Kristen Stewart covers Elle UK, corrects her “my teachers failed me” comments

I heard a rumor several months back that Kristen Stewart was going to be on the June cover of Elle, and I really thought it was going to be the American edition – but here she is, covering the UK edition. I don’t know if this means that she’ll be on the American edition too…? She’s got two films coming out in the next few months, so prepare yourselves for a Kristen extravaganza. First, she’s going to be in Cannes to premiere On the Road – and she and Robert Pattinson might even walk the red carpet for each other’s premieres! I doubt that, though. After Cannes, Kristen will be promoting Snow White and the Huntsman, and then On the Road will get it’s wide release. The summer of K-Stew!

Anyway, what are the thoughts on this Elle UK photo shoot? I’m not in love with it. Kristen has turned in some interesting pictorials in the past, but this one… well, it’s not actively bad, in my opinion. I dislike her hair on the cover, and I think they could have posed her a bit better and encouraged her to close her mouth more. I always want to physically straighten her out too – push her shoulders back until she’s standing up straight. Anyway, here are some highlights from the interview:

Kristen on what she loves: “I f–king love everything about [acting]. I love movies, I love what they do. I am just so fuelled by it like nothing else in my life.”

Robert Pattinson on Kristen’s work ethic: Pattinson seems sweetly in awe of Kristen’s professional drive, saying “She is very focused on being an actress. I mean, that’s what she is… she’s an actress, whereas I just don’t really know.”

Kristen on Snow White and the Huntsman: “It’s a war movie and an identity crisis movie. Basically, she goes to jail when she’s seven and gets out when she’s 18. She’s so stunted that she’s essentially a child, even though she’s already a woman. When she comes out she’s got to save people, but she hasn’t experienced anything like they have. She’s very isolated. She has all these feelings and doesn’t really know why yet, and I can relate to that.”

Kristen on being a role model: “I don’t apply it to the choices I make. I feel like a role model is not necessarily somebody you want to imitate, just someone you admire. I look at characters I play and think, ‘F–k, I would like to be like that.’ [Like Joan Jett], exactly. It makes sense to me why other don’t just look at that person, they look at me. Anyone who happens to choose to look up to me, it’s like, ‘But I’m literally YOU. I’m looking up to the characters you’re admiring me for choosing.’”

Fashion choices and bullying: “It’s weird, at school I was torn apart for not wearing a certain brand of jeans. It nearly killed me. I was so embarrassed and so insecure, but I knew I could never put them on. I would look ridiculous.”

Kristen on her previous comments that “her teachers failed her”: Her clear eyes roll. “When I said they literally failed me, I meant that they literally failed me. As in, I got Fs!”

Being criticized, being misrepresented: “You grow calluses. I don’t say ‘I’m not magnetic’ to try and sound self-deprecating. I’m just not. I’m pretty good at…” Repelling people? “yeah. Though I actually love people. I would like to meet more people. I know no one.”

Her style: Her natural style is “not experimental,” she admits, “I just wear very functional clothes. When I’m in London I feel so dressed down and young and Californian. Even if I try to look nice when I go out for dinner, I just don’t have a thing. I will always wear no socks and be like, ‘F–k, it’s freezing, what am I doing?”

[From Elle Magazine UK, print edition]

The “my teachers failed me” thing was very interesting, because that was a story that angered many people last year. Kristen, in the course of an interview with GQ UK, said, “School became genuinely uncomfortable… I was feeling a little self-conscious about the acting thing with my peers, but also my teachers became a problem. They didn’t want to do the extra work or put packages together so I could keep up while away…They failed me. My teachers failed me. Not one, but all of them. I’m always slightly ashamed in a way, about what I do. I’m slightly embarrassed as I had such serious ambitions when I was younger, I just never imagined that I would ever have a reason not go to school. But then this happened.” So she wasn’t saying, “My teachers failed me as a person, because they weren’t good people.” She was failed. They literally flunked her and gave her Fs. That’s interesting!

Photos courtesy of Elle UK, via The Fashion Spot.

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  1. Katren says:

    she has the most expressionless face, she should not be modelling anything

    • Aiobhan says:

      I agree! I know that she is an “actress” but they should have made her do something other than stare at the camera with that blank expression or half scowl. The only photo of her that looks decent is the one wear she is wearing sun glasses and not looking at the camera.

