Have Kristen Stewart & Rob Pattinson entered into a “no-sex pact”?

These are photos of Kristen Stewart arriving back in LA after her whirlwind trip to Paris last week. She flew back to LA right away, on Friday. Which… to me, is further evidence that she and Robert Pattinson are now really trying to be back together. Despite reports that Rob was thinking about moving back to London, he’s pretty much stayed in LA throughout the past few months (one exception: when he was in NYC promoting Cosmopolis). From what I can see, he’s in LA now. Which means Kristen was returning home to see him? Maybe? The UK tabloids (ugh) are now claiming that Rob and Kristen are definitely seeing a couples’ therapist and that the therapist told them they shouldn’t have sex, armpit or Mini-Cooper, until they resolve more of their emotional issues:

Troubled Hollywood couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have signed up to a bizarre “no-sex pact” as they battle to save their rocky relationship. The vampire stars split in July after Kristen, 22, was caught in a clinch with married director Rupert Sanders . But the fiery twosome are back on – just in time for the next Twilight movie premiere – and have enlisted the help of a top Hollywood shrink to help them rekindle their romance.

The first thing the psychiatrist did was immediately slap them with the nookie ban, according to my source. The super-hot couple have been ordered to sleep in separate beds for at least a month while they “work on communicating, healing wounds and trust exercises.”

A source close to the pair revealed: “Sex is going to have to wait. The plan is that the two of them concentrate on each other and rebuilding their relationship. It has been a tough time for both of them and the psychiatrist has made it clear that this is going to be hard.”

The shrink, charging the couple £310 an HOUR, also insisted they take a romantic break away from the glare of publicity. And they’re clearly following his advice after booking a luxurious Brazil hideaway in the heart of the Amazon rainforest – presumably with twin beds. The resort is well-known for its privacy, the perfect place for them to concentrate on getting back on track, my mole tells me.

The romantic retreat also has special importance for the couple, who have happy memories of Brazil. “It is ideal for them because it was the place they filmed their first big love scenes together,” my source adds. “There are lots of good vibes for them there and if anything is going to help them get things back on course it will be a break in a place like that.”

The doc has also told them to chillout and take full advantage of the resort’s massage and spa facilities ahead of the gruelling run of red carpet premieres and publicity as Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is released on November 16.

[From The Mirror]

The idea of Kristen and Rob getting back together but not having sex won’t do anything to hurt all of those conspiracy theories about their historically sexless relationship. But! In case you get off on sparkle-p0rn, NY Mag’s In the Cut had a great piece of Robsten fan-fiction about what it could have been like when they finally got back together. The problem? It needs more lip-biting, eye-rolling and slouching.

And finally, Hollywood Life breathlessly reports that Kristen and Rob will be seen together for their first post-scandal joint appearance on November 7, in Mexico. But! It will be in a farewell video, and Taylor Lautner is going to be in the video too.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    You mean, other than the one they signed inside the contract that started their fake relationship?

    All snark aside, though, could be. I mean, if the first contract expired or was violated in any part, maybe there were some renegotiations that included a no-sex clause. Wouldn’t be the first time that long-term PR relationships require re-adjustments.

    • emmieapricot says:

      …Or maybe the affair was actually part of the contract (look at how much publicity it has gotten everyone involved)? Everything about this *relationship* is fake!


      • RocketMerry says:

        I know. If you look back to the first posts about this “scandal” I’m one of those commenting of the PR value of the situation.
        Everything just fits too well, dooesn’t it? And I’m so convinced that Liberty was in on it, with her “mysterious” tweet about snow-white being not so innocent, anticipating the magazine reveal… perfect drama-building move. Everything in this falls perfectly into a strategy, that’s what is convincing me that nothing here is casual. It was all programmed.

        But I digress. I was talking about the fact that the original contract either expired or one of the parts did not meet all the requirements, so it might be back in negotiation.

        As for the scandal being part of the initial contract, I don’t think it’s likely. They probably had a clause that tied them to whatever promotional stunt the Twi-team was going to create, and a second (or third, or fourth…) contract was forged with the new details :)

      • Janelle says:

        I think the only reason they split was to renegotiate their contract. Negotiations were under way when Rob appeared on Jon Stewart’s show and said he was cheap. Right after that, Stewart appeared in public wearing a shirt that said “Don’t Nickel and Dime Me”. Rob was paid to go along with this to save the last film and Stewart’s career. In my opinion Liberty Ross was blindsided by this, the tweet was merely the reaction of an angry wife and was meant for her friends and family. Right afterwards she changed the settings on her account. This was a case of two stupid people who got caught and now have to do damage control.

