Bar Refaeli took her hot brother to GQ awards: will she get back w/ Leo?

Bar Refaeli

We didn’t cover last week’s German GQ Awards held in Berlin, but it turns out there’s a good reason for a quick catch up. Check out that hottie next to Bar Refaeli! That’s one of Bar’s three brothers, and I think this one is named Dor, but I could be wrong. Bar was on hand to accept the Gentlewoman of the Year award, and she took her brother as her date even though her rumored love interest from this summer, Shaun White, was also in attendance for his own award. So perhaps Bar and Shaun are no longer an item, which makes me wonder whether or not she’s interested in getting back with newly single Leonardo DiCaprio after his recent breakup with Erin Heatherton. Probably not. There were an Enquirer story from July about how Leo was secretly pining away for Bar while dating Erin, but I think Bar’s had enough of Leo after two rounds. Also, Bar might very well try to tell us that guys never hit on her, but I think we know better. Incidentally, Bar’s currently auctioning off a New York City date on Charity Buzz, and the current bid is $2,800; if you want to top that, get your number in before November 8. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d like a date with her brother.

Bar Refaeli

In the meantime, Bar’s been posting some interesting photos on her Twitter page, and I think Bar’s tweets are so fun. Instead of coming off all attention-seeking and obnoxious like Rihanna tends to do, Bar just seems like she’s having a good time (i.e., covering herself in Dead Sea mud) and sharing it with the world. Here she is on a trampoline.

Bar Refaeli

Here’s Bar sipping a cocktail from an egg shell in London. At first, I was grossed out and all like, “Ew, germs!” Then I realized that alcohol would easily kill any germs found inside a raw egg, which may very well also explain why Lindsay Lohan is still alive as well. Carry on, Bar.

Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli

Photos courtesy of Twitter and WENN

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45 Responses to “Bar Refaeli took her hot brother to GQ awards: will she get back w/ Leo?”

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  1. lady_luck says:

    Sorry, I disagree.
    She appears attention seeking.
    I think she is the one pining over Leo, and he couldn’t give a toss[read: the dead eyed look she had for over a year]. I don’t think he’ll ever go back to her because a.) she’s a bit boring b.) he’s “been there, done that” & c.) he has loads and loads of new fresh bait a.k.a non-explored V.S models to work from via his dial a model catalogues.

    This is Leo we are talking about after all!

  2. Victoria says:

    Can we find out more on this brother? He’s hot.

  3. Skipper says:

    I like her dress

  4. Christina says:

    Seriously? The brother looks like a goofy 17 year old. Not my idea of ‘hot’ but each to her own.

    That said, he’s a lot better looking than his horse-faced sister. Another ‘model’ whose fame is based far more on her boyfriends and general fame-whoery than on her looks.

    • Amy says:

      Um, I am by no means a fan, and she’s not the most striking model I’ve ever seen, but…

      She’s not horse-faced. I’m sure there’s another term out there that is appropriate for her face shape, but “horse-faced” isn’t it.

  5. virginia5 says:

    meh, I still don’t find her attractive.

  6. Allison says:

    her brother looks like heidi klums fornication bodyguard… he doesn’t look hot to me.

  7. Gracie says:

    This girl is 50 SHADES OF MEH. Aside from tax evasion and bearding, what’s so interesting about this “model”?

  8. French says:

    I don’t think her brother is hot.. and if she get back with Leo she has no self-esteem (apparently he cheated on her very often) and she is more stupid than I thought, or she is very well paid

  9. Flim says:

    Any details available for the dress? It’s gorgeous!

  10. CamColty says:

    What !!! I think she’s gorgeous and doesn’t seem as pretentious as other models. (Miranda Kerr) I have no shade to throw at this chick.

    • Val says:

      Same! She’s harmless and like Kaiser said, most of her tweets are of her having a good time.
      I hope she doesn’t get back with Leo… for her own sake.

  11. Micki says:

    Is this really a raw egg cocktail in the last pic.? UUhhh. I hate soft boiled eggs let alone this thing, with or without alcohol.

  12. Mira says:

    Her dress is gorgeous. I think Bar is beautiful and her body is amazing. Not stick thin or Kardashian curvy.

  13. Jacq says:

    Leo to Shaun White?! Talk about a MF DOWNGRADE. Yikes.

