Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen offer $17K fur handbag, PETA throws a hissy

Last year, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were widely criticized for offering a $39,000 alligator handbag/backpack through their high-fashion line, The Row. Allegedly, the 39K bag was “selling out” at Barney’s, and all of the divas had to have one. PETA complained, and everyone was like, “Ugh, conspicuous consumption sucks” but… I don’t know. I didn’t see what the huge fuss was about. No one was being forced to buy the bag. Of course it was ridiculously overpriced and of course no one needs a $39K bag. The Olsens took the criticism in stride, if “stride” means “completely ignoring their critics and going on to win ‘Womenswear Designers of the Year’ at the CFDAs.” And now the Olsens have one-upped their 2011 offering with a new $17,000 bag. Here it is:

OMFG. How hideous is that? I’m a purse person (as opposed to a shoe person), and you couldn’t pay me to carry that roadkill-looking thing. That was another reason I was meh on the $39K bag – I actually thought the bag was cute. Not “$39,000 cute” but cute. This one is just awful, though. Anyway, the Olsens are facing even more criticism. Because it worked so well the last time:

What Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (and Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Reese Witherspoon to name a few) call fashion, PETA calls blasphemous.

The twin fashion designers received some flack from the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals after creating an almost $17,000—yeah, you read that right—backpack for their luxury fashion line The Row made of patches of animal fur.

And the animal-rights organization didn’t exactly sugarcoat their feelings on the situation.

“If it looks like a troll and acts like a troll, it’s probably a Trollsen Twin—or someone wearing one of their new $16,000 totes, which are made from the fur and skins of innocent animals,” PETA said in a statement to E! News.

“What the Olsens lack in creativity, they try to make up for in shock value. Sadly, it’s the foxes, calves, and alligators—who often have the fur ripped off them while they are still conscious and able to feel pain—who pay the dearest price.”

Meanwhile, the creation by 2012′s Womenswear Designers of the Year caught the eye of well-known stylist and reality star Rachel Zoe, who called the accessory next season’s staple item on her Zoe Report.

[From E! News]

Maybe the Olsens answer to last year’s criticism was to make a bag that was less expensive? No, they knew what they were doing by making a fur bag. They wanted the criticism. They wanted the scandal and controversy. All for an indefensibly ugly bag.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Angelina says:

    I must say that they are very interesting little creatures. They had balls to quit Hollywood and start new life. They are doing waht they like and good for them. BTW PETA is a bunch of spoiled brats. STFU.

    • Beta says:

      +1 agree
      while I may not like all of the row’s products, I have a level of respect for their brand

      AGREE on your opinion on PETA

    • Minty says:

      It’s not that they quit Hollywood. Hollywood lost interest in them. Their acting careers ended because they grew up and because they suck as actors. They were already rich from all their videos, clothes, and books for the preteen market, so it was easy for them to focus on the business side. No balls were required.

      Aside from the inherent cruelty, that bag is proof that expensive is not synonymous with good taste. But there are enough idiots out there who will buy it.

      • Kim says:

        Exactly. They hit the jackpot in Hollywood as children. Its not like they can act & could have had careers in Hollywood. They are hideous inside & out! YUCK!

  2. Sam says:

    I’m probably a minority, but I love the Olsens. Generally speaking, I love the clothes they wear and the clothes they design. I could never in a billion years afford it, but I like to look at it.. and dream. But man, that bag is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Who knows though, maybe in 18 months we’ll all be rocking something similar? I hope I won’t be, but you never know..

    • tripmom says:

      I love them, too. They’re unique, they’re stylish, and they’re confident. They behave exactly how I would behave if I had their money. They do whatever they darn well please and everyone else can go screw themselves. As far as child stars go, you could do much worse.

  3. NerdMomma says:

    I’m weirded out by the top picture. They look like they’re about to make out. They always stand so close but neither ever throws an arm around her sister. I’d love to hear some stories about how they get along, after all of these years of being joined at the hip.

    • brin says:

      Right? That first picture creeps me out! As well as that fugly bag.

    • marie says:

      thank you, I thought the same thing. And why does MK look so much older, or is it just me?

      And that is a fugly bag, even if I had the money would never waste it on crap like that..

      • olcranky says:

        not just you, I thought she looked like Kathleen Turner (KT now, not a younger version of herself) in that top pic

        ugh and that bag is beyond hideous

    • RocketMerry says:

      Either that or the Scary One is preparing to force her own sister’s soul out so she can swallow it whole and preserve her youth.
      Beware of the reptilian MK hypnotizing stare of doom.

    • mayamae says:

      They always pose like they’re conjoined twins.

