Michael Douglas’ son rats out Mexican drug cartel, Michael & Catherine fear for their lives

This is like something from that Traffic movie that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones starred in. It’s also giving me flashbacks to the awesome season of “Breaking Bad” that just finished. Michael Douglas’ son, Cameron, 32, from Douglas’ first marriage to Diandra Luker, is currently serving a five year sentence in federal prison on narcotics trafficking charges. He was basically shipping meth cross country and selling large quantities of it. (You can read more about his storied criminal history here.) Cameron’s sentence was apparently cut in half due to the fact that he testified against a Mexican drug dealer, who was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison as a result. Cameron is set to testify against yet another dealer later this month. Cameron could be put into protective custody in prison to protect him from retaliation, and there’s a real fear that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones could be targeted. Even if the Enquirer is just jumping to conclusions here, they’re probably right.

Michael’s son Cameron, 32, who is currently serving a five-year prison sentence on federal narcotics charges, was the government’s star witness in early October against one of his suppliers. The federal trial in Manhattan ended recently with a conviction.

Cameron, whose sentence was cut in half because of his cooperation, is set to return to the stand in late October for the trial of yet another dealer. Those close to his famous father fear the 67 year-old Oscar winner could be targeted by ruthless criminals in retaliation for Cameron’s testimony.

“Michael feels Cameron got what he deserves for possessing and dealing cocaine and crystal meth, but his pals are concerned that he will in the crosshairs of Cameron’s dealers,” a source who once worked for the family revealed. While Cameron may be placed in protective custody to prevent retaliation at the Lewisburg, PA prison where he’s serving his sentence, sources speculate that his family could be in grave danger.

“Since they are out in public, they could be hunted down,” maintained the source. “I think they’ll have to beef up security and hire bodyguards to keep an eye on them around the clock.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, October 24, 2011]

The first dealer Cameron testified against was an illegal Mexican immigrant, hence the connection to the Mexican drug cartel. The source says “These are bad dudes with a lot of money and guns at their disposal. They will stop at nothing to seek revenge.” That’s scary as hell! Micheal and Catherine have dealt with creepy homicidal stalkers, they’ve dealt with mean ass taunting paparazzi, but they’ve never had to deal with drug dealers out for revenge. I hope they get some really good security.






Here’s Michael Douglas playing golf in Scotland and eating a hot dog on 9/29/11. I love those pics so much. Michael and Catherine are shown at the US Open on 9/10/11. Credit: WENN and Fame

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  1. ladybert62 says:

    Oh my – they better install an excellent house security system and hire some bodyguards – and even then, I would sleep with a knife or gun under my pillow!

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:

    that’s really f-ing scary. the news has stories almost daily of multiple beheaded bodies being dumped in public places in Mexico cities. that alone shows you how brutal and ruthless the cartels are.

    Douglas’ son should DEF get protective custody in jail. he can be “gotten to” anywhere, I’d think.

  3. Rita says:

    How in the world could a child of the “Douglas Dynasty” stoop to such lowlife behavior? It certainly wasn’t for the money unless daddy cut him off because he’s such a lowlife.

    Anyway, this is very serious. Those Mexican drug animals are not human.

  4. brin says:

    Scary….I would look into building a fortress.

  5. Ron says:

    Boy, it just goes to show you, that even with the best possible upbringing you can get a complete loser child. Like MD and CZJ don;t have enough to deal with already. Thanks Cam.

  6. DarkEmpress says:

    I have never understood why Cameron needed to deal drugs? Was he broke? Did his father cut him off because he was a drug addict?

  7. fabgrrl says:

    @Ron, I kinda don’t think Cameron Douglas got the “best possible upbringing”. Sure, his parents were wealthy, but I don’t think he got a lot of love and attention.

  8. the original bellaluna says:

    Seriously, this is not even something to be joked about. Lots of people in Mexico have lost their lives due to the cartel wars, and I truly hope Cameron is put into protective custody.

    5 years is NOTHING for these cartels, and their memories are LONG.

    I hope Michael & Catherine take this threat seriously, for ALL their children’s sake.

  9. BerMan says:

    Life imitating art. May Michael , Catherine and the children be safe As well as the rest of family members. What a world they would have to live in from now on.

  10. Truthful says:

    they have a ton of money and can afford the proper security…They have no need to worry.

