OK! Mag: Jennifer Aniston wants to marry Justin Theroux on a Mexican beach

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux seemed to be loved up for the long haul. I’ve actually wondered recently if Justin is as “into” this Aniston-level celebrity extravaganza, or whether he’d rather be sitting in a dank bar, getting hammered with his hipster friends. Right now, though, and for the foreseeable future, Justin and Jennifer seem tight. Justin’s partner of 14 years has been effectively jettisoned, and perhaps even paid off by Team Aniston. Justin’s getting better paychecks, he made People Mag’s Sexiest Man Alive list, and whatever whim he has, his rich sugar mama buys it for him. It works for them. So is it any surprise that a new round of “wedding” rumors has started up again?

Don’t be surprised if Jennifer Aniston’s a barefoot bride before the clock strikes 2012!

Jennifer Aniston has weathered more than her share of romantic disappointments after her devastating 2005 divorce from Brad Pitt — from Vince Vaughn to John Mayer to fleeting flings with Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper. But friends of the actress agree that Justin Theroux is a keeper, the real deal.

As the pair settles into their new penthouse in NYC’s Greenwich Village, you can tell by the gleam in Jen’s eye, the uncharacteristic PDA and Justin’s unfailing tenderness. And soon, according to sources, the couple will head south of the border to elope.

“Jen is talking about a beach wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at the end of December,” a source close to the romantic-comedy queen confides to OK!. “It’s definitely going to happen, and right now it’s looking like sooner rather than later.”

When Jen married Brad in 2000, the wedding was a $1 million beachside spectacular in Malibu, complete with 200 guests, a 40-piece gospel choir and a fireworks display. This time around she’ll still have sea and sand — but it won’t have the grand production values.

“Jen loves the idea of just taking off to Cabo and getting married in a sundress barefoot on the beach,” the insider explains. “She wants it to be as spontaneous as possible, and she doesn’t want it to be all fancy and complicated like her wedding to Brad. This wedding will not be for show. This is about two people who love each other making a commitment for life. They don’t need all the bells and whistles.”

Jen and Justin spent Thanksgiving in NYC, then headed to L.A. for a week, where Jen has business meetings. Then it’s back to the Big Apple in early December.

“After that, they’re heading to Europe for a romantic vacation,” says the source. “Jen and Justin will be also promoting their film Wanderlust, but friends are guessing that may end up being their honeymoon.”

[From OK! Magazine]

If it’s true, I’m happy for her. I don’t even think this is the product of the overactive imagination of Aniston’s publicist – if this was an Aniston plant, I think she would have asked for the cover all to herself, instead of having to share it with Kourtney Kardashian, making it seem like Kourtney and Aniston ARE THE SAME. I think this is just the tabloids wanting their perpetual victim to get her “happy ending.” I will say this too – out of all of the dudes that Aniston has dated after her divorce, I think Justin is the one most likely to get Aniston down the aisle again.

Also – Page Six had a blurb this morning which I do think is the product of Aniston’s publicist:

Jennifer Aniston shared a romantic dinner with Justin Theroux on Monday in Hollywood. The pair, both casually dressed, looked cozy as they dined at the Sunset Tower Hotel’s Tower Bar.

A witness in the restaurant said, “They sat in a corner table overlooking the city, deep in conversation and holding hands under the table. It was very sweet: They looked the image of happiness.”

[From Page Six]

Yeah, we get it. Justin Theroux has a rainbow coming out of his ass now that he’s dating Jennifer Aniston. She is the gift that keeps on giving!

Photos courtesy of Terry Richardson & cover courtesy of OK! Mag.

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  1. Bite me says:

    Woot, woot

  2. normades says:

    Cabo..how predictable.

    • Shoes says:

      I’m actually a little surprised she hasn’t taken him to Cabo yet. I mean, Clooney and Keibler have been together for a couple minutes, and they’ve already been there two or three times.

      • ilse says:

        I think she has not been back to Cabo since her so called “charity” birthday party. I guess they (her and her publicist/people) did not like the criticism.
        I am not a fan of hers at all, but I actually like the actors and celebrities coming to Mexico and other countries because really there are people who work hard in the tourism industry… but to call that a charity??
        I hope she keeps coming to Mexico, actually, but she must know that there are other resorts where she can stay that are really, really exclusive, like and do not allow paparazzis. All she needs to do is make reservations in those places if she really does not want to be photographed there.

