Angelina Jolie: “I don’t think I know anybody who doesn’t hate Joseph Kony”

When Angelina Jolie was in New York City last week for the Women In the World Summit, various reporters asked her about the mega-viral Kony 2012 video and her thoughts on Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony, leader of a Ugandan military group Lord’s Resistance Army. Jason Russell, the director of the viral video and co-founder of Invisible Children (a non-profit), has been name-checking Angelina in interviews and such. Here’s what Angelina had to say on Thursday:

This is not the first time Angelina has said something about Kony – in a 2010 Nightline interview, Angelina said that if she was ever in a room with Kony, she would be tempted to “take him down”“Joseph Kony… I hate him.”

Incidentally, while I think it’s interesting/good that there’s a movement to bring a war criminal to justice, there are parts of the Kony 2012 movement that seem bit sketchy – Jezebel had an analysis of Invisible Children’s “dubious finances” and how they’re actually going to disseminate the money raised from this wildly successful campaign.

While I was looking up stuff for this post, I found this video from Alex Jones who thinks Angelina should be arrested for war crimes because she thinks Joseph Kony should be arrested for war crimes. I just don’t understand this mindset. Like, I understand why and how a person could be an advocate for non-violence, I understand how a person could want the US to not get militarily involved in far-flung conflicts around the world. But how do you get from there to “Angelina Jolie is a war criminal because she belongs to the Council on Foreign Relations”? I also don’t care for the way Bill Gates is slandered in this video.

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  1. Minnie says:

    I don’t hate him because I don’t know who he is and I don’t really give a damn about him. I don’t care about Africa and that fake campaign. They don’t get my money and my support.

    • The Original Original says:

      You might want to actually watch the video before you make such flippant responses. I can hardly say Im a humanitarian but I AM human. If you watch you may realize how terrible you sound in this post.

      • Jazzmin says:

        Just because Minnie does not support Africa or the all of a sudden Koni2012 movement does not mean she may not support other causes. That is her opinion on the subject and is her CHOICE to choose who and what she supports. Just because you don’t agree does not make her comments “flippant” or “terrible”

      • Molly says:

        I think her comments are flippant and terrible.

    • Maripily says:

      I can respect that you don’t hate people you don’t know. But watch the video. Or do your own research on the vile acts of Joseph Kony if you think the video campaign is a scam ( that’s what I did, I looked Kony up on the internet and read articles that dated as far back as 2009). Then make an educated response as to whether you care or not. I think if you researched, you would definitely care, Africa or not.

      • Minnie says:

        “Watch that movie…” Why should I watch it? It is pure propaganda of one of the organization which only takes care about the money. Oooppsss I’m sorry it is non profit organization and that’s why they spend 70% of their donation on pr, marketing, and travel. I bet it’s nice to stay at The Four Seasons in some African country or whatever and talk some crap. WE WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD ONLY GIVE US SOME MONEY. WE MEAN A LOT OF IT.

      • Katherine says:

        Minnie, stop spreading misinformation about the organization. Their IRS Form 990s are available to review.

        There are other reasons why you may not want to support the organization but its finances seem to be in order. If monies for those purposes which you have a problem with were properly spent in furtherance of their mission then they were not “misspent.” Most recently their goal was to get publicity for their KONY Campaign – for which PR, marketing and travel is vital.

    • gigi says:

      I think there’s a measure of cynical amusement in Angelina’s tone for how suddenly everyone is jumping on the Kill Kony train when she was already speaking about him (and apparently no one was listening because she had no visual aids) back in 2010.

      By the way, people should look up that Jezebel article and related links on Invisible Children. If you want to give money, make sure you can trust the people you’re giving it to. There are other, more reputable agencies working in that area of the world.

    • LAK says:

      @MINNIE – do you know what Joseph Kony has done not just to uganda but to sudan and to Congo?

      Invisible children have been making these videos for a number of years since 2004. Their goal is to raise awareness. I would say, job well done. Did you know where Uganda was before this video?

      And the next time you look at all those children whose lips, ears and noses have been CUT OFF, or whose hands and feet have been CUT OFF, or the girls who are forced into sexual slavery by this man and others.

      You just tell yourself that you don’t care. And tell yourself that you are an upstanding human being. Afterall, if it’s not in your backyard, why should you be bothered? AND YES, I AM JUDGING YOU.

      ps;- Invisible children have been making awareness videos for many years since they started up. This one happened to be released in the age of Twitter.

      Here is a link for one they made in 2003

      And just so you know, there are communities on the ground working to help the devastated communities in Uganda, Sudan and Congo.

      The question remains if there is a warrant out for KONY’s arrest why is he still at large? And that is the point of this latest video.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Horrible. Unmitigated horror. In both action and intent, you would think that you’re reading about Belgian Congo. I wonder which population cares less? No need to set up a new infrastructure or redefine the codes of ethics and outsource the ‘feeding on human misery’ positions to imperial overlords, someone was watching those two million of souls get worked, tortured, brainwashed and pitted against each other like some naptime gladiatorial exhibition because new internal monsters have picked up that slack.

        Funny how it was in recent days that there were lamentations about the unending quest for average Joe-style ignorance and now this. Yes, I am referencing the genocide of 2 million ‘employees’ (or rather, forced to plunder their lands and people for the wallet of some king) of the Belgian Congo, specifically, but the atrocities–both of the past and continuing present–is a story that has taken on far too many encores. Luckily, it’s only black people and it’s only Africa, so we can set our ‘contempt for human life’ meters on high.

