George Clooney flew solo in DC, had a great time: is Stacy Keibler on the way out?

I mentioned this yesterday, in the post about the White House Correspondents Dinner, but it probably deserved its own post, so here you go. After tweeting about fittings and workouts in preparation for the dinner, Stacy Keibler was a no-show. George Clooney went to DC without his girlfriend, allegedly because Stacy had gotten a job. And she had to work on a Saturday night? Hmm…

Actor George Clooney attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night without his girlfriend. Where was Stacy Keibler? The actress was expected to attend, having tweeted about getting fitted for her dress.

“She couldn’t make it. She’s working,” Clooney told POLITICO, explaining that Keibler just landed a pilot for a television show. (Indeed, she tweeted Friday about landing a role on the forthcoming TBS sitcom “Men at Work.”)

The actor, sipping on red wine, was seated at the very front of the Washington Hilton’s ballroom at the TIME table along with Steven Spielberg.

Asked if he was bummed about not sitting next to Michelle Obama again, Clooney looked up at the first lady — who was chatting with comedian Jimmy Kimmel — and remarked, “She’s got a pretty nice date.”

[From Politico]

Clooney spoke to several outlets while he was in Washington, joking about his ER buddy Noah Wyle being arrested (Clooney said he called Wyle and offered bail money), and talking politics with the Washington Post, saying: “Because I’m an old Democrat, I kind of try to stay out of the Republicans’ primary and let them do their thing. Then during the general election, you have a conversation about it. That seems to be the fair thing to do.” Clooney was also spotted partying with friends at the post-dinner Vanity Fair party. Page Six’s source notes, “It was jam-packed, and Clooney was one of the last to leave.”

So, basically, Clooney was reminding us that he can still have a good time without his official girlfriend with him. Which makes me wonder… is Stacy on the way out? Stacy and George were spotted together last Thursday, out to dinner with Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. I thought their body language looked comfortable, and I predicted that Stacy would be around for a little while longer. But I may need to get a second opinion. George and Stacy are coming up on their year anniversary as a couple… when? Maybe late July, early August. He hired her (whatever, he totally hired her) late last summer, before the Toronto Film Festival. So… will Stacy make it a year?

Here are some pics of Clooney at Dulles International yesterday:

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Candyland says:

    She tweeted she got the gig. Do pilot’s film on Sat. night? Maybe. I’d choose pilot over the dinner. Her big break. Maybe.

    There’s no chemistry between them. Hired seems like a good possibilty.

  2. Hanna says:

    Clooney did it again!

  3. Marjalane says:

    Personally, I think Stacy Keibler would have to be receiving her own Oscar to be “too busy” to attend the biggest celebrity bash since The Oscars! Maybe her forehead vein burst or something- George is a lot better looking without her hanging on his arm anyway.

  4. Jules says:

    If the pilot get ok’ed for a series she will be out. It’s disgusting that Clooney finds women so disposable.

    • autumndaze says:

      This. The interminable bachelor bit is overworked and as tired as he looks.
      Dude is just evolving into that pitiful old man with wealth, but without lasting or meaningful relationships….

    • Belle says:

      I can’t bring myself to find it all that disgusting, as he seems pretty up front about what he wants. I don’t think he leads these women on or anything. Maybe it’s the women he dates that are kind of gross… if they are willing to be the flavor of the month (or quarter… year?), then that’s on them. Why should women be outraged on behalf of these type of women? Hell, most of them seem like they are hoping to get their own 15 minutes of fame out of the deal.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Well I personally find it disgusting bc it sends the message that this type of behavior/relationship is not only acceptable, but quite glamorous. And, at the end of the day for the people in these type of relationships, it’s just not. It’s pathetic.

  5. Enn says:

    Are we supposed to believe that George Clooney’s girlfriend couldn’t get a (Saturday) night off from her TBS show to attend a red carpet dinner event featuring the president?

    • mandy says:

      i totally agree with you. it’s bizarr it’s better a dinner with the president or a stupid pilot tv show ??

  6. Veruca says:

    There was a blind on another site regarding a high profile ‘Democrat’ who voted Republican a LOT.

    George was the popular guess. I concur. He’s so full of shit, you can smell him in the Midwest.

    And so far as his credibility politically — no, George. The Republicans (yeah, remember that Lincoln guy?), not the Democrats freed the slaves.

    • Bubulle says:

      I think Clooney is a true Democrat, to his credit he was one of the few celebrities who critized the Iraq war back in 2003 and has been crucified for that.