  3. Jackie says:

    i betcha they get married sooner rather than later.

    i think it’s more like Jennifer has found someone to walk her down the aisle again, not ‘Justin is the one most likely to get Aniston down the aisle again.’

  4. Fakey says:

    Let her marry in the Times Square for all I care. I wish she and Angelina disappear for a decade to remote islands that are located on the opposite ends of the world.

  5. w says:

    I hope they marry and just go away
    but jennifer is an attention ho so i am gonna keep dreaming.

  6. Marc says:

    I wish Jen and Justin all the best.

  7. Lady D says:

    You would think she would want to go somewhere exotic for her wedding. I mean Mexico is like her second home and who wants to get married at home when you have the money to get married (with privacy) anywhere you want. I’m not dissing those who get married at home, I completely understand the idea, and I’ve been to some beautiful at-home weddings, but with her money and ‘need’ for privacy, travel dammit.

  8. Cherry says:

    Didn’t Jennifer just announce a little over a month ago that she had no intention whatsoever to get married again?

  9. heather says:

    Can’t imagine JA getting married anywhere other than Mexico.

    Chelsea Handler for Maid of Honour?

  10. lisa says:

    Well since they kind of know the fake triangle stories are OLD and boring they will post stories of her and he either getting married or she is pregnant. Thing is these stories run in cycles. And after a time if there is no marriage baby then the break up stories will begin. It will come. Right now it is a love that is lasting and for the ages.. then BAM the will start with the sources and the “hidden truth”.

    I don’t believe the tabloid stories about her any more then the ones on my favorite celebrities.

    And the details are so silly. barefoot in a sundress. Or how her last wedding was for “show” lol.. Love how now her marriage to Brad was a superficial thing. but the narrative changes to fit the story.

    good luck to her and Justin. because the ugly is coming.

  11. Lady D says:

    Wouldn’t it be totally cool to be married by the Dali Lama? At the Taj Majal, floating down the Nile, Stonehenge, in the tents of a sheik in the middle of the Arabian desert, in moonlight at the pyramids? Ya I’d travel. (just minus the marriage part)

  12. heatheradair says:

    I feel like ALLLLLLL of the tabloids (and the hardest of the hardcore Aniston fans) keep conceptualizing her as the emotional equivalent of a 16 year-old girl who just dreams of finding the Ultimate Boyfriend so that they can hold hands under the table at restaurants.

    She’s a grown-ass woman — she’s been thru her fair share of relationship sh*t — I have to believe there’s more to her than “am I married yet???? am I?!?!? am I?!!?!?!?”

    I like to hope she’s got a little pragmatism left in her and not just this “love and puppies” Swifty nonsense.

    Am I crazy???

    • Addie says:

      Actually I don’t think that just because the media and SOME people want to portray her in a certain way, that is how she truely is.

      I have always thought that Jen Aniston doesn’t reveal her complete self to the world and media. There are parts of her that she keeps for those closest to her.
      She is not as shallow as some make her out to be, she is just not an open book – nothing wrong with that either.

  13. boo says:

    Jennifer Aniston and that douche are so boring! Where is the cracken to liven things up! I need some falling down, bloodied knees crack drama stat!

  14. G says:

    Not a fan of Anniston’s but I am a fan of simple weddings.

    It’s the marriage not the wedding that counts.

  15. NM9005 says:

    They really write whatever will sell huh? I don’t think marriage or children are on her mind and if it did she would ask the whole cover the announce it. Same shit, different day. She debunked the rumours herself and one month later she changed her mind. Yup, bullshizz.

    • Addie says:

      Preach it @NM

      Again though, people will believe any negative Jennifer story cos they truely want her to sound pathetic and sad.
      Her haters are the ones keeping her in a victim role- she has moved on and is happy and they can’t handle that.

      Even with the woman SAYING HERSELF recently that she has no plans of marrying soon.

  16. Jen says:

    Dibo the gift Dragon….

  17. Amanda says:

    What, you mean his contract isn’t up yet? Shocker.

    And as an aside, does she go anywhere other than Cabo? Jeez.

  18. spinner says:

    Dang!! That man is HOT!! I think they will get married but all this tabloid fodder is probably just that. I wish them the best. As far as getting married in Cabo…why not?? It really is lovely there. I go several times a year.

