Jimmy Kimmel mocks the Kardashians at the Corres. Dinner: funny or dumb?

Here are some photos of Lindsay Lohan arriving in Washington, DC for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which was last night. We don’t have a lot of photos from the event (honestly, we don’t have any so far) – you can see some here. Lindsay was there, as was Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, etc. Guess what? George didn’t bring Stacy Keibler!!!! She had been tweeting about her dress fittings and everything, and then he didn’t bring her. Clooney told Politico, “She couldn’t make it. She’s working.” She got a gig on Men at Work, it’s true. But I still feel like there’s probably trouble in paradise.

Anyway, I watched the speeches last night, and I have to say… the president was hysterical. He was funnier than Jimmy Kimmel. Or should I say… the president has funnier speechwriters than Kimmel? No, I actually think the president is just a funny guy. I love when he laughs at his own jokes. I loved his Hillary Clinton “drunk-texting” joke, and his “wink” at being born in Hawaii, and I LOVED his super-PAC ad about dogs. Here’s Pres. Obama’s full speech… it’s worth watching the whole thing, but the fake commercial (voiceover by Will Arnett) begins around the 12-minute mark:

And here’s Jimmy Kimmel’s speech. Some of his jokes were really good, but some just fell flat. Kimmel also uses the word “a–hole” at one point, which… I mean, it doesn’t bug me, but usually the comedians try to keep it clean, especially considering most of the cable news networks are running it live. Also loved his jokes about the Secret Service, and his name-checking Kim Kardashian and even Lindsay Lohan. Love the joke about who Obama was going to kill next, on the year anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death.

See? Kimmel was funny, but the president was much better.

Here are some more photos from Twitter:

Sofia Vergara on WhoSay

Sofia Vergara on WhoSay

Photos courtesy of WENN, Sofia Vergara’s Twitter, Kim Kardashian’s Twitter.

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  1. Lola says:

    Dumb move!

    I also do not understand why the President debased himself by mentioning
    kum kartrashian.

    • autumndaze says:

      Honestly? I wish our politicians would focus on getting our country out of the sh*tter and stop with all the appearances on talk shows and such. (That goes for all parties on both sides of the aisle.)

      Fix this country! GET TO THE DIFFICULT WORK at hand which is why we elected you! >:0(

      • Lola says:

        Unfortunately politics is no different to showbusiness, which is why politicians and entertainers tend to fraternise so much.

        Like George Carlin said;

        The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice
        you dont
        you have no choice
        you have owners, they own you

      • Jen says:

        Do you not understand how government works? Save for a few of the morons who’ve been elected, these people are never “off.” Even when they go on vacation they’re never on vacation. Their life is a constant 24/7 stream of wheeling and dealmaking.

      • Sca says:

        It’s a election year. They are trying to sell the product of whatever platform they support. And that’s also true across the board.

        First ladies across the aisle get a pass because they are always trying to get word out about their projects (just say no, stay in school, reading and library, fitness and childhood hunger)

        To bad election years now start 18 months out so we are just slammed with it forever.

      • HoustonGrl says:

        ITA…in my opinion, it really doesn’t bode well for the sanctity of our government. It just makes it look like one giant sell-out, which in many ways, I guess it is.

      • Hakura says:

        @Lola – I’ve always felt a bit like what we see of ‘government’ is just a sort of ‘front’ to keep everyone happy. (I’m honestly not a conspiracy nut, it just all feels so fake most of the time).

        Only difference between show-biz celebs & politicians… Politician’s bad decisions cause much more damage, & can leave much bigger (harder to clean up) messes in their wake.

        Stars are born & fade all the time, so i guess politicians are more like comets.

    • Rory says:


    • someone says:

      I agree. How low class for our President to be up there making jokes about the Kardashians. I don’t vote for our President based on how funny he is.

      • Krock says:

        Sorry I guess I didn’t get the memo where it says the president can’t be human. Hmmmm damn memo!

      • Intercontinental says:

        Don’t complain too much it can get a whole lot worse..you could have David ‘I love myself’ Cameron the British prime minister..then and only then would you have cause to complain!! President O over the spoilt rich brat on a very high pedestal who definitely doesn’t know what it feels like to have nothing, be hungry and have hand me downs and who actually doesnt really need a job he is that rich and is so far away from the general public he could be flying round the galaxy on the Starship enterprise, any day of the week!! That’s why you shouldn’t vote Romney in! Learn from the mistakes of your British cousins!! Leave the Big O where he is he has life experience and that alone counts for so much..it’s tough but at least he’s trying to make it better..it may not seem like it now but hold in there!! Wish we had!! 😔

      • JeanieG says:

        Wow. Can I suggest we all make use of Wiki before we post? This dinner is a tradition going back to 1920, its got nothing to do with this President. Its also not an indication of whether or not work is getting done. If you will recall, last year at this time, some major piece of work got done – re Osama Bin Laden.

