Jessica Simpson Twit-pics a photo of her cleavage in public: tacky?

And so it begins. Sure, it “began” a long time ago, but since giving birth, Jessica hasn’t been on Twitter very much and she definitely hasn’t been posting photos. Until now. Jessica tweeted this photo (above) with the message, “Just taking a walk around the block… street legal???” Yes, her t-ts are street legal. But what’s the electronic device that’s getting motorboated? Is that a pager? Or will some judgemental mother tell me that OF COURSE it’s something to do with the baby or breastfeeding? Go ahead and educate me, seriously. I’m at a loss to play the “name the object between Jessica’s monumental knockers” game.

Also, I just wanted to clarify a minor point from last week’s story about Jessica. In Touch Weekly threw around a lot of numbers, and there were some complaints about inconsistencies, which I thought was kind of unfair to In Touch, believe it or not. The report was probably BS (although In Touch had some solid reporting and turned-out-to-be-true exclusives on Jessica’s pregnancy, so…), but I thought their cracked-out math was correct… or at least better than Lindsay Lohan’s. They claimed that Jessica weighed 210 pounds while pregnant, and that her “goal weight” on Weight Watchers is 130 pounds. They also said – and I believe this is a separate goal – that Jessica wants to lose 50 pounds in 5 months. So… while her goal weight is 130 IN GENERAL, she wants to mainly lose 50 pounds in 5 months, and her ultimate goal is to get down to 130. Through diet, exercise and breastfeeding, all done with her health in mind, hopefully. Personally, I think 130 is a pipedream but God bless her.

By the way, I do think she looks notably slimmer in the Twit-pic. She took it from a good angle, of course, but her face has already slimmed down and I see a hint of a waist. I was wondering if Jessica would eventually just begin to give away her “exclusives” on Twitter, and I think this might be the beginning. She won’t be all Hilary Duff about it, but I am expecting to see Twit-pics of little Maxwell Drew soon. Very soon.

Photos courtesy of Jessica’s Twitter, PCN, WENN.

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  1. Megan says:

    I’m thinking maybe a pedometer… I think 130 sounds reasonable. Isn’t she only 5’1 or 2?

    • Jacqu says:

      That’s what I was thinking too. She’s tiny. My height, and I’m 110. Then again, she has a different body type from me. With her curves, maybe 130 is too small for her?

      • bella says:

        I bumped into JS in Nov. 2011 in NYC. She was about 3 mos. pregnant I’m estimating given that she gave birth in May. She was showing – mostly in her chest for sure but I could tell that she was pregnant from her belly. She and I came nose to nose as she exited a store and I was walking without paying attention. We almost collided – we both said, Oh sorry, that’s how close we were. She is INCREDIBLY teenie tiny. If she is even 5 ft. tall, I’d be surprised. 130 lbs. is absolutely a realistic weight for her IMO. I think that everyone is way too hard on her re her weight. She’s lovely and adorable…I’m sure she’ll take the weight off.

    • kat says:

      Agree guys…I’m about Jessica’s height and body type – really curvy – and my weight is up right now too, though not that high. I’m shooting for about 130 as well, which is even a little bit big for my really petite frame but I’m being realistic and am not wanting to lose any curvage anyway.
      ETA – JS is gorgeous – from her Dukes of Hazzard weight even to her current weight.

      • Genevieve says:

        Not to be combative, but 130 lbs for someone who might not even be 5′ tall? FAIL. I am 5’9″ and 120-121 lbs. at 40. If I had ever come anywhere even CLOSE to 130 lbs during my career? I wouldn’t have HAD a career.

        Sorry, but for models, actors and celebs, they don’t get to look like “normal Janes”. Not for 10-30 million a picture or entertainment deal, they don’t.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        @Genevieve: Thanks for the very tacky post. Next time you’re checking out a BMI chart, you should see that you’re actually ‘underweight’ for your height. Guess that’s not a FAIL in your book, so congrats honey.

      • Ginger says:

        @Genevieve while you are correct in your post about Hollywood/modeling standards that doesn’t make it right or healthy. I will only work with healthy looking models. It’s just what I do…I don’t prefer the anorexic look.

      • Vesper says:


        For God’s sake, just for once I’d like to be able to get thru at least half of the comments before having to read a snarky personal comment aimed at another commentor just because there is a difference of opinion.

