Beyonce’s bump-less video for “Love On Top”: more fodder for the conspiracy?


It was less than two weeks ago when Beyonce debuted the music video for “Countdown”. I hated the song, and the video, which was… ridiculous, just in and of itself. But then two seconds after “Countdown” debuted, everyone was like, “Hey, Beyonce totally stole large chunks of the video from a famous Belgian choreographer.” And the Belgian choreographer was all, “Seriously, she did steal my sh-t.” And then everyone kind of forgot about it because a few days later, Beyonce “baby bump” collapsed as she sat down for an interview.

So now Beyonce is hoping for a do-over, I guess, because she’s releasing yet another new video, this time for “Love on Top”. I really liked this song when she performed at the VMAs (so much so that I downloaded it and it’s my new jam on the treadmill). So, I was already prepped to give the video the benefit of the doubt. And now that I’ve watched it… eh. It’s okay. It’s not mindblowing, but at least it’s not edited like everyone who worked on post-production was doing lines of coke every two seconds.

You know what I’m going to talk about, right? THE HAT! The bump full of mystery! Now, considering that Bey debuted “Love on Top” as a single when she performed at the VMAs in September, it’s perfectly possible and probably that she filmed this video months ago. Like, maybe August or early September, back when her stomach was completely flat. But that goes back to the original question about how much she was padding it at the VMAs.

Beyonce on Sept. 30:


On October 14:


Photos courtesy of Fame and Pacific Coast news.

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  1. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    My gut feeling is, she really is pregnant, because why lie about something like that? However, I believe she also may have added some padding to emphasize the bump for dramatic effect.

  2. Sue says:

    When was this video done? With post production (which can take a lot of time) this video could easily have been done three months.

  3. Leigh says:

    I think she’s preggo.. but padded the bump for the VMA’s for effect and now has gotten caught up in the whole thing.. Yikes. It really would suck to be under this much scrutiny all.the.time.

  4. Little Darling says:

    I have to say it, and it pains me so because I don’t like to say things like this, but I think it’s padded. Maybe a little, maybe a lot, but…to me it always kind of looks like something the actresses wear on a movie set. Something in the upper middle waist/back area just looks like there is extra material. *Maybe* she is wearing a holster thing, but I think the case is that she jumped the gun and announcement and now just wants to show.

    I don’t know, but I do know that I have a great male friend who lives in Australia who recently asked me about the bump conspiracy so it’s clear that speculation is world wide.

    His take willingly offered:
    “There’s something fishy about it. Pretty much all comments on it have been from her handlers and if you’re attentive to the language being used, it’s more about B’s desire to be a mother and the fact that she definitely will become one in February (or whenever). As far as I’m aware no-one has admitted or address directly why fake bump action was going on. Why haven’t they? Because they have to keep lying totally as there will be no middle ground for them to fall back on. The truth is that she’s not pregnant. Not that she’s only slightly pregnant. They can’t show a lesser baby bump because there aint one. That’s what I think anyway. I think it’s a fabulous and delicious deception and unless she does a Demi and poses naked for Vanity Fair, then my money is on surrogacy and subsequent charade”

  5. says:

    All that jumping around in the video, and so little support for the tatas…

  6. Larissa says:

    @Sue : Yes, everybody knows that!
    But people wont let go of this conspiracy like a dog with a bone, they wont drop it until the baby is born!
    Kinda boring if you ask me…

  7. DarkEmpress says:

    I do not think she padded her pregnant belly at all. That is ridiculous. I think depending on her clothing she looks more or less pregnant. She was spotted on the beach in a bikini and her pregnant belly was exposed. Also, who knows when the videos were filmed?

  8. Alejandro says:

    She’s just so phony in every aspect so it’s not hard to believe she’s padding plus the obvious evidence.

  9. Laurie Macky says:

    Here is another conspiracy theory for you – Jay Z knocked up yet another girl, they paid her off and Beyonce and Jay Z are going to raise the child as their own – better to fake a pregnancy than admit your husband is a cheater!!!!

  10. marge says:

    Ok, so, id she was really pregnant… shouldn’t she stop dying her hair? Some doctors even recommend no nail polish, or any other cosmetic chemicals (glue for fake nail, eyelashes… etc)

    And that video should have been done waaay before pregnancy. I didn’t really watch it, but I’m guessing there’s a lot of jumping and shaking around, and that’s a big no-no on the early stages of pregnancy.

