Elisabeth Hasselbeck snipes at Bill Maher on The View

Argument starts around 1:00. At 4:30 Hasselbeck snipes at him about something else.

Political commentator Bill Maher was a guest on The View yesterday, during which he got in an ongoing, uncomfortable exchange with cohost and resident conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck took offense at a tasteless remark that Maher made at her expense on his HBO show in February, where he said that we should send Hasselbeck to Egypt in exchange for CNN correspondent Lara Logan. That would have been despicable, considering that Logan was sexually assaulted by a mob. However, Maher said that over a week before any of that was known at all. On The View, Hasselbeck confronted Maher about it but she didn’t mention at all that he said it prior to when it was known that Logan had been raped.

On the Feb. 4 episode of ‘Real Time,’ as the Egyptian protests in Tahrir Square were unfolding, Maher made the following joke about Logan and Hasselbeck. “New rule: now that Hosni Mubarak has released Lara Logan, he must put her intrepid hotness on a plane immediately. In exchange, we will send Elisabeth Hasselbeck.” Over a week later, on Feb. 15, the public would learn that Logan had suffered a brutal sexual assault on Feb. 11 in Tahrir Square. When Maher told the joke, he couldn’t have known that Logan had been raped.

Hasselbeck was none too pleased with a joke Maher made at her expense last February, in which he suggested sending her to Egypt in exchange for CBS News correspondent Lara Logan, who’d been assaulted while covering that country’s democratic uprising.

“The View” co-host told Maher she didn’t find his joke to be funny, and he explained that it wasn’t meant as a personal attack on her.

But things got even more contentious from there.

“Would you say that again?” asked Hasselbeck.

Maher replied, “If I had a crystal ball and knew I was coming here and had to spend my whole segment talking about it, no.”

When Hasselbeck continued to question Maher about his joke, Barbara Walters interceded, saying, “We’re done, can we move on?”

After the group began to talk politics, Hasselbeck sarcastically said to Maher, “Wow, I actually feel smarter sitting next to you.”

To which he replied, “Really? I feel like I’m in high school sitting next to you.”

[From Gossip Cop, ONTD]

Maher should have apologized and said that he was very sorry to have said that, especially in light of what happened to Logan. (Which again he did not know about at all when he made those comments.) Hasselbeck should have clarified that the remarks were made before it was known that Logan was assaulted. She was too aggressive toward him about it, and he got defensive instead. He handled himself well, although he should have emphasized that he said those things well before Logan’s story was known. Also, Hasselbeck was way too snotty and rude toward him later in the show, when he was commenting on Herman Cain and Rick Perry’s most recent gaffes. She shouldn’t have been sitting right next to him because all she did was snipe back at whatever he said. It was juvenile, Maher called it.


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  1. becky says:

    anyone else think she was flirting will maher?
    like, subconsciouslly.

  2. David says:

    He is a prick.

  3. KWM says:

    LOATHE her. I dont think he should have had to apologize. I do wish he stressed that his comment was made before the attack though.

  4. Jackie says:

    the only reason this girl, yes girl, gets to stay on this show is because she is pretty, blond, republican, and fits the demographic of being a young mother.

    there are lots of republican women who are well educated, bright, and deserve to have that post. how this reality show ‘star’, who is a horrendous interviewer, gets millions for this low level job performance blows my mind.

  5. brin says:

    Cosign with David.

  6. mojoman says:

    Hasselbeck sarcastically said to Maher: “Wow, I actually feel smarter sitting next to you.”
    Maher: “Really? I feel like I’m in high school sitting next to you.”

    Good grief woman, get over it!!..he came to the show not to focus about you. Her voice is like chalk on blackboard, I dont know how her husband listen to her 24/7.

  7. sosuzy says:

    I am so sick of ” The View” end it already!!

  8. jlm says:

    Maher is always making misogynistic comments…particularly at the expense of conservative women…and always seems to get a pass in the name of “comedy.” He’s gross.

