Is Tom Cruise finally having a long-overdue crisis of faith over Scientology?

Tom Cruise

Clearly, life hasn’t worked as planned for Tom Cruise, who has achieved OT Level VIII as a Scientologist and, as a result, is said to possess unprecedented control over “life, thought, matter, energy, space and time.” Yet even with the benefit of this amazing (paid) accomplishment, Tom hasn’t been able to maintain any sense of control over his three marriages. As such, he finds himself so lonely and miserable, and it certainly doesn’t help that everyone now knows the details of his wife auditions, which included filing of incisors and ignoring menstrual pain. Everyone also knows that he yelled at Katie Holmes for four straight days about the CO$, and she was so terrified of him that she used burner phones to file for divorce. Poor Tom might be realizing that he’s not such a great catch after all.

The natural conclusion here (for normal people) would be for Tom to realize that maybe Scientology hasn’t been so great for him after all. He can’t seem to keep a wife, and everyone else thinks he’s crazy. No one will go watch any of his movies anymore unless he’s bungee jumping off the world’s tallest building. Sure, Tom has all the fame and money that a man could ever desire, but there’s still something definitely missing from his world (sanity?) that cannot possibly be filled by the CO$. Could he ever actually leave the cult though? That’s what this week’s issue of Star claims — that Tom is distancing himself from Scientology even though he hasn’t said whether or not he would ever actually leave the fold.

If Tom ever left, he’d have to worry about his videotaped audit tapes somehow being released. We already know that CO$ head David Miscavige is literally obsessed” with Tom, and he’s already gone so far as to spy on Tom for years to bring him back from his previous years-long defection while he was married to Nicole Kidman. CO$ defector John Brousseau claims that Miscavige wouldn’t hesistate to throw Tom under the bus by exposing his secrets. All the same, Star maintains that Tom is “crushed that his faith destroyed yet another of his marriages, [and] friends say the poster boy for Scientology is finally ready to move on.” This sounds like wishful thinking on Star’s part, but here’s the story:

Tom Cruise

Since third wife Katie Holmes blindsided Tom Cruise by filing for divorce in June, he has lost his swagger — and enough weight to seem like a shell of his former action-hero self.

Insiders say it was his unwavering devotion to Scientology that cost Tom his marriage to Katie. And it wasn’t the first time that that controversial religion — which allegedly controls every aspect of his life — had destroyed one of his relationships: His breakups from second wife Nicole Kidman and girlfriend Penelope Cruz were also linked to Scientology’s stranglehold over the actor.

But now, insiders say, Tom, 50, is starting to recognize the role his faith has played in his love life. And after suffering through this most recent and particularly painful divorce, the superstar may be finally turning away from Scienotlogy!

“Tom hasn’t admitted that he’s definitely leaving Scientology for good,” says an insider close to him. “But he’s distanced himself from those in the church and has been hanging out with good firends who aren’t part of the religion.”

For Tom, who for the past decade has surrounded himself with followers of the cultlike organization at all times — even in private moments in his own home — branching out is a giant step. “Tom’s been leaning on friends who have different perspectives, getting advice on moving on from Katie as well as on everything he’s been going through with Scientology,” the insider explains. “He’s finally seeing that being such an advocate for Scientology hasn’t served him as well as he’d hoped — he’s gone through three divorces, and his public perception has sunk to an all-time low.”

Tom’s relationships aren’t the only things that have suffered from his devotion. His once thriving career also hit the skids after he became more vocal in his support of Scientology. Since his now infamous 2005 couch-jumping incident on “Oprah” and, a few weeks later, his controversial interview with Matt Lauer, in which he lectured the “Today” co-anchor on the history of psychology, his odd behavior has been slammed in the press, and audiences have bee less enthusiastic about his films. In fact, with the exception of Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, his past few movies have flopped at the box office. Tom’s former chef, Sinar Partman, an ex-Scientologist, explains the public’s turning against the star: “He’s associated with a cult, and it’s hurting his reputation.”

If Tom does sever ties with the church again, one thing is clear: David Miscavige will not stop until the star comes back. “everything Tom does is monitored, Parman tells Star. “And David Miscavige has a hold on everything in Tom’s life.

[From Star, print edition, October 8, 2012]

If Tom ever had the balls to leave the CO$, I would have to start thinking differently about him and maybe even stop making fun of his lifts (okay, I wouldn’t go that far). But I honestly don’t ever see how Tom could survive on a daily basis without Scientology’s slaves doing everything for him. They literally do everything for him except actually appear onscreen in Tom Cruise movies. They build and remodel his homes, they cook his food and clean his houses, and they plan his itineraries. All the while, they do the most important thing ever — they totally kiss Tom’s ass. In the infamous October Vanity Fair article, Nazanin Boniadi discussed how Tom’s daily life with his CO$ entourage is a chorus of them reminding him of what a great job he was doing “saving the world” with Scientology. What would he do if he didn’t hear such praise on an hourly basis and his only constant company was the empty vessel left by decades worth of (useless) auditing? He’d completely lose it.