      • Carolyn says:

        I’m with you RocketMerry and all others calling PR BS on this. If there wasn’t a movie to promote they wouldn’t be (cough) “together”. I said from the start (as did others)this was Summit PR and they would magically reconcile just in time for BD2 and was howled down by protesters.

        Amazed that people are falling for this nonsense.

      • ORLY says:

        ” when Rob appeared on Jon Stewart’s show and said he was cheap. Right after that, Stewart appeared in public wearing a shirt that said “Don’t Nickel and Dime Me””

        What? Janelle, I thought the only time Stewart was seen in public after the scandal and prior to TIFF was when she wore the crop top with the backpack and cap backwards. When did she wear this “nickel and dime” shirt?

    • Molly says:

      Why would they go to a psychiatrist and not a psychologist or couples’ counselor. Psychiatrists rarely do couples therapy.

    • normades says:

      Robsten = FAKE
      Rupsten = REAL

      Liberty was not in on this. No PR flak would instigate a stunt like this. It just hurts everyone involved, including most the studio.

      Aside from the die hard fans, I think the film is not gonna do so well. Everyone else is so “OVER” the films and Robsten.

      • Ann says:

        “Aside from the die hard fans, I think the film is not gonna do so well. Everyone else is so “OVER” the films and Robsten.”

        This is why I don’t believe the mini-coopering was a PR stunt. In no way would it generate more viewers for BD2. If anything, it scared off some of the Twihards. The franchise is at the end of its lifecycle, new fans are not going to join now. So why would you piss off your loyal fans? If you were looking to amp up thier interest and were willing to pull a stunt, you’d go the engagement route or something of that ilk.

        Also, the stunt did nothing for Rob or Kristen personally, it hurt more than it helped. And don’t tell me they got a payout for it, they were already among the highest paid actors in Hollywood. They didn’t need the cash, much less a desparate cash grab a la Lohan.

  2. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    No-s3x pact! Yaay-hey-yaayyy! \m/^_^\m/

  3. Annie says:

    A part of me hopes this is all PR bullsht but Rob loves her and he’s very capable of forgiving her.

    Both are very possible scenarios.

  4. cmc says:

    I can’t bring myself to care about this anymore, actually, but since you mentioned him: what’s Taylor Lautner been up to? I’m surprised he hasn’t been asked about this whole thing constantly.

  5. Saphana says:

    Actually thats what i was wondering the whole time about their relationship : what do these two do when they are not being physical? what do they talk about? is he drinking beer and she is like talking about like being an artist? does he just lick her armpits while she watches tv and smokes pot? how do they spend their days?

  6. Joanna says:

    yeah, they’re not back together….

  7. hugo says:

    I see Summit and Stewart find it necessary to give daily updates on the showmance reconciliation in order to keep their idiot fans happy and making sure they watch that pile of shit film 35 times instead of just 10 as they have been threatening.

    What real couple gives such information out yet can’t stop complaining about invasion of privacy?

    • Annie says:

      This is my main issue with Stewart. She’s so full of crap. I had never seen anyone so desperate to convince the public that everything is fine. Wearing tokens. So many weekly updates. That embarrassing public apology… She knows that this is potentially very damaging. She already lost all three projects she had going on for 2013. And virtually no promo for her perfume. No official launch or event. This really did hurt her as much as her fans deny it.

      All of this is more for her own benefit than it is for the franchise, which is going to make a lot of money regardless. Not everyone cares about the scandal~. All of this is for her.

      Now what is she going to say in her next interviews about never selling herself?

      • lassie says:

        Wait…she has a perfume? In what universe would I want to smell like Kristen Stewart?

        I imagine the odor would be a combination of cigarettes, vomit and smug-self satisfaction.

      • tara says:

        Perfectly said. This isn’t about Twilight, imo. It’s about Kristen Stewart. The film was always going to be fine. Her career otoh, was in trouble. Everything she’s done has been to help herself, at the expense of film studios (she totally threw Universal under the bus leaking that fake story about how SHE was dropped from SWATH2 but Rupert wasn’t, and the Lay Down in Darkness studio obviously wasn’t ready to announce her casting), Rupert, and Rob. But if Pattinson is blind to all that, then he gets what he asks for. She is going to dump him COLD once she thinks she’s rehabilitated her image and destroyed his.