        Be grateful to live in a place where events are so placid, we can easily dismiss the miseries of life outside our doors. Be grateful for the ease of and access to knowledge can cure ignorance and temper it with humanity. Not one person can solve any of this, but not one person cannot be judged for simply not knowing because you simply don’t care.

        Wisdom isn’t worry-free. Fact.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      And a hearty ‘God bless us, everyone!’ to you, too.

  2. mln76 says:

    Oh god Alex Jones is the cookiest of the cooky conspiracy theorists and it turns out he’s a Female First poster now too LOL.

    • Jill says:

      ROFL OMFG so now on top of being a man-stealer, a voodoo priestess, an international child pornographer and the Antichrist, now Angie is a war criminal? Gotta love Female First. They are the most insane b*tches on the planet.

      If Angie is a “war criminal” because she is a member of the CFR she is in some very illustrious company. Google their membership list sometime.

    • Indra says:

      He cant be a Female First poster, he didnt once bring up Jennifer Aniston.

      • mln76 says:

        to be clear I haven’t gone there in ages but from what I remember they barely talk about her either. It’s all Angelina all the time .

  3. Gimmeabreak says:

    The company that produced the video is under fire for misuse of donated funds. Donators beware.

    • Jill says:

      I wouldn’t donate to them but it doesn’t change the fundamental fact: Joseph Kony is a ghoul. That won’t stop Female First from canonizing him now that Alex Jones has declared Angie a “war criminal”.

    • Katherine says:

      There is no evidence of “misuse of funds.” You should be careful of your accusations.

      You can view their IRS 990 forms on line and you can see where their money has gone for many years back. I haven’t studied them in depth but I have heard a complaint that they haven’t spent the large influx of donations they received in 2011 – which is hardly a fair or legitimate criticism and actually is sound fiscal management. New projects and program development and spending – even increased spending on current programs – take time and research before such expenditures should be spent.

      I have also read accusations of a large salary for the CEO but it looks like a very low salary to me for such organizations.

      Charity Navigator has an issue with the lack of a 5th independent Board Member which reduces their star rating considerably – the organization says they are in the process of vetting a 5th Board Member.

      So unless you want to be specific about your accusations of “misuse of funds” and back it up then perhaps you should say nothing or at least rephrase it as a non-defamatory question.

      I’m not saying this group is perfect or without flaws but I will say the campaign to discredit it should also be questioned.

  4. The Bobster says:

    I’m getting fed up with the media hype about this clown. He’s been around for 15 years and all of a sudden the MSM notice him? It appears to be part of a campaign to get us involved in yet another war.

    • whatthehell456 says:

      Are we not still finding and prosecuting war criminals from WW2? Is there a time limit on when we can apprehend war criminals? A statute of limitation, perhaps? Just saying…

  5. Aiobhan says:

    Wow! That guy is eleven types of wrong. I have not looked into the Jezebel article yet but for the most part Invisible Children on the ground level has been around for a while. When I was in college I did participate in a few things with this operation.
    He just sounds like another racist conspiracy theorist. He wraps it up in phony concern but if you really listen to his stupid ass his argument completely falls apart by the end of the video. He ends up just using vile insults to disparage Bill Gates and Angelina and other people who are trying to do some good work. His points on the governments of many world countries are so out there that even if there had even a grain of truth in them they can and should be discounted because he comes off as a raging loon nut bag.

  6. Molly says:

    I’d love to quiz a sample of 50 female celebs and see if they even know where Uganda is.

    • mln76 says:

      oops I replied to your other comment but it disappeared.

    • Jazzmin says:

      Molly, I don’t know why there are some who think celebrities are these smart- know-it-all Einstein’s and politician’s savers of the world. They get a script, stand on the blue tape and read what others write for them. Once they are set free on the world they prove how ignorant and misinformed they really are.

      • Indra says:

        In the Angie video above she had no script and struggled to make an intelligent comment about about Kony.

      • mln76 says:

        @Indra take a look at C-Span sometime the politicians and world leaders make tons of awkward pauses struggling for the right words when they are talking about complex issues. On the other hand when they are on CNN and the Sunday morning news shows they sound rehearsed and barely stumble over their words.
        (and no I am not saying Angie is a world leader)

      • Film Noir says:

        Kony came up on Q&A Australia last night and it was discussed at length.


        Regarding the use of social media: I think it’s great that people want to ‘bring him to justice’ are are using things like facebook and youtube to do it, but the fact is that Kony has been doing what he does for years.
        I’m willing to support a cause like this, but i’m a bit miffed: I think some (but let me be clear) but not all people will be quite apathetic – they’ll buy the pack, wipe their hands clean and say ‘well I helped Africa already’ – what about next time? How can buying an ‘action pack’ truly solve the problem?
        I can’t help but think this campaign undermines what the ICC is trying to do – from a human rights and political perspective, from an internationally collaborative perspective and (quite possibly) from a military perspective.

      • LAK says:

        @Filmnoir:- the thing is KOny ‘surrendered’ several years ago, but asked for time to put his affairs in order. Having been given that time, he simply re-armed and disappeared into Congo. So i firmly applaud the publicity this viedo is bringing to the issue because the ICC should be embarrassed that they had him and allowed him to disappear.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Yes, his ‘affairs’, ugh. How did he even get back in? How did he get past the wallet inspectors?


        I have a personal point of reference concerning an authority’s unwillingness or incompetence in his own work that had a huge impact.

        I’m from a city that is traditionally German–like, German to the hilt. It has a quickly growing immigrant population, but I digress.

        In the mid-through-late ’90s, A lot of the local press was on the subject of one Helmut Oberlander, there’s a slight chance someone here might have heard the name, because once the trial got going the story went global. Our little town was profiled on CNN, 60 Minutes, 20/20 and I’m sure there was other stuff too. I even remember the first half of the first sentence of the 60 Minutes piece, ‘In the cold calm of Canada…’, just because it was summer.