  19. madpoe says:

    It’s in the script!

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    Isn’t this just a recycled story on the part of the tabs? I’m sure I’ve read the whole “getting married on a beach in Mexico” story about Jenthrax before.

  21. marie says:

    A pre-Christmas wedding/ elopement buzz would certainly add to the drama plot line of the predictable post Oscar’s breakup…you know where supposedly Jen will reach out to Brad for support, Angelina will be freak about it, Brad and Angelina will be on the verge of breakup from it, and Brad realizing his true feelings for Jen yadda, yadda. C’mon get with the holiday fun, the PR teams and tabloids are weaving us a good soap opera.

  22. Firecracker says:

    I like her, but I decided I wasn’t going to watch anymore of her romcoms…same acting, slightly different storyline. Got really sick of them.

    However! This week I watched Just Go with It and Horrible Bosses, and she was great in both! Horrible Bosses was hilarious. So back to watching her movies again.

  23. Mac says:

    Of course Justin is “into” this Aniston-level celebrity extravaganza.

    He’s long been perceived as somewhat of a joke in most Hollywood circles and is now considered a fraud among the hipster community.

    Nevertheless, having every whim satisfied by Jennifer Aniston does sound rather appealing.

  24. Cerulean says:

    She will forever be defined by her first marriage. That’s all she is. The ex Mrs Brad Pitt. I hope they do marry so she can get a new schtick.

    • Emma says:

      I hope they marry so that Brad and Angie can finally shake her loose from their coattails.

      By the way, I think Jen has gone all edgy, hipster chic because she’s trying for more dramatic roles, and the Studios aren’t’ biting.

      • Addie says:

        Oh please. Are we really going to pretend that ALL 3 parties didn’t benefit from the media circus.

        Brad, Angie and Jen have gotten Money and countless movie offers coming their way for years after the fact, so let us not pretend that anyone is superior to “shake the other off their coattails”

      • Addie says:

        The triangle unleashed a level of papdom (new word?) that has never been seen by any celebs EVER.

        So the coattails comment was really silly.
        All 3 are so highly in demand due mainly to the media sensation they became because of their personal lives, not their talant.

  25. Cheyenne says:

    I wish these tabloid editors would get their bullshit together. OK says today they are getting married in Cabo and ITW says today they are headed for a break-up. Somebody toss a coin.

  26. Criss says:

    With all of the divorce and break ups around,she better wait a couple years. Most marriages still suffer the 7 year itch.

  27. Minx2 says:

    Jennifer must love the fact that she’s sharing the cover with a Kardashian, LOL.
    Oh, let them marry. Soon after he’ll break her heart and she’ll have something to talk about for another 5 years.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      I’m sure she doesn’t mind. After all, she did say that she watched, and liked, Jersey Shore and there was that “Jen & the Situation” party together or dinner date or some ridiculous thing like that. So I doubt a Kardashian would bother her at all!

  28. toto says:

    wow cover with kardashian? how upgrade

  29. serena says:

    A rainbow coming out of his ass. LOOL.
    You’re great, really.

    Actually I don’t really care about them, because to me they seems just another famowhere couple (I hate so much her publicist’s details about their date..who cares really?). She’s just a cheating liar and yeah, I’m sure they cares for each others but I’m also sure that the main reason for him to be with her is her fame, money and all.

  30. Loralei says:

    It will probably be at the Palmilla Hotel. She loves that hotel. Lots of celebrities get married there. It really is a gorgeous hotel right on a private beach. I so tired of those two. Yawn.

  31. The Original Mia says:

    Well… that would be something new to her usual MO during film promotion. Alas, I think this is just wishful thinking on OK!’s part.

  32. mln76 says:

    *EPIC YAWN* This is the typical OK fake wedding story just like Mad Libs insert celebrity couple and romantic location.

  33. skuddles says:

    Well this might explain that purported meeting with Justin’s ex… if, in fact, it happened. A tidy little pay off to get Heidi out of the way before the “big day”? I won’t be holding my breath for any wedding though.

  34. Skins says:

    They are so Hip!

  35. Northern Light says:

    is 4 relationships in 6 years too much..? : /

    • Kara Ann says:

      At least it’s not 4 marriages! I gotta say that I’d rather be in my 40′s and having multiple relationships then to settle just because of my age. Worse still, be a JLo and run down the aisle while talking about my newest “true love” and “one and only”.