Also, I really don’t buy this story at all except as a necessary continuation of the “poor Tom” narrative. Who belongs to his camp that would say this stuff to Star? All of Tom’s “insiders” are CO$. His household staff is CO$. His entire travelling entourage? CO$. The story also goes on to push the whole Tom wants to get with Cameron Diaz angle too. Ha.

On a related note, a Texas lawsuit claims that David Miscavige has splashed out millions of dollars to spy on one ex-parishioner, Pat Broeker, over the past 24 years. Pat, who was Miscavige’s rival for control of the CO$ when L. Ron Hubbard passed on to his next meat vessel, has allegedly been followed by private investigators since 1988. If Miscavige is this obsessive and ruthless about his former competitor, think of how he’ll be if Tom ever decides to formally leave the cult. Seriously, it’s like a Fatal Attraction thing between those two, isn’t it?

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

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  1. mia girl says:

    Never gonna happen.

    • Canda says:

      You know, the best career move for him would be to come out of the closet, leave the CO$ in a very public way, and share whatever skeletons he has in his closet so that they have no more control over him. Sure, a certain demographic wouldn’t buy his stuff anymore, but if he did a huge 180 and renounced Scientology and all the crap they push, admitted what/who he really is, and made a public declaration to ‘start over’, he would find a huge fanbase that isn’t there for him now.

      • lasagna jones says:

        seriousy, it would be like the BIGGEST comeback in the history of the world.

      • Itsa says:

        That’s the truth

      • moxylady007 says:

        He is still a narcissist though. Scientology didnt to that to him.

      • Azurea says:

        TC is an empty shell with no real feeling for other people — they are merely pawns in his game. That goes for his kids, too.
        Sure, he puts on what he thinks is a good act as a caring father, but who doesn’t see through it? The real reason he is so devastated by Katie’s actions are that he was one-upped. Nobody with a healthy mind would have fallen in with Scientology in the first place, let alone become the monster he has shown himself to be, with no consideration for other human beings.

      • Carolyn says:

        Tom has to genuinely leave the cult and say “Co$ is a pile of shit. They conned me. What was I thinking?”.

        On the other hand…if he’s high up in the hierarchy is he somehow responsible for the inhumane treatment of Co$ followers? (SeaOrg etc)

    • acp says:

      This stuff is soo scary.

  2. Calabaza says:

    wishful writing!

    • gg says:


      And please tell me this quote was not a typo: “And after suffering through this most recent and particularly painful divorce, the superstar may be finally turning away from ‘Scienotlogy!’”

      Also: “seeking friends’ advice” — isn’t that akin to counseling, i.e., THE EVILS OF PSYCHOLOGY COUNSELING, which is what they’re using on him? Heaven forbid he get an outside opinion. :roll:

    • The Original Genevieve says:

      Wishful or not, it might not hurt for Tommygirl to have a blinding flash of realization at this point in his life.

      Thanks for writing this, Bedhead :) I love that you guys have a pulse on all Co$ related stuff.

  3. Gretta says:

    No. Tom Cruise will never be ALLOWED to have a’crisis of faith’ where the CO$ is concerned.

    Hey CB, did you see that CDAN is reporting the former SOA actor who died was a CO$ member, as are his family?

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Yeah, seems to good to be true. TMZ (where I first saw this) is a total mouthpiece for TC, and this is just a plant from his PR to attempt to “humanize” him and get us to stop worrying about Suri being indoctrinated.

      You are correct about the psychotic actor who murdered his landlady and her cat and then splatted himself off the roof being $ci. I believe he was 2nd gen. How’s that “psychiatry is evil and no one should take medication” thing working out?

      In other news, $cientology got out of an FTC investigation of its spurious medical claims, while Sketchers has to pay for claiming that its sneakers would slim your butt without going to the gym. Sketchers was chastised (and fined) for selling “False Hope.” WTF is $cientology doing?!?!

      • Gracie says:

        Sketchers is a shoe company though, I don’t think the FTC has a right to investigate and fine religions or cults based on “false hope” if that was the case, all those Christians selling “miracle water” et al. would be in deep debt.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        They are making medical claims. Religions are not above the law (just the IRS, haha). People are DYING at their Narconon “rehab” facilities – and no wonder, because they make them go cold turkey, take megadoses of niacin and spend hours in saunas – with no real medical supervision or medical personnel. It’s total snake oil.