        Anyway, trial. So why was there so much fervor about this ‘sleepy suburb of Toronto’ raised by people who didn’t even care about geographical versimilitude? Nazis. My town, which I lovingly call Ontario’s Armpit (trust me, I wish a huge segment of the people smelled that nice. It’s of a piquant wet dog with oaky notes of effluvia which mingles insouciantly with the week-old Molson stains found in the battered top hat of a hobo) had been for over four decades the resting place of a Nazi.

        Well, these things happen, because people who are alive will live in locations, right? But, as soon as they’re found out they get sent to The Hague, a bunch of talk about war crimes and crimes against humanity gets bandied about and the fiend receives his lease agreement for his bungalow in Hell, right?

        You’re so optimistic, that’s so darling, little honey-kitten.

        No. They knew, they just didn’t give a shit until other people started to find out and either A: shamed the ones who sheltered him, B: crowed about how it was (then) 50 years ago, and I’m the huge uptick in murder stats for lo, those same 50 years was a coincidence, right? This was one of two times wherein my mother has heard me cuss and didn’t get irrationally reactionary about it. The other time was when some bitch just hopped the velvet ropes at ticket purchase at the Greyhound station. I said, ‘who’s this finishing school reject bitch’? I was right to say it.

        Anyway, I gasped and said, ‘What the f–king f-ck?’ These maniacs were defending him because he killed people, like, ugh–such a long time ago, aw, he’s old, leave him alone. If that mass of human garbage collected into the shape of a man had left more people alone, perhaps they would have had their right to their own old age. Dignity, pfft. You know what else happened? All of the neo-Nazis and Heritage Fronters saw a veritable Arcadia in this town that protects racists, so they set up shop.

        Anyway, he went to trial where he got a big fat sentence of nothing. 50 years is a long time to cover your tracks, even The Hague can’t un-destroy evidence. So, he came back and was greeted by supporters who believe that once seven years have passed, all is forgiven…wait, that’s not the Nazi way, who does that? Other racist dickwads once again embraced him, and all over the place we became known as the town that harbours war criminals, so try re-configuring your DNA to K-K-Caucasian now, if you’re still holding out. A very humiliating time to be a resident of that city, but I didn’t feel bad for us. That city deserved to be a laughing stock, that status was ordered, bought and paid for, so deal with it. Of course, this was one of those occasions where not being a white guy instantly took me off of a suspect list. Not bad.

        And then a few years later, the leader of the Heritage Front was murdered by the husband of the skank he was screwing on the side.

        Lots of multi-ethinic immigration since then.


        Murders don’t go away, so why aren’t the murderers put away? I’m really unsure of the murderer’s commitment to the honour system, so keep an eye out, for Pete’s sake. Affairs. Snotbog buffoonery is what that is.

    • Zoe says:

      ….of course they do, IC was trending. Twitter unfortunatey educates the masses.

  7. Maddie says:

    Why and I mean why is her face always so shiny?? Yuck!!

  8. t.m.delafonda says:

    Is dude as crazy as he seems? I do agree that the world has gone war-crazy, but, that does not negate the fact that Kony is INDEED a WAR CRIMINAL whom is guilty of impressing young boys/men into “service” and young girls into sexual/slavery. How is this Angelina’s fault? She has ALWAYS spoken against tyranny and FOR those whom have been disenfranchised, abused, and,neglected by their governments. Sometimes, the prejudices of people can cause them to ignore truth in favor of their particular religious or political beliefs. I believe that this man is one of them whom is guilty of such thoughts. They are so warped by what they believe IN, that they have no understanding of the causes that one should stand FOR. Angelina hasn’t promoted 2012 WAR in Uganda, she has said that Kony is a criminal whom should be brought to justice.He should. I notice that he hasn’t said that Kony is innocent, just that the liberal left want to promote war using Angelina as their spokesperson. Maybe he should listen to what she DID say instead of extrapolating what was NOT said and intermingling it with his particular brand of crazy conspiracy.

    • original sandy says:

      very well put, an intelligent, thought provoking post , i notice these very same things in this man’s rant, the name calling let’s me know more about who he is, angelina have very good insights on what’s going on, i may not, but she certainly does.

    • Blood&Sand says:

      Bravo t.m.

  9. Indra says:

    I think hes alittle harsh on Angie, afterall she is just a ‘useful idiot’.

    • Jill says:

      Could you get any more ridiculous? “Idiots”
      dont get invited to join the Council on Foreign Relations.

      • Indra says:

        After reading the Membership Selection Procedures for the CFR, no where does it state that the person being nominated needs to have any knowledge of Foreign Relations.
        It does however state that they must have US citizenship, and be nominated by a current member and seconded by at least 3 others. Which is not much of a selection criteria for such a so called prestigious posting .
        There is nothing about no idiots. Therefore it is very possible and statically likely that at least one if not more of their 4500 members is an idiot. My vote is for Angie being that person.
        I am sure you disagree, which is fine. Life would be boring if everyone thought the same way.

      • lrm says:

        @Jill ‘useful Idiot’ is in the larger sense of the term…doeos not mean said person is stupid. It means they are actually just intelligent enough to use them as a front, to keep this divisive mindset going, and as a way to direct people’s attention to any issue or location the council of foreign relations wants the public to be focused on.

        In propaganda design terms, this would bea ‘useful idiot’-a spokesperon that is legit to the people, who can be utlized to further their ‘agenda’.

        That said, it’s always wise to consider why a particular issue is brought to extreme light at a given time.

