corruption? as we can see now . Is a shame that is so amazing different justice for the rich people compare to poor people…,

  24. loma says:

    hmmmm….very strange development after all that hissyness from Halle..

  25. Lulu says:

    I agree MG. But I don’t know what the legal definition of an instigation is. At any rate, it is clear that OM responded with excessive force, and shouldn’t have been there in the first place. So he is the one responsible for putting Nahla in a domestically violent situation.

    I still don’t think CPS is going to drop this just because Nahla’s parents have come to an amicable agreement.

  26. Lucky Charm says:

    I guess all that work for La Lohan came in handy for Shawn Holley now, lol! ;)

    I hope this is the last of Halle’s war with Gabriel, and I really hope it’s the end of HB & OM relationship. Unfortunately, I have the feeling it won’t be either one.

  27. Dragonlady sakura says:

    Sad situation. My brother and his ex wife hate each other! So much so that when they drop off or pick up my nephew from visitation, they just meet him on the front steps and drive off without speaking. I feel for the innocent children.

  28. chloe says:

    Here’s what I don’t understand, why would Gabe agree to anything that doesn’t include the fact that Oliver should not be around Nahla at all, it’s a matter of time before Oliver looses it with Halle or the kid, plus since Gabe mentioned to the police that Nahla made a comment that she didn’t like Oliver why isn’t there an investigation and questioning of the daughter of why she said that. I don’t understand the law, I figured once it got as brutal as it did with arrests and charges the courts would have to be involved. I can see Halle seeing what mistakes she made and wanting to play nice, but how is she and Oliver not answering to them. Oh well I just hope the best for the child.

    • Yasmine says:

      I agree but here’s the thing. We don’t know what was in the settlement agreement. I’m sure he agreed to something that benefits both nahla and him.

    • G says:

      Those issues could be covered by this agreement. The details just won’t be public.

      • BeccaZ says:

        I hope so. Not only should OM not be anywhere near Gabriel, he also shouldn’t be near Nahla. I guess we’ll see when the next inevitable photo op occurs.

  29. vvvoid says:

    The more I read, the more I’m convinced that Gabe is a decent guy and Nahla’s only hope of sanity as an adult. I bet Halle hates him for his decency. It probably makes her feel inferior.

    • eileen says:

      Yes!! THIS ^^^^

      I completely agree! She had a decent man who dumped her because she is off her rocker. Now she has to have him in her life coming around and she has to see what she can’t have and what she is NOT.

      • Lulu says:

        SO spot on! Plus the fact that Nahla loves him so much must drive her even more batty. I see Gabe sacrificing so much just to bring as much peace as he can into his daughter’s life and Halle is doing the exact opposite by creating constant chaos and anxiety. At least Nahla has one good parent. But I admit I fear for him. :(

  30. Memphis says:

    There is no way Halle would have dropped this if she thought for a second she could win. She would have fought tooth and nail to strip Gabriel of his rights and keep him away from his daughter forever… That right there tells me how all this went down… Not only was public opinion against her (or them), I’m guessing the evidence was too.

  31. Anon says:

    Commenter from Just Jared 11/28/2012 story :-)

    So their lawyer visit did not go well eh? From the sad looks of those two perpetrators.
    Some questions they most likely asked the lawyers:
    - Can we go to France now, to get away from all this hoopla? hellz no
    - Is the security footage missing, a problem? hellz yea, since you claimed to feel so unsafe in America you want to move to France and yet you dont cover all areas with security, how much a extra camera cost eh?
    - How bad does this look? superbad
    - Can you get us Nahla permanently? less likely than ever before
    - Would us marrying now makes us look like a good family and get us Nahla? hellz no, due to the extreme violence proved by olivier actions
    - Are we screwed? hellz yea
    - How screwed are we? you run now you put away for life
    - Can we travel with Nahla? hellz no, kidnapping even if you cross the state line as long as this matter is a matter in the courts

    –then the sadfaced twosome perps walked out the office of lawyer, royally…

  32. Eleonor says:

    If it was Gabe the one who’s started the fight there would have been:
    A) Tape
    B) No agreement.
    Because Halle could finally scream Gabriel is a rage monster.
    Instead they have an agreement.And they have it because this mess was setup.
    End of story.

  33. hoya_chick says:

    I have been reading all of these stories and am deeply disturbed by it all.

    I am confused as to why/how them coming to an ‘amicable’(we’ll see how long that lasts) agreement has any baring on the possible criminal and CPS investigations? It’s up to the authorities to decide if charges should be filed isn’t? Can someone explain?