    • cr says:

      To compare either party to the party they were some 150 years ago (never mind 30) is misleading, don’t care who does it.

      • Veruca says:

        It has nothing to do with party comparison (for which I personally wish there were none). It has to do with the fact that George has stated publicly that the Democrats are better than the Republicans because they’ve done things like, end slavery.

        Just saying.

    • Tory says:

      The Republican party of the 1850s/60s would be completely unrecognizable to the modern-day party. Lincoln was a big govt. federal authority (vs. states’ rights — Civil War, anyone?) guy.

      • JulieM says:

        So true. Hell, even Ronald Reagan wouldn’t be acceptable in today’s Republican Party. You know, the guy who raised taxes.

    • vic says:

      @ Veruca Love your comments and agree. BMOC syndrome.

    • skipper says:

      Good for you Veruca! Representing the Republicans like the true idiots that they are!

      • autumndaze says:


        Was that really necessary?
        You reveal more about yourself with that comment than you would like……..

      • Belle says:

        Sorry, it is attitudes like this that cause people from one side or the other to generalize, stereotype and spew hate. The majority of Americans, whether they identify themselves as Democrat or Republican, are not far from the ‘middle’ in either direction. It is those on the far left and the far right that make it so difficult for people to have intelligent and productive conversations.

      • Veruca says:

        @skipper –

        I wasn’t representing anybody (and I don’t believe in parties. Their sole purpose is to create division and distraction. Obviously, you DO like parties, or you would not have expressed such vitriol).

        All I was saying is George is an idiot who spews inaccurate history to promote his own agenda.

        Now, sod off.

      • marie says:

        @ Belle..
        agree 100%, that was everything I wanted to say but couldn’t articulate..

      • Freya says:

        You speak as if the Democrats are perfect. Fyi, nobody is!

    • k says:

      Lincoln’s attempts to end slavery were too timid. Initially, he wanted to prevent its spread, but not implement an immediate ban. Abolitionists were making him look bad.

    • Freya says:

      Is that possible? Why would anyone do that?

  7. mandy says:

    Good deduction my dear … what is surprising is that a few days before she tweets that her dress was ready for dinner and as luck would suddenly and she must do something else. non-dipper? when we say too much stupidity we do not know out is not it Miss Stacy!for he had never said he would take her when she thought the opposite???

  8. marie says:

    Sayonara sweetheart. She must have done something to annoy him because I believed it would have lasted a little longer too..

  9. The Original Mia says:

    She’s not the star of the show, she’s guesting for a few eps. She had a job to do. Dating Clooney isn’t an EZ pass to blow off a job. She’ll probably be at the fundraiser at Clooney’s house in a few weeks.

    Your perception of their body language matched mine. I thought they looked comfortable. Not sure how they should have acted leaving a restaurant. Unless people are expecting them to put on a show like Halle & Olivier do every time they see a pap.

    • Jailis better says:

      I get that shes not part of main cast but doesnt that make it easier for producers to shoot around her for one evening? This was prime publicity opportunity squandered. At the very least, she could have name dropped the show. That way celebitchy commentators would know the show title is Men at Work and not have to refer to it as “some TNT show”.

      • The Original Mia says:

        And why would they shoot around a guest star? Is Clooney going to pay the production costs her absence might entail? What about everyone else on set? Should they alter their schedules because the girlfriend of a movie star has to go to a roast? That’s not very professional at all. Actually, that’s a good way to not have an acting career.

      • JaniceG says:

        You are missing the point Original Mia. This would have been a mutually beneficial arrangement and therefore worth the sacrifice of shifting the shooting schedules.

        I actually, dont think for a second that any show runner would be so dumb as to pass that kind of publicity up. I think more likely, Clooney didnt want her there. He got his old TV agent to make some calls. The tweet was clearly diversionary. And now, here is where we find ourselves.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        I agree JaniceG. Clooney fancies himself a serious politico and didn’t want a dizzy sex pot hanging on his arm–messing up his intellectual image in front of all the smart kids.

    • ohdear says:

      I agree with your comments OriginalMia, she’s just being professional, I think she’s also showing she’s not a spoiled “girlfriend of” that expects an entire production to stop to let her go to a stupid party. She might not be a genius but I doubt she’s as stupid as people want her to be, she may get a job easily but she knows she has to work hard to keep it. And I don’t see why people believe the whole story of her being at work must be fake because the production would have sent her to the party to get some extra publicity, she’s a guest star not a main one.