        This is not to exuse the criminal or ignore it. But there’s a nuanced set of circumstances here, that goes beyond the hype of the media, for their ’cause du jour’.

        Again, this is not to say do nothing. it is to say that we humans need to learn to hold more than one reality at a time, and to be comfortable with dichotomies that exist.

        Or, you can rally behind ‘your team’, for every issue or subject, because this is easier than having to think, and having to live with the truth of the world. Things are always more complex than we’d like t hem to be.

        Also, I lived in east africa for a couple of years, and have visited uganda; my degree, earned in large part while studying in east africa, is in international relations. If you want a real eye opener, even though it’s a few decades old, read ‘Lords of Poverty’ by Graham Hancock.

        Humantarian work has always been plagued by corruption and romanticizing the plight of the destitute, manipulating others.

      • Jill says:

        @Indra: LOL listen to you. Lay off the haterade, hon. I’d bet whatever you want to name that Angie knows a good deal more about foreign affairs than you do.

      • Rin says:

        Have you looked at the corporate members of CFR?

        You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist just a rationalist to see how certain energy and military agendas have been pushed using this tool. Wouldn’t you question the fox who contributes the locks to the hen house?

        I liked Angie when her interest in oppressed children was organic and
        uneducated. I liked her when she didn’t think about the politics, but donated soccer balls, toys, and goods. I liked the Angie Jo who adopted foreign children because they needed her.

        I miss that wild child.

  10. Vanden says:

    At least she’d heard of Kony before the whole uproar. I’ll give her that

  11. africanwoman says:

    iam Ugandan ,yes Kony existed and whatever they are talking about now happened before ,the Ugandan government fought against Kony on its own so i wonder where all these people were at that time,and at the moment no one knows where Kony is they just keep guessing,i think AJ should stop working so hard to win people’s hearts coz now she is now involing her self in matters she knows nothing about

    • LAK says:

      Just because Kony isn’t in Uganda, doesn’t excuse his actions. HAve you been past Gulu to Kitgum, there are people there who still bear the scars. Night commuting is still going on. Kony is thought to be in congo but it is seriously embarrassing for everyone that he is still at large.

      For the record, Invisible children has been operating in Uganda and not the other countries. They have been in operation since 2003. Their thing is Kony. They have released many videos, not just about him but also about the effect on the communities in northern uganda. Have you seen the reconciliation ceremonies?

      Your attitude is so typical of the south.

      • Zoe says:

        The Ugandan Army has also done atrocities in the Congo. In fact a lot of the violence happening now in the area is because the army has pushed deeper into the area looking for Kony. IC wants donor funds to fund an army that has raped, looted, and executed innocent villagers. The LRA is down to 200-250 members and no one knows if Kony is still alive. BTW, research the president of Uganda. He was recruiting child soliders long before Kony. He forced people into IDP camps, when thousands have died (some estimates say 500,000+). Yet, the IC suppports him. If they really care about Ugadans, they need to call for the arrest of the president, some members of the Ugadan army, and Kony.

      • LAK says:

        @Zoe – i know about the Ugandan President. And you are right, he should also be sent to the Hague. Do you remember how he made a big show of expelling the kids and women in HIS army to rehab centres and yet he has instituted a policy of shoot to kill all the rebel militia, nevermind that the rebel militia is made up of children!!!

        The whole area ie Uganda, Congo, Sudan needs to be looked at as a whole and not an isolated country or incident.

        THere is a very good reason the ICC supports the president, and we should all be outraged because he is also a war criminal.

  12. whatever says:

    but i have beautiful lips..and i work for the UN…ahh ahhh…

  13. jenny says:

    never thought I would see ALEX JONES in a celebrity blog… just nuts

  14. Katherine says:

    Alex Jones is a Rush Limbaugh wannabee. He knows there are millions to be made from the idiocy of those who buy into conspiracies and hate. He wants some of that Rush level money.

    Jones also knows that by mentioning Angelina he will get more media attention. The fact that FF has become his newest biggest fan shoudll tell you plenty about FF. As if we needed any more proof of their stupidity and venality.

    There is something equally fishy about the seemingly organized campaign AGAINST the video to capture Kony. People regularly make accusations against activist organizations. Some may be legitimate criticism but some may be based on ignorance and misunderstanding of an organization’s goals and operations. It is very easy to make accusations as all of us should know.

    I don’t have to give them any money to support their goal of arresting an indicted war criminal for his crimes against humanity. Their goal is worthy and there are ways to support it without giving money if one is unsure of their finances.

    • Rin says:

      I have a few irritating comments to make

      1) Joseph Kony has been around for much longer than the viral video

      2) His crimes are chump change compared to the crimes perpetrated by the Chinese government in their many decades since Mao

      3)I hate trendy compassion–it leaves work unfinished. People still suffer from the Tsunami, earthquake in Chile, Haiti, Sudan, Somalia, etc.

      4)Alex Jones is a civil libertarian, not a Rush Limbaugh wannabe. He is anti-corporatism, Rush is for it. He disliked Bush as well as Obama. He is anti- Big Brother. Rush is only anti-Big Liberal Brother.

      5)I like Angie better when she was wildly throwing herself into global situations, buying soccer balls, and adopting kids. This CFR business is pretty much like she sold out to the machine. I still appreciate her as an informed celebrity, but she’s still someone who visits and leaves. She’s not an aid worker.

      • mln76 says:

        I am not even going to bother with the Alex Jones comments you have the right to think he’s interesting good luck in your basement with your stockpile of gold coins.

        As far as Joseph Kony she’s talked about him in the past and said she doesn’t like him she’s not part of this particular campaign as far I know.

