Michael Fassbender’s ‘Shame’-dong gets a release date & a poster


I want to thank you bitches so much for the outpouring of support for my obsession/love/lust for Michael Fassbender. He’s so beautiful and talented, and I’m slowly allowing myself to share him. Just keep in mind that I own several slut shanks, slut daggers and slut machetes, so hands off the Fassdong, okay? Look but don’t touch. Anyway, one of the best parts about sharing my long-standing Fassie love is that all of you dear readers have become Fassdong-seeking missiles who send in videos and photos of my beloved. So this post is basically just a tip-driven post including lots of goodies my fellow Fass-loonies have sent in.

First off, Michael at a press conference for Shame. HOT.

Next, this lovely little interview via The NYT. Fassie talks about Shame, intimacy, sexual addiction and… “masturbation”. I swear, the way he says “masturbation” with his accent, it sounds like poetry. I LOVE HIM. Crap… I can’t embed it. Go here to see. And there’s a new poster for Shame too! Unfortunately, there’s no Fassbender in the poster, but it is a beautiful, striking, unusual image for a poster.


Shame also has a release date – December 2nd. That’s just for the limited release, which means probably only LA, NYC, maybe Chicago and DC, I guess. I’m not traveling to see the Fassdong, but I’ll buy it when it comes out on DVD.

Commenter LucyOriginal was also at the screening of A Dangerous Method with David Cronenberg and Michael Fassbender, and she got to walk side by side with him. Bitch. And another fan sent in this photo of Fassie looking dong-tacular. Mouth-watering.


Thanks for all of your support, ladies!


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. UKHels says:

    you can keep my piece of the fassdong ladies – I can see the appeal but have never been into the ginge!

  2. Fox says:

    Lovely video interview with the NY Times.
    It’s just over 2 min.

  3. Kaiser says:

    Fox, you did see that I linked to that video, right? I really, really hate it when people put in links of something I’ve included in the post.

  4. Kit says:

    Have only just jumped on Fassbender wagon.
    Gorgeous man!!! He’s the only ginger I would ever consider – I bet he makes beautiful babies.

  5. laura says:

    I have never been into to ginge either but fassey and prince hot harry have converted me ;)

  6. Bellydancer says:

    I love me some ginger men I don’t know if one of my past ancestors was a ginger since I am mocha with ginger highlights in my hair and er other regions where hair tends to grow plus I have freckles so somewhere there is an irishman or scotsman in the family tree.
    Thanks K for letting us share your dongdom with the Fassbender. I think the bed in that poster is a code from Michael to you no seriously look at the poster carefully there is a letter K in one of the wrinkles on the sheets.
    What you bitches don’t read sheet code WTF is the world coming to!

  7. k says:

    Surely Fassie has heard of Kaiser’s obsession by now. Man, put her out of her misery and take a trip to Virginia.

  8. Cerulean says:

    No ginger men for me. Not my thing. He’s all yours. Too pasty.

  9. Girafe99 says:

    I have heard lots of good things about this film

  10. The Original Ashley says:

    The lady at the half way mark was annoying. Damn lady spit it out! I love how McQueen was even confused by one of the questions. Some of these film people get way too into it. Foreheads and reading into costumes, these people are “film studies” students right? That’s the only explanation for the over analyzation of the mundane or insignificant. I can’t stand that crap.

  11. The Original Ashley says:

    The NYT link, when he mentions people having an opinion on “who we should be seen with” hmmm… anyone else catch that?

  12. SpankDong says:

    I’ve loved me some Fass-dong since Hex (Season 1). Sigh. That man knows all my secrets. Please use this knowledge only for good.

  13. podzol says:

    Kaiser and fellow Fasslovers, how great does he look in this picture from San Sebastian? Just off his motorbike and not methy-looking at all. Michael STOP MAKING ME STARE AT YOUR NAVEL.


