Megan Fox gave up veganism, gained weight: doesn’t she look better?


Yesterday, we previewed Megan Fox’s appearance on the September cover of Amica Magazine, an Italian publication. In that post, I noted that in recent photos of Megan, she looks like she’s put on some weight. Nothing drastic or anything, she just doesn’t look so slim and bony, like she did before. If anything, I think Megan looks wonderful with an extra ten to fifteen pounds – it fills out her face a bit, and makes the tweaking look softer. These are new photos of Megan from the set of This Is Forty yesterday – you can see her weight gain even more in these pics, I think.

Previously, Megan’s trainer has claimed that Megan has never had an eating disorder, and that she just has crazy metabolism and she struggles to put on weight. Of course, Megan has a history of saying quite the opposite – in past interviews, she’s claimed that when she needs to put on weight, she just binges on sweets, and when asked if she had an eating disorder, she gave a non-committal non-confirmation.

Of course, in the Amica interview, Megan once again claimed something different – she said, “For a year and a half, until about four months ago, I followed a strict vegan diet based on raw fruits and vegetables, no bread, sugar and coffee. But I had lost too much weight. So now I eat a bit of everything. I train three times a week doing circuit training with my trainer Harvey Pasternak.” She also disrespects Marilyn Monroe and says that MM was bipolar and a “negative energy” that Megan didn’t want in her life, and that’s why Megan was getting rid of that gaudy MM tattoo.

Anyway, I still say the extra weight looks good on Megan. Her body reminds me of Kristen Stewart’s – you can tell that both of them are going to have weight struggles in their 30s, when their “skinny” metabolism goes to hell.




Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. says:

    She looks beautiful.

  2. Embee says:


  3. k says:

    I think she’s pregnant.

  4. Jen D says:

    Her body looks waaaayyy better. I really hope magazines and blogs don’t start snarking on her about it, because she looks hot. Like, I kind of get her appeal now. Except for the face – why did she have to mess with it so much?

  5. Rachel says:

    she looks so much better with some extra lbs on her.

  6. Susan O. says:

    better. veganism is ok for a short time to get you cleaned out but takes a lot of time and attention to get it right. too extreme for certain body times, athletes, nursing moms, etc.

  7. observer says:

    She looks MUCH healthier and more attractive. I disagree that she will have weight struggles in her thirties; that’s kind of a dumb thing to say about someone just because they are finally at a normal weight. Whatever she’s currently doing is clearly keeping her at a healthy weight.

  8. Liz says:

    doesn’t take away from the vapidity in her face

  9. Rita says:

    She’d look even better if she’d lose about 5 pounds of snotty from her face.

  10. brin says:

    She looks great.

  11. mia girl says:

    So much better

  12. Happy21 says:

    I think she looks great. If only more celebs could see that they are too skinny and not healthy looking and do something about it. As someone said above I really hope that the supermarket tabloids leave it alone because she looks wonderful. A little meat on the bones is, in my opinion, how a woman should look.

  13. 4Real says:

    Much better and that tattoo was just tacky anyway.

  14. mike says:

    Actually, no. She doesn’t look better; she looked better before.

    In any case, her problem was never about her weight, but her terribly jacked up face and it still looks jacked up as heck. I’ll echo Dame Mirren and say it’s a terrible waste when young actresses mess up their face with unneeded plastic surgeries.

  15. ninab says:

    so much healthier looking now. Baby steps-now if she can cut off all that shit she does to her face next that makes it look like hard plastic….

  16. locamochagirl says:

    Or maybe she’s pregnant?

    Also – I HATE her, but actually agree with her about Marilyn to a certain extent. She did have depression problems, which isn’t a fault – but I don’t understand why she is so glorified….

  17. serena says:

    For the love of god..look at her cheekbones!

  18. Courtney says:

    Just because she gave up vegiterianism isn’t the ony reason she gained weight hello a womans weight doesn’t stay stagnant it fluctuates particularly in stressful situations or on her time of the month. leave Megan alone stars have to be skinny to get work unless it’s playing an overweight or pregnant character when your a woman

  19. Winnie says:

    Ha. There is nothing in veganism that says no bread or sugar (as long as it’s vegan). Sounds like she was on a much more extreme diet. I always love how people associate veganism with starvation, but it is easy to be overweight and vegan and I am living proof. They make vegan peanut butter cookies and french fries, you know. :)

  20. Dangerfox says:

    I’m not sure if it’s an illusion because of the dress, but would you guys say she’s pear shaped? Now that she’s got some weight on, she kinda looks like it to me. Not that it’s a bad thing. Besides J Love Hewitt you don’t see too many pear shaped celebs!

