Grammys fashion: Carrie Underwood, Kate Beckinsale, Miranda Lambert and more

Carrie Underwood looked incredible at last night’s Grammys in a high neck long sleeve white and silver sequin Gomez-Gracia gown. It was demure yet sexy and featured a subtle cut out at the back. Our friends at Red Carpet Fashion Awards write that her black clutch was “too heavy for this look,” but I disagree and find it kind of striking against the white. I like her poofy hair and her heavily done eyes paired with neutral lips. In some shots her eyelashes look like caterpillars they’re so huge. It’s overdone but somehow Carrie pulls it off. Carrie was up for Best Country Solo performance, for “Mama’s Song,” which went to Taylor Swift for “Mean.” She performed a duet last night with Tony Bennett, “It Had To Be You,” which was flawless. (You can watch it here.) I loved her performance gown as well and she switched up her hair for that too, opting for flowing waves.

Kate Beckinsale was done to the hilt as usual, only this time she attempted a more “casual” look that’s just as constructed as everything she puts out there. I think Kate looks gorgeous, as she always does, and I like that she has her hair pulled up in loose curls. It highlights her pretty face instead of bringing attention to all the fake hair she has. Kate was in a short Zuhair Murad one-shoulder cream gathered gown with a black ribbon detail. It also featured a trailing chiffon scarf-like loop at the side. It was a decent dress and appropriate for the event but it looked like it should have been knee length instead of so short.

Miranda Lambert was in a peachy-biege embroidered cap sleeve Pavoni gown that had some superficial features in common with Taylor Swift’s dress. I don’t love it and found it somewhat predictable, but it looks nice on Miranda and I like her styling. Kaiser and I were talking about this dress and she thinks it’s very pageanty and similar to a lot of the other tacky dresses Miranda wears. It’s not bad for what it is I guess. What’s up with her shoes, though? Look at her toes peeking out under her dress.

Julianne Hough really rocked a tight sleevess black and grey Kaufman Franco with abstract bamboo-like stripe detail. I love this dress and find it both contemporary and very flattering. Julianne’s styling leaves something to be desired, though. Her makeup could be bolder and her hair is kind of underwhelming with that center part that ends halfway down her scalp. Still, one of the better dresses of the night.

On the other hand Alicia Keys took contemporary too far in this Alexandre Vauthier Couture. Red Carpet Fashion Awards has a photo of the dress on the runway and Alicia paired it with the exact same shoes the designer used. Her feet look crammed in there and like her toes are trying to escape. That’s just the design of the shoes, and it’s so unflattering. Those padded shoulders coupled with that poofy hair just looks ridiculous. Plus she had the worst accessory of all.

Photo credit: Apega/ and KM/FameFlynet Pictures

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  1. Julie says:

    Don’t think any of them looked particularly good. Kate’s dress way to short. Alicia looks like an absolute fool.

  2. MitzieMartin says:

    Alicia looks like she has been put in a pencil sharpener

  3. Jessica says:

    I cant stand Alicia’s shoes… what in the world???? LOL

  4. The Truth Fairy says:

    Never seen a velvet bow tie before …

  5. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Alicia key’s worst accessory is Swiz Beaks. The necklace is a close second.

  6. bea says:

    Honestly, no one is blowing me away.

    Carrie – To me, her dress looks like it’s overwhelming her.

    Kate – always looks good, I agree tho, that this dress would look better knee length and I hate that shiny material.

    Miranda – material looks cheap, the “design” is very mall and she looks uncomfortable in it.

    Hough – agreed on the styling – needs more! The dress is o.k., nothing earth moving.

    Alicia – very strange look. Agree that the shoes do not fit – tiny in the front, big in the back. Not crazy about the hair, dress, accessories or shoes. Also, that first photo is not her best!

  7. Aiobhan says:

    I think all of these looks are bad.

    Alicia looks like she is snarling at the cameras. She knows she is in a bad outfit and is almost daring someone to tell her to tell her that she looks like crap. Swizz on the other hand does not look to bad.

    I like Carrie’s dress but there is something wrong with the fit or she needs a better bra.

    Miranda is too short for that dress. I know her and her husband are supposed to be country… whatever the hell that means but she has more than enough money to find something that fits and looks great. Does she know that she does not have to show up if she does not want to?

    Julianne is just meh. The fact that Ryan picked that dress for her makes it even worse.

  8. 221jazz says:

    Kate is sexy, Carrie looked beautiful. Alicia’s home-wrecker a*s and her Mr. Furley looking husband need to get the F*CK off the red carpet.

  9. brin says:

    Carrie looked beautiful. Julianne’s dress was pretty.
    LOL at Alicia and her “worst accessory”.

  10. Franny says:

    Carrie’s face make up is a completely different color than her body…its kind of strange. She’s so beautiful though.

    I always wonder how they switch up their hair so quickly just because sometimes they go from an up-do, and then come out with flowing hair and I always just wonder how it doesn’t come out all crimped and weird looking.

    There was something off about Miranda’s make up but I can’t really put my finger on it. I think it might be because her eyebrows are hidden or something.

    Alicia has a major snarl on her face, which completely kills everything going on with her look. I would snarl too if I had to stand next to that man.

    • molly says:

      I too, noticed that Carries makup was different on her face, but I thought that maybe I was just being too picky because I think that she is a bitch. I guess its not just me.

      • Ruffian9 says:

        Not just you, molly. I just can’t stand her face (Underwood). I don’t even have a logical explanation for it. She just always looks like a smug bi**h to me.

        And yes, the dress is too much for her.