  11. VintageBum says:

    @ Laurie Macky
    hmmmmmmm thats interesting. I actually did not think of that(darn lol) I remember that model that stepped forward not too long ago

  12. missie says:

    This is all so ridiculous. There is a bikini photo all over the internet. She is walking in a cute two piece suit with belly proudly bare. Totally preggo.

  13. F5 says:

    I’m just waiting for the expert comments like “she’s got pregnant face or pregnant bewbs”.. those always crack me up:D

  14. Roxy750 says:

    Did you see Paz de la Huerta when she was nude “pregnant” for her show? Look it up. It’s fake…it can be done, and it looks completely real. I would have bet my life savings Paz was really preggo in that.

  15. MsShuffleupagus says:

    Just gonna leave this here….

    Its getting to be ridiculous how many of her ideas are “inspired” by someone else. she doesn’t have any new ideas??

  16. Quest says:

    The video reminds me of a MJ, Janet’s and a few other retro musician video startups with the snappy fingers and stomping routines

  17. Len says:

    Kaiser, I really am wondering: have you ever been pregnant? If you have been, I just can’t understand how you could keep going on with this ridiculous theory. Every pregnancy looks different, and a woman’s bump can look different one day compared to the other. Please also look into those pregnant bikini-pix of Beyonce from awhile ago.I really think you are insulting not only Beyonce, but pregnant women in general. It’s no joke, it’s a big deal and you are cheapening it.

  18. Elizabeth S. says:


    No. Just no.

    I don’t understand the American obsession with completely curtailing pregant women’s freedoms. There is no evidence that hair dye or nail polish would hurt a feutus.

    I drank alcohol in moderation during my pregnancies. I ate cheese and sushi, drank coffee and played netball until my seventh/fifth/sixth months respectively. I jogged (more “waddling” towards the end) all through the pregnancies. My children are fine. Y’all need to calm down.

  19. Elizabeth S. says:

    I’m with Leigh @3. I think she padded, partly for attention and partly because she was excited and wanted to look pregnant, as I see with a lot of first timers. (I added the latter as a show of goodwill; I do think she’s excited.)

    And now she’s caught up because she can’t admit the – metaphorical – misdemeanour to save herself from the felony.

    She is almost certainly pregnant, but it’s not like she can come out and say “oh, I just padded it for the awards show”. People would tear her to shreds.

    I feel more pity for her than is perhaps warranted, considering that she brought this all on herself.

  20. UKHels says:

    god I’m so over the bump already

    pregnant, not pregnant – who knows? who cares? not me Bey, NOT ME!

    I worry that people won’t believe it until they actually see the head crowning on YouTube…

  21. LAK says:

    that video is a straight up copy of new edition”s if it isn’t love video from the 80s/90s.

    Why are all her recent ideas ‘homages’?

  22. Angie says:

    What baffles me about the whole bump conspiracy is how anyone thinks the pictured bump could possibly be real. Her abdomen is so obviously enhanced; it’s as plain as the nose on her face. Or the hair on her head. Oh, meh to the video.

  23. Len says:

    @Angie, please explain how you can be so convinced. What exactly do you see that is fake?

  24. Riana says:

    As cute as the video was (after about a minute, should have never started with the dancers in sweats and her in a ones) the song doesn’t resonate with me at all. I don’t know why since typically I love a good passionate happy song with a lot of instruments but I think it’s because the content of the song itself is so bland. Usually I know I heard a good song if I want to hear it again, but this…one listen. Yup. I’m good. The end.

    She’s faking it. Everything. Hair. Nose. Music Videos. Integrity. Honesty. Might as well fake a pregnancy too. I’m sure it will come out though, she’s got karma building up against her. I imagine one day something will happen that will confirm it for everyone who isn’t a stsn of her’s.

    All I know is she’s going to have a baby by whatever date she’s feeding us. …from somewhere.

  25. deanna says:

    christ put a bra on woman

  26. sam says:

    Over it. Well and truly – I can’t spend the next 6-7 months comparing photos of Beyonce in different outfits. Its just too much.

