Neil Patrick Harris, Elton John, assorted Davids & babies vacation together


Since you guys seemed to enjoy yesterday’s photos of Elton John and David Furnish’s big gay vacation, here are even more pics. Elton, David and their baby Zachary are currently in St. Tropez where they are partying and hanging out with Neil Patrick Harris and his partner, David Burtka and their twins.

According to People Mag, the two families went for a cruise around the Italian Mediterranean, stopped in Portofino for gelato, and then returned to St. Tropez. Throughout the trip, NPH and Burtka each held on to a baby (I have no idea which is which), while Elton’s partner David Furnish held on to Zachary. Leaving Elton the odd-man-out, baby-holding-wise. This is my favorite part of the People story:

“It took a bit of organization,” one source tells PEOPLE, “because they had to come ashore by launch. And that has to be done very carefully with infants.”

After arranging the three children in sun caps and pint-sized life jackets, the group disembarked their yacht, loaded up a Zodiac craft from St. Tropez beach restaurant Club 55 at noon and sailed to the wooden pier at Pampelonne Beach – where dozens of locals had gathered to see them come ashore.

[From People]

Sun caps and “pint-sized life jackets”. WANT. So cute.

You know what this makes me nostalgic for? Will & Grace. I loved that show! Remember when Elton John came on the head of the Gay Mafia? I feel like that’s for real. NPH and Elton are the de facto heads of the (fabulous) Gay Mafia and seeing them vacation together with their babies… it’s all so amazing. I bet they’re plotting their takeover.





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. anyaberry says:

    How stinking cute are these babies?

  2. Justalark says:

    FYI: I believe that NPH and his partner, David, have boy and girl fraternal twins, not two little girls! Regardless, they are so squeezable and adorable! :-)

  3. Janna says:

    Yes, the babies are named Gideon and Harper.

  4. jlo1982 says:

    i would loooove to be on that boat!!!!

  5. Kaiser says:

    Thanks, I fixed it! I really thought they were twin girls, my bad.

  6. fabgrrl says:

    Aw, too cute!

  7. yes says:

    so wrong on so many levels what in the world is this world coming too….

    • Cindy says:

      Very wrong. You can’t explain to a young child why he doesn’t have a mommy like the other kids when he gets home from school. You can’t. What are you going to tell him…we don’t like women? He’s not going to understand “sexual preference”. And when he’s old enough to do what he wants and wants to know about his mother. How are you going to explain that his mother is not a part of their lives? Awkward? I guess so.

  8. gee says:

    So much cute, I’m dying right now.

  9. Roma says:

    I love and I want. Elton just looks confused by the whole life jacket situation though.

  10. Lindy says:

    @yes… What, exactly, is so wrong? That there are there are three precious little babies who are lucky enough to have two stable, financially comfortable, loving, doting parents?

    • Cindy says:

      Think about it. When they’re babies, it doesn’t matter. They don’t know what’s going on. They’ll get to the age where they’ll want to know things. Why there is no mommy. What are they going to tell him? How are they going to explain that mommy doesn’t exist in their lives anymore? Especially when he’s grown. He wants to visit the woman who gave birth to him. No? Are they going to tell him no? What if he wants to take care of her for the rest of her life? How much is that going to hurt Elton and David?

  11. Hollowdoll says:

    “Remember when Elton John came on the head of the Gay Mafia?”

    Interesting wording. LMAO! Yes my mind is always in the gutter. Big surprise.

    So glad both couples are enjoying themselves.

  12. WhiteNoise says:

    Love pic.4, all that concentration to get the little ‘uns equipped for their trip. I’m sure there’s a ‘how many men does it take’ joke in there somewhere. Love also how little Harper gets a pretty girly life jacket while the boys have macho plain ones!

    Gorgeous pics.

  13. Maritza says:

    I bet Elton John being the queen that he is does not change diapers, he hands the kid to his partner and says,”You wanted a baby, you change him…”
    Neil Patrick and David make such a cute couple and all the babies are so cute.

  14. spinner says:

    Loved Will & Grace! These babies are all adorable but I will admit…for a lot of people, this is beyond the norm.

  15. b.r says:


    Scooter and Barney 4ever!

    /fangurl squee

    How awesome to see such lovely families!

  16. KsGirl says:

    Wow, gay dudes make super cute babies! You know what’s awesomest about this? I mean, the cuteness level IS awesome, but the best, the very best thing, is the way these photos give posters like #7 a shitfit. Love it.