      • Marla says:

        Conjoined at the viginia…it’s creepy fo’ sure. And their really shiny…and they looked stoned ! And I flipping hate that bag !

  4. LAK says:

    Thank god one has dyed her hair. I could never tell them apart. Call me simple!!!

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Mary Kate is shorter, her cheek bones jut out more (maybe because she eats less than Ashley?) and a not so innocent eyes and she slouches. Ashley has fuller cheekbones and doesn’t slouch – they are aging a little differently.

      • LAK says:

        I will just have to take your word for it about the differences because i still can’t tell them apart even with your instructions :)

        Edit: i see it now, dark one is slouching, so that is MK?

  5. Hanna says:

    Ugh.. These girls are hideous…

  6. corny says:

    these little aliens dressed in their grandma’s clothing are as fugly creepy as that bag they created. Poor little sheep dog

    • angie says:

      Amen, Corny–I always thought they looked like muppets, but “aliens” is a better fit.

  7. Maritza says:

    That bag is hideous… and the rich get richer! These two young women dress awful, they dress like old ladies. I don’t get why they cover up so much and why they are afraid of smiling by showing their teeth. They need to powder their faces,too shiny! Mary Kate’s posture is awful.

    • D1 says:

      I can’t look at Dark-Haired Twin without hearing my mother’s voice shrieking, “Stop slouching! Stand up straight!”

  8. Elizabeth says:

    While I admire their success post-child acting, (1) the bag is UGLY (2) its stupidly expensive and (3) PETA is right – its gross to kill animals for something as selfish and meaningless as a purse. I’m not suggesting that everyone run out and get faux-leather PETA approved purses, etc, but come on! That bag is all about stupid people with too much money.

  9. Kaboom says:

    Playing those idiots at PeTA like a fiddle earns them points in my book.

  10. Noa says:

    Ugh, PETA are just as sensationalist as anyone of the celebrities they criticise. Ever since I heard about the atrocities they commit, they’ve lost all credibility –

  11. TheOriginalKitten says:

    It’s an ugly-ass bag for an exorbitant price. Is this what rich people consider “luxury”? Dead animals fashioned into a hideous purse?
    Alas, some people just don’t give a shit about animals. It’s sad but I doubt anyone could make these two see why this is wrong.

    • mayamae says:

      It bothers me that they don’t realize how unethical fur is. I feel like we’re backsliding in the anti-fur movement.

      • keats says:

        Yeah i hate having to side with PETA, but killing animals for the sake of a purse makes me sad.

      • original lucy says:

        @mayamae – I feel like we are backsliding in most areas…animal rights, feminism, tolerance…for awhile there I had some hope for the human race but lately…not so much!

      • alice says:

        I agree, we need to work a little harder at controlling women’s fashions. Women are getting way too cocky with the fur nowadays.

        Of course, if it were men wearing fur, it might not be such an issue.

  12. Nessa says:

    I still don’t get why these girls are a “thing”. Like, a big deal. They have no ability to dress. They look like hobos most of the time. Their fashion line is a bunch of crap… Seriously the worst stuff I have ever seen ($17k fug fur bag included). They are essentially out of work actors. And, on the superficial side, they are hideously ugly. Did I get everything?

  13. Gaia says:

    Which one is the drug dealer?

    • mary simon says:

      That would be Mary-Kate, although I couldn’t tell you which one is Mary-Kate. She’s the trollsen who thought it more prudent to call some “private security people” she knew instead of 911 when Heath Ledger was found unconscious, naked, and lying face down on his bed.

  14. D1 says:

    PETA is mistaken – that bag is clearly made from the fur and skin of dead Muppets.

    So sad. Animals have PETA to defend them, but who will protect the Muppets from these tiny twin butchers?

  15. serena says:

    Ugly bag.
    And I’ve already said it, but they really like to ugly-fy themself.

  16. LAD says:

    I like them. One is cool and the other is cooler.

  17. miriam says:

    The bag looks a like a humping toy for dogs.

  18. hoya_chick says:

    Fugly fur hags

  19. lw says:

    I do love a fur bag, just not this one. And if women persist in wearing those huge (and ridiculous) fur vests, it was only a matter of time before fur bags came back too.

  20. Genevieve says:

    I am getting SOOOO sick and tired of PETA and their endless indictment of anyone who wears fur, leather, etc. I’m a hardcore animal lover, have dogs, horses, birds…but freaking SERIOUSLY? The Olsens have always been very capable of creating buzz about their fashion line, which I at times find (yawn) boring. And they can usually take care of themselves just fine against the critics, as Kaiser pointed out.

