Christina Aguilera deemed “a total bitch” by the UK boy-band The Wanted

My mother watches The Voice, thus, I have to hear all of her thoughts on the judges. She says Cee Lo Green is “creepy” and she likes Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, but she always has harsh words for Christina Aguilera. Considering I’ve never watched the show, I only have one question: what did you expect? Christina is a well-known monster. Every story about her these days involves her narcissism, her boozing, her ridiculous makeup, hair and clothing issues, and her general bitchery. Anyway, a few weeks ago, The Voice had some guest stars on – the UK boy-band The Wanted. I don’t know anything about The Wanted, so don’t ask. I was just watching this video (below) of the boys being interviewed, and they seem just like normal British lads, nothing special, but nothing horrible either. Anyway, during the interview, The Wanted lads claimed that during their appearance on The Voice, Christina was a total bitch to them. Around the 3-minute mark, that’s when they start talking about Christina.

Them’s fightin’ words! British boy band The Wanted performed their new single on The Voice last week–and didn’t hold back when asked about their experience in a recent interview with radio station 92.3 NOW FM.

Judge Christina Aguilera “is a total bitch,” the band’s Tom Parker ranted in the video. “She might not be a bitch in real life, but to us, she was a total bitch. She just sat there and didn’t speak to us. Wouldn’t even look at us.”

“She was quite rude,” his bandmate, Siva Kaneswaran, added. “Who does that?”

Max George–who shared a friendly backstage smooch with Jennifer Lopez when the group recently stopped by American Idol–agreed with his pals’ assessments. “She was a bit scary, to be honest.”

When asked to compare their time on the two shows, George explained, “J. Lo’s hot, Christina’s nothing special.”

The Wanted performed on The Voice the same night Justin Bieber showed up to debut a preview of his “Boyfriend” video–and say Aguilera was equally cold to the “Baby” crooner, making a face as Bieber went in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Aguilera, for her part, denies she snubbed the 18-year-old.

“Haha,” the singer tweeted last Wednesday. “Can’t a girl have a little Bieber Fever after getting kissed by the Biebs?”

[From Us Weekly]

Part of this stuff (especially the Bieber thing) is that Christina is being pushed as “the bitchy judge” as a stereotype to get people to hate-watch the show just to see Christina’s latest act of bitchery. Like, people used to watch American Idol just to see Simon Cowell be rude and mean. But another part of it is that Christina’s default setting is pretty bitchy and monstrous. She just doesn’t seem like a nice person. At all. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, and being nasty and rude (and drunk!) has obviously gotten her this far. So whatever. I doubt Christina is losing any sleep over this. And by “sleep” I mean “she passed out after doing two dozen tequila shots.”

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  1. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Another bitch whose career is over because of gaga

    • Mimi says:

      Ha, ha because radio gaga is going be on top forever. Keep dreamin. I wish I was flop like Xtina. After 20 years in showbusiness she is still making huge money and doing what she wants. BTW Who are these people anyway? They are nobodies. Without her name this “news” wouldn’t make any headlines.

      • X says:

        Seriously? Do you not listen to the radio while you drive? Number one song in the country…. that’s who they are.

      • Candyland says:

        Was Xtina ever big like Gaga? Sure ain’t now. Nothing wrong with being a tv judge but being the real thing, the act everyone wants to see, is better.

        Gaga rules.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Yeah seriously, who has not heard that catchy song..”The sun comes up, stars go down, and all that counts, is here and now…glad you came” etc. Fun song.

      • gg says:

        I like her voice.

        But Gaga has never had a multi-million-dollar tour go flat and die because nobody bought the album and nobody wanted to see her live, and nobody’s threatened to drop her from their label.

        Miss Thing up here, has.

      • kay says:

        Really Mini?

        so people who are “nobodies” don’t deserve to be treated with common courtesy?

        I hope you get treated like shit today!

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        ‘Making huge money”?? Both of her last CDs were notorious flops, as was her movie. Shes only on the voice out of desperation and is indicative that her career is in its twilight. Hello???

    • Jill says:

      All these basic bitches can stay mad and pressed because my girl Legentina Godilera. And Lady Gaga? She is not first and last succesfull singer. She was the biggest in 2008-2011 but her time as permament #1 is over. Adele already overshadowed and outsold her. That’s the way it is in showbusiness. Everyone will be replace sooner or later. The thing is – are you going to stay here or disappear for good. I think Christina is here to stay for long time whatever you like it or not.