  21. Hautie says:

    I suspect Megan is getting rid of that Marilyn tattoo cause it just looks dumb.

    I tend to suspect also that it has stopped her from getting hired. Having huge visible tattoo’s are a nightmare to hide.

    The professional makeup that is used to hide them, does not come out of expensive clothes.

    Versus a tattoo, that can be easily hidden, without all the hassle of makeup.

    But she does look great. And being back at a healthy weight will also help soften the look of her implants. The last time they were on display… they looked frightening.

  22. the original bellaluna says:

    She looks better. But what in the sam hell does she have on her feet? Looking like cut-off motorcycle jacket sleeves to keep her ankles warm while wearing an otherwise cute pair of strappy heels! WTF?

  23. Arya says:

    I think shes ugly either way! =/

  24. *bRaZiLiAn* says:


  25. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Great post Rita :)

  26. marymary says:

    I really, really, really loathe these dumb bitches who use veganism as an excuse for starving themselves. Being vegan means not consuming animal products, NOT not eating at all, but I guess you can’t expect an airhead like Megan Fox to be able to tell the difference.

  27. weeble says:

    She has always looked like a typical girl you see walking around anywhere. then she had all those surgeries and started looking awful. I’m glad to see she has put on a few pounds. She certainly looks better.

  28. blc says:

    @Susan O. I don’t think you know what you are talking about at all. I have been vegan for many years and I run marathons. i am extremely athletic and healthy. Megan Fox’s description of how she was eating is not vegan. She is describing a starvation diet. The 2 are not the same. There are plenty of ultramarathoners, professional Ironmen, etc. who are vegan.

  29. Quest says:

    Megan looks healthier – much improved

  30. Elisha says:

    I suspect that her agent/manager(s) sat her down & explained to her that the reason work isn’t coming in is because of her emaciated look, ridiculous tattoo, & bitchy attitude. Girl has two down so far, let’s work on the third, Megan.

    Also, it may have been disrespectful to put it in the words as she did about Marilyn but those were facts. She was mentally ill, had substance abuse problems that all contributed to her suicide. Which is why I always wonder why so many girls want to emulate her?

  31. gee says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm @all your pregnancy people. Very hmmm indeed.

  32. RocketMerry says:

    Looks much better. Now she only has to stop jacking her face. Then she’ll be pretty and attractive, like before.
    @Elisha. I also often wondered why so many girls list Marilyn as their ideal. Poor woman suffered so much and was so unhappy that she ended up killing herself. A romantic, dramatic heroine? Sure. A model to shape your life after? Not so much.

  33. Turtle Dove says:

    Megan looks great, but I thought that she looked great before too. She’s the type of woman that can look good with both a lean a curvy body type.

    As for the Marilyn quote, I suspect that it was not translated well. I’ve used Google translate on a few non-English blogs that I read, and the translations are hilarious. I’ve posted some stuff too and the English Google translate of what I said is wtf funny.

  34. malia says:

    oh, give me a break. “Veganism” is code for “addiction” or “food disorder.” I have three vegans in my family, and they are all healthy. starlets always use veganism as a cover for some bad shit they are hiding.

  35. Kloops says:

    Way better

  36. TQB says:

    She looks much better, but I agree – she’s using the words “extreme veganism” to legitimize an unhealthy diet. But I’m of the mind that whatever she wants to call it now, the important thing is that she knocked it off. Because whatever her diet legit was, it was making her look like crap.

    wouldn’t it be nice if you could take back plastic surgery as easily, eh, megs?

  37. Lenore says:

    Agreed with Elisha re: Marilyn. The woman was an iconic beauty, but it bothers me that so many people seem to want to emulate her, to BE her. She struggled with emotional disorders, unhappy marriages, self-destructive tendencies, deep depression and eventually died of an overdose / suicide / Kennedy [delete as applicable).