      • Rin says:



        Did I say he was “interesting”?

        I have gold coins because I point out that he’s a civil libertarian and not a Republican??!! Wow! I’ll point it out fifty times a day then if it gets me a chest full of gold in my basement.

      • mln76 says:

        I guess my sarcasm didn’t take. He has a whole thing about gold vs paper money and how the economy will collapse and only people who have gold coins will survive the economic collapse.

        I’ll say this about Alex as I’ve watched other videos well before this. He’ll take a valid point and take it to bizzaro land and conspiracy so it’s one point of fact 10 points of crazy and that’s how he sucks people in.

      • Katherine says:

        Alex Jones is most certainly a Rush Limbaugh wannabe. He is using the same tactics to garner media attention and publciity for himself and his agenda.

        Makes no difference if there are differences in their politics. They are both attention seeking charlatans.

        Why does it not surprise me that people who buy into the Alex Joneses of the world also hate Angelina Jolie? It was only a matter of time before her detracters showed their true selves. Though most of the posters at FF and IUC revealed themselves as tinhat conspiracy fans long ago.

      • Rin says:


        Is Rachel Maddow? She’s passionate, she rarely allows people to finish a sentence, she edits interviews like the John Stewart one to meet her goals.

        People like (I hate to say this) Rush, Rachel, Alex…they HAVE to be all loud and in the face because the general public is so self-centered and apathetic that you have to act looney tunes to get people off the couch. Actually–people don’t even get off the couch.

        We just post with vitriol on websites.

  15. whatever says:

    alot of “dictators” r funded by the united nations..time to wake up

    • Hypocricy says:

      And the UN is funded and totally controlled by states.

      Nobody is innocent, there is always a foreign state, a foreign industry who take part indirectly (backing some part over opthers, giving logistic even if it’s through illigal operations) in any war on the african soil because those countries don’t produce weapons, bullets.

      There is always a foreign industry or/and a foreign state that through its involvment make sure that mass killings take place as a collateral damage because what they want is money and geopolitical control through selling their weapons even if it has to encourage political instability to place a puppet government that will encourage their foreign multinationals to be set or their natural resources to be privatized , hence they feed dissatisfaction and encourage instability.

  16. Rin says:

    He’s a member of Team Manniston

  17. neve says:

    The topic of Kony2012 is a very difficult one to criticise without someone jumping down your throat. But i will say this, as a propoganda piece its incredibly deceptive about a few fundamental truths.
    this video is a response by a ugandan journalist- and its interesting to get the views of someone ‘one the front line’ so to speak.

    • Aiobhan says:

      May be it is just my computer, but I cannot hear anything when I tried to listen to it on youtube.

    • Spaz says:

      Thank you for providing the link. It was very interesting video and I’m glad I watched it.

    • Katherine says:

      I understand her misgivings and her concerns. However, her main argument is that she sees its very existence as patronizing Africans and resents that “ousiders” think they have to “rescue Africa.” I don’t view the video that way. I think that’s a very narrow interpretation of it and very territorial.

      I think she is being too sensitive about that. Yes, she has a voice and, yes, it should be heard but this KONY campaign is about bringing him to justice and so far the countries of the region have failed to do so. She advocates that the regional countries do this together and that is exaclty what the Kony Campaign calls for and that is what the US aid is going for.

      And I agree this video simplifies an incredibly complex history of the region and its wars but it’s just one video focusing on one aspect of the conflicts. In the time given and considering their very specific goal it can’t possibly do much more.

      But I do get her being miffed at an outside organization which has garnered incredible attention when the regional govts and programs haven’t. Nonetheless, as she says Kony was a horrible human being who needs to be brought to justice and for me if this helps do that then I can set aside the criticisms.

    • LAK says:

      @Neve – Ugandan politicians and talking heads always score points by talking about how western world patronises Africans. Uganda also has a very distrustful history with what they see as ‘outsiders’ so i would take that video and her remarks with a huge pitch of salt.
      This is a country that did not hesitate or protest the expulsion of ‘outsiders’. Ministers and journalists are happy to link any of the country’s problems with ‘outsiders’

  18. teri says:

    Who is this clown? Angelina is a wonderful person and you sound like a bitter old man.

  19. Cerulean says:

    It’s about the children. Don’t lose sight of the fact that children are in danger. It’s not about IC or the UN or Angie J. It’s about little innocent souls being destroyed by a monster. Is he the only one? No. Are the other evil situations in the world? Of course. But you have to start somewhere with someone and something. How would you feel if it were your child or brother or sister? Would you really care about the tiny details and imperfections or would you just want something done?
    The documentary wasn’t the history of Uganda and civic lesson about their political situation and government. It’s supposed to be provocative. It’s up to us to research the issue further and try to help if we can. Its not a seminar or a university course. Just a short film.
    At least they achieved their goal. We all know who this awful man is and we are talking about it.
    Why anyone would attack an organization that is trying to save the lives of children is beyond me. It’s muddying the issue.

    • whatthehell456 says:

      Well said.

      The purpose of the video was to get people talking about Kony….Mission accomplished.

    • Mammoth says:

      Exceptionally said. Co-sign a hundred times over. I have seen a lot of criticism about this KONY campaign, at least this documentary maker brought attention to this tyrant to people who may not have known of him. No one is forced to donate to any charity, but it is free to educate yourself further on the issue and proceed how you see fit.

    • AL says:

      Well said
      It is also important to notice that so many people know so much more about the general situation in Uganda, even if they dont support the organisation behind the video, many (not all as a post above has shown) have taken a stand based on research on the situation in Uganda.

    • LAK says:

      Well said.

