Did Jessica Simpson seek out lap-band surgery to lose her baby weight?

It’s no secret that Jessica Simpson gained quite a bit of weight during her pregnancy. It’s also not a secret that Jessica has been losing the “baby weight” very slowly, and that even though Jessica is getting paid $4 million to lose the weight and she’s contractually obligated to talk about WEIGHT, she really has a complete aversion to saying specific numbers (like her highest weight, or her current weight) and from anyone looking closely at her body from the neck down.

So even though her Weight Watchers contract seems like A) fraud and B) a giant headache for the person at WW who decided, “Let’s hire that girl who farts a lot, what could go wrong?”, I actually always thought that Jessica was somewhat “committed” to losing the weight the old fashioned way. I’ve heard some commenters mention “tummy tucks” and such, but I actually saw photos of Jessica’s post-baby, and she really didn’t have a tummy tuck. If she had gotten surgery, she wouldn’t be so hesitant to be photographed from the neck down. But, if Radar’s report is true, perhaps it’s not for a lack of trying. Radar claims that Jessica really did want lap-band.

New mom Jessica Simpson has been open about her battle to lose her baby weight, and RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that she was so desperate at one point to get back in shape that she sought out an extreme surgical method to slim down – but was turned down by doctors.

“After having her daughter Maxwell, Jessica felt there was no way she could ever lose the weight on her own because she has struggled so much in the past and her post partum weight seemed to be growing,” a close friend of the fashion designer and singer told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

“So like a true Hollywood girl, she sought out a quick surgical fix – lap band surgery!”

However, health experts wisely advised the Dukes of Hazzard star that a quick fix wasn’t the answer following the May 1 birth, and after seeking out two different doctors for opinions, “she was persuaded to keep pushing to do it the natural way,” said her pal.

Instead of going under the knife, 32-year-old Jessica has been blasting off the 70 pregnancy pounds by working out with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak and sticking to her Weight Watchers eating plan, for which she is a spokesperson .

“There is a lot of pressure to lose weight but I’m not a supermodel. I’m just Jessica trying to eat real food in the real world,” she tells viewers in the new commercials for the popular diet plan.

Simpson recently told Katie Couric that she is just 10 pounds away from her pre-natal weight.

Friends are relieved that Jessica is successfully slimming down on her own, as they had feared that after once being so toned and ripped for her action roles that her weight woes would catapult her into post partum depression.

“She has had to deal with the blues in the past,” revealed the insider. “So everyone was thrilled that she has avoided PPD. With the doctors’ words and her friends’ encouragement, she is finally shedding the pounds without surgery!”

[From Radar]

I think there could be some truth to this because I do think Jessica is probably pretty lazy, and she just thought, “Eh, I’ll look into some quick fix.” In fact, the only thing that gives this story a whiff of implausibility is the idea that there are doctors in LA who will refuse to perform surgeries on celebrities. THAT is what seems unbelievable. I can’t imagine that if Jessica was hellbent on having the surgery, she could have very easily found a doctor who would perform it.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Steady wins the race, Jess.

  2. kristin says:

    “the only thing that gives this story a whiff of implausibility is the idea that there are doctors in LA who will refuse to perform surgeries on celebrities”

    Right? Same state where bartenders continue to serve the Lohans alcohol lol

  3. Annie says:

    It’s amazing how some celebrities play into the baby weight pressure. It’s just sad. This doesn’t help regular women with their own struggles with less resources. Did anyone see how big Bryce Dallas Howard got? Poor thing got blasted everywhere and it’s thanks to celebrities like Jessica who by talking about how hard she’s working at losing baby weight she makes it ok for everyone to chime in. I’m glad Bryce is dealing with this privately. You never know how big you will get. Sometimes it’s not even up to you.

    My brother in law told my sister she better not blow up like a balloon when they start having kids. That’s my sister’s biggest fear and he’s teasing her while adding a real warning there. Totally backfired because now my sister wants to wait. And my cousin barely gained weight because her mom was on her ass about it the entire pregnancy, scaring her “you’re going to get fat again.”

    Just take good care of yourself, eat healthy, work out FOR YOU. And if people give you crap about gaining weight remind them that you just grew a human inside of you and that alone changes your body in ways that men will never understand. Take advice from no one except fellow moms.

