Minka Kelly’s friends don’t like Chris Evans, they think he’s totally “playing her”

Minka Kelly

We never covered these photos of Minka Kelly attending the Jenny Packham event at New York Fashion Week last month, so here they are. Minka looks great in red, and while I think that nude pumps have always been a horrific trend, the dress is pretty fantastic, but I’m very partial to red in general. Please though — even if you don’t like Minka, take it easy on her in the comments because she catches a lot of hell here. Yes, Minka might give off the slight air of eau de famewhore, but she really doesn’t seem like a bad person. Above all, please don’t make any “cankle” remarks. Nobody can do much (if anything at all) about the size of their ankles regardless of weight or fitness, and those sorts of remarks are nothing but catty and rude. I don’t mind Minka all that much. She seems kind of vacant, but that’s not unusual in Hollywood, and her cute booty should be more than enough to satisfy Chris Evan’s self-proclaimed ass fetish, right?

Minka Kelly

For those of you who don’t like the Minka and Chris Evans pairing though, there might be hope on the horizon. A story in this week’s Star brings us details about how Minka’s friends are not crazy about Chris at all and are all like, “Chris is a playboy!” because he’s taken to hanging out with Hugh Hefner and sons. I wonder if he’s wearing those douchey sunglasses while visiting the Playboy Mansion? Ugh, I don’t know why anyone would hang out at that place, but here’s the story:

Chris Evans

Minka Kelly and Chris Evans are giving their romance another shot, but they have one big obstacle — her friends! A source tells Star that Minka’s pals think The Avengers star Chris, 31, has an out-of-control ego, partying all night instead of spending time with Minka, 32. Chris has been frequenting parties at the Playboy Mansion, where he’s become close friends with Hugh Hefner and his sons. “Minka’s friends think it’s just a matter of time before he cheats on her,” the insider says. Minka, whose three-year relationship with Derek Jeter ended in heartbreak last year, is wary of Chris playing her. But her chemistry with him trumps her friends’ doubts, the tipster says. “Minka claism that she and Chris have such amazing sex, she can’t stay away from him!”

[From Star, print edition, November 1, 2012]

A lot of you thought that those recent photos of Chris and Minka kissing in public demonstrated that he was far more into her than vice versa. But then we heard that Chris was hanging with a hot blonde at a bar while he and Minka were supposedly already rekindling their romance, so who knows? I’d like to think that Minka was ready to date a gentleman after putting up with Derek Jeter’s shenanigans for three years, but Chris may very well not be the gentleman we all hoped he would be if he’s hanging out at Hugh Hefner’s place. Yuck, indeed.

Minka Kelly

Chris Evans

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. brin says:

    She can do much better. If he’s hanging out with Hugh Hefner’s sons that’s reason enough to dump him.

  2. mk yarwood says:

    She does have wider ankles, but that’s just a part of her body type.

    • Bubbling says:

      I swear I don’t see it and I admittedly am one of those c u next Tuesday for Hollywood bodies!

      • keats says:

        It’s more visible in workout gear (my ankles do the same), but you shouldn’t look super cute when you’re working out. Aaaanywho, still think she’s the player.

    • Audrey says:

      I see them. They are borderline cankles. Her calf muscle doesn’t taper much where it hits her ankle.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      I feel sorry for ppl with cankles, nothing you can do about it. I think God did that to be fair, she is stunningly gorgeous and no one can be absolutely flawless ;)

  3. jinni says:

    We make fun of celebs everyday for body parts and features they were born with (ex.the Willis Sisters) or for having the audacity to age, and you guys never seem to have a problem with it. Why does she get a pass?

    Anyway, considering she was attracted to Wilmar V and Derek J, both of which seem to be big douches, I’m going to say that’s her type and Chris is probably one as well. So, I really have no problem believing that the Avenger/CapA success has gone to his head and made him an ass. Plus he, his mother and/ or his team have been harassing/taking legal action against sites about gossiping on his alleged STD status which, as a gossip lover myself, find extremely annoying.

