Angelina Jolie refuses Brad’s suggestion of a ‘double wedding’ with his parents

The tabloids are full of speculation about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s engagement this week. OK! Magazine had a story about Brad and Angelina fighting over every single detail of their wedding plans, and that’s why they took the trip to the Galapagos Islands. The Enquirer says Brad and Angelina will have a quiet beach wedding in the Bahamas, which… I mean… a beach wedding? Doesn’t Angelina know that Jennifer Aniston theoretically owns the “beach wedding” concept? Star Magazine also has a story about Brad “gushing” about his engagement to George Clooney, and Clooney deciding to “propose” to Stacy Keibler just because he saw how happy Brad was. LOL. But my favorite, by far, was In Touch Weekly’s piece about Angelina turning into a “my way or the highway” style bridezilla. ITW makes a really big deal about Angelina flat-out REFUSING to have a double wedding with Brad’s parents for their 50th wedding anniversary:

It seemed like such a meaningful idea – tying the knot alongside his parents as they celebrate a milestone of their own. But when Brad Pitt suggested to his fiancée Angelina Jolie that they have a double wedding with Bill and Jane Pitt, who plan to renew their vows on their 50th anniversary in August, Angelina hated the idea – and she didn’t hesitate to let him know.

“She was not okay with the double ceremony at all,” reveals a family friend. “She believes that their wedding day should belong to her and her alone.”

Angelina has been insisting that she doesn’t care about her wedding day, and that the only reason she’s getting married at all is to please Brad and their six children. But while Brad has made numerous suggestions, and the kids love the idea of a big family wedding, Angelina is letting them all know that it’s her way or the highway.

Mocking Brad’s pleas for a traditional wedding and informing him that, 50th wedding anniversary of not, Bill and Jane will not join them at the altar, Angelina is insisting on a very small ceremony, of which she is clearly the star.

“She doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word ‘compromise’,” marvels another friend, while an insider adds that it took brad “weeks” just to get her to wear the ring that he’s spent a year designing with Robert Procop.

And though Brad longs to emulate his parents’ happy marriage, he and Angelina are off to a very bad start.

“They’re fighting all the time,” the friend says. “They may not ever make it to the altar.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

First of all, I didn’t know that anyone still did “double weddings”. I thought those only happened in Jane Austen novels. Second of all, it’s Angelina’s wedding and she’ll bridezilla if she wants to. Third, who says that Bill and Jane Pitt even WANT Brad and Angelina to steal their 50th-wedding-anniversary thunder? Bill and Jane Pitt probably want their anniversary celebration to be all about them, and Angelina wants to have her wedding be all about her. Let everybody have their own thunder, Brad!

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  1. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Jane Pitt is a very pretty woman

    • yuya says:

      Jane Pitt looks like every other midwest lady in her 70′s.

      • catt says:

        No she doesn’t She looks a lot better than most of them believe me. She also looks like a lot of fun.

      • Esmom says:

        She looks great except for the dated matronly hair. Imagine how much cuter she’d be with a soft silver bob.

        Also who wouldn’t have fun being out with her uber-celeb son? It must seem so surreal that her little boy is a mega movie star known around the world.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        “Every other mid west lady”…..LOL……way to paint an entire group of people with one brush…….

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        And, PS, Jane Pitt is gorgeousness personified…I can only wish I look that beautiful at that age!

    • LAK says:

      We should have a post on just how pretty she is complete with pics from her younger days for the ageists who can’t see how pretty she is now.

      • lunachick says:

        That would be great! I would especially love to see photos from Brad’s parents’ own wedding 50 years ago.

        I agree Jane is a lovely woman; she has such a happy twinkle in her eye and a very genuine smile.

        It’s great that the children have the added stability of Brad’s parents as they travel the world.

    • Betty says:

      I was just thinking – Brad’s mom looks like a real kick. She looks fun.

  2. Alex says:

    “my way or the highway”
    That sums up Angelina.

    • lily says:

      And you know that how? Because In Touch said it? Of course, everything they ever wrote last eight years ended up being true, lol.

      • Linda says:

        I know. Haters will never learn. They believe anything especially negative stories about Angie & Brad.