        Kat’s comments are not tacky, and she has a good point. Just a suggestion for u, EmmaStone, while u are entitled to ur opinion u might want to concentrate on learning how to disagree in a constructive manner.

      • MindScribe says:

        @ Vesper:

        Um, did you miss the part where Genevieve “personally attacked” Kat by saying that she was failing in aiming for 130 lbs at 5’1″? Or did you just overlook that part because you agree with her?

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    Those are definitely some nursing boobs. I still maintain that that is not a feasible, healthy weight-loss goal for her. (The 50 lbs in 5 months.) Not right now. Nor is it the WW way.

    (That thing could be one of those “step counters;” or maybe a pulse-rate or BP-tracking thingymabob. Who knows?)

    • phlyfiremama says:

      Actually, the best way to lose weight is to eat following the Paleo diet guidelines. All of the “diseases of civilization”~heart disease, diabetes, morbid obesity, autoimmune conditions to name just a few~have come about since humans started consuming grains and dairy products. Throw carbohydrtes into the mix and-boom-literally a recipe for disaster. Simply from an evolutionary, biological standpoint humans are NOT adapted to properly digest and assimilate these substances, so what results is different types of inflammation which affect the body in different ways. Sometimes sugars get stored as fats. Sometimes sugars (which is what carbohydrates break down into in the body) cause inflammation of the cardiovascular system, and are the REAL cuases of arterial blockage. Sometimes the “alien” proteins(casein from milk, glutens from grains) cause allergic reactions that manifest as various diseases. It is VERY possible for jessica to lose her weight from pregnancy, and then some, healthily. If you want to lose weight yourself, than follow these simple guidelines: limit your carbs to less than 60 grams per day. Eat all of the meats & veggies you want, but limit the fruits because they turn into sugar and unless they are organic don’t really have much to offer in the way of nutrient density. Eliminate breads (my personal downfall) and processed refined foods, ad fast foods. Pick healthy fats-olive oil, butter (yes, butter), lard, coconut oil-to eat & cook with. You WILL start losing weight, have a healthy diet, and feel better as inflammation levels-many times that are clinically undetectable- decrease.

      • LittleDeadGirl says:

        So I can eat seven steaks a day but as long as I don’t eat bread I’m good to go? You can’t say these are diseases of “civilization” since us living past forty is a relativly new thing. I don’t care what you eat if you only live to about 30 you won’t be developing any heart disease. Nor can you say what diseases people during the “paleo” time had unless you have access to some scientific data I’m not aware of. Follow whatever diet you want though.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        It’s a stricter version of the Zone diet. Works great.

        Since I cut out the processed food, the sugar, etc. The last 25 pounds melted off.

        Plus, all of it makes me sick now anyway. I do eat veg, fruit and a lot of hard boiled eggs. All organic, but we get fed that way and it makes it easier to get in that mindset.

      • Birdix says:

        why is butter ok if no dairy?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Birdix – Because butter is a “natural” fat, not dairy. I know it sounds weird, but margarine (and EVERY other partially-hydrogenated oil) actually makes the body INCREASE the bad (LDL) cholesterol. Natural fats (like those found in nuts and olive oil) increase HDL cholesterol – the good kind.

        I’ve done the “modified” Zone (or South Beach) diet before, and it really does work well for me. I just have to give up the sauce! ;)

      • Djinn says:

        If you want to lose weight, expend more energy than you consume. That is the only diet that works and it’s dead simple. That’s why cave men were thin, because it took days of hunting to get that McMammoth rib NOT because they didn’t have margarine.

      • dingdong says:

        I eat strict paleo when I’m training but as my coach pointed out all the hunter gatherers disappeared. While paleolithic foods do help people lean out significantly in a short time I doubt someone like JS will see it through as a lifestyle change and maintain.