        Also, I am more than a little surprised that anybody actually thinks the President wrote his own jokes. He probably spent 10 mins in the john familiarising himself with the punchlines and then read them out. I enjoyed it regardless.

      • Meanchick says:

        Seriously? It’s called ‘humor’ and you have no sense of it.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I’m not voting for either the dog-abuser or the dog-eater. I’m sick of people acting like this president is so great when all he does is compromise with the other side (badly) and I’m sick of the other side forcing their candidate down our throats. I’m not a Republican but I do not think they got any say in who their candidate would be – the big wigs just anointed someone – and that does not bode well at all.

      • lower-case deb says:

        seems like obama wrote about eating dog during his time in Indonesia, in his book “Dreams of My Father”.

        full disclosure, i haven’t read the book yet so i wouldn’t be able to personally tell you whether this is true or not. but i guess it’s true since a lot of media outlets quoted it.

        and also, this is not trying to get into a whole cultural-debate/conversation. just stating where such action (i.e. dog-eating) is mentioned.

    • gigi says:

      Hello, it’s the Correspondents Dinner?!! How serious is Obama supposed to be at a dinner where the Kuntrashians and Blohan were invited (by Fox, which is obviously their way of trying to stick it to the White House)? Obama’s funny and he knows it, and this is one of the few situations it’s actually appropriate for him (and his writers) to let it loose.

  2. Bee says:

    The Kardashian’s don’t care. The fact that they were invited and hanging out with real celebrities is all they care about. Kim was at the same WCD back in 2010.

  3. Nene says:

    Bunch of nobodies.

  4. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Kim looks dumpy next to Sophia and (you can tell) Kris THINKS she looks better than both of them.

    • Lady D says:

      Agreed Mort. She really thinks she’s all that.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Kim looked dumpy the minute she put on that hideous dress with that hideous bun. She didn’t need any help. Why is she dressing so matronly lately? She can’t be trying to look Klassy since we’ve all seen her taking up the Kanye.

      I love those pictures of the K maternal unit, it shows just how hideous she really looks. You can kind of see it on KanyASSian too – right under the cheeks.

    • Crystal says:

      ITA — Sofia is crapping on both of them and Kim can’t stand it. Kris, of course, is oblivious.

  5. Franny says:

    Move that President, I’m Lindsay Lohan.

  6. Linney says:

    Kris Jenner’s face is just jacked. Lord knows why Kim keeps trying to emulate that. It’s hideous.

  7. Cody says:

    The Correspondence Dinner is a Roast and anybody in the room is fair game. I would think the President’s mention of Kim and Jimmy’s remarks are mocking the whole superficial media culture on celebs. I also thought it was great when the scholarship winners came up and got a hug from the first lady. Their eyes lit up when she hugged each one of them. Also, I agree about Stacy. She tweeted about her dress and they were seen out to dinner a few days ago. If she is making a TV Pilot what producer wouldn’t want Stacy to come to such a publicity event. She could talk up the show. She could have flown out from LA Saturday morning. Are TV Pilots filmed on weekends?

  8. PHD in Gossip says:

    Not surprised Clooney left Stacey home cuz it looked like they had a fight Thur night, judging from the photos. After all, he brought her to Washington only to go solo? makes no sense. Something pissed off George and if you look at the photos, he looked seriously annoyed Thursday night.

    • T.C. says:

      What’s this I hear, trouble in contract relationship heaven? What pictures from Thursday?

    • KerrFlo says:

      Are you talking about the pics of them arriving for dinner with Cindy Crawford and her husband? If so, yeah that was odd. Also the fact that paps were at the parking garage to catch them arriving (as opposed to leaving) was wierd – like they had been rang?

      I actually think the fallout happened earlier though. It was very wierd that she didnt go to the Whitehouse dinner for a modelling gig? And where was she over his faux-arrest in DC? What gf isnt by her mans side for that. That contract is winding down.