      • Dionne says:

        We think the excuse is fake because its better to have a recognisable face on your show especially for guest star. Especially because it is a new show. Folks will tune in to see the celeb and become regular viewers if they really like the show. The other reason is that this has happened before to her.

        My friend had a bf who never took her out to nice restaurants, always the drive in. We thought maybe he had a wife and we were wrong. He and his new girlfriend have been spotted in some very swanky places. I just dont think he thought very highly of my friend (his loss by the way).

  10. Katie says:

    He looks far happier and, dare I say more attractive, than he has at any point with Stacy.

  11. Jayna says:

    Let’s face it., if she did work it wouldn’t be into the night. He could have a private plane fly her there.

  12. Nanz01 says:

    he can wear the hell out of a t-shirt, right?

  13. Cathy says:

    Perhaps they are telling the truth. What a crazy idea that is.

    • Aqua says:

      I”m taking the explanation for her not being there at face value.I don’t really know how Hollywood works but I imagine that if you want a career in acting and are serious about it.When you finally do get a job no matter how big or little when a producer/director tells you when and where to be do you want the job or not.You just go.

  14. Toot says:

    George seems to not want Stacy at any of his “political functions”. It seems like he thinks she’s not good enough for those.

    It’s messed up to me.

    • Jayna says:

      He bought her a dress. Please. Maybe they had a fight or she did have to work, but he obviously invited her.

      • getta betta says:

        Nah. She never attends anything even remotely political. Remember she had a “modelling gig” during the whitehouse dinner? He probably thinks shes too stupid to introduce to a certain crowd.
        I used to watch WCW and WWE with my bros and honestly, I would be surprised if she can spell the word “surprised”.

      • Toot says:

        @ Jayna

        That quote about the dress, if there was even a dress ever bought, was just for show.

        Until she actually goes with him to any of his political showings, I’ll believe he doesn’t think she’s good enough. Which further shows me how little respect George has for women.

      • Mich says:

        @ getta betta

        I have never watched professional wresting and am dying to know … is she really thick (as in stupid)? All I’ve ever seen of her Pro (heehee) days were her naked and near naked ‘modeling’ shots (classy!).

  15. Intercontinental says:

    We initially thought she’d been given the ‘talk’ but having seen more pictures from another outlet from ‘the business dinner’ we are now assuming she was TOLD she wouldn’t be going. In some of those pics she was glaring, nostrils flaring..whoa..if looks could kil!!! 😳

    A friend in TV has also informed us that pilots don’t film at weekends and the WHC would have been the perfect publicity pump (huh?) for any pilot so she wouldn’t have been kept away from that!!

  16. Ravensdaughter says:

    Who cares? George will do what George will do. I find his political/human rights career much more interesting than his acting or “chicks”.
    Go solo for awhile, dude…

  17. carlino altoviti says:

    Nex time he have to chooce a girl from a Royal family, not e c list starlet or a waitress. But that girl could cover his light, it’s better he go alone, his sky can contain only one star.

  18. lisa says:

    I doubt if it is over yet. We will be seeing them together.

    I just never see any chemistry with George and any of the women he is with. EVER.. Don’t understand it. I don’t think George is gay at all.. I just don’t see him sexually with anyone..

    • Freya says:

      (Most) women eventually want to become moms. He has made it clear he doesn’t want kids. Maybe one of these days he’ll be lucky and find somebody who appeals to him and isn’t interested in having children.

  19. sabrina says:

    How and’possible that a week ago he wrote about tweeter that he was chousing her dress for dinner ?? I do not think week ago did not know about this job !! However George and ‘much more beatiful and relaxed when it ‘alone !! George you shoult break the contract ahead of time…..and’better for you !!!

  20. Raven says:

    To attend this dinner, you have to be invited by a media outlet. Typically, celebs are not invited with a +1. They go solo.

    • Enn says:

      1) He’s George Clooney. Pretty sure they would give him a plus one.

      2) Katface brought Pimpmama as her plus one, and Lilo brought Shawn Holley.

  21. barbi says:

    So, she tweeted Friday that she got the pilot and was already too busy working the next night to attend something where the producers would have loved her to promote their show she is now on????? Riiiggghhhttt. :-)

  22. DT says:

    He annoys me with the down-market disposable girlfriends but damn! He is a handsome man.

