Britney was cured by TLC, and is a good mother says Lynne

Lynne Spears has given an interview on British television show GMTV saying that Britney Spears’ breakdown was cured by love.

Lynne Spears says her daughter Britney turned her life around after her much publicised breakdown thanks to ‘a lot of love and care and help.’

‘Sometimes you have to just settle down,’ she told Lorraine Kelly on GMTV.

‘You have to stop, think. And there’s a lot of people that care about Britney and love Britney, and Britney’s doing great now.’

Daily Mail

A lot of that love and care probably came in the form of a psychiartrist and mood stabilizers, but what ever works. It’s good to see Britney with the support of her family.

Lynne also describes Britney as a wonderful mother, which might have carried more impact from a more reputable source, but I’m willing to accept that Britney is a good parent.

“Oh she’s a wonderful mother – she’s funny, she’s extremely affectionate,” said the Spears matriarch, who was promoting her memoir, Through the Storm. “[At] home, where there’s nobody around, she’s very normal.”


Britney’s most famous public parenting examples came when she drove with her oldest son on her lap, almost dropped him twice, drove with him incorrectly fastened in his car seat, and was photographed out late partying without underwear.

Of course, every parent knows that you do make mistakes, and it’s bad enough with just your family watching you, without the whole world. I can think of a few times I am glad it wasn’t caught by paparazzi photographers. My favorites are:

My son wouldn’t leave his seatbelt on as we traveled on the motorway, so I put duct tape on his seat belt buckle.

My daughter went through a naked phase, so I just let her run around naked at home – in winter. Athough I kept the central heating on, it would have looked really bad in the tabloids.

I have lost each of my children at least once in a mall. Although, if I were Britney, I could have employed paps to help me find them, as opposed to running around Target yelling for them like a madwoman before finding them in the men’s section.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Britney Spears is shown outside her hotel in Paris yesterday, where she performed on the talent show “Star Academy.” Credit: Fame

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19 Responses to “Britney was cured by TLC, and is a good mother says Lynne”

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  1. santacruz says:

    …and how could lynne be a good judge????

  2. sauvage says:

    I LOVE the ducktape story.

  3. momgeek says:

    My youngest daughter also went through a (mostly) naked phase and for almost 2 months would only wear her diaper or underwear around the house.

    My oldest daughter disappeared twice in wal-mart. The first time she was hiding in one of the clothes racks in the women’s section. The second time she was standing in one of the toy aisles.

    Definitely glad there were not paps around then! 8O

  4. RAN says:

    Lynn Spears just makes me ill. :|

  5. Nicole says:

    As we speak, my 2 yr old is totally naked. Has been for about an hour so far. I don’t foresee that ending anytime soon either. OMG Ya’ll! Does that mean Britters is a better Mama to her boo boo’s than me?? :wink:

  6. jennifer says:

    I don’t think she’s a good parent in that I REALLY don’t think she has the capacity to properly care for her children. I think of it this way – if I had a kid would I ever leave him/her alone with Britney Spears? Not in a million years. HOWEVER, I do not doubt for ONE SECOND that she LOVES her children. So I don’t think she’s a BAD parent, just ill equipped to actually PARENT. Which is fine, some people just aren’t skilled in that way. If she needs help I’m glad she has those kinds of resources at her disposal.

    Oh yeah, and Lynne should STFU. She sounds like she’s trying to sweep the last year or two of Britney’s life under the rug, downplay it like it was just a mild episode or something. Sorry, Lynne, your daughter has serious issues and no amount of “TLC” is going to make them go away. Stop trying to f*cking sugar coat everything and make yourself sound good in the press and just HELP YOUR DAUGHTER.

    Ugh, I hate when I lapse into “speaking directly TO the celebrity” mode… :lol:

  7. dr.grrl says:


    and what about her unwed *teen daughter that is always forgotten about?!

    **(i have nothing against unwed teen mothers! infact, i have nothing but the utmost sympathy for JLS being a part of this loony tunes family!)

