Fantasia’s baby-daddy situation is a mess, Antwaun wants to get back with his wife

Dear God, this Fantasia Barrino baby-daddy situation just gets worse and worse. For those of you unfamiliar with this now years-long catastrophe, you should probably just visit our Fantasia archives and check out the extended story of how she homewrecked her way into a relationship with Antwaun Cook. I would feel sympathetic towards ‘Tasia, but that girl is all kinds of wrong. She reportedly harassed Antwaun’s wife, and Fantasia’s whole situation with her suicide attempt, abortion, on-camera breakup with Antwaun, and her claim that Jesus forgives her for all of it… it’s just a g–damn mess. Antwaun is STILL married to Paula Cook, by the way. They still haven’t settled their divorce.

So, the last we heard from ‘Tasia and Antwaun, she had given birth to Antwaun’s son, only she didn’t give him the name “Cook”. Shortly after she gave birth, Radar reported that Antwaun had been fooling around on Fantasia while she was pregnant, and that he continues to fool around on her. Now Radar has a new report – Antwaun is still trying to get back with his estranged wife. He’s having “second thoughts.” Oh dear god.

Fantasia Barrino just had a baby with boyfriend Antwaun Cook, but has exclusively learned the father is having second thoughts and is actively pursuing his estranged wife, Paula Cook.

According to a family insider, Antwaun regrets giving up on Paula and their two children and while Paula is very hurt by what he did to their family, she’s not exactly staying away from him either.

“Paula and Antwaun both ended up at Club RE:Public in Charlotte over the weekend and things got a little cozy between the two,” the source said. “I don’t know where Fantasia was, but she definitely wasn’t in the club where they were!”

The source continued by saying that while Paula was receptive, she was still a little gun-shy with all the PDA.

“Antwaun was shoving his tongue down her throat and she kept having to push him away without trying to make a scene,” the source explained. “He told Paula that she belongs to him because she’s still his wife!”

Fantasia and Antwaun first began dating while he was still married to Paula in early 2010, and after Paula filed a homewrecking court claim the former American Idol star tried to kill herself.

“What Fantasia doesn’t know is that through all of this, Paula hasn’t changed the locks on the house she once shared with Antwaun,” the source revealed. “And Antwaun still has keys, so you can put two and two together.”

The source goes on to tell that Paula is a very beautiful woman and Antwaun has always been really attracted to her.

“Antwaun has lost interest in Fantasia,” the insider said. “He was even egging people on to take pictures of him and Paula together…he didn’t care who knew.”

[From Radar]

This is some trashy stuff, right? I feel like I’m watching the background information on Snapped. Like, the narrator’s voiceover pointedly proclaims “Paula hasn’t changed the locks on the house she once shared with Antwaun…” and then after the next commercial break, we hear about which woman – Paula or Fantasia – “snapped” and killed somebody. And I’m really disappointed in Paula Cook – I barely know anything about the woman, but this whole situation is just disgusting, and why in the world would any woman want to get back with that man? Ugh.

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  1. brin says:

    What a prize he is.

  2. Tapioca says:

    There are some who would argue that forced sterilisation was unethical, and yet here we have one of the most persuasive arguments for it!

    Seriously, the 4 kids involved with this f**kery have no chance. Why don’t people think before they procreate?

    • Assistantrachel says:


    • Leticia says:


    • Jag says:

      I’m appalled. You are comparing this situation with the forced – meaning against one’s will -sterilization of people due to some imagined defect they had in the eyes of the powers that be?

      There are no words for how wrong y’all are.

  3. Skinnybetch says:

    So ghetto! Smh.

  4. demian bichir says:

    Oh Fanny!What a f***ing mess!Karma is a bitch that’s what you get for f***ing a married man!You can’t change a manwhore into a faithfull boyfriend(let alone a married one lol!).If he cheated on Paula(his wife and the mother of his children),he’s going to cheat on you TOO! (Apparently he already did that multiple times with different women!).Now we’re hearing he wants he’s wife BACK and that she hasn’t changed the keys to the house!

    The young and the restless of Charlotte!