    • Rin says:

      I’m certainly not against this or any other organization that’s in the field. I worked an NGO for HIV/AIDS for many years and I am just…I guess “over” the American public and their social Alzheimer’s disease and fadism.

      People are still suffering the after effects of the tsunami, they’re still suffering from the Japanese nuclear reactor, from the earthquake in Haiti, in the Sudan…

      Is this a worthwhile cause? Absolutely. So is saving children from chocolate plantations, working in the mines…so is child labor and prison slave labor in China, so is the plight of Palestinians, so is the cause of women’s justice.

      But supporting organizations like the CFR that promote corporate agendas like GMOs, fossil fuels, big Pharma, etc all under the name of promoting “world peace” is like counter-productive. Just because someone says their intentions are good doesn’t mean that they are.

      Ask yourself why is everyone coming down with food allergies? Why are we fighting “humanitarian” wars in oil rich nations while ignoring them elsewhere?

      I am not picking on anyone posting here. I believe everyone’s opinion is spawned by the goodness of their hearts…but so is mine.

  20. jwoolman says:

    Rihanna’s reaction to the viral video got some attention (she noticed because her name was mentioned, I think, as a potential participant in a musical campaign? Her PR people must collect any mentions). I think she was genuinely shocked, but actually stories about him have been out there for a long time. Jolie moves in the right circles to hear them from more direct sources because she’s been working with the UN for more than a decade. But to be honest – there are many miserable situations of that sort in the world. Too many are supported by US tax dollars, so nobody’s hands are really clean. I’ve heard many stories from very trustworthy sources on that score, people who had nothing to gain by lying. (I spent a decade working on spreading such information myself, trying to slow down a few pointless wars.) If the guy behind the viral video is a shyster, I hope people don’t assume the problems don’t exist just because someone tried to profit from it.

  21. Sarajevo says:

    i am from bosnia, i lived through the war in bosnia and i want to see this idot alex whoever how he would felt if he would suffer through war! hes a huge huge idiot. worthless idiot! he sits behind his computer and thinks he knows everything. its easy to judge from your safe home in your rich country! its ridiculous to listen to him when you know what war realy means. And to attac an actress who tries to do good and get the attention to all these countrys is even more sick. nobody would watch if there were no angelina. shes dooing GREAT Work. God bless her! a place in heaven is granted for her!

  22. Babalon says:

    I really appreciate that she didn’t mince words here.

  23. Eileen says:

    Oh wow-the first comment in the Jezebel post NAILED it! Bravo!

  24. Eileen says:

    I think the issue here is he is bringing awareness for a price and then talking about a man who was chased out over a decade ago. Am I right? I’m still trying to sort all this out. If I’m right then -hey everyone follow my link for awareness on Polio!! -lets get it abolished!! Oh wait….

    • LAK says:

      Eileen – Joseph Kony is still at large. Currently thougt to be camping and terrorising Congo.

      Invisible children operate out of Uganda which is why their bias is there.

      The effects of Kony are still there to see in Northern Uganda. The rehabilitation camps, the night communting, the general ghost landscape as a result of this one person’s actions.

      As another poster has already said, we are still hunting WW2 criminals, Bosnian criminals. this man is no different.

      He pretended to surrender and asked for space to sort his affairs and instead used the truce to re-arm and take his brand of terrorism to another country.

      If this video has shorn a light on him, all the better.

  25. Desidarius says:

    Alex Jones gets ridiculous, but I think his concern with CFR and AJ is valid. She is clearly being used by the CFR and others – have you read how she is urging “intervention” in Syria ostensibly for humanitarian reasons but that course of action dovetails nicely with the twisted agenda of Washington that is trying to sell us on war in Syria and Iran. The last time we “intervened” was in Libya and look what’s happening there now – and remember Bosnia? “Intervention” is the PR term for pillage and plunder.

    And btw, please listen to what a war with Iran will mean for us here at home:

    Re Bill Gates…he has been documented as supporting eugenics, which is why so many people were disturbed by his comments at the TED conference. Stating that the global population was heading towards 9 billion, Gates said, “If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services (abortion), we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 per cent.” Given the fact that vaccines contain dangerous compounds like aluminum and squalene which are known to cause neurological damage, some folks got squeeked out by that statement.

    The Gates Foundation is currently in the process of spending billions of dollars in the name of humanitarianism to establish a global food monopoly dominated by genetically-modified (GM) crops and seeds. If you think GM foods are benign and harmless, you need to do more research.

    Bill Gates’ father, William H. Gates Sr., has long been involved with the eugenics group Planned Parenthood, a rebranded organization birthed out of the American Eugenics Society. PP was founded on the concept that most human beings are just “reckless breeders” and “human weeds” in need of culling

    Gates also admitted that his family’s involvement in reproductive issues throughout the years has been extensive, referencing his own prior adherence to the beliefs of eugenicist Thomas Robert Malthus, who believed that populations of the world need to be controlled through reproductive restrictions. Though Gates claims he now holds a different view, it appears as though his foundation’s initiatives are just a modified Malthusian approach that much more discreetly reduces populations through vaccines and GMOs.

    Google it!

    • Katherine says:

      The cleaners called and your tin hat is ready for pick up.

      Safe and effective family planning is not eugenics. You are a fool for suggesting that women around the world are too stupid to know that family planning is part of any woman’s health care and that they couldn’t possibly want to control their own fertility to ensure the health and future of themselves and their families.

      Your propaganda is insulting to all women.

      And, oh yea, let’s don’t vacinate children. Especially where it is still vital to help eradicate disease and illnesses.

