Kristen Stewart wears booty shorts, admits the obvious: “I’m a miserable c–t”

These are some new photos of Kristen Stewart and her father John at the Florence + the Machine concert last night at the Hollywood Bowl. Um, booty shorts? During a night out with your dad? Gross. Kristen’s hoodie has a logo which says “Nuns With Guns, Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition”. So, other than the outfit… Kristen actually looks kind of decent. She’s even wearing lipstick! She looks like she showered recently too. Her dad is a good influence on her.

Anyway, would you like to hear the latest in Kristen Stewart’s neverending parade of “Quotes Given Before Everyone Knew That She Liked To Be Mini-Coopered By Her Married Director”? These are apparently some quotes from Kristen’s Marie Claire piece, which… I don’t even know. I don’t think we’ve discussed any of this before. So enjoy:

Perhaps it wasn’t enough for Kristen Stewart to be in the headlines for a cheating scandal and the upcoming release of one of the year’s biggest films. Now, she is in the news for putting herself down. Yahoo revealed on Friday, Oct. 5, 2012 that a recent interview that Stewart did with “Marie Claire” has an excerpt where the actress calls herself “a miserable c***.”

That word with the three stars is exactly what you think it is.

The question and answer period with Balenciaga creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere came about, and Stewart was asked what makes her happy. Her response was simple and brash.

“I’m a miserable c***! I’m not sure if I’m most happy when I’m comfortable and content or when I’m pushing myself to the limits. There are such different versions of happy. And I really appreciate both.”

Going further on, Alice Olins of “Marie Claire” actually comes right out and says that she believes Stewart is doing her little rebellious act on purpose.

“The actress is all too aware she’s on show, and the ‘on-show’ Stewart can be brash and provocative. I mean, if I was the new face of Balenciaga and had the pick of the latest collection to wear, I wouldn’t have chosen a neoprene vest and grubby-looking jeans for the interview.”

A lot of people actually believe that about Stewart since her demeanor hardly ever changes. The “Twilight” actress rarely smiles and doesn’t show emotion very often whether in live interviews or even during her on-screen performances.

Stewart believes that she and her character Bella from the “Twilight” franchise are very similar and dress the same in their downtime. She says that Bella is “practical and unassuming, yet cooler than everyone else.”

When asked exactly what the key to being “cool” is, Stewart had a standard “Stewart answer.”

“It’s about being on the edge of something — about not taking the easy route,” she says. “To be cool is not to be crippled by yourself.”

[From The Examiner]

Jezebel is making a big deal at the Marie Claire diss of Kristen’s “neoprene vest and grubby-looking jeans,” but I actually think the Marie Claire editorial work is a solid point to make. After seeing Kristen’s Rebel Without A Clue act in interview after interview, it’s kind of nice to see at least one magazine come right out and say, “Ugh, it’s just an affectation. She just wants people to think she’s so hardcore.” As for Kristen calling herself a “miserable c—t” – self-awareness is a good thing.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. dooliloo says:

    Well she’s the one cashing the big cheques so her father can’t say sh-t on how she dresses.

    And well she’s not a miserable c-nt, she is a c-nt! There, I fixed it for your K-Screwed!

  2. emperorcupacke says:

    Her dad’s hair seems much better groomed than hers.

  3. princesslizabeth says:

    Well, I guess she has confirmed herself to be exactly the way she looks. Maybe she’ll go away now.

  4. Bec says:

    Omg. Just when I thought this girl was delusional she comes right out and surprises me with this. Now I believe she knows herself so well. “Miserable c$nt” is just what I was going to say. Impressed!!

    • Tapioca says:

      Don’t worry, she’s still delusional – she thinks Bella is “cool”!

      Yes, the same emotionless cipher without an independent thought in her head who just does everything her emotionally-abusive sparkly stalker boyfriend tells her too, sigh…

      • mollination says:

        Wha??? What are you talking about?

      • Janet says:

        Oh please, Bella is “cool”?!

        Bella is a big nothing. She’s got no goals, no ideals, no ambitions, no plans, no aspirations. The only thing she wants to do is get next to a chunk of living rock who bosses her around. There is nothing cool about Bella and there is nothing cool about KStew. She’s a whiny brat with an attitude. Nothing more.

      • wtffff says:

        I think Tapioca is being facetious. She means all those things about Bella and Edward, who are obviously very not cool. In Kristen’s defense (why, I ask myself) I don’t think she actually likes Bella. I bet behind closed doors she mocks that cardboard Mary Sue just as much as the rest of us.

  5. Charlotte says:

    “Showered recently”. God. I love showers. If I had her money, I’d spend a whole day in the shower. I’d read, sleep and eat in the shower. WHY DOESN’T SHE SHOWER MORE??? It’s like your own personal rain room of warm cleanliness. She could afford a top-of-the-line shower, too. It makes no sense to me. If being dirty makes you ‘cool’, I hope I’m never considered cool.
    Now I have to go shower.

    • Victoria says:

      Hahahaha ITA! I might take 2 today after reading this

    • Chatcat says:

      I need a shower because SHE skeeves me so much! Wearing those short shorts with Daddy, concert or no concert, calling herself a c-nt (IMO the most degrading of all words to refer to a woman and she does it to herself no less). Besides being a very unlikeable human being, I beginning to think she is really mentally unstable. Nobody degrades themselves as much as she does (lack of bathing, calling herself degrading names, letting a married man munch you out in a car) and not think this girl doesn’t needs some professional help. UGH.

      • Izzy says:

        Adding to that: even if I am miserably depressed, I do not dress as badly as her on an average day. I wash my hair. I comb it, too. My clothes are recently washed.

