Angelina Jolie will allegedly have a cameo in an Italian film, ‘The Great Beauty’

Some days, when I have nothing better to do, I sit around and worry about Angelina Jolie’s career. It’s not that my concern for Angelina’s career is of the “no one wants to work with her” variety, nor is it ever “Angelina can’t carry a movie.” Both of those arguments are false. No, my concerns about her career revolve around the whole “Angelina should be working MORE” variety. Her last starring role was The Tourist. In 2010. Maleficent will be her next film chronologically as an actress – and it doesn’t come out until 2014. Yes, she took time off to chill out with her family and to write and direct In the Land of Blood and Honey… but really, she’s one of the Hollywood’s most in-demand actresses, and she gets to see tons of scripts (GOOD scripts), and it’s a shame she works so rarely.

So… I don’t know if this is good news or not. THR claims that Angelina is going to take a small cameo role in a film called The Great Beauty, directed by Italian auteur Paolo Sorrentino. I wonder if Angelina is playing “the great beauty”?

Paolo Sorrentino, who won two Cannes jury prizes in the last five years and whose last film, This Must Be the Place, was his first project set outside Italy, will return to Rome for his next project, which he says will feature Angelina Jolie in a small role.

Sorrentino is the 42-year-old Neapolitan director behind Il Divo, the film that told the story of Italy’s polarizing political icon Giulio Andreotti, which won the Cannes jury prize in 2008. He followed with This Must Be the Place, which starred Sean Penn as an ageing rocker out to avenge the man who revealed that his father had been a Nazi and won Cannes’ Ecumenical Jury prize in 2011.

Two earlier Sorrentino films, Amico di Famiglia (Family Friend) from 2006 and Le Conseguenze dell’amore (The Consequences of Love) from 2004 also screened in competition in Cannes.

Sorrentinto said his next film, La grande bellezza (The Great Beauty), will be set in Rome. The film, which he said will have a cameo role for Jolie, will star Toni Servillo, who will play a La Dolce Vita-style reporter. It is tentatively scheduled for release in 2013, though it is not clear whether it will be finished in time to become Sorrentino’s fifth consecutive film to screen in competition in Cannes.

The film will be Servillo’s third collaboration with Sorrentino: he played a small role in Conseguenze dell’amore and played the central role of Andreotti in Il Divo.

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

I mean… sure. I don’t have a problem with her doing small parts or cameos in small, European art films (that sound like Fellini knock-offs). I just wish that these little parts came in between more varied and more constant work as an actress. Incidentally – most people have forgotten that Angelina finally signed on with a Hollywood agent last year. Jolie is now being represented by Ilene Feldman at IFA Talent – Feldman is Ryan Gosling’s agent. It was said at the time that Angelina was seeking to do smaller films and more varied work, looking to move beyond the big-budget franchise films. But… is this the answer? A big-budget, special-effects-heavy Disney film followed by a cameo in an Italian art-house movie? Eh.

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  1. carrie says:

    good for herrr!

    • beyonce's bump says:

      I know right?? and Kaiser I have to disagree with you on this one, it is in fact a GOOD thing she is not working on movies as much, she does have a half football team in her brood and oh yes, doing mad philanthropic thangs. ;)

    • Jacq says:

      Agreed. It isn’t exactly like she needs career advice…

      • Kim says:

        Yeah Forbes has her as 4th highest pd actress and NYMag has her highest ranking actress on their 100 most valuable stars list.

  2. loma says:

    Can someone explain how the Hollywood thing works? If Angelina has been working for years with just a manager, then why even bother with an agent? I understand what a publicist does (mouthpiece) and I get the need for lawyers, but what’s the difference between an agent and a manager?

    • mln76 says:

      Well in Angelina’s case you are looking at it wrong. Although she hasn’t been working much she’s still fielding offers, getting scripts all of which an agency would handle. Procuring roles in the traditional sense of auditioning isn’t really necessary for Angelina still she may need help contacting a specific director, or project and more than likely several people in her team are sifting through projects before they ever get to her hands.
      Also remember that a film doesn’t necessarily take a few months or even a year to move from the development stage to the production stage. Angelina for instance is attached to several movies which are in the process of being written/staged/produced and that she may turn any of these down once they are ready ,or the backing from the studios may fall through etc which may mean any number of those projects may/or may not make it to the screen.
      Did any of that help?

