Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr. are expecting their 2nd child

Sarah Michelle Gellar Freddie Prinze Jr.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are an exceedingly private couple and, therefore, a relative anomaly where Hollywood “in your face” romances are the general rule. Just to find some red carpet photos of the two together, I had to dig way back to the 2007 UK premiere of Hairspray, which was nearly five years ago. So it’s no wonder that people started assuming that Sarah and Freddie were on the rocks when she attended this year’s Golden Globes alone (and despite myself, I still love that tye-dyed blue dress she wore) and without her engagement ring. Since Sarah and Freddie basically ignored the rumors, the tabloids had no choice but to elaborate further with details that Freddie was allegedly tired of Mr. Mom duty and that Sarah was pissed. Well we can officially put those stories to rest now because Sarah and Freddie have announced that they are expecting their second child together!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Freddie Prinze Jr.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. are expanding their family! The Ringer actress is pregnant with her second child, Us Weekly can exclusively confirm. “She and Freddie are thrilled,” a friend of the pair says. “They’re amazing parents.”

The couple met while filming the 1997 horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer and began dating three years later. They tied the knot in Mexico on September 1, 2002, and welcomed daughter Charlotte Grace in September 2009.

Gellar, 35, recently told Us that Prinze, 36, had been enjoying his one-on-one time with Charlotte as she filmed the first season of The CW’s Ringer.

“He loves it. We fight over who gets to stay home,” Gellar said of her stay-at-home husband. “You’d think it would be the opposite, that the parents would be like, ‘No, I’ll go to work!’ but he’s like, ‘You stayed home for two years! It’s my turn!’”

“He and Charlotte have too much fun,” Gellar added. “I’m jealous!”

Family comes first for the couple, who both grew up in the spotlight. “They still have date nights all the time and have a normal life,” an insider tells Us. “They both came of age in Hollywood and love working, but their home life is more important to them.”

[From Us Weekly]

This is great news for the couple. Charlotte is now a 3-year-old, so she’ll probably be prepared in time to hit “big sister” mode like a champ by the time the new baby is born. I’m glad all those rumors of relationship trouble were just that. If Freddie had a problem being Mr. Mom, there’s virtually no way he’d have any part in creating another little kidlet that would need his doting attention. Besides, I think he loves the Mr. Mom stuff, and it’s nice to see a guy who thoroughly enjoys those duties. Child-rearing isn’t easy, and when a woman finds a guy who enjoys it, he’s definitely a keeper. Congrats to Sarah and Freddie!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Freddie Prinze Jr.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

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  1. Alex says:

    I liked the tie died dress too, it was refreshing to see something so different.

    Congrats to Buffy.

  2. backwards says:

    If a couple are quick to shove their relationship in your face it’s probably not working out.

    Congratulations to them and hope the pregnancy goes smoothly for her.

    She will probably give birth before Jessica.

    • Maguita says:

      LOL! so true. Jessica’s been pregnant for what feels like 13 months by now :)

      I’m very happy for them. Love them as a couple. Not long ago there were rumors of them splitting up, so I am very glad that is not the case.

      Here’s to an easy pregnancy to one special lady of the Scooby-Doo gang!

  3. Nonny says:

    She looks so much better with darker hair, she’s a bit bleurghh with blonde. Ringer is the most ridiculous program I have ever watched but I can’t stop watching it!

  4. Frayed_Edges says:

    I love how they ignored the rumours and didn’t feel the need to issue a stupid statement validating the press making stuff up. Congrats to them!

  5. Samigirl says:

    Yay! I’ve always loved them as a couple, and they seem like solid parents. I was also hoping for a preggo post so I can throw in this little piece of my own news. I am in the hospital right now, inducing. Little miss made my stupid bp go insanely high, so she has to come out today. Please send me good luck vibes, every one! Thanks :-)

  6. SCREEEE says:

    Awww yay! Is this a sign that the ricidulous and awesome Ringer won’t be back? Terrible ratings, right? Weeell whatever, I’m sure a baby will be much more fulfilling than a second season.

  7. brin says:

    I like them and their low-profile relationship…such a refreshing change. Congrats to them!

    • Liv says:

      Agree, they are really refreshing!

      So much talk about a split and here they are, expecting their second child ;-) Good job.