    • Gracie says:

      ITA with everything you said. Other celebs gets snarked on, but go easy on this girl?

    • K says:

      I agree! If she gets a pass, then all the other celebs should too.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      I specifically have a problem with the word cankles, we would never a judge a guy for the size of his ankles, because the ankles of a guy are mainly defined by their funtion, which is to walk, whereas the ankles of a woman have to be functional and aestetic.
      Minka seems to be perfectly fine with her ankles, but we are trying to make her feel bad about a part of her body, which main funcion isn´t to be beautiful anyway.

      “Where woman do not fit the Iron Maiden [societal expectations/assumptions about women's bodies], we are now being called monstrous, and the Iron Maiden is exactly that which no woman fits, or fits forever. A woman is being asked to feel like a monster now though she is whole and fully physically functional. The surgeons are playing on the myth’s double standard for the function of the body. A man’s thigh is for walking, but a woman’s is for walking and looking “beautiful.” If women can walk but believe our limbs look wrong, we feel that our bodies cannot do what they are meant to do; we feel as genuinely deformed and disabled as the unwilling Victorian hypochondriac felt ill.”
      ― Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women

      “A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, but an obsession about female obedience. Dieting is the most potent political sedative in women’s history; a quietly mad population is a tractable one.”
      ― Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women

      • Audrey says:

        Is there any body part that functions specifically to be beautiful? No.

        I totally agree with what you’re saying, but don’t just stop at ankles. Most body parts on a woman are criticized much more harshly than those same parts on men. That’s just the way our society is. I’m just glad I’m not on the red carpet being criticized for all that’s wrong with me! :)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah I mean, on this blog, I’ve seen women criticize Angelina’s veins, Aishwarya Rai’s neck wrinkles, LiLo’s freckles, etc etc…why should ankles be exempt from criticism?

        And I’m sorry, I know we all hate her, but I think this girl is freakin gorgeous. With that face and body I doubt any dude gives two f*cks about how chubby her ankles are.

        I still hope he dumps her though.


      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        @ audrey and kitten: You are right don´t stop at the ankles , I used them as an example, because just getting up drinking my first coffee, it somehow made sense to think of them as a more functional body part than others, but that is complete bs. I share the sentiment that she´s gorgeous and it´s hilarous how some people get all worked up because she has thicker ankles, if I were a guy, I wouldn´t give a shit.

      • Isa says:

        I agree with you original kitten! I think she’s beautiful. I think she’s a boring celebrity but still really pretty. And I never hear men talk about cankles with the exception of my husband mentioning his ex-wife’s. He probably only noticed them because she said something about it.
        I imagine when men pass Minka on the street they don’t even glance at her ankles!

    • chalkdustgirl says:

      Derek Jeter may be a womanizer with possible std’s, BUT there’s no way he’s down in Wilmer V’s class. He’s a sports legend who has supported thousands of community and worldwide efforts to educate poor and sick children as well as strengthen at-risk communities. Yeh, he may be your typical womanizing jock, but he’s also a humanitarian and, let’s not forget, a hall of famer.

  4. carrie says:

    she always gives a second chance to her ex-boyfriends
    it’s probably not serious between them or she does a Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake (she will be very patient/accepting with him to marry him)

    • V4Real says:

      Chris is the one who is giving the second chance. Let’s not forget that she dumped him for John Meyer. Then she went from John to Derek Jeter. Also she started with Donald Faison who was pretty well known at that time because of his hit show Scrubbs.

  5. yellowshaba says:

    Maybe he wants a little revenge. reel her in and then break her heart like she did his. but just because hes hung out with hefners offspring doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gonna cheat. She should b used to that though, being with jeter fore so long.

  6. marie says:

    I think she wants to be photographed with someone who will up her star potential.

