Jennifer Aniston tells friends that “sex saved her relationship with Justin”

In case you missed it on this week’s Us Weekly cover, Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston were “pap’d” while vacationing in Capri last week. Us Weekly and a few other publications bought the photos – you can see one of them here at Us Weekly online, and the print edition has even more photos of Justin shirtless and Jennifer in a bikini. I’ll admit, both of them have great bodies. But the whole Us Weekly piece definitely has the feel of a PR plant, which OF COURSE Aniston would never do, of course. That’s why the piece is full of descriptions like “his sexy six-pack abs” and “Theroux’s stealthily chiseled body.” They were photographed on a yacht where Justin sunbathed but didn’t swim… is that weird? Because if I’m getting into a swimsuit, I’m going swimming. I don’t understand any other way. In addition to the photos, Star Magazine (who has previously claimed that JustJen are close to O-V-E-R) says that JustJen’s European vacation brought the spark back to their relationship. Because they boned in the middle of an Italian grotto. Or something.

After their sexy rendezvous in Paris and then a romp through Rome, Jennifer and Justin peeled off to the steamy Italian island of Capri. A bikini-clad Jen, 43, and her hunky beau, 40, were spotted cavorting aboard a yacht there, sunbathing intimately close to one another and snapping pictures in their skimpy swimwear.

The couple’s European escape – which was prompted by a need to reignite the passion in their relationship following fights over where to live, whether to start a family and Justin’s friendliness with his ex – turned into a nonstop lovefest.

In Paris, “Jen and Justin stayed holed up in their suite for two days, doing nothering but making love,” an insider reveals. And in Capri “they took a private tour to the famed Blue Grotto and asked their guide to give them some private time… After Jen and Justin disappeared, the guides heard suspicious sounds and yelled, ‘Everything OK in there?’”

Seems like the duo are hot and heavy again! Says a friend: “Jen is gushing that sex saved her relationship with Justin.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I had to look up The Blue Grotto. It’s totally beautiful. I’m not sure if I want to have sex there, but whatever. I’m glad that JustJen are still making it work.

There’s also some weird news about Aniston maintaining a friendship with one of Brad Pitt’s buddies – TMZ has photos of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler sharing a private plane with Jennifer and Justin last week. You can see the pics here. The day after that plane ride, Clooney met Pitt for a boozy boy’s night in London. I don’t know what it all means, I’m just passing on the information. I would imagine that Stacy and Jennifer would get along really well. I imagine they spent the whole flight talking about dogs and workouts while Justin and George tried to out-pretentious each other. Tell me I’m wrong.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. cmc says:

    LMAO @ your JustJen/Clooner description. Yes, I said Clooner, what.

    *Shrug*, I’d have sex in the Blue Grotto. Looks both hot and romantic. I’d consider myself more on the “Brangeloonie” side of things, but it’s nice to see Jen happy.

  2. Rory says:

    I really don’t find her attractive at all anymore. She was cute for awhile as Rachel, but that was ages ago. Justin’s ex is beautiful, talented and well-connected. I guess he really did want to trade up – for the fame.

    • Holly says:

      I think JA was cute in that she seemed like a slightly homely/slightly hot, girl-next-door type on Friends. She is so utterly one-note with her hair, clothing, “style” that she wreaks of desperation.

      I’m glad there’s no pic of Heidi with this story, as, when there is one, I want to bang my head against a wall trying to figure out why he ditched the talented and interesting and seriously beautiful one for the bland, barely-blond, all-about-celebrity dud.

      It would be awesome if Heidi and some guy became the new It Couple; I’ve seen enough of JA to fill a time capsule! Next…!

