Fantasia Barrino is pregnant, likely by the same married dude as before


Fantasia Barrino is pregnant! This was a long time coming. Last year, Fantasia made major news after her affair with a married man, Antwaun Cook, became public as his wife Paula publicly called out Fantasia’s home wrecking ways. At first, Fantasia lied and denied the affair, but Paula had lots of evidence to back up her story, so Fantasia attempted suicide (with an overdose of aspirin and sleeping pills) which seemed like more of a cry for help than an actual bid to kill herself (she called her friend after she took the pills – the friend was just a few yards away). After the suicide attempt, Fantasia’s recovery tour began in earnest, and she admitted the affair, which she said was okay because she already knew that Jesus forgave her. She then “confronted” her married lover for her reality show. There were also lots of rumors that Fantasia was pregnant last year, with the Enquirer and Bossip declaring the pregnancy (paternity by Antwaun) a sure thing. Months later, Fantasia revealed that she had an abortion during that time period (around August 2010).

Anyway, Fantasia announced her pregnancy at a charity event in Jacksonville, Florida over the weekend, telling the crowd, “You are the first persons that I share this news with. And I share this with you because I can relate to you. And for a while I walked around figuring out what will they say and what will they think about me. But now I tell you I don’t live my life for folk. So… this child that I’m carrying, God has given me this child. And I don’t have to hide it from none of y’all.” There’s video:

So the question is now “Who is the baby-daddy?” Global Grind says, “Everyone believes that the father is her long-time boyfriend, Antwaun Cook.” The YBF has photos (see them here) of Fantasia and Antwaun on holiday together in Barbados just a few weeks ago, so it does seem that they are still together, and it’s my guess that Antwaun is the baby-daddy again. She looks second-trimester too. Hm… I wonder if his divorce has been finalized?



Photos of Fantasia from June of this year, and one from last year. Courtesy of WENN.

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  1. hatsumomo says:

    What a loser and that poor child thats going to be born to her. May God help that baby.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh, this woman is a mess. And I don’t mean fashion-wise, either.

  3. KJ says:

    This will end well, trust me.

  4. brin says:

    Yeah, I feel for this baby.

  5. the original bellaluna says:

    @ brin – What kind of life will this child have? Can you imagine the level of drama in this poor baby’s life? *shudders, but still waves*

  6. Twez says:

    “Jesus loves you, everyone else thinks you’re an asshole.”

  7. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @kaiser, you missed a big part of the back story. I’m pretty sure “sources” claimed she attempted suicide while pregnant (during the time Antoine’s wife was suing her). From what I remember, she only LATER claimed she had an abortion prior to the incident (because people were calling for her to be investigated and have her eldest daughter removed from her care).

  8. brin says:

    @bellaluna…it’s sad & scary, she just seems like an emotional wreck. *waving & shuddering*

  9. Sigh. says:

    So, by *her* (convenient) interpretation of the bible, God gave her *this* child, and He’s just fine with termination of the one He gave her last year by the same man so we should all just shut up…


    Baby Daddy will cheat on her, she’ll ignore it for a minute until he outright embarrasses her/spends up her money. She’ll dump him and hit the Gospel/Inspirational Music route in an attempt at a comeback because she’ll be bankrupt again.

  10. fabchick says:

    She is a big dummy. The same way she got him is the same way she will lose him. He left his wife and small kids for her. What makes her think she is any different. Also I hate the way she brings god into everything. How does she think god feels about what he did to his wife and other kids. She is a big hypocrite.

  11. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Woah JPX thats very harsh. Your forgetting that Fantasia also won American Idol, still has a successful singing career, and she has learned to read. Fantasia is making some bad choices in love but I can’t go two steps in my life without bumping into a woman without a dysfunctional love life.

  12. Violet says:

    As @MorticiansDoItDeader points out, Fantasia was pregnant when she overdosed last year. She must’ve known perfectly well that she was jeopardizing her baby’s wellbeing by taking all those pills, so she either didn’t care about that or was planning to terminate the pregnancy from the start.

    Antwaun should be ashamed of himself for not getting a vasectomy after last year’s mess. (It goes without saying that it would be even better if Fantasia got her tubes tied, but I doubt she’d ever be rational and unselfish enough to even consider it.)

    I wish that Child Protective Services would step in and rescue her eldest, because Fantasia is clearly too egocentric and unstable to be any sort of mother.

    That poor baby. I just hope Fantasia is more nurturing towards this one than her last.

  13. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Why doesn’t Fantansia get her tubes tied? Then she can have unprotected sex with whoever she wants without bringing an innocent into this world.


  14. Darla says:

    I just hate people like this. It takes a real sense of entitlement and vanity to shack up with another woman’s hysband. Then they all say, “well, Jayzus forgives me, so I forgive myself”. Bitch, you didn’t screw Jesus’ husband. Look to the people you’ve injured to forgive you.

    Oh, and if you think that he will love you any more because you are knocked up with his kid.

    Trashy ho bag.

  15. malachais says:

    Michael K said it best. Antwuan’s peen is not God, honey. Amazing how this woman gets an abortion the first time but wants to keep the second baby.. no words.

  16. Onyx XV says:

    Fantasia is trashy, trashy, TRASHY.