    • SueD says:

      Well said. I agree 100%. I feel bad for most women under the microscope (famous or not) but I have no sympathy for Jessica. She did not need this stress since she makes 4 million in her sleep. Literally.

      • MsMileHigh says:

        Seriously! She is reported to be worth a $billion$, right? If I had that kind of money, no one would ever see me again! I’d live the rest of my life on a fabulous island somewhere eating bon bons and paying people to tell me I was thin and lovely.

        At this point, what does she need more money for??

      • Mia 4S says:

        @MsMileHigh, I doubt she is personally worth a billion; the company is. Who knows what her compensation deal is. I have no doubt she is wealthy as hell though. Either she is just another famewhore (likely), or there are other parties who don’t get paid unless she works (also likely), or a combination of both (very likely!).

    • Eleonor says:

      I agree with you.
      Saddenly we live in a world where Victoria Beckham goes back to her -3 size two weeks after giving birth to a baby, and all the medias are like “she is a genious! Bravo!” and if another celebrity (the indian actress for example) struggles, or doesn’t bother that much to lose the baby weight, it’s a problem “she is lazy” etc. etc.

    • Jamie says:

      Beautifully said, Annie! Such unrealistic standards are the rage now for losing pregnancy pounds. Anyone who gains “too much” or can’t lose it upon delivery must have done something wrong or is a “lazy pig”!!
      Every pregnancy is unique and every woman’s body is different. AND, unless you are a celebrity with a nanny, etc…it’s going to be tough enough to care for a newborn without the mania to diet and exercise to fit society’s expectations.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      People were AWFUL to Bryce about her weight-gain, and how different she looked after her first child. I was appalled when I read how people made her cry with the cruel things people said. (After my first was born, when I was down in the credit union in the hospital – military – I had a young dumb Marine say to the teller’s “Hurry up! There’s a pregnant woman in line behind me!” I was only a teen, and had given birth 48 hours previous. Stupid guy!)

      But Jessica is NOT an actress; she did NOT have filming obligations (Bryce had to do TS); she signed on the dotted line to stay in the public eye, not because she needed the money, and that was a total fame-whore move.

    • geekychick says:

      Well said! I remember Lainey’s article after JS story, and I can’t believe more people, especially women, ain’t seeing what you’re saying:this constant judging of pregnant and post-pregnant women, this whole celebrity-mom trend is unhealthy regarding our perspectives of pregnancy in normal life.
      You’re bringing a baby in to the world, and you are responsible for it!Who cares if you have 5kilos more than before???
      But I wouldn’t take advice of no one, except people I trust (my doctor or my mom or sisters, regarding how pregnancies go in the family). Every pregnancy is different.

    • DrM says:

      This is such good advice. I’ve had four kids, including a set of twins and at the age of 46, with my last two the twins being 18 my weight is still ‘settling’. Kids change your body and your life. Women have more important things to do with their time than be on punishing, miserable, starvation diets. Eat healthily, exercise for fun and fitness and ignore the rest of the BS.

    • ShugAveryPee says:

      OMG … Thank you for sharing that !!! I hope your sister in law will be ok and comfortable at what ever state she winds up in…. I just love when men tell us how and what to do with our bodies

    • Molly says:

      It’s just disgusting the way some men treat the mother of their children. It sucks.

  4. Tania says:

    She could have always gone to Mexico and found someone there….

  5. poof says:

    Good for her doing it slow and steady.

  6. RN says:

    I also think the story’s off a bit, but for a different reason. I do think she could’ve sought out surgical help, but I don’t think that it was doctors who shut her down (it is, after all, LA). No, it would have been Weight Watchers themselves who would’ve stopped her. It would be too suspicious if she lost a large amount of weight rapidly. The surgery would’ve invited close scrutiny and nullified her WW contract.

    • ol cranky says:

      there are a lot of rumors that Jennifer Hudson lost the bulk of her weight from bariatric surgery but she didn’t become a spokesperson for WW (and say she did it via WW) until well after she lost the majority of it.