      • gg says:

        I wouldn’t touch Sketchers shoes with a ten-foot pole. They suck balls. Inside structure is pure crap. Get Merrills.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        At least they don’t take all your money and ruin your life! :-P

  4. Ludakristen says:

    I was thinking he needed to leave Scientology, find a really really great therapist and lay low for a while, and maybe he’d have some semblance of a happy life again.

    But he’s probably a narcissist, and narcissists (usually) cannot be helped.

    • TrollyDolly says:

      I have recently come to the conclusion (following from some truly atrocious behaviour over many years that seems to be accelerating) that my 40 year old brother has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The saddest thing is he doesn’t realise it and there is very little treatment that helps – bar years and years of expensive therapy (and that may only come when he realises he needs help – not everyone else)
      It is a horrible place to be (for the most part for everyone associated with the narcissist)

      • Elizabeth says:

        I came to the same conclusion about my older sister. Even as a kid, it was like she never had a soul. Weak people (like me) were there to be used and then thrown away. Since we’ve grown up, she’s basically used her “influence” to get me cut out of the family. I’m treated like a dead person – the whole family just keeps going on with their lives like I don’t exist. I think Tom Cruise is like this, His wife/wives don’t matter, his kids don’t matter. Everyone is disposable if they don’t do what he wants. I don’t think he’s capable of acting any other way – I just get that vibe from him. And that’s why I think the business wiht Suri is far from over. And that Katie still has good reason to be afraid.

    • staramour says:

      And my mom doesn’t have to shun me because she wears Skechers and I don’t!

  5. Jaded says:

    Tommy-girl needs to be given a toothbrush and told to go scrub a Co$ dumpster. Then he needs to have the Squirrel Patrol come to his house and harrass him relentlessly until he snaps. Then he needs to be put to work at Sea Org for months on end, living in a trailer with 15 other members, making $20/week for working hundreds of hours, eating endless meals of beans and rice to sustain himself so he can work on Miss Cabbage’s next wackdoodle project like creating a 300 foot tall bronze statue of him leading his flock to Xenu.

    Then he might understand just how guilty he is of making life intolerable for thousands of people who have been duped into this shameless and sham cult. How that man can sleep at night is beyond me.

    • Gracie says:

      Wtf? He made people do that? How is he not in jail?!

      • Jaded says:

        @ Gracie, this is David Miscavige’s way of maintaining order – if a Co$ member ever questions anything, or if they’re spied on doing something “against” Co$ like (God forbid) speaking out against it, then it’s off to the dumpster for some cleaning therapy followed by banishment to some outpost where they work like dogs under inhumane conditions until they learn that total and utter submission to Co$ is their only salvation.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        The Vanity Fair article might be a good place to start. They made Nazanin scrub toilets with a toohbrush for displeasing Tom and Miss Cabbage. You could also google scientology with village voice for a ton of investigative stuff.

  6. sapphire says:

    I’d only believe it if this showed up in the Village Voice blogs

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Sadly, there is no more VV blog. Tony Ortega has left to work on a book. I’m hoping he restarts his blog elsewhere but so far I have not heard of that happening.

      But I agree, this just sounds like BS.

      • gg says:

        OH NO. Say it ain’t so. :*(
        Tony Ortega is responsible for a lot of enlightenment on this. I hate to see him go.

    • Bubbaang says:

      I follow him on twitter. He has wrote one or two items since leaving VV.

  7. Eleonor says:

    The photo on the motorbike,they have matchy matchy motojackets! It’s hilarious! I can’t stop laughing!

    • Andie says:

      That is the most freaking, hilarious photo ever. I printed it off and am going to put in in a frame at my desk. I can’t articulate the joy that photo brings me. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Even more fabulous is the fact that Cruise and Miscavige don’t get the joke.

    • Annie says:

      The pic of the two morons saluting each other is too much. They really think highly of themselves. Guess that’s why they’re both narcissists

  8. HulaHoop says:

    Tom could get along fine without the CO$ minions doing his grunt work. All A list celebrities (or most anyway) have staff that do things for them so he could easily transition from CO$ staff to normal people.

    That said, he seems way too entrenched/brainwashed to leave. I will be very surprised if it actually happens.

    • Zvonk says:

      I completely agree. The money he would save not having to donate to the “church” could be used to hire all the staff he needs, and still have money left over.

  9. dorothy says:

    No, he’s in too deep.

  10. Masque says:

    Both Tom and David look like bunny boilers.

