Daniel Craig: “Politicians are s–theads, they’ll stab you in the f–king back”

I saw The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo over the holidays (review here), and I walked away liking Daniel Craig even more. For all of the talk about the character of Lisbeth Salander and the wildly different portraits given by Rooney Mara and Noomi Rapace, I was impressed with how Daniel gave life to Mikael Blomkvist. True, he wasn’t really my idea of Blomkvist (too capable, too James Bond, not “average” enough), but he brought a depth and seriousness to the role, and I enjoyed seeing Daniel own the part. Daniel is still promoting the hell out of this, his final bid of the year to have a major hit film. The problem with Daniel’s promotional tour is that… well, he’s a surly curmudgeon. He’s a fickle, misanthropic bitch. (We are kindred spirits, I feel.) Previously, Daniel covered GQ UK and his criticism of the Kardashians (“f-cking idiots”) got a lot of play. Now, in a new interview, Daniel is taking on politics in general, and specifically British politics, New Labor and Tony Blair. Oh, and he talks smack about Rotten Tomatoes too. WTF? He’s getting into Megan Fox territory.

Daniel on politicians cozying up to artists: “Tony Blair started it much more than anybody’s ever done.” Referring to a 1936 German novel about an actor who curries favour with the Nazis to promote his career, and the 1981 movie based on it, he said: “It becomes Mephisto. You immediately are aligning yourself with a political party. Politicians are sh*theads, That’s how they become politicians, even the good ones. We’re actors, we’re artists, we’re very nice to each other. They’ll turn around and stab you in the f*cking back.”

On Cool Brittannia: Talking about Blair’s 1997 ‘Cool Brittannia’ movement that saw artists like Oasis singer Noel Gallagher have tea at Downing Street, he said, “The fact that a guy who’d been in a band, owned an electric guitar and has probably had a spliff was Prime Minister really meant something, after years of John Major and Margaret Thatcher. He just might be one of us. In hindsight, it turned out he was just a politician like all the rest.”

Daniel on George Clooney: “George has his finger on the political pulse, and he’s one of those guys who can get up and talk, and I don’t have that. If someone shoves a microphone in your face and says, ‘Explain yourself,’ you have to have a 100 percent understanding of why you’re doing it, and unless you’re 100 percent, don’t f*cking do it, leave it alone, let your work speak for itself.”

On his movie “Dream House”: “The movie didn’t turn out great. But I met my wife [co-star Rachel Weisz[. Fair trade, don’t you think?”

On the technological advancements of the Internet: “Something like Blade Runner, nobody knew what the f**k that was. There was no fanfare behind it... nothing. You went in to see it and were like, ‘What the f**k is this about?’ It was great. You can’t do that now. I mourn it, I really do. Now, everything is explained. Now there’s Rotten Tomatoes, with 120 reviews and your Tomatometer. Just aesthetically, I have a flicking problem with Rotten Tomatoes’ graphics. I mean, what the f**k? I really hate the expert opinion. If you were a f**king expert, you’d be doing it.’"

On the upcoming James Bond picture: “The script is better than Casino Royale.”

On getting in shape to shoot his Bond role: “I’m a bit of a gym bunny. But the truth is it’s f**king boring. I do light weights and lots of reps… There was a class I heard someone talk about — spinning yoga — which is an hour and a half of spinning, then an hour and a half of yoga, hot f**king yoga. What are you doing with your life where you can spend three hours on that?”

[From The Mail & Celebrity Gossip]

Is it wrong that I see his point (sort of) on the political comments? I think he’s saying that celebrities shouldn’t agree to do this photo ops with politicians, they shouldn’t align themselves with politicians or parties, because they’ll end up screwed over and disillusioned. There’s something to that. But to then turn around and compliment the King of Washington Ass-Kissing, George Clooney? Meh.

But mostly, the thing that irritates me the most is his tirade about Rotten Tomatoes. Seriously, he has a beef with a site that simply accumulates critical data and lays it out graphically? It’s a reference site, and people use it so that they won’t waste money seeing one of Daniel’s crappier films. Like, The Invasion. Or Dream House. Why can’t Daniel just take “the expert opinion” (critical opinion) as part of his job, one of the many reasons why he’s paid millions of dollars to wear nice clothes and pretend? I swear, Daniel might be too much of a curmudgeon even for me, and I usually love a surly bastard.