      If docs in LA actually dissuaded her, it was probably because she was too soon post-partum and that probably increases the risks (as well as would have negative impact on the nutritional quality and quantity of milk she’s producing if she’s breastfeeding)

      • Isa says:

        The thing about Lap band is that it’s adjustable. So you don’t have to start off dropping tons of weight

      • ShugAveryPee says:

        Also Jessica had a C section… so maybe the surgery was too soon after the csection….

      • zenb!tch says:

        I bet she went in the day she got the baby home. I was thinking that it was too soon as well. I also thought that you had to be obese to get the lap band. Jessica was/is not obese just very overweight.

  7. jano1981 says:

    I truly hate her hair. When is everyone gonna get sick of all the extension craziness?? It looks so stupid and I have no idea how people can stand not washing their hair as well everyday.

    • Moi says:

      Haha, I am so with you on this one. Her hair is so 2004 and it is OVER.
      She needs so much good advice about everything in her life from real people, instead of those yes-men around her who keep insisting she is still a fabulous star.

    • ShugAveryPee says:

      Well African Americans do not wash our hair everyday… more like once a week… or once every two weeks… Our hair is DIFFERENT in many way so everyone does not wash or do their hair the same… Some folks like extensions for length and body … plus she is a celebrity so she has to have a different look than everyday people which is what extensions bring !!!!

      • zenb!tch says:

        I have naturally curly hair. Even though I am not African American, I am very familiar with the rarely washing, co-washing, no shampoo, no sulfates, washing just the scalp all the other different methods to deal with curly hair. I’m a no sulfate shampoo / co-wash / alternate every other day kind of girl myself but I tried them all to figure that one out.

        Jessica does not have that kind of hair. If she has hair at all (how much of it is hers?). She needs to wash that puppy at least every other day with lather.

      • mila says:

        Honestly, i dont know why people think is good to wash hair every day. Whe its not. If you washevery day it has tendency to thin out or start falling off more. And shampoos without sulfates and sylica are your friend. I have wavey hair, thick. And i wash it twice or once a week. When i need to. Sorry for the long post and spelling mistakes.

      • jano1981 says:

        Ugh. She’s not African American. End on that. My hair gets oily. And I see a lot of people that think they don’t need to wash often and the front looks great and the back an oily parted mess. I’m talking being able to wash ur hair normally when u want to. Obviously African hair is different, like my daughters.

  8. RN says:

    I also think the story’s off a bit, but for a different reason. I do think she could’ve sought out surgical help, but I don’t think that it was doctors who shut her down (it is, after all, LA). No, it would have been WW themselves who would’ve stopped her. It would be too suspicious if she lost a large amount of weight rapidly. The surgery would’ve invited close scrutiny and nullified her WW contract.

  9. Snarky says:

    People in her inner circle shouldn’t be so quick to say “Phew! She’s going to skip the PPD.” Mine hit when my daughter was between 12 – 18 months, and it was bad. Very bad. This is not uncommon. I hope her peeps keep a close eye on her, especially since the article states she’s battled the “blues” before.

    • MsMileHigh says:

      Exactly!!! My sister had awful PPD. It was a chemical/hormonal thing. It didn’t hit her right away either. And PPD is not sadness because of any event. That is what makes PPD so awful — the sufferer cannot control it or “just get over it.” *Sometimes* they need meds to help balance hormones again.

    • Nan209 says:

      I had PPD too and because I didn’t realize I was sliding down the rabbit hole it lasted for 4 years. It was ugly. So glad I finally realized that I was NOT that woman at all and got help.

  10. Mia 4S says:

    No surprise at all, lazy is this useless “star”‘s middle name.

    Actually the doctor thing is believable. This is complicated and deeply invasive surgery and there are a hundred factors that could have not only disqualified her, but could have meant death if she did have the band. This isn’t lipo we are talking about here.

    • erika says:

      thank you…..finally someone on this board as irked as i am…

      even if she sought it out, yeah, Dr.s wouldn’t give it to her, it could have been fatal. she is not technically (or by the Doc’s standards) heavy enough for that surgery. I know cause i have a friend who did that years ago, she was tipping at 280, but….she also had a friend who actually died after the surgery…

      BUT…knowing how truly lazy she is, how eager she is to get her nozzle into some mexican, oreo, deep fried, margharita drenched ho- hos…

      i’m just pissed that she didn’t pull it off, yet she got the payday? i can’t stand her commercial where she’s shot from her neck up..

      please…you have money, a hubby, family, to look over your baby while you work out…but you are LAZY.