    • Maxx says:

      rumor is she’ll be singing Edge of Glory this week

  2. Hubbahun says:

    “She just doesn’t seem like a nice person. At all. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course” I disagree – there is something VERY wrong with that!!

    • MyCatLoves TV says:

      I totally agree! The world has enough bitches.

      • yo momma says:

        the world has enough “bitches”-you speaking about women or people in general? because i dont see this level scorn for egotistical male celebs like kanye (that guy gets away with crap no woman would and he doesnt even have half the talent!)

  3. Tapioca says:

    So she hasn’t softened her ‘tude then, despite her sagging career.

    Waaay back when Genie in a Bottle was out they asked the UK’s campest pop band STEPS who the nastiest person they’d ever met was, and almost in unison, all five members said Christina!

    I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s generally a lovely human being, and it’s just Brits, co-workers and her staff that she’s horrible to…

  4. marie says:

    I don’t think she’s being pushed as the bitchy judge stereotype, I think that’s what she is naturally. She very rarely has anything nice to say about anyone who is not on her team plus she booted the most talented guy off her team, IMO anyway.

    • Marjalane says:

      Exactly my thoughts- and you can tell when Xtina is feeling a little threatened by a contestant that is younger, prettier, nicer, than she could ever hope to be- they must be shut down immediately! I don’t care how much money or success she’s had in the past, this show has really exposed how nasty she is now.

    • snow says:

      Everyone should back up a minute. A showrunner posted online that The Wanted were acting like entitled asses before Christina ever did anything, and that she was just reacting to THEIR nonsense. Here:

      “I’m a backstage runner at The Voice and I’ve been telling all my friends about this new boyband acting like divas when they were on the show last week.

      Both Christina and Adam did NOT like them at all. The guy named Tom in the band asked Christina if she felt more beautiful now that she lost all that weight? We were all shocked! She didn’t quite hear the whole question and asked her assistant if she heard what he said? But then Max jumped in and said “She is beautiful no matter what you say” in mocking kind of way. Christina’s boyfriend Matt Rutler was also backstage and didn’t like what he was hearing. Finally Christina said, “You boys better calm down and focus on yourselves.” She walked off really mad when Tom came out and told her not to worry and that “Britney still needs to work on her looks too for X Factor. It must be all those drugs she is on.” Christina was so mad!

      The rest of the evening Christina ignored them. The boys didn’t understand why but then one of their assistants reminded them of the stuff they said earlier about Christina’s weight loss and Britney’s bad looks and drug taking. Nathan (who is also in the band) was really upset those things were ever said but the other guys ignored him. Tom said, “Why is she acting like such a bitch for?” Max agreed saying they were only joking around. So awkward!”

      Those boys need to check themselves. The person also goes on about The Wanted’s other backstage antics, and how they are like in comparison to the behaviour of previous guests. (Hint: not good)

      • Carolyn says:

        I’m none the wiser who The Wanted are. If they have a current hit that’s great. When they’ve been in the ‘biz for 15+ years they can diss people. Not before. Not even uber annoying Bieber can diss people and get away with it. The Wanted won’t be wanted in 2 years’ time. Know your place boys.

  5. paola says:

    They’ve been around for 5 minutes and they’re already dissing out a big celebrity. i am no fan of miss aguilera, but this is not the way to success! keep your mouth shut and you’ll gain plenty of respect!

    • Gia says:

      I have to disagree. If she wants to treat people like crap then she should expect to be called out or it. These lads have balls for telling the truth regardless of who she is (or who she thinks she is). Dissing a known bitch will not get them blackballed…I mean. What strings could she possibly pull??? And, everyone is talking about them now. So I guess, mission accomplished.

      • Candyland says:

        Signed on with ya, sistah. The Wanted are just becoming big. Maybe in a few years they’ll get use to mean celebs. Give the boys a chance. Don’t be mean to my boys, Xtina.

      • Candyland says:

        Oh. Forgot my point. Agree with ya. If she’s going to be awful to people, it’s okay to tell it like it is. So many say it about her. Must be something to it.

