Guess who got voted off DWTS (hint: man face & was replaced by a wrestler)

Last night was the second week elimination for Dancing with The Stars, and the lackluster Elisabetta Canalis was voted off, despite tying for a respectable fourth in the judges’ scores this week. It looks like Elisabetta just didn’t have the name recognition, the compelling story, the likability or the rhythym to hang in there past the second week. Buh-bye to her. Sadly, David Arquette was in the bottom two after a goofy performance. I hope he brings it next week. Here’s more, from E!

Tonight, Dancing With the Stars said ciao to Elisabetta Canalis and partner, first year pro Val Chmerkovskiy. Canalis had struggled during her two weeks on the show, and when it came down to her and David Arquette on the chopping block, the viewers voted off the Italian beauty.

Unfortunately, Elisabetta and Val do not get to live to dance another week, as they got sent home tonight. “We had bad luck. It makes me sad. I’m sorry because Val was a great teacher. He didn’t deserve that,” she tells us sadly. “You can expect that from me because I’ve never been a dancer in my life, but he’s a champion.”

Her partner Val seemed equally upset over the outcome, more for her sake than his. “It’s not about me, it’s about her. It might sound a little cliché, but I’m not upset with me. I’m upset for her,” he says. “This is not my time to shine. This wasn’t my stage; this wasn’t my competition. I just wish she had another chance to shine.”

Elisabetta also filled us in on her post-DWTS plans, which sound pretty awesome to us. “I will gain weight for sure,” she laughs. “Of course I will not stop doing sports. Maybe I will take a little break from dancing. I’m a little bit sad now.”

[From E! Online]

Aw, her plans are to “gain weight,” meaning she has nothing on the table. Maybe she can do a photo op and plan a clothing line with Christian Audiger that will never materialize.

In related DWTS news, Nancy Grace claims her nip slip on Monday’s episode wasn’t a real nip and told TMZ that the object that was briefly shown on camera was a pasty or nip covering, not her actual nipple. She said “When I got dressed, I was wearing Petals (nipple covers) and an industrial strength bra … my dancing dress also had a bra sewn into it. I have been judged guilty without a trial … I will go to my grave denying the nip slip.” Oh Nancy, you judge people every night on your show, but when it comes to whether your boob popped out you can’t handle the fallout. It’s not like you’re accused of killing someone.

Nancy also denied the boob slip to E! and she went on about it even further, saying “That is not a nipple. That’s going to be on my gravestone. There was no nipple. I certainly don’t want my children to learn to read and read on the Internet that mommy’s a tramp and mommy flashed America! That did not happen. I deny, deny, deny it. You can’t break me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” She’s trying to be funny, but she still can’t own up to it. Check out Nancy’s boob here, if that’s a pasty they’re making them look exactly like silicone nipples complete with parts that poke out.

Here are Elisabetta’s two performances on DWTS.

Her first dance:

Second dance:






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  1. Tierra says:


    I didnt watch but this makes my morning.
    Hopefully she’ll go back to where she came from and stop trying to be a “star” here.
    Its kind of funny considering she didnt even have the lowest score. I think Cloony must be the only one that actually liked this chick. She has no appeal or likability to her at all.

  2. Danziger says:

    You keep saying ‘manface’ like it’s a bad thing. She’s annoying and somewhat dumb, but face it, even with her ‘manface’ she’s still more beautiful AND fit than 70% of the girls commenting here. I love her manface.

    That said, I don’t even watch the show, but I’m still glad she’s gone. Go back to doing what ever you were doing before Clooney, hun. Because obviously you’re no good doing the things you’re doing now.

  3. Bubulle says:

    I saw a video of her rehearsal she seems to be a real bitch and her english is horrible. I don’t get why GC stays with her for so long.

  4. Kat Scorp says:

    Crikey CB, there’s a terrabyte sized picture, FYI!

  5. Nancy C. says:

    because no one knows her except to be Clooney’s ex. i love chaz for his chutzpah in doing this. i think the ex army guy will win it all for a few reasons.

  6. Erinn says:

    Can’t stand Elizabetta… glad she’s gone!
    Saw an interview this morning and they asked her about eating and she’s like “I eat like a man. People are going to hate me for that”.

    Who the hell cares how you eat? And eating like a man could mean so many different things… there are men who eat super healthy, and there are anorexic men. Looking at her, at least her supposed eating matches her face.

    EDIT: She’d be prettier if she wasn’t so hard looking… a little less muscle mass and a bit more weight in her face, and she’d be a lot prettier.