    I hope for Gab and Nahla’s sake that there are explicit safe guards built into this agreement for both their legal and physical protection. Like cameras in the motor court, never dealing with Halle/OM alone for drop offs. They will always side with each other and it will be his word against theirs. He should always bring someone with him for drop offs, just in case. He was alone and was ambushed. OM needs to know his place/role in Nahla’s life. He is NOT her father, he needs to stay out of anything that involves her and her parents. I come from a home with step-parents and the horror stories I have about my step mother know no bounds. Hopefully, they will break up soon and considering her track record it may be imminent. I doubt they’ll ever make it down the aisle.

    I do not trust Halle at all. I think she saw how badly it all looked for her and OM (by the way, can someone buy him some new jeans! I have never seen him in another pair!) so she decided to settle. I think she will cook something else up shortly to try and keep Gab away from his child. She just cannot accept that he is not willing to let go of HIS/THEIR daughter!

    I wonder what Gab will tell Nahla when he sees her in the coming days about his face? So sad. We know one thing is for sure, he loves his little girl. He literally was beaten into oblivion to stay in her life. Most men would have given up a long time ago. I hope she grows up knowing that and it balances out the neuroses she is surely being raised around with Halle as her mother.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      hoya – I don’t know what the “rules” are now, but when I had to go through this shit with my abuser, I was told BY THE FCS REP that “physical custody went to the most cooperative parent.”

      I’ll give you a few minutes to wrap your head around that. And I’ll pardon you while you bang your head against a wall.

      • hoya_chick says:

        Gahhhh I took a couple of hours and still cannot wrap my head around that BS. They are suppose to protect innocent children from abuse not acquiesce to the party who plays the system the best or has the most money. Sigh. Poor Nahla.

      • Lulu says:

        Yep. I’m in Cali and that’s what my attorney told me too. But that is NOT how it went down. Attorneys lie you know.

      • TG says:

        @the original bellaluna – first of all sorry for the troubles you had to deal with, but at least you are safe now, I think. How can the courts consider halle the most cooperative parent? All she does is drag Gabriel into court for one thing or another. She is constantly scheming and plotting her next move. He actually seems willing to work with her, I think for the very reason you stated but why should the defender always have to cooperate with the perpetrator? It is so disgusting. Halle should not be around her daughter until she grows up, which will never happen. Can’t wait until she sends that squinty-eyed thug packing and he is on a jet plane back to france where he belongs. Can’t believe a monster like that is from France since it is an awesome place and is known for culture, which is something this thug has none of. I guess every nation has it’s monsters and Olivier is the monster of France and halle is one of many monsters home grown her in the good ole US of A.

    • bluhare says:

      I think Halle’s going to dump Olivier. He’s now a liability to her regarding Nahla. She’s not going to get Nahla with him around, as all Gabriel has to do is wave a photo of his injuries. She will dump Olivier (who will not take it well), and then go on a sympathy tour about how she bought in to all his BS and how horrible it all was.

      • emmie_a says:

        Totally agree bluhare. This wasn’t her original plan, but it’s even better because she’ll use her sympathy tour to try to win back her fans. She’ll tell everyone how she did this all for Nahla. Sacrificed everything for her daughter. That’s what a loving devoted mother she is. …I can see the People cover already. barf!

      • TG says:

        @bluehare – I figured she would dump Olivier all along too – eventually. I think he has been part of her plan all along to get the child all to herself. Whether she sees him as a liability yet, I do not know. All those smug pics of her and that violent monster aftwards tells me that she is not ready to give him up yet, meaning she thinks she can get more use out of him. She will only marry him to further her case to move out of the country. Now that her PR has taken a huge hit, maybe she is rethinking Olivier’s value. Only time will tell. But when she does dump him I look forward to her tears on Oprah about how drunk and violent he is and what a victim she is. She will obviously throw in her daughter’s saftey to make it look even more dramatic, which in fact it is and her daughter’s saftey is very important and not guaranteed as long as that monster is around, actually both of them, but this woman only thinks of herself, always. Her daughter has never been a factor in any of this. What a load of crock. This woman is a violent montster too.

  34. tabasco says:

    I call bullsh*t on the “amicable” part. This screams “Team Halle” realized what a sh*tstorm of public opinion was against her and wanted it to go away quickly. Halle went in a matter of days from GA is a monster who shouldn’t ever go near Nahla to this just because, or out of goodness of her heart, my ass. Given the public opinion, the convenient lack of tapes, that GA was not going to be charged and obvious huge difference in GA’s injuries compared to OM’s, Halle’s lucky that GA was willing to agree to stop this (for now) quietly. She sure as hell wouldn’t have done the same in his shoes.

  35. tabasco says:

    And Halle still can’t go to France and is still a psycho and after this, she’s probably even more full of rage and victim mentality, so yeah. Good luck with that, Gabe.

  36. BLOGAHOLIC says:

    Pay off – money talks

    • bluhare says:

      So do photos.

