Tim Gunn thinks pantsuit-clad Hillary Clinton is “confused about her gender”


Season Nine of Project Runway premieres tonight. Are you going to watch it? I’m not. After last season’s finale, I officially and publicly quit that bitch, and I’m sticking to my promise. Gretchen was a gigantic, knit granny-pantied bitch too far. So, as I’m preparing to steel myself from watching, my biggest concern was my withdrawal from Tim Gunn, Mr. Fabulous himself. I have a long record of adoring Tim Gunn, and usually I find him to be a wonderfully bitchy truth-teller. But I may need to boycott Mr. Gunn after this mess. Gunn was on George Lopez’s show on Tuesday night, and George and Tim both started in about Hillary Clinton’s style. Now, I’m not above some mockery of Hillary’s pantsuits (seriously, she loves pantsuits, didn’t you know?), nor am I above chuckling to myself over some regrettable hair decision by Hillary. What I can’t stand is when some light-hearted mockery (“Put down the scrunchie, Hills”) turns into something kind of gross and bullying.

Tim Gunn doesn’t think Hillary Clinton is making it work! In an appearance of Lopez Tonight that aired Tuesday, the fashion expert mocked the Secretary of State’s “Jersey Shore style.”

“Why must she dress that way?” the 57-year-old quipped. “I think she’s confused about her gender [with] all these big, baggy menswear tailored pantsuits.”

“No, I’m really serious,” he added. “[They're] unflattering.”

When Lopez, 50, asked how the former New York senator could “hide her cankles,” Gunn said it was just a matter of adjusting her hemline. “Well, if her pants didn’t stop an inch above her ankle, she could hide the cankle!”

Gunn might not be a fan of the former First Lady’s choices in clothing, but he is impressed by her work in politics. “I have great respect for her intellect and her tenacity and for what she does four our country in her governmental role,” he said. “I just wish she could send a stronger message about American fashion.”

[From Us Weekly]

“I think she’s confused about her gender…”???? Seriously? You’re going there, Tim? Hillary is 63 years old and she’s been a pants-wearing public figure for most of her adult life. She likes pants. She likes pantsuits. She’s busy. She has a important job. She has more important things to do than look for cute outfits. Not every woman needs to give a crap about fashion. And besides that, can we all agree that whether it’s Shiloh Jolie-Pitt or Hillary Clinton, it’s really not cool to associate “wearing pants” with “gender identity confusion”? Some women just love pants. Badly played, Mr. Gunn.

By the way, if Hillary’s elbow wasn’t Team Aniston, I think it would be completely appropriate for Angelina Jolie to come out and defend Hillary’s Montenegro Style.




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  1. Sophie says:

    wow. not cool Mr. Gunn!

  2. gillie says:

    considering his participation in the It Gets Better Project, his crack about her supposed gender identity confusion is especially disappointing.

  3. You don't say says:

    Maybe dealing with Libya and North Korea is more important than primping in front of a mirror or buying cutesy dresses Mr. Gunn. Give me Hilary just as she is, power and confidence is beautiful.

  4. michael bays comb over says:

    tim, you and me, we are fucking done professionally!

  5. meadowlark says:

    This surprised me! Beieve me, I learned a long time ago how to deal when silly and/or annoying people casually assert gender stereo-types in a hurtful way, but I didn’t expect it from Tim Gunn.

  6. brin says:

    LOL at “Hilary’s Montenegro Style”(copying Shiloh).

  7. Gwen says:

    Wow, that really surprises me :( What a stupid thing to say. There are many other people I would have expected such a comment from, but certainly not Tim Gunn!

  8. mln76 says:

    So disappointed in Tim she’s the freaking Secratary of State. She really doesn’t have time for fashion would rather her be doing this like helping to get Bin Laden than calling up a stylist to find out what’s ‘in’ this year.
    Oh aren’t Shiloh and Hilary related somehow? like 10th cousins or something? Maybe that’s where she get the Montenegro style from :)

  9. katnip says:

    This makes me sad.. and I would not be surprised if he made an apology which he should.

    she is the Representative of USA. She deals with world leaders, and her job is Diplomacy not being a fcuking fashion icon. The more I think about it the more it pisses me off. Women can dress however they choose.