  9. vic says:

    Crack addicts and fame whores partying with the cool prez. Our country is becoming a joke.

    • SD_R_SR says:

      Different news outlets are allowed to bring a certain number of guests. Fox News invited both Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian–not the White House.

    • dorothy says:

      My sentiments exactly.

    • e.non says:

      becoming? …. it’s way past joketime.

    • autumndaze says:

      I find this so distressing; and as someone pointed out above, it is getting worse over time because they start campaigning 2 years out from the actual election.

    • Mrs Rafael Nadal says:

      No, actually we actually think better of your country. Amongst other things, we struggle to wrap our heads around the logic that leaves healthcare as a preserve of the rich in a developed country. I dont know if its fixed now but I do know that it concerned him as much as it bothers most of us. I worry for you guys. If he goes and you return to the arrogant foreign policy approach it will again whip up the anti-American sentiment that Bush caused.

      • Karma says:

        Obama was selected to not fix health care. We had a once in a lifetime chance to actually get the type of health care system that every developed country in the world has but his election prevented that.

        He was heavily supported by health care CEOs and during the RBC meeting in 2008. The DNC actually broke it’s own rules to ensure that the election didn’t go to Hillary who was going to give us the type of health care system other countries have. They punished Democratic party voters for the Republican led state of Florida moving it’s primary. And flat out stole her voters and delegates in MI, because Obama gamed that election by not getting on the ballot. In fact the fix was in since 2004 because Hillary was thought to be a sure thing.

        After being elected, Obama broke another campaign promise by conducting closed-door-meetings with health care CEOs to enshrine their profit structures. A campaign promise because Cheney had infamously held closed-door-meetings with energy companies prior to the Iraq invasion. So it was no small campaign promise broken. And during the Congressional hearings single payer/universal health care/Medicare-for-all, supporters were LITERALLY thrown out of the hearings. To never be considered or even entered into the Congressional meetings/testimony.

        Check out Harold Ickes, 5/31/08 discuss the rules being broken at the RBC meeting. And keep in mind the person co-chairing and making the final decisions in that meeting is a HEALTH CARE CEO.

        The Democratic party colluded with the health care CEOs to enshrine their profit margins. Just like the Republican party colluded with the energy companies and defense companies to start the Iraq war and increase their profit margins.

      • Karma says:

        And if you think Bush was arrogant tell me what you think of Obama bombing five more countries? Bush was only bombing two. Obama is bombing seven, I think.

        Seriously, don’t be fooled because Obama has a D after his name. He is just as bad as Bush, if not worse. He is the worst Democratic party president in my lifetime.

        Geez….his support of gay rights was forced onto him by the Log Cabin Republicans’ winning their lawsuit. He can’t even take credit for ending the Iraq war. Those withdrawl timelines were set up by Bush.

  10. blueSky says:

    Why didn’t George bring his daughter?

  11. Jayna says:

    She had her dress fitting and all of a sudden she had to work on a weekend which was not planned before? What the . . . Obviously a fight. How embarrassing.

  12. FeverDream says:

    These bitches have no shame.

    If you were a Kardashian would you have gone to this dinner? Normal people would say “no”.

    These women will insert themselves ANYWHERE they do NOT CARE!

    On one hand that is admirable.
    On the other hand it is just…detestable.

  13. Jayna says:

    Lord, Lindsay blew her lips up even bigger. She looks like a joke. How sad.

    • Original Lucy says:

      Of course Lindsey “blew” her lips up bigger…she is advertising…probably thought she could line up some “jobs”. Crack Ho!

  14. Enn says:

    Kim always looks like she’s going to prom. In 1998.

  15. lisa says:

    The worst thing was not that they were at this event. It was that they were considered important enough to even joke about.

    That was the true disgrace. They should never be mentioned ever even in jokes.

  16. HotPockets says:

    I hate these people, both the celebrities and the “politicians.” All of us commoners are screwed and they’re just laughing about it.

    • pink giraffe says:

      totally agree :(

    • Dusty says:

      I voted for him as president. I don’t want a comedian. He won’t be getting my vote next time around.

      • celine says:

        who will u vote foe next time? MITT???? well u can also just stay home, but then again…vote or die.

      • Carolizhome says:

        Well I voted him first time around and will vote him again. I wont determine my vote based on a joke that he didnt write and probably doesnt understand. Or the very clever Fox news saboteurs who used their plus-ones to invite the Kardashians.