      Fart….there, i just gave it back to you jess

  11. RN says:

    I also think the story’s off a bit, but for a different reason. I do think she could’ve sought out surgical help, but I don’t think that it was doctors who shut her down. No, it would have been WW themselves who would’ve stopped her. It would be too suspicious if she lost a large amount of weight rapidly. The surgery would’ve invited close scrutiny and nullified her WW contract.

  12. Missanne says:

    That purse is huge.

  13. MsMileHigh says:

    I don’t think Jessica would do well with LapBand. I have a cousin who got the band to lose weight and they still need a lot of discipline to follow the diet they give them after surgery. My cousin didn’t have any will power and she cheated all the time — drinking shakes and caloric liquids, eating junk, not exercising, etc., so in the end she didn’t lose much at all. Lot’s of lapband people gain back all their weight in a short time.

    IMHO, I don’t think Jessica is disciplined enough for the LapBand or any formal diet — including Weight Watchers.

    • Raven says:

      Lap band surgery isn’t all that successful unless you do what you should have done in the first place. A woman in my office had it done last December. She had to drastic diet 2 weeks before (like liquid fast) and she was very good at avoiding all the holiday food landmines in our office afterwards. She had some problems with exercise because of her plantar fasciitis,but she really has not lost much weight. It is much lower risk than the earlier bypass surgeries, but I still think the risk is too high for the reward.

    • zenb!tch says:

      Hello???? Carnie Wilson. I know I’m a terrible person but I am so glad she gained it all back. I couldn’t stand her saying “woot! I’m a size 6″ while CHEATING! It was totally not about health with that one. Jessica is the smaller version of Carnie.

      The only one I thought really did do it for her health was Jennifer Hudson. Lose weight not do the lap band. Jennifer lost it the old fashioned way.

  14. Dee Cee says:

    I doubt it.. she would never be able to enjoy her food again.. and might die from complications eventually..

  15. Anna says:

    Sorry but american media is very mean to jessica an her body!!!! Why does people care so much about her weight? I understand that we as women , we do care but why do others care sooooo much?? I dont get it. I lost 18 pounds with hcg oral. I read that celebs use hcg injections. I think its great to loose a few pounds and with that diet i learnd how to eat because i often ate when i was bored….

  16. Jackie O says:

    i have little sympathy.

    as usual, she sells her dignity for money.

  17. Keats says:

    I really don’t know that much about lap band surgery, but I was under the impression that you had to be morbidly obese in order to qualify? I don’t think she’s in the needs-to-lose-100-pounds camp.

    • lassie says:

      I think you can find anyone to do any type of surgery on you if you have enough cash.

    • mc says:

      The requirements for a credible surgeon to do any form of bariatric surgery is at least 100lbs overweight with at least 2 co-morbidities. Otherwise is is extremely risky to the patient and can result in death.

  18. Happymom says:

    Why does her fiance always look like such a slob? I know he has no other job other than being her attendant and now schlepping that baby carrier around-but couldn’t he try and shave, get a hair cut and try and pull himself together?!

  19. kay says:

    I totally believe this, and like an above poster, I believe WW said no to her, not any surgeon.

    and ditto to the poster who said she once again sells her dignity for money.

  20. Ludakristen says:

    I’m mildy perturbed at the number of people who think lap band surgery is a ‘quick fix’ and/or only for ‘lazy’ people who don’t want to put in the work. I don’t know about Hollywood, but in the normal world candidates for the surgery have to meet certain eligibility requirements:

    Your BMI is more than 40; or more than 30 with obesity related health conditions
    You weigh twice your ideal weight or are at least 80 to 100 pounds overweight
    You are between the ages of 18 and 60
    You have been overweight for 5 years or more
    You have been unable to lose weight thru diet and exercise
    You do not have an illness that has caused you to be overweight
    You do not drink too much alcohol
    You are committed to making changes in your diet and lifestyle
    You are willing to continue working with and be monitored by your LAP-BAND doctor

    Typically, people turn to lap band surgery when absolutely nothing else has worked for them.