      • Sal says:

        Thats something I really don’t get, too. Thats something I really don’t get, too. Why cheaters like Justin Theroux and Eddie Cibrian really downgrade and choose plain to downright unattractive women to cheat with. Heidi Bivens is downright BEAUTIFUL!! Aniston is very masculine, she has a chin more masculine than trolldoll has and she is unfortunate-looking, not attractive in the least. Brandi Glanville is a former model with long long legs, a gorgeous figure and gorgeous face. Rimes is ugly, looks like Falcor and has the torso of a linebacker. Then there is Joanna Harper vs Laura Dern who got herself knocked up to Ben Harper while he was still married to Joanna, AND while Joanna was PREGNANT, TOO, at the same time as Dern. From what I’ve heard, same situation. Then there is Charles and Diana vs Camilla. Lastly, Dean McDermott who cheated on his wife Mary Jo Eustace with bug-eyed Tori Spelling, even she was shocked that he downgraded and left her for Tori of all people (I believe ex-Mrs McDermott is actually releasing or has released a bio with a byline on the cover “My husband left me for Tori Spelling… (and you thought your divorce sucked!)” I really don’t get it. Its enough of an insult to the wife that her husband is cheating on her, let alone its an ugly gargoyle or at best plain. It really doesn’t make sense.

  3. ShazBot says:

    I’m pretty sure that whole Blue Grotto sex thing is a load of crap. I’ve been there, and there are dozens of boats going in and out, and even if they did manage to get a private tour, you stay in your boat, with the guy who drives it (and serenades you!), you don’t get off and have them leave you alone. Nice imagination though.

    • Cherry says:

      Hey ShazBot,your comment wasn’t showing yet when I posted mine (see below), but we were falling over the same thing. It’s pretty obvious that this story was made up by someone who hasn’t actually been to the Blue Grotto.

    • Lucy2 says:

      Seriously, what would the guide do, hop out, swim away, and the swim back to get them later? Uh, no.

  4. RocketMerry says:

    Sure. Tell me of any guy whose relationship with you would NOT be saved by sex.

    • Rhea says:

      :D Good point. But it never last long if sex is the only thing that good… ;)

      • NYC_girl says:

        One of my male friends told me when I was 21: “Good sex does not a relationship make.”

    • Vesper says:

      If the relationship needed “saving” this early on, it will never last. Jennifer comes across as so dull and ditzy that the only way she will ever keep a relationship going is to keep her guy stoned and drunk.

    • Anguishedcorn says:


  5. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Is aniston crying uncle…. Viva brangelina

  6. madpoe says:

    When they do break up, watch her reboot her fashion sense all over again to conform with the next guy.

  7. autumndaze says:

    Are we really back to daily sightings (and sitings) of Aniston?
    I liked it when she disappeared for a few months stimulating pregnancy rumors.

    Their “insider” is full of light and magic, aren’t you, Huvane?

    Sooooo boring. And Justin is such a tool….

  8. Jackie O says:

    his body really gives me the creeps. he is such a little turd.

    she sure has taken a long hard fall from her glory days.

  9. Joey says:

    In the Us photo….nice body. Ridiculous hat, glasses, bracelets, sagging gangsta shorts, and sideburns. And that tattoo….there aren’t words. Sorry, he screams “douche” to me.

  10. Eve says:

    I imagine they spent the whole flight talking about dogs and workouts while Justin and George tried to out-pretentious each other. Tell me I’m wrong.

    You’re probably right.

    • Rhea says:

      I’m trying to imagine the topic of conversation between Justin and George… should be funny with one trying to look like an intellectual hipster while the other one trying to show off as a seasoned mentor in showbiz.

  11. sukienow says:

    was star mag in the Blue Grotto with them LMAO

    btw it seems this wasnt the first time this four have been in the same space.

    here is a pic of them all together earlier this year at some industry event

    • Lauren says:

      Jen needs an exotic setting, sex in a grotto, to save this so called relationship? I have tried to be optimistic, but this is bloody pathetic. I am certain Jen paid for this trip.

  12. Cherry says:

    I’ve been to Capri’s Blue Grotto. This time of year, it’s total tourist mayhem, with boats lining up to go in and out. NO WAY IN HELL would it be possible to ask your guide for ‘some private time’. Sounds like a story that was made up by someone’s dirty-minded publicist.