  14. Julie says:

    Kaiser, my Fassdong obsession is all because of you. Mr. Fassbender was not at all on my radar before I started reading your blog. I even watched Inglorious Bastards without noticing him. But now, I just hear “Fass” and my biscuits perk up. “Shame” should be utterly fantastic and delicious. That’s the number one movie that I am most excited for this year. I may even consider making travel plans to coincide with “Shame”‘s limited release.

  15. ak138 says:

    I just had my first exposure to Fass-ination–Centurion. Yes, I was watching a violent and semi-silly movie, but beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to movies about Picts. Anyway, Fassbinder was lovely. Nice chest.

  16. Turtle Dove says:

    His accent is delicious. I love the combination of his German looks and Irish brogue. (sigh)

  17. LucyOriginal says:

    Thanks for the love Kaiser. I get to send you pics and you call me b*tch, lol. Next time (hopefully), I will try not to be enchanted by him and shoot him declaring his love for you!

  18. wtf? says:

    i love the butler / fassey combo days on celebitchy…..thanks kaiser

  19. LucyOriginal says:

    WhatI meant to say shoot was that I wil make a video… :) . If I have another opportunity, of course…

  20. podzol says:

    Holy shit, he looks really good at the NYFF Shame premiere and quite gingerific against that orange backdrop. (but Fassy! Moisturize!)

    Kaiser, did you see this 24 min video? http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/video/videomichael-fassbender-a-dangerous-method?

  21. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    You’re gonna have to share him a little. I rewatched Jane Eyre just for him!

  22. LucyOriginal says:

    A note to Fasbender: Fassie, if you have a chance to read this. I am going to see Shame on Sunday. Be there!xo,


  23. LucyOriginal says:

    A note to Fassbender: Fassie, if you have a chance to read this. I am going to see Shame on Sunday. Be there!xo,


  24. darkladi says:

    He can feel free to cover me in his ginger goodness anytime!

  25. Original Bee says:

    Is Shame going to be unrated? I want to see the Fassbender in all his unedited glory.

  26. Provocateur says:

    Shame will get NC-17 rating.

  27. Eve says:

    @ Kaiser:

    I like The Fassbender, but it isn’t a full-on crush (yet) so I’ll respectfully watch him from a certain distance while you imaginarily bangs him. My mouth may water a little bit but I promisse I won’t touch.

    By the way, your letter was kind of what Lainey used to do with her posts about (recently she wrote him a final letter though).

  28. Eve says:

    *Lainey’s posts about Colin Farrell.

  29. Fassman Cometh says:

    I got to see Shame last night at NYFF and also stand about a foot or so away from Fassman before we all went in to check out the film. He looks even better all the way live, y’all. The bluest of the blue eyes, and yes, all them damn teeth (I would hate for him to bite me, oww, man!). Light ginger, grey suit, serious goofball at the Q+A. “I don’t see myself as that much of an exhibitionist,” he says (I’m paraphrasing) when asked about the nudity and sexy stuff in the film. Yeah, sure you’re not, Michael, lol!

    As far as the film itself goes, there were parts of it I wanted to cry over, his performance was so heartwrenching. You just wanted to help Brandon out so badly. An amazing actor in him and director in McQueen. They need to do another one, though, and this time give Nicole B. more meat to chew on (though she was cool with what she had). At the same time, I have nothing but kudos for the Fassdong as it appears in the film sans clothing. One word? Boing-bounce, boing-bounce (okay, so that’s two words double-timed, I know, but that’s how it was, lol!) He’s also a rather furry flucker down there. I was almost afraid we wouldn’t see anything from all that fur, lol. But the Fassdong does not disappoint!! Love the scene of him taking a leak: hold it steady, stroke it a little, point it downwards and go…wooooo….! See it when it comes out in December. I think most in the know will dig it lots. Cheers!

  30. Original Bee says:

    @Provocateur, I’m happy it’s going to be NC-17. I thought they were going to neuter the film in order to get an R rating. I need my Fassie uncut and uncensored.