      • lil says:

        Hate to break it to you, but every president does a comedy routine at the White house Correspondence Dinner. It’s tradition. Even the Republicans.

        Man, you’d think the critics would let him have one evening of laughter, but nooooo…

  17. bagladey says:

    KK’s surgeon has deleted her natural exotic beauty so that blank, plastic face she has now is no match for Sofia Vergara’s natural beauty so I guess she’d just disappear next to Dayana Mendoza.

  18. wunder says:

    Kartrashians deserve to be publically ridiculed!

  19. Sca says:

    As a longtime DC native, I’ve always hated the corres dinner. Yes it’s a time for the press corp and the president to pretend they get along, but it always bores me. It’s been going on with every president since the 1920′s however, so tradition blah blah blah.

    BTW, the celebrities are invited by press members. NOT the white house. Yes they have to be vetted for security, but the press corp is the one who issues invitations. And there is always one or two invitations given out per year to try and give that media outlet more attention. Or else ABC tries to get as many invites as possible. Really, there was a big fight about that a few years back.

    Lame celebrities have become the norm. Let’s take a trip down google:
    2011 Donald Trump

    2007- Cheryl Crow who apparently got in a fight with Karl Rove

    2006 Ludacris, James Denton (from desperate housewives), Drew Lachey, Anna Kournakova, George Clooney

    2002 Drew Carey, Ozzy Osbourne

    2004 The judges from American Idol

    1999 Larry Flint

  20. Jenna says:

    Is it sad that George not bringing Kiebler was the most exciting thing I found about this event? :D

  21. thinkaboutit says:

    Sofia looks years younger than Kim. That’s a damn shame.

    Lindsay really thinks she’s a bona fide MOVIE STAR. Look at her body language in those photos, she really thinks she is right there in line with Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. It’s kinda sad; how can she clean up her mess of a life when she thinks she sitting on top of the world??

  22. Peanut says:

    I had to do a double take – I thought Sofia was posing with Eva Longoria at first.

  23. Hautie says:

    I thought the President’s joke about having to tell knock-knock jokes to a Kardashian… was great. Especially since it was told off stage, right before he flushed the toilet.

    I really liked Kimmel. Where as the President had maybe spent 10 minutes speaking… Kimmel did 25 minutes. And Jimmy’s joke about Barbara Walters giving her pet a tweet… just killed me. And pissed her off. Which made it all worth while.

    But that commercial from the “Woof Pack” was brilliant. Especially when you see the dog crate tied down to Air Force One. I died.

    ETA: And the joke that Obama made about Trump… was perfect. Too bad Trump was not there with his orange face, to have to take it in person!

  24. Steph says:

    Can I just say…I like how Kris J.’s face us whiter than her body

    Plus I do believe that Kim K. and LL DON’T watch the news, anyone else agree?

  25. Rita says:

    What I want to know is, are the American tax payers footing the bills for these celebrity appearances???? If I have to buy Linsay’s and KK’s contraceptives, I’ll be damned if I’m going pay to fly them across the country so the Washington elites can hobknob.

  26. The Truth Fairy says:

    Sofia Vergara photographed with her mother and grandmother – how CUTE!!

  27. Original Lucy says:

    Sofia Vergara looks like a blast! I’d like to party with her!

  28. Eleonor says:

    poor Oscar date barbie, even Lindsay Lohan was there!

  29. Palermo. says:

    Kris Jenner’s left nostril has collapsed. There was a photo recently where she had her head flung back laughing (at Disick’s restaurant opening) and you could really tell. This is Kim’s future if she keeps on getting surgery. Neither one of them holds a candle to Sofia Vergara

  30. dorothy says:

    The economy is in the toilet, gas prices are soaring and social security is in danger of running out. So, what does our president do? He throws a party (no telling what it cost the taxpayers!) and hobnobs with the likes of Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians. That screams so much about what is wrong with our country today. Honestly, right now I’m embarrassed to be an American.

    • The Original Mia says:

      The White House Correspondents’ dinner has been going on for decades. Were you upset in the later years of W’s presidency when the country was clearly going into a recession and he held them? I’m embarrassed as a fellow American at the ridiculousness of your remarks.

      • dorothy says:

        Let me guess, Democrat?

      • Quinn says:


      • The Original Denise says:

        As a fellow American, you should then respect his/her right to their opinion on this subject. This is still an America where we can at the very least agree to disagree, instead of picking fights.