      • Liv says:

        So true.

        I’m sure she will have a different publicity strategy from now on. Because of the Twilight phenomenon she got the green card to do and say whatever she wanted – this is over now. Now she has to play the game and build a public personality like every other actress. It started with her smiling at paparazzi and will probably continue in interviews in which she will appear much more likeable and cooperative than before.

      • normades says:

        THIS to Annie. I don’t believe for one second that the affair was planned because it has been VERY damaging to her career. No PR flack in their right mind would plan something like that.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Well said. It’s getting beyond ridiculous.

      • bsmith says:

        I am beginning to not believe anything written about Pattinson or Stewart. It seems that each day the stories are more bizzare. How do you know that these people are seeking counciling? Were you there. Do you spy on them at home in the bedroom? Do they even live together? Are they even an item? I think the so called forever love affair is part of the continuation of the Twilight series until Nov. 16. I also think Kristen has given Summit a big headache because she cant seem to keep her hormones in tack. I think she has developed a. big head and feels that she
        Can step on whoever she chooses. If those photos are real she has hurt Liberty and her children. Most all she has lowered her standards. I personnaly don’t feel sorry for Kristen. Maybe from now on she will think about others first.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Why are they going into therapy? They are not married. And why is Summit is supposedly footing the bill? If they are seeking counseling it should come out of THEIR pockets, not Summit’s. For Summit paying for the counselors it shows the studio relied heavily on this relationship to sell the franchise. Summit is simply protecting its investment; the suits are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. Summit paying for the shrink also give credence to the showmance theory, IMO.

      • ray says:

        Its all PR. No news can be believed. this text was in an article somewhere:

        Speaking of PR…did someone call a Cop?

        Very, very interesting…

        Paul Pflug is a big press/PR honcho at Summit. He also co-owns a PR company called

        Principal Communications Group, which is “a strategic corporate communications firm

        serving the media and entertainment industries”.

        Dan Abrams co-founded Gossip Cop. He also owns a business called Abrams

        Research which, in its own words, “is a full service digital and social media agency,

        specializing in the development of web-based digital marketing and social media


        In 2009, Principal Communications and Abrams Research “formed an alliance

        combining the benefits of both organizations’ unique capabilities.”

        This big honcho of press at Summit and the owner of Gossip Cop are, or at least in

        2009 were, in business together.

        Wonder why Gossip Cop gets Breaking Dawn exclusives?

        Still wondering why Gossip Cop is so keen to tell the world Rob and Kristen are

        together and to ignore any report to the contrary?


        social media campaigns ?? huh ?

      • normades says:

        Co-sign. Gossip Cop is full of cr*p.

      • Ann says:

        Why do you believe everything you read? Especially from such stellar “sources” as the Mirror, Star magazine, etc. They specialize in pure BS.

        Tip #1-Always consider the source of the “news”. Tip #2-Take the news with a grain (or bucket) of salt. Tip #3 – Remember that the vast majority of gossip news you read is pure crap. It’s for fun only, fun to discuss and laugh at the ridiculous story. And figure out where a grain of truth might be. But for goodness sake, don’t believe it all!

        Very ,very little of the so-called information out there is remotely legit. But stories about Stewart and Pattinson sell, so the magazines and tab web sites just make up crap to fill the void. And unfortunately, suckers eat it up with a spoon.

  8. T.C. says:

    I think she left Paris right away to continue selling the PR campaign that they got back together. Last time she went to Paris he went with her but not this time. No pictures of them together. Only pictures of each going to events alone. Sparkles hasn’t moved back to the house they shared. Not buying this “They Are Back Together You’ll” PR that Kstew and Summit are selling. Watch what happens after the film comes out, a “Break Up” because they couldn’t work things out. It will all be Sparkles that takes the blame. Uh uhm. Lies!

  9. CTgirl says:

    OK, let me get this straight . . . Brazil is important to the pair of them, not because it holds a private/personal memory, but because they filmed love scenes there with 100 cast and crew watching. OMG, that is soooo romantic. Snort.