      • phlyfiremama says:

        Its most definitely a lifestyle change, including increasing exercise by any means possible. If all you can come up with out of those guidelines is eating 7 steaks a day, than you might want to read it again. ;) The saturated fats that get such a bad rap~lard, coconut oil, butter~aren’t actually bad for you~the omega-3 fatty acids are actually the preferred food of the brain and heart, NOT glycogen (which is what all carbohydrates/sugars break down to). When there is a deficiency of these fatty acids, than the body turns towards using its glycogen stores-most of which is stored in the liver, some of which is stored in the muscles. Since the glycogen stores are used up very rapidly, it tricks the body into believing that it is starving, which causes the sugar and carb cravings and addiction that so many people struggle with. The hunter/gatherers disappeared because they started raising cattle for meat & dairy, and growing grains for breads & other products. Thats when health issues started appearing~the forensic science on mummies that have been recovered backs this up. The fact is, our diets today suck. Not only has our farmland been utterly stripped of the minerals and vitamins that made what we used to eat healthy, grains have been deliberately manipulated to produce even more gluten (which is a type of protein, of which there are several subtypes) which the body is unable to properly digest. There are varying degrees~some people are outright allergic (intolerent) and some people have sensitivity (susceptible to adverse effects but not a hypersensitive allergic reaction). Very few poeple can actually fully tolerate it with no adverse reaction. The tricky part is the casein protein in dairy can cross react with the gluten proteins (prolamines are what ALL gluten free diets are based on, even though there are multiple gluten proteins). All of the “gluten free” guideline are based on outdated research done in the 50′s on strictly the gluten protein prolamine. ALL GRAINS have gluten in them. Period. Even my beloved quinoa. So that means no corn, no rice, no barley, no oats,etc. But I digress~do your own research, I have. I have a Masters Degree in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine and am a Licensed Acupuncturist, but virtually all of my nutritional knowledge has been gained from continuing education since I graduated. The science and research are there, you just have to find it. Check out Standard Process. Check out the Gluten Free Society. Check out Spectracell. Follow the rabbit trail~

      • Vesper says:

        Thanks ladies for some excellent information about eating healthy.

        From the little reading I have done, I have learned that eating healthy – no processed foods, whole raw foods, organic products as much as possible including meat and dairy – all have a significant impact on age related diseases and in slowing down the aging process in general. For example, sugar significantly increases the aging (see glycation) so it is important to keep even natural sugar to a minimum (i.e. eat fruit rather than 100% no sugar added juice as it has less sugar and more fibre). It is surprising to how one little step like increasing omega 3 intake can have serious long term effects on the health of the body and brain (and as a futher bonus on appearance – skin, hair and nails will keep that healthy glow. With eating healthy (way beyond just counting calories), and proper exercise, a healthy weight is inevitable.

      • LittleDeadGirl says:

        I get that the diet is more complex but I was responding to what YOU posted which word for word said I could eat as much meat and vegetable as I pleased. You can’t possibly think eating as much protein as I please is healthy.

        Bottom line is every human being is different and has different nutritional requirements. I have a huge distaste for nutrionists who have a one size fits all diet for everyone and claim to be able to cure every disease when no long term research has been done. I’m with you on increasing exercise and increasing vegetables and you can talk about the paleo diet but try and phrase it in a less preachy way, especially on a gossip site.

  3. Susan says:

    I remember how hard it was to cover up lactating boobs. They spilled out of everything. But the Clip on thingy and the open mouth is not helping her game.

  4. Jackie O says:

    she really knows how to keep herself in the spotlight. so gross.

    now, we will have to suffer through months of weight loss drama. way to work it, jessica.

    • Jill says:

      Agreed. When is anything she does not tacky? You can’t buy class…

    • Carolyn says:

      Doesn’t Jess realise that the more she puts out free PR (Twitter etc) that she lowers her magazine “exclusive story” rate? Why pay to read People mag when we can read her nonsense for free on the net?

  5. jano1981 says:

    Its a pedometer. I think. Poor thing looks like she has a butt crack on her chest. I would be so uncomfortable.

  6. lassie says:

    What’s with the Donetella Versace hair color and length? The last thing you need to deal with with a newborn is haircare. Cut it off.

    • Len says:

      So once you’ve had a baby you shoudn’t have long hair? Are you one of those moms who got a mom-haircut?

      • thinkaboutit says:

        Well…I don’t agree that moms need to hack it all off, but JS did say she hated working out because it took time away from the baby. So by her own logic, hair care should be at the bottom of her list of priorities.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I’m a mom of two and have hair down to my shoulder blades. I just brush it out and put it up if it’s in my way or the baby is pulling on it. I used to straighten it with a flat iron every day, but now that I have the kids I just let it take it’s natural wave. It doesn’t look perfect, but it’s worlds better than a possum Kate Gosslin ‘do.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Mort – I kept my hair-to-my-bum length with the first and third. I just put it in a bun or a ponytail. And what I wouldn’t GIVE for some natural wave. (With the second, I was SO SICK and my hair SO DAMAGED from the dehydration that I had it chopped to chin-length.)