    Paula divorce that punkass Antwaun(?) douche he isn’t worth it!He humiliated you on every blog, ragmag, and on VH1!This guy is a scumbag!
    Unless you and him did it for the ‘Tasia money(?).

    • Aiobhan says:

      I agree with you 105% on this situation. What was she thinking when she went after him? And why is she still messing with him when she tried to kill herself over him? That should have been the time she realized that he was not worth it and moved on to take care of her kids. I don’t know if I want to be sad and pity her or just write her off as a dumbass and hope that those kids end up ok. All three “adults” in this situation are disgusting.

      • demian bichir says:

        I seriously think that she’s a HARD case of Dickmatization. After all the damn things she went through for him( the public humiliation in the media for having a MARRIED boyfriend, the homewrecking TRIAL, the failed SUICIDE tentative,getting PREGNANT and having his child while he’s STILL MARRIED and CHEATING with everything that moves in Charlotte, and now we hear he wants the WIFEY BACK WTF!!!).

        This is called MESS.COM!

        Her actions speaks more louder than words she’s Dickmatized.I love her voice and her southern hospitality (down to earth attitude)but her love life is tarnishing her rep. big time.Maybe she has so many relationships problems with men because her family is messed up too.

  5. Agnes says:

    oh, god, fanny and this entire situation are so insanely trashy. ugh.

  6. LeeLoo says:

    I hope the wife knows better than to get back with this asshat. Excuse the language but I don’t know what else to call him. If you cheat on your wife AND the girl you knocked up I think that sort of name qualifies.

  7. ShazBot says:

    uhhh she BELONGS to him because she’s still his wife?! Bitch, please. If a man ever said that to me, nevermind after treating her the way he has, he would be learning a few lessons.

    • anon33 says:

      SO much f–king WORD to this…that would be enough of a reason right there for me to NEVER get back with that.

  8. Lavender says:

    Didn’t she meet this guy when he was an employee at a T-Mobile store and she was shopping or something? You think with her success and talent she wouldn’t fall for some loser like this..

  9. Dibba says:

    Just an all around gross-out

  10. Cirque28 says:

    I’m sure Antwaun is secretly loving all the drama and attention and has manipulated both women like the creep he is. And seriously? Antwaun?? Antoine is such a graceful name, and that has to be the most awkward spelling possible.

    • demian bichir says:

      Antoine is a real name! Antauwn not so much(maybe in Charlotte lol!).Of course TMobile Antwaun loves all the attention! He wants a reality show and ‘TASIA’s money(20k month child’s support anyone?).

      RUN Fanny RUN!!!

      I’m sure is going to “write” a Tell-All book( he seems like the type to do it NO?).Just before the realise of her film is going to make a lot of problems!

      • Maripily says:

        I live in Charlotte, moved here from NY a few years back. This story is huge out here. Re:Public is a local and popular club, and we just had CIAA, a big basketball event that brings hundred of thousands of people to Charlotte each year. Antwaun and Paual were probably out for CIAA. Fantasia was out and about for CIAA too, one of my best friends posed with her at one of the parties. I’m surprised she didn’t run into Antwaun and his wife if they were hanging out at Re:Public. Anyway, it’s such a sad, sorry mess. I hope Fantasia gets her head on right, for herself and her kids. This guy is all kinds of bad news. Fantasia may seem like a horrible person on paper, but in real life, she’s very gracious and sweet…I know several people who have met her, and they only had kind things to say.

      • demian bichir says:

        Maripily I 100% believe you! She doesn’t seem like a bad person AT ALL. But she’s not really lucky(or very bright?)when it comes to men like you said he’s definitely BAD NEWS. I cannot imagine the drama it would have been if Fanny was at the club too! (drunk=fight). She needs to concentrate more on her career (she’s F***ing talented!)and on her kids now!
        She should have let him go a looong time ago.

  11. Jezi says:

    I bet Paula is thinking…sure I will take you back. The minute she does and publicly humiliates Fantasia, bet she will dump him. It may be a bit of revenge. This story seemed like someone wanted Fantasia to know that they were “winning”.