  11. The Original Victoria says:

    I’ve been reading some of the crazy things that go on in this cult over on the this Former Kids of Scientology, Very informative stuff. I could totally forgive Tommy boy for being brainwashed if he comes to his senses and saves his daughter from going to SeaOrg to be with her fiance. I could love him again if he denounces this cult and works hard to spill the beans on these people. Buut I don’t think that will happen. I think if he defects it will be quiet. Because they have so much shit on him. I mea did anyone read that VF article with Katie on the cover? His secrets aren’t safe.

    my personal belief is that he’s been wary of it all along but is afraid they are going to tell everything that he’s ever done from those audits and he might fear that more than being labeled a cult member.

  12. lolo says:

    I have had no sympathy whatsoever for tommy this whole time but this actually makes me feel for him in the tiniest way possible!He is essentially just another victim of a cult,i know he’s done reprehensible things, but so have other people in Cos, who are also to be pitied.
    I feel like even if he could and did leave Cos, everyone would still hate him for life, so what incentive does he have, no one likes him now, no one ever will..and if he does leave his weird secrets will be revealed and I think it would take a huge amount of courage to do that, so I kind of understand him not leaving and just being miserable for the rest of his life which is a bit sad.

  13. carrie says:

    according to many reports, during his marriage with Nicole Kidman,he was moved away from Scientology but his entourage always was scientologic (mum,sisters,…).When he had some marriage trouble ,he came back

  14. MLE says:

    I think that the public would overlook anything damning on his audit tapes if he left the CO$.

  15. Justaposter says:

    This is put out for “Image save” only.

    He ain’t leaving..period.

  16. Alexis says:

    Even if he did, after all he’s done…idk if it garners that much more respect.

  17. lucy2 says:

    No way – I think he’s too brainwashed to ever want to leave, and he’s got nothing and no one else in his life – if he cut them out, he’d truly be alone.
    And we know if he somehow ever did want to go, they must have so much dirt on him they’d destroy him.
    It’s sad, but I don’t feel sorry for him.

  18. mln76 says:

    I think he sealed the deal once he divorced Nicole and brainwashed their kids to hate her. Once you do something that diabolical its really hard to turn back and question yourself….losing Katie and Suri probably isn’t much more than bad PR to him sad as it seems to say.

  19. carol says:

    the Rich Person is not who has the most, but who needs the least~~

  20. LAK says:

    All A list celebrities have staff that do everything for them and kiss their behinds telling them how wonderful they are. That’s how they becomee so delusional. Even B listers have this kind of entourage. Enablers, yes people etc. Hell even Lilo has a yes person kissing her behind in the form of her mother!!

    Swopping out co$ members with regular people will not make any difference to Tom Cruise because they will still do the same thing but without co$. Still tell him he is wonderful etc

    What would be interesting is how david would react to Tom leaving. That would be so fun to watch.

    • TG says:

      Very good point @ Lak. The celeb controls the situation by kicking out anyone in their circle who doesn’t blow smoke up their a**. So it is a vicious cyle that they can never get out of. Unless they learn to not believe their own bs. Sometimes I think that is why britney spears is so f*cked up is because she knows she is a huge fraud and that is why she went off the deep end but she doesn’t know how to control the situation or get out of it gracefully so she just imploded so now daddy makes all decisions for her whereas it was mommy when she was younger. This way she can remove herself from the responsibility of hoisting her fraud (no talent) on us all. Sort of like if you committed a serious crime you must have a moment of panic every night that they are coming for you.

  21. Memphis says:

    I wish it was true, but I don’t believe it is. Just another poorly planned PR move. I had hoped that losing yet another wife would knock some sense into him, but I guess not.

    I don’t think he is willing to risk losing his family… Not saying they would follow “the rules” and consider him an SP, but I don’t think he is willing to take that chance.

    Sad really. He probably could have had an very good (as in non crazy psychotic) life if not for Sci.

  22. Green Is Good says:

    Tommy has serious insecurities and mental-health issues. The perfect victim for this CULT to brainwash.

    Tommy-Girl, come out of the closet and dump your trollish power-bottom boyfriend David “Miss Cavidge”.

  23. Dap says:

    How long has a been a scientologist? Is it even possible that he opens his eyes after so long?

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Dap – Since Mimi Rogers (who has since gotten out) introduced him to it. So, over 20 years now.

      He ain’t leaving, and the only “crisis” is their public image.

  24. Moi says:

    Leaving The Church of Scientology would be the best decision he’s ever made for himself.

  25. Birdie says:

    If he would leave the cult, he would gain my respect and he would save his career. I don’t think CoS could leak those secrets because everyone would know they are leaking it and it would destroy them.