      • Desidarius says:

        Obviously I do not think women should have their reproductive choices restricted. I was pointing out that Bill Gates’ attitudes have been shaped by his personal beliefs in eugenics. Rather than ad hominem attacks, how about some evidence that contradicts what I have posted instead of your angry attack on me. I mean “tin foil hat wearer” is the best you can come up with?

      • Desidarius says:

        Women have been using family planning for centuries long before Planned Parenthood. What do you think Cleopatra used? (Half a lemon as a cervical cap, fyi). So don’t make the mistake of thinking PP is necessary for women’s health care. It is not.

        And do you really think Gardasil for boys is helping to eradicate disease? I think you need to get more information instead of parroting the constant ‘have you had your vaccination shot yet’ propaganda that bombards us from all sides.

  26. F5 says:

    A high school dropout – UN ambassador.. of course she’s a joke.

    • Jill says:

      I would call a “joke” someone who does nothing but lay around on the beach and thinks she is doing the Mexican ecomony a favor if she spends a weekend in Cabo.

    • Katherine says:

      She is not a high school drop out. That old canard is getting tiresome and just shows either your ignorance of the woman or your desire to spread lies about her.

      As someone who has an advanced degree and who has worked with people from all over the world I have learned that having a degree or not is hardly the criteria by which you judge whether someone is informed on an issue. There are many ways to become knowledgable and even an expert on a topic.

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        “As someone who has an advanced degree and who has worked with people from all over the world I have learned that having a degree or not is hardly the criteria by which you judge whether someone is informed on an issue. There are many ways to become knowledgable and even an expert on a topic.”

        Bravo, Katherine! Far too many people are immediately dismissive of anyone who does not have a degree, as if it is impossible to be intelligent – or learned on a particular subject – without one.

      • Brava Katherine. I have advanced degrees. That means I am knowledgable in psychology, anthropology, and parapsychology. They don’t make me an “expert” anywhere else (for instance, I suck at math and don’t always bother to read the newspaper or watch the news on a daily basis and sometimes I just cannot spell worth crap). Some of the smartest people I know have no degree. And some of the least informed have doctorates.

    • lisa says:

      The high school drop out crap is something you unintelligent people throw around all the time.

      Angie graduated high school at age 16. 2 years ahead of her class. It is obvious you and some other unintelligent people can’t seem to grasp that concept. But if you graduate ahead of your class that is hardly dropping out of High School.

      maybe you need to enroll and pick up a few mixed credits.

      And for further information there are many many successful people that never graduated high school or went to collage. But reading your comment I’m quite sure you are NOT one of those successful people that graduated nor dropped out.

    • MintIceCream says:

      Actually, far from being a high school ‘drop out’, she took extra classes and *graduated a year earlier* than her year peers. So she is clearly very smart. Please do your research before spewing lies.

  27. Moi says:

    That guy is a freak. The thing is, celebrities ARE culture makers and can help (with their money and influence). I agree that more research should be done and to make sure your money goes to the right place. The goal is to get Kony famous enough that the US won’t pull our 100 troops out of Uganda by the end of 2012. And that we will send more troops in to search and arrest Kony.

  28. lisa says:

    Angie never said she watched the video. Why would she need to. She was aware of the situation. She just acknowledged knowing of the video and applauding the people for getting involved. I’m not watching the video from the man that I don’t know. He is just another person using her name to get media attention. It obviously worked because his video is here on this site. I’m sure if he and said whatever about another celeb it would not have been posted. It is here because he says her name and that is why.

    so he got his wish. Sad that it is so easy. Just trash Angie and you get it spread all over.

  29. Serenity now says:

    This whole kony 2012 is a ultimate symbol of our new no-sweat moralising: the Kony 2012 video that’s been watched by 60 million people in just one week. Yes the international community has all agreed- get rid of him. But this whole armchair protesting is not enough to do anything. It’s just noise. Same with Saint Jolie- all talk no action.

    • Jill says:

      What do you expect her to do, save the planet single-handedly? She is bringing much-needed attention to areas that need it, which is more than many other people are doing, you included.

  30. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    This guy presents as a NUT. Really not the way to attract rational people.

    Kony is a war criminal.

    Angie is NOT any kind of criminal.

    He does not know the difference.

    She does not run the UN or CFR.

    She does ruffle feathers though and good on her for that.

    She will continue to do so about whatever topic interests her.

    Shine that light girl, I am looking.

    And she is smart enough to qualify her statement correctly, as she does not know anybody that does not hate Kony. That can’t be argued or disproved. She is not saying everybody hates Kony. Just those she knows. I like her play on words. Fight on.

  31. Gretta says:

    I don’t understand why Jones doesn’t get that his good informative messages are lost when he goes on a full tilt rants. So much of what we hear in the media is garbage but its presented in a sane like manner and so for the most part we buy it; we think its legit.

    Alex Jones loses credibility when he goes APE like this because for one, we don’t like loud in your face people who appear to be losing their minds. If you didn’t know any better you’d think he was like this all the time, he’s not.

    I am not an AngJolie fan. I think she is majorly misguided, insecure, self important and ego centered. She’s hollywood pure and simple. However, Jones is over reaching here and should be careful. She may be a puppet humanitarian but then again she may not be.

    Him going nuts over the blatant inconsistencies by the US gov and the propaganda used and trying to tie Jolie to it as if she is some kind of insider is very offputting.

    The fact is that many people do not know that they are being useful idiots for a larger goal. With her celebrity and need to be seen in a humanitarian way, she’s an easy pawn. I’d rather Jones say it that way than to use vile insults that do nothing to make that point other than making himself look bad and her look great.

    Lastly, if she is truly using her celebrity because her heart is in non profit outreach, she should go after Jones for slander because plain and simple he’d be deserving of it.

