Joel Kinnaman (lovable dirtbag on ‘The Killing’) is dating Olivia Munn

Last week, I started preparing everyone for the season two premiere of The Killing, which premieres this Sunday. Based on an interview with the head writer for the show, and based on several in-the-know TV critics, I really don’t think I’ll be paying attention to this season’s plot lines. They probably aren’t going to reveal Rosie Larsen’s killer until THE END of the second season. And the head writer thinks she’s an absolute and total genius for doing it that way too, and it’s like she doesn’t hear any of the criticisms.

So, compare my lack of enthusiasm for The Killing with my excitement for the new season of Mad Men. I couldn’t wait for new photos of any and all cast members of Mad Men. But when I saw these pics – of the premiere screening for The Killing – I was just filled with sadness. Mireille Enos is so pretty and so talented, and this could have been Joel Kinnaman’s big moment, where Hollywood sees a talented dude and makes him into a star. And… nothing. I worry that Enos and Kinnaman’s careers will suffer because of the crappy, unfulfilling writing on the show. Their characters look incompetent, and their performances are all over the place because of the crappy writing.

Still: Joel Kinnaman. Would you hit it? Or would you be too sad to hit it because you dislike the show? He gives off such a lovable-dirtbag vibe. I would have been into him like crazy in my early 20s. As it is now, I just can’t. It’s the show, but it’s also this horrible news: Joel Kinnaman is dating Olivia Munn. At least according to Olivia Munn’s publicist, who made sure to leak the information last night:

Sorry guys, Olivia Munn is taken. E! News confirms that the actress and former G4 host is linked to The Killing’s Joel Kinnaman, who took Liv as his arm candy to the show’s second season premiere tonight in Los Angeles.

Here’s what our source told us of the new duo…

“They have been together for about three months. They met last year, but they didn’t get together until just before Christmas,” the friend of the couple told us. “He is a super normal guy and she is a really down-to-earth girl and they just get each other. They are on the same wavelength intellectually, and they have the same sense of humor. It’s been going on for a little while and it’s heading towards being serious. They are extremely happy together.”

Our source also shared that the twosome are making no secret of their new relationship and sat next to each other inside the theater.

[From E! News]

For what it’s worth, I didn’t see any photos of Munn at last night’s Killing event, so maybe they didn’t really walk arm-and-arm or anything. But sure, I’ll buy that they’re together. Olivia hooks up with (“dates”) whichever famous dude will get her attention or help her career. And I think less of Joel for engaging in her crap.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Tiffany27 says:

    …. And my lady boner is gone.

  2. Khalesi says:

    Nooo!!! I truly hope this is completely and utterly false. Sadness.

  3. lila says:

    I almost never judge any famous person for who they choose to date, since hey, none of us actually know any of these people personally. But Olivia Munn….no. She is vile, and it has nothing to do with her naked photos.

    But from what I’ve read he apparently likes his girls trashy, so it’s not that surprising.

    • Kerfuffles says:

      Ugh. I KNOW! He is sooooo hot, but I can’t help but think a little less of him for the Munn thing. It’s almost like him dating a Kardashian…

      As for The Killing…maybe it’s because I watched the whole first season in one weekend, but I was not all that outraged that they didn’t reveal the killer at the end. I thought the whole show was really well done and am looking forward to this season.

      I never thought the show was about the destination, i.e., finding out who the killer was, but the journey to figuring it out. The journey has been interesting to me (in large part b/c of the great acting from the leads, including Kinnamen) so I’m okay with it continuing longer until we find out who the killer is.

  4. MrsBarneyStinson says:

    I used to find him so hot. Now? Not so much. I mean, who in their right minds would want to date Olivia Munn? She defines “talentless, famewhore”! I’m sure he can do better for himself.

  5. X says:

    I was very much infatuated with “The Killing” last season, and I loved his character and his portrayal. I would hit it. As far as Olivia is concerned, she may be vacant, uninteresting, and a fameho, but she is very pretty. So, no way am I downgrading him for hooking up with her.

  6. X says:

    Also, are Mireille Enos and Jennifer Lawrence too pretty for their makeup artists? The make up either of them have donned in public appearances takes so much away from their natural beauty. It is so strange because both have such hauntingly beautiful features, and the nuances of their expressions are what captivate any audience, but on the red carpet they are barely recognizable.

  7. Gwen says:

    What is it with these Swedish men when they go to Hollywood? Why do they end up dating Z-listers?

    I like Joel, but this makes him seem like a cheap copy of ASkars. Hm..

    • Ggal says:

      Seriously. She is cute, but I’ve never seen her “act”. Can she? Even if, by all acounts, he is a manwhore, he can still do so much better then this.

  8. Kathryn says:

    I believe Mr. Mayor (I believe that was his character — the man on the left in the third picture) has wood teeth. Ah that is terrible!!
    You don’t have to have white teeth in hollywood but dang!

  9. podzol says:

    Oh Joel… just no.

    On another note, Mireille Enos!! Glad that she got some love here on CB!

  10. snark says:

    Ahhh…no, say it isn’t so. I like Joel – I think he’s talented. Oh please don’t fall into this trap and go out with the first girl with a hotline to the gossips and paps you meet. We can now be sure we’ll see them out and about in some Us Weekly or InTouch photo spread, “noshing” or “canoodling”. Gag.