    • sukienow says:

      or more likely star dont need any help making up a story

      this is the same mag that had her pregnant too many times, even picking out the sex of the supposed baby lol;

      not saying she doesnt play pr games, but i think this story by star is another of their fan fiction.

    • stinky says:

      … on the other hand, if you guys dont think that she’s got the cash to suspend a few boatloads of tourists for an hour or two or a week, youre silly. she’s made of money. i think if celebrities want some extra time in the grotto, it can be had.

  13. tooloose says:

    At least we haven’t heard from any Angelinites so far but wait it’s surely coming…in one, two…

  14. CG says:

    I’ve been to the Blue Grotto before. Is it even possible to get alone time in there? There are so many tourists in boats in the water waiting for their turn to go in … unless things have changed since I went.

  15. audrey says:

    She is definitely heavier than she’s been in a while. Her thighs are packed into those jeans like sausages. Maybe they follow all this fabulous sex with peanut butter and chocolate.

  16. johnnybadboytapia says:

    I would def have sex in the Blue Grotto.

  17. lisa2 says:

    The whole “grotto” thing seems very familiar.. Wonder where I heard sex in the grotto before..hmmmmm.. let me think.

    OH NOW I know.. (LOL)

  18. Angelina says:

    I like them as a couple. They look great together. Very atractive people. It seems they have a lot in common. One of this thing is keeping their bodies in great shape for sure. Good for them.

  19. Roma says:

    While I would totally have sex in the grotto, even if they could get private time (which I doubt), I don’t think JA is the boning in public type.

  20. Rhiley says:

    His body does nothing for me. I hate when grown men have the waists of fourteen year old girls.

  21. Jen34 says:

    I call BS. Having sex in the Blue Grotto would be like having sex at the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It would be great if you don’t mind having your picture taken by other tourist.

  22. Ducky La Rue says:

    LOL @ “stealthily chiseled body”. I’m going to use that to describe myself from now on. Sure, I may not look super-fit to the untrained eye, but that’s because my muscle definition is so sly and stealthy – you can totally see it if you squint. ;-)

    Edit: Or was that a typo for “healthily”? Nevertheless, I prefer “stealthily”.

  23. Mimi says:

    Of course he didn’t go swimming; it would wash of the Just For Men and his sexy orange tint.

  24. original lucy says:

    lol…”stealthily chiseled body”…I have a ninja chiseled body…its there, you just can’t see it!

  25. NerdMomma says:

    What insider can reveal to a magazine what Jen and Justin did while holed up in a hotel suite for two days? That would have to be one of two people: Jen or Justin.

    Also, it looks like he colors his hair with black shoe polish.

  26. The Original Mia says:

    Grotto sex? Orly? It was so nice when they disappeared for the remainder of their vacation after his movie bombed.

  27. Kara Ann says:

    As a counterpoint to alot of the posts this morning, I have this to say. They look great, appear to be happy, so good for them. Why so much negativity? Oh well, I guess not everyone on this site cares for them. Seems like they are doing pretty good in real life though.

  28. Lucy2 says:

    I’m tired of the media coverage of their relationship ( them and a few other celeb couples). Whether it’s coming from their camps or just the tabloids making up what they know will sell, I suspect it’s a little of both, enough already.

  29. Mac says:

    Is that a tattoo of Pocahontas on Theroux’s chest, and if so does it have some profound meaning?

    Perhaps he’s a distant relative.

  30. Chicagogurl17 says:

    Does he own multiple pairs of those black leather looking jeans from the top 3 photos, because if he’s wearing the same ones over and over again — gross — he would smell like a grotto.

  31. Bev says:

    I think she was great in Friends, but her movies since have been less then spectacular. I also think that she just isn’t that good looking and tells too much about her relationship, probably in an attempt to keep her fame going.