  11. lucy2 says:

    I kind of like all of them except Alicia’s. Julianne’s would look good as a shorter dress too, I think.
    Swiz whatever – dude, even a purple jacket doesn’t distract from your face and general douchiness.

    • la louisianne says:

      I was wondering about Carrie’s skin, myself. In the closeup of her face, it’s obvious that the major difference between her face and neck is due to the sheer volume of makeup she’s wearing. But the view of the back of her dress is doubly odd, skin- wise, because her back is very tan, and her neck looks like it belongs on someone else, color- wise.

  12. Sara says:

    Kate was wearing a toga. WTF?

  13. Valerie says:

    Hate all of them except Alicia’s which I am in LOVE with. Those shoes and that husband need to go, but the dress is totally banging.

    Everyone else looks pagent-y and boring.

    Also, why is Kate Beckinsale there? She has even less business being on a music red carpet than a movie one!

  14. QQ says:

    The monchichi faced country lady looks nice thats about it

    The IDEA of ak dress is a sound interesting one but the reality on her and that hair notsomuch

    • Stephanie says:

      Monchichi! Thank you! That’s EXACTLY what she looks like and I couldn’t quite place it. But that’s totally it!

      I think she looks like someone put one hand on the top of her head and one under her chin and squished them together. And she sounds like a chipmunk.

  15. TG says:

    Carrie Underwood always looks like a pageant contestant, especially with her hair and makeup and the dresses she chooses aren’t much better. How anyone could think otherwise is beyond me. I think there might be a pretty girl under there somewhere though. She looks pretty good in candid shots walking around town or the beach.

  16. Jacq says:

    I think Carrie looked beautiful, sure she has on stage make-up, but it’s called for.
    Julianne’s hair and make-up underwhelm. Her head looked too beachy to be on top of a beautiful gown. Can’t Ryan Seacrest help a sistah out?
    Does Miranada Lambert have a thyroid problem?

  17. flutters says:

    Carrie’s dress is stunning and I like the hair change up too. The whole ensembles worked even better in motion. The lashes though don’t work for me. I think she overdoes them in general and they don’t photograph well up close. I thought her hair and makeup for her performance was much better. Dress was fine. I agree about the performance itself, very well done by Tony Bennett and Carrie.

    Kate Beckinsale’s relaxed style suited the event.

    I also love Julianne’s dress but the styling of the hair is limp in every way.

  18. Pedge says:

    Are you guys kidding? You LIKED Carrie’s look? She looks 80 years old! Why take a fresh young 25-year-old and pile her with a heavy grandma dress and piles and piles of drag makeup? Bleccch

  19. Cathy says:

    What is Julianne Hough famous for besides the Proactive acne commercials?

  20. Rita says:

    Carrie is simply beautiful and I love the dress, except for the back.

  21. trollontheloose says:

    Kate looks like she’s walking away with a Grammy on the 3rd pic.. overall everyone is meh but I do like Alicia’s dress and necklace. However her toes escaping from the shoes..

  22. Happy21 says:

    Something about Carrie Underwood bothers me. She has a good singing voice but she just always looks too perfect. Her skin is too perfect, her make-up is too perfect. Like the person who said it above – she always looks pageant ready. The dress was ug to me. Too old, too boring.

    Miranda Lambert’s dress was hideous. At least it fit her though which a lot of her dresses don’t.

    Alicia Keys always seems to be smirking.

    Kate B is gorgeous. She is a very beautiful woman. Is there a reason she was at the Grammy’s?

  23. Kim says:

    They all look bad. Carries dress doesnt work on her and is she aware spiders landed on her eyes? Alicia keys cant dress for the life of her. Miranda always shoves herself in to tight clothes for her curvy body & looks like a stuffed sausage. Julianne dress i like but it doesnt work on her and the hairstyle is trying to hard to be rock and roll but comes off as meh. I dont mind Kates dress but she is so botoxed she looks like crap.

  24. MB says:

    What was Kate Beckinsale even doing there? I dont get it.

    I like Carrie’s dress but it makes a very fit, slim woman look bigger than she actually is.

    The other dresses are pretty fug. Alicia’s dress isnt even event-appropriate and her husband is hideous.

  25. anonymoose says:

    That Carrie Underwood dude is a drag queen, right?

  26. Isa says:

    I don’t like Carrie’s dress. I know everyone makes fun of her style and I often disagree. And this time people like it and I disagree. I think this is why I’m a jeans and a t-shirt girl.

    Kate’s skin is amazing. She is a 40 year old smoker and it’s better than mine! Ugh.

    Miranda’s face looks like it has been squished. It’s a shame her forhead takes up so much of her face.

    I have nothing nice to say about Alicia Keys.

  27. taxi says:

    Carrie looks good, despite the stagey lashes;
    Beckinsale’s dress is too short;
    Miranda’s dress isn’t flattering;
    Julianne’s red carpet dress is ok, but her hair doesn’t go well with the dress;
    Alicia, anyone with hips like hers doewsn’ look good in that dress. The necklace and hair are awful. First time I noticed that her 2 front teeth don’t line up properly with her nose & lips. They’re off-center.

  28. taxi says:

    Carrie looks good, despite the stagey lashes;
    Beckinsale’s dress is too short;
    Miranda’s dress isn’t flattering;
    Julianne’s red carpet dress is ok, but her hair doesn’t go well with the dress;
    Alicia, those hips don’t look good in that dress. The necklace and hair are awful. First time I noticed that her 2 front teeth don’t line up properly with her nose & lips. They’re off-center.

  29. Anoushka Schollay says:

    Enough with the fashion judging. Alicia Keys is the most fashionable of all of them and looks the best.