  17. MJ says:

    It makes me happy to see stable, intelligent, successful and responsible adults becoming parents. I don’t understand how anyone could think there’s anything wrong here. The world needs more parents like these folks – those who WANT to have children, not just those who CAN.

  18. the original bellaluna says:

    So much adorableness on one vacation! I’d love to be there, just to hang out with them all.

  19. Robbie's Girl says:

    Neil Patrick and David make such a good looking couple.

    @MJ- I completely agree.

  20. california angel says:

    @ Comment # 7 – Ya geez people on vacation with their babies, its f****ing madness!!! (Sarcastic tone) (*throws cool whip pie at*)

  21. Nanea says:


    While I do believe these guys are gay ;-) , I don’t think there’s anything mafia-like about them.

    BTW, the term has a Murdoch-related background: apparently his papers NYPost and The Sun are those that mostly used it.

  22. anoneemouse says:

    Absolutely LOVE NPH but am wondering why every pic of him with the babies that has been released to the media he is holding the boy baby and not the girl….?

  23. xxodettexx says:

    how adorable and the added fun of thinking about bigots’ heads exploding when seeing this pics makes viewing these SO MUCH MORE fun! ;)

  24. Joe's Mom says:

    LOL @KsGirl. I’ve always been crazy about EJ and NPH. Such cute and obviously loved kids!

  25. Ashley says:

    They should adopt me, I would love to be on that boat,,<3

  26. Lisa says:

    How hot is NPH…if I had to choose a gay husband, he’s the tip top of my list…love these pics of him!!

  27. Jen34 says:

    All those babies are so precious. NPH was the best thing about the Smurfs movie. I had forgotten how adorable he was. I’m sure his kids are going to love seeing Daddy in that movie when they are older.

  28. Annie says:

    @ Ks girl…you are so on the money..# 7 and his/her ilk can’t stand to see the love and acceptance these families receive…Hope there’s a special place in he ll for these haters…

    hey #7 New York is just the beginning…try getting on the right side of history or get out of the way, short of that keep your bigoted remarks to yourself!!

  29. Aqua says:

    It’s nice to read about some happy couple news for a change! Everyones babies are just to cute for words.

  30. xxodettexx says:

    anoneemouse: i wondered about your statement but a quick look around blogs and i found this: so i guess there goes your theory

  31. Yes says:

    Ohh I’m sorry last I checked I’m allowed my own opinion even if you don’t agree, is this a blog.

  32. Annie says:

    @yes …well not to split hairs but the site does ban bigoted remarks and I think yours falls under that category…
    To answer your orgininal question “what is this world coming too..”
    I guess it’s one that doesn’t tolerate your brand of intolerance….it’s so 1980′ your mind you might find it helps dislodge the stick!!

  33. yes says:

    I’m allowed my own opinion even if you DONT AGREE, get over yourself.

  34. yes says:

    i dont have to justify myself to anyone call me what you want its stll my opinion……….. i dont bash you for agreeing with flith like this so again get over yourself…. go join the gay parade or something

  35. Annie says:

    Frankly I think you need to get over your bigoted self, but that’s between you and your god…

    I find that people with your views typically degenerate into irresponsible name calling…”filthy?” is that the behavior or the people?

    As my Father once wisely told me ” Be careful about who/what you hate, as it will inevitably be family one day”
    I wish you many gay grandchildren!

  36. Cindy says:

    @Yes This is a blog and you are allowed your opinion, no matter how bigoted and ignorant it is. As this is a blog, be prepared when people don’t agree to hear about it.

    @Annie “Many gay grandchildren.” LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  37. wtf? says:

    Ever wonder why the bigots always have the worst grammar and spelling? What is flith?

  38. aenflex says:

    I love these pictures. They symbolize the impending destruction of a really yucky stigma. Brought a tear to my cynical eye~

  39. lilred says:

    I wish you many gay grandchildren!

    Annie: Annie for the “win” quote of the day.

  40. Cindy says:

    Gay people should consider what’s going to happen when the baby is no longer a baby. Gay people should not have children simply because they can. Gay men, gay women – they have a separate lifestyle the heterosexuals. They cannot give birth like a woman in a heterosexual marriage. Gay people should not involve children. No child is going to understand. Babies don’t care. Babies are babies. Babies get older. Ask questions. Grow up. Want to see mom. Elton and David say, what? That there is no mom? Adults aren’t going to buy that. When Zac is an adult, when he wants to visit mom…what are they going to say, “no”?