    • Dredz says:

      I’ve never even watched a single episode of Friends

      • A Girl Named Mikki says:

        You’re not the only one…

      • sup says:

        you two haven’t missed out on anything. the jokes were entirely lame and if i wasn’t forced (we had one tv and my dumb sisters loved the show) i wouldn’t have seen a second of it again.

  32. valleymiss says:

    I was looking at Justin’s shirtless pics yesterday…dayum, he looks hot as hell! Totally my type of man. Good for you, Jen!

  33. anom says:

    sorry, she is very unattractive and he looks like Bevis from Bevis and Buthead.

  34. JenD says:

    She needs to save the relationship? They haven’t been together that long. If she’s needing to throw sex out there to save it, that’s not a good sign at all.

  35. Lisa says:

    Is she in high school?

    • sup says:

      she has often been described as neurotic… the psychological definition of a neurosis is being unable to move on and growing into a healthy, rich, sophisticated adult personality… sounds to me like a person who is mentally 14 forever. luckily the people who are stuck in high school are few and between but it’s always surprising to see somebody rich and famous still being so stuck up there.

      • Janet says:

        “…sounds to me like a person who is mentally 14 forever.”

        Exactly. Very astute observation.

      • Auby says:

        This! I think this is why she bothers many people. She seems very immature and it’s odd to see a woman so rich and successful (in ways) so stuck in ruts and hung up on superficial nonsense.

      • Lisa says:

        sup, you know what’s up. Perfect explanation. This just sounds like something LeAnn Rimes would tweeet.

  36. lisa2 says:

    I don’t think there really is that much coverage of her relationship. Not counting gossip sites, because they usually carry all the current gossip. But the print media has not devoted a lot to this new relationship and the entertainment shows give it a brief mention. Yes there are the usual stories, but most of them are on the sidebar. Not the cover. There is not a lot of interest in Jen outside the usual fake wedding/pregnancy. The tabs have not really run many triangle stories because the vast majority of the world does not care. It has been almost 8 years. That is a long time. Most people moved on years ago. So when you cant’ tie the story to the past the story is not getting that much play.

    FINALLY.. about time.

    I would rather have stories about her and her boyfriend then some other fake association that ended over 7 years ago.

    • stinky says:

      i believe she would say the same. i highly doubt she wants to be associated w/ her failed marriage for all eternity. its NOT good for the career, and im sure its not good for the ego not matter how long its been. WHY do u guys all insist that its her strategy? or Huvain’s? WHY??

      • Sal says:

        Because she hasn’t stopped milking the divorce. Aniston has not stopped referencing Brad and/or her marriage in EVERY interview she had done for eight years. Aniston is always referencing her divorce or Brad in SOME slight, passive-agressive, or more obvious way. And her ‘friendship’ and collaboration with Chelsea Handler to attack Angelina PROVES Aniston is far from over it. Open your eyes. Aniston has ridden the coattails of Brad and Angelina for 8 years. Being associated with them is the only strategy her and Huvane have, and if you research, read and observe, its more than obvious.

  37. sup says:

    that blue grotto looks indeed beautiful and i’m sure this is another plant and deny bs story so no worries, these two ick’s have not sullied the waters with their disgusting juices. i’m pretty sure she’s cold fish in bed anyway. she looks like the type who’d agree to do it only once a month, and then “just the tip”… lmao… these kinda women also pose high and mighty and turn a blind eye to their husband’s affairs because of their body obsession, frigidity whatever.

  38. KG says:

    I would think Stacey and Jen wouldn’t like each other. Wasn’t there a blind item a few years ago about that model Jen used to date, being off and on with Stacey, and anytime Jen would call he would dump Stacey, so Stacey never knew where she stood?

  39. Dredz says:

    Sex is important, it can make a relationship last longer than it should, but there’s no way a relationship can be sustained on sex alone… Well, ok if the hottest woman of all time says so *snicker… yawn***

  40. Janet says:

    OMFG she needs a hair intervention STAT! Her hair looks godawful. It looks all wispy and dry, as if it’s either falling out or breaking off or both.