        Oh well, I embraced my naturally iron-board straight hair (and my natural colour) in my late 20′s. I’m good! :)

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        My hair is down to the small of my back. I hesitate to cut it because it is so healthy. I try not to use heat on it anymore.

        I’ve had every haircut in the book, but I refuse to go soccer mom now that I have hit 40.

        Simpleton has been wearing fake hair for years. What ever happened to Ken Paves? I thought he was her boy?

      • Vesper says:

        From my personal experience, long hair is so much easier than short. As an adult I’ve usually had long hair. Wash, blow dry, and it looks great, up or down. Every day is a great hair day. Go to sleep, wake up, it still looks the same.

        So disappointed when I went short. Every day was a hassle trying to blow it dry and getting it to look right. I needed so much product most of the time it looked dirty. Every day was a bad hair day. And it looked even worse, if I slept on it. In the morning it was sticking up all over. So sexy for sleepovers. And, the number of haircuts I needed to keep it’s shape, was beyond ridiculous.

    • thinkaboutit says:

      Jessica SImpson clip-in hair extensions, natch.

      • lassie says:

        I don’t have a problem with long, healthy hair for moms, but I do have a problem with fake, horsey hair. The color, texture and the length are different from the car picture to this one. Obviously, it is not her real hair, and if I can figure it out, it is pretty bad. And yes, I have mom hair, which I find easier to take care of, and which I rock.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @bells, that takes commitment! I’ve tried to grow my hair out more, but it just never looks as healthy. I always end up spending too much time brushing out tangles at longer lengths. I do dye my hair, but I’ve found keratin treatments do wonders for minimizing breakage and making it feel silky smooth. However, I’m pretty sure those treatments contain formaldehyde. Maybe I could save a couple of bucks and dump some on my hair at work ;P

  7. tripmom says:

    I think the black thingy is diet related. A friend of mine wears one. It’s a pedometer but it does a ton more. Somehow it’s linked to a program where it tracks how many calories you’re burning all day by monitoring your heart rate or something, and the program keeps track of what you eat and then you get credits for exercising or something. It sounded incredibly complicated and I was thinking, “wouldn’t it be easier to just, you know, eat less and move more?”

    • the original bellaluna says:

      It would be easier, yes. But I still want one of those thingies, just because. :) (I, however, will not wear it in my cleavage. I don’t need anything else attracting attention to my already-bodacious tatas.)

      • ahoyhoy says:

        I’ve known many people who tried to use pedometers —probably cheaper ones, but still, they have to be bounced or reliably move on each step to accurately count your mileage.
        They don’t always bounce when on the hip, and I’m imagining Jessica was looking for somewhere she KNEW would bounce with every step! ha!

        (I used to be a waitress, and over the years many co-workers tried pedometers to count how many miles they walked in a week, etc. They were never very accurate, but nobody at work ever tried clipping them to the boobage.)

      • bluhare says:

        Pedometers need to be calibrated to your step so they can semi-accurately count how far you’ve walked/run. Having one on your chest wouldn’t accomplish that. Most people wear them on their waist.

        This is probably going to be the last JS post I click on. I thought she went way overboard on her pregnancy and I sure as hell don’t have the patience to listen to however many months/years it takes her to drop the weight. It’s going to be a while with 80 pounds to lose.

        And I’m probably in a minority here, but 130 lbs at 5’2″ seems high especially for someone in an area where looks and body are everything.

      • moonriver says:

        Totally agree bluhare. My sister and I are very into fitness–she’s a runner. She’s 5’7, a medium frame, and 130ish pounds. She doesn’t look ‘too thin’ either. i’m 5’5 and 120, medium frame and EXTREMELY curvy (imo. 30e. Ugh). Being curvy to me isn’t a reason to weight a large amount more. Even though it feels like they weigh a ton, boobs don’t weigh that much. Muscle weighs more.
        Since she’s at most 5’1, I can’t see her having any problem getting to 110-120. Honestly, as someone already said, height-wise.she’s a little bit of a thing. 110-120 isn’t too much to ask. And no one yell at me about her daisy duke days being unattainable. She said she was 115, and i’m certain she padded that weight to sound healthier and more realistic. At 5 ft, 115 wouldn’t be all ribs and collar bone. I think she was like 90-100 then, but she was saying at the time she was taller.
        Also, I think I read she’d already lost 30lbs and is 180 now, wanting to be 130 in 5 months.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @moonriver, agree with most of what you’re saying except the part that boobs don’t weigh a lot. There’s a formula used by bra fitters to determine proper fit and they’ve determined the average weight of different size breasts. For example, I’m a G cup and apparently each of my breasts weighs 8 lbs! That’s 16 lbs of boobs (quite a lot of weight if you ask me). Looking at Jessica, I’m guessing she’s larger than a G and is probably carrying at least 20 lbs on her chest.