        I mean, really. She just looks like a giant greaseball.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        ITA. I hate it when women accept that word as the worst thing you can call someone. Ladyparts is the worst thing? Oh please. Take your self-loathing somewhere else.

      • georgie says:

        All the professional help is not going to help her. She is what she is. A sociopath and a bitch.

    • Tania says:

      Lolololol!!!!! Too funny and too true! I love my shower :)

    • Amelia says:

      If I ever get the money I’m buying myself the biggest, most powerful power-shower I freaking can. With every scented soap and shampoo on the market.

      • Booboocita says:

        I want a bathtub just like the prefects’ bathroom in the Harry Potter books — big enough to do laps in, and with multiple taps that give scented water, bubbles and lotions. I would live in that tub. If Dobby would bring me drinks while I’m soaking, so much the better.

        So glad Marie Claire called Stewart on her poseur BS. Grow up, little girl.

      • Bodhi says:

        Holy shit, I totally want the Prefect’s bathroom, too!!

    • Jess says:

      If I feel even the least bit funky I take a shower. Most days, because I go to the gym after work, I take two. Kristen’s hair looks about a week out from a shower. That’s disgusing.

    • eb says:

      “your own personal rain room of warm cleanliness” – Ha! Lovely description. Saying it like that should inspire more people to take a shower!

  6. pretty says:

    Have you guys seen her topless scene on On The Road?
    I was surprised that we can even see the whole top body.
    She has pretty perky boobies. ;) lol!!

    • Me says:

      Pretty boobies? Her “boobies” has CGI hahaha She can’t be more pathetic.

    • Jeanie.amour says:

      Really MorticiansDoitDeader is right about her bobs not being ‘surprisingly’ perky or what ever. I mean, yeah she has pretty little boobies. Why wouldn’t she? She is young, small chested, slim..pretty much anybody with those features will have similarly perky tits. I’m 28, my boobs are roughly the same size as hers, maybe a smidge bigger, and (not tooting my own horn) but mine are perky as hell, there is no fold over onto my cheat below whatsoever. Even a few years ago that used to bother me..I thought they were’nt big and womenly enough and that I was too small chested (mainly due to constant reinforcement of that by my a** of an ex) ..but now I realize the upside of small titties…they’ll likely be perky until middle age or beyond.

      • Jeanie.amour says:

        Oh and regarding Kristen referring to herself as a c*nt…well, I really think that is just sad. I do not care for her much at all, particularly not after the whole cheating escapade (I just hate hate hate the act of cheating). However, no one women, (or man) should call themselves such aful names, especially on a permanent public forum. She clearly has issues of low self esteem, or metal issues or something..whether she sincerely believes what she says or whether it is an act..that is just sad. No one should feel that way about themselves (whether they happen to be one, or not).

      • original almond says:

        Exactly. Cherish those puppies. I would trade the C cup I have now with B cup from 10 years ago in a heart beat. Wouldn’t even blink. My mother in law is in her fifties and she has awesomely perky boobs. You’re a lucky bitch and I envy you.

  7. Shitler says:

    Didn’t we all say such self centered crap when we were her age? I’ll give her a pass.

    • Marigold says:

      No. I never called myself a miserable c–t at age 22. And even if I did privately, I wouldn’t have dreamed of saying it about myself to an international publication.

      • georgie says:

        + 1

        During an interview which can be read by so many? No.
        That’s were maturity/decency gives you a hand and she obviously doesn’t have a shred of it.

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:


      I had a bracelet with the word “bitch” written on it back in the 90s.

  8. Elodie says:

    She loves to dress like a 10$ hooker even when going out with her father. Classy!

  9. marie says:

    daddy’s showing the finger, we know where she gets it from..

    her hair and makeup look good, but she seriously needs to stop doing interviews-she’s not doing herself any favors..

    • Allie May says:


      To save her career it would be smart of her to shut her mouth and lay low for a while.

  10. Duckie says:

    i don’t think there’s anything wrong with her shorts, they’re nice and she looks pretty good.
    as for her interview, so what? everyone says stupid things when they’re young- and yes, 22 is young even if she did get “mini coopered” or whatever it’s been called now.

    • Me says:

      I don’t like her legs and her shorts look like a cunt. Well, she is a cunt.

      • Duckie says:

        That’s incredibly rude. No matter what she’s done or hasn’t done, you shouldn’t call somebody that.
        I thought this was meant to be a nice site and yeah we all have our opinions but seriously, don’t call somebody a c*nt. Especially when you don’t know them- that’s rude and uncalled for.

      • whatthehell456 says:

        @Duckie: She called herself that first…we’re just following her lead. And why do we women get so het up from the word c*nt? I don’t, personally, for me it’s just a word, but you mention it to some women and they lose their freaking minds.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        When the worst insult that can be spoken is a synonym for ladyparts, what that *means* is that the thing that makes you a woman is THE WORST THING you can be called. Therefore I actually consider it verbally abusive. And yes it is offensive. Because being a WOMAN is the worst thing. That totally offends me. You can call me a bitch all you like, but I refuse to be defined as bad because I am female, and the word “c–t” says that. Unless you are saying it in a positive way to be dirty, I don’t wanna hear it.

      • Miss Bennett says:

        I agree about her legs, they are not attractive. I don’t know who encouraged her to start showing them to everyone but they should be smacked.

      • stinky says:

        hallelujah Ms. Bennett … testify!

    • Hakura says:

      @whatthehell456 – I admit, c*nt is my least favorite word. I don’t know why other than I was raised that you *never* say that word. Well. We were raised not to say any cursewords, but our parents did, so of course we do. But we’re adults now, so we’re one big f*cking happy cursing family these days.

      But they never said ‘that’ word, so it just sounds… me. Once a ‘bad word’ always a ‘bad word’, I guess.