    • Juju says:

      That’s what I think as well. She can’t get a decent acting job, or none at all. I mean, the best she can get for attention is still attach her name to Jeter’s. Or Chris, now.

  7. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m not buying this. He was head over heels for her, and she supposedly really f*cked him over. So, YEAH; NOT BUYING IT.

    I LIKE that blue dress!! I WANT that dress!!! (see, NICE.) It looks really comfy!!! (Not with THAT belt [or a belt AT ALL] and … whatever is going on across the chest, OBVIOUSLY, but STILL.)

  8. Christine says:

    Her friends are just jealous. After Derek J and Wilmer V, she’s finally chosen a hot guy. As IF her friends would turn Chris Evans down.

  9. Juju says:

    This smells like another attempt from Minka’s publicist to try and get some attention on her. And sympathy for her – because I’m yet to see someone happy about this pairing, and the bashing is all on HER. Considering the famewho game she plays herself, I doubt she’ll be weeping too long for Chris IF he dumps her. I think he isn’t taking it seriously as she would like to, I mean, she’s in this for the premieres she’ll be able to attend by his arm, right? Maybe he gave her a second chance and realized after a while that she’s still the same, that he’s just an upgrade for her, a career move – instead of a real boyfriend. And he just wants to get laid. Besides, all the photo-ops must have scared him. They were photographed EVERY minute of the day a few weeks ago, EVERYWHERE. And isn’t Chris paparazzi-alergic?

    • fyi says:

      I agree with you juju. A couple weeks ago he went back to the east coast to get some down time (aka no paps)and she flew out to get him to come back with her to LA. The next day they were photographed leaving a restaurant. She’s the one desperate to hold onto him for attention.

  10. Juju says:

    I disagree with this: “I’d like to think that Minka was ready to date a gentleman after putting up with Derek Jeter’s shenanigans for three years.”
    She put up with Jeter’s crap, but it’s not like she was a naive girl – she got her end of the bargain. She got famous, she got notoriety. This is what it was all about for her.

    • amanda says:

      Derek Jeter who? I’m familiar with Minka Kelly because of her parts on television shows, is it naive of me to think that is why she is famous? Maybe you have to be American to appreciate the star power of this Derek Jeter who I am now off to google.

      • Juju says:

        I’m not an American, but nonetheless I know who Jeter is. I also knew Minka from TV, pre-Jeter, but people in general mainly know her from being Jeter’s ex-GF. Even a few months ago, long after her Charlie’s Angels cancellation (a series of which she was the star), when her sex-tape “scandal” broke, there were still people who were like “Minka,who?”.

  11. Talie says:

    To be honest, he seems like a mess to me in every in-depth interview he does–mentally. I couldn’t take that kind of neurosis.

  12. stellalovejoydiver says:

    Minka is the player in this relationship.

  13. Kat says:

    I don’t get it. I think her ankles are fine. And oh my god the angst some commenting here are showing because – gasp! – they were asked not to be bullying trolls for once. They’re so indignant, it’s as if someone kicked their puppy.

    • jinni says:

      It’s not angst. It’s just that, why are the people the bloggers of this site like supposed to be off limits to all the criticism that other celebs receive?

      Especially when they, the writers, go in harder on the celebs than even most of the posters do. So I guess they, the writers, are the biggest, bullying trolls of this site by your definition.

  14. normades says:

    Girl likes her men douchey. She should date Adrian Brody next. He’s douchey, but he seems like a much nicer douche compared to those other guys.

    • Eve says:

      *snifs* :cry:

      Please, let’s NOT sh*t on Adrien Brody for once — poor guy is usually the “played” one in his relationships (he barely survived Elsa Pataky).

      He’s also so very talented, and I’ve never heard or read a bad thing about him on set. It saddens me (specifically in Pataky’s case…it actually infuriates me) that his career may never recover from the questionable choices he’s made in his personal life.

