Garrett Hedlund’s audition for Finnick Odair “went very well”: could he pull it off?

Garrett Hedlund Kirsten Dunst

Here’s some photos of Kirsten Dunst and boyfriend Garrett Hedlund strolling around while eating watermelon in New York City. They look pretty satisfied together, right? Not to mention much more believable than Kiki and Jake Gyllenhall, who dated forever ago.

Garrett’s career is heating up pretty fast these days, and he’s been floated as a possibility to fill the role of Finnick Odair in Catching Fire. To me, this possibility isn’t quite as interesting as the rumor for which Robert Pattinson fell and then was very sad about when Sparkles learned he was certainly not a possibility for the job. I’ve been wanting producers to cast Taylor Kitsch as Finnick — even though Kitsch might be considered box-office poison after the twin commercial failures of John Carter and Battleship, his presence wouldn’t impact the virtual certainty of another Hunger Games hit. Then Twilight author Stephenie Meyer seconded the motion for Kitsch in the role, but MTV reported that he wasn’t interested at all. Armie Hammer’s name has also circulated in the mix, but now the rumors are coming back to Garrett Hedlund. Lainey has the scoop on this story:

Garrett Hedlund Kirsten Dunst

I’m told that Hedlund auditioned for the part of Finnick in Catching Fire for director Francis Lawrence about 10 days ago. It went very well. No final decisions yet but interest in Armie Hammer seems to have waned since Hammer wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as Lawrence was about him. Am told they’re still seeing people. But their priority right now isn’t so much casting as it is about getting the script in better shape.

Is that the right move for Hedlund anyway? He’s supposed to start shooting a movie called Lullaby in New York this month with Richard Jenkins and Amy Adams. Jenkins plays Hedlund’s dying father. It’s a family drama and sounds like an actor’s showcase which would likely do more for him artistically than a supporting role in The Hunger Games franchise.

[From Lainey Gossip]

So would Hedlund be great in this role, or is he just another pretty face? Whomever plays Finnick must not only be devastatingly handsome but also be able to pull off the sexiness and vulnerability of the District 4 victor. Hedlund certainly has the looks to pull it off, and this fact is fairly evident from these press photos from Cannes. He’s kind of dreamy for sure.

Garrett Hedlund Kirsten Dunst

Garrett Hedlund

Garrett Hedlund

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News and WENN

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  1. cmc says:

    In the least creepy way possible (…), can we see the man with his shirt off? Then I’ll know whether he’d be a good Finnick. His face ain’t doin’ it for me and Finnick is supposed to be traffic-stopping, needle-scratching-on-the-record hot.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      He looks a lot better without that scruff on his face, and he could bulk up. He’s got the body for it, plus he’s like 6’2″ or taller.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        See, I actually like him BETTER with the scruff, Bella. I never thought he was hot but lately I’ve been crushing on him. I think it’s the facial hair-he looks less “pretty boy” to me now…he’s sexy……

      • Liv says:

        Yeah, but can he capture the character? I mean Finnick’s like narcissistic and arrogant first and then later pretty vulnerable – plus the big “secret” which many winners share.

        Armie Hammer would be perfect, he’s apparently good-looking and athletic. I would believe him playing Finnick in Mockingjay.

        But Hedlund is great as well, so I’d be happy with both of them ;-)

    • Amelia says:

      He’s giving off a James McAvoy look almost, and I like the scruffy face too OriginalKitten.
      I think he could maybe pull it off, but isn’t Finnick supposed to be very early twenties and quite fresh faced? With make-up, I suppose …
      I think he’s probably the closest we’ll get to Finnick. I’d be happy to watch him ^^

  2. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Jessie Williams from grey anatomy

    • Lukie says:

      If that is the guy from the second traveling pants movie, I agree.

      It’s weird, but I never saw Finnick as white…

  3. Glimmer Bunny says:

    He’s PERFECT!!! He’s exactly who I envisioned while reading the book, and he’s such a great actor too (unlike Kitch, wtf is up with that suggestion?)