      • Jess says:

        The c word is the most vile word in the English language. No one I know uses it freely, and if it is used, it’s used for impact in a heated situation, meant to hurt and inflict pain. The fact that Kristen used it in a professional setting in an interview that would go out to the public makes her even more gross to me. She has no boundaries. She thinks she can do and say whatever she wants.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        +1, Hakura.

        Anytime you use a derogatory slang term that is meant to refer to the female anatomy, it’s hurtful to females and women in general.

        The basic message there is that the female anatomy is an insult, because it is “lesser”-less powerful, weaker, and somehow inferior.

        Then again, I use the word “d*ck” and “douche” rather freely….double-standard on my part I guess? ;)

      • Hakura says:

        @Jess – Totally agreed… Whenever someone uses that word, they make themselves look totally classless. Apparently this is Kristen’s goal in life, & I daresay she’s been more than successful.

        @TOKitten“Then again, I use the word “d*ck” and “douche” rather freely….double-standard on my part I guess?”

        Not an excuse, but I’m sure we only say them when totally necessary. ;) I can’t think of better way to refer to someone like Chris Brown or Eddie Cibrian.

    • georgie says:

      ….. and her fans keep giving her excuses after excuses after excuses…..

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        You know who else throws around “c***?” Rihanna. I think she even owns a c*** necklace. Both she and Kristin are using it for shock value because they don’t have anything of substance to say. Two rich, bratty wannabe tough girls.

      • Hakura says:

        I know I shouldn’t be surprised by Rihanna, but why the hell would anyone want a c*** necklace? I wonder if Chris Brown presented her with the necklace as a romantic gift? Seems like the sort of nasty thing he’d call her, if he’s as verbally abusive as he is physical.

        Didn’t Gaga wear something like that? If she didn’t, at least it sounds like something she’d do.

  11. Sway says:

    She has the most beautiful hair… if only she would wash it more often. Sigh. Miserable c-t.

    • Me says:

      The most beautiful hair? Mother of God… Shippers are here!

      • Ali says:

        Ahh what’s wrong with her hair?

      • Hakura says:

        So long as it’s washed, I think her hair has the potential to be quite pretty. (& I’m most definitely not a shipper. I can’t STAND her.) If she just put a little effort into her appearance.. or even just bathe regularly, she could probably look, dare I say it, nice

      • Sway says:

        Shipper?! I hated Kristen Stewart before it was cool :)
        Just saying her hair is beautiful, wavy and thick, BUT she does not wash it or take care of it, coz she’s just gross like that.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        This “shipper” thing cracks me up. I figured it out, but it is a word I see every day at work! So now I have a smile for the Twientologists whenever I process packages.

  12. John says:

    She needs to get some sun and a therapist.

    • original almond says:

      Leave the paleness alone; it’s her natural skin tone. And she doesn’t need a therapist, she needs a 6-days-a-week shift at the local grocery store to knock some sense into her.

  13. says:

    “The “Twilight” actress rarely smiles and doesn’t show emotion very often whether in live interviews or even during her on-screen performances”

    So true.

    • CTgirl says:

      You can’t show emotions if you don’t actually have emotions. Which kind of explains her “acting”.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      Yes. I remember seeing her in the audience at the MTV movie awards. They were showing some funny clips, the camera cuts over to Stewart, and OMG! she’s smiling and laughing!! But the nano second she saw that she was on camera she wiped that smile off her face. Instant sullen brat. That’s when I realized that her blank faced too cool for school misery was just a pose. Pathetic girl.

  14. tonina says:

    My mother always say, “never speak words that demean yourselves and women. There’s more than enough out there to do it for you.”

    Even if you’ve obviously thought it (self as c-nt, sl-t or whatever), it’s one thing to think it and it’s quite another to say it out loud.
    Though, I guess I’m one of those old-skoolers who put too much value in words. I’ve always believed that words have power, to empower or to hurt.

    • Anname says:

      Agree, words have a lot of power. That particular word is hideous, it’s like a physical presence slapping you in the face. That made me cringe, more than anything else she has ever said.

      Jeez she is one messed-up girl, I think she freaked out a bit this year. I can’t hate her though, I just find it sad she seems to have lost herself a bit. I didn’t mind the Kristen of the past few years, but she has become so very full-of-herself lately. I hope this cheating scandal is a HUGE wake-up call and she gets herself together. I used to like her with Rob, but if this is the new Kristen, I hope he stays away.

  15. deb says:

    Well I finally agree with her about something. She is a miserable c*nt.

  16. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Miserable C***? Wow! Atleast you are not confused this time, Kristen.

  17. Cathy says:

    If being a miserable c@%t makes her happy then go for it. Don’t like her or those god awful twilight movies. I’ve only seen part of one, about 15 minutes worth and that was enough for me.

  18. Brown says:

    So let me get this straight… she and Bella are similar because they are both so much cooler than everyone around them, but no one else realizes it. Got it.

    Also, c*nt might be my least favorite word in the english language. Seriously. I mean, I really, really hate it. There is no way to say it without sounding disgusting, derogatory, filthy… it is gross all the way around. Leave it to KStew to use it as an adjective in describing herself.

    • eileen says:

      Amen-I hate that word also. I was called that by my psycho ex-sister inlaw and I never spoke to her again. That word should be eliminated from the English language.

  19. bettyrose says:

    I know she had some indie cred before the Bella nonsense, but it’s not like she has anything to do with the popularity of those movies. This completely drab girl won some insane lottery getting cast in that part, but it hasn’t done much to make her an interesting person.

  20. Micki says:

    “Rebel Without A Clue” exerted herself to come with some deep thougts again.