  23. Cody says:

    What is surprising is that she tweeted about working on Sunday afternoon after the fact. She tweets about everything else,if she really needed to miss the dinner ,why not tweet about it on Friday. Someone even tweeted her a safe trip from the TV Pilot she was working on. What producer wouldn’t want her to go to this big event and give his new TV Pilot some publicity. Either they had some fight maybe she wasn’t following the dating rule book or George decided to solo at the last minute or he knew she couldn’t come and that is why the Whole Foods and Dinner out photo op. A replacement publicity for not coming. I think we are going to see them out and about next week together, another photo op. Anyway, it puts doubts for me that they are a couple and he just needed her for the Oscar campaign. All this stuff that they have known each other for years, he likes to keep is personal life private and he likes her because she is a girl’s guy or girl’s girl is BS. This private relationship has been public from the beginning, which sets him up for jokes and criticism. Really hard to listen to him about serious issues.

  24. says:

    Maybe at the last minute, she opened her mouth and shared her thoughts on politics and he decided to pull a Sean Penn.

    Kiebler is ok for posing on the red carpet but he probably thought she doesn’t belong at an event where “smart, important” people (such as himself) have important things to discuss.

  25. LucyOriginal says:

    I think this is to show that she is a guy’s girl and she is very independent (She is no armcandy, she chose her job over the dinner with the President). But it didn’t work because she was smart enough (cough) to tweet a week or so prior to the event that she had chosen her gown, etc. Yet she was unable to mention her absence at the event, just the next day she mentioned about her new gig.I think George doesn’t know how she will react in situations involving politicians, so maybe he got her the gig (remember he got Canalis a gig on Leverage?). Girlfriend has to find balance between her workload (back to the grind as she says) and her numerous vacation trips before their “relationship” is over. Ok, it’s time to go back and study for my PhD prospectus.

  26. Aqua says:

    I honestly don’t understand why she’s being given a hard time about this.If an A list actor can get out of a planned event or award show due to a work schedule or conflict why can’t she?If they have been friends for years,she knows that their is a good possibility that this could very well end at any time and she just want to make the most out of every opportunity while she can.Should she blow her chance at an acting job that could possibly lead her to something better just because her boyfriend happens to be George Clooney? Does one want to risk their professional reputation especially if it’s a good one to attend a Hollywood roast? Sometimes you just can’t get out of certain commitments even professional ones.

    • ohdear says:

      Agree 100%. I think she’s proving she’s more professional and intelligent than most people think. As I mentioned in an earlier post maybe right know being Clooney’s girlfriend can help her to get a job but she knows she needs to work hard to keep it, she also has to prove she can do things on her own, not only in his shadow. Why act like a “Diva” and miss a job opportunity?

      • Guest says:

        From what people have told me, in the entertainment industry, is that c-d list celebs or actors, if they don’t show up to the projects that their agency sends you on or if you never can make it, the agency will drop you. But on the other hand, I have also been told ,that most TV pilots are not shot on the weekend.

      • Dionne says:

        I dont think anyone expects this D list woman to be “diva”. The work excuse is just so strange. This was afew hours. She’ll be seen by many. She can talk about your exciting new show on the red carpet. Its a godsend for a network publicist. If she asked, I’m sure they would have capitalised. But alas, I dont think she could ask because she was not invited.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Exactly! OMG! She’s being a professional & people are judging her for doing what we all would like to see out of Lindsay Lohan.

        @Guest, this isn’t the pilot. I don’t know where that came from. This is part of the regular shooting schedule for the series. They’ve already shot the pilot. The billboards are up in Atlanta touting the premiere in 2 weeks.

    • Jayna says:

      If that was the case, absolutely. Work comes first for someone who just got a gig. But some are questioning if that was just the excuse put out there and maybe a fight happened or something.

      • Marie-Kay says:

        I dont think people are saying there was a fight. They’re saying if there is even a relationship (instead of a contract) then he just doesnt think very highly of her because he doesnt take her to gigs where he needs to be taken seriously. Atleast thats what I’m saying.

  27. psu says:

    maybe she is not a supporter of obama

  28. Bo says:

    The whole thing is odd on both sides. The way he paraded her around during awards season, making sure they were couple of the year. He gets photographed with her out dinner and shopping this week. She tweets about everything that she can get away with and he seems to like the attention from it. She tweets about going to the dinner and her dress. On Sunday, after they started to hit gossip sites, she endorses his claim that she had to work. I personally think he just didn’t want her to go at the last minute and decided to focus the attention on himself and not on the both of them. He was the invite by Time Magazine and she was probably the plus one, it was his decision to make.

    • Aqua says:

      “He decided to spend the time focusing on himself and not on the both of them”. Unfortunately it backfired big time because that is all the gossip sites and T.V. entertainment shows are all talking about and asking.”Where was Stacy”?

