George Clooney & Stacy Keibler are still together & they’ll be in DC this weekend

These are some new photos of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler last night in LA. They went out to dinner with Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. So, what can we determine from these pics? Stacy gets along with George’s BFFs, Cindy and Rande. Stacy and George are still together. George is enough of a gentleman to open Stacy’s car door for her. And Stacy and George still make eye contact, which is a good sign. It’s always a bad sign when George can’t even force himself to make eye contact with one of his pieces. Still, I swear Stacy looks a little bit nervous and scared. Like, “Will this be the night he tells me to pack my bags? Is this the night where he orders a car service for me and I ask why and he says, ‘Baby, you know why’?” Poor Stacy.

George and Stacy are due at the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend, although their invitations are probably a bit tarnished now that every crackhead and famewhore is coming. Of course, what does Stacy care? She doesn’t. While George and the men talk politics, Stacy will be staring off into space, thinking about puppies and butterflies.

As I mentioned in today’s Brangelina post, Star Magazine has a funny fake story about Brad calling up George after he proposed to Angelina, and Brad’s enthusiasm was contagious. So, obviously, George has decided to go twinsies with Brad and George is going to propose to Stacy! The whole piece isn’t worth transcribing, but there are a few highlights I wanted to mention. Apparently, George loves that “Stacy’s like one of the guys and puts no pressure on him.” So George has decided to propose and he’s already planning yet another “double wedding” with Brangelina. Obviously, Angelina isn’t happy about this because she kind of hates Stacy and Angelina refuses to get to know any of George’s pieces-of-the-month. Ridiculous.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Cherry says:

    More importantly, what’s up with Cindy Crawford’s duck lips in the 3rd pic (where she’s hugging George)?

  2. Aqua says:

    If you look at the quest list for the WH Correspondence Dinner it’s a bit of a joke. Even though their expired by date is June 15 of this year,I can’t see them calling it quits until after the summer.One final trip to Italy.

  3. Bubulle says:

    I think he’s has been trying to break up with her ever since the end of the awards season but the media won’t let him, now poor George has to fake it a little longer.

    • Intercontinental says:

      It took ages to split with EC too, we seem to remember media pressure there as well!?

      Looks like people didn’t buy the weekend shopping trip!! Funny how the paps always seem to know where to find them (OK..her! 💩)

      We thought the gathering was a business dinner re: WHC at weekend. Clingon doesn’t look at all happy…maybe she got orders to keep her dopey mouth shut? 😉

  4. LucyOriginal says:

    Is this some kind of damage control since A-rod said Clooney is his role model?

  5. cody says:

    Craigs is a place where the Celebs want to be seen and last week Stacy/George were papped shopping at a Whole Foods, this particular store is a place where many of the celebs shop. There seems to be a need to prove to the public that they are a couple, especially when A-Rod comes out and says George is his hero for being a eternal bachelor. By A-Rod saying that, it confirms to me that Torrie and Stacy have talked about it and this is where A-Rod gets his info. Stacy maybe around for awhile and get some work from it, but there won’t be any wedding bells soon.

  6. blueSky says:

    51 – 32 = gross

    I would be ok with her if she weren’t 32!

  7. guest says:

    I guess George and Stacy have been photographed out and about because they need to look like a couple before the White House Correspondents Dinner. For George image is important to him, real or not. I would love to hear the dinner conversation between Leon Panetta and Stacy. Her tweet will be, @Leon he is my new BFF.

    • Image says:

      Wouldn’t image and SK be an oxymoron?

      I like the 2nd picture down practicing the look of Love photos..It’s been awhile..

  8. carlino altoviti says:

    I find there is a little sadism toward Stacy, in this expectation of separation.
    She’s just a nice girl who never hurt anyone, is not her fault if she is not talented or clever.
    Here is Clooney that doesn’t a fine figure. He’s afraid to have alongside another star, he doesn’t want to, for this is accompanied with waitresses or starlets without talent.
    Not because he is gay, because he is not, he is a misogynist.

    • Bubulle says:

      How do you know for sure he’s not gay ?

    • Image says:

      How do you know she has never hurt anyone?

      • Cody says:

        I agree. How do you know under that fake smile is a “mean girl.” Unless you know her, the only thing the public knows about her is from her superficial interviews, tweets, WWE wrestling days and season six of DWTS.

    • Alaina says:

      @carlino altoviti – Agree. A misogynist. He has little regard for women and it comes across in so many ways, not least, the way he treats them in public.

  9. weezy says:

    Whether they are together or not I still find the relationship strange. From the beginning how he dumped Canalis and then month later he is with somebody else. Stacy had to claim, not George, they have known each other for years. Really, they traveled in the same social circles. IMO when there is such a large dating age difference between the man and woman, there is a psychological and power difference. I can’t believe deep down Stacy is happy and George enjoys the relationship.

    • Image says:

      Sk is an only child…I’m sure she has been the center of attention all her life…She seems to have sold her soul to the Devil to continue receiving that kind of attention…..I would find it very hard to imagine that this relationship (if it were real would actually work out)

  10. cindigirl says:

    Celebitchy quote:
    “It’s always a bad sign when George can’t even force himself to make eye contact with one of his pieces.”

    Notice second picture in car –

  11. Esmom says:

    “Is this the night where he orders a car service for me and I ask why and he says, ‘Baby, you know why’?”

    LMAO. Although I’d think she knows when the end will be because the contract presumably has an end date?

    Like someone said above, it seems telling that they’re seen out only at celeb hangouts. Everything is arranged. What’s even weirder to me is getting friends to go along with the charade. What are they thinking?

    • Guest says:

      Maybe, Cindy Crawford likes the publicity also and that is why she goes along with it. There are many supermodels that are waiting to replace Cindy.

  12. Bobo says:

    There seems to be such a sad look on Stacy’s face, because she is thinking that something happened to the puppies and butterflies or she is thinking another boring dinner with George and his old friends.

  13. samira677 says:

    The White House Correspondence Dinner has always been an odd mix of A and D-listers. The Osbornes and Paris Hilton attended before. I think because it’s called “White House” people assume the president invited everybody who attends and that it’s at the White House. It’s actually at a hotel and reporters and news corporations invite most people.

  14. Lorenzo says:

    Go and find yourself another nickname, this is mine and I had it first.
    And I don’t have anything to do with the things you post.

  15. Lorenzo says:

    Madness took over here and somebody is abusing my nickname.

  16. Intercontinental says:

    OMG!! What scary comments…

    • says:

      It’s the same psycho that posts everywhere there is any news about George and Stacy or the “girlfriend of the moment”…she’s obsessed with George and thinks she’s his only “true love twin soul” or some such rubbish. And always the same abusive language towards the women pictured with George.

      Totally psycho and always using other posters names, to try to make it appear as though her delusional opinions are widely held by most posters; instead it’s the same creepy lunatic posting the same crap since Elisabetta’s time. Really sad and very scary!

  17. shawn says:

    The contract has ended. George refused to take her to the WHCD. I guess the Craig’s dinner staged photo op was her consolation prize. I’m glad George had the courage to put an end to this nonsense sooner rather than later. Also, it’s great for him that it’s over before his birthday.

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