      • normades says:

        Ah, I like Adrian Brody too :-)

        But I guess I see him as having a “douchey style”, kinda like Elsa’s new man Chris Hemsworth. Neither of them seem like jerks, they just have questionable taste in clothes, hair, women etc…

      • V4Real says:

        @ Eve +1

      • Eve says:

        @ Normades:

        I know — they’re cheesy and seem to need a certain guidance. But if such guidance comes from an equally cheesy/tacky woman…nothing good can come out of that.

        I still mourn the seeming death of Brody’s career though.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Adrian Brody drives me crazy because by all accounts, he’s a GOOD guy BUT muuch like Tom Hardy, people get the wrong impression of him based on his naturally douchey facial expressions.

        Falsely perceived douchiness aside, I would loves me a Tom Hardy/Adrian Brody sandwich.

      • Eve says:

        @ Kitten:

        I really don’t get a douchebag vibe from Brody.

        But I get the try-hardness, the stupid posing on the red carpet, the “wanting to belong to the jocks and cheerleaders crowd” (because he was probably left out when he was an awkward big-nosed teen) — without realizing he’s been actually above them all this time.

        And because of that, I kinda feel sorry for him.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        No, he’s NOT a douchebag and WE know this, Eve. But for those who don’t know better, what other possible conclusion could one draw upon viewing these photos?:


        A mesh tank top screams “DOUCHE” by most people’s standards.
        I just wish that he’d STOP and just be himself because he’s rad.

      • victoria says:

        may I ask what happened with Adrian Brody? I love him, I also love the fact we’re from the same hood! Queens y’all! hahaha. ok done. you may make fun of me for being dumb.

      • Eve says:

        @ Kitten:

        I know…that’s why I said he needs some guidance (and he’s not going to get that from the social-climbing bimbos he likes to date).

        GAH! I had forgotten how much I loved his body.

        @ Victoria:

        Elsa Pataky. That’s what happened to Adrien Brody. It’s a long story — but if you have the time to search for articles about him, Pataky or Chris Hemsworth here on Celebitchy, you’ll find a lot of comments (with info and links) posted by regulars like Vivienne, Paranormalgirl and myself.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Eve-his SHOULDERS right? And yeah, his whole body is hot imo.

        Agree that he really just needs a nice lady to take him under her protective wing.
        And I am willing to be that woman! I’m up for the challenge ;)

      • Eve says:

        His shoulders, his entire torso…his long, skinny legs. I like that he has a tight– but not too ripped — body.

        I also LOVE his hands. I still think he has the most beautiful hands in the business.

      • victoria says:


        OMG!!! i had no idea it was that bad!!!! This Elsa bitch, i wish her nothing happy. Idk how she managed to snag Thor and have his kid. I guess Miley wasn’t that good for him to leave her

        Damn, now i understand what happened to Adrien Brody’s career

  15. Jenna says:

    Woot! Go Captain Sexy! :D

      • Jenna says:

        LOLOL. Maybe he gave them to Stuart? :P

        Also, I’m surprised they’re so…tame? Would’ve sworn you’d have tons of pics of his bumper or something. ;)

      • Eve says:

        His bumper? You mean his ass or crotch? Well, I’ve already posted pictures of his ass here. But he doesn’t usually sport an impressive bulge (that’s why I’m having a hard time believing that gossip Dooliloo told on another thread).

        Also, let’s face it: it’s hard to find a good picture of Cumberbatch. It’s so much easier to find good pictures of my former husband…*sigh*

        P.S.: Stuart…is it wrong that I actually laughed at some parts? Because the character, in spite of being a drug addict and having such a tragic past, is funny and endearing?

      • Jenna says:

        LOL. I was talking about his ass, yes.

        It is tough finding a good pic of that man; I commend you for that.

        And of course it’s okay! I laughed at lots of parts. Like in the beginning when he’s talking about boxes, every time Stuart likes something and goes “Ooh” or when he’s gets beer on the painting. LOL

      • Eve says:

        Yes! The “ooohhhs” are hilarious. Especially that one Alexander hears while he’s in the kitchen — he thinks Stuart is stealing his stuff, rushes back to his office only to find him sitting calmly on his couch :) .

