Kim Kardashian looks awful & Kris Humphries might be “the prisoner groom”


Did you know there’s a magazine called “World’s Most Beautiful”? There is, and Kim Kardashian is their first cover girl. The cover is in 3D, in case you care. That’s why Kim is wearing the 3D glasses in some of the photos. But I’m more interested in the photos where you can really see her face. Now, I have long maintained that Kim’s face has gotten a massive overhaul, and that she’s full of Botox, fillers, lip injections and God knows what else. But one thing that I rarely take into account is the fake eyelashes. They give her face such a weird look, right? It’s like she’s attached gigantic tarantulas to her eyes.


By the way, we’re in full countdown mode for Kim’s wedding. It’s next week, on the 20th. Kim has invited every dumb celebrity you can imagine, but I seriously doubt all of them are going to show up. I mean, will Jennifer Lopez come to Kim’s wedding? No, right? And while Kim obsesses over every little detail, it seems like Kris Humphries has just started to realize how deep it’s gotten. Kris tweeted yesterday, “Time is moving fast.” Ya think? Oh, what will happen if he pulls a runner? He’s the dude version of Charlene Wittstock, I think. The prisoner groom.

What’s worse? Apparently, Kim refused to invite many of Kris’s relatives, and Kris has been fighting with Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner. In Touch Weekly’s insider claims that Kris Jenner is “a stage mother with a type-A personality. She controls her daughters’ lives, and already she’s trying to control Kris’ as well. She turned into the mother-in-law from hell as soon as Kris proposed.” The insider also has Kris Jenner telling Kris Humphries, “Kim isn’t becoming a Humphries. You’re becoming a Kardashian. Deal with it!” Poor Kris Humphries.





Photos courtesy of WENN & Fame.

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  1. NancyMan says:

    She looks so incredibly odd! Weird features, strange hairline and enough makeup to grease my Mercedes.

  2. guesty says:

    she’s an excellent choice for the next catwoman.

    on topic: she’s only getting married for the sake of getting married. hope he runs for his damn life & the wedding never happens.

  3. Andrea says:

    What’s up with her hairline? Mannequin!!

  4. momoftwo says:

    These pics make me sad. She was so incredibly beautiful and exotic. And yet so ridiculously insecure that she had to go and do that to herself.

    I always thought if I been born beautiful with a great body, I would have been happy and confident. Clearly that is not a guarantee.

    She wrecked her face and body in her prime and I’m sure she’ll regret it one day….

  5. brin says:

    Wow….those klose-ups are skary!
    I’m surprised mama Kris let fiance Kris keep his name (isn’t one Kris in the family enough?).

  6. Jo says:

    We get what we wish for every time. We wanted an end to the stories about Paris and Kate G and Heidi and Spencer. Well, all it took was for these clowns to appear. Now, I can only wish for another mindless twit to appear so we can toss this lot out as well.

  7. bros says:

    her hairline looks like jermaine jackson’s.

  8. Thea says:

    Dude needs to jump ship now and save himself the hell he is entering in. Looking at his in laws and their faces everyday would make me get the hell out of there.

  9. Ellie says:

    I think she has to wear sooooo much makeup beacuse her skin is Chock-Full-O pimples and blemishes. So ultimately she’s not as perfect as she appears to be.

  10. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Look, this guy knew what he was signing up for when he proposed to Kim ” allegedly” I don’t believe it was actually a proposal more of a business proposition. She’s been dating this guy for what 2 weeks and were all suppose to believe this. Plus it’s funny how she’s inviting these so called A list Celebs, I doubt she even has a relationship with half of them. I can say one thing, I will not be tuning in.

  11. Tammi says:

    I dont think kris relatives are coming because the wedding is fake without his fam blessing.

  12. Jen says:

    Her cover picture looks stupid. It’s like she’s holding in a sneeze or something.

    Also, Kris Jenner would never let Kris Humphries become Kris Kardashian…she wants that to be her name too much.

  13. Mari says:

    Her eyes are certainly her best feature but I think she’s taking “accentuate what you’ve got” a little too far.

  14. Anon says:

    Her hairline looks like a lacefront on the top. Is she plucking her hairline? Is anything about her real?