    • roundbelly says:


    • T.C. says:

      That’s how you know the story is planted by the studio. They made sure to get a Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 advert in there. Going back to Brazil where Edward and Bella had sex as a married couple. Isn’t it romantic Twihards that Kstew and Rpatz are doing the same. Poor Twihards falling for the Summit machine.

  10. SueD says:

    She needs to clean her Converse. Or wear socks. She is gross. Inside & out.

  11. dref22 says:

    Charging £310 an hour just to say “no sex”…Sweeeet job.

  12. kay says:


    Given their ages and the fact she has already cheated, saving this “relationship” is ridiculous.

    If you can’t have sex with who you are with, at their ages (not saving a marriage, etc), and there are no kids involved, let it go. Exactly what are they trying to save?

    Oh yes, their images, or hers at least.

    One more time:

    • normades says:

      “Given their ages and the fact she has already cheated, saving this “relationship” is ridiculous.”

      Totally. It’s not like they’ve been together for 15 years and have children.

  13. Macey says:

    omg, they are going into so much overkill you know the whole thing is faked.
    Im so tired of these two and the other two involved. they all must be giggling their freaking butts off at the press on this.
    lets not forget the blinds that have been out about them. this is from Dlisted but ive seen it on other site, even the fake couple part long before this ‘scandal’/PR move broke…Mark you calendars for another round of major PR when they “break up” in 2013

    Everyone is so excited that these two lovebirds are back together! Sorry, but that kind of naivete is going to come back and bite you on the butt. Why? Because their reunion is both fake and temporary.

    We told you before that they their original coupling took place in a publicist’s office. They became good friends, but nothing more. If they look like they are in love, it is only because they are actors. If they can convince you on screen, they can convince you off screen.

    They are now reuniting as a “couple” to promote their new film. The success of that film with enable both of them to command top dollar for subsequent films, after which they will be parting once again. Their breakup is scheduled to occur in 2013 after the DVD release. (Blind Gossip)

    Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, obviously,

  14. Dee Cee says:

    Pictures are taken of them smooching and hugging when they didn’t know camera’s were about at private party and so on.. this rumor of no sex is stupid..

  15. j.eyre says:

    Shouldn’t the psychiatrist have ordered them to be in separate cars, not bedrooms?

  16. Anna says:

    It’s all a stunt. So disgusting this Hollywood publicity machine. They treat us all like idiots and we fall right in line. Check this out:


    • tara says:

      It’s not a stunt. Trust. Pattinson is honestly just that pussy whipped. This “reunion” is killing his rep. He has nothing to gain from this.

  17. S.Joy says:

    I am so completely over these two. Its hard to believe this obsession is continuing.

  18. bns says:

    She’s so awkward and immature that I have a hard time believing that she’s sexual. I don’t know. She’s weird.

  19. Carly says:

    At least he will not catch anything from that cheap whore.

  20. Mira says:

    How is it working on the relationship away from the glare of publicity when the media is already speculating about their Brazil getaway? It’s fucking time consuming and energy draining to play the hollywood PR game.

  21. mln76 says:

    Seems more and more like PR to cover up for Kristen’s colossal f-up…

  22. tara says:

    It’s all well and good to try to adopt a “no comment” policy on gossip, but Pattinson needs to wake up and realize that doesn’t work when your girlfriend’s PR team is throwing you to the wolves everyday. How dense is he that he doesn’t see how he’s become her puppet? He’s looking like an absolute moron right now.

    • Ann says:

      He does need that PR rep he talked about in his Jon Stewart interview. He was doing really well before Stewart’s team started working their angle. It’s doing him no favors.

  23. Elisabeth says:

    waiting for all those std blood tests to come back ‘all clear’

  24. hmm says:

    Now how the HELL could anyone know this ??
    Are they claiming a psychiatrist leaked confidential info? Really? Come on now.

    • Ann says:

      The “source” was The Mirror. Enough said. Honestly, ask any Brit about the reliability of The Mirror. They will laugh.

      It’s hilarious how many people believe what they read. AS IF a cheap UK tabloid has a real source with this kind of private information. AS IF Stewart or Pattinson would divulge what went on in a (hypothetical) counseling session to anyone. Or at least, to anyone that would run to a tabloid with the information.

  25. Danny says:

    Jesus. It wasn’t enough that Stewart humiliated Pattinson around the world, to the point where an actor employed by her mother publicly called him a douche.