    • emmie_a says:

      You know what, I hope GA did get some money out of this. IMO he hasn’t done one thing expecting a pay-out but he deserves some sort of compensation for the crap he’s gone through. And the only reason I want him to get money is because OM is obviously concerned about money (he mentioned the $3 million they had to spend to fight GA on moving to France) so hit OM where it hurts.

      • bluhare says:

        And I just thought of something else, emmie, and I’m surprised I didn’t think of it before. Gabriel says that Olivier said that they have spent $3 million on this. Anyone notice the word “they”? Wouldn’t that be Halle? It’s her fight, they aren’t married. Also Halle’s mother made a statement about how she hoped they worked it out. Interesting that she didn’t say that she hoped SHE worked it out, meaning Halle. I wonder if Halle’s own mother doesn’t think Halle’s overplayed her hand. Nahla’s her grandbaby!

      • emmie_a says:

        bluhare: oh I’m glad you brought up the comment by Halle’s mom (I tried to find the mom’s quote but can’t)… but I too thought Halle’s mom was being very neutral and very civil with her comment. It didn’t sound like she was totally 100% team Halle.

      • Eleonor says:

        He is a model, and with that face cannot work for months, so I bet he can ask for money.

      • Lulu says:

        Hasn’t Halle’s own mother amitted that Halle has issues?

      • emmie_a says:

        lulu: I read that her mom is a retired psychiatric nurse so maybe she does see that Halle’s behavior is very abnormal (not that you have to be a RN to see that!)?

  37. KellyinSeattle says:

    I wonder if Hell gave Gabriel some Revlon cover up for his battered face. Can’t believe she still has an endorsement.

    • badrockandroll says:

      I needed to get an eyeshadow today, and although the revlon palette was pretty, I put it back and bought Rimmel instead.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Good girl! I won’t be buying Revlon (even though it’s the cheaper UltimaII line) anytime in the future, as long as SHE is their FACE.

        I do love L’Oreal (but I can’t stand Bey), so I’m just going to use my existing stash until Bey & Shifty Swifty (Covergirl) are no longer FACES. (Because I do love me some Pink. And Drew. And the Queen. So cancel or let expire or whatever Swifty’s contract. PLEASE.)

  38. Tammy Lee says:

    I totally agree with emmie_a. Hallie gave up far too easily. She has repeatedly done everything she can in the courts to get Gabe away from his daughter. I think that if there hadn’t been something amiss, she would have pushed for all she was worth to have the restraining order against Gabe made permanent; the reapplied to take her daughter to France. Something smells rotten here.

  39. JeffR says:

    Like the vast majority of posters, I don’t know any of the parties involved. I do know lots of reputable, respected individuals in Fashion (agents, bookers, models, photogs, designers, who know GA, before, during and after his relationship w/ HB and they all rave about what a “great” guy he is. If there was any dirt, do you really think that HB wouldn’t have exploited it by now in a scorched earth policy?!? LA and French industry contacts have not been that kind in their comments re: HB or OM. Nor has the press. Remember the adage “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire?” Hmmm. In an era of deadbeat dads, GA is involved in his child’s life, moves to LA (NYC is the center of his industry and closer to his Canadian family), compromises on Thanksgiving custody, doesn’t go for full custody (Which might be better for their child), etc. In other words, he’s trying to be a responsible parent. Kudos to GA!

    • themummy says:

      I have a friend in NYC who works in the industry doing makeup, and her close friend (who is my casual acquaintance and who also does makeup) dated Gabe for a while. By all the accounts I have heard he’s really nice, without a giant ego, thoughtful and intelligent, very quiet (and private) and family oriented. I first heard about him from my friend shortly before he and Berry started dating. I’ve seen nothing to contradict her assessment. I obviously don’t know him at all, but my gut tells me this assessment of him is pretty spot-on. Seems like a decent guy. He should be allowed to be Nahla’s dad without having to fight tooth and nail for it. Halle Berry is an asshole.

  40. Madpoe says:

    At the end of the day Halle, Gabe is still your baby daddy not a sperm donor. Show him some respect!Let the man step up and be a daddy without your pitbull sucker punchin’ ppl.

  41. LeeLoo says:

    The one issue that has always bothered me is that it does seem that some sort of BS goes down and Halle does seem to throw money at Gabriel and he accepts it. Now in this case I think he’s entitled to a pile of cash as his face is his moneymaker and that’s been smashed for a bit at least. At the same time, I am sometimes suspicious of all of what his motives actually are in all of this. My position still stands that all the so called “adults” in Nahla’s life need to grow the hell up though.

    • loma says:

      I agree with this. Gabriel accepting under the circumstances is strange. Maybe he’s doing so in order to let the whole thing blow over? He seems like the kind of person that isn’t into confrontation. Like he wants it to blow over for Nahla and himself as well.

      On the other hand his lawyers clearly advised him to take this agreement. Maybe theyre expecting more hijinx and so are pacing themselves. Still think he should have pressed criminal charges against Olivier especially if Halle doesn’t dump him. He should NOT be around children let alone grown men!