  15. NeNe says:

    I have a sinking suspicion that there isn’t going to be a marriage. I think this is all planned out, and at the last second her and kris are going to break up. And of course, this is going to bring huge ratings to her show. It’s hard being a famewh*re. NOT!!!!

  16. justme says:

    She looks like the surgical catwoman now. Shame, she ruined her looks.

  17. Melinda says:

    I just realized that I’m going to Yosemite on the day of this circus. I was second guessing whether I was up for roughing it, then I realized I would be away from all media for this weekend and the beginning of next week. Perfect unintentional timing. ;)

  18. becky says:

    on her hairline – i think she lasers the little hairs around her hairline and thats why it looks like that

  19. Stubbylove says:

    I agree with many of you – these up close pics just make me sad. Don’t get me wrong – the chick has absolutely no talent but she was beautiful and I appreciated her exotic looks. She’s a freak now – and it’s just going to get worse as she ages.

    and @Bros – LOL!!!

  20. LIVEALOT says:

    anyone that marries into this family is a famewhore themselves (i.e. lamar/disik). NO SYMPATHY FROM ME.

  21. brin says:

    @NeNe….that would so not surprise me…anything for ratings with this family.

  22. Truthful says:

    Sooo now she supposedly has a perfect hairline??? that looks sooo fake.

    there are pictures of her w/thin edges and patchy skin in her hairline but NOW she has a perfect hairline w/spider lashes..

    the fakeness never stops w/her.

    They pick men that they “think” are pushovers..she thought Reggie was one.
    HE never wanted to be married before 30 but Kim kept pushing the interviews and making comments, he didn’t buy into it.

    going ring shopping w/o him, meeting w/Vera Wang (secretly w/100 paps there)

    Kris is not that strong, smdh.

    They pick dumb men purposely, like LaMar Odom..their pickings are slim.

  23. Toe says:

    She hates her baby hairs. so she has them removed. that is why her hairline looks strange.

  24. Sophee says:

    She takes smelly sh|ts just like the rest of us.

  25. I must agree, what IS wrong with her hairline? I have been and continue to be so tired beyond words of the whole damn family.

  26. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    In the picture, third from the bottom, it looks like Nicole Shurzinger was stung repeatedly in the face by a thousand angry hornets.

  27. gee says:

    @Toe: I read the same thing.

  28. says:

    I think Kris Humphries should wait until Sunday evening when the family sits down to watch their Sunday movie, say he is making a quick run to the store, and never come back.

    It’s worked for other people.

  29. BellaLuna says:

    OMG her face is so jacked! Its crazy, and not in the least bit attractive

  30. Jackson says:

    That’s exactly what I was going to comment on, those ridiculous fake eye lashes. Cat eyes and spider lashes….and yet, she looks so fresh and natural, lol. She really is a complete fool.

  31. birdie says:

    look at her hairline.. it looks like she wears a wig, but no..she had laser treatments to remove her baby hair..i mean.. it looks sooo bad!!

  32. 4Real says:

    That third pic shows it all. She’s practically swollen with fillers. She’s a naturally hairy bitch so she gets everything lazered like her baby hairs around her face. That poor guy is simply a prop. Kris Jenner = SATAN!

  33. anne says:

    she’s getting so oldddddddd

  34. ladybert62 says:

    The disaster wedding of the century is coming soon! How long after the wedding will it be before him or her files for divorce? I dont even give it 6 months – then we will have the divorce of the century with he saids/she saids/they (as in Kardashian’s) said – now that will be interesting while the wedding is kinda boring!

    I do feel sorry for groom Kris and wonder if he will go through with it as all she really wants is the wedding/publicity blah blah blah – might as well put a groom mannequin standin for all she really cares!!!!

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Anon – The only thing “real” about her is her vanity & her familial famewhore blood.

    I don’t think KH t-r-u-l-y realises what he’s getting into. Or maybe he’s finally starting to realise.

    Not inviting his family? His future MOL telling him Lardassian’s not becoming a Humphries, he’s becoming a Kartrashian?

    End well this will not.

  36. Madisyn says:

    I give it 6-9 months, tops. I’ll bet Kim has got her exit stragedy all planned out. I wonder if she’s filled Kris H. in on this part of the plan?