        You can tell Angie & Brad’d parents get along very well. Angie even mentioned at the Oscar that Brad’s parents’ 50 Anniversary is this year. So, I’m sure Angie would think it’s an honor to have a double wedding with them.

    • Rhea says:

      Because you know her personally, I assumed? Not by what the media projected her to be, right? ;)

    • Janet says:

      ITW’s track record for accuracy on Angelina stories is zero.

    • Belle says:

      I’m not a ‘hater’ but I’m not a fan either. Wondering why it is that fans are so quick to tell others they shouldn’t judge AJ since they don’t know her… and that negative stories (gasp) aren’t true? Seems fans do the very same thing, in reverse… don’t know her, yet lavish praise on her and believe every positive bit of gossip they hear.

      FTR… I’m not a J. Anniston fan either. When it comes down to it, we all have celebs we like or don’t like… and the reasoning is usually based on nothing more than which image and gossip we choose to believe… or not.

      • samira677 says:

        @Belle since you believe all of the tabloid stories enlighten everyone about which are true? For almost 7 years it’s been claimed breakups, adultery, drug abuse, child abuse, etc and none of that has happened. And what positive gossip? It’s all evil Angelina and poor Brad. Also just because people like Angelina doesn’t mean they worship her. It’s ridiculous to call people obsessed just because they don’t hate her.

      • daisydoodle says:

        OMG…for crying out loud….none of these stories have any credence…take it all with a grain of salt. The triangle continues…AJ or JA, who cares! Or better yet…Ginger or Maryanne? Who would the Professor pick?

      • cameron says:

        Since the Vogue editor called JA out. At least for me, I tend to believe more of what’s reported about JA and her shenanigans than Angie. She didn’t out other celebrities.
        I remember an interview from a older couple that visited the Friends set. And the wife said CC was so nice and Beautiful in person and JA was aloof and that she didn’t understand why JA was getting more press since CC was more deserving. But we all know why because she married Brad Pitt.

        I interpreted it as JA is a B*tch in person to regular people that can’t elevate her career and CC was the down to earth beauty. She’s nice to her co-stars that count, except for Jay Mohr and the press but couldn’t care less for fans. That’s why she can’t carry a movie. If she had this great fan base people would come out in droves to see her movie whether it was crappy or a critics darling, ie. Adam sandler, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey.

        The critics panned The Tourist but they ended up with egg on their face since TT ended up grossing $275 mil worldwide.

        Wanderbust, not so much..It’s grossed $20 mil worldwide on a $35 mil production budget.

    • Molly says:

      It’s her right to not have to entertain any stupid and tacky ideas. Good Lord, it’s not the forties or whenever double weddings weren’t for trailer trash.

      Honestly, her kids are probably planning the whole thing. I bet Shrek will be a theme.

  3. Bubbling says:

    the idea is so stupid, I doubt Brad even suggested it. Who the hell wants to get married with parents?

    • Cherry says:

      On the other hand, this is her third marriage and his second. They already had their ‘special days’. A small, low-key ceremony amongst family and friends and, sure, parents, would be quite a classy way to do it this time. Just my opinion. I doubt it’ll go down like this.

      • Hipocricy says:

        I think it will be mmore special this time. I think it will be a traditional wedding with family members because unlike their previous ones, they have young children who will participate in it, who probably already dream at their ‘princesses’ outfit, their roles, ect.

      • Freya says:

        THEIR wedding will be THEIR special day, and their six children will make it even MORE special.

  4. DenG says:

    I think I finally get it! Angie is selfish and domineering, Brad is clueless and a pushover, and everyone else is not. Thank you, tabloids, for opening my eyes to the truth.

    • Rhea says:

      You forgot one thing, Brad likes to cry his eyes out and running out from the room … :D

      • Miss Sarajevo says:

        Oh yeah, brad totaly is the drama queen
        i bet he screams at the ocean sometimes
        hahahahahaha american entertaining is awesome, where is the popcorn LoL

      • LAK says:

        @Rhea – LOL i thought i was the only one who had noticed that line in every single Brangelina story.