      I always wonder why it is so hard for some people to just apologize for something something stupid. Instead of wasting time coming up with a lie just say ” I am sorry for acting like an entitled ass.” Even if you do not really mean it it sounds much better than some contrived garbage that ultimately insults my intelligence and who ever made the dumb comment in the first place.

    • says:

      A zombie would bring more emotion to this photo shoot (and probably have better posture) than this girl.

    • Cleveland Girl says:

      When you model you are supposed to be expressionless, so that you notice the clothes, not the girl.

    • Alexis says:

      I disagree, it is now commonplace for actresses to do cover shots and fashion shoots, and the stylist and photographer seem not to have known what to do with her. That is why these photos look pretty bad.

      They don’t seem to have made any effort to photograph her face well, which is handsome, imho, not conventionally pretty, and thus requires some “work” to photograph well. Since Kstew is not a model, the it’s the photographer’s job to guide her to the right angles to showcase her face and body. Furthermore, the clothes (or again, the lack of guidance from the photographer) make her look kind of big, which she anything but. Terribly executed spread!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Nice try at the “fix it” comments but I’m not impressed. She is clearly trying to repair damage from other interviews. Obvious comments of someone who has movies coming out shortly. I don’t dislike her but the comments sound contrived.

    • joan says:

      i dont think that’s what she was doing at all! if this is her “fix it” comment like you said, she could have given a more generic, pr answer. I think its sad that people keep misinterpreting her comments and looking for meaning that is not there. Is it really hard to believe that maybe her getting Fs is just that and with no hidden agenda?

      • Jennifer says:

        If she was trying to fix it, wouldn’t she have said it weeks after the initial comment was published…

      • pink giraffe says:

        totally agree-and as for her “I love acting!” comments, you can see right through that facade-she’s saying she loves acting now because Jennifer Lawrence has been so totally dismissive of actors who think what they do is hard work. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d link to the at least two interviews where Jennifer has taken shots at pouty sourpusses like Kristen who are so ungrateful for their amazing and easy lives.

      • geekychic says:

        @pink giraffe: I googled “kristen stewart quotes on acting”, and it came with this(among others):
        Kristen (on her love for acting):” I love it because I love to tell stories. I like being in movies that have a great story. I’m not so interested in being a Hollywood star. It’s a job, you know. When you wake up at six in the morning every day for a week, it feels like hard work. ”

        I couldn’t find the dates (I’m terribly lazy and not SO invested), but I do believe this is at least 2 years old-I don’t think her stance towards acting has anything to do with Lawrence.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Agreed. KS and her team must have been aware of the blowback from people about those comments. So she goes into damage control in fear of negative box office impact on her two non-Twiight movies if she lets the statements stand. She still have to prove she can get non Twi-hards to see her in a film that doesn’t involve a vampire or a werewolf and can still make a huge profit. Despite the rebel image, if money is on the line KS will play the Hollywood Shuffle.

  3. Lindy says:

    The cover photo is my least favorite of all those photos!

    Interesting clarification–and I guess that means she was one of the few human beings who uses “literally” correctly! Hehehe.

    Don’t hate me but I kind of like her more and more with each interview I read. (Again, I have never seen her in the Twicrap stuff). I will definitely be going to the Snow White film, though. Partly because I want to see how she carries the movie, and partly because I’m a nerdy scholar who is interested in the way fairy tale archetypes operate in our culture:)

  4. lisa says:

    Why do they all have to say f-k this and f-k that to sound edgy and anti whatever.

    It has become so generic. Everyone trying to be the “different’ one. The originals were just that Original.

  5. K says:

    Yay now shes slightly, less annoying….only slightly though.

  6. deb says:

    Why this no talent unattractive excuse for an “actress” keeps getting film roles and magazine covers is beyond me. Her PR team sure has a lot of $ to spend apparently.

    • bns says:

      This is why I’ll never be able to like her. She’s a shitty actress, but somehow keeps working.

    • cee says:

      I love your post. That’s what i’ve been saying for years!!!!

    • Aotearovian says:

      Couldn’t agree more. You certainly wouldn’t know from seeing her on-screen that she “loves acting” – she gives every impression that there’s someone standing just off-camera pointing a gun at her head.

    • pal says:

      I agree. Her PR team has been very good lately. Maybe it is Universal’s PR team because her personal PR team was never this adept before. They are rivaling Blake Lively. If she is good enough to succeed then she will. No matter how good the PR team the public will only be fooled for so long.