  26. Julie says:

    I believe the only reason he would really every leave would be if he thought his career was in peril. He cares more about his films than any person or “church”. They are his entire life. Without the characters he gets to inhabit for short periods of time his life would be just empty. He’s has been without CO$ before but he’s been in the movie business since the age of 18. Up until now he has been able to have both. When and if the day comes that he has to chose I think his career will win.

  27. Twez says:

    Nothing has ever convinced me that Tom Cruise is intelligent or insightful enough to question his cult.

  28. TG says:

    I don’t believe tiny tom is planning on leaving the co$ but it would be nice if it were true. The funny thing about the article is it is all focused on Tommygirl’s career it has nothing to do with how he feels inside and how he recognizes that he has destroyed his family with both Nicole and Katie. It is all about HIM.

    What would interest me most though would his demon sisters and mom follow suit? (I always imagine them in long brown hooded cloaks, gliding behind tom, sort of empy shells no soul or brain to speak of) What about his first two kids? I bet his mommy and sisters would follow tom since I think they follow the money. Which would show that his religion was total hogwash from the beginning. Sometimes, I wistfully think about why didn’t I marry a rich guy so I could stay home. How hard can it be to fake it at church once or twice a week? But, then I realize I could never fake it and put up with another man’s power over me so I stay happily independant making my own money and supporting myself and my family.

  29. Genevieve says:

    I don’t believe that for one second. Plus, he so doesn’t have any friends that aren’t Scientologists.

  30. Christine says:

    Miscavige leaked this as part of a PR tour. As if.

  31. d says:

    I agree it`s a continuation of the narrative, spin, and PR to fix his IMAGE. Listen: MEN DON`T CHANGE!!! ESPECIALLY men like Cruise.

    There`s no way a guy like him makes a huge change like getting out of Scientology overnight – the revelation that that would imply (just how thoroughly wrong he`s been for YEARS, most of his life) is not something that someone like Cruise would ever admit to or even be able to handle.

    I just don’t see it and I just don`t believe it. The man is far too arrogant and too rigid and too used to people blowing sunshine up his butt for YEARS to ever become a real, normal person. All of this is to fix his image. He`ll never really leave Scientology. He doesn`t have the guts. He doesn`t have it in him. There would be too much to lose.

    And he`d have to lose a serious amount of face and I don’t think he’s got it in him to go through that. Even with Nicole. He went back. Plus, has he ever addressed how people are virtual slaves in that organization? Has he ever addressed any of the bad stuff that goes on in it and what they do and how much of cult they are? What about Shelly? What about the ridiculous level of a**kissing that goes on? What about the solitary confinements. What about the so-called drug rehabs? What about the sycophants, the demon sisters and mom and butt kissers?

    He’ll never ever leave. They know it and he knows it. He’s f***ed, but he’ll spin it some other way so he doesn’t look like the bad guy and will go on lying to himself for the rest of his life.

    PLUS, what about the kid Jonny Lewis? They apparently tried to “cure” him of his drug habit with yet another bogus Scientology program and look what happened? Does Cruise have the guts to talk about that? No.

    • Ann Emmess says:

      Pretty much all of this, with the caveat that men and women both get stuck in their egos in all sorts of ways.

      It’s different with Katie. Katie seemed vapid and then showed herself to be unexpectedly smart, brave, perceptive. It turned out she could deal with what she’d done, and try to make it better. Not just escaping with Suri, but trying to help Suri change into a more normal little girl. Having the sense to worry about what Suri would become otherwise.

      Katie’s route to be a one-summer hero was to rescue her kid. Tom can’t do that. For Tom to come out of this looking good, he would have to turn on everything. He can’t just walk out, for absolution he’d have to answer for what he’s already done to the CO$ slaves. Own up to all the worst intel they have on him.

      And he does nothing, says nothing that suggests he has that kind of strength. He’s not brave or smart, he lives his life wearing masks and powering through with blunt force. To come back he’d have to accept being completely defenseless, and I don’t think he has that in him.

      • TG says:

        tiny tom posts are my favorite and as usual it is full of very good analyses of this cult loving freak. I figure as has been said even if he wanted to leave he must realize missy cabbage probably has enough on him to send him to jail. So how could tiny tom bring down the Co$ without risk of being exposed as well? Seeing all those videos of him talking up the co$ makes me think he isn’t going anywhere. I love the comment about smoke being blown up his a** because that is exactly what has happened. I mean how did he get a freedom medal of valor? WTF did he do to earn that? Because every time I ever hear him or missy cabbage talking about the Co$ they never say anything productive. This man is in deep and he believes every word of it. I bet missy cabbage is busy brainstorming another award he can give this insecure lift-wearing freak.

