Charlize Theron on ‘Go the F-ck to Sleep’: “I don’t need to judge myself”

Charlize Theron

Here are some photos of Charlize Theron after taping the “Today” show to promote Snow White and the Huntsman, which I am sincerely looking forward to watching in the theater. Charlize looks fierce in this black dress and matching strappy sandal heels, and I think she looks her best with a really good blowout too. She’s certainly a fierce bitch in her own right, and Charlize has now discussed how hard it is to turn off her own potty mouth tendencies now that baby Jackson has made his preferences known for the very difficult period in every parent’s life known as “bedtime.” So much so that Charlize has announced that her favorite children’s book is Go the F-ck to Sleep, which is famously narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. As a parent, I can certainly identify with Charlize’s plight:

Charlize Theron

Bad habits are hard to break — just ask potty mouth Charlize Theron.

When asked by MTV News if she’s been able to tone down her colorful language since adopting son Jackson in March, the 36-year-old Snow White and the Huntsman star laughed and shook her head.

“A lot of people have sent me these children’s books, and there’s this amazing book, a best-seller called Go the F-ck to Sleep,” she said. “This book was good for me because it made me realize that I don’t need to judge myself right now.”

Written by Adam Mansbach, Go the F-ck to Sleep has been called “a parenting zeitgeist” by The Washington Post and “a new Bible for weary parents” by The New York Times. For Theron, it’s been a breath of fresh air.

“The whole book is just basically, ‘Please, go the f— to sleep,” she explained to MTV News. “Because [Jackson] doesn’t understand anything right now, and so he just wants my face to look a certain way.”

Theron also spoke about the joys of motherhood — diaper duty included! — on Today Tuesday. “I love it! I’ve got to tell you, I’m available for other babies’ diapers to be changed. I can do it in my sleep now,” the Oscar winner bragged. “I’m so good.”

“As we were traveling, I had to buy diapers in different countries — because he came on the press tour with me — so I now know how to change a Japanese diaper, a Spanish diaper, an English diaper, German diaper,” Theron added. “They all have little things [that are different]. I’m, like, the diaper pro now!”

[From Us Magazine]

Go the F-ck to Sleep really is an amusing book especially in audio format because of Sam Jackson’s distinctive voice, but I can only handle the first half before the F-bombs really do get to be a bit much even for me. It’s also quite interesting how Charlize discusses her expertise in changing diapers of differing nationality. One never thinks about that until faced with the possibility, of course. I think I’ll just take her word for it.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

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  1. badrockandroll says:

    I get the international intrigue of diapers.

    Once upon a time I was working in China. I ended up staying longer than I had packed for, and I needed tampons in a bad way. I went to the department store for foreigners, and although I recognized OB, there wasn’t a word in English on the package, and I had never used the brand. I ended up taking the different coloured packages to the produce department and weighing them, in order to choose the heavy flow one. At that time, there weren’t too many foreigners in China, and I am sure that a few residents must have thought those crazy westerners, they weigh tampons. But it worked!

  2. Nessa says:

    Love that book! And, love Charlize!

  3. dahlianoir says:

    The anti Goop. I LOVE her !

    • Minty says:

      I agree! She is very charming on talk shows and comes across as unpretentious and down-to-earth. Goop usually gives off a snob vibe when interviewed.

      • e.non says:

        i’d never seen her interviewed before; but she was on colbert’s program last nite and came off as a secure, fun, doesn’t give/put up with sh1t woman. jackson is a very lucky little boy; they are going to have a blast together.

  4. lucy2 says:

    That book sounds hilarious, I remember the Today show doing a piece on it when it first came out.
    She looks amazingly beautiful.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      You can hear SJ reading it, on YouTube, I think. Hubs played it for me when it it first came out.

      Now, I have to use headphones if I want to hear it; totally censor myself, the in-laws, and hubs; and only watch my “big people” shows after little man is asleep.

      He turns 3 tomorrow, and he repeats EVERYTHING!

  5. Christine says:

    She is a BAMF. I love her.

  6. Esmom says:

    This might be the best her hair has ever looked. Motherhood agrees with her.

    My kids are well past the bedtime story stage but I can still totally relate to the sentiment of the book. One night stands out…it was nearing morning, I was up with my newborn and I knew my toddler was going to wake up soon. It was the dead of winter and all I wanted to do was crawl into a warm bed. I know I thought, if not said out loud, just please, please go the f– to sleep!

  7. Jessica says:

    She is so beautiful!! I love her hair!!

  8. fluffybunny says:

    That book is absolutely hilarious. They have a kids version now, obviously minus the swearing. We have this kids show in Aus. called Playschool. During the show, there was story time. One of the presenters when I was a kid did a reading of the book, I nearly died laughing.

  9. mia girl says:

    Among actresses/female celebrities, Charlize is in a class all by herself. Amazingly beautiful, kinda crazy, definitely bitchy- but not in a judgy kind of way, talented, confident – but does not take herself too seriously and is a woman who knows how to let loose and have fun with it all.

    She is awesome.

  10. Trish says:

    she looks stunning! I LOVE her hair like this… she looks beautiful with this hair and as I recall, when she had a short, sort of curled, bob?…. she has the Grace Kelly elegant look that is rare. I can’t think of any other Hollywood beauty at the moment that has this classy, effortless look. I can’t recall what her hair was like a few months back though because this look is so perfect that it has made me forget what the hair looked like a few months ago.

  11. melangie says:

    Wow. Her hair looks stunning in all the photos except the third close up. That one really stole the magic of the blow out for me. That is some yellow hair! Photographs beautifully, though

  12. bns says:

    Beautiful. I love that lip color on her.

  13. barb says:

    For once her smile looks genuine in these pics. She always usually looks so condescending and snarly. Maybe her baby will make her be nicer to other people.

  14. Lady_Luck says:

    She has always been a stunner. But in these pics, is it me, or does she look jacked and botoxy? She looks remarkly smooth and gorgeous of course…just different..

  15. original kate says:

    she is gorgeous, and that book is f#@!cking hilarious.

  16. mar says:

    someone sent that book to me- I thought it was so funny!

    This woman is and will always be an “IT” girl. She is gorgeous- down to earth and very talented.

    This is how you do fame- by earning it.

  17. blonde on the dock says:


  18. Sam says:

    Love her. She is so beautiful. And I’d much rather here from her and the Goops and Giseles of the world.

  19. UniqJaz says:

    Why cant i come up with an idea like this book. It’s so simple and helps so many mothers.

  20. gobo says:

    Oh my god. Those shoes. Lust.