    • Julia says:

      +1 I’ve had the surgery in 2010 and it’s been the most difficult thing I’ve done. It was my last resort after trying everything since I was 10 years old. It’s been rewarding in that I’ve lost 75 pounds. But, it wasn’t a quick or easy fix and you do have to follow the rules.

  21. Mew says:

    If she eats the way she ate when she was pregnant, no wonder if she can’t lose the weight.

  22. tru tru says:

    she did it to herself, SHE is the greedy chick that wants the 4 mil, so get to it!! no one forced her into this contract.

    let’s see if Vanessa, her ex’s wife loses hers w/o 4mil before Jessica.

    Jess is moneyhungry, I guess that’s how you keep it.


  23. j.eyre says:

    I obviously don’t work in PR and would be laughed out of the agency for this, but I think Jessica losing the weight slowly would be a really good campaign for WW. Having done WW many times, weight loss doesn’t always go as quickly as is shown. Their ads carry those “results not typical” disclaimers because the televised results usually are A-typical. It took me a year + to get to my goal weight after my second child but I was still thrilled. I would love to see a celebrity who follows more “typically” with WW results.

  24. Carly says:

    First of all she’s an idiot. We all know that she has jojo effect tendency. She treated her body like a garbage can during pregnancy. She seems to be lazy and bored all the time. Finally she signed that contract with WW to get these few millions. So all that circus because some stupid few mill of $$$?! I guess “her billion dollar fashion empire” is just a pr trick if she needs some pocket change and makes full of herself.

  25. mln76 says:

    Ok can we stop pretending this is all baby weight??? I remember way before she was pregnant there were very detailed accounts of her gorging herself on booze and food in bars with her fiance. Jessica is a sweet girl but she’s got issues with food and has for a good long while WW picked the wrong spokesperson.

  26. Kimbob says:

    I honestly don’t know what to think @ this point. I really thought Celebitchy was pro-Jessica because she wasn’t trying to be a “perfect celebrity” & lose the weight overnight. Now I read this article today w/the lovely quote of, ‘I think there could be some truth to this because I do think Jessica is probably pretty lazy, and she just thought, “Eh, I’ll look into some quick fix.”’

    So, I suppose Celebitchy can take the position that, they’re allowed to change their minds & make catty remarks in light of Radar Online’s write up.

    I can see why this article was written, because if there is ANY truth to her Dr. shopping for lap band surgery…wow…in light of her Weight Watchers contract….not good. And yes, I find it hard to believe Jessica can’t find a “yes man” that’s up for the task.

    However, what I think is maybe Jessica does have a credible Dr. (a general practitioner, OR her OB-GYN, maybe) that, when she ran by them her thoughts on lap band surgery, being credible Drs., they told her in no uncertain terms that she was a healthy woman that needed to lose weight the healthy way…maybe that’s how it went. Because Jessica thought highly of her “regular doctors,” she gave credence to them.

    If Jessica really considered and sought out lap band surgery while under a 4 million dollar Weight Watchers contract…shame on her…yes.

    I just was a little surprised to read the description of “lazy” about a celebrity that was defended on this site. Call me crazy.

    To me, Jessica is more of a “everyday girl,” due to her battles w/weight even pre-pregnancy, and certainly now post-pregnancy. To also hear it’s been freely admitted she’s battled w/”the blues,” I’m more apt to be on her side than to criticize and condemn her, though.

  27. the original bellaluna says:

    I totally believe this story. A RESPONSIBLE doctor is not going to perform major abdominal surgery on a woman who just had major abdominal surgery (she had a C-section, right?) and is that short out post-partum. (Unless you have one of those “one-stop-shop” doctors, who does it all once.)

    Also, as someone mentioned above, there are strict requirements that a candidate must meet in order to have either lap-band or gastric bypass surgery.

    It’s not some free-for-all, like plastic surgery has become.

    • redd says:

      Carnie Wilson had the lap band surgery, lost a ton of weight, then proceeded to gain it all back. She also proceeded to over feed her daughters until they became overweight as well. Seem to recall that she was getting a second lap band procedure.