    Tim I expected more from you. I think talk shows are an invitation for celebrities or reality stars to put their foot in their mouths to have something to talk about. Happens all the time.

    and I didn’t have to read far to have the Shiloh reference. Sick of that too..

  10. kibbles says:

    What assholes! I will never watch any show Tim Gunn or George Lopez is on ever again. God forbid that one of the most famous women in the world could care less about fashion because she has more than half a brain cell and is involved with important things like solving foreign policy disputes rather than worrying about wearing skirts and how to “hide her cankles”. It’s pretty clear that both of them are total misogynists who feel threatened by intelligent and successful women.

  11. Dorothy#1 says:

    Agree, he crossed the line! I love Hillary!!!

  12. Seal Team 6 says:

    Also, they ALWAYS talk about and review what female politicians wear, and what their hair looks like. ALWAYS, even when discussing performance in debates and at State functions. You never read, “Mr. Romney/Biden/Whomever had one a well-tailored charcoal single-breasted suit by Brooks Brother….”

    I am not a fan of Palin and Bachmann, but they get this treatment, too, and it’s unfair and sexist.

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    Gee Tim, maybe it’s because she’s “of a certain age” and doesn’t want to show her legs; maybe it’s because she’s a professional woman and has been for many years; maybe it’s because she’s the GD SECRETARY OF STATE and travels a lot. (FYI, Tim, I’m pretty sure a pantsuit is a “safer” choice over say, a pretty frilly skirt suit when travelling to the Middle East. Less offensive, if you catch my drift.)

    Whatever the reason, it’s her prerogative to wear what she feels most comfortable in and can get the job done.

    (I don’t watch either of their shows, but I am very disappointed in both of them. Misogynist idiots!)

    EDIT: @ Seal Team 6 – Excellent point!

  14. DethHammer says:

    I’m so pissed off right now that I can’t even begin to construct a cogent sentence.

  15. tia says:

    How disappointing, why would he go there? She is a strong, professional woman!! Helloooooooooooo, a lot of very powerful women wear pants suits!!! Get into current day you wierdo. I used to like him but find this really pathetic and odd. Hillary is awesome and very successful. She may be a lesbian, which is awesome, but saying she is confused is so stupid. I HIGHLY doubt she is confused but rather a very confident, strong, healthy, successful woman!!! IDIOT!!

  16. gee says:

    I’m really suprised by this… it’s very offensive and so out of character for TG. He usually comes off as sweet.

  17. michael bays comb over says:

    “It’s pretty clear that both of them are total misogynists who feel threatened by intelligent and successful women.”

    totally kibbles! theres no need for what they said totally inappropriate in this day and age!

  18. BeckyR says:

    Well, Hillary DOES need a haircut.

  19. GeekChic says:

    My usual attire is a t-shirt having something to do with karate and shorts/jeans. If I absolutely have to dress up, it’s (*gasp*) pants and a slightly nicer shirt. Apparently, according to Mr. Gunn here, I think that I am/long to be a man. Gosh, I’m so glad he educated me on my gender identity issues. I would have never known otherwise that I secretly wish to be male!


  20. cz says:

    I don’t think he was saying she shouldn’t wear pantsuits, only that she should have them tailored to her not a man. He pointed out “all these big, baggy menswear tailored pantsuits” and he said she should have a longer inseam to hide the cankles.

    I think the gender comment was maybe not meant in that way and possible came out wrong, this is Tim Gunn and I don’t think he would go there or at least I hope not.

    But his job is fashion and I don’t think Hilary is off limits.

  21. luvgaby says:

    I’ve always liked Tim Gunn, but I positively love him now. To all those who pile on Gunn, saying that Hillary has no time to shop, blah, blah, blah — She has time to shop for one pantsuit after another, doesn’t she? Other female secretaries of state (Madelyn Albright & Condoleeza Rice) manage to look well put-together. They, GASP!, even wore skirts!