    Yes the concept of the video is similar to New Edition. But it doesn’t seem lifted. I could probably look up hundreds of videos that have a similar concept and execution…the break up concept, the girl power concept, the dancing by yourself in the street concept, the party concept, the girls on the town concept.

    If the the producers/managers/label and choreographers all gave it the okay it why are be blaming Beyonce personally?

    The entertainment industry pulls this stuff on a regular basis. Not saying I like it just saying it happens.

  27. Liz says:

    @Elizabeth S – why would you risk your own baby with things doctors warn you against when pregnant. It doesn’t make any sense and drinking/sushi-eating, etc all sound like irresponsible and selfish decisions.

  28. Marianne says:

    I do think she is really pregnant, but I think it’s silly if she padded/ is padding her bump. She could have still made a big announcement before the VMAs and the paparazzi would have still hounded her. No need to have a visible bump as an announcement. I didn’t think Hilary Duff had much of a bump when she announced…and I see pictures of her on the web all the time.

  29. honeybunz says:

    This proves nothing!! Why the nwsflash over a week later?? Needed time 4 the check 2 clear??….why is it that beyonce always flashes n pimps her belly out no shame until paps start getting within “oh no theyll be able 2 tell its fake” reach???? Sorry bey imma need reciepts!! #teamsurrogate

  30. WattsUp says:

    The real star of that video is the roll of double-stick tape working OVERTIME to keep the girls from bouncing outta those jackets.

  31. Riana says:

    …just watched the Countdown Video…what the hell did I just watch…and why am I rubbing my eyes and in need of a Tylenol…

  32. honeybunz says:

    U know what else i find quite interesting about beyfakesabump is when shes not on tour even when pumping out a video for every song off her albums she gains noticible weight…particularly her legs and face….welp just saw some pics of beynotreallypregnant and besides being creepingly pasty white shes still thin….now we all know beylieaboutababy is one 6pc popeyes mix away from chunky kathy yet shes supposed eating for two and hasnt gained any weight at all…and who would even if they could wear stilletos on a daily?? I cant even wear heels at church service for 5mins without wantin 2 curse the world but when pregnant forget it!! Not happening….dont even ask!! Id rather die! This chick aint pregnant! Sorry beyfoammattressbaby…u r pathetic!

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    Are we just going to gloss over the rumour that Jay Z’s side-dish is pregnant? The model chick he’s been side-dishing with for the last 10 years and supposedly already has one child with?

    Because I’m thinking Bey is WAY too VAIN to allow her body to get pregnant.

    FYI, if you’re not eating the RAW sushi while pregnant, it’s okay. But you also have to limit your intake of salmon, shark, swordfish, and tuna (mercury) while pregnant/nursing.

  34. Amy says:

    I don’t understand why she wears leotards so often. The male dancers are wearing clothes, and they’re moving just fine. Quit the leotards, Bey!

    Also? My boobs ached empathetically for the entirety of that video. Ouch! That was a lot of thrashing about, and they were totally unsupported.

  35. Licia says:

    I think she’s pregnant but probably embellished her bump for the VMAs.

  36. anyhoo says:

    @ Liz,

    Doctors will tell you if you have been exercising ex. walking, jogging, etc before you were pregnant, it’s perfectly ok to keep doing those activities while pregnant.

    And everything in moderation. You think pregnant women in Asia don’t eat sushi while they are pregnant? Gimme a break. They are never told NOT to eat it while pregnant. And their babies are perfectly healthy.

    Hair dye and eyelash glue and nail polish…please. Nothing has proven that these things are harmful. If you think it’s harmful, then don’t do it. But don’t berate someone else for their choice.

    Yes, there are things you have to be careful of when pregnant. But everything in moderation. Having a little bit of coffee or little bit of wine here and there is fine.

    We don’t need to live in a plastic bubble. Use common sense.

  37. msmischief says:

    bump or no bump … this video and song succcks!

  38. Sheri says:

    If you like it then you need to put a bra on it.