    I love Marilyn Monroe, but there are definitely better people to pattern yourself after. If Megan’s realised that maybe idolising a woman who died young and miserable is perhaps not the way to go, then good for her.

  38. Glyrics says:

    YAY1 A positive Megan Fox entry!

    She looks gorgeous

  39. the original bellaluna says:

    Winnie, vegan peanut butter and french fries (do they make vegan sweet potato fries?) just might be enough to lure me from my staunch Chicketarian position. ;)

  40. says:

    In the third picture she looks like she could be pregnant.

  41. Kim says:

    Im a vegetarian and have been my whole life. There are no issues with nursing or being an athlete while a vegetarian. There is alot of misinformation on here from non vegetarians. Megan was on a no carb etc diet not just a vegetarian. Stopping becoming a vegetarian had nothing to do with her weight gain.

  42. Seal Team 6 says:

    I have plenty of friends who are long-time (10-30 years) vegan, and NONE of them eat nothing (or even mostly) but raw fruit and vegetables. That is NOT veganism at all. Grains? Proteins? They eat a balanced, healthy diet, and all are very active and healthy — ultrarunners, bodybuilders, cyclists, etc.

    Ir sounds like Fox DOES have food issues, as well as being very uneducated about nutrition.

  43. Seal Team 6 says:

    Also, there are several good blogs by vegan runners and other athletes, including the No Meat Athlete.

    I’m a strict vegetarian, and am a regular and avid runner. It’s not any more difficult than being an athlete and being a meat eater.

  44. LL says:

    Anyone see a potential baby bump there?

  45. Erin says:

    what you people are calling a “potential baby bump” is a woman who isn’t 30 pounds underweight and has some natural flesh on her stomach. seriously people? wtf

  46. Seal Team 6 says:


    Agreed. WTF. Not a bump at all, she just doesn’t have a concave belly.

  47. Lila says:

    I am not personally I vegan, but I have a close friend who is. She started with a vegetarian diet and did that for almost a year before she went vegan. Actually took a nutrition course at our local college. That was a couple years ago and she looks amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that veganism, done properly, can be a totally healthy thing.

    I also have no doubt that megan did nothing like that. Her definition of a vegan diet leaves a lot to be desired. And she lives in a place where numbers on a scale are the only thing that matters, really don’t care how they dropped weight. I sincerely hope Megan has actually changed her mindset and diet longterm – although I doubt it. Look at that idiot Paris Hilton going on and on about how healthy she became when she worked out and gained a little weight – and they then second she breaks up with the guy she does an interview about losing all those “extra” pounds.

  48. corey says:

    I agree with her about Marilyn Monroe, I never understood how so many young women idolise and look up to her, she was a mess.
    I think Megan looks much better with the extra lbs. maybe its just me, but her body shape is so strange to me, like when you’re looking at a pic of her from head to toe. She has this looong neck and loong torso and her legs are…. of average length. So odd.

  49. Camille says:

    Fox is fairly pear shaped (bottom heavy), and it was probably why she tried to starve herself skinny so that it was wasn’t so obvious. Her body wasn’t and isn’t that great.

  50. Your mama says:

    Oh maybe she’s trying to get pregnant and her doc advised her to gain some weight to be healthy for a pregnancy. I was told to gain 5lbs with my 1st & I was like yay- I’ll do it.

  51. mln76 says:

    I have to say I’m hating the way Fox is rehabbing her image. The way she called Marilyn negative was so disrespectful she could have just said she’d outgrown it without attacking someone who isn’t around to defend themselves. AND I’m no vegan but I have had very close friends who are and they don’t look emaciated like Fox did look at Alicia Silverstone. Seems she’s been coached by her team to redo her image.

  52. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    Right, Megs. Because people living with bipolar are TOTALLY to blame for their negative energy. You know, having little to no control over it and all. And as I recall, any meds Marylin would have had available to her to help, I wouldn’t feed my hateful dog. … What an ass wipe.
    How about the negative energy an anorexic brings to the room?

  53. VeneficA Delirium says:

    I just don’t think she’s that pretty anyway. Her face looks masculine and her body doesn’t really make up for it. A whopping ten or fifteen pounds has nothing to do with whether I find her attractive.