  22. constance says:

    Yes Mr. Tim. Lets see her get implants, a tummy tuck, pose for bikini shots while tanning on a yacht in Ibiza while our country gets pot shots by N Korea.

    I think he’s confused what PROFESSION she is in. LOL

    Oh, and PR is a dead fish, Tim. Bad publicity is still bad publicity for the non-naked performers in your profession, Sir.

  23. Nibbi says:

    I co-sign everything Kaiser wrote. I love Tim Gunn, but I am surprised he would go so far in ragging on Hillary Clinton. I realize he is a fashion “maven” and is mostly going to criticize people on their clothes, but making cracks about her “cankles” (I never gave a damn about George Lopez anyway, so whatever, but I can’t believe TG went along with it) is outright insulting not only to Hillary Clinton but yeah, I’m gonna say it, women like me who want to be taken seriously in the world for more than just their damn clothing style. Tim Gunn usually comes across as someone who loves fashion but more importantly loves the usefulness or suitability of fashion in a person’s life and what it can bring to them and more importantly is still a sweet and sensitive and intelligent person. Yeah, like everyone else I feel like it is DAMN LAME that we talk about what female political leaders wear/ look like so damn much (have i EVER had to read something about the way a male politician’s pants are hemmed?!!) In fact, i think if we didn’t care so much about superficial crap like a woman’s sexiness/clothing/hair instead of BRAINS, TALENT, EXPERIENCE, ABILITY, we wouldn’t even have tools like Bachmann and Palin so prominent on the scene, but I guess that’s just my politics showing thru- I like my politicians to have some brains, and care less about their beauty-queen status. “Cankles”? Really?? She spends half her life on a plane to another world capital, but she’s supposed to be worrying about the shape of her legs, whether her ankles look bloated, and figuring out how to best show them off? She looks at a minimum professional and appropriate, voilà. And in these pictures I note that contrary to Gunn’s assessment, her pants are not tailored too short. Ugh. SHOCKED. I feel like I wanna re-post this comment on Tim’s site because it bugs me that he might not feel the indignation of a true fan! I mean I actually bought his book! GR

  24. Seal Team 6 says:

    Also, this comment has a bit of transphobia about it, which is very, very surprising coming from Tim Gunn.

    And, HRC DOES look “put together” and dresses fine. She works for a living.

    Where are the comments about how Timothy Geithner, Leon Panetta, or Eric Holder dresses. There were lots of comments about how Kagan dressed, and how she looked like an “old lesbian.” WTF.

  25. Bill Hicks is God says:

    I’d just love it if Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich made a special trip from the afterlife to tag-team this bitch.

  26. Cheyenne says:

    And I actually thought this guy seemed fairly intelligent. Silly me.

  27. Delta Juliet says:

    You know, I’m not some huge feminist, who takes offense to all sorts of silly things, but this really pisses me off. Like other posters have said before, not EVERY woman gives a damn about fashion. And I am tired of all women being reduced to this. Nicole Kidman? Sure, it’s nice to see her dolled up. AJ, too. And you know, actual models! She’s the damn Secretary of State, and she’s there because of her intelligence, not her fashion sense. Don’t reduce her to some fashion-reject.

    I really noticed it first when Obama was elected and every time we saw Michelle it was all about what she was wearing. Who gives a shit?! I don’t care for her myself, but I can respect the fact that she (well, both of them) are intelligent, accomplished woman. Can’t we just leave it at that?

  28. Peace says:

    Tim is correct.The man is allowed his opinion.
    She needs a better stylist. Love Tim and his non PC BANTER.

  29. KLO says:

    He should just STFU.
    I think Hillary looks good in pants.

  30. Bill Hicks is God says:

    @Delta Juliet: Because they are intelligent, accomplished women is precisely why chauvinist pigs like this deride them. They’re threatened, as many men are by women who are smarter than them.