      • The Other Katherine says:

        Crime victims don’t decide whether to “press charges,” prosecutors do. Prosecutors are less likely to seek an indictment if the victims appear unlikely to cooperate as witnesses, as it hurts their odds of getting a conviction, but uncooperative witnesses by no means preclude prosecution. Again, the individual victimized doesn’t make the decision on whether a criminal case will be pursued in court.

    • bluhare says:

      I don’t know that she throws money at him. Maybe she did, but the child support was ordered by the court. Not exactly throwing money at him.

      He could get compensation for his face if it has cost him jobs. That I could see. And from Olivier, not Halle. The Daily Mail has photos up where you can see Gabriel has a huge bruise on his chest as well. Nice of him to keep his shirt open so we could see it. :)

    • PleaseICU says:

      What money though? He hasn’t accepted any money from Halle to walk out of Nahla’s life or back off on joint custody and go for visitation. If he was in it for the money he’d have taken it and run. Or followed through on that rumored tell all of life with Halle and cashed in that way.

      He even delayed in going for child support for almost 2 years when he was entitled to ask for it back when he first petitioned for joint custody in 2010. He and his lawyer didn’t ask for it until this year, after he’d reduced his own workload for a couple years to be in LA to fight Halle and after Halle showed no signs of backing off on taking him to court every couple months. He also doesn’t set the amount. It’s based on a complicated formula set by the dependency courts/ CA law. And it’s not even for him. It’s for Nahla.

      I think it was more than money that got this whole thing settled. I think SHC discovered something that forced HB and OM’s backs against a wall and that’s why they settled. HB wasn’t interested in settling anything until she spent a couple hours negotiating with SHC. Suddenly she’s amenable to settling within 24 hours? SHC has something on either HB or OM or both.

      • chloe says:

        What money is Gabe getting bribed with in this deal, he’s not getting money to spend, he’s getting money to pay the medical and legal bills that Halle and squinty inflicted on him, hell he should get money for his damaged face since it is his job. I was reading a site yesterday that said Halle is worth $75 million and owns four huge properties along with a fleet of nice vehicles, she ain’t hurting financially, and I’m sure squinty McFrenchies not paying for his stay here in the states. Gabriel was being nice by letting her have Nahla on one of his days and Oliver decided to start trouble by walking outside, you can’t tell me any of this would have happened if the nanny had walked out and got the child, so guess what HB is in the wrong and is now paying for it.

    • Eleonor says:

      My opinion: if he was after Halle’s money we wouldn’t be here discussing this mess. Halle would have signed a HUGE check, and had him out of Nahla’s life.
      Instead of a “sperm donor” she has found someone who really cares,and wants to be a father.

  42. Kloops says:

    I’m with the majority on this. Olivier probably started it and it was probably planned.

    Even if Gabe initiated the fight by pushing him the complete one sided beatdown he got indicates Olivier has major anger issues and this calls into question Halle’s claims that Gabe is an unfit father bc of his alleged anger issues. Gabe can just as easily make the claim that Olivier shouldn’t be around his daughter,

    Also, Olivier shouldn’t been there at the handoff and this makes Halle look bad.

    Finally, even if all three are complete and utter idiots, unless they are abusing their child they should each be an active parent to her.

  43. OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

    I am unconvinced that this was in any way an“amicable” agreement. For those of us who’ve been around long enough we know that is PR BS. HB is trying to slink away again unmarred by her trifling behavior. Personally I believe HB has taken some major hits PR wise and this “amicable” agreement is triage. I do not care what TMZ and other Pro HB sites are saying. All they do is parrot her camp’s take and unfounded allegations against GA.

    This latest dust up makes her look EXTREMELY bad in the public eye. I will not watch her movies (not a huge deal cuz her acting is mediocre at best), buy her perfume, shoes or anything she is hawking (BIG MAYBE) until she proves she is not the AHole she seems to be. To continue down this road will make her last three crazy fans dump her. Cloud Atlas was an ensemble cast/effort and did fairly well at the box office not due her AT ALL but due to its scope & message and T. Hanks. He has not worked in a while. And everybody likes him.

    Those of us who support GA really support Nahla first and foremost. How do I know? Because we all agree she loves her dad and would suffer most if he is ripped from her life. Imagine having this wonderful man in your life who loves you. The FIRST man in your life really, just ripped away never to be seen again or rarely. Bad mouthed by your mom (aka parental alienation)etc. Talk about damaging!

    If this is truly an amicable agreement, I am 200% sure it was GA who had the forethought and desire not to drag Nahla through another ugly situation b/c her loves her so much. He gave up a visitation day on Thanksgiving b/c he won the court battle for Nahla to stay here and out of the goodness of his heart. His attempt to co-parent like a rational person was met with taunts and a pummeling.