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  1. Jennifer12 says:

    Yeah, sorry, LOVE him. I understand how he feels because there are times I miss life before the internet when things could be cool without ratings and everyone able to access it on the internet highway. Still, he is a bit too grumpy, especially for someone who is in a major franchise. But what a sexy man!

  2. brin says:

    Yeah, what’s with the crabby appleton comments all of a sudden. But I do like his comment about “Dream House” and Rachel (a bit of sweet in all that sour).

  3. Dana says:

    He is telling the truth. And Rottentomatoes site isn’t an indicater of the quality of films, please!
    If you need the so called experts to tell you what’s good instead of judging for yourself then shut your brain completely off.

  4. eyeroll says:

    Oh shut up! Craig shit! His favourite word is f**** seriously, youre not in your liverpool chester pub anymore. HE earns millions and is giving nothing back. It normally hurts seeing him on the carpet because hes so insecure, at least he can walk it alone now.

    • Kat says:

      It’s his damn right to speak as he wants. So you think he should change his way of speaking because you don’t like how people from North England express themselves? Urghh, go read Jennifer Garner’s interviews they will satisfy you.

    • Girl says:

      Do we know he isn’t giving anything back? Just because someone doesnt do a photo op and press release doesn’t mean they aren’t. In fact, that seems like the more selfless way to do such things. Maybe he isn’t giving back but we really dont know that for sure. Given what we do know of him, he might not be that kind of “photo op serving turkey to the homeless” kind of guy.

      • Right! says:

        But what’s the point of charity if you don’t release the exact numbers to the People mag or have a camera team with you while you give your best sad face while holding poor refugees? Only then will the posters on gossip sites believe in your commitment. Anonymous donations are outdated./sarcasm

  5. Veruca says:

    I hate to disagree with you, but I see his point about RT. I use the site all the time to gauge what is ‘worth’ seeing in the theaters, but I’ve found the percentage system is a bit misleading. Example: The Muppets scored a 97%, so my son & I went to see it. While cute, we didn’t love it. I certainly wouldn’t give it an “A”.

    I’ve seen many comments on this site saying the Cowboys v Aliens was a lot of fun, (& it may well have been) but I didn’t take the time to see it on the big screen because of the website. I’m sure visually it was a blast. If you’re not old like me, you may not remember that Star Wars was panned by critics. It was word of mouth that made it the biggest movie of the year. Funny how time forgets, because RT gives it a 94% now.

    And I still loves me some Daniel. I’d take a thousand Daniels over Gross Clooney any day.

  6. shalini says:

    People are used to abusing so much they think it’s cool to use f%$king and goddamn before every noun. Please leave yoga alone. The word yoga literally means “an exercise done to attain spiritual enlightenment.” All these new age spoofs – spinning yoga, hot yoga, anti gravity yoga – they are just that spoofs of the real thing.

  7. rkintn says:

    I just watched Cowboys and Aliens and loved it LOL There was a bit of the James Bond capableness there too. I love that about him. I also love the fact that he’s a grouch:) I’ll take a grouchy, capable man any day of the week.

    • Soso says:

      That’s rare. Seeing how many complain about his blunt expressions they obviously prefer the fakeness of Clooney, DiCaprio, Pitt or the worst pretender Gosling. He tells all the things women want to hear and they buy that bullshit.

      • eyeroll says:

        Craigs favourite expression is mouth open and mumbling. He screamed his lines the entire Dream house movie couldn’t watch it. Like hes on stage maybe he wanted to impress Rachel.

  8. Flan says:

    Sssst f-heads, Daniel f-ing Craig is fuc— speaking.

  9. T.C. says:

    I see Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara are continuing their charm offensive to promote their new movie. LMAO. These two need to give more interviews they can put their foot in their mouths like the best of them. I can’t believe he thinks actors are nice and don’t stab each other in the back every day and every hour. How did he get his wife when she was in a relationship while they were filming?

    • NM9005 says:

      Exactly, so many divorces and secrets. As if they are nice people. They’re too occupied with themselves and their careers to think of others. It’s a cutthroat competition to become famous and it gets worse when you actually have a high status but are not at the top yet.

  10. Victoria says:

    I love that he says fuck, it’s like my favorite swear word as most on here know, though my new years resolution to God is to cut down on swearing as it doesn’t make me a very good representative of my faith.