      • loma says:

        That was helpful but it didn’t really answer my question which was, what’s the difference between an agent and a manager? What does a manager do that an agent can’t?

      • lisa2 says:

        I found this…

        An agent is the person who sends actors on auditions. He discusses your pay rate with the potential client. He gets your paycheck and sends you the amount that is left after he deducts 10%. He might give you the entire check and have you give him a check for the 10%. He might even trust you to cash the check and then pay him. In any case you pay the taxes on the income that he is taking. He also is paying tax on it as income. The he is often a she. Hollywood is very much an equal opportunity town.


        A manager generally dips into your pocket for 25% although the amount varies. There are no rules for theatrical or movie or TV actor’s managers like there are for agents. A manager makes deals for you with producers. Your agent just takes care of auditions for specific parts but a manager might tell you to attend a particular party and be sure to go with your attorney. Maybe the manager is making a deal to “package” a production with some of his actors and a director who is also represented by the same manager. There are big deal making managers and guys who work out of motor homes. Don’t sign a contract with a manager who says he will get you work “later.” A good manager will perform first then have you sign a contract. Sometimes a manager will be recommended by your agent. If your agency is good the manager is probably legitimate. Don’t sign for more than one year at a time.

        Geyer Kosinski served as both for Angie for many years. I think he still does but she had another team when she decided to also go into Directing.

        Hope that helps. It helped me a bit. LOL

      • mln76 says:

        Agents work on scripts, procure project and negotiate fees. No promotion. Managers are sort of jack of all trades and do promotion business plans etc etc….

        Here’s a link they may explain it better

      • loma says:

        Thanks everyone, that was really helpful!

      • Raven says:

        The reason she got an agent is that she wanted to focus more on writing and directing. She didn’t need one for the acting roles, but, apparently thought she needed one to branch out into these different areas.

  3. lisa2 says:

    She said she was working less, she got such flack for that was called a liar, even though the facts said otherwise. ANYWAY she is has another project filming in early 2013 with Luc Besson.


    Universal has picked up North American rights to the untitled Angelina Jolie-Luc Besson drama.
    Jolie will star in the project, which is described as a “dramatic thriller with action.”and is said to be a cross between Besson’s own much-admired movies The Professional and The Fifth Element. Besson wrote the screenplay for the new project and will produce and direct.

    so she is working a lot more this year and next.

    • Rhea says:

      “She said she was working less, she got such flack for that was called a liar, even though the facts said otherwise.”

      —> You are right. I remember a lot of people complaining that she’s a liar for still working, even though she’s working less in front of the camera. It’s not her fault that the media always follow her everywhere. Obviously, she’s not the type of mom who likes to stay at home when she’s not working.

    • Kaitlin says:

      According to IMDB, she also has Salt 2, which I’m not sure is a good thing.

  4. mln76 says:

    Eh Maleficent actually looks good. I’m upset she turned down Serena (Jennifer Lawrence confirmed this when she said she’s honored to be looking through Angelina’s ‘trash’ for work) and a few other really juicy roles and did say ‘The Tourist’ BUT In the long run it’s better to do a couple of projects and build up anticipation . I also think she’s doing what she said in the past spending time with her family and concentrating on her charity work. I really hope her next project will be with a funky indie director and not another action flick.

  5. cmc says:

    Maleficent doesn’t come out until 2014?!?! Daaaaaaaang. That’s a long wait!