  9. Samigirl says:

    I dislike both of them. He’s a prick, as David so eloquently put it, and she’s an idiot. She makes a fool out of herself every time she opens her mouth. That being said, he could have apologized (although we KNEW that wasn’t going to happen), and she could have just dropped it. The whole thing was incredibly juvenile, like siblings bickering back and forth. You’re adults, just chill the frick out.

  10. TheHeat says:

    I now officially love Bill Maher.

  11. Zelda says:

    She is such an unlikeable cow.

    Edit: She is also unintelligent.

  12. Angie says:

    Loathe and detest that man. I don’t find anything he says funny.

  13. aenflex says:

    Put her in a room with Jon Stewart…

  14. I.want.shoes says:

    Can’t she have another baby and go away again? Permanently? I absolutely HATE that woman.

  15. aida says:

    she behaves like a 13 year old…

  16. Jayna says:

    My sister watched this show and said Elizabeth was bizarre and set an ugly tone the whole time when he was on. She said she wouldn’t let her ugly smarmy attitude go and made everyone very uncomfortable, including the viewers. She said she ruined the whole segment’with her childish ugly behavior. She called me immediately to tell me about it.

  17. Joanna says:

    Why should he have to apologize? She’s a public person now,that kind of stuff is going to happen. Get over it! She is so annoying. I won’t watch the clip, I can’t stand her voice and her know-it-all, uninformed attitude.

  18. Seal Team 6 says:

    I didn’t think he should have apologized. 1. He didn’t know about Lara Logan’s brutal, prolonged attack when he snarked on Hasselbeck, and 2. He is a satirist.

    I cannot stand Hasselbeck, and it has zero to do with her politics. I don’t know why the heck Barbara Walters doesn’t get someone like Megan McCain on there.

  19. Incredulous says:

    I can never take Bill Maher seriously as he looks like Ben Kingsley after too much plastic surgery.

  20. Audrey says:

    Don’t like either of them, but her behavior was immature and she came out looking worse than him. And he is one UNATTRACTIVE dude!

  21. NotaBitterBetty says:

    They’re both pretty loathsome so who cares that they got into it.

  22. Beatrix says:

    I have always loved Bill. He may be arrogant and does state his opinions as facts, but his humorously-tinged convictions are always an under-represented stance and his show is one of the best of its kind – unlike Elizabeth’s show. He isn’t a perfect person but at least he doesn’t live under a shadow of privileged delusion, he knows very well who and what he is.

  23. NeNe says:

    Somebody really needs to put this c*nt in her place. I cannot stand her.

  24. Denise says:

    So what? He spews bile, vitriol and hatred on his HBO show everyday, while his guests snicker; all under the guise of comedy. I find political humor fine, but this man has some problems.

  25. Dibba says:

    I hate this woman. Why is she on TV?

  26. Lithe says:

    So, there is someone out there who can make Bill Maher look good. Listening to EH speak, I had visions of a box of rocks and nails on a chalkboard.

  27. Tom Leykis says:

    Hasslebeck is an idiot and Maher is highly intelligent, end of story.

  28. Kelly says:

    Bill is certainly obnoxious – though admittedly funny at times, and as a Cornellian I love his ongoing feud with that ass Ann Coulter.

    I haven’t watched it (I can’t – Hasselbeck makes me insane), but it sounds like she basically hijacked the segment and wasted everybody’s time.

  29. Samigirl says:

    @aenflex, hell put anyone on the view AND BM in a room with John Stewart.

  30. The Moe Szyslak Experience says:

    The best thing about this segment is how Elisabeth Hasselbeck states that since she sits beside the funniest people in entertainment that “She knows what’s funny.” Wow. That’s like saying a janitor at a nuclear power plant knows how to bounce some atoms around to make electricity.