    • Jill says:

      Jones branding Jolie as a “war criminal” is so preposterous that she probably burst out laughing when she heard it. How can any sane person take a raving lunatic like that seriously? The only people who will are the haters who will jump on anything negative that is written about her, and she couldn’t care less about them.

  32. Tiger Buddha says:

    Desidarius you are 110% right about how anti-human Bill Gates is. It is amazing how people are so easily duped and believe in any propaganda put before them. Bill Gates can get away with his anti human eugenics agenda because he wraps it in liberalism and UN humanitarianism. The UN has a long history of butchering the very people it is supposed to be helping. The UN has been caught over and over running child kidnapping sex slave rings all across the globe. Just Google UN child kidnapping. Bill Gates promotion of Monsanto and Genetically Modified foods is a smoking gun of his anti human agenda. GMOs are linked to infertility and a multitude of other health problems. Does anybody seriously think it is okay and healthy to eat corn that produces its own pesticides or salmon spliced with spider genes? Angelina Jolie is a war monger who wraps herself in “humanitarianism” but is every bit the CFR globalist minion that Alex Jones exposes her to be.

  33. Tiger Buddha says:

    White people haven’t cared this much about Africa since Mufasa died. Kony was a horrific butcher 5-6 years ago. This ugly type of horror using children in armies has been going on in Africa for a long time. 10-15 years ago when war lords were using children in armies in Sierra Leone and Liberia to defend their small stake in the diamond trade, celebrities did not boycott or stop wearing diamonds. Diamonds only increased in popularity. Can anybody say Bling Bling. Debeers who controls the world diamond cartel has a long history of going into what ever 3rd world country diamonds were discovered in and butchering the native peoples. Yet DeBeers has convinced you that diamonds are forever, with slick advertising. This is the same phenomenon that Angelina Jolie is used for. She is packaged as a spokesperson for humanitarian causes, which in reality beneath the surface, are thinly veiled disguises to invade countries and cause more war and death. Ang Jolie is used as a marketing tool for war. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations which is the biggest warmongering “think tank” on the planet. Angelina Jolie is no different from war mongers such as George W. Bush, Netanyahu, Saddam Hussein and other despots who advocate war. Whether war is preemptive, humanitarian or has any other slick marketing scheme, like a KONY2012 associated with it, it is still war.

    • LAK says:

      @Tiger Buddha – Kony stopped doing his thing in Uganda 5-6 years ago, and moved it to Congo. People are deflecting the message of this video because emphasise is on Uganda rather than Congo. The problem hasn’t gone away. Northern Uganda didnt and hasn’t found lasting peace because the Kony is now gone.

      The diamond thing still makes my blood boil.

    • Jill says:

      Get your head on straight. Jolie isn’t advocating war. She is advocating for someone to take out Joseph Kony. The world will be a much better place once he’s out of it.

      • Tiger Buddha says:

        Of course Angelina Jolie is advocating war. She is the face of the UN to invade countries. She favored going to war in Libya….oh wait…Obama called it a “kinetic action” So the US along with NATO armed Al-Qaeda and called them the “rebels”, yes the same Al-Qaeda we were fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc… And after the “rebels” started fighting Gadhaffi NATO started dropping “love bombs”, don’t you see how fun war can be when you put liberal, loving words in front of it. Libya has degenerated into a genocide. The Al-Qaeda troops we put in charge are engaged in a genocide of black Libyans. Before the “kinetic action” took place women could attend college for free, now women have no rights because a strict radical fundamentalist Wahhabist Al-Qaeda now rule and women have to wear full burkas. Yes Angelina Jolie has this blood on her hands because she advocated throwing out Ghadaffi. I am not saying Ghadaffi was a good guy, but any time the UN or NATO roll in for “peacekeeping” it is a front to throw out who is currently in charge and replace them with a puppet government so multi national corporate interests can go in and pillage natural resources. Uganda and most of the rest of Africa is rich in natural resources. That is why the UN is itchin to invade Uganda and the Congo, to take control of these resources and to keep China from these resources. The deaths of millions of innocent women and children in these conflicts that the UN escalates are only considered “collateral damage” by the UN. I know this is a celebrity site but you people need to wake up because these horrific crimes against humanity are being committed by the US, NATO and the UN in your name. Just because they roll out an Angelina Jolie to sell propaganda for these military actions and to make it trendy to be for “a cause” does not legitimize the crimes against humanity that will arise from UN and NATO wars. People like Angelina Jolie and the rest of Hollywood celebs are used to make liberals war mongers. Obama has launched more military actions than W. and there is barely a peep out of Hollywood and the anti War left, which was very outspoken during the W. Bush years.

  34. Jen says:

    What Kony has done is disgusting…but its not just Uganda, Sudan and the Congo that are having these problems…in Somalia Al-Shabaab is also kidnapping children and forcing them to become child soldiers. Its terrible what these kids have to face in Africa

  35. NOW HOW says:


    ‘KONY’ is a CON JOB. The flick WAS funded by our ‘fave’ psychopaths at the
    ultra rich, TAX FREE, Globalism and EUGENICS ‘friendly’ Rockefeller Foundation.

    DO the background yourself and see through this con.

    More disturbing is that KONY narrator
    —Jason Russell. He sounds creepy and his manner, as he manipulates the
    simple hearts of kids for desired emotional effects —-IS VERY CREEPY.

    ——————-STEER CLEAR!

  36. Garry says:

    F**k Kony, i hate him so much when I grow up I going to make a video called f**k kony on youtube

  37. Garry says:

    He is never going to kill me! I would be ready for him when he gets to china