“Is Shakira pregnant with Gerard Pique’s baby?” links

Is Shakira knocked up? If she is, the father is Gerard Pique. [LaineyGossip]
Bedhead’s Review of Brave: Pixar officially wimps out. [Pajiba]
Anderson Cooper will slap you silly if you try to take his photo. [Dlisted]
Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone in Rome. [Pop Sugar]
Pregnant Snooki falls down because of her dumb shoes. [Celebuzz]
Heidi Klum forgot her drawers. [Yeeeah]
I know it‘s become a punchline, but I love Beaches. [Pajiba]
Beyonce really needs to stop with that wig. [Bossip]
Blondes who went ginger: a gallery. [Evil Beet]
Kate Beckinsale seems weirdly and badly Photoshopped. [Popoholic]
Kristen Stewart let it all hang out in On the Road. [The Blemish]
J.LO RUFFLE BOOBS. [Go Fug Yourself]
Doutzen Kroes has an unlimited supply of bikinis. [A Socialite Life]
I love this “Proud Mary” video. So much. [Gawker]
Miley Cyrus continues to make me jelly. [Amy Grindhouse]
Did Adele have a drinking problem? [LimeLife]
Minka Kelly has a bangin‘ body. [ICYDK]
I really do feel for Jack Osbourne. [CDAN]
Jessica Capshaw gave birth to her THIRD kid. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]

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  1. Maguita says:

    I’ll be the first then,

    TGIF EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BELLALUNA, THE CRACKTINIS if you please!

  2. Bubulle says:

    Ew Piqué is a huge cheater, hope it’s not true.

    • Gene Parmesan says:

      wow really?? receipts!! Cos i love them together, i actually squealed like an idiot when i saw the headline

      • Bubulle says:

        Well she dumped him last year after finding out he has been cheating then took him back and now the spanish tabloids are saying he cheated again but this time with Leo D.’s ex. Just google Pique and cheating.

  3. cupidityrox! says:

    Can’t wait for the Entourage movie!!!

  4. someone says:

    gerard pique is so beautiful…god bless UEFA 2012..and the rest of that beautiful spanish team

    • Ana says:

      Fernando Torres makes me weak, not even gonna lie.

    • Brittany says:

      Before they were playing today, my roommate and I were just saying, ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ as they panned over the players’ faces… *melt*

  5. serena says:

    doesn’t seem so.

  6. atorontogal says:

    Who cares. Her politics and anti-semitism make me sick. She should stick to singing and in all other circumstances keep her mouth shut!

  7. Gabriella says:

    Hey! I think you should cover the bullied bus monitor story that’s been buzzing the internet over the last 2 days.

  8. keats says:

    She’s from my hometown! My mind would be BLOWN if that was covered here !

  9. corny says:

    I can’t even muster up a care

  10. Snowpea says:

    I thought it was LEANN masquerading as BRANDI!

    I must have a lie down with cucumbers over my eyes and Enya crooning softly in the background ; )

  11. Courtney says:

    so what they’re in love and it’s natural to want children with someone with whom your in love. for example Raphel Elkind has two beautiful boys Peter & Henry with his wife of nearly 18 years Melissa Newman who herself has been around holllywood her entire life while considering who her parents were/are thats not a jump and they actually live on the same property where she grew up in Westport Connecticut and he and his brother in law Scott Southerlund are very close to their mother in law Joanne Woodward not that their other brother in law Gary Irving isn’t but Nell & Gary live in California though they did go back to CT for a year or so when her dad Paul was dying of lung cancer and the immediate aftermath to help care for Joanne who was understandably heartbroken and lost after being in love for so many years

  12. Ramona Q. says:

    Well, that’s disappointing that “Brave” isn’t very good. I was really hoping to love that movie. Roger Ebert wasn’t blown away either. Although, from the previews, her hair is so distracting!

  13. Courtney says:

    @originaltiffany I can’t help it Ms Woodward has been my favoirte actress since I was a little girl. if you don’t like it ignore my posts. @Paranormalgirl I can’t help it if I forget punctuation sometimes try being visually impaired and or autistic as I am before you critcize. @Corny what I said was my opinion not a diatribe be quiet and I hadn’t actually had any caffine yet today when I posted that

    • OMSS says:

      I’m sorry Courtney.

      Why do people feel the need to make comments about the structure of other people’s comment(s) on a celebrity gossip website? I have never understood the need to do so. It is very personal. If you can’t understand what has been stated, keep it moving. You never know someone else’s situation…

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I’m only speaking for myself here, but some of us (myself included) have “proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar” drilled into our heads from a very young age.

        On the Internet, there’s a lot of stuff going on of which others are unaware: things like Courtney’s conditions; frantic Stans; the Kanye “Kaps Lock” Syndrome; etc…that sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

        I’m not making excuses; I’m just trying to offer the same insight Courtney just provided us.

      • OMSS says:


        I understand your point, but that is the reason for why I rarely go in on people who simply make comments- she was not rude or disrespectful to anyone here. There was no need to mock her like that.
        Sometimes I feel like retiring from places like this (yes, I am aware of the title of this website, but I have noticed a real shift in last few years on this website and others in the way people treat one another). Can we just focus on the celebs up for discussion? JMO

  14. juicyjackie says:

    “Is Shakira knocked up? If she is, the father is Gerard Pique”

    WOW do celebitchy know who is getting into my vagina too??? Its like you have spies everywhere!!!!

  15. the original bellaluna says:

    If she’s pregnant, she sure doesn’t look it.

    I’m just happy to finally see a Pixar character chick with L-O-N-G hair! Seems like Pixar chicks always have short hair or bobs. I read the comments from others who went to see Brave, and most of them were positive.

    Pregnant Snooki needs to realise that these falls (and trying to protect the baby when she lands) are going to take a toll on her for THE REST OF HER LIFE. I fell more than a few times whilst pregnant with my oldest (really underweight when I got pregnant; rapid weight gain 2nd trimester; and subsequent shift of gravity) and messed myself up so bad that when I started to get big with my second child, my sciatic was so bad my leg gave out upon standing. WEAR FLATS, IDIOT GIRL.

    I also love Beaches. It’s one of my favourite movies, right up there with Terms of Endearment. (I watched both with my Mum.)

    I think Jack being fired is a violation of the ADA. He should look into that. And if Tig or Trigg or Trapp or whatever Sarah Palin’s husband’s name is is “qualified” as a star for that show, so is Jack.

    (Maguita, apologies for being so fashionably late – since it’s Sunday, would you like a crackmosa instead?) ;)