  6. cupidityrox! says:

    Good on her. Better to not make any movies than to make a never ending stream of straight to dvd trash. **Sideeye to a certain hollywood blonde**

  7. Theuth says:

    Well, Sorrentino is actually one of the best (and most famous) Italian directors right now, his last film starred Sean Penn, so I think it’s a great choice for Angelina to work with him, even if it’s just a cameo.
    I feel that AJ is doing the right thing with her career now: she picks few projects carefully chosen, doing a big movie once in a while (like Maleficient) and keeping building her resume with smaller things – like directing, or filming with “new” people in the industry like this.
    Plus, I really don’t think there are SO many great project and character for women, even for AJ. She’s getting closer to the 40s, and for many actresses this is basically the end of their shelf life – hell, it happened even to Meryl Streep! It’s better for her to work less, with high quality projects, in order to avoid overrexposition.

  8. no worries says:

    Cool if this is true. However, Angelina’s name is used SO OFTEN just to get hits/attention, I’ll believe it when she steps on set. I wouldn’t worry about her career- if Angelina retired today, she would have a resume (& bank account) that would make 99% of Hollywood jealous. She’s gotten all the awards and accolades that she could ever want and she said years ago that she will be working less, and that is what she has been doing- I would LOVE to work less! As you pointed out, she still gets all the best scripts, even at her “advanced” age. Neither she nor Brad have ever been ones to go the easy (& what studios want) super hero* or rom com route, so that is probably yet another thing that bonds them. Even with their pickiness and working less than many actors, they manage to pay the bills. I saw Will S say that he & his agent looked at what made the most bank & he went after those movies- good for him- or George seemingly going for Oscars with each role- good for him (although I generally like Will’s movies over George’s!). Brad & Angie both go a different way- could they be working more & making more money? Sure. Could they be attending more parties and events that might “network” better careers? Sure. It’s clear they choose to do other things with their time besides work & I totally get that- nobody dies wishing they spent more time in the office!

    *when Angelia did TR, Oscar winners didn’t do action, so it was a risky choice. Toby M & others have said over the years that Brad was first choice for Spiderman, Thor, Captain America & Neo- he just kept saying NO- over & over- gosh- imagine how many houses he could have if he had said yes!

  9. Meg says:

    Yuck. She is a homewrecker, she is a maneater, and she is a bad actress.

    • Mia 4S says:

      *Yawn*, you’re behind the times Meg. Everyone hates Kristen Stewart now. Jolie as “home wrecker* is soooo 2007. ;-)

      • Rhea says:

        @Meg : “Well she had sex with man who was in long term relationship (look Billy Bob&Laura); she had sex with man who was legally married (look Brad&Jennifer).”

        —->Let me see…OMG, isn’t that what Laura Dern (look at Ben Harper)and JA (look Justin&Heidi) was doing too then?

    • Sal says:

      No, she is not a homewrecker. She never was one. And she is so far from being a maneater, its not funny. And she is an ACADEMY AWARD WINNER. So you LOSE all round.

      • Meg says:

        Well she had sex with man who was in long term relationship (look Billy Bob&Laura); she had sex with man who was legally married (look Brad&Jennifer). If you have sex with men who are not single you are homewrecker and maneater. Well there is a lot of people who accidentally won an Oscar and it doesn’t mean anything.

      • lisa2 says:

        Meg.. Jennifer was “legally married” when she and Vince were together. Most people in the KNOWN world feel that when you file for divorce you are then a single person. you don’t have to wait for the divorce to be final before you start your life. Jennifer herself said that when she filed for divorce she considered them both FREE. Thus she had a relationship with another man.

        YOU are taking Laura Dern’s words about her relationship as the truth. She said they were together, BBT said they were over when she went to film. So if they were together why is it that in all those months she had not spoken to her “boyfriend” or seen him. MONTHS of filming. And maybe Laura Dern is getting her Karma for being with BBT when he was actually married at the time. Not to mention getting pregnant by Ben Harper when his wife was also pregnant. You really need to stop waving the Laura Dern card. She is hardly what you call a honest person.

        and some people feel that Jennifer was involved with a man in a “long term” relationship. but they say they were on and off. Well maybe that was the case with BBT/Laura Dern maybe they were on/off or on a break. Be careful when you are accusing people of things where there is no proof of anything: just assumptions and speculations.