  8. JaundiceMachine says:

    What an irresponsibly dangerous thing to say. The woman goes through an emotional breakdown, and now she’s cured with kisses and cookies? It doesn’t work that way!

    Brit should not be shaking her giblets for the media right now. She should be working through her issues, not stirring up a new batch of crazy.

    No sympathy for the stupid.

  9. Feebee says:

    I don’t think she’s necessarily a bad parent. I think she has/had lots to learn in a very unforgiving environment and has made some errors in judgement. I don’t see the no-knickers incidents as having anything to do with bad parenting. That’s a bad idea for anyone, well publicly at least – privately is a totally different ballgame!

  10. Rosanna says:

    I too think that Britney is ill equipped for parenting but does love her kids. Lynne is ill equipped too but unfortunately she can still see her kids and say whatever she wants. TLC right? I say it’s bs. Nobody recovers from bipolar without medications and hard work on themselves. Lynne is a stage mom, derives her self esteem from Britney, so she obviously wants to sweep all under the rug, so to be able to think “Britney is wonderful THEREFORE I am wonderful”.
    Sick sick sick.

  11. morgs says:

    The duck tape story made me laugh. And Britney didn’t exactly sound “cured” in that Rolling Stone article. She sounds just as lost as ever.

  12. SeVen says:

    News Flash – Bipolar chick here! You’re NEVER cured. All there is, is symptom Management just like with any other disease. I hope she gets better but she really needs to just go away for a while, get her personal life sorted before she relapses.

    I lold at the Giblets comment :D

  13. spinner says:

    The thing about Brit having bipolar issues has never been confirmed. What has been confirmed is her hard core & excessive drug abuse. All they have done is keep her off drugs & voila!!!! She’s cured!!

  14. Codzilla says:

    My oldest son is two and a half, and he loves running after the dogs through the horse pasture without shoes. Especially after a good storm, when the mud is up to his knees. Granted, he starts out with rubber boots, but he takes them off the second he’s out of reach and rolls under the fence and into the mud before I can catch him. One of our neighbors is a nosy pain in the ass, and I can only imagine what he thinks when he sees my boy sprinting across the horse poop in his socks. 8O

  15. doodahs says:

    How can someone, who’s decisions at 25 are court ordered to be monitored and in essence made by her father, even begin to understand the ramifications of being a responsible parent? She currently can’t take care of herself.. This whole fiasco is so sad on so many levels. How can the mother (who in her book tells stories of Brit taking hard drugs as a teenager etc) not see that talking about her daughter being ‘cured’ (which if it is bi-polar is less of a cureable situation than a manageable one), while peddling a book that basically further humiliates her, is counter intuitive?

    It’s been said that Brit’s self confidence is shot to shit because of her fear of public perception, yet those closest to her (in this instance, her MOTHER) are ready to sell her out and then in the same breath say that their magic fairy kisses helped ‘cure’ her. It’s so bizarre, I’m almost sure I’m missing the point somewhere… ech, my head hurts…. Perhaps that’s why my sentences are so long…

  16. dr.grrl says:


    the learning channel can cure crazy?! :mrgreen:

  17. JaundiceMachine says:

    Right on spinner. That bi-polar rumor is a pure cop-out. I mean, she clearly has issues, but nothing that can’t be worked through with talk therapy, staying away from the bad candy and hearing “no” every now and again. Keeping her loaded on sedatives isn’t doing her or her career any favors.

  18. Jeanne says:

    C’mon Denial Mama. Let’s not go too far, we’re all glad Brit is getting better each day but I would think it’s more down to prescription medicine to treat whatever mental illness she’s suffering from. She must think the public has a short memory. Her and Britney just need to be real about what happened to Britney. Their honesty could help other people in similar conditions. All they think about is making more $$.

  19. vdantev says:

    Thanks Lynn, you just made your daughter’s next break-down an inevitability !!