    • Lila says:

      Some people have different opinions than you. I think she has a beautiful face and is a decent enough actress. She’s worked with some respected people pre and post Twilight, such as Melissa Leo and Walter Salles. Roger Ebert likes her, as do quite a few of the legit critics such as the ones from The New York Times..That’s how she keeps getting jobs.

  7. caity says:

    I’m a fan of k-stew, and was disappointed by her teacher comment, so good to hear this clarification.

    Also, cannot wait for SWATH, it looks awesome!

  8. yael says:

    she always looks so uncomfortable in dresses and heels.

  9. Ari says:

    This photo shoot is horrendous.

  10. Maya says:

    I’m not a Twilight fan at all, but I’ve actually come to like Kristen Stewart quite a bit. She seems like a smart, down to earth person, and I don’t think you can really blame her for complaining about the constant media attention and paparazzi. It must suck to be harassed every time you leave your house. And she’s actually a pretty decent actress when she’s not playing Bella, IMO.

    • Hubbahun says:

      I agree – I like that she’s not the standard issue screamy-tween.

    • Launicaangelina says:

      I finally saw Welcome to the Riley’s last week and I enjoyed the movie. Kristen did a really good job with the role. She made that movie around the same time as the first Twilight movie. They are drastically different characters.

    • Camille (The original) says:

      I agree. I’ll never really understand the hate she gets.

  11. khaveman says:

    This was a bad photo shoot all around. I have seen her look much prettier.

  12. Jackie says:

    i do not get the popularity of this girl. besides not being particularly bright, she has no chemistry with a lens.

    always uncomfortable and uneasy. makes me cringe.

    maybe people like her cause she represents some kind of rebellion?? although, i don’t see it.

  13. Nene says:

    Dead eyes – check!
    Open mouth – check!
    She poses like a dude – check!

    Nothing new!!! NEXT.

  14. Linney says:

    Her face always looks like she ate some bad seafood. She’s just way too harsh looking to pull off pretty, classy clothes.

  15. lisa says:

    I don’t like these pics.. but she has an amazing face. Really striking eyes. I have never seen the twilight movies.. Well tried to watch the first one and just couldn’t get into it so gave up. I actually hope she makes a great career after the Twilight films. Because films like this have a tendency of hindering the actors in future roles. The fanbase gets stuck in those characters and don’t support the actors outside the franchise.

    time will tell how this all turns out. If SWATH does well She will get the lion’s share of the benefits.

  16. Kimbob says:

    Looking at these pics of Kristen in the UK Elle issue continues to confirm for me that Kristen is one of those RARE CELEBRITIES that actually LOOK BETTER WITHOUT MAKE-UP!!!

    I keep remembering her in the Twilight movies where she has a more natural look. I mean, I know in the Twilight movies she’s wearing make-up, but the make-up is VERY NATURAL….and she looks GREAT like that…w/minimal make-up.

    It just seems to me whenever I see pics of Kristen, whether they are candids of her at various functions, or pics of her in magazines that accompany her interviews….the eye make-up Kristen wears….it does NOTHING for her. Whenever Kristen wears eye make-up…the make-up makes her look HARSH.

    I’m not a K-Stew fan, really, but just had to share this observation of mine because it’s RARE to observe that a celebrity actually looks better w/LESS make-up.

    • Liv says:

      She often talks crap. But her face is really gorgeous!! And she’s one of the few actresses without plastic surgery.

    • LILA987 says:

      I thought the same think, until I read an interview of the twilight make-up artist, talking about using 5 different foundation to get her that skin tone.

      • Michele says:

        Movie makeup is very different from every day makeup. The harsh bright movie lights wash everyone out. Since Kristen is very fair skinned naturally, it might have been a challenge to find the right shade to make her look less washed out especially in the first Twilight film when they used that bluish tint for a special effect. If you ever see pictures of her when she’s just hanging out, she usually has very little makeup on and looks fine. Many people who have seen her in person like fans and makeup artists have remarked about her nice complexion.

  17. suzanna says:

    I love the dresses in this shoot. They look great on her. I don’t like the hair at all in the first picture. I think she’s very pretty and interesting. I just wish she would stop over using f ck in all her interviews. I think the word loses it’s effect if you say it so much,and I do say it.

  18. T.C. says:

    I don’t agree with teachers failing a kid for being absent. Fail them if they do poorly on tests, assignments etc. I’m on Kstew’s side on this.