      • kit says:

        I agree with you. Some people will just say anything to badmouth Obama. It’s really kinda pathetic and just shows ignorance.

        @Dorothy: check your facts. The celebs are invited by the press members; the president has no say in that. This dinner is held every year, no matter who is president.

      • dorothy says:

        It wasn’t a jab at Obama, it was the state of the government in general. For heavens sake, it’s Lohan and the Kardashians??? Political movers and shakers?

      • kit says:

        They(Lohan and the Kardashians) were invited by Fox’s Greta Van Susteren (sp?) so what does that tell you?

      • Emma says:

        When will people understand? This is not a republican/democrat debate. They are two sides of the same coin living it up while the people suffer. Nothing is really different, nothing has really changed, and it will continue to benefit those in power on both sides. And if Fox News wants to invite celebs to this event, fine. But why crackheads and reality stars? Seriously, why?

      • Jayna says:

        When the press are reduced to inviting Lindsay and the Kardashians who don’t have two brain cells between them it is pathetic. I would invite my heartthrob, Liam Neeson, who became a US citizen after the outpouring of support for him here when Natasha died. Instead fame hos are invited by the press.

      • Db says:

        Let me guess – uninformed? The President does not put on the correspondents’dinner. The press does – they pay for it as well as invite guests. Participants include Fox News and the dinner has been attended for years by presidents in both political parties. It is better to find out the facts first before spewing rhetoric about the party you don’t like. Seems like someone is only a good American only if they agree with your viewpoint right or wrong.

    • cr says:

      “Let me guess, Democrat?”

      Let me guess, Fox News watcher?

      He doesn’t throw the party, it’s a function of the White House Correspondents Association.

      And, FYI, Social Security probably really isn’t running out of money.


    • s.jisa says:

      lol, “throws a party” ?? You know the White House Correspondents Dinner has been going on for YEARS right? And the invites are from news outlets. Fox News were actually the ones who invited the Kardashians and Lohan…

    • Nicola says:

      Seriously Dorthy, this goes on EVERY SINGLE YEAR, and it’s mostly paid for by the Correspondents Association. If you want to have a serious discussion about the state of the country, get off a gossip blog.

    • cr says:


      “It wasn’t a jab at Obama, it was the state of the government in general. For heavens sake, it’s Lohan and the Kardashians??? Political movers and shakers?”

      It sounded like a jab at the current president.
      And this “why is the President doing this when the country is in the toilet?” was already addressed at the beginning of the thread.
      You don’t like the guests? Complain to the news organizations to stop trying to one-up themselves on which celebrities to bring.
      The job of a government official (especially a high ranking one) is really 24 hours a day. So sometimes they do get to take a break and play dress up.

    • daisie says:

      The president was an invited guest. The party is an annual event put on by the Washington Press Corp, which is comprised of all news agencies that report on government. It is not funded by taxpayers.

    • Umm..no says:

      Gee Dorothy…still can’t get back to Kansas I see!

      The clowns at Faux News brought in the trash…your heros who never saw a fact that they didn’t want to either ignore or distort.

      No Social Security is just fine thanks and quite sustainable…crack open a newspaper once in a while and read the news instead of listening to Sean and Gretta. Oh and by the way, she’s the nitwit who brought the trash to the party…NOT the President…he was a guest.

  31. faye says:

    kris kardashian looks like an alien. What an unfortunate looking woman.

  32. betty_k says:


    The POTUS and FLOTUS are invited guests. I’m not certain who bears the onus of the burden of the pres security detail but the rest of the cost is on the WHCA.

    If anything, the President (any of those that have attended) should not be invited: the press should keep arms length to be able to report with less bias.

  33. betty_k says:

    Regarding the gross Kardashians news, Lindsay Lohan along with her lawyer (?!) Shawn Chapman Holley were joined at the hip with Kim, Kris and Greta van Sustern. The icing on that giant fruit cake was a Karl Rovian looking guy that seemed to be handling the gaggle.

    • daisie says:

      Roger Ailes, who happens to resemble Karl Rove, is president of Fox News. The Murdoch touch is like the proverbial turd in the punchbowl.

  34. dorothy says:

    This is fun. Who knew we were all so feisty in the mornings? Hey, I voted for the guy, I just can’t imagine anyone wanting to be associated with an event attended by some of those people, no matter who invited them. Surely we can all agree on that.