        Hardy is great in that role.

      • Jenna says:

        LOL. I think my favorites are the first “Ooh” we hear when he first goes into Alexander’s house, and then the “Ooh” when he’s looking at the Cabinet in the store!!! :D I have to watch that again.

        I think it’s my favorite of his! And he’s played good characters too!

  16. V4Real says:

    Seriously, Minka Kelly’s friend told Star magazine they don’t like Chris for her. If they were really her friends would they be talking to a gossip mag about their friends persoanl life. This sounds like something Minka and her camp set up for more publicity for the famewhore.

    Don’t forget it was said that Minka was the one who reached out to Chris to give the relationship another try. Do we think that he would have even been back with her in the first place if she had not done that. She knew that he was rapidly becoming an A list celebrity and she wanted to hitch her wagon to his star. She seems like the kind of girl who will dump a guy if a much better prospect came along. That’s what was said she did to Chris back in 2007 when she broke it off with him to be with John Meyer.

    Chris has always been a party guy, why should that change just because they are dating. Maybe the relationship is not serious to him or maybe he is not as dumb as some people think he is. Maybe he sees right through her bullsh-t but why not have some fun with it. He is still pretty much single so what’s wrong with going to The PlayBoy mansion.

    If he does plan on doing to her what she allegedly did to him I don’t have a problem with it simply because of who she is. Minka is the real player. Chris even once said in an interview that his girfriends are the ones that broke up with him, not the other way around. I bet he’s ecstatic that he dodged the bullet with Jessica Biel.

    I’m team Chris all the way. I love that man, no matter what.

    One last thing as for her cankles, who cares if people on this site tease her because of them. They say mean things about other celebrites body parts why should Minka be exempt. If she was perfect then we would really hate her. Also flaws are what sometimes make people beautiful.

  17. ZigZagZoey says:

    Is this CeleBITCHY or CeLet’sBeNicetoMinkaKelly?
    The biggest reason why I do not like her is that exact SMUG look on her face in the first pic. And the second pic…
    Oh and she has cankles cankles cankles

  18. roxy750 says:

    I love that blue casual outfit she is wearing!

    • victoria says:

      me too! i wanted to find something similar this summer. and for the cankles thing… i still don’t see it and now i’m paranoid if i have cankles

  19. Gine says:

    Them getting back to together has made me like both of them way less–her for obviously just wanting the attention now that he’s a bigger star, and him for being stupid enough to get back with an ex who cheated on him. They both strike me as very, very pretty, but very dumb.

  20. INeedANap says:

    The only thing that disappoints me here is that after his declaration of loving a full booty he goes after this chick. Nothing wrong with her butt — it’s really cute — but I was hoping he would hit up a girl with a badonk. Ah well, I am not convinced this is serious or they’re in for the long haul anyway. Are either of the Williams sisters single…?

    • V4Real says:

      Taking a look at his track record Jessica Biel has a pretty nice ass and he also dated Vida Guerra who has a badonkadonk. Hey maybe he should try Ciara, that girl has a bod to die for.

      Too bad Coco’s taken now that’s an ass.

      • jesusfreak says:

        What’s the biggie with the asses. It’s fat and smelly! I think that a womans’ legs are the most attractive area of the female body. Minka is so unfortunate in this area. Her legs are a real turn off. And I seriously doubt that when they have sex (Yuck!) or assuming that he has sex with her, that he’s that into her. He is just using her vagina because he has been celibate for months and months with all the filming and promoting he has had to do. He is so not serious about her cellulite ridden ass.

      • V4Real says:

        @jesusfreak. The answer to your question is that Chris said in an interview that he like girls with big asses. That’s why we are talking about it.