    • person3514 says:

      It sounds like she was missing a bunch of school to work. Public school teachers have enough on their hands without having to go extra miles to make extra assignments so she could stay caught up.

      It’s not like she was sick or something. I think she should have been home schooled or tutored at that point if she was missing that much school.

    • CTgirl says:

      Really? Because if you don’t do the work because of an unexcused absence, which filming a movie is not an excused absence, you should just get a pass? If that is really how you feel then you have singlehandedly illustrated what is wrong with American public schools. By your logic, a child who doesn’t actively participate by actually doing the work should just be passed. Absolutely brilliant. Why didn’t I make that argument to my professors in grad school? Oh yeah, it’s idiotic.

    • Belle says:

      I agree and disagree. I think if a student misses school for a lengthy illness… or even a family vacation that has been approved, and if the student is making the effort to complete the missed work, then teachers (yes, even public school teachers) should make every effort to help.
      In KS’s case though, being gone for lengthy periods of time, for movie roles… that is a bit much to ask of teachers, and she should have hired a tutor!

  19. marie says:

    I’m not a huge Kristen fan but I do think she’s pretty in these photos, well all except the 4th one down-something’s going on with the fitting of the dress, or the way she’s standing. However, I don’t think you have to constantly drop the f-bomb to get your point across..

  20. I really like this girl. Does she put her foot in her mouth a lot? Yeah. So do I. So I can appreciate it.

  21. Jenna says:

    Yikes. This photoshoot is horrible.

  22. Ginger says:

    As a photographer, I completely agree that these shots are horrible. The only one I almost like is the one with the sunglasses…probably because you can’t really tell it’s her out of context. I wish she would stand up straight and smile!

  23. shannon says:

    I like her. So she’s socially awkward? A lot of us struggle with that. The F-bomb? Let me clutch my pearls! I’ve not seen her in any movie since ‘Panic Room,’ so I can’t comment on her acting ability, but she seems cool in interviews. I love that she’s like me, in that she’s shy, doesn’t get fashion and acts generally a bit “boyish”, and she bagged a total hottie. Go girl. :)

  24. The Original Mia says:

    Her comments didn’t really fix anything. I didn’t misinterpret her remarks. She thought her teachers should give her preferential treatment because she was an actress and when they didn’t and she failed, she & her parents blamed the teachers.

    She is meh. Will always be meh. Doesn’t matter what they dress her in, she’ll always be meh.

    • Lila says:

      Ugh, see that is what annoys me about some (not all) of the people who hate her. You crucify her over something she clearly meant in another way or the tiniest issue. I bet she did not correct the teacher thing before because her pr team wanted it to blow over a la like how people address cheating/hard drug rumors. Anyway, awful photoshoot (and I like her and find her beautiful).

      • The Original Mia says:

        It had blown over. She brought it back up. Thereby giving me another opportunity to say what I said at the time of the original comment.

    • danni says:

      well in her defense, how did dakota fanning get through school? her teachers helped her. Kristen grew up in L.A and met her agent through a school play, as the daughter of a school teacher i understand the frustration of a student’s absence but down right failing her instead of making an effort to communicate the work with her in ridiculous.

      Also she was home schooled/tutored after 7th grade and graduated with honors in 2008. She’s not dumb.

      I love that she’s so passionate about what she does. She always has been and just because she’s giving better more straightforward interviews doesn’t mean it’s a cover up. Even if it is, that’s not a bad thing, She’s becoming more savvy.

      • The Original Mia says:

        There really is no comparison. Dakota’s parents prioritized her having a normal life and childhood over acting. She went to school. She participated in school activities. From what Kristen has said, when things got difficult, her parents allowed her to bail. Not the same situation at all.

    • Jade says:

      Um it’s not preferential treatment to make a packet for a students who’s going to be away for awhile. When I left school for toe weeks to go over seas my teachers prepared work for me to do. If a student is absent due to an illness they get work sent to them as well.

  25. katie says:

    Done. Over with.

  26. CTgirl says:

    The cover shoot is horrendous. As an actress you would think that she could put forward something more than the “KStew dead eye”. Unbelievably bad. As for the teacher remarks, the girl is doing some serious backpedaling. That was actually the comment that confirmed that neither she nor her parents are Mensa candidates. Unless the absence is an excused absence then too bad, the teachers aren’t under any obligation to put together materials. The burden is on her to keep up. She apparently didn’t meet that challenge. And let’s not forget that she had onset tutors to coordinate with teachers. What it comes down to is that neither she nor her parents put a premium on education. And its shows with the constant f bombs and inability to form a coherent sentence. Quite sad really.

