Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz are still loved up despite his side-piece(s)


Here are some new photos of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz at the premiere of the new Broadway play, The Mountaintop. Incidentally, I would love to see this play too – it’s a fictional account about Martin Luther King Jr.’s last night before he’s assassinated, where he’s talking to a waitress for most of the night. Samuel L. Jackson stars as King, and Angela Bassett is the waitress. Anyway, lots of stars came out for the premiere performance, but it was Alicia and Swizz who caught my eye because they were so loved up and “happy happy happy” for the cameras.

What consistently surprises me about Swizz and Alicia is that no one ever calls them out on their really sketchy, ridiculous union. I mean, I gossip and you guys gossip with me, but Alicia and Swizz never get called out in legit media. And Swizz is basically like an Ashton Kutcher, or a Tiger Woods or something. He’s got a ridiculous amount of scandal attached to him, but because Alicia is every woman’s sister (or something), their relationship gets the white-wash.

The latest white-wash is about Swizz’s years-long sexting (and more) relationship with a young woman named Christina Elizabeth. Bossip broke the story, and they got an exclusive with Christina too. Here’s part of what Christina had to say:

I’m only making this statement because I’m being put out there as a liar and I am very embarrassed. I would like to confirm that the rumor about Swizz Beatz cheating on Mashonda with me is absolutely true. I would also like to confirm that the rumors about Swizz “sexting” me, even in his present marriage, are absolutely true. I am also confirming that I lost my cell phone and someone else posted all the stuff that you see on the internet.

I’ve known Kasseem since 2007. We met at Solange Knowles’ (whom I do not associate with) birthday party in Houston, TX. A gentleman from Kasseem’s entourage approached me and said that someone wanted to talk to me. After I asked who it was, he pointed at Kasseem. I knew he was “Swizz Beatz”, but I did not know anything else about him. I gave him my phone number and he called me right away and invited me to eat at Katz’ Deli on Montrose Blvd. The next morning, he invited me to accompany him at Radio One (979 The Box) for his interview. Afterwards, we went back to his hotel room but we DID NOT HAVE SEX. A couple of hours later, he had to leave so he could catch his flight. He hugged and kissed me in public as if he were a single man.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later. He invited me out to Miami with him and I gladly accepted. I met him in Dallas and we flew to Miami together. My last minute ticket placed me in coach and his ticket placed him in first class, but he switched his first class seat with the guy sitting next to me so he could sit next to me. In Miami, we stayed at his friends beautiful home. This is where we became sexually active and this is where I found out he was married. He snuck me through the house and it was all odd to me until I found a gift with Mashonda & Kasseem’s name on it. I asked him later on why he was cheating on her and he basically said she wasn’t being the wife he needed. He also said that if she asked if he was cheating, he would not lie to her, but he wouldn’t come right out and tell her.

After that trip, he invited me to meet him in Philly. I was picked up from the airport and taken to a club where he was performing at. Him and his crew jumped in the truck and we drove to VA from there. In VA, we got on a tour bus and drove to multiple destinations. After that, I flew back to Miami, he got sick and I got stranded in the Miami airport overnight. I flew back home to Houston the next day.

Later that week, he went on an overseas trip with Mashonda. I received a call from him saying “My wife is about to call you. Tell her nothing happened.” When Mashonda called me, this is exactly what I did. He did not contact me after that. They got a divorce and although we stayed in contact afterwards, there was nothing too drastic. I’m guessing this is when he was dating Alicia. Recently, we’ve been contacting each other (as you’ve all seen), but I haven’t physically seen him. We were making plans to, but I had to work and I wasn’t going to take off work to go see him. I live on my own, I have responsibilities and I strongly believe that if you are not contributing to those responsibilities, there is no reason for me to neglect them to entertain you. I am a very independent individual and the people who know me will tell you that I would never hold my hand out and ask for anything and if I do, I have a very hard time doing it.

Even though Swizz offered and offered and offered to buy me things, the only thing I accepted was plane tickets to go see him. He’s a wonderful man and I had a great time with him as well as a great relationship. Of course he’ll deny the whole thing and of course Alicia will stand up for her man. It’s understood.


[Christina Elizabeth’s statement to Bossip]

In an interview on a radio show, Christina Elizabeth also discussed her relationship with Swizz further, which you can read and see here. When asked if she still had feelings for Swizz, she said, “No, I don’t think so, I don’t think so. Even at the age of 19 I wasn’t like ‘Oh, I’ma be with him.’ I saw the reality of it all I guess.”

Just thought I’d remind everybody about this latest in a long line of sketchy, tacky infidelities while you were looking at Alicia and Swizz. Obviously, he’s a totally d-bag, but I hate her too for actively participating in this fraud.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    ugh. he is SO FRIGGIN UGLY! EVERY pic I see of him makes me cringe…like, he’s hard to look at, he’s so uggo.

    and both of their outfits are ridiculous – his jacket especially.

  2. brin says:

    She’s as gross as he is.

  3. Sue says:

    She doesn’t seem to mind him getting some on the side, I wonder if she will feel the same way when he fathers another baby.

  4. francesca says:

    that. jacket. is. ridiculous.

  5. Kit says:

    Alicia is so stunning, I think she’s gorgeous. But no matter how beautiful you are; what goes around comes around. I can’t feel bad for her.

  6. hottathanholywatta says:

    he looks like a wet rat! goes to show what goes around comes around once a cheater always a cheater

  7. SkyNet says:

    I don’t feel bad for her. She got with him while he was still with Mashonda. Mashonda was on Love & Hip Hop and she said that she had to hear from the press that her husband had left her. He couldn’t even tell her himself. He’s gross and Alicia Keys is disappointing.