  29. Sylvia says:

    They just didnt want pics of their guest star next to hollywood/washington movers and shakers. I mean what could be worse than having such a person associated with your show? Comeonnow.

  30. Playlist says:

    Stacy already has a job commitment of working for George, first and foremost. Any other work he gets for her is on the side, at his convenience, not hers. George calls the shots in the contract. If he wanted her there she would have been there. The show got more publicity because she wasn’t there than it would have if she had gone. No one at this event would have even bothered to ask Stacy what she was working on. The only reason it got mentioned at all was because she was expected to be his usual Beard date and she was a no-show. It was used as a convenient excuse for her not being there.

    I wouldn’t expect to see her at his house for the fundraising dinner either. That one is all business for George.

    Their body language at dinner in L.A. was really uncomfortable. Even the picture of the two of them smiling at each other is strained. The picture right before it shows her glaring at him. He must have given her his usual date command of “smile for the cameras”. Rule number one for a Beard is you do as you are told by your employer.

  31. The Original Mia says:

    @JaniceG, I’m not missing the point. I just don’t agree with you. I don’t think having Stacy go to the WHCD is going to have a huge impact on the success of this show. She’s a guest star. They may tout her association with George when her episodes air, but the show starts in 2 weeks, meaning Stacy’s eps are probably near the end of the show’s run. No one is going to care that George Clooney’s girlfriend went to the WHCD back in April if she doesn’t appear in an episode until July or August. And again…it costs money to shut down a production.

    • Marie-Kay says:

      I know this is not my conversation but am very curious how you could think that a brand new show would not significantly benefit from that publicity. Also, its absurd to suggest that production would shut down because a bit player was unavailable for one evening. Nothing schedule juggling wouldnt fix.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Again…why would they juggle for a guest star? They could just replace her, but then there would be a mad rush to find a replacement. Also, we don’t know if something happened with the production last week to cause them to have to do a weekend shoot.

        What I find hilarious is the fact that the very people trashing Stacy are the same ones giving her the clout to bring in viewers to a show on TBS. Make up your mind.

      • Guest says:

        People are pointing out a valid reason why, if someone wanted Stacy Keibler on their show in the first place, they would probably not object to her publicizing it on a Saturday when I have never known a TV sitcom to be in filming production.

        What I find hilarious is that, in the alternate scenario, George Clooney does not know the difference between a pilot and a show that has been picked up as a series.

        And, I am also getting a huge chuckle out of the idea of a shoot for a sitcom running into a second day of filming production which I sincerely doubt has happened in all of television history.

        And then, Stace, in all her intellectual fortitude, somehow confused the second day of filming as her “new project” complete with a “first day of shooting”.

        Err, wait, actually, that last one I can see happening. The other two, not so much.

      • Guest says:

        Yep, just confirmed that Men at Work films in front of a live studio audience on Fridays.

        Next film dates are as follows (one filming day per show per filming week as is industry standard for sitcoms):

        Men At Work: ★ 5/4/12 ★ 5/11/12 ★ 5/25/12

  32. T.C. says:

    They will break up before the one year contract mark. She was only for the Oscar campaign.

  33. Guest says:

    1) It is rare for a TV show to shoot on a weekend.

    2) Pilot season was also in March and while a fair number of cable shows air and film in different months from traditional network shows, they usually tend to follow the traditional pilot season because otherwise actors that a show wants to cast may get locked into other pilot projects and are unavailable.

    3) What is this ‘project’ and why is it so hush hush? Just because something is a pilot or a new project does not mean it has to be kept a secret. Far from it, there are numerous sites that report on pilots in development and their cast members. No mention of Stacy Keibler being involved in anything that I have heard about. And, while she Tweeted copious detail about Men at Work which was a guest spot, the new ‘project’ merits no such detail at all, just vagueness.

    4) Rarely does someone get cast in a role and then begin filming all in about a week’s time unless it is a student film project. And, about a week ago, Stacy was Tweeting about her dress for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with no mention of a scheduling conflict and no mention of a new project she had been cast in until after the Dinner was over.

  34. rolleys says:

    Who they kidding? she was hired to be with him for the oscars. I didn’t like her so byebye.

  35. rolleys says:

    He will get another one like her, if he get nominated this year again you will see. He is sleeps around but he made that clear so noting is confuising there. Any woman who sign to be with him knows what is her duity really is and how long.