  36. BELLA says:


    • Barbara says:

      Justin is a very successful business man and he has his own money (millions), and he also came from a very wealthy family.

  37. ann h. says:

    I just knew when I saw the article on Brad yesterday that there would be an article on Jen soon after, and I sure didn’t have to wait long. That cover makes both women appear desperate.

  38. Heine says:

    This story is nonsense. She’s already said that marriage is not on her mind.

    This type of gossip does go in cycles. They are in love about to get married, they secretly marry, she’s pregnant, there are marriage troubles, oh wait there was no marriage and oops there was no baby, they are having relationship troubles, she’s desperate and lonely due to the no marriage/baby situation and finally, they break up eight or nine times before either actually breaking up OR the cycle starts again with marriage rumors.

    I highly doubt they are getting married any time soon. Mostly because Jennifer said so herself.

    • G says:

      As far a nonsense goes, one story is plausibly as much nonsense as another.

      • Heine says:

        High five, G.

        Why anyone believes ANY gossip rag is beyond me. Gossip is fun and silly, not hard facts meant to be taken seriously.

      • Cheyenne says:

        That story about John Edwards’ mistress had been carefully researched before it was printed. The National Enquirer is a shitrag but they are careful what they print about politicos because they know if they libel a politician they will get sued to kingdom come. OTOH, celebrities are fair game for the most part, as far as the tabloids are concerned.

    • mln76 says:

      Except we all know that SOMETIMES tabs are accurate. And we also know that we are all guilty of disbelieving negative stories about people we like and believing ones about those we dislike. BTW As I said before OK is shit and these wedding stories they put out are ALWAYS fan-fic.

      • Camille says:

        Excellent comment mln76. :)

      • Heine says:

        The tabloids are rarely accurate unless it’s something simple like someone went to the grocery store.

        Tabloids are merely sensationalist exaggerated nonsense designed to entertain, not inform. I can’t think of any story they’ve gotten right except John Edward’s mistress. Remember how surprised everyone was when it came out that they were right?

        Everything else is just yellow journalism. Believing any tabloid story unless it has been confirmed and picked up by reputable sources is…silly.

        EDIT: I don’t believe ANY tabloid stories until they are actually confirmed by either someone’s representation or by the subject.

      • mln76 says:

        Heine unfortunately Ashton and Jessie can tell you different SOMETIMES gossip whether it be online or tab is VERBATIM fact sometimes is complete and utter BS. The joy I find in a blog like CB is that us gossip hounds can fight it out. But we won’t find out the facts for a dozen years or more

      • Heine says:

        Debating about this is so worthless.

        Who is Jessie? Two stories were accurate out of how many hundreds they print a year about pregnancies, adoptions, marriages, hook-ups, break-ups, fights, cheating and divorces that never happen?

        Yea sometimes the tabs are factual but not as often as they are total crap. We agree on this, why are you trying so hard to disagree with me?

      • mln76 says:

        @Heine Jessie James…remember him? a year ago he was 1/2 of one of the strongest marriages in Hollywood. I’m just saying sometimes the tabs (or gossip blogs) have the inside scoop. I disagree with blanket statements like ‘every tabloid is lying’. Feel free to have your own opinion.

  39. Violet says:

    Ha ha, if it’s true — but it’s probably not, considering the source — then Justin can have a good chat with Guy Ritchie when they’re in Europe and pick up a few good tips on how to get the best settlement when the marriage ends.

    I hope that Heidi did get a big pay-out. She deserves it, considering what Justin and Jen put her through.

  40. Maritza says:

    I hope she lives happily ever after…
    Maybe once she gets married the tabloids will stop linking her with Brad and Angelina.

  41. Euphorima says:

    Justin is such a douche….. Wouldnt marry his girlfriend of 14 years but would definitely marry Jen for her money and fame…..he is such a looser and I hope Jen dumps him soon and give him a taste of his own medicine!!!

    • crtb says:

      He didn’t marry the girlfriend because she wasn’t “the one”. He wasn’t in love with her. If he was, he would have married her. He found the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with and now he is going to marry her. Sucks I know, it happened to me. Dated a guy for 12 years and he married another woman after only knowing her five months. No, she did’t steal him from me. He obviously wasn’t mine or he would have put a ring on it.