    For anyone out there who believes this guy started this fisticuff, I say boy, you really got some issues. I still hope GA sues OM. I really do. The A-hole needs to learn a lesson. If GA does not pursue a civil case, I hope his lawyers got some $$$ out OM. And I do not CARE who thinks my opinion regarding compensation infers (if it did happen) he’s a leach and a opportunist. If someone beat you to a pulp unprovoked, you would want to be compensated. AGAIN this is my opinion. It is not based me knowing the inner workings of the meting between GA & HB’s lawyers. I also assume if GA did take it court the ruling would be in his favor. And it would show how yet again the LAPD is incompetent and liars. All I can say about the LAPD is they hate cameras. Those cops who beat that mom to a pulp would have gotten away with it had she not luckily drove into a fast food restaurant that HAD cameras pointed at the driveway not their fences. I know I digressed but I thought it was worth mentioning.

    • so true says:

      handclap————–here here! I agree a zillion percent!

      UTTERLY DISGUSTING what halle and her sidekick did to Gabriel, no human should be subjected to that sick behavior from her period.

    • Anon says:

      ITAWU That was premeditated, attempted murder by OM + HB. HB + OM will always be like OJ’s who didn’t get away with murder this time to me. Halle everyone is not stupid and you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      OWC – I liken “amicable agreement” to “irreconcilable differences” (there is no OTHER choice). (Yes, CA is a “no fault” state, in both marriages and car insurance. Pity us. PLEASE.)

      What “amicable agreement” means to me (as a SoCal native) is this: “She didn’t get what she wants, and I didn’t get what I want, but she can’t afford any more bad publicity and I just want to spend time with my daughter, so I agreed in the best interest of Nahla.”

      If I’m wrong in my interpretation (and I HIGHLY DOUBT I am), someone please point it out.

  44. SFRowGuy says:

    Well that’s the lawyers taken care of, now what about Gabriel and Halle?

  45. d says:

    US Weekly is UGLY for going with that story about Aubry. They need to stop and Halle and her team need to stop leaking these types of reputation-destroying stories. If only for the sake of the Nahla. Man, I think they are making a big mistake. You would think after the settlement, the judge would have told them all to shut down any communication with any publication, again, if only for the sake of Nahla. Bad, bad, bad. Ug.

  46. OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

    Gia, Love your comment regarding holding posters of GA’s face at HB’s red carpet premieres. She would deserve that and nothing less than to have the result of her vindictive manipulation thrown in her face EVERY single time she tries to pretend like her sh*t does not stink.

    HB should never forget what she caused and how much it really could have taken a bigger left turn. Creating a hostile environment which ended up in a brutal fight is just low down luckily GA will heal. Some custody battles have found people dead or left injuries they can never recover from; she shoud keep that in mind and stop creating a toxic enviroment so this never happens again.

  47. skuddles says:

    I suspect Berry was forced to drop further action when it became abundantly clear that NO ONE was buying hers and Martinez’s story. And Gabe likely caved on pursuing matters on his end to avoid the possibility of being further barred from seeing his daughter – and maybe even kicked out of the US. What a disappointing mess. I had really hoped Martinez would have been charged and prohibited from having any contact with Nahla… at the very least. I’m intrigued by Aubry’s claim that when Nahla saw Oliver on TG day, just prior to the beatdown, she exclaimed “Oliver’s here… I’m scared!”. What the hell? Does she have reason to fear him??

    One good thing though, Berry will have to be extremely careful now how she treats Gabe – because the court of public opinion is going to fry her ass over even the tiniest of bitch moves and she knows it. She definitely screwed herself here.

  48. Jaxx says:

    I don’t know. this may shut Halle up for good. From now on unto Eternity everytime Halle does anything to Gabe those pictures are going to be splashed again.

    I think they set Gabe up, that her boyfriend beat Gabe way beyond any provocation, and Hallie is one step away from losing custody for good. And she knows it.

    If any of this is accurate and Halle is finally leashed then maybe some good will come out of the beating poor Gabe took. I bet he would gladly take a beating to get that rabid bitch off his back.

    I will never watch anything again that has either Halle or her thug boyfriend in it. Ever. She is despicable. And one day her daughter will know it and I hope cut her out of her life. Halle deserves it.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Agreed. Halle and Olivier joined my boycott list, along with people like Mel Gibson and Ryan O’Neal.

  49. PoliteTeaSipper says:

    How many women in this world who want their children’s fathers to be involved in their lives, and are not. How many kids want involved fathers. And Halle treats him this way. Shame on her a million times over and god grant Gabriel the strength to continue to fight for what’s best for his little girl.

    • bluhare says:

      I have thought the same thing many times, PTS. She should be grateful her daughter’s father wants to be involved in her life instead of walking away to start a family with someone else.