    This is getting CRAZAZY. I have so many gorgeous fur coats from my mother and g’mama…all have been put in cold storage, are in fabulous shape and have been tailored to reflect more current fashion. But as much as I adore them, do you THINK I can even wear them? The few times I’ve traveled with them, I live in fear of some troglodyte with a red spray can destroying them. And, hey…WHY punish me? I’m not even the original owner.

    PETA’s initial message is good. But a usual, the fringe idiots in their organisation ruin things for everyone. Am I right, or just on my soapbox?

    • dovesgate says:

      I have a fur too. Nothing from my grandparents but I found a beautiful vintage (identified by a furrier as 1940-1950′s) fur cape/stole at a thrift store. I plan on dressing as a 40′s movie star for Halloween so I’ll wear it then but I can’t see wearing it anywhere else.

      I don’t have much of a problem with vintage fur. I wouldn’t ever buy a new fur because there is plenty of fur clothing already out there for those who want it. This bag is just ugly.

      • Genevieve says:

        Exactly!! I can’t even IMAGINE shopping for and buying a full length ranch mink, for example. Ugh, even the words “ranch mink” denote ugliness and a deadly process I don’t even want to think about in any sort of detail. But, if it’s an heirloom, so to speak…I really do NOT want red spray paint all over it.

        Oh, and I forgot to say as well…that bag is just AWFUL. Anyone who would buy that has more $$ than sense.

  21. Ari says:

    Dayum 39k is like a years salary :L I am not sure I would spend that on a bag – I mean I am sure its limited edition but really? Its not like its going into a museum some day…ugh.

  22. Rory says:

    UGH, at the twins, not the fur handbag. They get more hideous every time I see them. What has Mary Kate done to her face? All that shine says Botox to me. And seriously, my grandmother had a black purse JUST like that back in the 60′s. These two have never dressed “age appropriate.”

  23. Shaz says:

    They are the ‘olsen twins’…& will forever be known by that. I can’t & will probably never be able to tell them apart. Imagine never having your own identity. Money can’t buy that.

  24. Smokey blues says:

    The overly-judgmental and conservative bitch in me says “I much prefer the granny style to the young ladies with their entire bodies on display on the red carpet”. And the 80s kid in me says “I love you Michelle Tanner, no matter what, foreverrrr!”.

    I think they are likeable because they are original and accepting of themselves. And I agree with what someone said upthread – I would live to know more about their personal relationship!

  25. Katyusha says:

    The bag looks like a whole bunch of stuffed animals are duking it out.

  26. GoodCapon says:

    Screw PETA. They will complain about almost anything, I really doubt whether they might have lost track of their goals along the way.

  27. flan says:

    Disappointing that they use fur. Makes me lose respect for them.

  28. Jaime says:

    I think Ashley is gorgeous. She’s tiny, but really different looking and beautiful. No one looks like Ashley Olsen… Well, except for maybe Elizabeth, lol.

  29. Lucy2 says:

    I can’t stand PETA, I wish a better group was the go to for animal rights. I don’t agree with using fur for fashion, and the bag creeps me out. I also can’t imagine spending that much, but people can waste their money however they choose.
    I do admire them for creating their own successful business though, even if they always do that weird conjoined twins pose.

  30. really says:

    This has nothing to do with PETA.
    tons of people disagree with the use of fur in clothing, let alone accessories, and many of us don’t give a shit about PETA.

  31. Bev says:

    I think the bag last year was adorable but this one is awful. You had it right with “roadkill.” I think everyone should have an uproar over this hideous creation.

  32. only1shmoo says:

    While I don’t support the fur industry (at all!), and I think the only taste the Olsen twins have is in their mouths, I’m really sick of PETA’s endless drama and complaining. Maybe they should take cues from WSPA and the Humane Society if they want to learn how to really make a difference for the sake of animals. As for that bag, all I can offer are amalgamations of curse words and unflattering adjectives.

  33. Turd Fergussen says:

    Horrible little trolls. They should have to watch these poor animals — who are probably skinned alive — be murdered so their horrible asses can make thousands of dollars off of them. A lot of this is probably dog, cat and rabbit fur. I am so angry thinking about these two little useless assholes — who contribute ZERO to society — I can hardly see straight.

  34. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m throwing a hiss too, because previously adorable animals had to die for that piece-meal monstrosity!

  35. blue_ says:

    I don’t support PETA and I’m not an activist but there is no need to kill animals for a piece of trash like that bag, or for any designer clothing whatsoever.

  36. dizzy says:

    That is one fugly bag. Sure, they’re fashions lines maybe have cute sunglasses and some nice leather purses, but overall, the clothes they design (and wear) are questionable.