  28. mln76 says:

    Great points but if Jessica took a 4 million dollar contract and intended to loose the weight by surgery NOT diet then thats fraudulent.

  29. MarenGermany says:

    “So like a true Hollywood girl, she sought out a quick surgical fix – lap band surgery!”
    wish marylin could hear that.

  30. Violet says:

    I very much doubt this is true.

    A friend of mine had the lap band surgery, and the port that’s installed leaves a visible bump — which feels quite weird, incidentally — so Jessica’s bikini days would be over. Plus, as others have already pointed out, Weight Watchers would sue her.

    It took my friend almost a year to get her weight down from 250 to 200 after the surgery, and she hasn’t lost another ounce in the years since because she finds ways to cheat. So, it seems like a quick fix but it’s really not. That said, she doesn’t regret it because she did manage to lose 50 pounds and has kept that weight off.

    However, I think she would’ve been better off going on Weight Watchers. It’s a solid program and actually teaches people how to eat well, what foods need to be eaten in moderation and how to deal with social situations and stress without overeating — all things my friend still hasn’t learned.

  31. F5 says:

    She’s so gorgeous, big or small..

  32. anon says:

    Oh come on now please.. really… nonsense & no I am not nieve. Radar is Star Mag.. go back over even the last years & Star agenda on attacks on Jessica. Radar is cpmplete BS. The woman had a C section & in no way was looking for a band surgery.. The problem is bottom line that Jessica is making 4 million dollars that is what people are upset about. What amazes me more is the hypocritical that never said a friggin word about Jennifer Hudson. Kirstie Alley & so many other celebs that likewise got paid bucks for the 80 lbs weight losss or more. The fact that Jessica can still negotiate that type of money is what many are annoyed at because they feel she is irrelavant. Its all about the money & who got it not about anyweight loss. Jessica has been under attack for year & more so the last 3-4.. It doesnt matter what she does she is under attack by the same haters /trollers.Most comment from previous articles & have no knowledge or even take the time to look at what is real & what isn’t.

    Star, OKmag & Radar are pretty much all one.

  33. Carolyn says:

    Oh puhlease. Jess will stay out of the media for a month and reappear magically toned and taut. If she had the surgery already, it would be suspicious. Now, not so much.

    For someone who loves their food and hates exercising as much as Jess, there’s no way WW will do it for her.

  34. d b says:

    Ugh. Huge pocketbooks are sooooo 2005.

  35. baja says:

    no, she simply went BANKRUPT.

  36. Me Too says:

    Weight Watchers messed up on this one. Jennifer Hudson was/is a great spokesperson. And, she’s kept the weight off for a few years. Jessica Simpson is a disaster waiting to happen for them. She looks like a spoiled and rather vacuous brat who is now getting paid $4 million to lose weight…with the help of several trainers and most likely her own chef. Even if she loses the weight, it will have nothing to do with WW. Big mistake choosing her as a spokesperson.

  37. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    I read the link on GOOP about Bryce Dallas Howard’s post partum depression and it was amazing. I also didn’t know that BDH had gained so much weight. The scrutiny about women’s weight after pregnancy affects ALL women and bullies us into thinking we have to be thinner than our bodies should be. It has to stop!

  38. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    I read the link on GOOP about Bryce Dallas Howard’s post partum depression and it was amazing. I also didn’t know that BDH had gained so much weight. The scrutiny about women’s weight after pregnancy has to stop!

  39. Belle Epoch says:

    Lapband! This girl can’t resist a buttered Pop Tart. She is not known for her self-control pr for restricting her calorie or alcohol intake (ie Posh). If she failed to look better fast, her millions from WW would be in jeopardy.

    That said, lapband is a damn fool thing to do. There are such nasty complications it has become unpopular.

  40. anon says:

    Considering she got the ww deal pre pregnancy, I hope this is BS. Because she would be endorsing ww instead of really saying I can only physically eat 3 onz at a time. Before a lap band doctors tend to mandate that the patient lose 20lbs (or so) to shoe they’re serious. If Jess could lose the 20 on her own she wouldn’t need the surgery. Also if she’s breast feeding what doctor is going to hop her up on meds and put limit on her stomach size?