  21. Minty says:

    1. Best reference for Kdirt: “Rebel without a Clue”


  22. jbhjikj says:

    those are not booty shorts, they’re just shorts (albeit short ones)

    • KC says:

      My thoughts exactly. Those are just standard shorts, admittedly a bit on the shorter end of the spectrum, but they’re definitely not booty shorts.

  23. Me says:

    “She looks like she showered recently” LOL Look at her dirty hair.

  24. Michele says:

    Thank god for yet another Kristen Stewart story so the usual suspects can come out with their pitchforks and ugly insults. You made their day, Kaiser!

    • CTgirl says:

      We’re commenting on how KS presents herself. The key word in that sentence was “herself” in case you missed it. She goes out where she knows she’ll be photographed looking like a hobo, refers to herself with a derogatory term, and has finally been called out by an interviewer for her faux rebel without a cause attitude. If this bothers you so much then write to KS and let her know that you’re always ready to be her champion in the gossip joust. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.

    • Madhubala says:

      You have to admit though, K-stew makes it all too easy to poke fun at her.

    • Marigold says:

      Who are the other actors her age saying these things to the press? You might be right but I need to see the goods to believe you. As an aside, I don’t give a fruit who else is saying trashy stuff in magazines. I’d find them trashy regardless.

  25. Amanda says:

    Bahahahaahah I didn’t think I could possibly love her any more than I already did!!!!

  26. MonicaQ says:

    The day Jezebel does *not* make a mountain out of a mole hill, I will be surprised. Everything is seen as some slight against women when only about 60% of the time it is on that site. (The post about Patrick Rothfuss put me over the edge, are you quite serious Jezebel?)

    That being said, Ms. Stewart is self away. That is a good thing. Now if only she could show more emotion than just “vague disinterest/I have to fart/mild panic” then we’d have something.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I’m with you re:Jezebel. I stopped visiting there months ago because of the overly PC articles and and batshit crazy commenters who are always looking for an intellectual duel and to talk about how they are working on their third PhD. Plus, over there, every opinion must be accompanied by several links to peer reviewed literature that backs up your claims ;P

  27. sister says:

    Her father is giving major Terry Richardson white windowless van vibes.

  28. Lindsey says:

    The writers and commenters at Jezebel have a way of turning a chocolate morsel into a giant shit stain.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      As do some of the commenters! As I said to @MonicaQ up thread, the atmosphere over there is crazy tense and most of the commenters are there to start arguments that include listing their academic achievements. Also, if you’re into attachment parenting you’re an idiot. I’ve never felt so judged by a group of self proclaimed “open minded” liberals in my life!

  29. MerryHappy says:

    I bet she cut those jeans into shorts herself. Way to live on the edge Kristen, you show the mainstream what a rebel you are. That inseam was supposed to be, like, WAY longer. You SHOW them!

  30. eileen says:

    She compares herself to Bella and then says Bella is “practical and unassuming, yet cooler than everyone else.”
    Escuse me???
    Oh honey, please. You are most definitely not “cooler” than everyone else. *RME BIGTIME.

    • Annie says:

      Is she 14? What is this obsession with being “cool”, Jesus…

      • eileen says:

        She IS 14-every celeb out there who becomes famous at a young age, stay the age it all began emotionally. Its hard to mature when you get everything handed to you and told your the greatest thing ever daily. She’s in for a hard fall!

  31. Jane says:

    Nasty, filthy, gross, etc.

  32. smiley says:

    nvr understood ,she aint that tall ,but her legs look so long …,thats the only thing i like abt her

  33. bns says:

    Somebody please put a muzzle on this girl. I can’t stand her talking anymore.

  34. Sara says:

    Look, I am not a fan of her. But enough with this posts of trashing. Are you making some money with it?
    And WTHELL is the problem with the shorts??
    “Um, booty shorts? During a night out with your dad? Gross.” That is soo sick and disgusting. You are the one who see something wrong. For me is totally normal.
    Is just shorts… is not big deal, she is just skinny with 1,68 tall.

    anyway… I don’t like her, she is rich, and she is bad actress.. but be that mean with the girl is just stupid.

    and yeah, she was with a married man, she is paying for her sins. But honestly… she just had bad luck, half of hollywood is that or worst.

    • Mira says:

      One half of hollywood is screwing on the other half. Pretty much all of hollywood is that worse.

      Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian posters :)

      • kingkayski says:

        I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the length of the shorts,i think it’s a pretty decent length,you don’t see any crotch or belly button showing.So to say that it’s grossed to be seen with your dad looking like that is just beyond disgusting and perverted on the commenters part.About her “i’m miserable c*nts”comments ,who cares ,as long as she said it to herself and not to somebodyelse,maybe that’s how she see herself for what she did lately.Why deny her of something she’s feeling at herself at the moment.Better calling herself that than Goop calling her own mammie a c*nt word or Chelsea calling Angie the same c word,i don’t see any harm in that.

    • Dee says:

      The c**t comment is obnoxious and reeks of trying too hard to be “edgy”. Bitching about her shorts however strikes me as just stupid. Young women her age can dress like that, I dressed like that when I was 22, there’s nothing remotely remarkable about wear ing them while out with her father at a casual event. It’s nice that she has what appears to be a stable and supportive relationship with her father which is not always the case with with some famous young women. Can’t quite get myself to abide her but there’s no need to make a big deal about things she does that would pass withoput commentary if someone a bit more likeable did them.

      • Chatcat says:

        Dee…I want to agree with you about the shorts HOWEVER I also take into account the whole picture this chick tries to show off to the world. If say Emma Stone had worn shorts like this I’d be less critical of it because of overall that Emma Stone projects herself as/is in the media. Now with KLewd, it’s the flipping the bird constantly, no regard to getting it on with a married man (whose wife and kids she befriended btw on the set of the movie), calling herself (or any other woman) a ‘c-nt’ (the most despicable of all woman trashing words) making the short shorts while going to a concert with Daddy a persona that Sigmund Freud would have loved to delve into, because clearly the she is not the average 22 y/o of today or yester year.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      These K-Stew posts are tired, no doubt.