  37. searching4grace says:

    Bah! I was feeling sleepy until that second picture jumped up on my screen. Scared the crap out of me. I’m awake now. LOL @! You’re has worked for other people…

  38. cmc says:


    Remember we were all saying that about Khloe when she got engaged/married… still together and those two seem really happy. I think Kim cares too much about perfection and her pride to leave it up to chance- there must be an iron-clad contract involved with this union, even if they’re genuinely in love (which I doubt).

  39. Alice says:

    I just realized (I haven’t been following this story too closely) her fiance has the same name as her mother. That’s really weird and creepy. I know it’s not anyone’s fault, but it’s weird and creepy all the same.

  40. dahlia1947 says:

    Yeah she’s definitely gone too far with those lashes! It’s overkill! Her face looks more narrow like from her jawline. That’s what gives her that cat face.

  41. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Alice – Could you imagine screaming (or moaning) out your mother’s name while in bed? *shudders* (Same goes for fathers, brothers, sisters, kids. NO.)

  42. Erica says:

    Kim you look radiant girl love you kimmi

  43. jb says:

    She looks like naya rivera from glee in the fourth picture down. She needs to stop tweaking herself.

  44. SweetLou says:

    Mother Kardashian should feel lucky to be associated with anyone of actual relevance! urgggghhhhhh, how dare the witch?!

    *so embarrassed* I actually watch their reality show. I think Kris Jenner is like creepy-obsessed with Kim. Like she’d secretly love to wear Kim’s skin as a suit! lol Run Kris H! Runnnnnnnnnn!!!! Mama Kardashian wants to tap that assssssssss!!!!!

  45. Liz says:

    I can’t comment – I’m scared by her

  46. Pixiegirl says:

    I would have never noticed that hairline but now, I can’t stop looking at it! It’s terrifying!!

  47. anonymoose says:

    seeing or reading about this clown family and their lives never fails to uplift my regard for my own life. i am thrilled to NOT be a kardashian (for one thing, that NAME, gack!, has always sounded like a disease), and even though i am not monetarily wealthy, i am far more rich and privileged than these narcissists ever will be.

    does their mother dress them? because no self-respecting person would leave the house in anything they wear! that’s it in a nutshell: they have no self-respect. “desperate” is no substitute for healthy self-esteem.

    what boggles my mind is that they have an audience. and that audience pays them. how about no one watches that sicko wedding? and don’t buy the magazines covering them either? they may give comic relief in a stressful world, but there are more important causes to donate cash to than lining kardashian pockets.

  48. Tiffany S says:

    For some reason I don’t think Kris Humphries is a famewhore, guys can be a little dim and I think he might be in a biscuit-haze- she is doing calendars and photoshoots and magazine covers, so I’m sure he can’t stand the thought of someone else getting her, even if her reputation for being so hot and desirable is basically manufactured. (Hasn’t anyone else stayed in a relationship for too long because you didn’t want someone else getting their paws on your partner because of the good things, regardless of the fact that the relationship – and person – were highly dysfunctional? Just me?) Also I’m sure she’s really sweet, generous, charming (i.e. manipulative) with him a lot of the time. As far as Scott Disick (the S is silent, as Michael K likes to say), yes I think he is a famewhore and is milking it for all it’s worth. I feel bad for Kourtney but she could have found a man who respected her and didn’t, so she can only blame herself. Khloe and Lamar seem to have something real but maybe I’m naive.

    Anyway I feel sorry for K Hump, he seems too nice for this but maybe that’s only because we haven’t heard anything from him ever so who knows what he’s like.

  49. Denise says:

    You know what is sad? We are going to have these people in our faces until the end of time. I mean they have younger sisters, they are going to have children and on and on and on…… Back to the photos, I have to say that she looks really strange; she must have an entire team put her together in the morning; what guy is going to put up with that shizz? I hope he bails at the last minute, that would really make for good TV.

  50. Kim says:

    Kim really is an ugly man isnt he.

  51. TL says:

    Like Kate Moss, I really dont see the appeal here. But her family made 65 million last year on that reality show. A show about nothing. That’s messed up with how bad the rest of the world has it.