    • sup says:

      i guess when your hair is bleached and dry blown so many times doesn’t matter what expensive cures you get for it… remember her hair is actually the opposite of this in colour and texture so it must have fried after so many procedures for years. i reckon she should dye it honey-brown or at least some dark colour and leave it alone for a while…

    • Paloma says:

      Agree. She always reverts back to this long crappy mess.

  41. Paloma says:

    People are making way too much over Aniston and Clooney sharing jet. Why not? They did not talk about Pitt. I din’t think Jen has marriage on the mind nor babies.

  42. Cel says:

    They were ‘sunbathing intimately close to one another’?? OMG, those two are down right filthy!

  43. lower-case deb says:

    I just realized now that Justin has curved thumbs. in my country that’s considered “an artistic thumb”

    random, i know.

  44. Kosmos says:

    Oh…this is ridiculous. Yes, sex can certainly add spark to a relationship, but I thought they had regularly been doing that? Anyway, if real issues exist in a relationship, they won’t just go away with more sex. They will resurface at one time or another, so it’s best if issues are ultimately resolved in the best way possible through conscious and loving resolution. Sex is wonderful, but it’s not a cure-all for everything.

  45. Kosmos says:

    I think, at this point, that Jen is so happy to have finally found someone she can date and call her boyfriend, that she, of course, doesn’t want that to end like the others did. They obviously have mutual attraction and love for one another, but so did Jen and Brad. A long term marriage or relationship must have both parties committed and working on the issues for it to sustain itself. Some couples have a natural sense of being together while others must work harder to resolve issues in order to be happy.

    • Catty says:

      Seems like some people still want to portray Jen as needy or desperate but the opposite is true. She has never been clingy with her men and enjoys her single time. No one accuse men of this so why the double standard. If anything she trusted her husband way too much – maybe if she would have been on set like Melanie Griffith Angie wouldn’t have gotten her claws into him!! Angie is the crazy, needy, desperate one – clawing all over Brad on the red carpet, following him all over the world and dragging her children along like luggage instead of giving them the stability they need. Angie is the one who cannot be without a man – even while single admitted she met men in hotel rooms for sex – and this was when she was a mother!

      • lisa2 says:

        Grow up. She was a woman. Just because she was a mother didn’t mean she stopped being a woman. Do you really think Jennifer has not been with a man since John Mayer?

        honey you need to get your head out of your butt. Difference is Angie was not afraid of what people thought. She didn’t bring men around her son. So nothing wrong with meeting them any where she wanted. It is amazing that you have such a low opinion of a single woman with a child or not having a sexual life. But you actually think Jennifer Aniston was some sexless for all the years after John Mayer.. LOL
        She just did it undercover

        and a couple actually supporting each other and staying together as a family is somehow offensive to you. If they were like JD or TC you would be happy? no you would be spouting off how they don’t love each other and can’t stand to be together. Angie is not running after a man. She is traveling with the man she loves and going with him when he works like he does her. Something that didn’t happen before they were together with other people. And see how that ended.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Catty …

        Neither one follows the ‘other’ one around. The Jolie-Pitts choose to travel together as a family.

        And I SO totally believe that Brad was the one who chased after Angie. I bet she went to Africa (in December 2004, by the way) to distance herself from their mutual attraction. Why? Because the man was ‘married.’

      • Anon says:

        Oh dear Catty, you would be so embarrassed if you knew who some of those blinds were revealed to be. Don’t look, I don’t think your heart could take it. (notch on his belt, Cougar Town)

      • Sal says:

        Thats a riot. And far far too rich, considering that Angelina didn’t get with Brad until after Aniston and Brad formally announced the separation, even Jen said so.