    She comes across as a sour, know-it-all who doesn’t listen… that being said she would make a great hate f*k.

  31. Criss says:

    People like her scare me with their rhetoric and propaganda. I just hope their is a god.

  32. constance says:

    She is SO FAKE. She says all this crap for the same reasons politicians say really irrational things: to “charge” up their audience. It’s a ploy that she is paid for and likely scripted for. Now, I will say I think she believes herself wholly (holy, whatever, she doesn’t know the different in heterographs.)

    She talks as if she totally believes these “things in her mind from other people.” (Normally called ideas when you’ve thought them up yourself.)

    She reacts time after time like many Americans who want to rebel against any idea of being “sheep.” What they don’t realize is their brand of sheeply dogma comes out sounding more full of fear, misinformation, distortion of the facts, and is fed to them through the same exact routes that they claim sheep people get information.

    Why can’t we start having conversations about how to change policy that doesn’t work and start considering each other’s livelihoods, even when there isn’t immediate threat of mass destruction. It’s always blind arguments and a line drawn in the sand. Not every venue is a court room. A point I think most politicians miss b/c they are big business bureaucrats and lawyers.

    The View is a POS IMO. The staging of this interview is just another example of how far this show’s concept has fallen. Sit Hassler next to articulate well-known liberal leaning during a segment about politics- GMaFB.

  33. Judy says:

    I think Maher was remarkably well behaved…I wanted to SMACK Elisatwit. And if she doesn’t lower that shrill, shrieky voice at least three octaves, my ear drums are going to rupture. The Talk is SO MUCH better than this stupid show…the only person I can stand is Whoopi.

  34. Stubbylove says:

    Damn I just want to punch Hasselbeck in the neck – this bitch brings out the gangsta in me.

  35. HoustonGrl says:

    Damn…he really put this poodle bitch in her place!! Few things are as offensive as calling out a grown woman for acting like a high school girl. But she deserved it.

    @Jackie, I completely agree with you. But for some reason, these are not the women that seem to get all the air time.

  36. Jover says:

    Detest both of them; bill maher was much better in the beginning before he thought he was an intellectual – which he isn’t – they are both low brow media entertainers nothing more. Maher made a movie a few years ago about religion – forgetting that philosophers, theologians, scientists for thousands of years have been analyzing and addressing the subject; 20th century analytic philosophy has studied religious language and thought to a degree that would make maher’s simplistic head fall off – if you’re going to yak about a subject do your homework first. ANd yes what purpose does the view serve? End of rant.

  37. Jackson says:

    I cannot stand her. She wanted an apology and when she didn’t get one she pouted and tried to make the whole segment about her. It was an uncomfortable, useless segment. Sorry, Elizabeth, but you are a twit and you show it time and time again when you try to act intelligent. If you can’t control yourself then wait in the wings and let the grown-ups talk.

  38. Kimbob says:

    Yes, yes…ditto to all the comments regarding the shrill Hasselback. I truly believe her presence on The View is to be the one obnoxious person w/ridiculous opinions, thus the ensuing “controversy.” Oh, how stupidly contrived!

    To me, “The View” = Waste of my precious time.

  39. Tarna says:

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a classless self centered woman. More than half the time on the show she cannot intelligently support her views and opinions. I have not watched The View in forever but happened to catch this segment. Bill called it when he said he felt like he was in HS. Elisabeth acted like a “Heather” and attempted to bully and intimidate Bill. I am really surprised Barbara allowed it to continue even after she politely asked Elisabeth to stop….

  40. Bob says:

    She needs a good donkey punch. What a biotch.

  41. DesertRose says:

    Well this is the first place I read that Bill made those comments before the details were known about Lang’s torture. This makes me smile, cause while he is a super douche, I would hope he isn’t wishing for women to get raped. Elisabeth was ridiculous and all that weird body language. Like “I hate you but I want to have sex with you”. So weird. And why is she on tv? Great if she just sits there smiling with her mouth closed, but once you hear her thoughts in that nasty-toned voice. . .no thanks.