  52. Lisa says:

    The HAIRLINE!!! WTF is up with that? She’s looking more cat-like as the days go by.

  53. Usedtoitall says:

    Its a lace front wig everyone! That’s why her hair line looks like that. I do hair I know what i’m talking about. It’s fake hair down to her hair line. Not cute. Jus saying

  54. Amanda G says:

    Wow, her eyelashes are scary looking.

  55. *bRaZiLiAn* says:




  56. fabgrrl says:

    “I’m surprised mama Kris let fiance Kris keep his name (isn’t one Kris in the family enough?).”

    Maybe he should change his name to Humphrie/Humphrey Kardashian! Anything to appease Kris.

  57. Joe's Mom says:

    I hope he bails at the last sec, too, for his own good. Like Tiffany said, he might just be hanging in there cuz he doesn’t want anyone else to take his place, give up a good thing, so he THINKS he can roll with it. I don’t see any chemistry with these two, at all. She’s always leading the way. No side-by-side, facing the world. It’s always all about her, and if I see a pic with them in it, I have to look hard to see where he is, even thought he’s a foot taller than she is. I hope he suddenly realizes that with her, he can kiss goodbye whatever he liked to do before, cuz whatever he does from now on with her, is going to wrinkle Kim’s dress, or smudge her make-up, or there’s going to be a camera in his face, with script. Not to mention the Mom-in-law and “sisters” telling him what’s up. I can’t see a guy who’s worked this hard to become a pro-athlete caving in to this song and dance. I wonder what the guys in the locker room are really saying behind his back. No more normal, ever. JMHO.

  58. DetRiotgirl says:

    I know I’m in the minority here, but l still think she’s pretty. Yes, she was prettier before and, yes, she has totally changed her face. But, eh. I still think she looks kind of cute in a plastic Barbie alien sort of way.

    As for her show, I once tried to watch that snore fest and literally couldn’t get through five minutes of it. I have no idea who’s watching this stuff. I don’t hate Kim Kardashian. I mean, she’s really not worth the kind of energy it takes to actively hate someone. But, I truly do not understand her success either.

  59. Nikki Girl says:

    I never used to think she had done anything to her face, but it’s become more and more obvious, especially when you see older pictures of her. It’s sad really, because she was absolutely naturally gorgeous, and now her face is looking very waxen and tight. Creepy.

    I definitely agree with the earlier poster who said she’s only getting married for the sake of getting married. I don’t think she and Kris Humphries even really know eachother at all. It’s going to be a disaster and there’s no way in hell it’ll last.

  60. Kelly says:

    The hairline is jacked. It’s like Vinnie’s from the Jersey Shore. I too read that she had pretty much every last hair lasered from her body.

    And ENOUGH with the eyelashes. I feel like I post this heartfelt plea every time there’s a KKK story. I just don’t get it! How can she even keep her damn eyes open!

  61. eternalcanadian says:

    Whoa, could Kim’s face be any more pulled back and duck-faced enough? Run Kris, run!

    Oh wait, isn’t Kim’s mother’s name Kris?

    Freudian slip, eh? :P

  62. Cirque28 says:

    Yikes, those close-ups. Is that a Realdoll or is Madame Tussaud’s getting racier?

  63. Alix says:

    I don’t know which is worse, the tarantula lashes or the hideous beige lipstick.

  64. Charlotte says:

    The poor boy is getting sucked into the Kris Jenner vortex. That whole crap about her changing her name back to Kardashian – effing appalling!!! She’s been married to Bruce Jenner close to twice as long as she was to Bob Kardashian. Plus, she DIVORCED him and he’s DEAD. She is so disrespectful to her current and long-suffering husband.

  65. Snooki says:

    The Kardashian Wedding invite was SO underwhelming. This is what it should have looked like:

  66. buckley says:

    My dream show:

    Humpries dumps her on wedding day and it is still televised.
    I’d tivo and watch that every day!

  67. Ann C says:

    She had her hairline lasered???!!! For what reason??!!
    This piglet is beyond fake and foolish.

    Totally agree that these fake-bots like their men dumb. Disik’s a useless, drunken tool; Lamar’s uglier than sin (but he can sink a ball) and the latest ass-kisser looks and probably is mentally challenged!!