        Frankly, if Brad doesn’t run out of the room crying that the story isn’t true. FACT!!!;)

      • Rhea says:

        @Miss Sarajevo : I’ll get the popcorn :D
        @LAK : If not crying, he would secretly texted and called Jen. Don’t tell anyone though, it’s a big secret from Angie ;)

  5. Sue says:

    This doesn’t even sound real to me…. IMO they will never marry, just so they can keep you all guessing/speculating….. aka keeping them in the spotlight.

    • Original Lucy says:

      Of course, because if they didn’t fake this engagement they would fade from the spotlight…because the paparazzi don’t give a fig about Brad and Angie…we probably would not see or hear another story about them…(rolling my eyes at the stupidity)

  6. mln76 says:

    It’s clear from all those pictures that Jane and Angie absolutely hate eachother the tabs should write something about that…. ;)

  7. marybeth18 says:

    Nope- wherever they get married, it will be all about the kids, don’t you think? Like, I imagine they’ll let the kids make a lot of the decisions about the whole thing.

    • sharylmj says:

      I totally agree… the kids will be involved every step of the way. They do things as a group which includes the wedding. I seriously doubt that Brad suggested a double wedding, I thnk he has more respect for Angie AND his parents than that.

    • spinner says:

      They’ll let the kids make a lot of the decisions about the wedding?? WTH?? I would certainly hope not. That’s what’s wrong with kids today. Over my dead body would I leave my wedding up to my kids aged 10 & under. My hubby-to-be & I would be making the decisions. The children would be so happy to contribute what a child is capable of contributing to the joyous occasion. That is why I gave the JP’s the side-eye when they stated they were doing it for the kids. You don’t leave adult decisions up to the kids.

      • cat1 says:

        I think I agree with this. I definitely agree with the ‘getting married because of the kids” concept being messed up. If that’s the truth… I think Angelina is now much more conventional than she once was and Brad probably always was — at least in societal ways. (He’s I think a risk taker in other ways.)

  8. Dani says:

    Leave her alone! She wants her third wedding to be special!!!!

    • Eve89 says:

      Yes, like Drew Barrymore’s next wedding, like Demi’s and JLo’s previous weddings. Angie is not the only one who’s going to marry for the third time, but, of course, she has to be called for it.

      • Rhea says:

        The interesting was, she never did a big wedding party type like Jlo or Demi. So if this time she would like to be different than the previous since the groom is her children’s father, what’s the problem??

      • mln76 says:

        Eh the 3rd wedding criticism is B.S. IMO. Angie unlike say JLo waited a long while after divorcing BBT to even get in a relationship again and took her time before marrying. She was pretty open about being gunshy after her second divorce. The same goes for Drew.

      • Eve89 says:

        I was just stating that Demi and JLo were married (and divorced) three times and Drew is getting married for the third time. I’m not commenting on the kind of ceremony they had.

      • Tapioca says:

        Oh no, Angie-Jo alone is so persecuted!!

        Except I think you might just have missed the dozens of comments on a post yesterday calling J-Lo on (possibly) having a fourth. She was certainly criticised for marrying MA only 4 days after his previous divorce and it was mentioned A LOT that that had been her third.

        Demi’s marriage to the boychild was also doomed by the Internet way before she saw sense.

        And Drew’s 30-day & Tom Green marriages feature heavily on every “Shortest Ever!!” celebrity marriage list ever!

      • Rhea says:

        @Eve89 : Yup, I got it. It’s just something that crossed my mind after reading your comment that even though Jolie is also on her way to her third wedding, she never did a big wedding party before. So like you said, why she’s being called for it (even IF she wants it to be big this time, I still don’t see what’s the problem with it).

        Come to think of it, Drew used to be an alcoholic and drug user since she was around 13?14? But most people believe that she is no longer a user after her rehab. On the other hand, a lot of people still calling Jolie as a drug user until now and not believing that she’s no longer a drug user even though she never show an attitude of a drug user like Lohan (I mean is it possible for an addict to use a drug for years and hiding it from public?). I wonder why the double standard for everything Jolie do?

    • Katherine says:

      Heck, my sister’s 3rd marriage was the charm. She FINALLY got it right. My mom was thrilled. Wonderful man she had known for a while but waited for years to marry because she was so embarrassed to be marrying for a 3rd time. And he was a prince to her during her bouts with cancer up to the end. They had a wonderful marriage. Proud of her that she had the courage to remarry.