  35. The Original Mia says:

    Someone on ONTD said it looked as if Kim was crying after the President’s remarks. She does realize she & Lindsay are jokes. That FoxNews didn’t invite them because they are real stars, but to throw shade at the President’s celeb status. I would have felt sorry for both of them if they didn’t richly deserve to be mocked.

    • Lisa says:

      I used to be a faithful ontder, but the comment page screwups keep me away. :(

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Obviously she has no clue what the relationship between Fox News and the president is like.

      Fox News is thumbing their nose at the president by inviting these skanks. They are saying he’s a joke so they invite jokes. The difference is that the president gets it, they don’t.

      Now I want to know who brought whom every year.

    • Karma says:

      Greta invited Ozzy to the WH dinner with Dubya. She always invites celebs that are in the news. She is actually a Democrat.

      It has nothing to do with throwing shade on the president with celebs because the entire dinner is a comedy roast where everyone gets teased. It’s done for charity and having celebs there is to boost interest and fun for the night.

      Seriously, Kim K and Lohan are right in line with inviting Ozzy when his reality show was the brand-new, hit, reality show.

      And more importantly, the night is one of those rare opportunities for the president to show their human side, that they can take a joke, as well as deliver one. Which is why Stephen Colbert’s WH Correspondents’ Dinner appearance in front of Dubya is such a legendary one. It cut too close to the truth and he genuinely roasted the journalists just as hard as the president. Leaving celebs out of the line of fire.

      If anything Kim K there is a patriotic act. Giving everyone there an easy punch line especially when comparing Stephen Colbert’s performance. And I’m not a fan of their shows. But truly, it helps keep the jokes lighter and attendance high.

      If Kim K didn’t get it was a joke someone should explain to her what a roast is. But her there doesn’t throw shade on Obama, at all.

      • Karma says:

        Compare Stephen Colbert’s to Kimmel’s and you’ll see what a relief valve having Kim K there for easy joke truly is.


        Especially when you consider, Obama campaigned on, but hasn’t negated all these Bush era programs that Colbert is roasting. And actually has doubled down on a bunch of them.

  36. Cleveland Girl says:

    Why was Michelle Obama scowling through the whole thing?

  37. Newtsgal says:

    How funny…..both Kim K and Lilo saying what an honor it was to be there, an hour or so later both being called out, Lilo for being a clueless drunk and Kim K for being a clueless whore… Priceless!

  38. Reba says:

    Lol at Sofia referring to the White House as Casa Blanca! Gotta love her!

  39. truetalk says:

    kim k looks depressed and deflated next to sofia vergara!lol

  40. someone says:

    I’m tired of our Presidents (democrat or republican) trying to prove they are “just like us” with their jokes and humor. I’d like to see the office of President be viewed in a more dignified light. Furthermore, I don’t think our President should be making jokes at the expense of any American. That is like going to school and having your teacher make jokes about you. Not cool.

    • lisa says:

      Umm this dinner has nothing to do with trying to be like us. It is a roast and really about the relationship between the President and press corp which can be cantankerous.

  41. CookieJar says:

    “La Lohan, who brought lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley as her date, sat at the Fox News table at the Washington Hilton right next to former Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. – x17

    oh to be a fly on that wall :D :D

  42. JoeBanana says:

    KK invited to the white house dinner party???? What is wrong with America? A pee’d on porn skank that is lying, cheating and stealing on TV is welcome to have dinner with The President?..ARE YOU EFFIN KIDDING ME? I have just lost all respect for the Obama’s.

    • Newtsgal says:

      Aside from the pissing porn, KimK should have fit right in with all the other lying, cheating, stealing idiots in Washington.

    • Jayna says:

      What do the Obamas have to do with them being invited’ They didn’t invite them. The Obamas were guests.

    • lisa says:

      You do know the President and the first lady had nothing to do with who got invited to this dinner right? Blame Fox who gave them an invitation.

      • JoeBanana says:

        You’re kidding right? Who cares if fox invited the cast of “diner with skanky ho’s” night, dont you think the Obama’s were made aware of the guest list?

      • Janet says:

        @Joe: I won’t try to tax your understanding too badly, so I’ll keep this simple:

        The White House Correspondents Association dinner has been an annual event since 1914. Every president in office has attended.

        What did you expect president Obama to do, look at the guest list and refuse to go because of who was invited?

        You must not be a whole lot of fun to sit next to at a dinner party.

      • JoeBanana says:

        @ Janet – my my, aren’t we a krusty krab.