    $10 million wedding — whatta joke!!

  68. buckley says:

    She looks like Kimora Lee on that third pic.

  69. Dhavy says:

    She looks like she should belong in the movie “Death Becomes Her”

    Why are wasting our time talking about this famewhore?

  70. Venefica Delirium says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

    I’m overweight, I feel ugly. It’s hundreds of times more difficult to deal with insecurity when droves of people aren’t there to validate you all the time. I can’t even afford plastic surgery, so I’ve spent the past three years hiding, trying to not be seen.

    She’s capitalized off of this alleged “hot body”. I don’t think her plastic surgery has jack shit to do with self-esteem, because if she was that self-conscious she wouldn’t be inviting the paparazzi to take photos of her posing in a bikini. She’d be hiding.

    If I had half the validation this pig had gotten, I’d be gracious enough to leave my face alone. Had she ever been ridiculed for her appearance? (And no, the fat ass comments don’t count because she brings those upon herself and seems rather proud of her lardy, lumpy ass.) I bet you she hadn’t.

    Poor, poor Kim Kardashian. Now her inner ugliness manifests itself physically.

    This is all about vanity. She’s such a high maintenance waste of time. I find that most of these chicks everyone feels sorry for because they’ve jacked up their looks have never faced true insecurity when people place them on a higher standard of beauty. It must be nice to be judged much less harshly than normal girls and still have everyone feel sorry for you once you’ve gone to an extreme with it even though you are the one exploiting insecurity by perpetuating those standards and dictates of what constitutes as perfect. Yet, I still doubt that Kim Kardashian cries herself to sleep at night over jacking up her face. She thinks she looks like hot shit.

    Kim Kardashian is afraid of outgrowing her fanboys and face eventually having to be judged on something other than how she looks in a swimsuit.

  71. Ro says:

    Yeah, she looks weird here. She never should have lasered her hairline, or whatever it was she did. Now it looks strange, almost like she got hair plugs.

  72. lisa says:

    Her makeup is really bad. She looks so much better without all that heavy foundation. Why she does this is beyond me. It’s like she is addicted to the makeup and those spider eyelashes.

    Kris seems to be enjoying all that media attention. The thing that pisses me off is when those entertainment shows keep calling this the Royal Hollywood wedding..

    That is just beyond all.

  73. Robb7 says:

    A sad tale of narcissistic limelight whores who actually believe their own sense of entitlement. Who’s to blame? All those clueless fans who line up to buy their magazine covers, shoddy products and bore themselves senseless watching their reality shows.

    BOYCOTT the wedding extravaganza on TV, otherwise, you’re just contributing to their ill gotten gain!!!

  74. viviana says:

    Kris Humphries deserves better than Kim Kardashian. He has been totally blind-sided. He needs to find a young woman with the same values he shares. If I were his mother I would be concerned about my son marrying a woman who has been married and divorced, had a sex tape out for the world to see, dated a string of athletes and bodyguards…yes, Kris deserves much better.

  75. Denise says:

    I have to keep coming back to these pictures; this is the most jacked up shizz I have seen in a long time. I cannot believe that she got all of this work done at 30; I sincerely hope that she looks in the mirror and sees her soul and calls off this blasphemy of a wedding. Word to her mother, the only place lower that you can sink is hell. To the groom; run for your life, seriously, no one will blame you.

  76. LindaE says:

    Gotta say not interested in this short dumpy pig or her dopey looking boyfriend. Let ‘em get married – $10 million, $20 million — who cares??!!

    Hopefully, the pig will get knocked up and become even more unattractive than she is — and poof! — she’ll be gone!!

  77. Jonathan says:

    All this hoopla and media coverage of a wedding that matters to no one. Millions of dollars down the drain for two cartoon characters – Lard Ass and Lurch.

    Be gone you fools!

  78. Venefica Delirium says:

    She looks downright manly on that magazine cover, BTW.