    • Jaxx says:

      Exactly right. My husband was’t interested in our daughter, viewed her as my “pet.” You have no idea how it hurt ME to watch her be hurt by his dismissive attitude. I would have given anything to have him as in love with her and value her as much as I did. His neglect really messed with her ability to relate to men and I am eternally sorry I gave her a father like that. I would be kissing Gabriel’s feet no matter how much I disliked him just because he loves his little girl.

  50. Yasmine says:

    According to radar, Halle and Olivier have to pay all of Gabriel’s medical and legal bills. Ha! That’s karma for you.

    • Chompy says:

      Interesting…what with Aubrey being the “instigator” & all…

    • bluhare says:

      So, let’s add all this up.

      No extension of restraining orders — including Halle against the “instigator” of all the violence — and payment of medical bills.
      No hassles with custody agreement in place.
      No additional restraining order against Olivier Martinez seeing Nahla.

      Yup, I’d say Gabriel won and only caved on the restraining order he said he’d get to keep Olivier away from him and Nahla.

      • Lulu says:

        Which I see is once again, him playing nice and trying to keep Nahla’s mother as happy as possible for Nahla’s sake.

        Glod bless him.

    • OXA says:

      The Radar article makes it sound like they are doing Gabe a favor.
      The attempted murder and subsequent expenses occurred on Halle’s property after they opened the gate to allow Gabiel in,so yes they are responsible. I wonder how this will affect her Homeowners Insurance.

    • Perplexed says:

      And I hope he also got compensation for loss of income due to his injuries.

  51. sdgirl says:

    I hope GA hires a bodyguard b/c I wouldn’t put it past “hell berry” (saw name somewhere else) to send a hit man to eliminate him and that such bodyguard is paid by Halle. Further, I hope they give GA full custody eventually. She seems like a truly psychotic, crazy beeyotch.

    • Chompy says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Berry seems pathological and especially dangerous when she loses control over a situation and doesn’t get what she wants. That she tried twice (and failed) to set Aubrey up as a violent thug with the nanny (or houskeeper..whatever she was), and now with her psycho, squinty-eyed, d-bag boyfriend is indicative of that. Also, she is weapons-grade stupid to think it would work when there is no evidence to support it.

      This mess could easily progress to a Dateline or Wicked Attraction special. I really don’t think she’s far from crossing that line.

      • TG says:

        @Chompy – Agree 100% – And that pic of halle just makes her look even more sinister. I saw all of those smug photos of her and that thug Olivier and this woman has zero remorse for her actions and never will.

      • Tara says:

        Berry and Martinez look kind of cokey to me.

    • skuddles says:

      I agree that Gabe needs some sort of security detail. Just because they backed down here doesn’t mean mean a lot – they know public opinion is very much on Gabe’s side and any further action would only make them look even guiltier. But I could totally see psycho Berry and her squinty bastard going to even greater lengths to take care of the “problem”.

  52. Lisa says:

    Finally, I’m in agreement with everyone else, I will buy nothing of Revlon or anything to do with Halle Berry, I’m on a boycott…..

  53. The Original Victoria says:

    The Gabriel Delusional Special Blonde Super Awesome Cause He’s Papped With A Happy Kid Which Means He CAN NEVER DO WRONG Snowflake of the Year team is hurrr in full I see.

    He got his ass whooped. He was wrong, Olivier was wrong. Leave Halle out of it. The end.

    • Lulu says:

      Oh, are we getting the public ready for the big boyfriend dump Halle?

    • Dena says:

      U nailed it one!!

    • emmie_a says:

      “Olivier was wrong.” Yes. Correct.

      As for Gabriel, nobody ever said that he could do no wrong. He does have a lot of people rooting for him because of 1. the injustice (and brutal beating) he endured; 2. the way he handled the situation with fair & rational actions; and 3. because he’s doing what’s best for Nahla.

      Has Halle ever handled herself with such peace and grace while battling Gabriel? No. Never. Not once.

    • TG says:

      @The Original Victoria – Are you halle’s mom or something? Halle is the main factor in this. Defend her all you want but we all know better.

    • Liv says:

      Let her out of it? What a joke! Everything happened because of her! If she would get along with Gabriel, everything would be fine. And don’t tell me it’s his fault, please. She’s the one who’s dragging him all the time to court and up to now, nothing of it was ever confirmed by court. She said he was the aggressor and that she needs to be protected of him – yeah, she obviously lied. Otherwise she wouldn’t had agreed to a settlement.

    • Suzie_Q says:

      Thank You! I’m so tired of Halle being blamed for everything. Even the police said Gabriel was the instigator, so when are the Halle haters going to give it rest? They sound straight up delusional.

  54. Loulou says:

    I wish I thought Gabriel was safe after this, but I don’t. They’re getting all the facts out of the media and the next time Berry tries something, this story will be muddled by the aura of a payoff rather than a verdict. I don’t like this. At all.