  11. TG says:

    people like cameron are selfish and never consider how their actions will affect others so I don’t think he cares too much about his parents and siblings. I know I have a brother just like him only he was transporting marajuana but he was lucky both times he got picked up only on state charges so no investigation into the bigger picture and he told me that you never rat out the others so hopefully he at least has some kind of code.

  12. UKHels says:

    that’s pretty scary – they might have a lot of money but so do mexican drug cartels

    one group of people I would NOT want to piss off

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    Truthful – Not to be offensive, but you obviously have no knowledge of Mexican/Columbian drug cartels and how they work.

    They also have money; they are far-reaching; and as I mentioned previously, they have LONG memories.

  14. hootie hoo says:

    They have a real reason to be nervous. These guys don’t play around. In this case, Cameron should have kept his trap shut.

  15. Lady D says:

    I watched a show last night, I think it was called Laredo. It was about Laredo Texas being ground zero for drug importing. I was staggered at the amount of narcotics the officers found during their raids. Just mind-boggling the amount of drugs being brought into the States. And the money? OMG. I don’t envy you that problem. Awfully brave officers in that town.

  16. Azurea says:

    Awwww…he’s eating a hotdog! Good to see him enjoying the small things in life!

  17. leetruth says:

    Michael and Catherine are pompous human beings but this development is no laughing matter. I pray nothing bad happens to them; those drug cartels are worse than vicious.

  18. minnie says:

    those cartels have bunches of dollars and guns. They have also a big net of distribution in the countries they sell to… they have to get to their clients.
    They have become increasingly more violent every year, approx since 2007. They used to be nice to people where they lived, and used to give away money , so people thought of them as “benefactors”. The harder drugs were bought in the USA, Canada, etc. and they were rich, but not so violent on the streets.
    NOw, there are many small time assassins who kill for a small salary and drugs. The “cartels” fight for territories and routes to smuggle drugs. There will alwyas be a market in the US and everywhere, sadly. Maybe if it were legalized?
    I agree that some people are just S*tupid, like that douglas kid, he did no need to do this, bu also, some rich kids here become involved in drugs, consuming and selling becsause it’s easy money. even young giirls just want to become a narco’s mistress because they do not have to study and enjoy the perks of having easy money… pathetic, them and their families.

  19. Ann says:

    “Boy, it just goes to show you, that even with the best possible upbringing you can get a complete loser child.”

    Michael Douglas was much too involved on movie sets and with cheating on his wife to be there for his son. I wouldn’t call it the “best possible upbringing”.

  20. Kathy says:

    Is that a cocktail he is drinking at the tennis open? He said that drinking booze was the cause of his throat cancer!

  21. Ron says:

    Wow, my Dad wasn’t around much and when he was he was hitting me and I have not been arrested in my entire life. So let’s blame him not being coddled enough. OH PLEASE!

  22. ShanKat says:

    That lady’s grampaw looks ma-ad!

  23. the original bellaluna says:

    Lady D – Look into New Mexico – they have a serious drug-trafficking problem too. (Coming from SD County, I know a thing or two about drug-trafficking and all the rest. It is a NASTY, VIOLENT BUSINESS, and not to be trifled with or minimized.)

  24. Sloane Wyatt says:

    So Michael is having a beer at the Tennis Open, big deal. Lots of people don’t follow good sense health habits after surviving cancer. Life is for living, and it’s the individuals choice how she/he chooses to live it.

    Drug Cartels are infamous for targeting the families of snitches. I do hope they have beefed up their security and fortified their home into a compound like the big dog drug dealers do. Otherwise, they could easily be targeted and harmed, or worse.

  25. Cheyenne says:

    They have good reason to be scared. Those cartels do not mess around. The whole family could be in danger.

    Weird coincidence — I was watching “Traffic” last night on the TV.

  26. lin234 says:

    @Praise St. Angie! I’ve read about that too. They are so ruthless they will put out the beheaded bodies anywhere… in front of schools. You testify against them and you are dead meat. 2.5 years is certainly not worth pissing off the Mexican drug cartel! The Mexican guy only got 5 years! It would maybe be worth it if it was a conviction for 50 years but 5? How much time does he really serve with time off for good behavior?

    Wasn’t Michael’s son sentenced a while back? I wonder how much time he really had left. He’s an idiot.

  27. Genevieve says:

    what a fcukin SNITCH

    That’s some crazy scary stuff because Mexican cartels are ruthless

  28. Victoria says:

    MS 13 will rape and kill your great great great grandmother, but not before they torture her into redeath. That’s how serious this is.