    • Freya says:

      Totally agree!

  9. Dap says:

    My guess: they will marry in may in France when all the gossip journalists of the world will very conveniently already be there to cover the Cannes festival. You’ve got to milk what you’ve got to milk. Now will that be may 2012 or 2013?

    • lisa says:

      Cannes is usually a 2 day event for them or ONE.. Photocall and the Red carpet..They were the center of attention every year they went. And all those years was without an engagement.

      Seriously if they wanted to “milk it” they could and should have done it at the Oscars.. or Cannes. Brad had 2 movies out and Angie had her first film as a director. For the “famewhores” you and others wand to paint them as. they sure missed the bigger picture.

  10. Original Chloe says:

    oh dear lord

  11. L says:

    50th anniversary is gold. 40th anniversary is ruby.

    If anything, Angelina wouldn’t want to steal her mother in law’s thunder on her big day. That’s Jane’s days! A 50 year vow renewal should be all about THAT couple, and not include the distractions of a celebrity marriage.

    I don’t see Angelina being into that, and quite frankly I don’t see Brad wanting to do that to his parents either.

  12. lower-case deb says:

    i thought 50th wedding anniversaries are known as golden anniversaries.
    40th are rubies, i think.

    or is it different in the US?

  13. Ramie says:

    I’d refuse too! So cheeseball!

  14. Eve89 says:

    Of course this comes from In Touch, Angelina is for them the perpetual villain. I’t interesting that they know all details of all the little fights, but they had no clue about engagement. Fiction, as always, but I guess, some people still buy it, because they are still in business.

  15. fabgrrl says:

    That hardly sounds Bridezilla to me. Nobody has a double wedding ceremony.

  16. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Brad’s Dad looks a little like Brian Mulroney, and Jane looks good without being overly botoxed nipped and tucked.

    • Snowangel says:

      Thats it, Brian Mulroney, he looks so familiar to me and now I know why. Spitting image. Not many people will know who he is. Jane is as cute as a bugs ear, Brad got his looks from her side.

  17. Dibba says:

    What a crock. Its so ridiculous, its funny. Brad’s mother is very lovely.

  18. ladybert62 says:

    Baloney! I dont believe any of the story.

  19. Jen says:

    Thanks for the laugh this story gave me! Such nonsense!

    Have to say, love how un-Hollywood Brad’s parents are . . . his mom is adorable.

  20. lucy2 says:

    Not buying it, tabloid BS.
    But I wouldn’t want to share my wedding or 50th anniversary with someone else either.

  21. lisa says:

    I think the Pitts wedding anniversary is later in the year. 50 Years is a HUGH event. I think Brad and his siblings will do a big blow out for his parents. I think they had a big 40th one too.

    But really the Pitts have gone on record to say how much they love Angie..and she them.. but that doesn’t make the gossip buying foam at the mouth.

    Beside Angie never had a wedding or engagement ring.. let her enjoy it like everyone else gets too. 7+ years and 6 kids.. she deserves it.

    • Janet says:

      They did have a big party for their parents’ 40th anniversary, when Brad was still married to Aniston. She didn’t want to go because there was some big party going on in Hollywood that night and she insisted on being there. So she went to the party alone and Brad went to his parent’s anniversary celebration alone.

      The marriage went downhill from there.

      • lisa says:

        Awww I recall that.

        but I think she was receiving an award or something.

        I laugh a bit because there are actors that win an Oscar and are not there to pick it up. The Anniversary should have come first. The award was nice I’m sure but was it really that big a deal.

        and wonder if anyone made a big deal of it. OMG let that have been Angie.. The sky would be falling.

  22. Dee Cee says:

    If the kids manage the wedding set-up will be a cross between Cosplay and action hero figures dress.. they must rescue the captive bride.. then a water-cannon, paint gun fight at the end.. when hero dad says I DOOOOOOOO, will you? Angie slaps him and shrugs.. the voodoop priest screams ..”At last love success..”, they all laugh! Kisses and hugs for everyone and onto the ninja sword and star target cake cutting.. food fight reception.. followed by kiddy car bumper jubilee to their hideout shack and fireworks..