  14. Starlight says:

    Love Bar. She is the only model I admire. She can show her body and still gain respect. Her brother is hot too but we don’t know very much about him.

  15. rufus says:

    I will never understand what sort of people like her.. every second girl in any european city looks better than her- she has short, fat legs for a model, and her face is so meh.. neither beautiful or ugly, nor interesting or strange, just..meh..
    and she certainly has too much publicity, because she is not really working or doing anything.. and sorry, but anyone, not even a celebrity who posts on twitter pictures is in some way looking for attention.. which is al right..

    • Dani says:

      Short, fat legs? Seriously???? GTFO.

    • Christina says:

      Agree completely, Rufus.

      Like I said above, she owes her fame to her boyfriends and to her constant attention seeking via Twitter etc. For a model she is VERY ordinary looking. Yes, she has a great body, but so do thousands of others. She has quite a masculine face and small, piggy eyes. I don’t think dating Di Caprio made Giselle a star – she has the right face and body to be a top model – but it certainly did with Bar.

    • MSL says:

      Short, fat legs? Riiiight. There are different kinds of modeling, some of which do not require twigs for legs.

    • OhDear says:

      God help us all if that’s short and fat.

  16. Starlight says:

    I don’t understand the hate. Is it because she is classy just like Gwynette? and we admire those that are *****, I can’t say the words, that expose their bodies with lewd acts.

  17. Sisi says:

    wow her hair looks a lot nicer than it usually does, even tho it looks like she stole a Doutzen Kroes wig, the color and cut are almost identical to her trademark hairstyle

  18. Dani says:

    She’s pretty in a realistic, girl next door way. Her brother looks like a typical Israeli guy.

  19. lizzi says:

    epic genes, that family.

  20. Bluedog says:

    All these posts saying how unattractive she is are amusing. It’s just good old-fashioned jealousy.

    • Christina says:

      So if someone doesn’t agree with you entirely about the supposed attractiveness of a public figure, the only explanation is ‘good old fashioned jealousy’?


  21. twoblues says:

    She’s gorgeous. Even if you don’t like her.

  22. Sweet Dee says:

    She is definitely attractive, and so is her brother. Maybe he’s used to it because she’s an underwear model, but MY brother would politely ask me not to wear a dress that shows my bra to an event with him. “Um, sister’s boobs, NOTHX.” Different strokes I guess.

  23. Lamont says:

    Not famewhorey or attention seeking??LOL
    Someone best alert the Barcelona girlfriends

    Bar Refaeli poses with Xavi Hernandez
    Photo: Twitter: @BarRefaeli
    The model Bar Refaeli has become the object of the wrath of some of the wives and girlfriends of Barcelona players. The top model walks around Camp Nou very often and is a declared Barcelona fan. She even posts her photos with the players on Twitter. The image posing with Xavi Hernandez is the last one she has posted.
    After the rumor that Refaeli was dating defender Dani Alves, the Brazilian was quick to dismiss the gossip about a relationship with the Israeli model, but her constant walks around Camp Nou have created discomfort in some of the Barcelona players’ significant others.
    Cesc Fabregas girlfriend, Lebanese model Daniella Semaan posted a tweet that was clearly directed to Refaeli. It translated: “The obsession of some models with certain players is becoming ridiculous. A little respect, please! “. The comment was retweeted by Julia Vigas, Thiago Alcantara’s girlfriend.
    Refaeli had previously posted photos with Gerard Pique and Cesc Fabregas and both players were quickly to deny any involvement with Refaeli.

    Bar has to tweet so often in stages of undress beacuse unlike other working models – Candice, Doutzen and even Kate Upton she doesn’t have much going on and knows she would dissappear sans the bikini pics

    She lasted so long with Leo cause she was happy to tolerate his rampant cheating and wwomansisng (esp circa 2008 -2009) due to the fame he brought her.

    She’s on the desperate look out for another celeb athelete or movie star but ‘gorgeous’ or not I guess no ones biting.

    • Tapioca says:

      “A little respect, please!”

      That would be the same Daniella Semaan who hooked up with her Barcelona player when she was married and he was with his long-term GF, presumably?

      Oh, the irony…

  24. Starlight says:

    Whatsoever, she is beautiful. Those negative comments are from jealous co-workers (models)?