    • Yasmine says:

      He decided to drop the restraining order against OM! I wouldn’t have but it’s part of the settlement. God bless him. I too wish he would hire a bodyguard.

      • Tiffany says:

        The thing is Yasmine is that the press is going to follow him all the time. So his safest bet will be to have the paps have photographic proof of his day. Halle knows he is a target now and will mind her p’s and q’s.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        Tiffany, after thinking about it, I think I have to agree with you. She & OM have basically been put on notice. If anything should happen to GA, even a minor fender bender, immediate suspicion will be all eyes on them. And since everyone seems to be happy there’s an agreement in place but still not trusting either HM or OM in the least, I think she’ll play nice (or at least, nicer!) from now on. If Halle or her people read the gossip blogs, they’ll realize that the public is still keeping a watchful eye out to make sure that she doesn’t try anything to derail Gabe’s custody again.

        And that picture of Nahla and Gabe is so beautiful, she’s so happy and full of joy to see her daddy again!

      • feebee says:

        @lucky charm… Fender Bender LOL good one. That’s a Halle Berry specialty.

  55. DanaG says:

    It smells fishy to me simply because if it really was true and Olivier is the innocent party then they wouldn’t be settling so quickly. There is also a big difference between defending yourself and beating someone to a pulp. One punch really would have been enough but just look at how badly Aubry was injured. I don’t think this is the last we have heard of all this and Aubry needs to take his own witnesses hopefully they exchanges with Nahla will be done by a third party so Halle doesn’t get the chance to pull this sort of stunt again. I do think they plotted all this out but maybe Olivier went overboard with the beatdown. Can you imagine how nasty it will be when Olivier and Halle breakup? That is a given he always moves on bet we get some juicy stories from that split.

  56. DanaG says:

    It smells fishy to me simply because if it really was true and Olivier is the innocent party then they wouldn’t be settling so quickly. There is also a big difference between defending yourself and beating someone to a pulp. One punch really would have been enough but just look at how badly Aubry was injured. I don’t think this is the last we have heard of all this and Aubry needs to take his own witnesses hopefully they exchanges with Nahla will be done by a third party so Halle doesn’t get the chance to pull this sort of stunt again. I do think they plotted all this out but maybe Olivier went overboard with the beatdown. Can you imagine how nasty it will be when Olivier and Halle breakup? That is a given he always moves on bet we get some juicy stories from that split.

  57. Angie says:

    TMZ just put some photos up of Gabe picking Nahla up today. Look how happy that little girl is!!

  58. Ana says:

    What Olivier did to Gabriel disgusts me. I hope he is criminally charged or something.

    Poor Gabriel and Nahla.

    I hope Hit n Run Halle loses custody of Nahla YAAAAAAAAY!! Justice :)

  59. Ruyana says:

    Okay, I just looked it up. The longest relationship Hell Berry ever had (as of 2009) was with…..Gabriel Aubrey! Does anyone know how long she’s been with Olivier? Is the clock ticking on that one?

    • skuddles says:

      Oh yeah, it’s absolutely ticking Ruyana! I would say by the 3 year mark there will be some major cracks starting to show. And of course there are those rampant cheating rumors about Martinez – we’ve been hearing about that for ages. I am actually looking forward to their split – hope it’s nasty and ugly and very costly, exactly what they both deserve, and maybe then Berry will realize Gabe is not the big problem in her life – she is.

  60. maxine says:

    I think most Hollywood people are crazy. I don’t think Halle is any worse than her ex. They get famous, get surrounded by “yes” people, and they lose perspective. They develop a sense of entitlement and feel like they’re indestructible. I don’t know why so many people here hate Halle , I’m sure her ex is just as f*cked up as she. These people are very different than most of us, their pathology is something I don’t think most “average” people can understand. It’s almost like they’re a different species.

  61. TG says:

    @Lucky Charm – So basically we the public have added Gabriel to our saftey watch. Katie Holmes is on that watch as well. HB will never change and any “amicable” agreement she consents to is only to protect her reputation. That woman and her violent vicious monster of a boyfriend never think about anyone but themselves. They are both violent monsters and I will never see them any other way. They tried to kill the father of her child and everyone knows it. Many of us saw this coming for awhile now, though, I don’t think we thought she would use her boyfriend to do the act. I guess she figured she might as well get her moneys worth out of him since her France plan was shut down in court.

  62. TG says:

    Oh I just realized we will know how much of a liability halle considers olivier by the photos. If we don’t see pics of these two thugs holding nahla at the beach or park soon than we know she is planning her dump soon or could just be waiting for the public to hopefully forget that she and her thug boyfriend tried to murder the father of her child. Not going to happen though. The public has a short memory for some things but attempted murder – no way. Just like we don’t forget all of tiny tom’s crimes against the mother(s) of his children.