  23. mymy says:

    Angelina is a 4w3 everything they do is defined by needing to be different. Brad should understand that by now.She will spend much time and effort making this wedding different from every other wedding. She actually cares more about that then the meaning behind it. And wearing the ring when engaged is so passe.
    She is not that hard to figure out

    • sullivan says:

      Whereas you’re a real enigma. No one would ever guess your feelings about Jolie by your comment.

      • Alaina says:

        Hee! That gave me a chuckle! :)

        Really, these stories. Everyone knows they’re made up for entertainment and yet *some* people still insist on using them to score meaningless points. Probably the same people who get all on their high horses about the tabloids writing them in the first place.

        The only opinion I have is that those twins are cuteness x 1000.

    • marie says:

      ok, I may sound dumb here but what the hell is a 4w3?

      • WTF says:

        google says Myers Briggs personality rating

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        Hey, I had no clue either. I Googled it, and it’s some sort of personality test (Enneagram).

        Now, the question is: Did Angie do a test and tell everyone her results? Or did gossip-reading students fill it in for her and determine her results? ;-)

        Not that it would mean much either way.

      • bluhare says:

        It’s not Meyers Briggs. They use letters, like INFJ.

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        @Ducky, and Sullivan: lol :)

        Yeah, nothing like drawing an invisible box, locking yourself inside it, and then demanding that others do the same.

        That’s one of the reasons I like Jolie, she says, “what box?”

      • Dinah says:

        @ Bluhare-
        Guessing you are an INFJ (myself, as well).

    • Rhea says:

      And wearing the ring when engaged is so passe—> Why is that so passe? Christopher Noth and Tara Wilson, parents of a son, Orion, 4, got engaged in 2009 and finally wed on April 6, 2012. Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, his girlfriend for the past six years and the mother of his kids. They, too, got engaged recently and also have not set a date.
      But if Angelina got engaged and wearing a ring she is so passe? I am actually find it hard to figure out what your point is?

    • Freya says:

      …but YOU are easy to figure out!

  24. Juno says:

    I remember that premiere, JLO and Angelina were seen together, oddest pair ever?

    • lisa says:

      There is a video of them greeting each other. I think they were talking about Twins..

      and JLO left around the same time. There were other pics of her with Brad/Angie and the older Pitts.

      I think for most mothers meeting other mothers gives you a connection of sorts.

  25. mymy says:

    sullivan says:
    April 27, 2012 at 11:09 am

    Whereas you’re a real enigma. No one would ever guess your feelings about Jolie by your comment.

    So good you got my point and my feelings.
    I am a 1w2. We call it like we see it.

  26. jesstar says:

    I think its safe to say anything written in the tabs about any member of the Golden Egg Triangle can be classified as fan fiction.

  27. OLLY says:

    There is no reason for them to do a double wedding. Anversary’s together ok wedding and anversary is too cheesey. This magazines just need to stop it.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I believe this story because BP has a history of stupid, thoughtless behavior with both JA and AJ in regards to their family issues. He is utterly clueless and this is something an utterly clueless person would suggest.

  28. DeltaJuliet says:

    Wearing your engagement ring is passe? Yikes. I’ve been wearing mine for 13 years…..

    • Ducky La Rue says:

      @DeltaJuliet – OMG, your engagement ring is so 13 years ago! Definitely passe. Stop wearing it now (and consider getting a matching “name” ring with your significant other). ;-)

  29. lisa says:

    The 4 of them look great together in that top pic. I loved that Premier.

    Knox looks a lot like Brad’s father.. Maybe it’s the eyes.

  30. Dinah says:

    Ick! Who would want a double wedding with their potential in- laws?? Double ick.

    I’m not a fan of these two, but I side with Jolie. Pitt needs to pull his head out of his butt, and see her point of view.

    Frankly, I’d be surprised if they did marry. She seemed perfectly happy with the status quo, and if she says she is only acquiescing to placate the immediate family, it doesn’t bode well.

    • lisa says:

      His parents said at the Oscars..that they love them and support whatever decision they choose to make

      Hardly sound like people that need placating.

      They have been together for a long time. I’m sure his parents are happy about the marriage, but doubt they are the type to be difficult.