  39. VintageBum says:

    Again…. just because it was announced that the baby is NOT Jay-Z’s does not mean that it’s actually true. My theory is that Shenelle Scott(baby mama) wanted money for compensation for pregnancy. Beyonce probably made a deal with her to give her the baby if they pay her off. She’s a model and parties pretty hard supposedly. SO she most likely isn’t ready for a baby. I agree with people earlier saying that Beyonce is too vain to actually get pregnant.

    That is all lol ^_^

  40. Gypsy says:

    I think it’s Beyonce’s publicist pushing this fake pregnancy thing to keep the public talking about her, and knowing that weak-minded people will actually pay attention.
    Beyonce’s greatest fear is to be forgotten, and now she’s happy that she has “bump-watchers”.

  41. okeydokey says:

    Love On Top video was shot mid to end of July.

  42. towelie says:

    Can none of these so-called artists come up with an original idea anymore? As mentioned above this is a ripoff of New Edition “If It Isn’t Love” She even borrows a lot of the choreography for this “homage”. Beyonce Stans go crazy over any “haterz” criticizing Queen B. Check out the youtube comments for a good laugh.

  43. Forever says:

    The baby is as real as her hair, nose job , boob job and bleached skin. Weaveyonce sit your fat ass wanna be white ass down. Next

  44. Genevieve says:

    am i the only person who notices the obvious line in the first photo where shes in the blue/blk dress?

    Beyonce been a fake from the start, I’m glad people are finally realizing

  45. Angie says:

    @ Len,
    As a woman who has been pregnant, I know that a “bump” can look different from day to day. However, simple anatomy shows that your rectus abdmoninis muscles, being one long band of muscle running lengthwise on both sides of the navel, provide the abdomen with some continuity of shape (and this is regardless of the state of your womb). Therefore, no matter how pronounced your uterus is, and where it is positioned in your abdominal cavity, there are no abrupt bulges or ridges as shown in the above pic of the blue & black dress.
    Also, as no intelligent person would wear constrictive bodyshapers while so obviously pregnant to create that line of demarcation at her natural waist, I’m going with fluff.
    Now, that you have my reasoning, I’d like to hear yours.

  46. anonymous says:

    Some of you can pretend you don’t see the padding around her waist line, pretend, pretend, pretend. You can see where the padding starts. Beyeonce is not pregnant! Only God knows why she is faking it. Legs are toned facial features are normal especially the nose,that size stomach at one time collapsed. What an exceptional pregnant human being.

  47. Bopa says:

    She might be pregnant but she certainly is padding.

  48. sophie says:

    if you look carefully around her belly there is a strong line in there. That normally does not show in pregnant women unless there is a belly support. This story is all weird. Unless she poses naked in the 9th month I have to admit she is faking it like Nicole Kidman.

  49. Len says:

    @Angie, my reasoning is quite simple: the lines you see are the dress, not a fake bump.

  50. miss_bhaven says:

    God, she must really think we are all idiots. The padding around her waist is sooo obvious.

  51. bet says:

    According to the information she gave regarding her due date, not only this bump is too big (and it has been too big for weeks, now) but it’s too high. Her uterus should now be much lower at this point. The bump position in her Black&blue dress it’s more like a 7th month pregnancy.

  52. Larissa says:

    @Angie : I am sorry but abrupt bulges or ridges is a bit too dramatic isnt? Exaggerating much darling? It can be just UNDERWEAR, have you ever heard of it? lol I used granny panties through out my pregnancy and sometimes it would create rolls on the sides,I did not have a perfect pregnant belly until I was about 30 weekes along, plus the fabric of her dress makes these bulges naturally when not perfectly straight, you can see it on her sleeves!
    FYI, obviously there ARE shapers especially made for pregnant bodies
    And I agree with Len, I find it offensive people speculating on her pregnancy, I mean it is rude to speculate on a woman s uturus weather if she should /want or will get pregnant, but its ok to do this kind of stupid gossip???? Really???
    And please, her stomach ishigh, not her uturus, this phenomenon happens when you EAT!
    @Bet: A 7th month pregnancy ??? WHAT? I was HUGE at 7 months! Should I send you a picture????

  53. len says:

    @Bet, are you hearing yourself? ‘Her uterus should be much lower’. How on earth do you know that? Every woman carries differently, some higher some lower. And d bump cannot be too big or too small! Pregnant women all have different size bumps. Some are already showing early, some are not. Some look really big in the end, some don’t.