    Snitches get stitches bitches. That’s the way it works in the underworld. On the one hand I don’t mind people snitching to bring down crime, but I would rather it come from you wanting to change and see that shit get taken down, rather than it being about getting a lighter sentence. Because now you’ve snitched and got your load lightened, but the minute you walk out those doors your ass, and now your entire family, is a target. He should have definitely had a conversation with his parents and step mom about this before he did it because he’s got little siblings to think about.

  29. Blue says:

    He snitched and the dealer only got 5 years? That was dumb. Just because you weren’t given lots of hugs and kisses as a child doesn’t mean you turn into a criminal. Was his mom also not around. I think a lot of these rich kids think they won’t get into any real trouble because of family connections. I doubt the Mexican drug cartels give 2 shits who his family is. If anything it would make them even more feared if they were to take out his family *fingers crossed they stay safe*

  30. the original bellaluna says:

    5 years is nothing. NO.THING. Don’t be all shocked and chagrined if Cameron is dead before he gets released.

    Drug cartel guy in jail + Cameron (who narc’d) in jail = somebody’s gonna wind up dead. (Guess who, if he isn’t in protective custody or solitary?)

    End of story.

  31. Tazina says:

    You’re wrong if you think security can protect Michael and Catherine. Nothing can keep them safe if they are targeted. If they want to get them they will. Cameron should have done his time and not put his parents in such danger. They should wipe their hands of this double crossing excuse for a son.

  32. Lizzie says:

    @Truthful – Michael and Catherine might have a lot of money, but if you consider the fact that El Chapo, one of the most feared cartel heads is worth billions, then their millions really mean nothing to cartel heads. They also have allies outside of Mexico and the U.S. Many Mexican cartels are linked to European drug markets as well, so most can run from them but can’t hide, and given their celebrity it would be even harder for them to really hide.

  33. normades says:

    Too bad his acting career didn’t pan out. He could have made lots of money and taken all the drugs he wanted.

  34. Cheyenne says:

    Truthful: they have a ton of money and can afford the proper security…They have no need to worry.

    They have every need to worry. Their security can be bought off or killed off. If they are targeted, the only thing that will save them is to change their names, change their faces and go into witness protection. That’s a hell of a lifetime sentence.

  35. meilamon says:

    My brother is a DEA agent in Cali and from the little he does tell me I would be scared shitless. I tell him he is crazy, but he loves his job.

  36. MariPily says:

    I wouldn’t take this lightly either if I were them. As everyone has mentioned, the Mexican cartels are ruthless. They’ve even killed high ranking government officials, law enforcement, popular journalists, and countless others who have spoke out against them. Targeting two celebrities would be nothing for them…it would probably strengthen their evil reuptation…show that nobody is immune to their viciousness. What a tragic situation all around.

  37. Chris says:

    If the cartel decides to get them there’s not much they can do. Even if they get a few bodyguards chances are the bodyguards just end up getting shot too. On the other hand killing such high profile American celebrities would bring a hell of a lot of heat on the cartel as the public and media would demand that the authorities to do something about it. So the disruption it could cause their business might not be worth it. This story made think about “We Need to Talk about Kevin” while some people may fear having a kid who grows up to be a psychopath imagine having a kid who caused a Mexican Drug Cartel to come after you in your twilight years. “I’m too old for this shit”.

  38. Jo says:

    Chris, #37, I think you are quite naive to think the wrath of authorities would be ignited if MD and CZJ were targeted and the drug cartels are going to cower in fear as a result. These guys are evil and could not care less if a target was poor and on the street or wealthy and on Park Avenue. I actually think it might be just the opposite. I can imagine them enjoying the thought of a high-profile hit and the message of invincibility it would send.

  39. sally says:

    Just another reason most drug use should be legal. But for the stupid war on drugs, there would be no drug cartels in this country.

  40. ViloDeMenus says:

    Cameron’s a psychopath and instead of doing his time like the junkie drug trafficker he is, now he’s put his entire family at risk – even the step brother and sister. The cartel’s don’t play and just a few days ago left 35 bodies in the middle of a street to send a message not to talk to the media about the cartel’s. Testifying means death, it doesn’t matter who most likely.