        But perhaps if HEIDI BIVENS was on the set of WanderSLUT all the time, Aniston the homewrecking slutbag filth wouldn’t have gotten HER slimy claws into HEIDI BIVENS’ man! Aniston is infamously clingy. And that disease-ridden slut can’t be without a man, what is it? 9? 10 men at least, since Brad? She’s the Hollywood doorknob. Every man has had a turn. You slam Angelina for being sensitive to her child’s needs and meeting men for sex in a motel and not bringing them around her child, yet ignore Aniston, the biggest slag in Hollywood, homewrecking and stealing another woman’s man. We know one thing for sure; Aniston wouldn’t be sensitive to a child’s needs, she’d bring her men around the child, which is why Aniston is thankfully not a mother. She’s a skank and too selfish and self-absorbed to have children. Brad dodged a bullet.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Kosmos, who wrote: “They obviously have mutual attraction and love for one another, but so did Jen and Brad.”

      Why not ‘But so did Jen and John Mayer’? She must have had strong feelings for the man … she got together with him ‘twice’ over a two year period. I just don’t understand why people feel the need to always go back to Brad Pitt, as if he’s the only man Jen has ever been with or loved.

  46. crazycatlady says:

    Apparently I’m the only one that finds Justin T. yummy? Sure, he’s not the biggest guy on the block, but I’m petite myself, so I don’t mind ‘em “stealthily chiseled.”

  47. Catty says:

    And why exactly is Jen hanging with George “weird” news?? They were friends before George ever met Brad. George admitted in an interview that Brad wasn’t one of his best friends but one of his industry friends. Before award season they admitted they had not seen each other in a year – not best friends. And we all know George & Angie cannot stand each other. George & Jen run in the same social circle – they see each other all the time but it’s just not publicized.

    Oh a question for the loons – for years you all kept saying you hoped Jen would meet someone so the triangle stories stop yet anytime she is dating someone you all insist it is “fake” or he is “gay”. I actually think you all want her to be lonely and pining for Brad the rest of her life so you can still think that Brad is a prize that Angie won and Jen actually is a horrible person that Angie saved Brad from. Look again – no prize there and everyone, even you loons, know that Jen is beloved in the Hollywood community. BTW – where is Brad??? Why haven’t we seen him in weeks when he is supposed to be watching the kids while she works. Nannies are bringing those kids to the set while he is throwing back martinis with George – what gives???

    • lisa2 says:

      You need to stop the cat nip. Why are you worrying about where Brad is? or why he has not been seen. Why do you care.

      Your problem is the world is not caring about Jen and Justin. I’m a huge JP fan and am actually glad Jen is in a relationship. you need to check out the Aniston support sites. Ask them to stop their fan fictions of Jen having frozen embryos of Brad’s children. Stop them from talking about how Jen and Brad are still in contact. How they are still planing to get back together. You have a lot more problems then the JP fans. As usual you are barking up the wrong tree.

    • Sal says:

      Clooney and Aniston hadn’t even met until Aniston married Brad to get a leg into Hollywood, so don’t lie and say they’re in the same circles. Oh, and stop the bs about this homewrecking sl*tbag being ‘beloved’ in Hollywood. The TRUTH is she is barely tolerated, and the only people who push this beloved line are the loonistons to prop up their delusion she is a nice person when she is an immoral homewrecking viper.

      • Mac says:

        George Clooney & Jennifer Aniston go back almost 20 years.

        They both began working for NBC on ER and Friends respectively in 1993.

        Clooney also guest starred with Aniston on at least one episode of Friends during it’s first season.

      • blonde on the dock says:

        Ok time for your lobotomy Sal

      • Sal says:

        Truth hurts, huh, Blondie? Hence you continually trying to silence us. Well, sorry, it won’t work. After you, you need it more. You’re the one in need of help.

  48. BLOGAHOLIC says:

    His body is hot

  49. KLaw says:

    No one noticed that in the second photo he has a second set of ears on top of his head? (or maybe horns?)

    Anyway, he is anything but “hot”. GROSS

  50. skuddles says:

    A relationship that is “saved by sex” is probably not a relationship worth saving.

  51. Maritza says:

    If he is contacting his exgirlfriend JA is wasting her time with this guy.