    I usually avoid reading these comments on Megan Fox, because people obviously project way too much and are clearly unable to think for themselves. As for being “jealous” I’m only “jealous” that someone with so many superficial flaws (as well as being stupid and unlikeable), for which normal girls are judged quite harshly, can be “perfect” because of some arbitrary title some fratboy magazine bestowed her three or four years ago.

  54. bogie says:

    “Her body reminds me of Kristen Stewart’s – you can tell that both of them are going to have weight struggles in their 30s, when their “skinny” metabolism goes to hell.”

    No they don’t! They become MILFS

  55. the original bellaluna says:

    Veganism/vegatariansism is a deeply thought out, personal decision.

    I like cheese, but I hate milk. I like chicken; I don’t like beef; but I DO LIKE leather shoes.

    Figure it out and do whatever fits “YOU” – that’s really all it comes down to.

    (And if one more person – Hubs INCLUDED- tries to show me a “look how whatever’s made/farmed/processed” video, I SWEAR TO BUDDAH, I WILL BECOME THE BIGGEST, NASTIEST, MOST JUDGEMENTAL VEGAN YOU’VE EVER F’IN SEEN!!!!!)

    Doubt ME, Mo-Fos…I DARE You!

  56. Chris says:

    You’d think she’d do a bit of research about someone before getting them tattooed on your arm. It’s hard to tell from that interview if she’s started eating meat again or not. I hope she hasn’t.

  57. Chris says:

    I also agree with those who said you can be fit and healthy and be a vegan or vegetarian. Mr Natural Universe 2009 was a vegan:

  58. Juliesunflower says:

    If Megan is trying to redo her image in a positive way, she failed in a NEGATIVE way by bashing Marilyn. No one asks for sickness of any kind; all we can do is try to cure it the best we can. I can see now how she rubbed Shia and Bay the wrong way. She looks nice with the weight gain but she has spoilt it with her sewer mouth. Marilyn was a fool but she had a certain vulnerable quality about her add to which a flair for comedy plus genuine kindness which made her an icon. Megan could have said the tatoo was too big.

  59. bugsy says:

    “you can tell that both of them are going to have weight struggles in their 30′s”

    wtf? how can you “tell” if someone will have weight issues? Maybe if they were currently overweight and struggling to keep it off. Maybe if you caught pictures of them eating boxes of doughnuts, standing on a broken scale that reads “one at a time, please”. More like you’re hoping they’ll have weight issues.

  60. The Truth Fairy says:

    I agree with @K and the others who say she looks pregnant!

  61. samab says:

    she’s taking also distance from lindsay lohan which always repeats her admiration for marilyn monroe.You people that say she’s pregnant or she looks so are crazy.she looks good.if it wasn’t for the jacked up face…

  62. Jacqueline says:

    Im beginning to get the feeling that veganism is an excuse for forced starvation aka anorexia/bulimia. No disrespect to the people who are vegan for real reasons.

  63. VeneficA Delirium says:

    I don’t even know that much about Marilyn Monroe and I knew she had issues.

    However, I wouldn’t have blamed Marilyn Monroe for her mental health. I don’t think it was very cool of her to have an affair with a married man, but that’s beside the point. Nobody chooses their mental illness. It doesn’t quite work that way.

    If anything, Megan Fox should be criticizing the media for glamorizing Marilyn Monroe’s emotional/mental struggles rather than Marilyn Monroe herself.

    Eh, she’s still a raging moron.

  64. corny says:

    believe how obese she looks? I can’t see her skelton anymore, shameful!
    she should ask Kirstie what she did to lose all those lbs

  65. nextman says:

    Megan Fox looks way better with the extra pounds! and more sexy

  66. Mouse says:

    WHAT she was eating/veganism was not her problem. She was scary skinny because she WASN’T eating and it looked pretty damn obvious. Eating a vegan diet does not make someone look emaciated. I get a lot of good recipes at

    I think it’s sad that this girl is obsessed with herself to the point that she can’t put on a few healthy pounds without feeling like she has to make BS excuses for it. She does look much better with the extra weight, whether it’s because she’s pregnant or finally got a clue.

  67. z says:

    yes, she does look way better now… much healthier.