Owen Wilson is probably dating Karina Smirnoff: cute couple?

A couple of weeks ago, I watched Karina Smirnoff try on wedding dresses on “Say Yes To The Dress.” Sometimes I watch random shows on demand, and I was really surprised with how fascinating that show was. I ended up watching a few episodes. In Karina’s segment, she tried on a bunch of beautiful princess-y dresses and took a long time to make a decision. Her mom was kind of a bitch about the whole process. (You can see a clip here.) Karina has such a banging figure that every dress looked awesome on her. (Although it doesn’t matter if a bride-to-be is trim or not. All women looks amazing in wedding gowns, which is part of the appeal of that show.) Karina ultimately never wore the gown she chose, because she broke up with her fiance, Detroit Tigers pitcher Brad Penny, in early December. I think this is Karina’s second broken engagement, as I know she was engaged to fellow DWTS pro, the douchetastic Maksim Chmerkovskiy, before they split in September, 2009. Prior to that she was with Mario Lopez. So I may know nothing about this Brad Penny guy, but I do know that Karina likes douches.

Anyway Karina was spotted out on several dates with none other than Owen Wilson! We heard that Owen broke up with his baby’s mother last year, and that he’s been partying a lot recently. I would love to see him settle down, but I doubt this is serious. Here’s the story, thanks to Life & Style:

Owen Wilson had better learn the foxtrot — quick!

Life & Style can exclusively reveal that the actor is romancing Dancing With the Stars pro Karina Smirnoff.

“They’ve been out a few times,” a source confirms to Life & Style, on newsstands now. Adds a second insider, “They’re totally into each other.”

In December, Karina, 34, called off her engagement to baseball pitcher Brad Penny, while Owen, 43, split with partner Jade Duell in June 2011, just five months after she gave birth to their son, Ford.

[From Life & Style]

Well from what little I know of Karina I like her. I think Owen is a player though. Who knows, maybe he’s ready to get serious with someone, but I doubt it. This might be just a Spring fling.

Karina Smirnoff is shown on 1-14-12. She’s so pretty but that makeup is not doing her any favors. Owen Wilson is shown on 1-15-12 and 2-26-12. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. normades says:

    This couple makes sense. She likes douches and he likes women.

    • TheFactR says:

      She is a douche and I could add a few more names that she’s earned over the years but I won’t. It makes no sense to keep saying she is a ____ when she proves it herself day in and day out. She is an in and out kindof ummm girl.

      • normades says:

        I have never watched DWTS and try to ignore these reality TV people, so I will take your word for it. Douches = douchette.

    • Maguita says:


      I think she just wants stardom any way she can get her hands on it. She’s been upgrading fiancés for a while now.

      As for Lopez, I think by now everybody had caught on that he is more into dudes than Ladies. Too many BIs to count. As many as his too-cute dimples!

      Speaking of bearding, maybe all Owen needs is a cute wife unit, so he could make a come back. Although nothing would actually help his comeback except for his quitting drinking for good. Especially after his suicide attempt, alcohol consumption is a big NO-NO.

      • normades says:

        I don’t know what blinds you are refering to, but I believe Mario is straight. The fall out from the himmm affair (sorry I’m obsessed with this) has not been kind to Lopez and people are retalking about Dustin Diamonds allegations from his tell all book.

      • Maguita says:

        Haven’t read the book… Yet.

        As for Lopez BIs, I was referring to Lainey’s as well as Ted’s blinds. All pointing to his manly preferences.

        Did not realize Himmm had spoken about Lopez? But if not mistaken, Lopez IS pictured in that Room 23, right?

      • normades says:

        oh yeah! Himmm mentioned him as an accessory to the HP blind. Have you been following this? It’s insane!

        I’d never read the book, already got the spoilers!

      • Maguita says:

        Spill! Share! Don’t be greedy!


        EDIT: no need, found it!
        Search “11 most scandalous Saved By The Bell Revelations”

  2. Dragonlady sakura says:

    Lord, forgive me, but their combined noses…shudder!

  3. Hip-ster says:

    Her face is scary. It reminds me of the mean bird lady from Spirited Away.

    • TheFactR says:

      I find it scary how quickly she moves on after being engaged. Those are times you are deeply in love and she moved on from Maks in a months time and now in 2 months time. She is a _____ I refuse to say it! If you don’t know what she is you are blind and stupid.

    • QQ says:

      OMFG YES! I cant even with her cause her face is awfully rough to me

      Is this chick engaged every year or what?!

  4. brin says:

    Half a cute couple.

  5. Ravensdaughter says:

    Please Owen, just don’t get your heart broken. No more suicide attempts…

  6. jamie says:

    Yeah…. it’s my guilty pleasure too. I have no interest in having a big wedding and wearing one of those dresses myself but for some reason I can’t get enough of that show.

  7. Toni says:

    She could do better.

    • TheFactR says:

      When and Where! She is a walking ummm I won’t say it, she is not the type to take home to Mom and if you do…. the Mom quickly sends her son packing and for all the right reasons. I find her the type to try to get preggers to trap the guy, only way she wins. Mommie dearest!

  8. TheFactR says:

    Her butt and thighs are huge. She is a short person and she is not little in the butt and thighs, her face, I don’t even look at her on DWTS, I change the channel when she is own and mute her when she talks.

    The ummm girl has no class, value system, morales, looks, manners, she is a hot mess of…..

  9. Nev says:

    he could do better…not a fan of her at all.

    actually him and jen aniston were very cute together.

  10. Gene Parmesan says:

    CB the i just watched her say yes to the dress episode as well

  11. Lola says:

    I liked her mom in that episode. Way classier than her daughter and she had the air of “wtf happened that I birthed such an asshole” which I appreciated.

  12. NerdMomma says:

    He’s a douche and she loves douches. They’ll have fun for a couple of months, right? I don’t know what is so wrong with her sowing her wild oats- she’s obviously making the most of her fame in every way but it certainly doesn’t bother me. I think she’s cute on DWTS.

  13. Leikyn says:

    He is such a fugly tool.

  14. Dibba says:

    her lips look bloated.

    • TheFactsR says:

      Her lips they stuck too much fat into them when she had them done. HAHA I noticed too and who gave her those OWL eyes anyway, add the enlongated chin and wow what a hot mess of ______

  15. Agnes says:

    she’s “34″? i would have pegged her as a very tweaked 40-something.

  16. caityyy says:

    Say Yes is my guilty pleasure also.

    I see Karina as nothing more than a fame whore.

    • TheFactsR says:

      not just a fame ____, a bonafide ____! I still refuse to say that HAHA. The man, if ever one, who marries her has dug out from under a rock a real worm!

  17. TheFactsR says:

    She looks as though she is pushing 50. He should get his life together instead of running with such a ____

  18. Luise says:

    Ugh, too much Juvederm in the lips and an atrocious nose job. She’s nasty looking.