      • Minty says:

        I’m not surprised she is labelled unfriendly. Fame has certainly gone to her head. But, in this instance she just ignored them. The Wanted publicly called her a bitch (real classy), scary, and nothing special, which is far worse than not speaking to or looking at someone. It’s such a cheap insult for them to resort to a contest based on women’s looks (the JLo reference). Interesting that Bieber had the grace to not complain.

        Criticize Christina all you want for having an attitude problem, but it doesn’t negate the fact she is very talented. These guys aren’t. With an open mind, I viewed The Wanted (and also One Direction) on YouTube. It became apparent that both boy bands suck. They are overhyped. They can barely harmonize and their stage presence is unpolished and amateurish. They can’t dance (they don’t even make the attempt) and no individual is a strong singer. They’re inferior compared to ‘N Sync, for instance.

        The real reason this new crop of boy bands are getting attention is because of the questionable taste of their fans – mostly teenage girls. Every decade boy bands become popular again as the latest generation of children reach adolescence. At that age, these girls aren’t usually picky about talent as long as these guys are “cute” and pander to their romantic fantasies without being sexually threatening. These boys are the popular flavor for this year.

    • kay says:

      well, that theory makes perfect sense.

      If you never stand up for yourself or others, you will gain respect.

      I wonder why MLK never tried that approach?!

  6. Tifygodess24 says:

    Watch the Voice And it will confirm their statement. She acts better than thou and tries to turn everything around and make it about her, it’s annoying as hell. Adam, Blake and Cee lo actually make it about the contestants.

    • Jayna says:

      Christina is the best coach on there, with Adam next. I have been very impressed with how she vocally coaches her team and helps them grow.

  7. TruthTella says:

    No1 – I think Christina’s style has improved a LOT lately she looks amazing.

    No2 – I live in the UK and The Wanted are always slagging off bigger artists to get some attention. Also people have said that back stage Tom (the mouthy one) went up to her and said something like “you must feel great about not being fat anymore” and then one of the other boys was like “haha she’s beautiful no matter what you say” taking the piss so obviously she wasn’t gonna be kissing there asses like JLO was on Idol, also they were supposed to have talked shit about Britney’s looks/mental health to her too.

    3. How is it that they’re singling out Xtina when Adam and Cee Lo gave them the same reception? Oh because she’s a woman… As for Bieber she put her hand out to shake it and he practically forced her to kiss him, some people don’t like kissing people they don’t know.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Was going to say something…never mind.

    • Toni says:

      Damage control by her fans regarding number 2 even People magazine said they never crossed words. Why do her fans bother making up rumors and spreading it on every website to justify her behavior? It wasn’t the first and wont be the last time she’s called a B.

      • TruthTella says:

        I’m a Christina fan and I’ll admit she’s a bitch but in this case THEY are the bitches, all she did was not shake their hands (same as Adam and Cee Lo), The Wanted publically called her a bitch and made negative comments about her appearance.

      • Toni says:


        They did an interview and said the other judges were very nice especially Ceelo.

  8. celebasshat says:

    those guys are good but christiana is totally a bitch if she doesn’t know talent when she sees one. Check out UK music chart and hear dis guys single ‘im glad u came’ then tell me they aint good.

    • TruthTella says:

      LOL you must be joking… “Glad you came” is ok for what it is, a generic song to get down to in a club… it’s nothing revolutionary and they can’t even sing live, they’re just another passing fad.

      • Candyland says:

        Didn’t people say exact same thing about the Beatles? Yes, so I’ve read (I love readin about musicians.) A passing fad.
        And they weren’t. And the Wanted aren’t.

        Celebasshat, I’m right with ya, sistah.

      • Sarah says:

        Ok, Candyland you did not just compared The Wanted to The Beatles! The only similar thing they share is the “The” in their names. The Wanted are another generic little pop band with songs that will be forgotten by this December. The Beatles actually contributed to the music world and made an entire career without having to namedrop or offend anyone. You Wanted/Bieber/Direction fans are delusional.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        To candyland comparing the wanted to the beatles…what are you? 12 years old? You must be.

  9. L says:

    The Wanted are known for being jerks to people, so if she was a bitch in response I don’t blame her.