    Finally a celebrity that gets it. he was being hypocritical with George Clooney. he said that unless you know what the fuck you’re talking about and you’re going to back your stance up 100% have a fucking seat. Ben Affleck and George Clooney are into politics. And they usually know what they are talking about whether I agree with them or not. Ass kissing comes with the territory and I think that’s why Daniel stays out of it.

    He’s sexy fugly like RPattz and Gordon Ramsey. And I like that he threw in that sweet little bit about his wife but he didn’t go overboard with it.

  11. Nance says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with RT. Personnally I hate more the members than the critics, I never care about a critic having a different view and I like to read opinions about movies, but hate when users comments negatively when the reviewer doesn’t think their way and wants the review to be removed or not be count.

    It’s happen all the time. Look at the rotten review comments of LA Confidential, just because ONE reviewer doesn’t like it, they are all after him! Or looks the fresh review comments of Abduction. This is lame, really lame. Does it really matter that a movie is not 100% or 0% ?

    Just like tv shows like America’s Best Dance Crew or So You Think You Can Dance when the crowd is booing at the slightest critic from the judges. Jeez…

    RT is not exact science, but it you got a bunch of critics all in one place.

    If I was Craig I wouldn’t shit on the critics, but whatever…

  12. Girl says:

    Wow! Someone stop him when he lies. I think he’s totally spot on about politicians. My theory is that anyone who is a decent enough human being to run for office is someone who is too decent to want to be in public office anyway nowadays, with incredibly rare exception.

  13. MarenGermany says:

    surly bastards are the best.

  14. NM9005 says:

    If Drake uses f–k too much, it’s ridiculous and when Craig does it, it’s plays up to his surly sexy grumpy man image. Haha, sure…

    Oh and the similarities between actors and politicians are not far apart:

    - both have to lobby to get their image and ideas over to the public to sell something
    - both have a public image and a private image that can be very contrasting at times
    - both have to make a lot of sacrifices and take up a lot of crap to reach the top
    - both have to work on their skills (not craft) and find new ways to “lure” in new audiences and keep pleasing the old audience
    - both have to use connections and play the game
    - both make more money than they actually deserves
    - both are part of a bigger organisation that has their own agenda

    Politics is a public business just like the showbusiness. Lots of money and the pressure of keeping the image up is at stake.

    Actually, the more he talks the less I think he has something good to say. He is mostly complaining, living up to his image and what he says is not all that highly intelligent or insightful (really, the Rotten Tomatoes comment is just so off!). He’s lucky that he’s an actor because anybody else who would try to get their views across in a face to face conversations/interview but fails to express himself in an eloquent way would be mocked at. It’s fine to use fuck but not if it blocks your capability to get your point across in a clear and on point manner. Through all those fucks, I kind of realise he’s all over the place when he tries to voice something. It’s likes Kaiser pointed out with his appreciaton for Clooney. The hell?! That contradicting yourself, if politicians are shitheads then the people who align with them are shitheads too. You can’t compliment Clooney but stab politics in the back. He’s part of that now!

    It won’t stop me from watching his films, though if his name appears in the beginning I will mumble “douche” and try to forget I’m watching mister Douchey McSurlyGrump.

    EDIT: Oh my, this comment is longer than I though :O! Damn…

    • Right! says:

      Politicians’ decisions affect your life, an actor’s actions don’t. So comparing the two is making no sense.

      • NM9005 says:

        I said they’re not far apart and bare some similarities, not that they’re coherently the same.

        And they don’t affect our lives?
        Films can affect your life on an emotional level. They entertain us, evoke emotions, can alter the way we think about a subject or at least discuss it, they have a cultural impact and celeb culture is very much dominating in this day of age. People look up to famous people, some even go as far as to go to a plastic surgeon to resemble ones. We spend time and money on them so there’s is an impact, just not the same impact as politics have on us.

        Anyway, you’re entitled to think I’m talking out of my ass but I still feel like they are some similarities.

  15. Cam says:

    Honestly guys, this is bullshit. Here in this interview he puts down two of his movies. And doesn’t get shit for it. I bet if it was Rooney there saying that her latest movie previous movies sucked everyone will be up on her calling her an ungrateful bitch. This just makes me believe more and more on those people that said people don’t wanna hear actresses have opinions, unless they act all “sweet” and meek and super grateful for the shit roles they usually receive.

    Also, Daniel Craig’s performance in Dragon Tattoo was NOWHERE NEAR as great as Rooney’s. First he mumbles through most of his lines in the beginning and honestly he’s only really good with the “light” moment in the film. On everything else, he was pretty much just there, the only thing that gave him substance was his relationship with Lisbeth and the cat.