      • waq says:

        Brad’s family is known to be very religous, conservative type of people. Brad is the only one amongst his immdediate family to be be divorced. There were rumors that his parents knew how unhappy he was in his marriage but they discouraged him from getting a divorce and when he did, he made a comment in an interview saying “all my bitches are mad at me”. He’s hinted before how mad his mom and sister were when he decided to divorce. Although they seem accepting of Angelina, I also get the feeling that behind the scenes they pushed for them to get married no matter what they may have said to the press.

      • Dinah says:

        You’ve read more into my comment than I wrote, I fear.

        I did not mention the parents as part of the group needing placating. The article (take it for whatever it is worth) quoted referred to Pitt & children. I believe other articles here on the ‘bitchy also made mention of how they arrived at this decision specifically because of haranguing by the kiddies. And another quote was something to the effect of , ” …it is a promise for the future.”

        But whatevs. Defend your position if you feel you must. There was no attack of the Loonies coming from me.

    • waq says:

      “Frankly, I’d be surprised if they did marry. She seemed perfectly happy with the status quo, and if she says she is only acquiescing to placate the immediate family, it doesn’t bode well.”

      That’s what it seems like. From both of their interviews, he wants this marriage more than she does, she didn’t seem bothered by her non married status. She wasn’t dropping hints everywhere that she wanted to get married, just the opposite infact.

  31. cookie says:

    Its funny how you don’t believe the made-up crap written by the rag mags about jolie & pitt, but you totally believe that Jen Aniston or her rep personally called US Weekly and said “she can keep him.” Why on earth would she want to keep this poor, pathetic jen cycle going? It does not benefit her one bit! Jen has not said anything about this – the mags made it up to sell their crap.

    • Rhea says:

      Hmmmm…maybe you should tell me too how funny it is that a lot of people don’t believe the made-up crap written by the rag mags about Jennifer, but they totally believe that Jolie and Pitt doing everything to show off to Jen and hurt her feeling or stealing Jen’s thunder?

      Why on earth would the Jolie-Pitt want to keep this “evil-homewrecker-Jolie-poor-Brad cycle” going? It does not benefit them one bit! The mags made up a lot about them to sell their crap. ;)

    • Lauren says:

      Jen does not want Brad back..he has 6 children with AJ! JA is not equipped to deal with 6 stepchildren. Angie was so beautiful, now she has a gaunt rubberface–yet it still photogenic. Angie has mental illness issues, perhaps an eating disorder. Angie & brood need Brad. This double wedding crap is a timebomb. Anorexic is not lovely or healthy.

      • Rhea says:

        And Brad does not want Jen back… Amen for both of them! ;) Just for curiosity, where do you get the insider info that Jolie has a mental illness? Are you her private psychiatrist? Or do you get that because she doesn’t look like when she’s a single mother with only Mad as her child and not as much as things plus responsibility in her plate like today?

      • ZenB!tch says:

        One of the reasons AJ was not speaking to her evil father is that he basically outed her as having a mental illness. This was way back when she was admitted to UCLA as a possible suicide around the BBT era. I heard him on the radio and I wanted to kill him.

        I’m not a psychologist but I do have one of those chemical mood disorders that require meds and I see a lot of my weird emotional behavior in hers. This is why even though I do not approve of what she does (married men, BBT), I oddly relate to her.

        She basically stopped caring when her mom passed away. She’s not anorexic as much as majorly depressed.

  32. katy says:

    Why you bring that woman here again?what is this got to do with her is n’t she Exed out?
    anyhoo, Brad is very lucky to have his parents alive, healthy and married 50 years. That is one gift I must say.

  33. Anahata says:

    She’s such a bore. Uggggghhhhhh. And I also hate Jennifer Aniston so don’t even go there, woman!

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Me too but I am drawn to these stories like a cop car to a trainwreck… not the kid ones. I couldn’t care less about her brood of brats. Zzzzz….

      So where is my matching Maniston story?

  34. ZenB!tch says:

    I’m not fond of Angelina as everyone knows BUT I am totally #teamAngie on this one.

    I would NEVER want to share my wedding day, even if this was my 3rd or 4th. I’m offended that anyone had the gall to suggest this. Somethings are sacred – a bride’s first *real* non PR/insecurity stunt wedding is one of them.