  32. Dahlia1947 says:

    I wish he would leave it all behind and come back to earth! I miss the Tom from..well before he joined this crazy church! He was so different, so down to earth in his interviews before ‘they’ got a hold of him. Sad.

  33. um says:

    So now he can look trapped and hopeless about everything. They must wanted it for him to look that way.

  34. Onasan says:

    I know this is kind of random, but I remember once reading that Tom was in a seminary for many years, ready to become a priest when he realized he wanted to be a movie star instead.

    It kind of made me think that Tommy has a real void or doubts about himself that he needs to fill with heavy-duty religious doctrine.

    Think of what the world would be like if he was Father Tom!

    • Loira says:

      He would probably become a fanatic in any religion he belonged. The thing with co$, is that since they adopted him as a publicity flag, he got importance, he got to be admired and catered at within the cult. And his fragile ego loved that.
      I remember that for his marriage with Nicole, cos members planted a field of lavender flower or something for them to run after the wedding ??? I imagine the people who planted the flowers did it for free, because they were getting paid with courses and stuff like that. Crazy.

  35. Angelinaballerina says:

    Maybe Tom put this out there to find out the publics reaction (on boards like this) and mr miscavige’s and his minions reaction to the idea of him leaving
    If he did put this out I bet he had his own set of burner phones to make sure his minders, ahem I mean “employees” don’t find out and tell their dear leader!

    • Ferina says:

      This was my thought. There were crazy rumors when the divorce first happened that Tom wanted out and the plan was to get Suri and Katie out first. I don’t much believe that, or that Katie would ever take the freak back, but I could totally believe that Tom’s people put this out as a sort of chess move to both gauge the response and force Miss Cavige’s hand to make a move of some sort, or a threat (maybe recorded?), or just to test the waters. If Tom does want out, this PR move sort of checkmates Miss Cavige’s potential threats to reveal his auditing tapes because it is SO well known that this is the COS’s leverage and for them to reveal his secrets would lend credence to all the rumors and also help current lawsuits against the cult. It would also jeopardize their secular status with the IRS because a real church never reveals confessions. I think there is a real possibility that we could see the cult go down in our lifetime, and I doubt it would be pretty.

  36. Amy says:

    Actually I can totally see this happening. He might not leave the Church, but I can see him having a crisis of faith. And it’s all because of Suri.

    If Katie and he hadn’t had a child, I could easily see him brushing off Katie as a “suppressive person” and going on with his life.

    However he didn’t get to keep the child this time around. He managed to hold on to Connor and Isabella because poor Nicole was too terrified to fight for them. The kids were probably brainwashed by his staff telling them their mother was a suppressive person.

    Katie learned her lesson and blindsided him with a divorce filing, making it very clear she was not letting him get primary custody of their daughter. He hasn’t exactly “lost” Suri, but it must be killing him not getting to see her months at a time.

    Say what you want about Tom (he is crazy, he is arrogant, he is lost in his Scientology world), but he loves his kids. He knew if he let the kids go with Nicole, he would have to shun them and would be shut out of their lives. So he kept them. Now that Suri is out of the picture, I think he may have realized this shunning thing is ridiculous.

    Maybe, just maybe he is waking up?

    Probably wishful thinking on my part.

    • Madisyn says:

      I’m glad you brought up the ‘suppressive person’ angle. Why haven’t people noted the HYPOCRISY of Cruise being allowed visitation with Suri when others who ‘leave’ the cult and take their children, the scientologist MUST cut off ALL contact with ‘SP’s', including their children yet Cruise can continue to have a ‘relationship’ with Katie & Suri? And I’m not just talking the lowly plebs, I’m talking upper echelon CO$ like Paul Haggis? I know it was mentioned when all this started but I’d like a scientologist to explain WHY this allowed for Cruise and NO ONE else?

      • TG says:

        I am curious too @Madison regarding why he gets special treatment re suppressive persons. And @Amy – I don’t think someone like tommygirl can truly love anyone but themselves. Alienating your children from their mother is not love so I would say he failed in that department the first time around. But, I understand what you are saying, but I tend to think he doesn’t love his kids so much as needs them around for affirmation of who he is or something along those lines. Not saying he is using them for props like a lot of hollywood moms but something inbetween. They are a reflection of him so part of his narcissism would need his kids.

      • Lem says:

        He gets special privileges because he’s shielded by Miscarriage away from some of the worst of Co$.
        He can see Suri without effecting the flock because the flock isn’t allowed to see outside media. They wouldn’t know.

