New couple: Kirsten Dunst & Garrett Hedlund are loved up all over Sundance

There are dozens of new stories about Kirsten Dunst and her new boyfriend/boy-toy, Garrett Hedlund this morning. The rumors have been around for a few months – I think Kirsten and Garrett were photographed together a few months ago, and people began assuming that they were now a couple. I wasn’t sure though – mostly because I thought Kiki was still dating Rilo Kiley’s Jason Boesel. Did we ever hear about Jason and Kiki officially breaking up? In any case, Kiki and Garrett are now a thing, everyone agrees. They’ve been spotted in Sundance, getting all loved up. Page Six refers to their “open canoodling at a packed party after the Sundance premiere of Dunst’s raunchy, dark comedy, ‘Bachelorette.’” And Kiki and Garrett were also “canoodling” at a CAA party earlier this week too. Here’s the official version from People:

They’re going public!

Kirsten Dunst wasn’t shy with the PDA with new beau Garrett Hedlund at the Sundance Film Festival. The two were kissing and hugging at a dinner for Dunst’s new movie, The Bachelorette, hosted by Joico and Simple House. The couple danced the night away with friends and fellow attendees, including Will Ferrell, who is one of the comedy’s producers, Justin Long and Rashida Jones.

According to a partygoer at the WireImage tent, where the intimate dinner for 40 guests took place, Hedlund didn’t really leave his girlfriend’s side after the two made their late arrival. They also toasted to the film together.

Adds a source: “Kirsten and Garrett have been spending time together since the holidays. They were friends on the set of On the Road, and now they’ve grown closer. They spent Christmas together and he feels very strongly about her.”

[From People]

Radar also has a story (and video) about Kiki and Garrett. Radar’s source claims that on Monday night, “They were making out all night long. They were attached at the hip the whole night and it was obvious to everyone that they were an item.” You can see Radar’s video here – the video doesn’t include any making out, but they are standing close to each other in a couple-y way.

So, what do you think of this new(ish) couple? Kiki is 29 years old and in the midst of a career resurgence after a difficult few years that involved bad career decisions and lots of alcohol (and drugs too, probably). Garrett is 27 years old, and his career is basically just starting – he’s only become an “It Boy” in the past year or two. I don’t really think they make that much sense as a couple, just because they’re in such different places in their lives. But I kind of like that Kiki isn’t dating yet another dude in a band.

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  1. Capella says:

    SIMPLY ONE THING, for Kristen’s sake, I truly hope this is not a repeat of The Toothy Tile saga. That one almost broke her, and sent her on a boozing spiral for almost a decade!

    Hope it’s real. They would be very cute together. Looking forward to the puppy-dog love, and shake slurping while hand holding in cutsey diners.

    • normades says:

      What do you mean? That Kiki was unknowingly dating a gay guy or that she was knowingly bearding?

      I have no opinion if JG is really Toothy or not, but I wanna hear your theory on this.

      • Capella says:

        IMHO, she was unknowingly dating a gay guy. She did state, way back then, that to keep the relationship going, they were having sex in public restrooms, etc. to spice it up… To no avail.

        Can you imagine, being absolutely in love with a guy who turned out to have the worst-kept-in-the-closet secret in Hollywood history? Would drive me to drink, that’s for sure!

        But it’s all speculation. Women do tend to fall in love with the same type men as their first love. Just ask Rihanna.

      • normades says:

        I never bought his relationship with Reese. They seemed more like friends that were using each other for puplicity. She was so serious so fast with her now husband that it leads me to believe that relationship had been going on a a lot longer (when she was still “with” Jake)

  2. kiki says:

    He kinda seems like an attention whore that will never truly make it big. He also seems clean enough and not someone that would lead her back down the spiral of drugs and alcohol. Hope it works out.

    • pat says:

      I think you think he’s like RPatz. He is the worst case of attention whore I’ve seen in years. Garrett is a private guy, that’s why you don’t often see him in rag mags. Not the case of the twilight couple though. They’re selling their relationship like no one else before them, it’s disgusting.

  3. carrie says:

    nice for her to find a new boyfriend

  4. Alejandro says:

    He’s hot good for her.

  5. Fabianne says:

    It seems Kirsten and Jason had a very low profile relationship. I don’t think there was any need to announce a split.
    Looks like she’s having fun with Garrett now but I’m sure they’re busy people with work commitments in different places so let’s see how well they do with distance.