      RE: Her clothing choice.

      When I was in my 20s, I wore some ridiculously inappropriate outfits to holiday functions and dinner with my parents-short mini skirts and low-cut shirts. At 33, looking back I’m completely horrified. But at the time, I just wanted to look (what I thought) was fashionable.

      People overreact about everything this girl does, so nothing new there.

      @Chat-the use of the c-word to describe herself. Ugh. I can’t even say that word out loud and this is coming from someone who detests censorship. It’s just the worst of the worst to me….

      • Chatcat says:

        What one of us haven’t had some serious fashion f*ck ups, including those in the presence of family…parents particularly. My problem with KLewd isn’t the singularity of the shorts; it’s the whole package that is her.

        As far as the c word, I am adamant that it is the disparaging word used against women, and I have a total potty mouth, are not offended easily with other’s “colorful” language … but NOT THAT WORD EVER! It crosses the line for me … use the word and lose all my respect (well for those who may have had any from me anyway).

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Chat-you would be mortified if you saw some of the crap I wore! But I hear ya-your point is that it’s just one of many offenses that K Stew has displayed.

        I so agree. I posted up thread about the C-word. It’s one of the few words that really, really bothers me. It is just so hateful.

      • A says:

        Yes, these KStew is a super evil person posts are getting old. It’s been months, come on. Two years from now, I’m sure Kaiser will still be brining up Sanders if KStew is even around… I don’t see people calling Russell Crowe Russell Cheater, for example… Bitching about her shorts and the insinuation about her Dad…that was ugly and crossed the line.

        I hate the C word, but I’ve heard plenty of other stars use that word…and frankly, I find it better then those interviews where she drops the f word every other word.

  35. bluhare says:

    So what’s the deal? Is she embarrassed to be out with dear old dad, or is he required to walk 6 feet behind her?

    • Perplexed says:

      Thanks for the link.
      It’s nice to hear a guy call it like it is.
      Would beg to differ on ‘marginally talented’ but otherwise spot on.

    • Dee says:

      Someone needs to show Rob this video!

      • honeybee says:

        Anname – Rob maybe pissed off by someone telling him what to do but the fact of the matter is, what that guy says is 100% true.

        And Rob has KScrew to thank for, for making his life a gossipmongers’ dream come true.

        Hope his team or someone close to him will come across this and show it to him.

        But this guy got one thing wrong. Rob hasn’t taken her back. That’s what the media stories want the world to think. Those that don’t follow them closely will go by what the tabloids are saying but the fact that every weekend we see Rob out there hanging with his friends and not being seen with her at all says they are done. He is there in NYC partying with his friends and this lonely loser KScrew has only her dad’s company :D

      • Anname says:

        Honeybee, You miss my point completely. This guy is a complete stranger (as are you), and knows almost nothing about Rob’s private life. The fact is NO ONE knows the whole story, and claiming that you know what’s best for Rob is so presumptuous, and to his point – annoying.
        I think Kristen is a total mess at this point, but I realize I DON’T KNOW HER AT ALL. I don’t know what’s best for Rob because I know very little about their actual lives. That’s why that guy’s video annoys me. Let Rob figure it out for himself, he has handled himself quite well so far, and knows his own mind. He doesn’t need random people who don’t know much telling him what he need to do.

      • honeybee says:

        I never claimed to KNOW her or Rob.

        But how much more do we need to know about Kscrew before we (strangers as we are) conclude that she is wrong for him? Her actions and her words are enough to get a taste of her persona.

        This guy isn’t anything different from so many strangers that comment about their predicament. His take is different. That’s all.

        Rob isn’t going to go by what the world is saying. He will make his own mind. But that isn’t going to stop others from commenting till BD2 is done and it becomes clear where they stand as a couple one way or another.

      • Anname says:

        I know people are going to comment, I just get irritated by those who seem to think they have it all figured out, when there is a lot we don’t know. They had a long term intense relationship, if he wants to give her another chance, he must have his reasons. It’s not a stranger’s place to tell him not to. We all have opinions, we just don’t have very well-informed opinions.

      • honeybee says:

        Anname – Well lets agree to disagree.

        You said, “They had a long term intense relationship,”.

        For you a 3 to 4 year relationship may seem long term but to me it is average.

        Now aren’t you the one assuming that theirs was a “Long term INTENSE” relationship when like you said we have no clue ;) Who knows maybe they were getting on each others’ nerves behind closed doors and fighting like cats and dogs. Anything is possible.

      • Anname says:

        1)When you are 22 a 4-yr relationship is considered pretty long….

        2)The nature of their celebrity makes the relationship intense, that isn’t a judgement of their feelings.

        3)And you are absolutely right, we don’t know what was happening behind closed doors. You just proved my point.

      • honeybee says:

        Rob will do whatever he wants. Meanwhile a bunch of strangers insist on advising him or talking passionately about what he needs to do. Their prerogative.

        If that irritates you for some reason that’s for you to deal with.

      • Anname says:

        I am annoying myself here, my last comment on this -
        People are going to comment and speak passionately, of course. I object to the video and the insistence that Rob should see it. I find it ridiculous that some think Rob needs to get advice from random people because he can’t figure it out. People can and will say whatever they want (no matter how bizarre), Rob doesn’t need to see it.