    Brad Pitt is so clueless – he tried to force JA to speak to her mother, he tried to force AJ to speak to her father, he butts in to things that are NONE OF HIS BUSINESS and has ZERO understanding of. Next he will be inviting Aniston. I really do not get how either woman put/s up with him. I would have bitch slapped him after one date.

    Full-Self Disclosure: I have an estranged father I have nothing to do with and do not want to have anything to do with – so while I don’t like AJ, I occasionally relate to her.

    • waq says:

      “Brad Pitt is so clueless – he tried to force JA to speak to her mother, he tried to force AJ to speak to her father, he butts in to things that are NONE OF HIS BUSINESS and has ZERO understanding of. Next he will be inviting Aniston. I really do not get how either woman put/s up with him. I would have bitch slapped him after one date.”

      So true. He’s bought into his own hype.

    • Dinah says:

      Your points are taken well. I believe he is rather empty- headed. It appears he cannot or will not look ahead to consequences of these types of actions to consider their effects on others.

      Bet he’s fun to play ( ahem, crush) in chess.

  35. Trek Girl says:

    I could not care less about this story that seems pretty fake, I just have to comment on how adorable Knox and Vivienne are in the fifth picture – so cute.

  36. samira677 says:

    I don’t why people believe this story. A double wedding is ridiculous. I have a hard time believe Brad and his parents want one or even thought about it. Also the wedding will be small. I don’t know why people think it’s going to be a lavish spectacular. When have they ever thrown huge parties? If Brad and Angelina are all about attention like the haters claim, why not get engaged during the Oscars or Cannes or why don’t they ever go to every random premier and event?

  37. Kim says:

    I dont believe this story. Cant imagine Brad is dumb enough to think his wife would want this or even ask. Thats not a compromise thats just creepy to get double married with your parents!

  38. Aschia says:

    Just saw where Jolie and Camilla Parker Bowles have the exact same engagement ring! The “Homewrecker Ring” took a year to design? LMFAO!!!

    • lisa says:

      Honey get life.

      Angie has a great one.

      • Aschia says:

        Get a life? How original. Did you come up with that yourself SugarBritches? Look at photos of Camilla’s ring and compare to photos of Spider’s ring and tell me they don’t look the same. It took PrettyBoy a whole year to rip off Camilla Parker Bowles?

    • ab says:

      laughed out loud at that one.. they’re probably the most notorious ones.

  39. manly says:

    gotta love the homewreckeranistons chin.who cares of Heidi Biven heart.

  40. Hakura says:

    My first thought after reading this story was: “…What the hell is *wrong* with someone wanting their WEDDING to be about THEM?” Same goes for the parent’s anniversary.

    Everyone should get their own special celebration of their relationship(s). Brad’s mother really is a beautiful woman, reminds me a lot of my grandmother. Big (real) smiles, always looks ‘pulled together’. ^^

    (Edit- I’m always shocked by how aggressive Angie-rumors tend to be. Do I even *like* her? No, I really don’t, she gets on my nerves to be honest. But that doesn’t mean she’s the diva-monster these sort of stories always make her out to be.

  41. Maritza says:

    Jane Pitt is a very pretty lady, Brad should be so proud. I think each should have their own special wedding, after all that day is all about the bride.

  42. taylorr says:

    I like A.J’s acting.. not so fond of her image. No one really knows what shes like. But I wonder why no one felt any sympathy for laura dern when billy bobble head cheated on her with A.J?? I actually miss the days when she was making out with him on the red carpet.. for me that seemed more real then what shes putting out now.

    • lisa says:

      Maybe you should ask BBT ex wife how she felt or Ben Harper’s wife when Laura cheated with him.. She was pregnant at the time.

      Funny how people like you love to feel so sorry for Dern.. but have no heart felt sympathy for the marriages she broke up. Just to make a point. She was NEVER married to BBT. He broke up with her. And Like many women who can’t get the clue when a man doesn’t want them, she made a point to try and point the finger else where..

      YOU need to check facts your comment is silly and shows you know nothing whatsoever about Angelina.

      • Hypocricy says:

        Indeed !