  7. Callli Pygian says:

    “…, but face it, even with her ‘manface’ she’s still more beautiful AND fit than 70% of the girls commenting here.”

    Well, then how does she stack up against the men (commenting here)? I’d venture a guess that the percentages are reversed in this case.

  8. Callli Pygian says:


    Maybe it means she burps & farts at the table.

  9. Ann says:

    Elisabetta’s English might be horrible, but to me, it means that she can speak one more language than I can, or most of us, so kudos to her for that. I thought her 2nd dance was pretty good.
    The judges seemed to score high on Rob K. and I thought Ricky’s score should have been higher.
    Not a fan of Elisabetta, but for a dance competition and not a popularity contest, IMO Rob should have been sent home.

  10. Rudypatudie says:

    I think Rob Kardashian should go home. No doubt. He is so uncoordinated and oafy. When he jumped off that surfboard, I was expecting the camera to shake like it does when snuffalupagus comes onto the set in sesame street.

    But this Elisabetta person is pretty annoying as well.

    Those tattoos, that smirk and the horse face. She has a great body, but I’m tired of her.

    After ” getting to know her ” a little more, I am confused how Clooney could be around her that long. Makes you believe the beard stories. Or he’s more vapid than portrayed.

  11. Nanz says:

    Having a wardrobe malfunction makes you a “tramp”? C’mon, Nancy.

  12. Jordan says:

    She cannot dance at all, so it’s good she is gone.
    however, I don’t understand how people make comments as if she is an ugly person, because, let’s be honest, she is very beautiful. And I am all for criticizing people for being bitches, but I am against criticizing someone for her English being ” horrible”. This is her damn second language. how many languages do you guys speak with native like proficiency to be judging like that? This is ridiculous.

  13. Zombie Nurse says:

    I clicked on that Nancy Grace photo link- 1. That is SO a nipple Nancy. 2. I’m feeling a litle bit traumatized now.

  14. Maritza says:

    I thought her last performance was pretty good, she was not the worse and shouldn’t have been eliminated. Chaz did an awful job, he stomped around and did an awful quick step. DWTS is based mostly on popularity and since many people don’t know who she is that’s why she lost.

  15. Quest says:

    Elisabetta was stiff like a board and annoying…not surprised

  16. Roma says:

    Ladies, when your girls are young please show them pictures of Elisabetta and hopefully you can convince them to never, ever get an arm band tattoo.

    Or a tattoo of Eminem, but I find the arm band more horrific.

  17. Sue says:

    Jordan@ Just because you think Elisabetta is beautiful doesn’t mean everyone think she is, beauty is subjective everyone has their own idea of who they find beautiful or handsome.

  18. Lantana says:

    I saw her on a talk show recently (don’t remember which one) and I thought, “No wonder she and Clooney got along – her English is barely passable,” unless the brief time I heard her was just a bad day for her. If not, I doubt they did much talking.

    I went to close this tab and thought this was kind of judgmental of me…maybe Clooney speaks excellent Italian. Mea culpa.

  19. Sue says:

    Jordan@ Just because you think Elisabetta is beautiful doesn’t mean everyone think she is, beauty is subjective everyone has their own idea of who they find beautiful or handsome.

    I won’t lie I’m happy she’s gone she not even a celebrity she just sleep with one.

  20. Bubulle says:

    Sorry but no sympathy from me even if my english is not that great. Elisabetta dated an american guy for the last two years and she also spends a lot of time in the Us, and still sounds awful. If she wants to make it there the least she can do is to learn proper english.

  21. itten says:

    Surely, as bad as it is, her english is so much better than mister Clooney’s italian, and, you know, mister Clooney has stayed in Italy for quite a long time. But he still can’t catch a word.

  22. Bubulle says:

    Well shame on George Clooney for not even trying to learn italian, but Elisabetta still has no excuses.

  23. Sunshine Daze says:

    DWTS is based on popularity, likeability, and finally, dance skills. Elisabetta was lacking in all three. She was stiff, and her “dancing” was more like posing (a common technique the pros use when their “stars” can’t dance well). She didn’t come off as nice or sweet, like Petra did last season (I met Petra in person and she was an extremely lovely, kind person). Finally, aside from Clooney, nobody outside of Italy has any idea who she is (or rather, nobody cares!)

  24. irishserra says:

    In watching that second video, I can’t get over how much her body looks like a posed barbie doll during her moves. She appears to be completing the steps flawlessly (well, to my untrained, amateur eye) but she’s quite stiff. Poor girl.

    And how hot is Val? Whoo!

  25. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Is Val related to Maks?

  26. Lady D says:

    “HAHAHAHA!!!! YES!”
    Exactly what I thought too.