      (Plus they are proving everyone wrong who thinks one can’t stay under the radar in Hollywood)

  8. lucy2 says:

    Congrats to them! I was wondering if she was pregnant, she wasn’t quite as thin as usual in the last episodes. That’s great for them, they seem really solid together and happy, and I love how private they manage to keep their personal life.

    Good luck, Samigirl!

    • Lexi says:

      Yeah ~ I thought she has looked preggo ever since they came back from the ridiculously long break that (partially)killed the show. No due date given ~ I bet she is at least 4 months along. That pretty tie-dye dress was a good concealer too. We’ll see ~ it could just have been the absolutely wretched costuming on that show ~ seriously ~ they dressed her as though she was 45 and not wealthy ~ really fug!

  9. Mirella says:

    Yay!! Congrats!

  10. samira677 says:

    I’m almost positive that Freddie is a working writer/producer. I don’t know why that just because you’re not in front of the camera it’s assumed you can’t get work and called Mr. Mom. Sarah’s dress doesn’t look as ugly as it did at the Globes but I don’t like how it’s double tiered.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      You are correct. Freddie loves professional wrestling (for some reason), so he works for WWE (I believe). I’m sure Freddie could work at home more than Sarah, though, if there really is an argument between them about child care. But I don’t believe it.

      It annoys me too that people assume Freddie must WANT to be Tom Cruise or something. Some people do bow out on their own, because the work and/or the fame is not for them.

    • katenotcatherine says:

      your comments are always so negative samir

  11. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Sarah is my absolute favorite! Congrats to the happy couple.

  12. Lindy says:

    Yay for them! I love Buffy and always will, and I’m happy for both of them. They seem pretty low-key, which is probably good news for their kids, too.

  13. Michele says:

    How wonderful! I’ve been a fan of SMG since Buffy.

  14. k says:

    I think the tie dyed dress would have been amazing at knee length.

  15. jc126 says:

    I like them, they’re so cute. Congrats to them.

  16. Anne says:

    Congrats to them! I’ve been a fan of SMG since she was on AMC so many years ago.

    I have a feeling Ringer is not getting a second season. Not because of the pregnancy, but because they already had the season finale, and didn’t wait for May sweeps.

  17. Tiffany says:

    I am not surprised that Freddie is the stay at home parent. I remember interviews years ago with him talking about staying home if his partner wanted to work.They both seem like solid people and congrats to them both.

  18. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Yay so excited for them! They are very cute and seem sweet together.

    I love him in that Friends episode as the nanny for Ross and Rachel. Hilarious.

  19. aenflex says:

    Happy for them!!!

  20. Aqua says:

    I just love this kind of happy news!I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them.For you too!Samigirl!

  21. original kate says:

    charlotte grace is such a pretty name. i love buffy and wish her the best.

  22. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Kendall shouldn’t be a blonde.

  23. Jayna says:

    I love him. I would love to see him back on a TV show instead of some of these other actors.

  24. the original bellaluna says:

    I’ve loved her since she was Kendall on AMC; when she left to become Buffy, I was such a Buffy fan-girl I stuck through every season. And now I’m addicted to Ringer, where I thought she was looking a little pregnant lately, but that could have been due to the storyline.

    Congrats to the happy couple!

    • ShanKat says:

      I thought she looked a little preggy on the last couple episodes, too! Super cute. I reallly hope they bring it back…it’s on the bubble. As was Buffy in its infancy!

  25. Kelly says:

    Cool couple. Great for them. Hope “Ringer” comes back next year.

  26. Sassy says:

    Nice, “normal” couple! Happy for them! :)

  27. cee says:

    Congrats to them, LOVE SMJ and Freddie. They have a type of relationship that I like concerning Hollywood, they don’t push themselves onto the public for attention, and seem very down to earth.

  28. dahlianoir says:

    Congrats to SMG and a lot of positive vibes to Samigirl !

  29. Aqua says:

    @ Samigirl.Fantastic! glad to hear everyone and everything went well!You slept through the labor? wow! talk about getting your zzz while you can.

  30. Julie says:

    they are so private i always forget about them.
    same with enrique iglesias and anna kournikova. (they are together like over 10 years)

    good for them, better a happy,quiet and stable relationship than some fancy headlines about your “perfect marriage” and then a break up.

  31. Camille (The original) says:

    Congrats! Lovely news :) .

  32. salamanca says:

    I love this news!
    They’re perfect couple.