  11. daahlingnikki says:

    I adore his character and he is so hot…kinda bummed he’s doing the Munn thing but that doesn’t change the fact that he is very very doable…

  12. Samantha says:

    Kinnaman was recently cast in the lead for the RoboCop remake. Not sure if that’s better or worse for his career.

    I gave up on The Killing when it became apparent they weren’t going to give any real answers. And Jesus, those cops need flat-out fired. When your “plot twists” require your main characters to be incompetent idiots, your show has a problem.

  13. launicaangelina says:

    I am with you Kaiser. I cannot even get excited for this show anymore. My boyfriend and I reluctantly hung in throughout the first season because we wanted to find out who killed Rosie. When they did not reveal it, it was so disappointing. You are correct in your criticism of the characters, they were incompetent and unbelievable. Maybe they’ll get it together the same way the Walking Dead did on the second half of season 2.

  14. jenniferb says:

    Don’t care, would still wreck him

  15. Amy says:

    I’m another vote in the “Noooo!” camp.

  16. Jenna says:

    Put me in the camp of “would not hit that”. He looks like some sort of creeper. o_O

  17. T.C. says:

    He got the lead for Robocop remake. She is going to stick to him like mud. Until it bombs like John Carter. So sad girl is talentless fameho.

  18. tvcon says:

    He’ll dump her evetually. They always dump her. She’s a slut and they know it.

  19. iseepinkelefant says:

    I’ve never seen the killing but I remember reading tons of stories about this guy being a douche who uses/ed Alexander Skaarsgard for his fame. Doesn’t surprise me he’s dating Olivia Munn.

    • Jez says:

      Huh? Where the heck did you read that? Joel is kinda suczzy and dirtbaggy in real life, but he and Alex have been friends for years. Alex even used to date his half-sister.

    • Lizza says:

      I like this guy for his talent and work ethic.

      By age 30 Kinnaman was an award-winning actor in Sweden, both on stage and in film. He starred in the largest grossing movies ever in Sweden. He graduated from the same tough university theater system that has produced so many other great Swedish actors (Alex did not).

      The makers of The Killing said his video audition was so good he was immediately flown from Sweden to be cast in The Killing. He has been offered lots of great roles in Sweden and Hollywood because he is a darned fine actor (in fact, offered more roles than Alex).

      What he has ‘ridden’ to success is his own constant hard work and spending zero time publicly out partying and drinking.

      Alex seems like a wonderful and kind man. It must make him sad to see one after another of his good friends and coworkers, male and female, trashed by ‘fans’ just for ever having an association with him. Is it some misguided effort to make Alex always look better than everyone else around him?

      As for girlfriends, Kinnaman publicly acknowledged the woman he is dating. Give me a man who stands by me while other women are trashing my name, anytime. Some actors are seen walking the streets getting papped with starlets for years, but never still acknowledge the woman they are with. Talk about ‘Sleeze’.

      • Pots & kettles says:

        Just check the ASkars threads on the Purse forum and Stråledome. There are LOTS of Joel Kinnaman fans who constantly trash Alex. They use Alex as a bait to get more hits and members. JS

  20. Holly says:

    I could care less about the Olivia Munn news, but Holy Shit, he is so hot in these pictures that he makes Enos and Campbell look like wallpaper. Personally, I’ve never seen his eyes clearly, and never clean, doesn’t matter though: this guy is the definition of hot!

    Can’t the world find a way to put Joel and ASkars together in something? For the sake of humanity…

  21. Nicole says:

    I used to think he was so hot but now he is just as disgusting as she is and that is real bad. She is the the doorknob of Hollywood…everyone takes a turn. But for him to be linked up to her right when he is just getting famous makes me grossed out. It’s like she is the Welcome to Hollywood F*ck or something. And she is desperate for a famous guy to marry her or something and they all ditch her because she is a cheater and just frankly scandalous. Maybe he likes trashy girls and he feels okay to be hitting that when everyone else will be hitting it to! Maybe it turns him on or something….yuck tho now for him. What is with these Swedish guys? They have the worst taste in women! I mean Olivia Munn…Kate Bosworth….hilarious!

  22. Nicole says:

    Oh and I watch the Killing last season but am not enthused to watch it again this season. The writing is average but very cliche and I am not in the mood to watch a load of crap this season. Kinnaman was okay last season but now that he has the Munn Mites on him there is no appeal even when he is in character.
    And why are they making a Robocop? That was not needed and he could at least do better than that. Not even the guys i know are looking forward to that. They are all laughing about it. Poor Joel…already effing up!

  23. Jamie says:

    wow, she can do so much better! with that body…

    I follow the killing and I know this guy was rejected from the Warner Bros. Arthur & Lancelot movie, for being too unknown…


  24. Alicia says:

    Not cool: first the Arthur and Lancelot thing, then he signs for a REMAKE of… robocop! and now he’s dating Munn because “they are on the same wavelength intellectually”(!).
    Looks like he lost his patience and took the Hollywood way. :(
    Oh! and I forgot: The darkest hour.