  27. Mikki says:


    Yes, Val is Maks’s brother.

    I’m glad Elisabetta is gone too – she did show some improvement this week, but she was still giving off that “What the hell am I doing here?” vibe.

    I am surprised that Chaz hasn’t thrown in the towe – I fear he will do himself serious injury if he keeps going!

  28. Annaloo says:

    Slamming someone because “Their English isn’t very good” and telling them to go back where they came from is messed up.

    Have some dignity & respect, people. We have enough xenophobia these days.

  29. crazymary says:

    She has the worst tattoo placement EVA. What was she thinking to have that done so low on the arm? It looks like a bunch of veins instead of a tat. I’m all for tattoos and self expression, but I am not feelin’ that at all.

    Maybe I’m just cranky today.

  30. Booboocita says:

    Having endured one embarrassing “wardrobe malfunction” of my own, I had a fair amount of sympathy for Nancy Grace, but no more. An unintentional nip slip makes a woman a tramp? WTF, Nancy? This explains so much about that woman.

  31. WOM says:

    It’s really rich that Nancy Grace is upset that “I have been judged guilty without a trial”. That’s pretty much her schtick, right? Making pronouncements, and generalizations, and fanning the flames of controversy all in the names of ratings grabs? Sucks to be on the other side, huh, Grace?

  32. itstrue says:

    I’m so sick of the comments like “yeah, she has a man face, but she’s hotter than you,” or “so what if Lopez has cellulite, I bet she’s in better shape than everyone here,”. Let’s get this straight, I’m a stay home mom, and yes I look like one. As soon as I start making millions based on my face or my ass, I’ll hold myself to the same standard as a celebrity.

  33. Erinn says:

    @Callli Pygian
    ahaha, that would sound right.

  34. justine says:

    Elisabetta has been eliminated and instead deserved to stay, has been improved and is very good, but could not win against American opponents and very popular on TV. He danced much better than other couples, but unfortunately the public has not voted. and ‘out of Clooney’s an interesting article:

  35. Denise says:

    Great! Does this mean that she will now go home? Hope so…

  36. Dibba says:

    Her only reason for being on show is that she banged Clooney. I’m glad she’s gone.

  37. Cali says:

    “Man-Face” LMAO, she doesn’t look manly, but her face has strong features as they say. And the fat dude with the messed up knees should have been voted off IMO.

  38. taxi says:

    Canalis is pretty with a nice figure. She cannot dance. She looked like she was just walking & skipping around. No grace of motion & from the clip, I couldn’t tell what that dance was supposed to be.

  39. skilo says:


  40. Sarah says:

    Her English IS horrible; it’s annoying. Even her dance partner looked frustrated and English isn’t his first language. I speak more than one language, and two of them (English and Spanish), I speak perfectly. It’s not a big deal. I don’t think she has a man face, though. I think looks like Hope Brady from Days of our Lives.

  41. observer says:

    At least she has the dubious distinction of being the first transgender voted off DWTS.

    I don’t think her getting kicked off DWTS had anything to do with fan bases. It had to do with her narcissistic, nasty personality, which she was unable to hide. She couldn’t take direction from a professional dancer who was politely trying to help her, because in her crazy head she’s already an expert at everything. She has only herself to blame, and anyone who tells her otherwise, as I’m sure her trashy publicity team has done, is not doing her any favors.

  42. Jay says:

    Lacked name recognition? That’s funny. I always thought “Dancing with the Stars” was a dubious name for the show, since, typically, they’re neither dancers nor are they typically really “stars”. I’d much rather watch “So You Think You Can Dance” where the contestants can confidently lay claim to the fact that they’re at least dancers.

  43. Erinn says:

    I’ve seen prettier drag queens…×211.jpg

    She can look pretty at times, but theres a lot of times where she just looks hard.

  44. justine says:

    Why was ultra-liberal George Clooney palling around with Silvio Berlusconi?

  45. Aqua says:

    It was her abrasiveness of her personality and her and Vals constant bickering that has hurt them both.Elisabetta even though she was the most improved dancer,she just doesn’t have the fan base required to move a head in the competition.A large part of DWTS is likeability and personality none of which came through.

  46. Camille says:

    Elisabetta’s man face is still prettier than Anistons man face will ever be. ;)

  47. crtb says:

    She wasn’t voted off because of her dancing. There were much worse dancers than her. She was voted off because of her lousy attitude. She thought she could just be pretty with a great body.
    She wouldn’t take direction, she argued with her coach, on stage she didn’t smile, acted like she was above it all. She acted like she was still Geroge’s girlfriend instead of a nobody from Italy. She acted stuck up and snooty. People voted her off because of her personality not her accent, not her dancing, not how she spoke english.