  6. Funnylilou says:

    she is more pretty now than I have seen her in year! I like her and her new guy is easy on the eyes so I say: go kiki!!

  7. LeManda says:

    Hmmm Kiki, where are you getting the attention whore vibe from. Wasnt it reported that he doesn’t even like to attend the promotional events and premiers for movies he’s in because he doesn’t like all the attention?

    I like him a lot! I look forward to some pics of these two together.

  8. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Who is he?? He’s hot as hell.

  9. Lini says:

    They are both so pretty! I really like the idea of them as a couple.

  10. renata says:

    I think it’s terrific that things seem to be coming together for her. She’s quite talented and really seemed to have a rough time of it for awhile. I just hope she’s able to handle the ups and downs of a relationship without running into a problem.

  11. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Wait this is the dude from TRON? I knew he looked familiar….I didn’t think he was that hot in the movie but he looks good here. Good for her if she’s hitting that!

  12. VV says:

    I think he’s pretty cute! I did like him in Tron and Country Strong. I know Country Strong was a sucky movie in a lot of ways but he had great chemistry with Leighton Meester -sighs- That duet they did together was sweet.

    It’s an odd pairing with him and Kiki but I think there are elements that work. I don’t see it as a long term thing but who knows!

  13. Zigggy says:

    I like it! I feel bad for child stars, most of them inevitably get messed up and I hope Kirsten can stay on the straight & narrow now.

  14. Maggs says:

    The dude can SING! he was Beau in Country Strong, was the son in Tron Legacy, was Brad Pitt’s little cousin that was killed when he pretended to be Achilles in the movie Troy and was also LiLo love interest in the movie Georgia something with Jane Fonda. love me some Garrett!

  15. Lexi says:

    Since when does a 2 year age difference make him a boy-toy? Harsh snark there eh! She looks great, still with the no bra though ~ Kiki, that is one choice you will regret.

  16. sarah says:

    and why is he a “boy toy”? he’s certainly sustainable and I think they are equal

  17. Dali says:

    He’s so fiiiiine

  18. Sal says:

    He’s been trying to become an “it guy” for YEARS since the Friday night lights movie. He’ll never make it because he’s so boring

  19. tiredofrumers says:

    he was great in the movie version of friday night lights as don billingsley – the proto-riggins ;)

  20. Jaime says:

    I kind of agree with the first commenter…I thought there were some vague gay rumors about him that actually made a little sense (I’m not usually one to buy into the rumors). The tabloids have hooked him up with Leighton Meester, but there were never any pics or anything really substantial and it seemed PR orchestrated, and then tried to create a little drama with Kristen Stewart because she once hung out with him in a group. There never really seemed to be any pics of him with a girl that looked even vaguely romantic. Then again, he’s never “really made it” so perhaps his PR person was just trying to link him to big names to get his name out there.

  21. Moi says:

    I’m happy for her. It looks like she’s gotten her life back together.

  22. T.C. says:

    these on-set romances never last but hope she is happy for as long as it lasts.

  23. Audrey says:

    He’s cute – good for her.

  24. Happy21 says:

    Love him! He is the only reason that horrible movie, Country Strong, was even tolerable. Hot AND he can sing…sigh!

  25. the original bellaluna says:

    I hope they’re both happy. And that she can keep it together this time.

    I wish them well.

  26. Cleo says:

    Why is she famous or employed? I think she did a good job in Eternal Sunshine but Merrit Wever does a better job in EVERYTHING and Kirsten Dunst is NO Mary Jane. Mary Jane is an Irish bombshell!

  27. Asli says:

    I can’t beliece Kirsten didn’t get nominated for any awards for Melancholia. She was ah-mazing!

  28. ccoop says:

    Oh Garrett, nooooooooooo!

  29. Rachel says:

    I’m just happy to see her looking so healthy again. She looks absolutely beautiful in the header pic.

    I’ve only seen one interview with him, but he seemed like a really laidback, down to earth guy. He could be good for her. And since I’ll never have a chance with him, at least I can say my doppelganger is dating him :)

  30. salamanca says:

    He’s cute. I wish them both luck. I hope, she’ll find someone (in him hopefully), who will treat her best and as she deserves.