  31. zesty says:

    And when she used to wear dresses long ago, people would pick on how thick her legs looked. No wonder she wears pants. It’s sad the way no woman is immune to being picked apart for the way she looks, no matter who she is, or what she does. These two guys need to figure out exactly what they contribute to the world. It sounds like a whole lot of nothing.

  32. Christina says:

    God forbid a 63 year old, who has (and to a certain extent, has pretty much always had) a job that rewards masculine power tropes, play the part.

    I can only hope to be that rad when I’m 63.

    Sidenote: I totally dig that second coat.

  33. Hakura says:

    @Kaiser“She likes pantsuits. She’s busy. She has a important job. She has more important things to do… Not every woman needs to give a crap about fashion….it’s really not cool to associate “wearing pants” with “gender identity confusion”.

    Exactly my thoughts. It’s not the 50′s, if a woman wants to wear an appropriate pantsuit to work, there’s absolutely *nothing* wrong with that. Even though politicians/business-men ALWAYS wear the same thing to work every day (a suit), no one crawls up their asses complaining about their “fashion”.
    (Though I imagine Mr. Gunn would, if he was able to sneak up on them fast enough >.> )

    He says he respects her work as a politician, & admires her intellect… But is talking about her being ‘confused’ about her gender…? Then bringing up *cankles*… All of that was incredibly rude, & disrespectful.

  34. Jenny says:

    Though superficial, this and the whole ugly nonesense about a child (beautiful Miss Shiloh) is one of the reasons girls and women are still struggling. If the Secretary of State, First Lady and other strong, non-skinny women have to worry about fashion first, brains and talent later, then we have not made much progress. Girls and women still have to fit the “pretty and feminine” look, while boys and men can pretty much look how they want to.

    Though there is some stuff on boys wearing pink, none of the horror that came about with Shiloh. This kid always looks happy, neat and loved by her pareents and siblings so she seems well adjusted. What she wears at her age should not be an issue. Where is all the fuss about Stefani’s boys who wear nail polish, pink and purple clothes and pony tails. And don’t excuse them because their father is in music. It is because they are boys and are allowed to express themselves. But Shiloh, who could probably outswim and out run them, gets bashed (or maybe her mother is the target).

    I love our President, but when not in a well cut suit, he dresses like a nerd, which of course he is and I am fine with that. But the fuss over his Dad jeans was nothing compared to what the beautiful, smart and classy Mrs. Obama got for not wearing sleeves.

    Women and their weight is another issues. Mrs. Obama is healthy, but is called fat. Other women are slim, but get constatnly slammed for having eating disorders (a particular thing on this site), but skinny men who look just as ill are hardly ever criticized and are ogled and called sexy.

    Women and girls just can’t win it seems. (excuse rant, but it gets so tiring).

  35. Kloops says:

    I think Hilary has horrible fashion sense, but she’s Secretary of State, who cares? Also, it’s kind of her “thing” and a little endearing that she has clearly never given a crap about fashion her entire life. Obviously too busy focusing on all that fancy book learning. Good on her . Mr. Gunn took it a bit too far. Yes, it’s his “job” as a stylist, but no need to bring gender into it.

  36. ladybert62 says:

    (1) I respect Hillary Clinton
    (2) She has always had horrible, horrible fashion sense
    (3) She has always had horrible horrible hair (until she was 1st lady and got a decent stylist) but it has returned to horrible now
    (4) Mr. Tim that is just such a stupid comment and I am tired of your expedia commercials on TV – we are through!

  37. Laurie says:

    If Tim said this about a Republican female, would there be as much outrage? If it were a Republican, I’m guessing the comments would change to ‘it’s just his opinion’ or ‘it’s a joke on late night tv’.

  38. Calli Pygian says:

    STFU, Timmy… Who pissed in your corn flakes?

    Hillary is waaaay ahead, I mean light years, in her contributions to society & humanity in comparison to you. You have become not only trite, but thoroughly pathetic with your criticism.

    I now join the growing legions here who write you off.

    And Kaiser, I am with you. I quit that bitch officially last year, too.
    Too bad, cos I still like Heidi’s demeanor, and used to like Tim’s.