    I actually think Christina’s criticisms of contestants have been pretty spot on this year. From what is floating around the Voice blogs, Jesse (the person she cut) was pulling stuff with wanting to have his own trailer, trainers, etc; and was really aggravating the rest of the crew. I don’t think he was the most talented person on the show-he was really one note and could only sing one way. Her advice to other folks may not have been ‘nice’ but they were accurate.

  10. Blue says:

    Please these guys are one hit wonders, maybe have another song to get them through the summer and then no one will know who they are by Christmas. I’m sure Xtina has seen dozens of them throughout her career. Maybe she’s the type of person who takes a long time to warm up to people and as for her staff maybe she keeps them at a distance so the only thing they could say about her was that she’s a bitch and not all her private business. Idk I’ll always root for her she has always been my fave singer.

  11. cupidityrox says:

    She’s always been a bitch. Nothing new here. Remember her comments about Gaga? Yeah she’s deserves to be called out

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      I personally think her comments about Gaga were/are spot on.

      • Jayna says:

        Her comments about Gaga were warranted… She was irritated. All the little monsters were allmover the Internet and YouTube blasting Christina as being a copy cat, that the Not Myself video was a ripoff of Gaga, when she stated it was an homage to Madonna. She was sick of being asked about Gaga. But bad karma for the kittle monsters. Now Gaga is being accused of copying Madonna and they are up I’n arms.

      • The Original Mia says:


      • Candyland says:

        Hey she was rippin off Gaga. And it didn’t fly. There’s only one Gaga. Xtina should stick to her own stuff. Except I guess it don’t sell no more.

      • TruthTella says:

        @Candyland, the only thing Gaga and Christina had in common when Gaga came out was a blonde fringe (bangs)… Besides that when Gaga came out she’d completely stolen her look (i mean everything not just a finge) from a singer named Kerli, go look it up.

    • Petee says:

      agree.It is so funny a few week’s ago there where people on here defending her.No she is not nice,never has been,she has a big voice and that is it.and she over does that too.

  12. arock says:

    The issue isnt whether the wanted (or whoever) is a decent band, the issue is she projects herself as a completely rude and disparaging diva.
    and for the people defending her- you wouldnt even have to is she hadn’t spent the last year running around town impersonating miss piggy wasted, shopping pantless, and singing at funerals with peepee/or menses blood on her leg like pickled, burnt up drag queen.

  13. The Original Mia says:

    Who? I have no idea who these guys are. Why is it okay for them to call her bitch? And they didn’t just stop there. They called her fat & ugly. Again, who are these little twerps? Come to me when they win multiple Grammys and we’ll talk. Otherwise, they need to be a bit more respectful and appreciative that anyone is giving them the time of day.

  14. Just U says:

    5 guys are rude to a woman about her weight and looks. They come to her work and because she doesn’t like them SHE is a bitch?

    • The Original Mia says:

      Thank you! Women giving these twits a pass for calling another woman bitchy, fat & ugly. All because they don’t like her. Screw that! If someone did the same to them or someone they liked, they’d be ready to hurt someone.

      • Candyland says:

        I ain’t seen that story and ain’t saying it’s okay if it’s true. But I don’t get it cause women say exact same thing here about Xtina every single week and women laugh about it here every single week. Can’t be okay for women and not okay for men.

    • Maria says:

      The guys were way over the line with their comments. I can’t believe that people think it’s allright for them to call her a bitch and bash her looks just because she wasn’t interested (or was too busy with filming or mentoring or what ever…) to chat with them. “A woman who doesn’t talk to us = an ugly bitch”??? These guys are childish misogynist little boys.

      I also think, that Christina is a terrific judge on the show. She is basically the only one, who gives critic (when needed) for the contestants. And I don’t think that’s something that makes her a bitch.That’s something that makes her a good judge on the show. I’ll bet that the contestants also value Christina’s compliments the most, as she doesn’t give them all the time. Only if you have done well.

  15. janie says:

    They all seem like assholes. And just from the photos and that short video, I HATE the one flashing his belly in the second-to-last picture. Ugh. Just want to punch him in the face.

  16. Roxy750 says:

    nice orange legs Ag

  17. kira says:

    They were making fun of her weight–according to someone who witnessed what happened backstage, and he reported it to Jezebel.

    Christina gets a total pass from me for this…all she did was ignore them. That’s a lot better than I would have done, if I was in her place.