      • Emma says:

        Had you been living with him for 6 years, too, when you broke up?

      • Cheyenne says:

        She’s already had a ring on her. Didn’t do her much good, did it?

        I don’t know how this one is going to work out but I’m getting user vibes off this guy.

  42. Euphorima says:


    Im trying to figure out who looks cuter on that magazine cover……I would say Kourtney without a doubt…IMO

  43. layla says:

    My disdain for that last picture is ridiculous.

    We get it Jen. You are crazy and wild and all eye-crossy in pics. GAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

  44. Camille says:

    Kaiser you crack me up LOL.

    I hope these two get married.

  45. Bedhead says:

    My God, the roots on that OK! cover…

  46. Newtsgal says:

    Wonder if she is going to use her beany babies to line the walkway and in her wedding party?

  47. samira677 says:

    This is such a stupid story. I’m positive that this is at least the 10th time Ok! has claimed marriage. They love to marry people off. Besides the tabloids claim everyone that Jennifer dates is “the one”. It’s really annoying.

  48. Marlene says:

    I wish Jennifer Aniston the best. Brad and Angelina will never last in the long run – she is too crazy and will have a mid life crisis and dump him.

    • CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

      Angie is 36 years old, so it’s nice that you believe they will be together for many years to come until she reaches mid life.

      I am sure Brad would like to thank you for those wonderful years he’ll have together with Angie while watching their kids reach adulthood.

      We fans certainly thank you, as in the beginning, people gave them less than 6 months, you are saying 2 decades as in a lifetime. You must see something good and genuine in their union that only true love can bring. Well, we fans see it too.

    • Cheyenne says:

      You’ve been repeating that mantra every day for the past seven years, haven’t you?

      Leave the Jolie-Pitts alone for once. They seem to be content with each other and the family they’ve created together. Be happy for Aniston. She bought herself a shiny new man.

    • lisa says:

      YOU wish.. but you all have been wishing that and spouting that off for what almost 7 years.

    • Carrie says:

      Another person who is so obsessed with Angelina they have to still connect her with Aniston 7+ years on. Honey, Angelina and Brad HAVE lasted, they’ve been together 7 years, and that is LONGER than Brad and Aniston were together. And Aniston is the crazy one for throwing away her marriage and a good man in Brad. She is a homewrecker who stole Justin from Heidi Bivens. A relationship built on homewrecking, cheating and lies won’t last, which is why Justin will cheat on her and throw her in the gutter where she belongs.

    • Emma says:

      So, what you’re saying is that in 6 years Angie will dump Brad?

    • NotaBitterBetty says:

      In the “long run” eh? People have been saying that since they first got together. SIX YEARS AGO. In the same time period, Jennifer Aniston has dated more men than I’ve got fingers. Which is great for her but yet Angelina is the one who is crazy and presumably in an unstable relationship? Ridiculous.

    • Camille says:

      Guys, don’t feed the trolls! :D

  49. lisa says:

    People are always putting down John Mayer.. I wonder why. She picked him. I mean she and John don’t exactly run in the same circles. How did they meet. When she was with him she was very free with the PDA. And she was traveling all over with him taking pictures of him on his tour. Same with Vince. at sporting events. But when they broke up nothing. No more concerts or baseball games. Now with Justin she is the NYC girl she says she is at heart, when by all accounts she is the California girl.

    I just point this out because her fans are always accusing others of morphing into their mates.

    Let Jennifer and Justin get a few years under their belts. They are not working right now or not in a public way. It will be interesting to see how they handle life when one or both are working and not free. They are having a “honeymoon” of sorts. Together all the time. But life is more than walking the dog or going to events together or strolling down the streets of NYC shopping.

    Time will tell if it sticks. I actually hope it will. Unlike her fans that want a family of 8 to break up. Sick on so many levels.

  50. kira says:

    MY GUESS–both pieces come from her camp. Her publicist is on record speaking to US Weekly, People, X17, Ted Casablanca, etc. He talks to tabloids a lot. I think there is an agenda here. Just last week, a few “Jen the cheater” articles came out, and her alleged meeting with Heidi Bivens made her look even worse (buying the silence of the poor, cheated-upon ex).

    So, what do we have this week? Jen and Justin–it’s true love! Marriage because it’s meant to be. I think the positive spin seems like an attempt to stop the negative stuff from the week before.