      • moonriver says:

        Double post

      • moonriver says:

        I’m sorry about the 16lbs. Eesh. I know she used to be a d cup, and now…. I can’t go there because of the breastfeeding. I wonder how much my boobs weigh… Hm. I guess my whole point is in the grand scheme of things it’s very achievable, and lower is achievable for her, if she’s actually honest about both height and weight. If she actually were 5’3/5’4 130 is completely reasonable, given her boobs and frame, but because I think she’s like 5′and has lied/fibbed about her height and subsequently her weight at said height, 110/120 is achievable and for her frame. Thanks for the mammary info ;)

      • skuddles says:

        Holy moly Ms Mort, that’s some serious boobage you’ve got going on! Do you ever experience any back pain from the G girls? You’ll have to pardon my awe… I was a barely-B cup most of my adult life, now bordering on a C as I’m older and heavier. But my sis is (easily) a D cup and she gripes about back trouble – in fact she just told me recently she’s thinking of having them reduced.

      • Umlaut says:

        You’re right — 130 is at the very top of the BMI chart. I’m about the same size as Jessica, with a similar build: muscular and very athletic with real curves (D cup, up to G when I nursed, to offer too much information). I weigh 106.

        The weight/height numbers seem weird to me. I have a hard time believing 130 is really her goal weight, especially given the access she has to trainers, dietitians, amazing clothes, and so forth.

  8. Dusty says:

    Tweeting your engorged mams?! Is that really neccesary?

    • ahoyhoy says:

      It’s her response to all the pap pictures that have been published since giving birth—the most unflattering shots of her ‘big’ butt, bending over, gut hanging—as any new mother has.
      I think it’s all in fun.

    • autumndaze says:

      Jessica is the Queen of “no filter”.

    • skuddles says:

      I agree. No one will ever accuse JS of having too much (okay, any) class. The crazy cleavage is one thing but why is her mouth hanging open like that? Are you a new Mommy or a blow up doll??

  9. Winnie says:

    As far as the poundage math, I was thinking she was 210 when she gave birth, but that now she is 50 pounds from 130 (180) The other 30 she probably lost at the delivery and the first weeks post partum?

    • says:

      Makes perfect sense. I gained 42 lbs during pregnancy and 1 week after having my baby I had lost nearly 25 (no exercise, no diet).

  10. says:

    I think it’s a pedometer/heart rate monitor. You enter your weight, height and other info and it measures your heart rate, and from this it calculates exactly how many calories you burn.

    No hint of a waist- you can definitely see that from the latest pics on The Mail.

  11. Franny says:

    I just feel like she didnt really gain that much. if you showed me that last picture, I wouldn’t know if it was from the before or after being pregnant

  12. Rita says:

    It’s a lactation pressure monitor. It’s important to keep the pressure balanced at all times….same as in your tires.

    • autumndaze says:

      Hahaha. You slay me, Rita ;0)

    • Sugar says:

      thats so funny! I can hear the warning in my head “unable to regulate pressure, alert-alert, they’re going to blow!

      • Rita says:

        If there is an imbalance in the pressure one has a tendancy to walk around in circles.

        While driving with an imbalanced condition, the red warning light on her dash board will prevent her from continually making left turns.

    • Vesper says:

      OMG, that’s f*king hilarious! I thought u were serious at first.

  13. tmbg says:

    After I got past the shock of seeing those “girls” smiling for the camera, I looked up close at her hair and am seriously envious. She’s either bleached or colored yet her ends look so healthy. I would do anything for that kind of hair.

    • thinkaboutit says:

      Don’t be jealous, just go buy some healthy blonde hair of your “own,” like she did. You can’t really believe that’s her own hair…

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Just speculation but I’m pretty sure those are the extensions. Look at the last pic of her from behind in her workout clothes. Those ends are pretty stressed and the length is MUCH shorter. So, unless her hair grew a good 4 inches in less than a month, I’m guessing those are extensions.