      • A says:

        Well, @Anname you and I don’t share the same views on a lot (I for one don’t even think they were ever truly together in a monogamous relationship if in one at all), but I agree with you on your points. People are in relationships for all different kinds of reasons…Look at Sienna and Jude, who had an on and off relationship for years despite Jude’s cheating or Becks and Victoria or Hillary and Bill. People work things out all the times, and as terrible as cheating is it’s not exactly uncommon. In the end, it’s the two people in the relationship who know each other the best and know the pros and cons.

      • Annie says:

        So you say we don’t know them, then how do you know they had an ~intense relationship~? It’s like you guys imagine they’re perfect people being perfect together. Grow up.

        People think they’re mysterious when in fact we can see right through them a lot of the times. Like couples who like to pretend everything is fine but in fact we can see they fight a lot and hate each other. Here we see she always though she had him in the palm of her hand, confident enough to cheat on him.

        Bottom line: if you cheat, you’re just not that into your significant other. Great advice from that guy. He deserves better. He shouldn’t be in an emotionally abusive relationship. Bad relationships can ruin you for life. Escape while you can!!

      • jenna says:

        He’s a celebrity, a public figure. People can give opinions on public figures and it’s fair game. If these celebrities don’t like it, get out of HW.

    • Anname says:

      (Responding to Coco at #44)
      If I were Rob I would be pissed off some guy thinks he can advise me when he knows the barest minimum of information about their actual relationship. Here’s Rob’s take on random people commenting on his private life- at the 4 minute mark-

    • Ugly says:

      Wow that creep sure makes RP look like a fool and
      all his fans spreading this all over so shameful

    • Really Morons?!?! says:

      Looking from the outside in:

      This gives Kristen Stewart a “bad girl” image which she’s probably enjoying coz it helps her shed her
      goody-goody Bella one for future bad ass roles.

      THIS ONLY HURTS R-PATTZ the pervert in the video is obviously mocking his manhood but his fans are TOO STUPID to get it and they continue to spread it all over the net.


  36. original almond says:

    “Living on the edge”, bitch please, take a seat and shut up. You’re as vanilla as they come.

  37. Annie says:

    Wow, Marie Claire, good job. I just don’t get magazines that make her look great when everything that comes out of her mouth is BS. This is why she has fans. They buy into the fake image of rebellion. She must’ve been really obnoxious that the writer thought she’d have to subtly call her out like that. Good job.

    And I agree, she’s representing a major fashion house. She can ‘t dress up with jeans and sneakers when talking about the brand she knows nothing about.

  38. Kara says:

    This chick always looks constipated.

  39. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Why does her dad look like a character from my kids old Dr. Seuss books; and who at her age goes to a concert with their parents – coming of age in the 70s/80s we never would have attended any concert with our parents – Micki remember that old SNL skit with AL franken doing Jack Handy and his “deep thoughts” good reference;
    This is what happens when you make a vacant narcissist a “star”; they become a bigger more annoying vacant narcissist.
    And please fashion houses need to stop hiring the likes of KStew – do her fans even know anything about Balenciega aren’t they still buying Twilight crap at Hot Topic?

  40. Jaded says:

    Ya, I’m a miserable c*nt too dear. Especially when I’ve worked a 60 hour week for crap pay, come home to cook dinner for my family every night, cleaned the house, done the grocery shopping, taken the garbage out, had the car fixed for the umpteenth time, had to have the furnace fixed and taken the cats to the vet.

    You’re a vain, self-absorbed little twit who should be thanking her lucky stars for the great good fortune that has made you insanely rich at such a young age, able to pick and choose what work you do and when you do it.

    Instead you’re a whiny, entitled little brat with no moral base who can’t shut up about what a drag life is. You make me want to punch the wall.

    • honeybee says:

      Well Said :D

    • eileen says:

      This!! Yes Jaded…and I’m sure you had plenty of time to WASH YOUR HAIR as well.
      I just can’t with these self absorbed spoiled starlets who jump on a married mans dong to add some rebel excitement in their lives.
      You want to be REAL hardcore, get a job, take care of a family and STILL manage to put on makeup, shave and wash your hair.

    • original almond says:


      You said it all so much better than I ever could have.

    • Jess says:

      THANK YOU!! I will never feel a minute of pity for this twit. She is such a pain in the ass.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      Jaded, perfectly said. There is nothing worse than a spoiled ingrate.

  41. Janet says:

    She looks like she just crawled out of a Dumpster.

  42. Reece says:

    Haven’t read all the comments yet but is her dad flipping off the camera? Or just bad finger placement?

  43. ruby says:

    So she thinks she’s cooler than everyone else ? Oh, Kristen. *shakes head*

  44. Lulu says:

    Her hair looks dirty and greasy here! Look how oily it is at the scalp and how dry and tattered looking the ends are. That is what wavy hair looks like when it needs a good shampoo and conditioning. As for her booty shorts-I don’t get how you can be so skinny yet have zero shape to your legs as much as she SUPPOSIDLY works out. Very pretty face. There. I said something nice.

  45. Amy says:

    I watched Adventureland on tv this past weekend (my mother insisted on watching it, she used to work at an amusement park during the summer when she was young which is what the movie is about) and Kristen Stewart was in it. I had never seen her in anything apart from the Twilight movies (oh and Panic Room).

    She acts just like she does in real life, all she does is play herself in movies. Awkward, twitchy, and expressionless. I turned to my mom and told her, “Wait this is how she is acting? She isn’t even trying!”

    What’s even more ironic is that her character has an affair with Ryan Reynolds’s character who is married. Art imitates life, or life imitates art I guess!

  46. Sunnyinseattle says:

    I have a question. In the close up picture of her ear showing, what is thag in her ear? Hearing aide? Waz cux she doesn’t shower enough? What the…….