  37. skuddles says:

    I think it’s entirely possible that Cruise is having a “crisis of faith”. And it would not be the first time. There was a period in his marriage to Nicole where he pulled back from CO$ (and his marriage was happy), but when he got sucked back in 100% him and Nicole split. However, I don’t think Cruise could extricate himself now without risking a massive retaliation from the cult – Miscavige would surely use any tactic possible to hold onto his golden boy. I suspect the only way Cruise could escape at this point would be to disappear Miscavige.

  38. GirlyGirl says:

    The photo on the motorbikes really sets my Gaydar off.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Agree. It freaks me out when men appear so happy to be dressed in cute little identical outfits – especially when there isn’t a sports team involved. :) Re : the gaydar – nothing wrong with being gay but don’t pretend to be straight and married if it’s not who you are. Just find a nice same sex partner and settle down in happy-together bliss. ‘Nuff said.

  39. Kim says:

    IF He leaves COS he will be a SP so no contact w his mom, sisters ,older kids?!!!

    • Loira says:

      If he ever ever leaves the cult, it HAS to include his family, he is their meal ticket. I do not think they would let him do it if he wanted, I think that by being relative sof Cruise, they get the star treatment from the cult too, they probably LOVE the importace of being a Cruise within the cult… How would they leave that? So they are probably helpful to DM.

  40. carol says:

    men don’t change. that’s true. my old X is still the same Old X. But then, I haven’t changed either. I am Still the same me. We change, but it’s subtle. It’s all kinds of experiences that constantly form one into being.

  41. dcypher1 says:

    I think this story if full of it. I think the only reason he feels this way is because of bad pr and poor public opinion about him. Otherwise he would still be down xenu. But I really hope that he really is thinking about his daughter and thats really why he starting to break away from xenu.

  42. dcypher1 says:

    ” is said to have unpresented control over space and time” hes mentally ill. Who the f does he think he is yoda. Im suprised all these scientologist havent been commited to mental hospitals.

  43. Jaded says:

    The whole Co$ structure will have to come down for TC to even think of leaving it, starting with revoking its tax-exempt status, and finishing with throwing Miscavige’s little ass in jail for human rights violations. Otherwise he’ll be up there on DM’s right hand, being fawned over and given medals of honour or whatever stupid thing they can think of to cater to his out-of-control ego.

  44. CF98 says:

    I don’t buy this he’ll never leave even if he wanted to. But I don’t think he wants too either.

    He’s trapped

  45. Jess says:

    Finally found a guy shorter than Tom.

  46. kosmos says:

    Can’t believe he would ever leave the precious cult, gag. If Tom were a strong person who thought for himself, he would never EVER have joined something like Scientology…truth !

  47. msw says:

    So, if Miscavige “throws Cruise under a bus,” what would happen to Scientology? IMO, Cruise’s career is tanking from affiliation with this cult, and he could be redeemed in the eyes of the public (long term, not short term). Scientology has a lot more to lose if Cruise leaves “the church” than Cruise does. I am still banning this guy’s movies until he is out from their influence.

  48. Paige says:

    I agree with those who say this is a image saver.More and more information about his life in the clut is being exposed. I wonder how long it will take till Operation Destroy Katie will start?

    • Sugar says:

      very true, they had to lay low in the aftermath of the divorce because of all the publicity on the cult . Tom couldn’t come right out & call his little girl a SP because the public would go ape shit on how he could refer to an innocent child his “own flesh & blood” as a SP so a plan was hatched for him to stay away for months at a time under the guise of daddy is away working. the hypocrisy of allowing him to maintain a relationship with her should of caused an uproar in the CO$ community so something is working behind the curtain. If he had any kind of soul & heart he would of flipped them off & said no cult is worth losing my child. he probably stays working every waking moment because if he had any kind of solitude with himself he would have to have a moment of clarity to realize what a horrible choice he made.

      • CF98 says:

        Which brings me to my conspiracy theory that its not really his child at least biologically but he doesn’t want that to come out either then it would mean there’s truth to the sterile rumors amongst others…

  49. the original bellaluna says:

    Short answer: NO. No he’s not. It’s just another Sci-CO$ ploy to attempt to rehab their Golden Boy’s image.

  50. Suzie says:

    I’ve read many times how “scientology” high rank members take revenge on anyone who leaves the fold, and if that isn’t control freakism I don’t know what is. So there’s two major handicaps for joining this cult: one, they rob you of a much cash as they can, two, they stab you in the back if you leave. The first time I saw photos of scientology’s original exponent, Ron Hubbard, I thought: Oh Oh, how can anyone be duped into following the diatribe of a fat old blubber-lipped geezer like that, much less pay for it! The evidence of scientologists is that they are very self-centred (as in I, me and myself), not at all averse to materialism in the extreme (as in money, money, money) and very much into the manipulation of others and situations to their advantage only (control freakism). Doesnt sound very religious to me, and they call themselves a “church”?