      • tmbg says:

        I really thought that was her hair since she has always had long hair for as long as I can remember, even way back in 2000 before she married Nick.

        I figured she just had bed head in the last photo and didn’t run a comb through it. Hair can look fried when it’s matted and mussed up. Plus I figured the waviness in the last pic was the reason it looked shorter, since in the first pic, her hair looks flat ironed.

        But yeah, I suppose they are extensions, which makes me wonder if she’s had them all these years. I’m not that observant!

        PS – on the subject of hair, how the heck did Halle Berry go from a pixie to that mop? Is it a wig or would she actually get a weave for curls like that?

    • Dhavy says:

      my mom is a hairdresser and she advised me to wait a month before coloring my hair since hormones are still going crazy and I might end up with a different shade. I chopped my hair while I was pregnant because I live in Miami and most of my pregnancy was during the hotter months, I couldn’t wait for my hair to grow back, then you have those horrible months when you seriously think you are going to end up bald from all the hair falling…I’m glad that’s over. She shouldn’t be using extentions though because when her hair starts falling she’s going to need her hair to be healthy. I don’t get why people use them, they damage your natural hair

    • NerdMomma says:

      Yeah that is some Barbie-doll looking plastic hair. She and Lindsay Lohan must use the same hairdresser.

  14. Ashley says:

    She always was trashy and acted like a moron. Nothing is change. Close your mouth you look like a cheap porn star.

  15. ahoyhoy says:

    I have had a few different gastrointestinal issues since my mid-20′s, and my metabolism has been screwed since then. I fluctuate back and forth between 100-140 pounds, and I’m 5’7″.

    I happen to have inherited good boobs, very round & perky whether I was a B or a D cup. Every time I gained a few pounds, until my late-30′s, it went straight to my boobs first—and I always liked having ‘wardrobe fun’ with my temporary overwhelming cleavage, whenever it came about.
    I think Jessica is just having fun here. She knows it’s temporary, as I did/do—but it IS fun to enjoy your ridiculous big bazooms while you have ‘em! I’ve heard pregnant/nursing friends say exactly the same!

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      I don’t know…Jess has always had huge knockers….remember that cringe inducing quote from her Dad from years ago? Ugh.

  16. bettyrose says:

    Lol. If you got ‘em flaunt ‘em. Those things don’t last forever.

  17. twoblues says:

    She seems to be most proud of her chest so it’s no wonder she wants everyone to get a look.

    • Nikki Girl says:

      Agreed. This seems to be the only thing she has to offer the world- her boobs.

      I find her to be an annoying twit and crap like this just reinforces that belief. She is constantly coming across as an insecure, desperate woman with no iota of intelligence, and as an educated, hard-working, independent woman myself, I just don’t get her or why people like her.

  18. hatsumomo says:


    I know thats immature but its all you see! Poor thing though, her face looks very swollen and puffy. I know when I gained weight I could still tell myself “At least I still have my face”.

  19. Jennifer12 says:

    I think it’s a pedometer? Odd picture to choose to put on Twitter.

  20. Mew says:

    Eww. I can only imagine how sweaty it is between there and I really DON’T want to have that mental image. Thanks Jess!

  21. Smarty says:

    Chesty McFierceon is on the move!

  22. Lisa says:

    Tacky, only because it’s Jessica Simpson, and she has her mouth open like a blow-up doll. Stop.

  23. Sadie says:

    Are breasts that offensive to you guys?

    • sans says:

      That’s what I was thinking, it sounds like there’s a lot of “ew cover up your gross body for the sake of our precious eyes”. Just silliness. The truth is that some women gain a ton of weight while pregnant. Sometimes due to eating too much, sometimes due to hormonal reasons, and sometimes due issues that are none of anyone else’s business. They’re breasts, they’re hips, they’re large because she just had a baby and she has a shirt on that makes her comfy. Good for her.

    • tripmom says:

      It’s not that she has breasts, or that she’s wearing a shirt that doesn’t do much to hide them. It’s that she took a moment out of her day to take a picture of her own cleavage and post it for the whole world to see. It’s not about boobs, it’s about her behaviour. Do you really not see the distinction?