    Kristen has also managed to completely eclipse Pattinson’s Cosmopolis success with her PR team’s constant leaks and/or straight up admissions about armpit-licking etc etc, and effectively turned the man she *cough* supposedly “loves and respects” into a Hollywood joke.

    Guess Pattinson likes taking it from behind. Why else would he go back for more?

    • smiley says:

      +1,toally agree

    • Booboocita says:

      Ever seen Cosmopolis? A terrific film that features Pattinson’s character getting a prostate exam while the camera focuses on his face. I read “Guess Pattinson likes taking it from behind,” and just about died laughing. Thanks!

    • lindyuk says:

      Great post! Agree with everything you said.
      I love Rob but I think he really is being a stupid fool if he fallls for her crap again. She is POISONOUS. As for the way she completely overshadowed his Cosmopolis promotion with her stupid antics – I hope that this scandal isn’t actually the big ‘F..k up’ in her life that she craved…I’m hoping it’s just the beginning because by God does she deserve a well aimed kick up the backside and bringing back down to earth. Madam just got too big for her boots.

  26. TeacherNan says:

    I can only say, “P U!” to dirty Converse & no socks on sweaty feet.

  27. Sean says:

    This is an old fashioned Hollywood PR romance. Nothing more. It ends when upon the DVD release of the last movie.

    • Shy says:

      Problem is that none of them achieved anything from it if this is fake. He wanted to move into ‘serious actor” territory after Twilight. Now he is even bigger joke then he was before. This scandal completely ruined his reputation. And she? Well nobody is like: “This Kristen Stewart rocks. Who knew she was such a bad badass girl. She was silly Bella but now is such a cool badass chick that we are gonna be her fans now…..” Everybody hates her ever more.

      Their biggest problem is their talent. They one that they don’t have. It would be completely different situation if they would release good awards potential movies and everybody would talk how good they are in it. We all remember how everyone hated Jolie and Pitt. But those were releasing one hit movie after another. And every year one of them was nominated for Oscar or other awards. And they got respect. The whole Aniston situation did no hurt their careers. Because they have acting talent.

      But this scandal destroyed both Stewart and Pattinson. I don’t think it was fake. I used to think it was. Their best decision would be to deny relationship. They never confirmed that they were dating. Her PR team could easily say that they were just friends and are not dating so those pictures with director don’t mean nothing because she is free and can kiss whoever she wants. Pattinson would laugh and say: “No, we are not dating”. And there would be no such epic meltdown. They would quietly separate and their careers would be saved.

      Her biggest mistake was to publicly confirm everything.

  28. well... says:

    If Kristen Stewart had a modicum of everything she waxed poetic about she would let her work speak for her professional life, address the scandal and move on. Obviously her strategy is feed the PR beast. I want to see Rob be the classy broad that we saw on the Cosmopolis press tour and put her and her people in their place. I have no respect for this girl anymore.

  29. Aria says:

    Please, God, make them go away! World doesn’t need these two potheads.

  30. dcypher1 says:

    After bdp2 I bet they will break up for good two months after its release. Mark my words. In those two months there just waiting to cashin on ticket sales.

  31. Delilah says:

    Maybe the 2 never had a relationship but pretended to have one to bolster the onscreen romance. The real f–k up was KS being caught w one of her boy toys off screen. This compromises her image, the pretend romance, & the franchise. No wonder RP is not all broken up & in need of PR and KS’ pr is working over time to salvage her image & career! As for Rupert & Liberty, their marital problems are anybody’s guess. RP is probably making sweet tender love’ his offscreen lover(s) on the DL as usual…

  32. baja says:

    both changed to please women, folks!!

  33. ray says:

    both ks and kate middleton are competing for attention with photos. I heard Kate’s bottomless pics are out.

  34. Mary says:

    Robert was out again alone with male friends on a Black Keys concert. Now more than ever, he is showing the world that although he is not saying anything his actions speak louder than words. He has moved on and having a ball doing it!

    • georgie says:

      Yes, last night he was out with his male friends and having a ball.

      Kskank can try all her stunts through her PR cuz that’s all she can do. He will be wonderful during the BD2 promos while she will be her usual uncharismatic, nervous, fidgety self.
      bitch needs to go into her cave and never come back.

  35. Ben says:

    They both have the mentality of 13 year olds. If they are in the same building when it’s dark out they are going to have sex.