      • bluhare says:

        No, Joe. YOU are the one coming across as a krusty krab.

    • Janet says:

      Chill out, Joe.

      The whole event was hosted and paid for by the White House Correspondents association. Your hard-earned tax money paid for none of it.

      President Obama and his wife were invited guests, along with everybody else who attended.

      And Lohan and the Kardashians were invited by Greta Van Susteren of Fox News.

      • JoeBanana says:

        Janet, I think you are the one that needs to chill out. If you dont like my comment, why continue to troll it? Fool.

  43. lassie says:

    The top picture of Lohan beckoning me is creeping me out. Haggard. She looks like if she touched you, you would itch.

  44. skuddles says:

    It must have killed Stacy not to be able to attend this event. Just saw photos of her and George on a double date with Cindy Crawford and hub and Stacy looked very glum – like a girl on the verge of being dumped glum.

  45. Seen says:

    Does anyone else wonder why Lindsay’s lawyer went with her ? Something to do with having to have a proper chaperone ? (though not at the white house, the secret service does have to ‘vet’ all attendees. I’m guessing that a felon currently on probation needed a little extra help making the cut.) Nobody has mentioned Holley’s attendance. It is odd. Holley is friendly with TMZ’s Harvey Levin, so I’m not surprised TMZ wouldn’t comment on her attendance – but what about other sites ? Doesn’t anyone else think it’s extremely odd that she was there ?

  46. Aqua says:

    I thought it was strange to see George at LAX without Stacy on Friday.Then when I was watching TWHC dinner on T.V. last night and Jimmy Kimmel was making some jokes about George hosting a $35,000 a plate dinner for Obama the cameras cut to George and his table a couple of times and I didn’t see Stacy there.Clearly something happened but what that something is we just may never know.Sh*t happens in life.

  47. mssnarnd says:

    You know Dina Lohan is just batsh!t crazy about not getting to attend with LiLo. She had to double her “meds” today just seeing those pix of Katface and her pimp posing together.

    She’ll probably make The Cracken dress up in velvet prom dresses and pose in wicker chairs in front of a palm tree backdrop when she gets home.

    In the end, they’ll compromise and go to the local high school gym to try and score some blow.

  48. Michele says:

    I just found out that this is Kim Kardashian’s second time in two years at this dinner. I don’t think I will ever understand their appeal or popularity.

  49. Janet says:

    Okay, fashion report:

    Best dress of the night: Michelle Obama’s.

    Runners up: Charlize Theron, Ivanka Trump and Kate Hudson

    Honorable mention: Barbara Walters, looking glam and appropriate for her age at the same time.

    Thumbs down: Eva Longoria wearing jacked hemline and Kim Kardashian wearing grandma’s green velvet curtains.

    Epic fail: Rosario Dawson in dress three sizes too small with implants three sizes too big about to bust out of the top half.

  50. SoCo Lady says:

    I was soo angry that they attended bc this is just another event that actors/reality stars/crackhead thiefs attend that helps inflate their egos to believe they are actually important in the world. Why not invite more military combat correspondents? The Defense Media Activity Agency, the Pentagon, and the 55th Combat Camera unit in MD is FULL of qualified photographers, writers, and videographers who bring you images you see on TV from the front lines while actually risking their lives (Geraldo, Anderson Cooper dont get the footage these guys get because its too dangerous yet its for open consumption at DVIDs for any network to use). My husband is one of these combat correspondents and it just blows his mind that they (combat correspondents) get the leftover tickets if available to events like these despite contributing to networks with their frontline footage and CRACKHEADS on probation and Reality porn trash w/ a pee fetish (kardassian) who do NOTHING for the world get private jets and great seats. Whatever. I’m getting off my soapbox and getting some more pringles cuz unlike Lohan, they do something for me.

    • Image says:

      Coming from a military family, having people we love and care about put there lives on the line for this country.I’m saddened by the truth in your statement… Please tell your Husband I am grateful for his commitment to our country..God bless him, and the many men and women who defend our country and give our government and news channels the freedom to engage in this type of glorified attention..Could I copy and paste your comment and send it to my Senator…To pass on to our President?

    • Alaina says:

      @SoCo Lady – great comment. Says it all about priorities and principles and the plastic shallow dumbed-down world we live in.

  51. NerdMomma says:

    Just read through all of the comments and I can’t believe no one said it yet- Lohan looked soooooo awful. What was that outfit? I feel like I got punched in the eyeballs.