    • The Original Mia says:

      You read my mind. I think Paula’s playing them both. It would make me physically ill to have that trifling man touch me, but Paula may be dedicated to her cause. Can’t say I blame her, though.

      Fanty is dumb. Always has been.

      • Jezi says:

        I also hope Paula doesn’t go back with him for real. If she does, she probably accepts his cheating ways then.

    • demian bichir says:

      Oh Jezi!LOL!!If that’s true than Paula is going to be on my future list of heroes called ITOLDUBITCHDONTF*WITHME.

      • Jezi says:

        LOL….no kidding. Fantasia will have to be 5150′d because I think she will lose her mind. Or what’s left of it.

      • demian bichir says:

        She’s going to cut a bitch!That’s for sure!Antwaun better be prepared for his own very special Snapped episode!This is not going to end well unless she lets him go FOR REAL this time.

        Paula COOKED you ‘TASIA !

        She knew she married a player and that he was going to come back home after he played her ass.

        MOVE ON FANNY!It’s OVA now!You deserve better than that.

  12. mel2 says:

    Not only is this story a hot mess, Fantasia looks a hot mess.

  13. DorothyZbornak says:

    Once a cheater, always a cheater. When will people learn?

  14. huhsaywhat? says:

    Fanny needs therapy. Paula needs a divorce. Antwaun needs to sit down.

    I really feel bad for the FOUR innocent children affected by this B.S.

    Where’s Aunt Bunny? :-/

  15. lover says:

    errm she is a mess.. all that money and she still looks like this. no bueno.

  16. TXCinderella says:

    What, he finally realized that she is crazy and broke? This woman has had a tough life, but why in the world did she want to make it harder on herself by getting involved with a married man? They almost always stay with, or go back to the wife.

  17. original sandy says:

    fanny? she should focus on her children and her music/career, hopefully she learned her lesson ans leave other people men alone…married, in relationships. don’t go there.

  18. skuddles says:

    Big surprise…

  19. Crystalline says:

    Belongs to him? Sounds like something an abuser would say.

  20. Whatever says:

    THIS won’t end well.

  21. Camille (The original) says:

    It sounds more like an episode of Cheaters to me. Lordy, what a trashy mess this is.

  22. lileneboheme says:

    That’s what her simple butt gets for messing with a married man. He never liked her to begin with, just her fame so of course he’s going back to his wife. She got played and she better not try to attempt suicide again over this dummy.

  23. Onyx XV says:

    Of course he does. Ha! What did that trifling ho expect? lol

  24. Kim says:

    What a loser this guy is. If Paula gets back together with him he will just ditch her & the kids again when his next Fantasia comes along. They should both kick him to the curb. Do they have no self worth? sad.

  25. poof says:

    How you get him is how you keep him. Karma for going after a married man. Don’t feel bad for her at all. NOPE.

  26. the original bellaluna says:

    Ghetto trash, the lot of them. The only ones I feel sorry for in this mess are the children, for they are truly innocent.

    (And shouldn’t he be having “third or fourth or fifth” thought at this point?)

  27. Kay says:

    You know his nasty ass is shopping around trying to get his own reality show right now, but what’s the average episode going to be about? Somebody tried to return a phone that they took the SIM card out of, then he takes Paula to dinner at Fuddruckers?! RIVETING. I’m mad at Fanny and Paula — this fool looks like the bottom of my shoe and ain’t up to shit and here they are fighting over him like two starving dogs over a bone. And the fact that Fanny tried to suicide behind this mutt just proves that she needs to be under the care of a doctor. Everybody in this played-out ghetto love triangle needs to be smacked in the mouth, but she gets an extra one.

  28. sickandtired says:

    Let’s be real Fantasia played herself and now she’s going to have to pay for it one way or another. This man never cared for Fantasia, probably doesn’t care for his wife either but doesn’t want anyone else to have her (supposedly she’s rather attractive) and though he can play, he can’t fathom the thought of her being with someone else. I bet you he’s promising to “fix” this situation AND buy her all the things she ever wanted, if she’ll take him back. Got a feelin’ Fantasia is going to find out very publicly how little he did care about her….