Is Bar Refaeli, ‘Maxim’s Hottest,’ now dating ‘Flying Tomato’ Shaun White?

Agent Bedhead has been on Bar Refaeli Patrol lately, which makes me happy because I kind of dislike writing about Ol’ Bar. It’s not that I think she’s a bad person or anything – from what little I know about her, she seems nice enough. I just don’t really “get” why she’s a thing, beyond her on-again, off-again, years-long thing with Leonardo DiCaprio. And while I think she’s pretty, I don’t get how she’s “the number one hottest woman in the world”. But, hey, all of Leo’s girls kind of blend together. Bar looks a bit like Blake Lively, who looks a bit like Erin Heatherton, who looks a lot like every other blonde model.

Anyway, even though Bar recently told Conan O’Brien that dudes never hit on her, Page Six reports this morning that Bar has found herself in a new relationship – with gold medal Olympian Shaun “Flying Tomato” White. OMG.

Bar Refaeli had complained she “doesn’t get hit on by guys,” but Olympic gold medalist Shaun White gave it a shot over Memorial Day weekend. The snowboarding champ was spotted with Maxim’s newly crowned “hottest woman in the world” at SoHo lounge Sway “dancing, hugging and kissing” into the wee hours of Monday morning, spies tell Page Six.

White was first seen entering the Spring Street club with five pals after midnight Monday, but sources say he was mostly concerned with monitoring his cellphone.

“He was distracted,” a witness said. “He was pacing, going outside and checking his cell.”

It soon became clear why, when stunning model Refaeli arrived to meet White at about 1:30 a.m.

The half-pipe hero and the Israeli ex of Leonardo DiCaprio promptly hit the dance floor, where they were going for the gold in the canoodle-a-thon. “They were all over each other,” our spy said. “They were dancing, hugging, kissing — you name it.”

Refaeli was seen leaving Sway at “around 3 a.m.,” and White gallantly walked her out and let her take his car home.

White then returned to the club for more fun and was chatting with two girls. A source close to the athlete pointed out the beauties were just friends and part of the group White arrived with.

His posse enjoyed bottles of Jack Daniel’s, vodka and wine at a VIP table, and left en masse, forgetting to leave a tip. “[Sway co-owner] Robin Cofer sent over several bottles, and although [they] were gracious to everyone, they stiffed the wait staff,” a spy sniffed.

A source close to White countered, “Shaun was a guest of the group. He’s the most generous guy and would never not leave a tip. He’d be really upset about that.”

Reps for White and Refaeli, who was also spotted cycling in Central Park over the weekend, had no comment last night.

[From Page Six]

So… I kind of like them as a couple. Have you ever seen Shaun White speak? He’s a sweetheart and a total dude. Some might say, “If he wasn’t a snowboarding God and an Olympian, there’s no way he would pull a pretty model.” I beg to differ – his personality counts for a lot, plus – I bet he treats his girlfriends like gold. That’s just my general opinion – I would love to date Shaun White! He seems like so much fun. Well done, Bar and Tomato.

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  1. Marjalane says:

    She was on Chelsea Lately the other night and all I could think of was, “What on earth did Leo Dicaprio and her talk about?” And maybe they didn’t, (talk) but she struck me as extremely boring. And by boring I mean, her favorite and only subject seems to be herself.

    • tinks says:

      Hmmm, have you ever read a Blake Lively interview? She loves to talk about herself and she is pretentious. Seems like this is Dicaprio`s type… They look the same and they are just blah. All of them.

  2. brin says:

    Never saw that coming…awesome, dude!

  3. Kathrin says:

    I can’t wait to find out if it’s true… somehow I really like them together as well!

  4. Ainsley says:

    That’s quite a progression from Leo to this guy….

  5. Kimbob says:

    OMG, OMG, oh…my….Gaaaawwwd….I have been IN LOVE w/Shaun White FOREVER!!!!! I’m so glad and damn happy to see Shaun appear in Celebitchy!

    Anyway, on a less positive note…seriously I am in LOURVE w/this dude….I’m not happy AT ALL to see Bar w/Shaun. He can do WAY BETTER than Bar.

    Yes, she seems as interesting to me as a dirt sandwich…LOL!

  6. marie says:

    In interviews he comes across as a fun guy to hang out with.. but umm, they stiffed the wait staff, that’s not cool AT ALL. Hopefully since they were called on it, they’ll go back and leave a tip..

  7. Adrien says:

    Bar reminds me of Molly Hagan, the lady who played Shane in “Some Kind of Wonderful” (I have to google that up).

  8. Karol says:

    At least they can go to the hairdresser together, share the shampoo. Lol.

    This guy is ugly as hell and she is the major famewhore I have ever seen in my life. That said, they deserve each other.

  9. TXCinderella says:

    What a douche not leaving a tip. Fire crotch jerk.

  10. Kosmos says:

    Bar is overrated. I’ve kind of followed her from the beginning with Leo. She is often photoshopped to her best, but without that, she’s definitely attractive, but never the most beautiful, etc. etc. I think without Leo, she would have remained relatively unknown.

  11. SirSnarksalot says:

    Looking at him all I can see is Carrot Top 2.0 and that ain’t good. Just goes to show how attractive a great big pile of money can make a man. Everytime I am in Target or the mall I see stuff he has licensed. Whoever his agent is is a genius.

  12. Kim says:

    Cute couple!

  13. SamiHami says:

    I saw him interviewed once and I was just blown away by his charisma. He was absolutely charming! I don’t know if he’s always like that or if he was just having a good day, but I was completely impressed. If he’s like that all the time, I’d say that is one very lucky lady.

  14. UniqJaz says:

    I like her black jumpsuit. And i like shaun white because he is actually talented !

  15. a.f says:

    i love shaun too but i’d rather see him with Amber heard or a surfer chick. that would be a match made in heaven. she’s too old and not lindsey lohan either don’t forget her.