  18. Sisi says:

    A commenter on Jezebel was backstage and said that one of the members of The Wanted – while trying to be funny – made rude comments about Christina and Britney, and she ignored them after that.

    The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

  19. hmm says:

    The same guys who are bragging about doing a duet with Fist Brown are congratulated for calling a woman a bitch? I guess because it is evil Xtina they must be right. She sat there like the other judges but she didn’t fall over and faint at the sight of five men so she must be a bitch. These guys seem to have a sense of entitlement and are incredibly unprofessional.

  20. Rachel says:

    Your mom is spot on. Cee Lo is def creepy. Christina is a horrible bitch, but not like Simon was. Simon was honest. With Christina, you can tell she just puts down anyone who shows real talent. Like she can’t even be bothered to listen to them.

  21. a says:

    she looks like a blonde snookie.

    • Stubbylove says:

      You hit it right on! I couldn’t care less what this numb-nut boy band has to say but she looks WASTED in those pics.

  22. lucy2 says:

    I think she does have an air of bitchiness, but I also think she knows what she’s talking about on the show.

    If those guys were rude to her, as is reported, I don’t blame her for ignoring them. This sounds to me like them just trying to get more attention.

  23. Christy says:

    I like Christina, and I do not doubt she is a huge bitch. It is what it is.

    However, knowing nothing about these guys and just looking at the photos above, they look like huge tools.

    I’d be a bitch to them also.

  24. Kim says:

    Regardless of how Christina treated them they shouldnt be bagging on her. It shows their immaturity to not be the bigger person person (people) & keep their thoughts about her to themselves.

    We all know she probably is a bitch but a gentlemen would never actually say that to the public. It just reflects bad on them.

    The girl interviewing them in this video needs to find a new job. She is terrible and her whiny voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard!

  25. skuddles says:

    Xtina, time to get your bitchface out of your ass – be glad you even have a job!

  26. moo says:

    Well, DUH!

    Welcome to America….

  27. megs says:

    Yes, this is the entertainment industry, but this is also these people’s jobs. When someone comes into your place of business, you treat them accordingly. The same for the wanted. Their job is to promote their music right now, but I guess picking juvenile fights is how they want to do it.

    It’s common knowledge Christina is a total BI@$%. Some say that why she never surpassed Britney. Britney is no where near as talented, but she at least pretends to be sweet and treats people well.

  28. Jennifer12 says:

    There’s no reason for Xtina to be a bitch, and it’s funny because she pushes herself as the victim of everyone and everything. Kind of a singing Halle Berry. Her career is essentially over; her music bombs, her acting career is nil and all she has is some dopey reality show. She should be nicer to people starting to make a name for themselves; actually, she should be nice because that’s how one should be. And I’ve heard she was rude to Justin Bieber, too. Guess being over 30 doesn’t work for her. And I’m way over 30, but I don’t mind my age and don’t take out aging on young people. She does. You’re not the hot young singer anymore, Xtina. Get over it.

  29. BlackSwan777 says:

    Fu@! these little backstreet boy wannabes, I cannot stand their overplayed generic crappy music. At least CA has talent.

  30. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Totally cant stand Cris. Ag. However, I can stand her a little bit more without the red lipstick. Every time she DOESNT wear it I mumble a little “thank you”……she is living proof money doesnt buy taste or class.

  31. Nikki Girl says:

    I don’t care what may or may not have happened with this boy band. In my opinion, Christina Aguilera has ALWAYS come across as a stupid, vain, spoiled, entitled bitch. All she ever had going for her was her voice and musical talent, and even that seems to have waned. Not to mention she has looked like a sloppy drunken pig for the last year, and drags around some free-loading loser while her kid is who the hell knows where. Can’t stand her, never have, I’d be thrilled if she’d disappear.

  32. No Way says:

    Christina is probably a bit mean at least, but these boys just dissed Britney too. Said Britney’s security made them turn around and stare at a wall backstage when she walked by. If that is true, what wimps these guys are. FYI boys, security was just f****ing with you, and probably laughing all day after that.

    I think they are just trying to get attention. No matter what someone does to you, you should never publicly call someone a bitch who you met for a few minutes. If you really had to make it public, which was stupid to begin with, you could have just said she was unfriendly and ignored you. No class.

  33. M-Cee says:

    Christina is not a bitch!