    I really hope it’s officially announced soon, the suspense is killing me!

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      If he bulks up then I can see it. I love that he is tall. That bummed me out about Peeta. Finnick has to be suave, sexy, smart and vulnerable. I hope he is a good actor.

      If only Henry Cavill were younger…

      • Glimmer Bunny says:

        Oh yeah, a younger Henry cavill would be awesome. What do you think about Matt bomer for the role? He looks a lot like Cavill and I think he’s younger.

      • Xas says:

        Actually Henry Cavill is younger than Matthew Bomer. Cavill was born in 1983 and Bomer in 1977

  4. beyonce's bump says:

    I think he would be a great finnick. Did anyone see him in country strong? with the southern twang in his voice, lol. Yea he cool.

  5. Dorothy#1 says:

    Yes!!!! I really love him! He was wonderful in Tron and Country Strong.

  6. birdie says:

    I find him so hot and I am not into pretty boys usually. He has got that thick accent, he is from Minnesota and grew up on a farm..maybe I like that about him! He should be way more famous!!

  7. Naye in VA says:

    I think he can get the vulnerability down okay. he did well in Tron. I just dont know if he can pull off panty wet sex appeal. he’s certainly handsome but he isn’t…suave?

  8. Molly says:

    I think he’d be absolutely perfect! Not to mention he’s a fantastic actor and very good looking :)

  9. the original bellaluna says:

    If you’ve seen him in Four Brothers, you KNOW he has “vulnerability” down. He could totally do it!

    (But what about Jesse Williams?)

    • Naye in VA says:

      Right. While Collins never mentions race specifically just the way she describes District 11 in Catching Fire kinda makes you go “yea this is where they’d put the Black folks” She did a great job of being ambiguous about race while making it clear that appearance still plays a part in Panem, like the Seam and the Merchants

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      I just re-read the books. She clearly says Rue and Thresh have dark skin multiple times.
      I cannot understand people who complain about the casting. Rue was beautiful and very Prim like, but darker, just like it says in the damn book.

      Some people obviously do not read for comprehension. Even my kids knew what color skin Rue and Thresh were supposed to have and loved them.

      We all cried when Rue died. Great little actress-she’s going to be gorgeous!

  10. Lady Lupton says:

    If it was about looks only I’d say Taylor Kitsch but since Finnick goes through significant character development and will require a good actor to take the part, I think Garrett will do much better.

    Crikey, I’m bitchy today.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Paul Walker would make a totally hot Finnick.

    • Choupette says:

      Oh yes he would! Good call! Isn’t the Finnick character supposed to be in his 30′s? Early 30′s? This guy is a bit young if so. Not really my idea of a woman magnet like in the book. I wouldn’t give him my tribute. But Paul Walker? Tribute from dusk til dawn.

    • Dorothy#1 says:

      He is way to old!! Cute though :)

      • Ooooooo! So delicious. Use Paul Walker. Exercise artistic license. Finnick is supposed to inspire thoughts of lust and bedding. Paul Walker does that. Dude in the photo? No thank you.

        Peeta was supposed to be taller so what’s a few years on Finnick?

    • Naye in VA says:

      Paul Walker looks good, but his acting always feels static to me..jmo

      • Yes, please! He’s great looking, and his acting is better than many of the younger pretty boys including those two that were in the “Hunger Games”.

  12. Jen says:

    They’d have to clean him up a lot . . . he always looks dirty to me!

  13. cupidtyrox says:

    Sorry to ask guys but what’s so great about this Finnick character? I havn’t read any of the books..

    • He’s essentially a male version of the “hooker with a heart of gold”-character. Underneath his cocky, seductive exterior he’s a really nice, devoted guy who was simply used by the government when he was way too young.

      I personally love him because I think he’s the most multi-faceted character in The Hunger Games and he makes you want to know more about him from the first chapter he’s in.