      • Sal says:

        No she did not. Both of those MYTHS have been debunked. BBT and Dern had broken up before Angelina and BBT got together, Dern’s own publicist admitted that. And Brad and Aniston had already broken up and were separated, so how does that count? Brad and Aniston were both over, by their OWN admission. If the prerequisite is legally married, then Aniston is an adulterer and slut, too, because she got with Vince Vaughn whilst she was still legally married. Do you consider Vince Vaughn a ‘homewrecker’? If not, then neither is Angelina. If Angelina is one, SO IS VINCE VAUGHN – which would THEN make JENNIFER an adulterer, too. You cannot have it both ways. So no dice on EITHER.

        Incidentally, Aniston is a maneater who has been through more men since her divorce, than Angelina has had in her WHOLE LIFETIME, Aniston is the town pump – SHE is a maneater and a promiscuous slut. Also, she is a homewrecking maneater slut because she STOLE Justin Theroux from Heidi Bivens, his partner of fourteen years. Aniston knows all about being a homewrecker, ask Heidi Bivens how she feels about Jennifer Aniston!

        And Dern got with Harper when he was still married to his previous wife, WHATS MORE, Dern got pregnant AT THE SAME TIME his THEN WIFE was pregnant! And you hold these 2 up as victims? What a JOKE!

        You DON’T “accidentally” be awarded an Oscar by THOUSANDS of your peers, stop being so desperate. Your OPINION “doesn’t mean anything”, the judgment of her PEERS means A LOT! You’re a nobody. Angelina is a respected and accomplished and rich SOMEBODY. Sit and spin.

      • Johnny says:

        Sal honey, I just have to laugh at people that THINK they now how many partners a celebrity has slept with! Bwahahaha! Please, tell us more and please provide links…

    • mila says:

      @Meg trolling much.

    • Marishka says:

      You are soooooOOo pathetic Meg! Move on girl!

  10. Stacie says:

    I know a LOT of you hate Angie . But I love her ! She’s a wonderful actress and mother .

    • lisa2 says:

      I don’t think “a lot” of people hater her. She has a huge fanbase all over the world.

      It is just like in life. A million people can say something wonderful about you and then ONE negative seems so loud. The negative is just louder..doesn’t mean it is right or accurate.

      I’m a huge fan of hers. And trust some people that don’t like seem to read all her interviews, watch all her movies, and post on all her thread.
      I think they are just a bit confused. There is a fine line between love and hate. Obsession is the word.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Actually the Angeloonies V. Angelina Haters ratio around here is like 20 to 1 so you’re actually in the majority, kiddo.

      • Sal says:

        This site is representative of what, the 3% of the internet gossip sites that are pro-Angelina? 97% of the internet is anti-Angelina, so its nice to have ONE site that is mostly pro-Angelina. Why is it people seem to have a problem with ONE site being pro-Angelina, but have NO problems with like 97% of the rest of the gossip sites/net being pro-ANISTON? Jesus Christ, one site, one site, and even thats too much for us to have, you’d think it was 100% the way some carry on over this site being pro-Jolie. Ridiculous. Maybe we all should go hound DListed, IUC, FF, USweekly, PHilton, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc about being biased towards Aniston? Lets see how that goes down. Christ.
        PS, not an attack on TheOriginal Kitten, more a commentary on everyone who complains about this site being “too biased against Aniston/pro Jolie”.

      • Bite me aka aniston says:

        Justjared and Laineygossip( since brangelina gave her her first big break–having Shiloh in Africa ) are two of the original pro brangelina gossip sites… I have noticed as time gone by, gossip sites are becoming more neutral or more positive towards them, afterall it is a business and people have bills to pay :D

      • Dani says:

        I originally thought that Just Jared was pro Brangelina but with all the anti-Brangelina trolls on there, its been taken over by the pro Aniston crowd. JJ is no longer Jolie friendly.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Sal-I have heard that before but I would have no idea as I don’t frequent other sites.
        They’re all just actors not worthy of anyone’s obsession IMO, it’s not Angelina’s fault that she’s much more interesting and does more for the world than Aniston.
        Regardless, I have no problem with Pro-Angelina-ness as long as its not done in a rude or crass way.