  42. Lindsey says:

    Hasselbeck is 30 years old going on 13.

  43. constance says:

    @Bob! Amazing. lol

  44. Laura says:

    I too love Whoopi and despise the blonde twit, she is always loud and shrill because she wants to be heard and her verbal diarrea spread to all the open republican mouths. We have real issues to fix and I wish people would quit focussing on the republican/democrat race and focus on what is best for the people, not just the wealthy “reality” stars who don’t know shit and mostly famous for who they boned or how it was filmed….

  45. wunder says:

    Both are equally unlikable. Ship them both off to Nowhereland, alone together, forever. . .but sterilize Maher before that because-like he said-”Guys do stupid things”. Believe him, he’s an expert.

  46. Moi says:

    I love Bill – he could eat Hasselbeck for breakfast. He is NOT a misogynist, either.

  47. bluhare says:

    Maher might be a dickwad at times, but he’s not an idiot. Although having an argument with her is fighting an unarmed (wo)man.

  48. kiki says:

    I’ll ignore her low intellect (poor girl can’t help that) but she will not get a pass from me for trying to take over the whole segment with her petty insecurities. She should be happy she was deemed famous enough to be the butt of a Maher joke.

  49. Cuddles La Rue says:

    @Tarna, you hit the nail right on the head. That woman is a nasty piece of work, she takes everything so personally and she’s unbelievably juvenile. At least Bill reads.

  50. Dhavy says:

    I can’ t stand that b*tch! She has no right to be on any tv show,period.

    He might be a prick sometimes but he’s smarter than her and doesn’t say things out of his ass like some conservative commentators. I don’t think he would have made that comment after the fact, he always stands for women’s rights. No apology required for this dumbass woman. She would’ve kept bitching about something else anyway so it woulld have been a waste of time

  51. Mario says:

    He has nothing to apologize for, she’s a stupid bitch and arrogant.

  52. Jen says:

    There is a double-standard when it comes to sexist and racist comments in the media. If Maher was a conservative or a Republican making these comments, he’d be tarred and feathered by every news outlet from Portland, ME to Portland, OR. However, because he’s a liberal, he gets a pass. And if you don’t believe that, or are unwilling to see that, you’re an idiot walking around with blinders on.

    Bill Maher is a misogynistic, racist pig, and I really, really, REALLY wish somebody, anybody would call him out on it. He’s an epic douche.

    AND he made me side with that half-wit twit Hasselbeck, and that REALLY pisses me off.

  53. atorontogal says:

    THANK G-D!!! Here I thought I was the only person on the planet who disliked this woman/child. I often wondered why she got this gig coming off of a “reality show”. I guess the likes of Paris and Kim prove that any idiot can become rich and famous and EH is the frosting on the mental entitled bitch cupcake!

  54. Koa M. says:

    Elisabeth makes my skin crawl. She makes all Republicans look bad with her non-stop condescending, “holier than thou” bitchiness. And this had nothing to do with Maher, she’s like this everyday of the week!

  55. Kim says:

    This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with rape not being a funny topic-ever. Just dont go there!

    Regardless of how you feel about her she made a good point – Rape is NEVER funny and Bill wouldnt admit that which makes him a moron.

    He is a bully who was called on it and couldnt admit the joke was inappropriate and degrading to all women.

    Whose the immature high schooler Bill? You.

  56. Janine says:

    I love Bill! He’s one of the few public figures that actually tells it like it is. EH can go back to wherever she came from. I never watch her show and could care less about whatever it is she’s spewing.

  57. taksi says:

    Considering Elisabeth made some tasteless comments about Erin Andrews somehow deserving to be peeped on because she wore scanty outfits on DWTS, and just recently defended Hermain Cain joking about electrocuting illegal immigrants, her haranguing is a bit hypocritical.