  39. curleque says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, I must have missed the law that states women cannot wear pants. WTF is this, 1952? Seriously, Tim? A woman in her 60s should be wearing skirts and hose all the time?

    I think Hillary looks great. She’s a serious politician, not some illiterate wannabe Alaskan Barbie with a bouffant daytime updo who can’t put down the freakin’ 1980s flea-market clips a minute to read a real newspaper.

  40. Nancy says:

    I love Hillary Clinton and her pant suits so this guy needs to STFU whoever the hell he is.

  41. John Wayne Lives says:

    WTF? How is that statement even remotely appropriate >:(

  42. Cheyenne says:

    @Laurie: Your comment was almost as dumb as Gunn’s. Whatever political party she belongs to, what Gunn said was plain stupid and inappropriate.

  43. xxodettexx says:

    Dear Mr. Gunn: please dont make me regret being a fan all these years by voicing such gross misogynistic thoughts! thanks

    while i agree she is not a fashion “it” girl, i respect her intelligence and condone people that act as if she were the head of a fashion house and not a brilliant politician… maybe if our politicians werent so invested in looking “good” they could spend more time tackling real issues?


  44. Barker says:

    Maybe she wears pantsuits because jerks like Lopez (who isn’t at risk of being mistaken for Brad Pitt or George Clooney himself) degrade her with cankle comments.
    Maybe she wears baggy suits because she doesn’t feel confident in her body (since Project Runway reinforces the idea that all women should have model bodies) or doesn’t want to be judged by her figure.
    I would be more okay with his comments if the men were judged equally. But they are not and it goes to prove that after the decades of hard work done by feminists that women are still judged how attractive they are on the outside regardless of achievements that they make with their minds and hard work.

  45. REALIST says:

    She’s the Secretary of State and lives in about seven time zones per week and is busting her a– in these troubled times for our country. The stress that she is under day in and day out would break most people-Tim?-and she’s still going.
    I think Tim’s statement is extraordinarily disrepectful and sexist. I’m surprised, too, after the generosity and compassion he showed in the “It Gets Better Project”
    NOTE: Why is Hillary such an easy target for EVERYONE?
    PS: Don’t get Kaiser’s elbow reference, but remember when Hillary was STILL GOING despite a broken elbow? Ouch!

  46. Seal Team 6 says:


    Yes, there would have been, as several of us commented in this very thread that it also wasn’t fair they do it to Palin and Bachmann, too.

    I’ll even throw in another GOP woman: people always trash Megan McCain’s clothing, too. And, even though I don’t agree with her on many things, I think she looks very nice. She is also not a politician, but the point still stands. People don’t comment on how the SONS of politicians dress (unless maybe if they wore a Marilyn Manson shirt to a campaign event).

    Interesting you slid right past all of those comments. Don’t get why you are trying to make this a political thing instead of a sexist thing, which it is, even if Tim didn’t THINK that’s how he sounded.

  47. Anne de Vries says:

    Oh GRRRR! Quick everybody, you’re not a woman unless you do all the gender-prescribed feminine things! It’s not enough to BE a woman, you have to make sure you ACT like one.

    Mr Gunn needs a smack upside the head. By Judith Butler.

  48. Cakes says:

    I think she looks fine. Shes dressed as a professional which is what she is. I wonder what this guy would say if he walked into a hospital and saw women wearing baggy scrubs?? My point is is that sometimes how “fashionable” you are isnt relevant to what your job is.
    Re the comment about her being gender confused: totally inappropriate if he is truly concerned about bullying. But my theory is that he just jumped on the bandwagon because it made him (and many others) look good. His comments prove just that imo.
    The whole exchange between him and George Lopez reminded me of girls in high school. Bitchy, immature, and threatened.

  49. Nat says:

    I didn’t see this, and hope that by saying this stuff he was just appeasing Lopez… I’m sorry but of all the women that doesn’t need to get hassled for her clothes, HC is probably number one. She has so much stuff to deal with, not to mention she is constantly working with men and has to hold their respect and attention to the matter at hand. If I was a foreign leader and some chick walked in decked out in brands and styled to a T, I would seriously question if she was serious about the issues or just wanted to hold the press conference already and get her picture taken.