      • lisa2 says:


        are you talking about the fools from dlisted that make plans to go to the JJ site to post crap. hardly means that there are all these haters. The dlisters that post here I may add. They talk about this site all the time. and do the same thing. They post a comment just to bother fans. That to me is not the same. Dlisted has some really sick people. I know a lot of people like MK. but his groupies are beyond pathetic. I don’t go to the site anymore. not a fan and the groupies there make me sick to my stomach.

      • Mira says:

        Sal: I see your point but how many of us follow other sites? The only other I follow is MK’s because of his wit and because he sh-ts on everyone. I don’t read comments on dlisted however. Following one site is time consuming esp when reading through most comments and when you regularly follow a site, there’s some motivation to want to express opinions that may not fall in the majority line. I have no problem with the pro-Jolie position but that also translates to unhinged JA hate or as we see it now for Stewart. It’s the one-sided discussion that bugs me most often and also bullying people as trolls who question/challenge the majority opinion. I don’t think any celebrity is worth the obsession, can’t be stopped though.

    • lili says:

      Oh I love her too!!! Is she still doing Cleopatra? I would die to see that!!

    • Nikita says:

      yes but did you guys read how the angie haters write their comments at the other internetsides? Most of them are not well educated. they sound like idiots to me. not because of their sick hate, because how naive and stupid they write. they live in a fairytale.
      its almost funny and sad.
      I am very often positivly suprised how great and inteligent people write on CB.

    • EmmaV1 says:

      imo, amongst those of us who follow celebrity gossip, it’s pretty negative against Angelina in general and okay positive for Jennifer in general.

      But we seriously make up such a small population of movie goers/spenders…I mean there’s a reason Jennifer is an ensemble actress whose supporters say things like “she totally carried Horrible Bosses” (despite being in it for ~11 minutes in that 98 minute movie)…and Angelina carrying Salt to enough success that the studio wants a sequel, the tourist being an international hit (with Depp bombing in Rum Diary and Dark Shadows), and also how deadline reported that 61% of movie goers went to see Wanted for Jolie.

      I think the general movie goer public may not “particularly like” Jolie, but they accept she’s a good/great actress who gives her all in performances, whereas Jen is an okay rom com actress with limited capabilities who chooses scripts for money/fun.

  11. epiphany says:

    Unlike that holy grail of cinematic talent and moral certitude, Jennifer Aniston.

  12. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Tentpole movie, art house film… Yeah am not worrying about la Jolie movie career

  13. Chicagogurl17 says:

    Well less Jolie means more Pitt, right? Isnt the arrangement one at a time?

  14. NM6804 says:

    Jolie’s best work was in the 90s when she wasn’t as popular or in demand as she is now. I find her work boring and Oscar baiting besides her action films. Or greedy like the Tourist which she admitted to choosing for a nice holiday and a big fat paycheck. There is no heart in those kind of scripts.

    It’s a small role, THR clearly states that and I think signing on an agent means for her to maybe PICK one of those good scripts. If I would be a film critic, I would rather reach in her old work to show her talent.

    If she is going to act in one or two films a year, then I hope it will be quality films. Her filmography doesn’t allow her to be mentioned with the greats like Blanchett. Heck, even Lawrence has more interesting parts than La Jolie now. If she goes out then it should be with a bang not with duds.

  15. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I’m surprised at you, Kaiser. As a Jolie fan, you should be supporting and encouraging her to diversify and to work with talented directors like Sorrentino. I think what she’s doing is a good move-do some big budget films to get the nice paycheck and then smaller films for a creative outlet and the chance to work with some real talent.
    Very smart for her career. And I think it’s good she’s going with Gosling’s agent. In fact, Gosling is a great example of an actor who chooses diverse roles.

  16. original kate says:

    girlfriend needs to eat a sandwich. also, she should avoid wearing black but she looks great in white.

    there. my 2 cents about angie for the day.

    • kj says:

      I find it very ignorant and rude to just tell people to go eat a sandwich! What is with people & the need to attack people just because they are thin?

      Some people just cannot gain weight. Would you tell an overweight actress to stop eating so much?