  51. Sugar says:

    I saw some cute photos of Suri & mom out & about in NYC & Suri was talking on a cell phone to supozedly daddy becuz they talk all the time everyday even interupting daddy’s meeting with his attorney. One of the pix showed Katie on the phone too-was she also talking to daddy? for all anyone knows Suri was talking to a friend setting up a play date and mommy got on the phone to talk to the other parent. Its good to see this little girl looking & acting like a normal child.

  52. Dizzybenny says:

    Sorry folks but I’m still a Tom Cruise fan!
    MI3 and 4 were great and I thought Knight & Day was funny.
    Look the guy dosent drink, he dosent do drugs, never said the jews are the prblem in the world, never beaten his wives.From what I understand always respects everybody on set and the fans.
    Now if he leaves the cult , good for him but either way has long has he keeps entertaining me I dont care what he does!

  53. Belle Epoch says:

    Isn’t he supposed to be able to fly and make things apparate and so on at his level? Doesn’t it occur to him that he CAN’T?

    Also is there any way you could add LIKE buttons to comments? I wish I could give a thumbs up to many of the comments here.

  54. edwin says:

    Time to time they re-circulate these kind of stories to garner sympathy for him. I couldn’t believe how people let themselves be fooled over and over by his PR. He has many movies to promote from the comming December to next year December, he has found the sympathy card is the best way to go. That is all. This is from the sci-fi camp.

    • Jake says:

      Yes I 100% agree with your comment. The news he is going to leave feels like its from the PR team trying to make the public think of him as a normal person who has made a mistake. I don’t believe he is that smart to leave this well known abusive cult. He likes it too much and it’s a little too late for him to throw up the ” I didn’t know flag, that all these horrible things took place and that David was a abusive person! “. An article by a former defector came out yesterday and it states that tom abused his own staff and still does! This guy is sick and I don’t think he will ever change.

    • Jen says:

      Yes I 100% agree with your comment. The news he is going to leave feels like its from the PR team trying to make the public think of him as a normal person who has made a mistake. I don’t believe he is that smart to leave this well known abusive cult. He likes it too much and it’s a little too late for him to throw up the ” I didn’t know flag, that all these horrible things took place and that David was a abusive person! “. An article by a former defector came out yesterday and it states that tom abused his own staff and still does! This guy is sick and I don’t think he will ever change.

  55. Jaxx says:

    If the cult throws Tom under the bus and leak everyone of his secrets, what star would EVER come near the cult again? I don’t see them being that stupid. Tom should walk away.

    • Would Vincet Cassel Wear This? says:

      The truth is none of us know the intimate details of Tom’s realationship with the church or the damage they could do to him if he left So we’re in no position to say what he should or shouldn’t do.

  56. eric says:

    David Miscavige will leave Scientology before Tom Cruise will, the ironic thing is he has sacrificed what was once a successful movie career by shilling for a cult, the public does not take him seriously anymore, perhaps he should do comedy and character work, like in Days of Thunder.

  57. Vesper says:

    Tom did not lose Katie because of scientology. Tom lost Katie because he is an abusive control freak who has few redeeming qualities and no sexual appeal.

  58. baja says:

    ……just lkike loser tom.

  59. Moi says:

    I agree with the kissing his ass angle. I’m not sure that Tom could/would ever give that up. He’s like the “prince” of $cientology. As far as David Miscavage throwing Tom under the bus, I don’t know if he’s that stupid…I’m thinking Tom has a ton of dirt on him. I wish David would be charged with the murder of his wife, since no one has seen her for years.

  60. Jake says:

    If tom cruise ever really left and stood up for the abused people in this cult then I would seriously look at him differently in a good way. But I don’t believe any of this to be true. I feel it is a publicity ploy to get the public to feel maybe he is good. Only problem is I don’t think under all of that he is a good person nor does he care for anyone but himself. He is ok with a abusing his slaves, kids, katie and all else who cross him. Her escape reminds me of the movie “sleeping with the enemy” and I think he is just as abusive as his dad was to him. He just found a cult to make him ok with abusing others. He is disgusting and I will never watch a movie of his again. Don’t be fooled public! He will not leave not ever!!

  61. Hailey says:

    Where is Isabella Cruise? Is she missing now like so many others? Maybe she is with her real birth Mom Shelly Miscaviage somewhere, either in the ground or the Scientology prison ” The Hole”