  52. Anon says:

    I didn’t know Jennifer and Justin’s relationship was in need of saving. That sex when you are feeling like you are going to break-up can be mind blowing, indeed. But eventually the problems in the relationship (if it needed to be saved) are still there.

  53. Liberty says:

    Hmm, why would George, and Brad, and Cindy’s husband, and now Justin be friends? Really, it mystifies you? Or are we just being cute and wide-eyed here for fun?

    • GHJackie says:

      Cute and wide eyed I’d say, since Clooney was friends with Aniston well before he was friends with Pitt. In fact, Clooney met Pitt via Aniston, so he’s obviously got nothing against becoming friends with her men.

  54. stinky says:

    wow. ok i finally looked at the pic of JT. omg what a poser. wow. no i dont think this WILL end well, will it. (how old is this dude?)

  55. ann says:

    Well, she’s got nothing between the ears, so it’s a good thing she’s got something somewhere else.

  56. CPS says:


    • adel says:

      yeah right…
      they dont need to reproduce?…. because the other one doesnt want.go figure!

    • lisa2 says:

      Wow what a slap in the face to everyone that is a parent. I doubt people that want to have children feel that way about it. But your true point and dig was not missed by anyone reading your comment.

      there is nothing wrong with people that want children to have them. And there is nothing wrong with people not wanting to have them either.

  57. KellyinSeattle says:

    I wish they’d get married already and put us out of our misery.

    • skuddles says:

      Oh I think marriage would just prolong our misery Kelly…. the wedding, the marital woes and rumors – who’s cheating on who, the womb guessing game, and, of course, the inevitable divorce. The only way they can end our misery is to just break up. Which I suspect they will before the year is out.

      • lisa2 says:

        Please I hope they don’t break up. The tabloids seem to be moving on from that none triangle. I think it would have ended years ago if she was happily united with someone for a long period of time. So I for one.. not even a fan hope they stay together. I don’t care about getting married or having kids or whatnot. Just stay together.

        PLEASE.. fingers crossed. And I’m going to look for a 4 leaf clover for extra help.

      • Sal says:

        I wish you were right lisa2. But the loonistons are utterly OBSESSED with the triangle and hating Angelina for a fictitious event that never happened. When she was with Mayer, it was “oh, hes so hot! Jen is SO lucky!” “She has found true love”. Now (disregarding Aniston seduced and stole him from another woman, and made no attempt to hide it either) they are saying the exact same thing with troll doll (Justin), but still hating on Angelina. When they compare troll doll they don’t compare him to Mayer or even Vince Vaughn, ONLY to Brad. If when Aniston was at her happiest with Mayer and trolldoll and her fans STILL came on every gossip site to call Angelina names and spread hatred, I don’t think they’ll stop anytime soon, marriage or not. The loonistons are completely psycho and they will NEVER leave Angelina alone or stop abusing her, no matter how happy Aniston is.

      • lisa2 says:

        I’m sad that you maybe right. But yeah they are a bit nuts. Especially since the engagement. But the scary thing I read on a site is they actually think Aniston has some frozen embryos of children with Brad and that she is going to have his child with a surrogate. That it was some divorce agreement. Now she has a man and that has not helped the situation. Really that Brad would be fine with her having his children and raising them with Justin; or that Justin is some freak that will raise children that came from Aniston’s ex husband. They really are obsessed with that fantasy they thought his and Jen’s marriage was. I mean it has been almost 8 years ago. Why are they always saying how Justin is better then Brad. Sexier then Brad. More talented then Brad. That he and Jennifer are the new “power couple” Based on what exactly. But even on this site. They will trash Brad or Angie on post that are not even about them. Always with some underhanded dig. For them there is no one else but Brad or Angie.

        so I guess even if she is with someone and seemingly happy it is not enough. Damn what is it going to take.

  58. Ni says:

    Ahahahahahahaha gross. The article snippet made me vomit in my mouth a little.