      • sans says:

        I guess sharing a funny/weird aspect of post-preggo life doesn’t offend me like it does you. If she was on the cover of In Touch in a bikini talking about the miracle of her post-baby weight loss maybe it would bother you less?

  24. Genevieve says:

    Tacky. Wayyyy tacky. But, truly…doesn’t Jessica usually display her tacky gene regularly?

    I currently live in Jessica’s native state of Texas, and I can tell you that most of the women here are all about the boobs and hair (usually purchased, not gifted by nature). It is BEYOND annoying. I have never seen any place, other than Beverly Hills, where the natives indulge in such physical excess and unimaginable pride in flaunting their fakery. I think it’s a Texas thing with Jessica. Tackiness pretty much rules here.

    Come to think of it…get me back home and the hell out of this ridiculous state, lol!

  25. Palermo. says:

    and this is why people make fun of her … she gets mad when the paps get her and say unflattering things but then she herself takes pictures like these. Yes they are totally tacky. So many women today have no class whatsoever.

  26. Jayna says:

    I don’t find that attractive at all. She has great boobs when she’s thinner. But at this weight those suckers look like massive saggy, droopy boobs I bet out of clothes.

  27. DemoCat827 says:

    Don’t you mean “Tit-pics”? ;)

  28. Marisa says:

    If that’s a pedometer, it really should be attached to get shoe to get the most accurate reading. Then again, maybe the motorboating effect doubles/triples her steps….

  29. Amanda G says:

    Who cares about her body, look at those ugly sunglasses!

  30. Reece says:

    Clearly I’m the only one who looked at this and went “Huh?” I mean I get it but I don’t get it…

  31. ummm says:

    I agree with the person above that says this was a shot at all the tabloids & paps stalking her. There all follwoing her for the money shot so they can sell it. BY her tweeting this herself kills the money shot & no one gets paid & maybe they will leave her alone now for abit.

    If you look at some of the pap shots they were taking with a zoom lens & ass targets & looking for boobs. Quite unfair actually but seems to be the goal when related to Jessica.. She in my book played them at there own game.

    As far as Maxwell goes she has already said she would use her site & we would get pics of baby M at times.. there will be a method of course & reason & why not?

    Niki I think Jessica is more independant then ever given credit for.. She is extrememly smart actually & knows her game well. People actually that get the chance to meet her & hang with her said she is a beautiful person inside & out & just loads of fun. The mass media portrays & she plays it someone she really isn’t.

    she has never admitted to weight gained & how much & everyone differs on what that is.

    People that complain about now we have to follow all the weight loss drama well really you don’t. NO one is holding a gun to your head & its your choice to read the article or skim over it or click or not click. When you do look it means you really are interested or maybe have a liking for a small bit of bullying.

    Clearly she still has a huge following & if you check GOOGLE she is & always has been high in the searches. That is why the tabs still follow her because its shows people want to know what she will do next. There is the media & gossip sites that feed off of that. Look at celebitchy site here when a story comes about Jessica & she clearly gives Celebitchy hits as she does with every other site. Thats the game.

    I say go Jessica.. lol boobs no boobs,filter no filter & she sells an awesome clothing line for people with a middle income & them shoes are dynomite.. LOL NO dumb blonde here.. lol

  32. nancypants says:

    Okay, I’m chiming in.

    First of all, this young lady has more money than you and I combined will ever have in our entire lives AND I don’t think she’s nearly as dumb as she acts.

    In fact, I think much of her dumb blond act IS mostly an act.

    That being said, she did gain a ton of weight while pregnant and she claimed that she was eating crap all the while which was not good for her or the baby but she could have been lying.

    Girl has bank.
    She could have been gaining a lot of weight via healthy foods and a Personal Chef.
    No matter how healthy the food if you eat more than you burn you’re going to gain weight.

    She’s short. An extra 20 or 30 lbs on a short woman is going to look a lot different than on a tall woman and she did get a multi-million dollar contract from Weight Watchers.

    I’m also going to state this and probably get some hate but I often see women who are very large/overweight showing a LOT of cleavage and skin because even though they are very large and overweight they often have great cleavage and skin.

  33. palermo says:

    I forgot to say what makes the photo look particularly ridiculous is how her mouth is hanging open like she thinks that is sexy, about to do a blowjob scenario

  34. aud says:

    she looks a lot thinner already, imo

    good for her. 50 pounds sounds like a bit much in 5 months. But the weight should come off of her pretty easily since she has a lot to lose.