  41. Chris says:

    @38: Not sure about that. I’ve heard a few stories in my time about crime gangs turning on their own for bringing too much heat on to operations by drawing unwanted attention to them. Also, if a couple of loved celebrities were offed by the cartel the public outcry might be enough to give the American authorities carte blanche to go war on the cartel.

  42. jc126 says:

    He probably ratted out a couple of nobodies, a couple of basically street-level dealers. I believe that because no one in their right mind would be stupid enough to take on a Mexican cartel, not ONE single idiot. No attorney would have him do it.

  43. j says:

    I agree with Jo… I do think that targeting those celebrities would give them more graitas .. that said.. “see what we do to people who cross us… my God they are hanging bloggers (not even real journalist) disembowled naked from bridges in the middle of town in the daylight!! I would be scared to death if I were them.. what a little creep that kid is.. I do love Snitches get Stitches.. Bitches.. lol

  44. Katherine says:

    Douglas may have just testified about his dealer who just happens to be a Mexican illegal alien in the U.S.

    If he were really providing testimony against the Mexican cartel he’d be getting out. That kind of testimony gets you a free pass. I can’t even imagine that Douglas has any information on “the Mexican cartel.” He was probably dealing with a fairly low end dealer. The ones who have that kind of info are inside players who witnessed dealing and money handling and/or killings at very high levels. Not some junkie punk who got shipped some drugs via mail.

    The best snitches were once part of the “families.” Not many people are given that kind of access.

  45. Acorn Paste says:

    Well let’s all hope it’s just a low end dealer and not one of those scary Mexican cartels.

  46. birdie says:

    Cameron put his whole family in such a dangerous situation, he is such a loser. He comes from a rich and famous family, even though Michael admitted not being the best father, that is no reason to become a freaking drug dealer!! Cameron had all the opportunuties in the world and he deserves everything that will happen to him!
    I hope Michael and Catherine will be safe, they should distance themselves from this lowlife.

  47. mimi says:

    First of all,I’m sure his father is bankrolling his attorneys so he is being consulted on everything…unless a deal was made without his attorneys? Still think Michael would know about it.
    Also, if the dealer was so major, he wouldn’t have gotten only 5 years. And..if the people he was ratting out were *that* powerful, he would have been taken out of jail and placed in a witness protection program immediately. I just don’t see how any of this is as bad as you all are saying.

  48. Jamie says:

    Better call Saul.

  49. cerulean says:

    This is something to take very seriously. They are not untouchable. Like he needs this new worry while trying to regain his health.

    Maybe Cameron will get his crap together after this. Maybe he will grow the F up.

  50. Flan says:

    Agree with Birdie.

    There are children who grow up in much more dire circumstances than Cameron and still make something of their lives.

    He’s nothing but a spoiled brat, who probably blames everyone but himself for his problems.

  51. Bec says:

    I always heard that Michael Douglas was an absent father. Very vain, self-absorbed and always working. He had no time for Diandra and Cameron and then marries someone 30 yrs younger to start a new family when he wasn’t finished screwing up the first! Typical hollywood parenting with a real hollywood ending if you ask me.

  52. Sue says:

    Bec@ how is that “Typical Hollywood parenting” it happens all the time with no famous people.

  53. Jover says:

    My two cents for what its worth: the cartels of today from what I’ve read are different from the older mexican mafia that ran the drug trade in the aftermath of Escobar’s death; in fact many of the cartels are former police officers. While ms 13 (a salvadoran based gang) is absolutely ruthless, they are not part of the cartels although they probably deal with them. If the douglas’s were taken out I’m not sure there would be a great public outcry; today’s celebrities are held in little esteem and with everything else going on today, this might just be a blip esp. when all the background details are widely disseminated; the notion that drug legalization – more a slogan than a well thought out program – would end this violence is simplistic; assuming our political system could sort out the myriad details, does anyone think the cartels would just go back to their ordinary lives, it won’t happen.

  54. miss_bhaven says:

    No amount of money will keep those people from getting to you. They have every reason to be terrified.

  55. Juliesunflower says:

    This is very disturbing.These people are something else when it comes to violence.

  56. VintageBum says:

    @Rita ‘Douglas Dynasty’? Indeed the Douglas’ have been a household name for a long time but they are far from perfect. Kirk Douglas was well known for bedding 14 year old girls and such things like that.. just saying lol

  57. Kelly says:

    He’s a snitch? What an idiot. The Douglas family seems creepy to me, not surprised this kid did this.