    • e.non says:

      that first photo is a hoot — she can’t close her mouth because her lips are so blown out. ugh, what a mess.

      and i had never actually heard kim k speak before … good grief. i hope greta had to sit and listen to her all nite long.

  52. UniqJazz says:

    Jimmy Kimmel was hilarious !!! I liked his speech better than the presidents. And I’m glad they both dissed the kartrashians!

  53. Girlygirl410 says:

    Cool does not equal competent.

  54. Reece says:

    I’m so loving Sofia Vergara right now. lol

  55. janie says:

    i had to share this gem of lohan:


    9th photo in the album. sooo good/bad

    • skuddles says:

      Thanks for posting the link – that pic of Lohan is indeed a hoot. You can see she’s clearly struggling to come up with something intelligent to say, and those massive red lips look ready to explode like an overinflated balloon :D

  56. lkk says:

    LOL you should see what the US political system looks like from the outside. Yes the Republican candidates are very ignorant, scary and dumb but those who support them are even stupider. The irony is that it is the poorest and more uneducated members of the population that vote for the republicans but this is the party who would deny the poor any government support and who sees them as disposable. The democrats are no better though, both parties are right wing and it is very sad that people in the US seem to support these idiots.

    • J says:

      Agree! I believe Democratic party is better. After all every person deserves democracy and liberty and fundamental rights which the right wing hypocrites want to curb.

      Only illiterates and filthy rich people vote for the Nazi-Republicans because-

      1. They fool the illiterate people with their religious propaganda.

      2. They keep the rich, rich and make poor poorer.

      Obama is best, regardless what they say. People keep saying how Obama put country in debt. Just think if a republican like bush was still our president in the time when world economy has crashed, USA would be be a scene out of Hunger Games.

  57. I’m sure this will scare the hell out Iran…

  58. jover says:

    Ikk your attempt to paint at least 40 percent of the electorate as hicks is itself stupid – and I’m a democrat – fyi, nancy pelosi, harry reid, jesse jackson, al sharpton, etc. are self serving frauds, hardly mensa candidates, and many people that vote for and support them are i guess stupid, it doesn’t help that Obama has a condescending attitude toward much of the electorate – the ivy league’s have long since lost any cache, and some of the dumbest people graduate from those institutions. Make better arguments instead of name calling – I’ve enjoyed all these posts and honestly – I think most of the public has better things to do than pay attention to crap like this dinner maybe this is one “tradition” that needs canceled.

  59. lower-case deb says:

    that top picture of lohan. omg.
    “come my pretties. come to meeeeee…”
    gives witchdoctors a bad name, she does.

  60. Kosmos says:

    I was disappointed also that our President mentioned the name Kim K. This only gives them more attention. It’s too bad this family is mentioned at all. Sorry, I also do not understand their appeal or popularity. However, I otherwise support Obama 100%.

  61. Lady_Luck says:

    Sorry, but I can’t find a joke Obama makes the slightest bit funny when the U.S is going down the toilet and he’s more concerned about his vacations and golfing than fixing them. He attempts to bring in dumb humour to deflect just how ridiculously incompetent he is at running the country.

    My perspective from here over the pond.

  62. spugzbunny says:


    In the last picture of The Cracken, can you see her tatas? It looks like the top is slightly see through and she’s wearing a boob tube underneath that has slipped down?

    Lol! Cracken nip flashed Obama! Or am I nip-hallucinating? (her left cracky tata)

  63. lucy2 says:

    Both were funny, but POTUS was funnier, IMO.
    I think Seth Myers last year was better than Jimmy, but Stephen Colbert’s still remains the best.
    I loved the Dog Socialism SuperPAC ad – with dramatic voice over by Will Arnett!

  64. Kim says:

    Kimmel & Obama were stupid. Obama is obsessed with fame. Scary attribute for a man VOTED by the people to run the country.

  65. Karma says:

    Those pics of Sophia are too funny! I love the one with Clooney, and the prez’ table in the backgrounds.


    As far as Clooney not bringing a date. I have never seen him bring a date to a DC event. So I think he is keeping his worlds apart so to speak

  66. Amanda G says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, this man has such charisma and I adore him and his family! Of course I wish he were doing a better job, but he’s certainly not our worst president (BUSH!!) and he’s certainly better than the alternative (Romney).

  67. Rage Comic says:

    Normally I don’t read article on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do so! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thank you, quite great post.