  36. Mindy says:

    I dont think he has any film entries at the festivals, does he? He does have that Sandy Bullock flick which I assume is a summer release so maybe hes keeping her around for that. Anyhow, shes not a real gfriend. Even assuming his straight, theres definately a contract in place and then maybe alittle benefit on the side. This is most definately not a relationship driven by mutual respect.

    • um says:

      The sandra thing will be realised in award season and some say it is one of those things so if get another nomination, then he can extend her contrat or he will get another one. “The gaint” as he call her I read( lol) won’t go anywhere anyways so she will be aviablbe if he need her. I bet she calls him the the humper

  37. Guest says:

    Stacy Keibler’s own Tweets contraindicate that she was filming Men at Work on Saturday as well as what George said — who is the one who called what she was working on a pilot when he spoke to Politico and, indeed, Men at Work is not a pilot and, yes, George should know the difference.

    Stacy Tweeted she was on the set of Men at Work on Thursday which films on Fridays and probably rehearses on Thursdays. Then on Saturday night — when she was not at the Dinner — George said it was because she was working, that she got a pilot. Finally, Sunday morning Stacy Tweeted that she was hard at work all day yesterday for what she called a first day of shooting on her new project.

    I think George threw out there that she got a pilot thinking the Politico reporters do not know when pilot season is and because it made it sound like something just came up. And if Stacy does turn up in a new project or pilot any time soon it should appropriately be titled: Cover Your A$$ (multiple puns intended).

    And what George should do is stop ‘dating’ skanky airheads that even he looks dreadfully embarrassed to be seen with at this point.

    • shawn says:

      Great analysis. “She got a pilot” could also mean she got a new contract escorting some guy who flies airplanes, so George gets to end his contract with her early. So who could this pilot fellow be? LOL. A friend of John Travolta’s, perhaps?

  38. Liberty says:

    Event. Get hired girl job on a series. Walk away. Little George is on schedule. Seriously stunted, but right on schedule.

  39. the original bellaluna says:

    So another Clooney piece is ruining another network’s show?


  40. The Original Mia says:

    @Guest, search Twitter for James Lesure & @michaelcassidy. They filmed in studio on Saturday night. Several people went to the filming and tweeted about it. Maybe Stacy was there. Maybe she wasn’t, but that’s what my search found.

    • Guest says:

      Here are the filming dates for Men at Work going all the way through June (the dates for May are posted earlier).

      Each date is an industry standard live Friday sitcom taping, not a Saturday amongst them.

      ★ 6/1/12 ★ 6/8/12 ★ 6/15/12 ★ 6/22/12

      There is also a ten episode order for this sitcom so the show that should have been filmed last Friday was the third episode, not even the second after the pilot.

      And, if they did deviate from this filming schedule, I frankly find it so unusual that it raises more questions than it answers, not the least of which is why George Clooney would refer to it as a pilot when he has been well familiar with the difference between a pilot and a series for about three decades — or about as long as his ‘date’, err, I mean the love of his life Stacy Keibler has been alive and, certainly, long before she ever dreamed of entering a wrestling ring which would one day take her almost the White House Correspondents Dinner. Almost.

      • Sugar says:

        almost but not quite. there was no let’s get ready to rumble for Stacey that night.
        if they have known each other for years I gotta think she was/is privy to his contractual ways & therefore when it ends it ain’t no big thing. I can’t fathom that hollyweird way of thinking & it disturbs me that I’m even commenting on the very idea I might feel bad for her when he does give her the heave ho because I think she seems like a nice person.

  41. Karma says:

    Has Clooney ever brought a date to a DC function? I always thought he was keeping his worlds apart by not bringing his dates there.

    He’s usually there representing his efforts with Chad and similar concerns so as to not disrespect that process, or DC, that he never brought his girlfriends to town. That is was all political business and not ‘show business’.

    Maybe I am wrong, but I’ve never seen him bring a date to DC.

    • hohohoho says:

      The man s lut usually takes his hump hires when he begs for o s c a r and when he needs a public photo op to sell something. The acadamy is obviously stupid, they don’t the difference between a real relationship and a hired one.

      • Veruca says:

        Oh, they do. They just enjoy stroking the Clooney c*ck more, for some reason…

        Hollywood is just so weird. And gross.

  42. Blake says:

    This is all a game. He pulled this nonsense with Canalis. You can figure out his next move with your eyes closed, and fast asleep. He will pop up with her to garner more publicity. What a tragic way to run your career and life! What happened to living your life in ethical and honest ways???