        Isn’t it funny all the Aniston appologists for the serial homewrecker in chief ?

        They cry for crazy Dern ‘I won’t get ignored Billy’ Dern cause SINGLE BBT who dumped her sorry ass after cheating months with her when he was married to his 4th wife, Petra who battled some severe illness, when Laura couldn’t care less and laughed at her and their son’s faces as she was having a very public affair with her husband, insisting to her lover BBT to divorce so that she could finally become the official miss Thornton.

        Who cried and still cry for Petra who was ill at the time ? Who cry for her son ? Not those Aniston fans who keep on harping on Angelina for being the one BBT chose after divorcing Petra, instead of the homewrecker DERN who was the initial cause of his divorce to Petra, probably after realising that Dern was the obssessed psycho to stay away from.

        Same with the poor wife of Ben Harper who couldn’t even enjoy a peaceful pregnancy when Dern decided to go full force trapping her lover to fall pregnant too so that, unlike BBT, she could coercize him to divorce his pregnant wife and force him to MARRY HER instead !!!

        Those Dern appologists are something else, aren’t they ? They have zero credibility, endorsing the serial homewrecher in chief and all the FAMILIES she has homewrecked, all the wives who had small children who were pregnant or faced illness.

        Dern is the lowest of the low in that regard. Not even Julia went as far as she did. Who ever brings her as the epitome of victimhood of so called homewrecking, should check his/her own moral values because she is the one who has put HOMEWRECKING to another level and nobody has come close to what she did !

  43. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    I think I get why they refused to marry all these years. They don’t seem interesting anymore.

  44. crtb says:

    This is such a BS story and I don’t get why anyone would believe it or react to it. Was anyone in the room with Bradd when he recommended this to AJ? I doubt it. So where did the tabloid get this nonsense from? They made it up!!

  45. Oh my,Knox and Viv are so cute!!

    • Camille (The original) says:

      You’re back! How are you and your family doing?

      • when I’m up late nursing my little son,and my husband is sleeping,the sadness sets in.It took awhile for the shock to wear off.The Horseman were a great support to our family.They even paid for the funeral.My husband isn’t strong enough,but when he is sleeping I’ll Look at pictures of her.I like to just look at her face,she is so beautiful,and her little son is adorable.This devastated our family.I find joy everyday in my little son,but there is sadness so deep that there are no words to describe the pain.A horseman that lost a son told my husband that the pain will never go away,but time will ease it. No one in our family will ever be the same.I’m trying to do things upbeat,and this site always gave me a giggle.We went weeks without answering our phone,or talking to friends.I’ve had to be strong for my husband,not fall apart.But I cry when he can’t see me.I wish I could take his pain away.I want to thank you Ladies for your kind words.Hopefully,I’ll have the oopmh to keep commenting.

      • Camille (The original) says:

        Big ‘cyber’ hugs HPH. :(

        It’s always hard to find the right words when someone is going through so much pain.
        I’m just glad to see you back here again, and hopefully posting when you can will give you a little smile now and then. You are in my thoughts.

  46. mummy says:

    I really had to laugh at the “Jane Pitt is a very pretty woman” comment. Jolie fans (known as loonietunes, I do believe) said the most awful things imaginable about how this woman looks when it was thought Jane maintained a friendship with Jennifer Aniston. The things they said about Ms Pitt would make your toes curl. Now she is pretty again! What a farce … and so is this story!

    • the truth says:

      You are making stuff up.Angie fans never said anything about Jen pitt (after all she is Angie’s man mom) except that time when to met aniston about the ring or something in 2007 and that was about angie movie to launch and a lot angie bash from the JA camp and that was never about her look but the thing most fans felt betrayed it was a bad time. But we found out later that it was a set up and that was that and that was the last thing that was ever reported about JA and Jane Pitt being together since.

  47. shannon says:

    If this is even true, I am going to have Angelina’s back on this (which I’m sure she is very happy about that lol). I am not a big wedding freak, but if I were to get married again no way would I want a double wedding with anyone. Sorry, but it’s your day. Let the parents have their day, and you have y’all’s (sic?) day.

    I adore my parents, but would I want to have a double-wedding with them? Nooo.