  54. len says:

    And @Anonymous, you’re saying your legs can’t be toned when you are pregnant?? haha, that just makes me laugh!

  55. Malorie says:

    @Liz, you can eat sushi while pregnant because by law it has to be previously frozen and that kills the anisakis. Also you can (you should) exercise while pregnant. I´m 35 weeks pregnant now and swim and crosstrain A LOT. My baby is perfect so far and I´m not having any pain in the back thanks to the swimming.
    I eat all the sushi I want (I even eat jamon serrano, I´m from Spain :D )and my Doc told me it´s OK to dye my hair.

    About Beyoncée: Pregnant belly changes everyday, specially during the first months, because the belly in those months is more from gas than from the actual fetus (which is really small at the beginning), so it´s normal that your belly looks bigger one day and smaller the next. I think she´s pregnant, but she padded sometimes to enhance the babybump, that´s all. Why not just forget all this and let her be happy with her pregnancy? I´m not even a fan of hers or like her music, but as a pregnant woman myself, I know all the scrutiny can be hard sometimes… And I´m not famous, so imagine what it must be for her!

  56. Marie says:

    another “homage”.. now getting moves from Jackson 5…. Beyonce must hire another people… those keep stealling work from others and she keeps excusing herself telling thats a homage..

  57. sam says:

    @Larissa – thanks for the link – I would definately agree that she wore something similar at the VMAs to support her belly as she jumped around.

    It says they help prevent stretch marks – so that makes even more sense. I’d wear one when pregnant if it does that!

  58. Malorie says:

    @Anonymous, my legs are toned as I´ve always exercised and I´m not retaining liquid and my face is as good as always. You can just notice that I´m pregnant if you look at my big belly. Not even my ass has become any bigger. What an exceptional pregnant human being must I be! ;)

  59. Addie says:

    Why is this woman allowed to get away with copying every music video she feels like??
    Is she hoping that those of us who were young in those days will never realise that this is a complete copy of (smooth criminal)and a 90′s boy band music video?
    What does she pay her “creative” team for?
    This is sad and pathetic.

  60. Faye says:

    @ Sheri, LOL my thoughts exactly.

    Also, this is the most 90′s-tastic sounding song I’ve heard since the 90′s.

  61. Angie says:

    @ Larissa,
    I am well aware of support garments for pregnant women, and while an elastic edge will nip in a little at your sides, I’ve yet to see one that cuts into the front of an abdomen that is so full of fetus. But, you never know, that fit and firm Beyonce could have a mushy tummy.
    I also haven’t heard of maternity wear so snug and/or structured around the upper abdomen to create that “fabric bunching” yet be loose and stretchy enough to fall smoothly over the lower abdomen and get past the widest part of the body at the hip line without difficulty…must be part of her new line.
    By your logic, as her arms and legs may move the fabric, I fail to see how her ribcage is doing the same, considering that part of the body remains pretty straight? With your knowledge of all things relating to pregnancy and fashion, I thought maybe you could clarify that little nugget for me? Thanks darling.

    Also, for further clarification, I am not commenting on whether or not she is actually pregnant (I could care less), I am commenting on whether or not the visual bump is real. A small but important difference.

  62. Me says:

    This is so odd. She clearly padded her tummy.


    either she is not pregnant, wants to draw more attention and in some sick way, she thinks it’s cooler to have a bigger bump for attention seeking….

    The entire thing makes me feel really annoyed and some what disgusted by her.

    That is too sick to fake something like that.
    Pad your bra, but not your “pregnancy”.

  63. anonymous says:

    Any reasonable person can look at Beyonce and know she is not pregnant. She simply has no physical change for a pregant woman whose body is going through tremendous hormonal changes. Do you realize what the body have to go through to create another human being? Complicated and dangerous stuff, all Bee has is an enlarged stomach area, that’s it,the stomach is the strangest I have ever seen, it even defies human anatomy look at where it starts from way up under her breast bone not her uterus which then enlarges to look like a basket ball in her stomach. Bee knows with the reputation and money she has she can get away with anything and perhaps she is right.

  64. Eleonor says:

    The video is the copy of the New Edition, the moves are the ones of the Jackson Five performing I want you back.