  48. stacia says:

    @Jordan — Three actually. English, French and Spanish. My fouth and fifth (Catalan & Italian) is not at native level, but is at LEAST much better than Betta’s english.

    And no, I am not European. My family travelled a lot as a kid.

  49. Miss Kitty says:

    I think she’s quite beautiful.

  50. Heather M (Heather) says:

    @itstrue: lmao!

  51. Jordan says:

    If you do speak at a native like proficiency (I see a lot of people who claim that when they actually fell short from it) good for you. however, instead of criticizing people for their lack of proficiency,you should be aware that:
    1- you say you learned for traveling as a kid, so, therefore, you were exposed to language before the critical period which is when you lose the capability of acquiring a language like a native would. there are very few (it is rare)documented cases of people who got to really learn a language after this period.
    You don’t know when somebody started studying a language, therefore, don’t go bragging about how you did and they couldn’t, because you are not acqquainted with the process of language acquisition as a professional in this field – if you are one, you showed a lot of ignorance with your comment though, and you should have known better.
    2- you learned Romance languages, which are the easiest languages to be acquired, in terms of both structure and phonetics. It takes twice as much work to learn English, and 3 times the work if you want to learn a language like Chinese or Japanese. So you also had that in your favor. It is is immensely easier to speak without an accent in Spanish than in English.
    I am not the one saying this, it is well researched and documented. You can check it out by yourself if you’d like to educate yourself in order to stop criticizing other people for something they might not have the power to change.

  52. Kelly says:

    I sort of felt bad for her when she got voted off, I don’t know why. I thought she was attractive when I’d see her pictured with GC but the close up of her last night was not flattering.

  53. Faye says:

    She’s just doing her lawyer thing. You know, her little indignant lawyer role she does on TV. I really hope she’s not like that all the time, mostly for her. It’d be exhausting. Also, I can’t stand that persona, and sometimes I see cracks in it where a nice person is. I hope that’s what it is…she’s playing a role on TV that gets ratings and she goes home and is a normal person. Who totally had a nip-slip. (I don’t care though, and honestly, neither should anyone else. It’s a bit of nip, that slipped out when she was doing a bouncy dance; the lady has knockers, and sometimes they just do their own thing. I speak from experience.)

  54. Flan says:

    Poor thing.

    Now she can go back to Italy and plunge that country in even more debt, that other countries can pay for again.

  55. Joe's Mom says:

    @Sunshine Daze: Elisabetta and her posing when the camera was on her, dancing or not. I was ready to give her the benefit, but . . . yikes. Anyway, what you said . . . that’s exactly what I was thinking, including the part about Petra. EC didn’t have the sweetness Petra had, and even though lots of people didn’t know Petra, that genuine sweetness got her some fans. Not to mention Hines Ward. Everyone’s not a football fan, but his smile made me look twice.

  56. april says:

    I wish she would have stayed on a little longer so I could have gotten more of an idea of who she is. At times she was snotty, but other times she was apologetic and ok. I still think she’s very pretty. She was gracious with the judges and smiled a lot through the dances which was a plus. I can only speak one language so I admire anyone who’s multilingual.

  57. ohdear says:

    @ Jordan
    Romance languages are the easiest and it takes twice as much to learn English? Wow can’t stop laughing, you know, that really depends on what you mothertongue is and on you skills. Besides, Romance languages have a much more difficult grammar than English, forget about the pronunciation for a minute. I’m from Italy and find English much easier than French and Spanish, this if I want to learn the language at a proficiency level. You know, Elisabetta was supposed to study languages at the university (I believe she never did ’cause she started her “career” as a “velina” at a young age but she must have studied a foreign language in school), she went to the USA many times, lived the last few years there with an american, she wants to work on american tv and claims she takes English lessons three times a week. No excuses for her poor english, and this has nothing to do with the accent, not everybody can learn to speak a foreign language without accent but she really gives the impression of having a hard time understanding what people say and can only express herself with short, simple sentences.

  58. paola says:

    I’m italian and i have to say that she was a funny girl but after the whole George Clooney story i kind of loath her, she has a diva attitude now and she has no talent and no skills..can’t believe she doesn’t speak english yet!! she was a nice and humble girl but now it seems like everything George Clooney touches, it turns into a delusional useless tv starlet, after all if you can’t dance/sing/speak/act what the heck are you doing on tv?? and especially.. what the f**k are you doing on a dance show??????