  17. Sunshine Daze says:

    There’s this amazing invention called “birth control” that perhaps they should look into. However, with that being said, it’s obvious that they (or she) wanted a baby, so I can only wish them well. For all those who are judging harshly, let’s bear in mind that she may be a good mother, i.e. not chloroforming her child to go out partying or putting duct tape over her kid’s mouth. There are plenty of wonderful single parents out there, and besides, Fantasia has a viable source of income (unlike the Octomom)and a good support network.

  18. RHONYC says:


    i guess all different type of ‘folk’ need ‘their’ type of hero. smh.

    mmm, mmm, mmm.


  19. bitchbelying says:

    Smh. A mess, so she’s knocked up yet again and her man is still married to someone else? What does God have to do with this? Wish people like her would stop bringing God up for their own ridiculousness. Wish her the best of luck, just wished she wasn’t so effing ignorant.

    Oh and he will leave you fanny. He will leave you too.

  20. Truthful says:

    She is still with Antwuan, he’s sucking her dry and driving her cars..while she pays his child support..

    she is a fool and no his divorce has not been fianalized..she is determined to have this man and I hope she truly GETS what she wants.

    give it another yr, she be singing and crying over the loser on the chitlin circuit or a casino boat.

    she truly is dumb, he is a womanizer and when her $$ runs out, he’ll be on to something better.

    we’ll be stuck w/the whailing and whining in a new CD. boy, her daughter, can truly look up to her now.

    people make mistakes, but she is truly determintal to herself and her career.

    used and abused baby mamas UNITE and flick ya bics 3 times in the air.


    Oprah, look away, your guidance and help was wasted. She let you down and did not finish the Color Purple Tour–because chasing her married “cell phone” selling man was more important.

  21. 4Real says:

    But if Jesus didn’t give you the last baby you aborted who did then FANNY?


  22. Truthful says:

    LOL, I just heard that she made the announcement at the opening of some section 8 housing apartments in her hometown.

    how cliche and appropriate

    chick nds a therapist, so that she can learn to make better decisions, she is truly messed up and thinks low of herself.

  23. It is ME!! says:

    Man, she is trying REAL hard to venture into Lauryn Hill territory, huh?

    Get your sh&* together, girl.

  24. madpoe says:

    yeah girl! keep livin’ that dream! *eye rolls*

  25. Anonymous says:

    @Is it ME? Really? Lauren Hill why not Angelina Jolie territory.Oh yeah because she is Black, right. God Bless you Tasia for not ending this baby’s life I know you regret ending the other baby’s life. I know you will work hard to support this “gift” as you have supported your beautiful daughter , Zion with the love and support of your family.

  26. Very Telling says:

    Congrats, Tasia a baby is a “gift” from God. I know you regret aborting your other baby.You were blessed again and I’m sure with the help of your family and friends you will love and support this “gift”. I’m sure Zion is excited about being a big sis

  27. lemon drops says:

    This chick is useless!

  28. BeckyR says:

    This one is SO UGLY and can’t even speak English—loves her some ghetto-talk. She is plain old ignorant..can’t manage her life or her finances. I pity any child born to her.

  29. Ellie says:

    How’s that saying go? You can take the trash out of the projects???? This girl had everything a chance at a better life and she’s blown it. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. Trash

  30. georgiagrl says:

    Nice role model for your older daughter.

  31. Lizzard says:

    This chick is just ugly stupid trash… She’s illiterate so maybe she doesn’t know how to take birth control or use a condom because she can’t read directions. But she’s basically an untalented mess. There are no redeeming qualities about her at all…

    I think @Mortician was accurate. There were rumors of her being pregnant and being a homewrecking whore before the suicide attempt. I would not doubt for a second that the “suicide attempt” is what ended up aborting the baby. This child and her 9 year old stand little to no chance…

  32. sarah says:

    These pictures make her look like the missing link. She may be very talented, but I strongly doubt her intellect. She’s going to need God on her side with her life decisions.

  33. Dolkite says:

    Jesus…last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it.

  34. lucy2 says:

    What a mess she is.
    It’s a shame, she has a great talent and it opened all kinds of doors for her, but she certainly did not make the most of her opportunities.

  35. Annie_Grey says:

    Fantasia needs the children taken away. It’s too bad her family just helps the insanity of her life continue.

  36. It is ME!! says:

    Anonymous, it has nothing to do with the color of her skin, its that she is getting involved in drama that she just doesn’t need. She’s better off getting away from that dude.

    And whether or not Angelina broke up Jen and Brad is up for debate, if you check the comments on any Jennifer Aniston or Brangelina posting.

  37. It is ME!! says:

    It’s, sorry.

  38. Becky says:

    She obviously has alot of issues-I hope that she gets the help that she needs. I don’t mean this to sound derogatory, but I think it’s very hard for people who grow up in lower class environments to “rise above”…her talent got her out but it doesn’t erase the environment she grew up in. Plus, just because she had an affair with a married man and an abortion doesn’t mean that she’s a bad parent. I agree with @Sunshine Daze-at least she has a career and income to support her children.

  39. Jag says:

    It irks me to no end when people say “God this” and “God that,” but then are brazenly living in sin. Committing adultery is actually written in the 10 commandments as something NOT to do, Fantasia aka hypocrite.

    Hopefully she’s on CPS’s radar and they’ll step in as soon as the new baby is born.

  40. cassie says:

    she looka like a man.