  58. So not! says:

    This is terrible.
    I’ll be praying 4 them

  59. Celebitchy says:

    LMAO Jamie! I hope you guys are right and that these were low level dealers. Maybe it’s the Enquirer that’s bringing in the Mexican cartel angle. I hope so.

  60. CIdee says:

    I little off topic but….I think Michael Douglas looks great. Better looking as he ages. Although truth be told I’ve always loved the peepaws.

  61. Cheyenne says:

    Probably ratted out a street dealer. Those guys are the lowest level of the cartels, more like cannon fodder. As far as the cartels are concerned, they’re disposable. If he ratted out somebody higher up the ladder, he’s in trouble.

  62. Flim says:

    They look like they hate each other in these pics–ouch!

  63. Katherine says:

    Just so everyone understands – it doesn’t matter who pays for the attorney bills, attorney-client privilege still stands. The attorneys shall not divulge any attorney-client privilege under penalty of disbarment. The attorneys are not telling Michael Douglas anything unless the client, Cameron Douglas, gives them permission to tell his father.

    Cooperation with the government is exactly the kind of thing you tell no one about until it happens (like you testify in open court at trial – which you obviously cannot keep a secret). Other types of cooperation such as providing information, participation in a sting as an informant, etc. – you never tell anyone about except if a sentencing is involved and then naturally the judge is informed about the extent of your “substantial assistance” to the government for consideration in sentencing.

    If Cameron merely testified at trial against his own dealer in regards to his own crimes then that’s no big deal. After Cameron was already sentenced and with no appeal pending he would have no choice but to testify since he would no longer have a 5th Amendment right not to testify. All the gvernment has to do is subpoena Cameron and he has to testify.

    Me thinks this is just a tabloid sensationalizing the norm.

  64. JaneWonderfalls says:

    This seems very dramatic and plus they can afford body guards if they are actually that concerned.

  65. the original bellaluna says:

    Those “scary Mexican cartels” have lots of levels, tentacles, and are far reaching.

    One never knows whose toes one is stepping on until owner of said toes arrives.

    Or henchmen of owner of said toes arrive.

  66. Sue Rosenorn says:

    And the government is still letting thse illegal aliens who are dangerous come into this country. Rapists, murders, and other undocumented criminals will be committing hideous acts against our citizens. And they wont do anything about it! Why?

  67. Ogechi says:

    This is so scary.

  68. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t really understand the illegal alien comment, it seems like ‘passing the buck’-speak. If we’re going to think this generally about it, why not also ask why ‘the citizens’ are so insistent on stuffing their sinuses full of coke when they damn well know about the consequences should they have entered the world of illicit drug use of their own volition. It’s a two-way street, if the demand and money weren’t in such great demand there would be no reason for the supply. Yes, they prey upon the innocent and vulnerable, yes, they visit monstrosities upon those who have given them the slightest or no provocation, but they also provide a shelter for the greedy, willing, amoral and stupid and those traits are not under the sole custody of the telenovela world.

    Ed Gein was no illegal immigrant
    John Wayne Gacy was no illegal immigrant
    BTK was no illegal immigrant
    Jeffrey Dahmer, same case
    Ted Bundy, Son Of Sam, Unabomber, Timothy McVeigh (oh, but how they lusted for a proto bin Laden on that one) Boston Strangler…

    So, I don’t know why the police haven’t seen to blaming all of Mexico for all of the stupid things that some North Americans try to do. If it’s all banned under the eyes of the law, I can’t see why we have to vilify the alien over the junkie. The long arm of the law and myriad school assemblies from cops, community service dwellers, class trips, assignments, posters telling us to ‘say no’, news coverage, legislation, cleverly-costumed hand puppets, and so on have explained this to us–but it was lame so it’s worth the self-sabotage. You can’t handcuff the stupid out of some people.

  69. Anthony says:

    they better get to an underground bunker and pray! the cartel absolutely despises, snitches.(especialy when it affects theyre cash flow) Because the douglas family has millions of dollars, there will be a lot of small time criminals looking to kidnap and hold members of the family for ransom. However, leaders of the cartel or gangs in question will hire a (hitman) to take care of a close family member or friend of Cameron’s to get the point across. Or… they will plain and simply kill cameron while he is in protective custody. I am going to guess that the cartel has quite a few of its soldiers working as “guards” in the penetentary Cameron is in.