  58. Amanda G says:

    I didn’t watch the whole interview, but from what I saw I’m disappointed that Bill didn’t put that smug bitch in her place. At least Kathy Griffin had the guts to do it! Elizabeth is so childish.

  59. taksi says:

    @kim: “This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with rape not being a funny topic-ever. Just dont go there!”

    That’s certainly one way to look at humor, and feel free not to laugh, but for most humorists/comedians/satirists the whole point is that nothing is sacrosanct.

  60. anne_000 says:

    @55 Kim: I guess u didn’t read the article. Maher’s joke was made BEFORE the news was out about the rape, not AFTER.

    So Maher was not calling for EH to be raped.

  61. Smithy says:

    LOVE Bill. He’s my kind of d-bag.

  62. lucy2 says:

    Why didn’t BILL say that his comments were before they found out what happened to poor Lara?
    I think they’re both too extreme and annoying – he’s more intelligent, but neither will listen or consider others views. She really bugs me though. She seems to enjoy getting on her high horse and lecturing or repeating talking points she’s heard. She came across as very immature and unprofessional here (the high school comment was spot on).
    And knowledge or a sense of humor is not obtained by sitting next to someone!

  63. carolinaBelle says:

    Bless her heart! She looked so ridiculous reading off her note cards. Will not be surprised in the least if her husband embarrasses her publicly as Frank Gifford did to Kathie Lee. Kathie Lee was the “holier than thou” Elisabeth of her time.

  64. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I agree with Jover, completely. I can’t help but giggle whenever I think about Homer Simpson said about him (that he was too unattractive to be allowed to appear on television before midnight).

    I still don’t understand what people are talking about when they say ‘If so-and-were a conservative he would have been hanged, drawn and quartered by now.’ This is not a universally pro-Maher thread by any means, so what of those critiques of him seen even here, did they disappear into the ether? I’d sooner see either one of them put on a ice floe than endure their grating smug smarminess than spend an afternoon with either of them. They can scream each other into the gates of Hell for all I care, since none of their constant blinders sermonizing have managed to reveal the secrets of my exhaustion with the whole dog and pony show.

    To me, this thread isn’t even about a political pissing match, it’s about a room of people who were none too impressed with being forced into watching a grudge match between a child who doesn’t understand the concept of time and a man so egocentric he’s probably campaigning to have California state’s name changed to ‘Maher Of Troy’. Still, whatever you think of him doesn’t in and of itself make her attacks any less asinine, so handle her with kid gloves because conservatives are evidently getting a raw deal in America, but not a word if that fails to her behaviour less odious.

  65. Ron says:

    Bill Maher is great. I love the fact that he will call out a democrat or republican for thier shit. Here is my probelm with this, why is it that republicans take offense to EVERYTHING? Everything is an attack. Lizzie, you are living a million dollar public life. Part of what goes with that is getting criticized and made fun of. That exchange made her look stupid. I bet Lizzie thinks Kevin James movies are hilarious too.

  66. CloeT says:

    People like her scares me – because they are dumb, they hold dumb opinions and they then help to elect dumb politicians.

    her screeching voice, her Kindergarten behavior, her lack of original thoughts – What’s not to love.

  67. jay says:

    I guess a lot of people didn’t read all of this post. Because CB made a point to mention several times that Bill was not making a rape joke and, at the time, had no knowledge of it. Things may have gone over a bit smoother if he had mentiond in the beginning that he was unaware. Elisabeth still would have pouted, but maybe she wouldn’t have piped up so much (major lol at her “how long ago was that?” comeback. I’m surprised she didn’t say “I know you are, but what am I?”)