  79. Blu says:

    The harder she tries , the more transparent she becomes .. I don’t find her to be a attractive person ,she has no talent, no personality,

  80. oh god says:

    Her hairline is weird because she used to have a very low hairline/very small forehead, and some people on celebrity gossip sites mentioned it all the time. This was after very-eager-to-be-famous kimbo “leaked” her sex tape so she was reading all the gossip websites. Using laser, she enlarged her forehead size by moving her natural hairline further back. Basically, part of what you see as her forehead now used to be part of her scalp. Nothing is real about her anymore. Even her “baby” voice is fake just like that of paris. Inside and out, she is a lying, rotten, nobody, fake attention and fame

  81. yes says:

    I completely agree with what Robb7 said!!!

  82. disgusting says:

    Her hairline looks weird because she changed the size of her forehead using laser hair removal. Shortly after very-eager-to-be-famous kimbo “leaked” her sex tape, people on gossip websites mentioned how low her hairline was. At that time, she was reading all the gossip websites that featured her and altered her looks accordingly. Basically, what you see now as a part of her forehead is actually a part of her scalp. She used laser hair removal and moved her natural hairline further back in order to increase her forehead size. Nothing is real about this desperate, nobody, famous-for-nothing, rotten inside and out, pathological lying, narcissist fame She is fake inside and out. Even her “baby” voice is fake just like that of paris.

  83. BELLA says:

    Chris!!!!! Run!!!!!! cancell wedding !!!
    Now that would be awesome!!!! run run

  84. Kai says:

    Don’t know what to say, never seen such hate for a woman. Can’t think of nothing else to say, I think you guys have said it all. Well, I will say this, I think Kris is young, Kim looks much older than he does. Young guys getting married at 26, the Divorce odds are against this marriage lasting. Kim does look jacked up. She was more of a natural pretty before. I read that her face was sagging a bit and that she didn’t want plastic surgery, the article said she has Botox, Steroids and some skin altering drug injected in her face to get rid of the sagging lines which may have altered her face. Either way, if you pull back from the computer and look at her, she looks much older than Kris. she sort of looks like she could be his Mom. The reason she has started wearing her hair back in a ponytail is because she is trying to look more teenagerish! Who knows maybe she looks much prettier in person because the camera is certainly not doing her justice anymore. Either way, with their million dollar empire, Kris Humphries will never have to worry about money. The sister Chloe made sure she was going to keep Lamar Odom in her pocket. Heard she brought him a white rolls royce just because his team won a game. She also promised Lamar that some business venture her and mom were enacting that Lamar would be a partner. You know, money can buy lots of love these days. Kris after having his fill of Kim, will most likely do as any 26 year old does. He will one day meet someone prettier and younger than Kim and most likely stray ,and momma kim will do like her sister Chloe and reel him back in like a fish by buying him a Bugatti or Lamborghini. Well listen, rarely do marriages in the public eye last. But don’t forget the kardashians have a multimillion dollar empire and these young guys may not be as naive and dumb as you think. If something every happens to their careers, they will have all that Kardashian money to fall back on, not to mention all the publicity, they get from marrying into the Kardashians, the money from the reality show, fragrances and whatever else he will have access to. Case in point, Lamar Odom by marrying a Kardashian is now an international celebrity, he has his own reality TV show, his own fragrance on the market, and whatever deals have come his way. Kris and Lamar may not be as naive and dumb as you guys want to think. They are now both instant celebrities who some may say was rich before, but now they are part of the Wealthy and Famous! Whatever the next big is that comes to the kardashian doorstep, these guys will now be part of all those deals making sh”t loads of money. So there you have it in a nutshell! Kim K and her family may be sluts and whores, but they are million dollar money making Slores and Lamar and Kris by marrying these rich sluts, just cashed in their Lotto Ticket!

  85. Lulu says:

    She changed the size of her forehead??!!! This slut is two surgeries away from beating Heidi Montag in the race for Miss Plastic 2011!!

  86. 411ok2011 says:

    Hairline: It looks as if she did what her brother ROB KARDASHIAN DID and got a hair transplant for her edges…that is definately transplanted hair…more thank likely…as you can see areas of insertion….

  87. sara says:

    WTF happened to this woman’s face? She looks like “cat woman” or a cartoon character. Major creepy. Her lips look like a duck & those fake lashes yikes. Why can’t women just age gracefully. This mess looks awful. I think she did u a favor Kris, Good riddance to this plastic wax figure. Give her a yr or so & her A@# will be hitting the ground with her fake tits