      And I highly recommend reading the books, they’re really good and entertaining, not to mention quite easy to finish (I think I read the whole series in less tahn a week!)

      • Leah says:

        Yes, this pretty much sums up Finnick! He was one of my favorite characters in the book hands down.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      He’s an Adonis who was the youngest ever champion of the Hunger Games (he won at 14). In the book, it’s 10 years later, and he just OOZES charm and sex appeal. (But there’s a reason for that that I won’t get into.) He has a body to die for; eyes the colour of the ocean; and is strong and buff and built.

    • cupidtyrox says:

      Thanks @ Glimmer bunny & the original bellaluna. I’ll be giving the books a try.. More into gothic horror..
      @ liv I feel ya!

  14. Bri says:

    I just don’t like his face. Finnick’s face has to be prettier or more handsome than Garrett who looks scruffy. He has the height but not the body.

    I’m thinking of someone with a swimmer’s physique, like the Olympian Michael Phelps. I also agree that Taylor Kitsch would have been perfect (at least looks-wise)…heck, he isn’t a bad actor at all either. He just needs to choose the right roles. I don’t think producers should judge him on two flops. I know that everyone is saying he wasn’t interested but Phillip Seymour Hoffman is being looked at for the role of Plutarch Heavensbee and Taylor has said that he ever had the chance to work with him (among his other favorites) he would sign on to a film and not even bother reading the script!

    As long as he isn’t busy with his next flick the producers should really think of courting him for the role. Maybe he’ll need some convincing.

    Lastly, I’m not all that opposed to some other suggestions either. Like I prefer Taylor and if not him Ryan Kwaten or so on.

    I just keep remember that scene in the book when Finnick tries to flirt or throw off Katniss while Peeta is away from her, right before going into the presentation for the new games. As well as all the things we learn about him in the third book.

    I see Finnick being a funny guy too, being seductive but only as a cover for his pain and how people have deified/sexualized him. He is a golden boy with swagger and humor and pain. I don’t know about Garrett as someone else said he looks dirty a lot of the time.

    • Bri says:

      Is it weird to reply to my own post? I don’t know how or if I can edit but I forgot to add this:

      I’m not sure when Taylor gave this interview but apparently he needed a break after John Carter (and Battleship?)

  15. Juani (@juaniWC) says:

    Go watch ‘Four Brothers’,and you’ll see Garrett can do vulnerable really well.And he is super freaking hot,so yeah,I’d endorse him as Finnick :)

  16. Carolina says:

    No, thank you. Jesse Williams, please.

    • Glimmer Bunny says:

      You Jesse supporters have to be realistic. Can you honestly imagine the casting director desciding om a dark-skinned actor for FINNICK (by far the most fan-beloved character) efter the outcry about Thresh, Rue and Cinna (all supporting characters, of which not one is supposed to be a big heartthrob)?!

      I think Jesse Williams is incredibly good-looking but he would never even get an audition for this role.

      • Bri says:

        I don’t think that’s true. The producers and casting directors for this particular franchise don’t seem opposed to diversifying things at all.

        And I don’t think it’s white washing but I truly picture Finnick as White (or a little mixed I guess). But

      • Gene Parmesan says:

        But why can’t we want Jesse what’s wrong with suggestions? So casting a black actor=controversy? get real, if he is good enough for it, then let him play the rold. sheesh

      • Lukie says:

        I never saw finnick as White.
        In my brain, he is mixed, golden complexion, light eyes.

        Guess we all see based on what we are…

      • Lukie says:

        You think he is dark?
        He has sandy brown hair and blue eyes.
        Since when does this make you dark?

        From wikipedia: Finnick is 24 years old and described as being very handsome and tall with tan skin, bronze hair, and stunning sea-green eyes, making him very popular with people in the Capitol.

        Tan skin. I have tan skin. why do people automatically assume his tan skin comes from the sun?