    I think the first 20-30 will be no problem. It’s the last 20 or so which I think will be a struggle for her cause it will require so much dieting dedication and exercise.

    Idk if she’ll stick to it either. :/ I see a Kirstie Alley kind of future for her. She doesn’t seem dedicated to fitness, honestly.

  35. ummm says:

    BJ job ….. NO… but DUH look which follows her image as ditzy sounds better & she is far from ditzy. lol

    People mag had a video out along with the cover & they were highly impressed with Jessica in the video & Eric much more then was ever printed in the mag. Interesting they never chose to print any of it.

    Interesting Dolly Parton is one of Jessica’s major idols & Dolly does not take anywhere near the flack that Jess does & Dolly comes often with lots of TMI & her boobs are fake. Who shows more boobies then DOLLY.. its quite interesting to watch all this.

    50 lbs in 5 months depends on the female involved. WE will wait & see .. everyone has there own experience with weight loss after pregnancy & none are perfect. Why women judge other women for something they all experince in different ways rather then embracing each other & the knowledge they can give each other baffles me many time. yeah I can get testy with the best of them but pregnant with with child is not one of them. Too many varibles.

  36. Khalesi says:

    I’m 5’1 and curvy. At 115 now, but look best at 110. So hard being petite since you gain a pound and it looks like ten. 130 at my heaviest and I looked gargantuan. So I assume JS would hope to drop down to ~115.

  37. fran says:

    That’s a FITBIT a pedometer that also helps you with calories and stuff like that. I’ve just got one for myself and they suggest you to put it on your bra!

  38. msjen# says:

    Ther is nothing I have ever liked about her. A repulsive skank fake christian. Nauseating.

  39. msjen# says:

    There is nothing I have ever liked about her. A repulsive skank fake christian. Nauseating.

  40. msjen# says:

    And she’s a christian! Lol YEAAAAAH! SICK.

  41. Ginger says:

    Yep definitely nursing boobs. I remember all too well. Mine were huge as well and veiny. I couldn’t wait to go back to my normal size. When my breasts got so big I recall thinking that some women actually pay to be this size. Personally, I couldn’t stand it. I was so uncomfortable. Apparently Jess doesn’t seem to mind, so good for her!

  42. Ali says:

    Not sure what a boob shot has to do with taking a walk, but it’s Jessica Simpson, so I’ll just go with it. However, good for her for aiming to get healthy. I can’t knock her for that.

    Also. I couldn’t reply above, but muscle does not weigh more than fat. It’s a common refrain, but a totally false one. A pound is a pound.

  43. irishserra says:

    Definitely a pic I would never post, but I feel for this girl. My boobs look exactly like hers and I haven’t nursed in 10 years! Fortunately, I’m 5’7″ but I still have an incredible boob issue, have since I was in fourth grade.

    It is so damned difficult to find ANYTHING that doesn’t make me look ridiculous. Scoop neck, V-neck, you name it, my boobs don’t fit into anything. I often leave the house in turtle necks, long sleeves, sweaters buttoned up to the top, even the hot southern summer because I’m so self conscious about the boobs and can’t seem to find anything that doesn’t showcase them.

    Gah! Okay, rant is over. Poor Jess. She is a ridiculous girl, but I just don’t have it in me to dislike her and I hope she is able to achieve a reasonable weight that she is happy with.

  44. ummm says:

    I don’t believe religion has any place on a gossip tabloid site that continually judges others but with that said lets go with don’t judge that that will be judged. Im not a holy then though person but am also pretty firm in what I believe & religion comes in many phases. IT has many readings in many diffferent sects & to me its a guide line for life & you make your choices from that.

    It truly is bothersome when someone that gets nauseated & doesn’t like someone or find much fascinating would spend time also reading about them only to belittle them. So much more enjoyable to follow someone that interests you.

    Marriage is in the eyes of god to me & could be with a GVT sanction piece of paper.. Doesn’t have to be.. Adam & EVE married in the eyes of God. NO gvt neeeded.. hey they only wore fig leaves

    Religion continually changes daily. Not one of them is perfect.

    IM done.. GO Jess..:)

  45. Kosmos says:

    No, I would never post a pic like that either…like her, I guess, but her breasts are definitely too large, even when they are not filled with milk. Later on in life, they will become saggy and heavy, so she will either want to have them reduced and/or firmed up. I think they’re just too big for her normal body size.