    • Michele says:

      Backpeddling you say? Hardly. If she were indeed backpeddling, she would have issued a statement as soon as this ridiculous brouhaha (mostly brought on by her extreme haters, naturally) came about months ago. She was asked about it in this interview and she answered with more clarity this time. Was it necessary to insult her parents by mocking them and Kristen with your “Mensa” remark? Since Kristen did end up graduating with honors, no less, then all’s well that ends well, correct? Some of you act like vultures as soon as you see a piece on Kristen. You swoop down on this comment section and start picking away until there’s nothing left to pick at. If she’s not your cup of tea. Fine. I just don’t care for the cruel insults and mean girl mentality. If you are this rude to someone you don’t know personally, it makes me wonder how you behave with people you do know. That is not a pleasant thought at all!

      • CTgirl says:

        It’s not a “mean girl” thing to expect students to do the work and to expect parents to set school as a priority for their minor children. It’s a reality thing. As for my snide comment, it was indeed snide. I can’t imagine a 12 year old deciding that school isn’t for them and their parents letting them drop out after she failed her classes. Most parents would make their child quit acting for a while and concentrate on school, a stance that I agree with.

      • Orly says:

        “If she’s not your cup of tea. Fine. I just don’t care for the cruel insults and mean girl mentality.”

        Here is the thing, there are Kristen Stewart fansites all over the interwebs, feel free to visit only those.

        On this site, CeleBITCHY, there is snark on everyone, not just KS.
        Have you not read the Brangelina or Kardashian threads?

  27. Anna says:

    I like Kristen Stewart. She sticks her foot in her mouth, but she seem like a decent person. I’ve liked her since she did that Letterman interview ages ago and then had the guts to go back on again. I remember it, because she said she wanted to take a road trip, starting in the UK, around Europe. Letterman, and others, mocked her to death. Which was stupid, because I’ve done the same exact road trip. You take a ferry from Dover in England to Calais in France. I think Letterman saw an easy target…An awkward teenage girl that the public disliked already, and instead of trying to make her more at ease went after her because he knew that was what the audience wanted by saying England’s an island, how can you take a road trip to Europe. I think people often misconstrue her words. If you read that quote, she does seem to make a few excuses but she admits her faults. She missed a lot of school, the teachers didn’t want to do any extra packets, so she literally flunked. Anyway, I remember reading on some industry website or in a serious magazine once…it was an analysis of the film stars and movies…that Kristen Stewart was well liked in the industry. Snow White and the Huntsman has really good press already, so it doesn’t need Charlize gushing all over Kristen. Charlize, in fact, rarely gushes over anyone…I have a major girl crush on Charlize and pretty much read any magazine when she’s on the cover. So I think Charlize truly does like her. Same with a lot of other people she works with. They often go past the standard spiel, oh, someone’s great, and seem to truly like her. Anyway, that just reinforces my idea that she’s a decent person. I’m not addressing the acting, because I know people have vastly different opinions, but I’m just addressing the fact that some people act like she’s this horrible person.

    • another nina says:

      Interesting comment.
      It surprises me that she is always so unprepared for all these interviews. And I don’t mean that she needs a PR person and brand building efforts. How is it even possible that she can’t respond coherently to two primitive questions from a morning news program? I mean she obviously receives these questions in advance, then she takes a 6 hr plane from LA to NY, then she spends 2 hrs on hair/make-up preparation for a TV appearance – how is it possible that she cannot come up with two easy paragraphs during 8 hrs of downtime? Hell, if you cannot write them yourself, ask Pattinson for help. His interviews are always interesting, no exception. But I was immensely surprised when I listened recently to his first interviews on the set in 2008 (to some Canadian STV) and he was mumbling, “you-knowed and I-meaned” 10 times per sentence. So, he managed to overcome all of it and he was younger than she is now…I used to cut her some slack because she was so young. She is 22 now, the age of an average associate in the corporate world, so no excuses anymore. It’s frustrating because she is obviously very smart – I listened to part of her commentaries on DVD, and her ideas and comments are strikingly intelligent. And her public appearances and media interviews are painful. Why?
      Anyway, she is starting growing on me. And I wish she clarified “teachers failed me” sooner.