  37. gigi says:

    PETA should really shut up, because if there’s anyone who should be complaining about that hideous thing that looks like it might walk away when you’re not looking, it’s the CFDA.

  38. some bitch says:

    PETA needs to get off their high horse and quit it with the self-righteous lecturing they throw at anybody who chooses to wear fur or leather or eat meat. They’ll full of it and they’re total hypocrites to boot.

    My favourite hat in the whole world happens to be my black mink ushanka. I’ve had it since I was in high school and it’s so well made I’ll hopefully be able to pass it on to my own child someday.

    That being said, this bag is fug, fug, fug. Anybody remember those stuffed animal backpacks from the early-mid 1990s? That’s what this reminds me of.

  39. BLOGAHOLIC says:

    PETA can kiss my furry ass

  40. Kim says:

    People need to separate PETA from animal issues because even if not a fan of PETA (im not) killing animals for fashion is HIDEOUS! Getting pissed at PETA takes away from the REAL issue which is disgusting, self centered idiots are torturing animals purely for fashion and need to be boycotted.

    We need to lobby for laws against using animal fur & skin.


  41. Kim says:

    Everyone is bagging on PETA but not the sickening Olsen twins using tortured animals for fashion (and hideous fashion at that)!

    AGAIN people separate PETA from the issue. You make not like Social Services but that doesnt make beating a child ok (not a great analogy but you get my point). Keep the issue separate from PETA and focus on the REAL issue of animal abuse.

    I am not, and you may not be a huge fan of PETA, but I will say they are right about animals being tortured for a handbag being absolutely sickening.

  42. faye says:

    what an ugly ass handbag. Wasnt worth the life of another creature.

  43. erika says:

    are you F******KING KIDDING ME???

    omg! you know what this really is?

    the more extravagant, HYPED, rare, class building to the with NO class, avant-garde, whatever….a piece of ‘fashion’ is the ultimate sign of…

    Ignorant Elitism! “I got it! I got it! I got the prized $666,666,000 bag!”

    This bag? honestly? it could have Kraft Macaroni noodles painted in kitten’s blood, detailed with lego chips and if some anna wintour B***tch hypes it well then only the best can have it!

    lets remember botoxed 89 yr old babes of the Upper East Side…it’s the OLSEN TWINS!!! remember? Full House!!! would you have put down a $100K deposit in 1992 for a bag destined to be designed by michele tanner?

  44. erika says:

    these two chicks are freaks…they really are…..

    can’t they ever unHINGE themselves from each other’s epidermis while taking a pic? don’t you think they have this creepy ‘twin-ism’ psycho thing going on? like they sit opposite each other at night (they still share a twin bed…Barney the Dinosaur), legs crossed Indian style, playing knick knack paddy wack with their hands “I love YOU!”

    “You got it Dude!”
    “No, no, YOU it Dude!”

  45. original lucy says:

    lets face it…how many of these bags will they sell…not many at this price and this ugly…they are doing this for the press…after all…any publicity is good publicity!

  46. JessSaysNo says:

    Super fugly bag and fur is disgusting. For some reason, I just HATE the idea of skinning an animal even though I do eat meat and wear leather… I saw documentary in high school about how they make fur and it really is as gruesome and horrific as you can imagine. I feel like with leather, at least people EAT the cow-meat and cows are not endangered. Skinning a live baby seal or rabbit is just wrong to me.

    • Carletonart says:

      I have a point of clarification with regards to the seal trade. The annual seal hunt by our Inuit community hear in Canada has always been a means of sustaining their community. While they do sell the pelts, the carrion of the animal if fully utilized. Actually to a greater degree than a cow is. The same holds true for rabbits.

      • Carletonart says:

        Actually, I would love to hear PETA’s suggestions as to alternative sustainable means of sustenance for our Inuit people. Vegetarian in the tundra?! Our indigenous people don’t need PETA, they need PETP (People for The Ethical Treatment of People)!
        Purses are fug btw. What a waste of skin.

  47. HappyJoyJoy says:

    How are they 25 (?) but manage to look 75? I don’t get it. Ugly ass bag from two people that dress like they mugged two SFCO hobos in the dark.

  48. Mario says:

    They both look like stuck up bitches. Maybe they shaved the fur off each other to make that fugly bag.

  49. natalina says:

    they look like 2 lil albino baboons. someone give them a grease sheet, they are greasy as hell

  50. muppet_barbershop says:

    I gotta say, PETA’s not helping anything by calling small women trolls. Even if those small women are kinda stunted and creepy.

    As someone who (mostly secretly) likes fur and grew up with fur around, I have to agree that that bag is hideous. Using fur(s) for a handbag seems like a foolish concept in the first place.