        I really doubt that Chris has been celibate for months. Even with filming and promotions it’s not hard for him to pick up a chick to have sex with. I’ll do him if I met him.

        I do love how you are saying that Minka’s vajajay is being played by Chris’s umm… well you know.

    • jinni says:

      They only say things like that to appeal to their female fan based. Or maybe he does like those kinds of girls, but his people think being seen with non-traditional Hollywood body type having chicks would ruin his brand.

      • V4Real says:

        I really don’t think he cares much about that; his publicist hates when he curses and drinks during interviews but he still does it.

        Plus if he was only trying to appeal to his fan base then a lot of his fans with less weight on their backsides would be very offended. Don’t forget he has Italian blood running through his veins and most Italians like their women curvy.

        Most of us have a type we like but it doesn’t mean we always end up with that exact type.

  21. Megan says:

    This Star story is so bogus it is laughable. Chris has slowed down his partying in the last 6 months. If he was at the Playboy Mansion he’d be photographed at the parties to sell the Playboy name sake like he has always been from past experiences at the mansion. Minka’s PR wheel is pathetic.

  22. Lee says:

    With a face like hers who cares about her ankles?

  23. blackgirl says:

    Oh please! You can tell in every photo that HE, yes Chris fan girls, HE is playing her like a second fiddle! He parties too much and just because he was/is single does not mean it’s ok to party that much. It’s just not normal-just ask Gerard Butler. And if he was a Real Buddist he wouldn’t be so hedonistic hanging out at the brothel mansion. Gross! Also, how superficial and immature of him to say that he likes a ‘good ass’. Minka’s ‘good ass’ will not save this fake relationship.

    • Kelly says:

      I agree with you. He parties way too much. He was obviously drunk during an interview he did last month. If you look at some pictures of him from last year while on the red carpet for his movie “Puncture”, it was obvious he was high. I thought it was funny how some of his fan girls insisted that he was just tired lol. His mom also takes his heavy drinking lightly. In Hollywood actors/actress have so many enablers around them. I see rehab in his future tbh. Yes, he is incredibly shallow. His team tried to prep him to come off as a sweet person in his interviews, but he was only able to keep it up during CA press. I honestly laugh at him when he tries to come off as deep and intellectual in some of his interviews. He wants people to take him seriously as an actor and he wants to do more respectable roles, but he doesn’t have the talent for that.

  24. dooliloo says:

    A playa being played? Le LOL!!! Well an Avenger it is hahaha!

  25. Grace says:

    Doesn’t this girl sleep with everyone? She slept with Jeter and his STD’s so why is she worrying about Chris playing her?

  26. Kelly says:

    He’s such a neurotic mess. Fan girls shouldn’t even be jealous, girl isn’t getting too good of a deal. She has to put with a lot between him being so damn emotional and his clingy ass mom. Bitch works hard for those paparazzi photos with him.

    • LucyOriginal says:

      Minka is a Saint who just dated incredible men in the past (Jeter, Mayer, Valderrama). You seem to be one of her friends “talking” to the press…Lol

  27. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Minka and Chris Klein would look good together, CE looks way much like Adam Levine.

  28. chalkdustgirl says:

    Hell, if I looked like that from top to bottom, I could honestly care a flying flick about my ankles.

    • wild flower says:

      Agreed. I would trade my nicely turned ankles for the rest of what she’s got. I am curious, why she is so disliked? Never could understand why some celebs grab so much hate. (Just read the Jennifer Aniston post and Wow.)

    • Jude says:

      You want to look like her? Get plastic surgery. That’s why she looks as good as she does. Google pictures of her with Donald Faison when her lips weren’t as full and she had bags under her eyes, her eyebrows weren’t as high/arched, etc. I’m not saying she isn’t pretty. She is. She was even prettier BEFORE the botox, IMO. But, she isn’t some magical, natural goddess.

  29. Joanna says:

    I don’t think she’s gorgeous,just average IMO.