      • pamela says:

        They think that’s the ultimate insult to Angie.

      • Kim says:

        Yeah they never tell Octavia or Latifah to eat a salad or cottage cheese

      • lisa2 says:

        It’s the new attack on women.. skinny is a crime.

        God forbid you call someone fat now. That is curvy. but reality is women come is all shapes and sizes. But now it’s wrong to be skinny. Even if the majority of your life you were.

    • IzzyB says:

      I agree with you. Not skinny bashing (recovering anorexic here) but cheekbones and veins shouldn’t stick out that far.

      • lisa2 says:

        I’m not sure what you are talking about regarding her cheeks. Surly not the picture of her in character for Maleficent. Because those are NOT her cheeks. They are prosthetic for the movie. MAKEUP for the character she is playing in the film.

        and she has always been veiny I guess people just started noticing. You can see them sometimes more then other. And if you look back in her films they are there.

        but I think it is just something people that don’t like her use as an attack on her looks.

    • EmmaV1 says:

      I don’t think it’s a bad thing to call her very skinny…I agree saying “eat a sandwhich” is insulting and unhelpful and just trying to be snarky and mean.

      BUT, I don’t have a problem with people commenting on how thin she is. I personally find her VERY thin but nowhere near anorexic (her hair and skin are in great shape and plus she’s always so active, carrying her children, running around, etc.)

      That said, omg it’s so true how being thin is a crime nowadays….In the end, being thin is way better than fat…overly thin is still better than overly fat. Research (in terms of adipose tissues, cell stress and pathways, senescence, etc.) have shown this, and also, the longest living people have one thing in common, they are all THIN (below average weight) and something like 90+% have ALWAYS been thin their whole lives.

  17. anon says:

    Angelina’s priority is probably her very large family. Everything else is the cream and cherry on top. Children get your attention anyway; with six of them its impressive they (Angie Brad) do as much as they do.

  18. anom says:

    less aniston means….THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!

  19. Hmm says:

    She can’t act like let say Cate B, so I think she should just stick with the action stuff, that is what she is great at.

  20. Ellen says:

    I find her fairly mediocre as an actress tbh. I really liked Girl, Interrupted and thought she was amazing but the rest of her stuff has been crap. The Tourist made me lose any remaining respect I had for her or Johnny Depp. Winning an Oscar does not automatically mean that you’re a good actress. Case in point: Halle Berry. If it’s a cameo where she just has to say nothing and look beautiful, then she should be fine.

  21. BELLA says:


  22. DANDILION says:

    Life or Something Like It … Kung Fu Panda.. Gia… Laura Croff Tomb Raiders

    • love it! says:

      Great list- although I would add A Mighty Heart and Wanted and maybe Changeling- let’s face it- Angie’s great in everything. Even in a lesser film (Stone’s Alexander or Taking Lives), she still makes a great contribution- very talented and so watchable- more Angie all the time!! As a mom, though, I really understand working less if you can. While VERY accomplished, neither she nor Brad have ever seemed desperate for Hollywood’s approval, which probably keeps them saner than most.

  23. KellyMick says:

    I think she’s lovely and very talented. She never looks tired and seems to have the “it” factor, effortlessly being glamorous yet down to earth.

  24. pamela says:


    There are a few idiots whogo to JJ with the sole intention of disrupting the thread by bullying. There is one (or two, who knows if it’s the same fool) who literally post there for HOURS non-stop. That is insanity in the extreme. I have a feeling that there are some rabid trolls with no life who go from site to site to site to incite and disrupt just to give their lives meaning. They will get banned and just change their proxy and be right back a couple days later. I wouldn’t call that taking over Jared. I call that ignorance. These are who the current bullies in school will grow up to be. Kind of scary.

  25. Dredz says:

    Somebody HAS to make a movie with Angelina Jolie AND Monica Bellucci in it. I’m sure the theater will explode with pure lust :D

  26. insidescoop says:

    Looks like she has had some more work done to her face…

  27. George "Springbok" says:

    Meh, this Jolie has officially gotten preachy and annoying for my taste.