  63. Mazunte says:

    Gabe and Nahla were reunited today :) .

  64. TG says:

    @maxine – No I don’t need meds do you? I am expressing my opinion based on the information that is out there and I despise people like halle berry and tom cruise who only think of themselves. I have every right to rant on as do you. I even agreed with your statement that they live in an alternate universe but that doens’t make it okay what they are doing. I still say halle and her thug are vicious violent monsters and won’t stop until gabe is dead. She is pathological in her need to get what she wants. There is nothing amicable about her. This is very personal to me. I have a relative serving a life sentence for murder for the very same thing HB and OM have tried, only he was successful in snuffing out the life of his child’s mother. Coincidentally he also lured her back to the house. But, you don’t need to have personal experience with this for this situation to resonate. That is why I am maybe acting a bit crazy.

    • Lulu says:

      @TG: I’m sorry for your painful experience. And for the record, no, you are not acting crazy. You are having a very reasonable response to people who are behaving in a crazy way. That’s why I worry for Nahla’s sanity and thank God she has one parent who has his head on straight, sees the world as it really is and can provide her unconditional love. At least she won’t grow up with Daddy issues and pick bad men over and over again like her mother does.

  65. luc4urself says:

    I think it will be Oliver M. who will DUMP Halle soon. His French family a manager’s and agents in France have probably been begging him to get on a airplane, go back to France and get away from Halle. I think Oliver is a awful thug, but I also think
    Halle is a awful, a nasty piece of work, never cared for her much as a personality or actress. When the world was saying how wonderful she was, I never liked her, I never found her so beautiful, I never found her to be a good actress, I just never got what the publicity machine around her was pushing. It was just instinct on my part, but something about this woman has always put me off.
    If bitchface, nastyazz Halle is paying up and saying they settled, it’s because she and her thug boyfriend “lost!”
    I’ll bet Olivier gets on a plane now and takes his violent thug behaviorback to France and uses the French media to put the blame on Halle, to try and salvage any European career he still might have and Halle will go on her own U.S. talkshow tour, while the audiences give her the eye of disgust and dislike.
    IMO this is all Halle’s doing, because EVERY marriage or relationship she has ever had, eventually gets violent or messy in public. The woman sounds like a nightmare. I hope Gabriel stays away from Hellcat Berry and Martinez. I won’t be buying any movie tickets to either of their movies.
    Team Gabriel and Nahla bless them, that Daddy loves his daughter, Halle needs to leave him alone, let him be a daddy.

  66. Suzie_Q says:

    Even the police believe Gabriel was the primary instigator. Can Halle stop being blamed for everything now? Geez.

    • emmie_a says:

      Right… because LA cops are never wrong or corrupt. They are scandal-free and you can totally trust everything they say and do.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      Are you referring to the same police department that several off-duty officers are her paid security? Because there wouldn’t be any conflict of interest in that, right? If you open your eyes, you see more that way.

      • Yasmine says:

        At this point, I wouldn’t even argue with some of these posters. I’m tired of people commenting on stories they obviously have not been following and then asking the same stupid question. What’s with all the Halle hate? If you researched the story you would know instead of defending her and thinking we’re crazy. Most of us have been following this case from the beginning and just are over her BS. Even still a lot of us don’t hate her, just dislike her and what she’s doing. On the police saying Gabriel started it. Please, stop acting like corrupt cops don’t exist. It’s LA! Celebrity city, you’re crazy if you think some cops aren’t on their payroll. Most of us don’t believe he started it because his injuries match his story. It was his turn to have nahla, Halle called and asked him if she could have her that day. He said yea and brought her over where he was greeted by the alcoholic violent one and then the fight. Before that, the judge ruled that Halle and Olivier couldn’t take nahla to France. That was just a couple of weeks ago and then this happened? Yes people are suspicious. If Gabriel wanted to fight Martinez, he could’ve already. At this point if knowing all this and you’re still team Halle that’s fine but don’t think you can convert other people back over there. Nobody is buying her bullshit anymore.

      • Liv says:


        Oh come on. Gabriel is super aggressive! This little girl looks always so afraid of him! The settlement was just made because of Halle’s graciousness…


    • manly says:

      hmhhmhm….and if gabby started the fight,trust ur heart,video’s are allover.that repositioned camera is bullshit!!!

  67. The Wizz says:

    I dont trust that Oliver dude after what he did to Kylie…any story that comes out of his mouth is crap.

  68. luc4urself says:

    Halle lost,reputation, millions of dollars, respect of many people and in the end her relationship with Oliver M. will implode, because no way he wants this to be what his career is about. He won’t hang around too much longer, just watch. Once she sells her home and wants to play house with him in a new place , he’ll be long gone on some b-movie set, meeting some other actress on the side.

  69. milli says:

    still pretty but she looks so miserable or tired in her pictures