  28. A Fan says:

    I’m guessing her teachers would have a completely different view of what happened. There are always two sides to every story and many shades of grey. Just because she says it, doesn’t mean it’s true.

  29. arly says:

    she did not bring it up, the intervier did, she is not back peadaling, she is trying to clear out the confussion, people ALWAYS twist her words, every little thing she does or says, is there anyone at the age of 22 who has more scrunity than her??? give the girl a break. Teachers are supposed to help their students, have packages ready for tutors to use with her in this case, stop acting like teachers are martyrs, there are some pretty bad teachers, that could care less if a kid does well or not, and not to mention jealousy that they could’ve had for her. She did try to keep up, but without the help of teachers it would’ve been impossible. It’s easy to critize her, and not give her the benefit of doubt, I don’t think she failed because of laziness, she did graduate with honors, she was in a bad situation.
    I don’t understan how some people hate her,she is decent person, always sweet with fans, goes out of her way to meet fans, people who work with her love her, she is passionate about her job, and seems to have a good head on her shoulders, keep it up Kstew, ignore the haters!!!

  30. Sway says:

    “Her clear eyes roll” – you don’t say!

  31. Belle says:

    I actually love the photo of her in the sunglasses… not so much the dress, but I think the photo is beautiful. Also love the color of the dress in the second photo, still trying to decide if I like the dress itself. Hate the cover photo, especially her hair);

    I agree with someone above who mentioned that she seems to be prettier when she has a more natural look, with less make up.

    She does seem SO awkward in nice clothing. Okay, maybe she is awkward all of the time and it is just more obvious when she dresses up. Seriously though, it seems like someone in her circle could send her to some sort of a ‘coach’ to help her a bit? I don’t think it would take much to work on her posture and her stance… learn a few tricks to at least APPEAR to be more at ease, right? Maybe they think her awkwardness is part of her ‘unique-ness’, but sheesh… maybe she can work on her posture and still be awkward at the same time??

  32. Crystal says:

    Ugh this story about her teachers needs to go away because it does her no favours. It’s not her fault she was asked but unless Elle are willing to interview her teachers, we’ll never know what really happened. There are two sides to every story and so far all we’ve heard is that they flunked her. Ok. We get it. You can use your millions to wipe your tears. I didn’t know she graduated with honors. Maybe her fans are making it up. Doesn’t matter though, I think I read somewhere that Paris Hilton graduated with honors too.

    As for the shoot…meh. She’s a beautiful girl but she looks awkward as hell. I didn’t like the cover at first but it’s starting to grow on me. I don’t know why Elle photoshopped her eyes. We all know that they’re green but here they are blue. Why do they always do this?? I think her Vanity Fair cover will be a lot better so I’m looking forward to seeing that. Hopefully they won’t recycle questions for that interview like they did here.

    It’s borderline pathetic how excited I am to see SWATH. Only for flawfree Charlize Theron though. She’s my queen and nobody can play a b*tch like her. K-Stew is very liked in the business and works hard so she’ll keep getting roles. It certainly isn’t because of her acting range but acting is usually at the bottom of the list when they cast for movies these days. She plays the same person in every role so I’m happy that she’s in SWATH…I’m ready to see her play something other than an awkward, sullen teenager.

    Where’s Taylor Lautner??? Is he irrelevant now??? Feel like I haven’t heard from him in a while…

  33. Janet says:

    This girl is just meh. She is “meh” as an actress and she is “meh” as a personality. I don’t understand what anyone sees in her, because essentially there is nothing there to see.

  34. Monica says:

    I think she has poor character…kids can read insecurity and that’s why she was teased (maybe not bullied). Sometimes you have to know when to pull your kid out of a school or make them stick it out. I feel like Kristin needed to work on herself rather than just blame those other kids for making her feel bad. This is what happend and she grew up and she is doing what she loves and people are still reacint to her in the same way. Makes me think it’s something about her character and confidence. Her parents also gave her the a chip on her shoulder. It’s all her upbringing. They think they are artistic and “not commercial” and Kristen thinks that of herself too.

    I wasn’t happy at my school but other kids had it worse than me and ultimately I learned a lot. I learned to stay on the radar when I wanted to, who I wanted to be firends and who I didn’t want to be firends with and teachers slowly implented all kinds of rules and activity to decrease bullying and taunting of any kind. It’s everywhere in the berst and worst place so the best thing a parent can do is teach their kids how to deal with it and develop a tough skin.