  47. j.eyre says:

    I am surprised by the Marie Clare writer calling her out for pretention as well. I like that they did it, but I wonder why? These interviews are the magazines bread-and-butter and I didn’t really think Marie Clare was hard-hitting journalism.

  48. The Original Victoria says:

    A+++++++ On this Aritcle!

    I mean seriously, this was one of the funniest thigns I’ve read in a while.

    But seriously though. Why do girls with no ass where booty shorts aside from working out or whatever? THey are called booty shorts for a reason.

    Needless to say I don’t even have an ass to pull it off which is completely humiliating. LOL.

    Meanwhile, kudes to MC for pulling out the TS (Trampy Shit) detecter on that phony. I totally am using my discount subscription to subscribe to that magazine now. Go Alice!

  49. honeybee says:

    deleted as I replied to the wrong post.

  50. Team Kristen says:

    Sorry haters, some people love her. She is a fine actress and very pretty. She is just not made up like a pagent queen everyday. She is this generation’s Sigorney Weaver. Sigorney didn’t overact or smile very often when she was young. Who cares?

    • Janet says:

      Comparing Sigourney Weaver to Lipbite McLewd is like comparing a thoroughbred to a broken-down cart horse.

    • Jaded says:

      @ team kristen: Sigourney Weaver has more class and acting skill in her little toe than Kristen will ever have in her whole life. Did you ever hear a young Sigourney saying she was a miserable c*nt and banging on about how her life was awful? No. She got out there and acted and didn’t play the angst-ridden bad-ass, slamming everything around her. That’s why she’s still relevant and Kristen’s flame will soon go out if she doesn’t straighten her attitude out. And learn some morals.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      How dare you compare this talentless dishrag to Miss Weaver!! There is no comparison at all. Miss Weaver can move the muscles in her face, Miss Stewart can not.

  51. mollination says:

    Or maybe she knows she’s going to be pigeonholed anyway, and is just going with it…. you know, “irony” before it became cliche to say the word? Is it so impossible that this is who she is, became famous, didn’t fit into the norm of famous girls her age, and got blasted with “its just a put-on! If she has nice clothes to wear and chooses jeans, it must be a put on!”?

  52. Auj says:

    My feeling about her is that she thinks she is cool if she uses A LOT of swear words.
    She seems to only think of ME, ME, ME.
    I am glad I don’t know her. She bores me.
    I’d rather be around someone with something interesting and intelligent to say.

  53. LOL says:

    Kristen Stewart owns you Celebitchy and she owns
    all your posters too! You can’t get enough of the
    Rebel Queen, you have to print her pics and examine everything she says and does… Thank You!

    • Anname says:

      Unfortunately it’s not much of a compliment, you could say the same thing about Lindsey Lohan…. so I am not sure what your point is here.

    • Annie says:

      Rebel Queen? In what sense is she rebellious? What is she fighing against? The industry that has opened her arms to her despite having no real talent or charisma? The industry that she herself works for and represents in hundreds of magazines every year? What is her cause for rebellion? What millionaire in the world is a rebel?

      You guys can like whomever you want. But like them for what they are. Not for this concept you’re imagining. It’s like magazines say one thing, she says another but the proof of who she really is is right there and you guys don’t want to see it. She’s a brat, she’s a homewrecker (yeah, I said it. Anyone who messes around with a married person and plays an active role in ending a marriage is a homewrecker. What happened to accountability? How long do you get to use the “I’m young” excuse? “He’s the married one!”) and like she said, she’s miserable. What an ungrateful entitled girl. She’s on top pf the world right now but she’ll be Avril Lavigne when she’s too. We all know she too had a terrible attitude and now all the revance she has in the world is thanks to chad Kroeger…

    • Jaded says:

      @LOL – rebel queen my ass. She’s an arrogant, talentless little jerk. If this is the future of acting, I don’t think I’ll be wasting my money on many more movies.

      What’s she got to be a rebel queen about? She’s had a privileged upbringing. She screwed up her relationship by being a deceitful little adultress with a married man. She’s rich and enjoying every penny of her rebel queen money.

      Puhleeze. She has no excuse for actng like a rebel queen other than being an insufferable, immoral twerp and as phony as a three-dollar bill.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      Please take your crazy somewhere else. Thank you.

  54. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I won’t even comment on what she said. You all did a great job already. I will say I LOVE her legs. She has very pretty legs but come on, don’t wear booty shorts with a trip out with your dad. I guess her shorts are alot cooler than mine what with not being crippled by defency and being at the edge of her asscrack.

    • Narak says:

      Those are not booty shorts. All the young girls are wearing them- all the young girls who aren’t in the spotlight- she is dressing like her fans. I find this moralistic judgement of her heard to take. I’m not a Twihard or even a fan of hers- but I feel that the criticism she gets is way it of proportion to the “scandal.” Big deal, she cheated on her stupid ass boyfriend with an older d-bag.

      • LittleDeadGirl says:

        O_o Woah, I didn’t take out my bible dear. I never said anything about her scandal, you brought that up, all I said was her pants were kinda short to be wearing out with her dad. I didn’t tackle her to the ground and force a pair of moderate length pants on her. I made a joke on her description of the word cool. You seem a little passionate about a total stranger who probably doesn’t give a rats ass about any of our opinions.

      • Miss Bennett says:

        Narak you and Miss Stewart should be friends. You have the same lack of morals.

  55. Ashley says:

    Why does she self-sabotage herself? Does she feel she’s not worthy? What?

    • Annie says:

      Please, she’s a narcissist. She’s pretending to be humble. In the end she does what she wants and doesn’t care who she hurts.

  56. Nev says:

    Get happy. Yawn.