    I like him as an actor but please don’t start praising him on a role that (based on how he played him) could have been played by any other “good” actor out there.

  16. anti says:

    LOVE IT! !!!

    Keep it up Mr. Craig!

  17. hammer says:

    God, seems like he’s always on the rag. Look out, he’ll be pure hell when menopause hits.

  18. The Truth says:

    HE JUST WANTS TO DEFLECT FROM THE FACT THAT HES GAY, AND WAS BUSTED LAST YEAR in a gay pub and is photographed with gay celebs, Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, Marc Jacobs, Hugh Jackman.
    His publicist propably said we have to clean up.
    The girlfriend change, suddenly marriage the interviews, oh yeah you are such a bad ass man you say f*** all the time,- can’t be gay …

    • Tiffany says:

      So because a person has gay friend and/or goes to a gay club, that makes them gay? I would fall into both categories, and am completely straight. Keep your narrow minded stereotypes to yourself.

    • Cerulean says:

      Just because he has gay friends it means he is gay? Being in a gay pub with gay friends doesn’t make a person gay. It’s not catching. So I guess I can’t go to ladies night with my lesbian friend from university because me just being there with her and her and her friends means I am a lesbian too.

      Need more than that to call the man out on his sexuality.

  19. Tiffany says:

    I think he is a great actor and he is hot. If he was too cuddly, the hotness factor wouldn’t be there.

  20. UKHels says:

    he wants to be careful – I love a grumpy old cynic as much as the next person (I am one after all) but that needs to be counteracted by showing you have at least a bit of a sense of humour

    and I don’t get that from him AT ALL

    and for me, his acting sucks (and I don’t like his filtrum) :)

  21. daria says:

    I think he’s a bit cranky, and the media knbows how to shape this public image into one big crankifest for interviews. lol He just doesn’t seem very good with interviews, public speaking, etc. Doesn’t mean he can’t work on it a bit I’m sure, but these things never really bother me the way it bothers others.

  22. marie says:

    He needs to tone down his language. He uses swear words a lot and you can get your message across without all the gutter language.

  23. catt says:

    Everyone has a different sensibility about swear words. Some people think it’s awful some love it. I think Daniel has been swearing his entire life and uses f**k like someone else says ‘the’.
    But some people can’t handle in your face no bulls**t men who say exactly what they think and don’t hide when they are irritated or angry. It threatens them and makes them uncomfortable so they go on the attack. (*cough *cough)

    • RobN says:

      Well, I’m 47 and can handle anything you want to throw at me, but I’m just bored and tired of people who think the constant use of the F word makes them hip. He’s got a “too smart for the room” vibe that makes me want to punch him in the face. It’s not threatening and it doesn’t make me uncomfortable; it’s just dull.

      • Katija says:

        You get so offended by a word you want to punch someone in the face? Then ignore them. Seriously. You don’t have to read his interviews or watch his movies. I don’t think he’s going to change his salty language for anyone at this point in his life. And I don’t think he cares what anyone thinks about it either.

  24. The Bobster says:

    I love the fact that Daniel appears to be a real person, not a leftist celebutard.

  25. Ness says:

    Why do he and Rachel Weisz never do photo-ops together?! Of all the private celebrity couples, this is the one I want to see most. So hot!

  26. Tigger says:

    Surly, yes he is…bless him, true to his nature. He is entitled to his opionion just like good ol’ George. Bet they could make a rocking martini between the two…sigh. George won’t loose sleep over it and neither will Daniel no doubt. Man, to be Rachael Weisz..sigh. Can’t say I would want to be George’s next piece though, but like I said, to be true to your nature is lending to self respect. Love them both…sigh

  27. Nutter Butter says:

    I feel sorry for Rachel because she has to sleep with and look at THAT…ugh! Eh, I don’t see them lasting, anyway.

  28. Andie B says:

    Wow, I never knew Daniel was so forthright with his opinions. Here I was thinking he was just eye candy. He does say f–k a lot, but I know a lot of people who use the word frequently. Rolls right off my back. He certainly comes across as surly, just like my darling husband.

  29. whatevs says:

    well i’ll take his word for it (the new james bond movie’s script being better than casino royale’s, that is. not the politican thing because honestly who doesn’t know that?)

  30. Nev says:

    calm down Mr. Craig.

    miserable much?