  17. Jessie says:

    Hunter Parrish from Weeds anyone? Or is that just me?

  18. mia girl says:

    Helund was the only reason I sat through Country Strong. He is super sexy and a good actor. I think he’ll have incredible chemistry with Lawrence.

    Soooo glad it looks like it won’t be Armie Hammer. Blah.

  19. lolwut says:

    Never saw him in anything but he’s the best choice I’ve heard yet for Finnick. He has the same kind of face that I imagined: lots of character with a mischievous smile and flirtatious eyes). And it appears that, like Finnick, he’s loaded with charm. I really hope he can act the part well because he could be perfect!!

    The worst case scenario for casting Finnick would be to cast someone with a classic pretty boy face with no character to it who can barely act and has no charisma. Most of the other names that have been floating around as Finnick options have been of this dull variety.

  20. Jess says:

    Rick Malambri (Step Up 3D) for Finnick Odair, please.

  21. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Channing Tatum!!!

    ..Just kidding ;)

  22. Samigirl says:

    Although I still kind of wish Mark Salling was in the running, I really think I’d like Garett Hedlund as Finnack. He’s definitely good looking, and I really did love him in The 4 Brothers…I cried buckets during that movie. I also enjoyed Tron :) As a big fan of THG, I’d give him a go as FO :)

  23. Katie says:

    No no no. Why is Alex Pettyfer not being considered?!

  24. Jennika says:

    OH i love Garrett! He is so hot! and he was amazing in Four Brothers, he’s who I wanted to play Finnick since I read the books last year

  25. dizzy says:

    I think he’d be a good choice :)

  26. ssa says:

    Ever since I first read Catching Fire, I always pictured Taylor Kitsch as Finnick. I heard he wasn’t interested though and I’m starting to think he looks a bit too old. A friend mentioned Finn Jones who plays Loras Tyrell in Game of Thrones would be perfect and I agree with her. Plus, didn’t they say they want someone who isn’t famous?

  27. the original liv says:

    how about chris evans or his brother scott?

  28. stellalovejoydiver says:

    What about Jake Abel for Finnick?
    He´s 6.1, he was in Percy Jackson and I am Nr. 4. And he is the best friend of Kyle Gallner who I am a fan of.

  29. dj says:

    No! Anyone see McCoys and Hatfields? The blonde guy that played Jonesey. Perfection! He looks like sugar would melt in his mouth & mine! That’s the guy. He can act too.

  30. missanne says:

    meh. this guy doesnt do it for me either…i imagined Finnick to be blonde. dont know why, but skarsgaard was always in the back of my mind while reading that book.

  31. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I think he could pull off the looks but I don’t think he could do the sadness well enough. He seems like he would be a superficial Finnick at best.

  32. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    What ever happened to open casting calls? Diving into the undiscovered talent pool and coming up with the perfect casting choice? I’d rather see fresh faces and emerging talent than yet another tired, recycled cast. It’s getting harder and harder to separate actors from their characters because roles are filled by “names” rather than the best fit.

    Somebody just get out there and find a great Finnick instead of trying to shove square pegs into round holes.

  33. Minty says:

    Goodness, Garrett was having a great hair day at Cannes. Wish I could’ve been there just to run my fingers through it. :)

  34. Kay says:

    I envisioned Garrett while reading Catcing Fire over two years ago. I always thought he was so dreamy =) I would love love love it if he was cast. He’s good-looking, not “Capitol” polished like many hollywood actors, and most importantly, HE CAN ACTUALLY ACT! And heck, Kirsten Dunst can jump in and play Annie. I would not be opposed to that.

  35. Annie says:

    he looks better without the facial hair..forrreals.. collins described him as tall, bronze hair,sea green eyes..whoever they cast as finnick HAS to be cute that all girls fall for him,and they need to cast the BEST annie..or else finnick will just be bleeh..kirsten could even be annie..thats be so cute..but i want hedlund more than hammer!