    Kristen doesn’t have tough skin. You can be sensitive and tough at the same time and she doesn’t have it. That is why when she does interviews and things she is obviously ridden with anxiety. Blame her parents.

  35. Courtney says:

    @Janet you hit it right on the head

  36. arly says:

    she doesn’t have thick skin?? are you kidding me, how has she manage to survive the past 5 years of her life with everything being thrown at her,living under a HUGE microscope, where everybody wants a piece of her, obsessed fans, and haters, and yet she still not a lindsay lohan,in rehab, or dead? how can you say this girl has no thick skin.

  37. cris says:

    She is super intelligent, a fantastic actress and a wonderful person, loved the photoshoot, she looks good anyway ….. she is sweet!

    I wish luck to Kristen, she deserves all the best in the world!

  38. ZenB!tch says:

    I didn’t think LAUSD failed anyone. I didn’t show up from November until June my last year and I got Cs. The minute I got admitted to college I was outta there.

  39. jess says:

    @ pink giraffe. LOL at your comment about Kristen saying she loves acting know because of Jennifer Lawerence. I highly doubt she cares what she has to say. Why is it so hard to believe that Kristen loves acting? She is obviously uncomfortable doing interviews so I dont think she would keep acting if she didnt love it and she doesnt like the fame part so she isnt in it for that. As for Jennifer Lawernce and her complaining about other actors complaining about their “easy life,” she is not very famous so she doesnt have to deal with crazy fans and the paps like Kristen and some other actors do.

  40. Reece says:

    The dresses are cute. The styling, the lens filter, everything else is dull & boring.
    *my dark eyes roll* That “clarification” doesn’t change GD thing. She’s still a whiny entitled brat. She made her choice.

  41. Rachael says:

    I honestly don’t have any problem with KStew most of the time, and I like her answers from this current Elle interview that are highlighted in this article by Celebitchy/Kaiser. But her “clarification” on the original GQ article does NOT clear anything up when you re-read what she said there in full context. She said stuff like:

    “[My teachers] didn’t want to do the extra work or put packages together so I could keep up while away”

    “My teachers failed me as a person, because they weren’t good people.”

    How can those comments be viewed as anything other than negative and offensive towards the teachers, no matter HOW she meant the “failed me” phrase!? The first comment is saying they were lazy, and the second comment is saying that they were a-holes. There’s not any other way to interpret that.

    • Anna says:

      Oh please, she never said the last quote. I even googled it because that didn’t sound right. I don’t know if you just made that up or whether you got that from a blog, but you are flat out wrong. If she had said her teachers were not good people, the shit storm would have been even worse. That’s how a lot of people interpreted her quote, that she was saying that her teacher’s were not good people…but she never actually said that.

    • another nina says:

      Celebitchy says: So she wasn’t saying, “My teachers failed me as a person, because they weren’t good people.” Just re-read the post. You are mixing blog commentary with Kristen’s quote.

      • Rachael says:

        Oh well my bad then, I read that wrong. The first one still stands though. Still kinda sketchy but not nearly as bad as I thought.

  42. A says:

    I just do not think that she is ‘girly’ enough for this shoot!

  43. Dibba says:

    I can see why celebrities get such huge egos. They think everyone on earth is waiting anxiously to hear their profound thoughts. They are surrounded by media, fans and suck ups. I just hope they realized that most folks are busy with their lives and don’t give a crap about what they think about anything

  44. Minty says:

    Kristen has yet to “wow” me as an actress and she can’t pose to save her life. However, I can’t hate on her because:

    1. She’s not an unreliable, entitled, drunken party girl mess like the Cracken.

    2. She’s not promiscuous with random hookups like Gerard Butler and Parasite Hilton.

    3. She is generally self-deprecating, not arrogant.

    4. She doesn’t overshare on her romantic relationships and doesn’t famewhore herself on Twitter (as far as I’m aware).

    She’s been acting since she was a child, so her claim to fame is a zillion times more legitimate than the Kartrashians or any reality show twit. Sure, she says silly things, but she’s young. She will learn how to better handle reporter questions over time.

    One other thing: why do so many actors (male and female) feel the need to drop f-bombs during magazine interviews? It seems like such a try hard attempt to be edgy and cool. Don’t they want to come across as articulate and maybe a bit classy? You know, make your parents and grandparents proud.

  45. F you says:

    Ks went to a private school it looked public and called pinecrest. I was a former student there but wasn’t in her class the teachers weren’t bad.