  68. T.C. says:

    @Jen: Bill Maher is not a liberal, he is a Libertarian. He makes fun of EVERYBODY including liberal men AND liberal women. If you don’t watch his show you just hear about it when he makes fun of conservative women. You should hear his Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton jokes, not pretty. He also makes fun of President Obama and other male Democrats when they mess up. He has nothing to apologize for his job is to make fun of public figures and celebrities. Elisabeth is a celebrity (unfortunately). I know so many beautiful, smart conservative women it’s too bad that brainless Elisabeth is the one picked to represent them on T.V.

  69. Hollywood101 says:

    @ Kelly did you know that Bill and Ann used to date? I think they might have even lived together for a bit.

  70. Francesca says:

    When you look up ‘piranha’ dictionary, there is Hasselbeck’s face. She has no skill or equanimity as an interviewer.
    Absolutely. Cannot. Stand. Her.

  71. S says:

    She said she wasn’t hurt by his comments, yet was rude and snippy to him. She referred to him as ‘Billy’ as if that’s supposed to humiliate him. Then, when he said he felt like he was in high school, she responded with, ‘How long ago was that?’. She is abhorrent.

  72. Kelly says:

    @Hollywood 101 – NO WAY! That is hilarious. Ann must be absolutely wretched to live with – that sinewy, ropy, lying attack-hag.

    ETA: Just googled it because it seemed so implausible – I think Bill prefers black women – and this from the New York Times re: their televised debate in 2009:

    “Although Mr. Maher and Ms. Coulter play antagonists when called upon, they rarely have been mortal enemies. In the 1990s Ms. Coulter, best known then as a lawyer, cable news analyst and advocate for the impeachment of Mr. Clinton, was a frequent guest on Mr. Maher’s ABC series, ‘Politically Incorrect,’ where she traded jabs with the likes of Jon Stewart and Chris Rock.

    In a predebate telephone interview, Mr. Maher said that he and Ms. Coulter were good friends — ‘Not dating, as people try to say on the Internet, but friends’ — and that he respected her resolve. ‘Unlike so many people in America, she was not afraid to get booed,’ Mr. Maher said.”

  73. samira677 says:

    Elisabeth sounded pathetic. She’s still mad about a joke made months ago that nobody evens remember. She acted like a spoiled brat.

  74. sandy#1 says:

    i like bill M. he’s harmless, funny, informed and fair in judging his subjects. lizzie? lol, Looked like an idiot, so uniformed, what an embarrassing moment for her, really childish behavior, on national t.v., why on earth is this silly child there? that voice, ugh, get rid of her, bill was too kind, she blind sided him. shut up lizzie, her poor family.

  75. Betty says:

    @atorontogal… eh is the reason I stopped tivoing the view and the reason my cat set up a facebook page to encourage eh to get gone from said ‘the view’

    I got my aunt a view mug. I’m taking the sharpie to eh at Xmas when I visit.

  76. Jana says:

    I absoultely loathe that woman…I mute the T.V. every single time she opens her mouth, no matter the topic. She would have been fired a long time ago if she weren’t a right wing nutjob like the View’s producer, Bill Getty.

  77. C says:

    She started to piss me off so much. She’s immature. Like just shut up already.

  78. Rachael says:

    God, she is awful. I couldn’t even stand to watch this whole thing with her incessant whining and yapping … I got to the 2:45 mark and then cried uncle.

  79. dj says:

    I quit watching “The View” a couple of years ago. I remember why now. Because I lost all respect for Barbara Walters letting Elizabeth H. get away with this crap and still have a job!

  80. 2 Mainstream says:

    Go and do some real work Liz.

  81. Freya says:

    Can’t stand Maher, don’t like The View.

  82. Team Six says:

    She acted like a petulant 6 year old .. what an embarrassment to her children !!!!

  83. celia says:

    I wish Elizabeth Hasselbeck to be removed from The View. She constantly interrupts her cast members and overpowers them. She does not respect Barbara Walters request to stop talking. She made a fool of herself in front of all of America when Bill Maher was on. She was abusive. Can we imagine how she must speak to her husband, kids, family and friends?

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