  57. crizomar says:

    you must be new in this job or are to old and getting senaile because everybody in news know that Kristen dont talk with none of you people never going to come and tell you my life is like this, like that no way ,so it i all lies,and more lies,let her alone you crazies

  58. cara says:

    I would go with “glum c**t” myself, but, personal preference I guess…

  59. ClaireB says:

    A lot of people actually believe that about Stewart since her demeanor hardly ever changes. The “Twilight” actress rarely smiles and doesn’t show emotion very often whether in live interviews or even during her on-screen performances.

    Oooh that feels good.

  60. jane says:

    Rob deserves better. This girl is too trashy, bratty, and has minimal acting ability.

  61. Schnikes says:

    Everyone is getting all riled up by this “miserable cunt” quote but I’m thinking it’s not very revealing and she only says it cuz she lacks any originality and stole it from RPatz. That saying is used very freely in England so it’s pretty obvious where she stole it from….

    Stop thinking so deeply into who KStew is and why she’s that way. She’s a moron, ’nuff said. Her logic is neither sound nor original and not worth your time…

  62. Emma says:

    I don’t know why it isn’t obvious to everyone that she’s just as big an attentionwhore as Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. She always wears outfits that draw attention or she wears Rob’s clothing. She needs help.

  63. Sophia says:

    I think the penny may have dropped…

  64. Jaded says:

    Lighten up honey – she is what she is and the people who comment here are intelligent, well-read folks. We don’t fall for the BS that her followers spew, she is a spoiled silly girl who thinks she knows it all and can behave any way she thinks or feels.

    One of these days she might realize how selfish she is and how badly she’s behaved. She not only wrecked her relationship with Rob Pattison, hurt and humiliated him, she wrecked a marriage, with little children in it who are suffering the consequences. That is truly ignorant, immature and unfeeling behaviour.

  65. Suze says:

    Throwing around the C word! SO so so so so cool. Wow. So badass.

    She is gorgeous but she needs to be held down and scrubbed with a big ass brush.

  66. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    What?? Your postings barely make sense. Although, I can make out your unhappy were all not loving K Stew……If you dont like it here then leave…..

  67. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Look, all the people who are outraged over her supposed “cheating”…….KStew is gay and so is Rob….the director and her was all a publicity stunt. Period. ……

  68. seeko says:

    Lolololol!!!!! She has pretty perky boobies

  69. ray says:

    She did get a boob job.

  70. Kelly says:

    I really don’t get the KStew hate. She is young and finding her way. She works hard and does not seem to be out partying like crazy all the time.

  71. Joanna says:

    I don’t really find her offensive; but then again, i slept with a married man when I was younger. i also wore skanky clothes and still cuss like a sailor. but everybody i know thinks i’m a “nice” girl now. lol. i was full of angst when i was her age. i like that she doesn’t feel the need to dress to impress; would you rather she look like cat-face? she’s a normal rebellious teenage girl. big deal. who hasn’t done stuff as a teenager that they regret later?

    • jenna says:

      She’s not a teenager, she’s 22. You need to stop using the “I’m young” excuse to justify her nasty behavior. Accept it she’s a c*nt (per her own words).

  72. Miss Bennett says:

    This is not a Krisbian site. Please return to Tumbler.

  73. Francesca says:

    wow nice legs; too bad about what comes out of her mouth….

  74. asdfgh says:

    All the money in world and she still dresses and looks like trash! Gross! Rob is lucky! ;)

  75. Millie says:

    I give her a pass. She’s very young, very rich, and very sheltered. If she’s still acting this way at 32, then I’ll be a bit more harsh. I was thrilled when I hit 30…your twenties are rough, and living them as a celebrity must be even rougher. I think the comment about her shorts and her dad was way out of line, even more than her C–t comment.

  76. savedbykittylitter says:

    She bores me so much… I don’t think she is pretty neither but she has nice legs just needs some color looks like a real vampiress I meant trampire lol

  77. Jayna says:

    LOL She’s so wanting to be this deep, dark, edgy, moody girl, and she’s just not. It’s this affected persona she has adopted that she so desperately wants to be and believes she is. People that are truly like this don’t talk about it in interviews all the time. They just are and it comes across in interviews organically, not telling the interviewers all the time.

  78. Jayna says:

    This girl was so pretty as a blonde when she was a teenager. Here she is about 17 years of age in an interview when she was normal before she became the dark, edgy girl that looks away, all awkward act she has now.

    Age 17/18:

    And I have to admit, this girl was poised and mature and driven at age 12. But I love how she was a surfer. I’m sure she’s too dark and moody for sunny surfing now. LOL

  79. Rubadubdub says:

    Finally! Finally people don’t believe that she’s hardcore just because she says she is. This writer is my new Jesus C.

  80. xoxokaligrl says:

    Everyone in L.A. wears booty shorts, I think they look like diapers. To each their own I guess.

  81. Kim says:

    REALLY? If pics of me making out with a married man were published all over the world I would make it a point NOT to go around looking like this…. time to grow up. And, I agree, she is self-absorbed.

  82. dcypher1 says:

    Shes got the legs for the booty shorts but a small ass too though.

  83. LeslieM says:

    Has anyone seen a picture of her where she looks normal or an interview with her where she doesn’t come off seeming like a total ass. Do you think she could put on something other than ripped shorts and a Kmart hoody. She’s a weird depressed girl.

  84. Sandy says:

    She of all people does not need to use the word c t. I mean she needs to stop with the trashy talk and trashy dress. Right now, after the 50 pics, is not the time to try and be bad ass. She is just making herself look like a tramp. She needs to clean up her image, where are her people? Got to say, I love this article, they finally see her for what she is. She really needs some help. I think she is going the way of LL and I hope she gets the help she clearly needs. Wow, what a demaning thing to say. Why would anyone who had the world at their feet do what she has done unless she is crashing. Hope she disappears for a very long time.