  8. jinni says:

    Their story isn’t getting a lot of press in more mainstream/white media because they aren’t white and Swizz isn’t really known in the mainstream white community like that. If this was Beyonce and Jay-z it would be different, but in order for the “legit” media to care Alisha and Swizz would have to be on B and Jay’s level as a couple and seperately, which Alisha is but Swizz isn’t.

    You will never see the mainstream media focus on C-list or lower level black or Latino celebs the way the focus on the likes of Leann Rimes, Tori Spelling, etc because they aren’t white. You have to be on the top tier of celebrity as a black or Latino in order to get any shine from mainstream gossip media.

  9. dena says:

    She’s an idiot. I can’t wait til he dumps her stupid, pigeon-toed ass.

  10. anonymoose says:

    First, there’s his “name” which is as laughable and stupid as “Puffy”/”Puff Daddy”/”Diddy” Doodoo. Then there’s the fact that he is a balding pointy-headed sad-eyed uggo (yeah! @ Praise St Angie!, cringe/shudder at the sight). Next, look at the wardrobe! hahahahahaHAAAAAAA!

    He’s a clown who takes himself seriously and acts like he’s smoooooth or something. She seems deliriously deluded that he’s prince charming.

    A relationship can only be as strong as its foundation. so, not expecting much, here.

  11. Christine says:

    She truly is a target for karma. I mean…why do women go with guys who are KNOWN cheaters? Also, I’d leave Swizz (not that I’d ever even date him) based on that fugly jacket alone.

  12. à La Rive says:

    Tell us more about ‘The Mountaintop’. I couldn’t care less about these two.

  13. Julia says:

    People can have different kinds of relationships. It is possible that they have an arrangement or an open relationship. I don’t necessarily believe that it is an equable open relationship (where she would have side pieces, also), but it’s possible.

  14. spinner says:

    He looks ill and/or drug addled.

  15. tia says:

    well it has been said many of times, she loves the ladies, maybe she does her thing and he does his

  16. LMS says:

    What is she wearing? Awful, just awful.

  17. Jayna says:

    I adore this woman’s music. All I care about is when will we see a new album. Far more talented than Gaga.

  18. Vanden says:

    I don’t know what’s uglier, his beaky face or that ridiculous two tone rag masquerading as a jacket. Jesus.

  19. ES says:

    I tend to agree with Julie and Tia…they seem to only want to focus on the good stuff and don’t seem to pay any attention to the extracurricular activities that people find out about. I honestly don’t believe that Alicia is getting ‘cheated on’. It seems like that’s what they do. Perhaps she is just more discreet about her dirt.

  20. weeble says:

    This is super old news for those who know gossip focused on outlets other than mainstream actors and pop singers. Swizz history is sketchy, and rumors have dogged A. Keys as well.

    Even so, what is done is done, so I say everyone move forward and take care of all the kids involved.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I heard one of her songs on the radio today and all I could think of was this “marriage” and how we should all be bracing for impact because where this is all going. This has bad ending written all over it but like people say, karma’s a bitch, Alicia.

  22. Jenn says:

    Alicia is a phony; can’t believe I used to like her music and be proud she was from NY. She’s a hypocrite and a liar and I am dying to know why she puts up with his cheating behind. He’s a sad, ugly little ghost, but beyond that, he’s an ugly person with a bunch of kids by many women and a horrible, evil attitude. Alicia, you’re playing yourself, but you’re not playing the women out there.

  23. I Choose Me says:

    What in the fracken-f*ck is he wearing? Is that a double-breasted jacket with leather sleeves?

  24. luls says:

    She is SO stunning, yet he is a total UGGO! UGGHH.
    Ever since she got with him, she tarnished her otherwise pristine image.

    This is what I hate about womenkind! When we fall in love, we loose our minds and believe anything that our lovers would have us believe, ignoring all the red flags.

    And YES, I speak as a woman.

  25. tsktsk says:

    It is so sad when the entire length of your marriage will depend solely on how long you are willing to lie to yourself about who your husband really is just to avoid ‘I told you so’s.’ This just goes to show, it doesn’t matter how rich or pretty you are you can still have low self esteem/worth and make extremely bad decisions.

  26. lisa says:

    I love Alicia’s music. I think she has amazing talent. That to me has nothing to do with her personal life and whether she believes her husband cheated. If she does then she seems to be fine with it. I’m still a fan of her music. Because she is staying with her husband is her business not mine.

    And I agree if this was a white couple the mainstream media would be all over it. As it stands the media is not going batshit over Ashton and Demi either. I don’t want to make this about them, but there was more coverage when the media thought Brad/Angie were going to break up in the future. I did see a story on the Today Show, but it was only a few minutes. Same with the entertainment shows. One of my local radio shows did a story on Bruce Willis making a comment about Demi/Ashton.. but I have not seen that anywhere. Something about how Ashton pissed his image away and made Demi look like a fool (rumored comment). But no there were no question asked of Alicia about the woman or the rumors.

    and Jay has had loads of gossip about he and Bey. but nothing is ever carried to the mainstream. All those rumors of a child he had when he and Bey got together. See what happened with Arnold. But you don’t see reporters going to find that child or the mother do you. Even Jennifer and Marc are pretty much forgotten. That was suppose to be huge and last for at least a year. Well nothing in the media anymore about cheating or hookups nothing at all.

    The public only cares if you are WHITE and that is the fact.

  27. Jojo says:

    omg, swizz’s smile looks so forced! lol!

  28. laura says:

    my god he’s ugly….about as ugly as she is stupid

  29. Joanna says:

    According to the article, Christina stated she had slept with him but not taken in money from him. So I guess she’s saying she’s a slut, not a whore?

  30. me! says:

    @ Jinni: right on

  31. Viv says:

    The only slut in this is the man. Alicia should get a new man and a new stylist!

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