  50. It is ME!!! says:

    Oh, Mr. Tim, why for you go to there?

    You know I love you, and I wish you had your own damn show, but making comments about someone’s supposed “gender confusion”? No es bueno, especially how, as a gay man, you must have encountered people who thought YOU were confused about your gender. Know where I am coming from, mmmkay?

    Honestly, in the pics posted here, I see nothing wrong with any of Hillary’s outfits. Looks fine and age appropriate.

    And no matter if you like Hillary or not, or like her politics or not, you cannot say she is stupid. Homegirl knows her stuff, unlike a certain Quitter from Wasilla.

  51. Sonja says:

    I’m really disappointed in Tim. What a stupid thing to say. We never hear a critique on how men might have double chins or a fat stomach… and George is an a**hole at the best of times.

  52. Ally says:

    I stopped being a fan of Tim Gunn when I watched that styling show of his (TG’s Guide to Style), which made his 1950s/60s attitudes about women and women’s fashion clear. He likes more progressive fashion in theory/on the runway, but in real life he wants every woman (every one!) to look like Jackie O.

    Instead of worrying about what a professional woman wears in a highly charged, professional environment, he might have asked George Lopez how he was enjoying his ex-wife’s kidney.

    Finally, during the DSK debacle, female politicians in France said they avoided wearing skirts because of the harassing/degrading comments they would hear or overhear from colleagies. Clinton had to meet with the head of the IMF and Silvio Berlusconi among other old pervs, no?

  53. arock says:

    regardless of personal politics, she is an incredibly accomplished, intelligent woman. this is not about how women get “all sensitive” and cant take the heat. it was stupid comment ment to make light of her in the context of the conversation, and ended up landing in poor taste.
    major disappointment mr gunn. major.
    @ laurie- yes, if there was a republican female (presently active in politics) with a resume like hers, it would have been just as condescending.

  54. Listerino says:

    Wow talk about over-reaction! I’m sure Tim was just joking and what he said wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.
    Still a Tim fan and even though I HATED Gretchen winning last season I can’t help myself I have to keep watching just because I love the show and love seeing what creations people come up with.

  55. Rita says:

    I like Tim and have a lot of respect for Hillary but I don’t care for her personally. Having said that, I find it somewhat refreshing that someone who has been accused of “gender confusion” his whole life would make the remark. It’s like we’re all becoming more “politically incorrect” equals.

    It’s a non-issue.

  56. theaPie says:

    Yah. What Rita said.

  57. tsktsk says:

    A flamboyant gay man talking about someone being confused about their gender. Really, Tim? And, no, I don’t have a problem with gay men, I just had to point out the irony. I would think out of all people a gay man would understand freedom of expressing oneself and let people dress how they want. Hilary lives in pants. Why is this news to people? She has a boring job and dress accordingly. This isn’t a fashion model people. Not everybody gives a shit about fashion, anyway.

  58. jen says:

    If he had said something similar about Sarah Palin everyone here would be having a grand ‘ol time.

  59. tsktsk says:

    I was wondering when somebody would come in and say, ‘If this was such and such, you all would be saying such and such.’ It certainly didn’t take long. Everything about a politician has to politicized, even when it doesn’t have shit to do with politics. A republican can’t possibly defend a democrat. Oh, the horror. Well, guess what, one can and I am. This isn’t about politics, this is about these prissy, man divas thinking they can dictate how women just be and what they should look like. And, darling, you don’t have to worry about anybody talking about Sarah because in Tim’s mind, she represent women how they should be: feminine, sexy play things for men to drool over and daft.

  60. WillyNilly says:

    I think she looks great and totally appropriate. Seems sad that Tim bent to the whim of a bully. Really sad.

  61. wunderkindt says:

    Mr. Gunn,’fashion sense’ shouldnt trump common sense!

    What about Obama’s ‘Mom jeans’???

  62. Original Tiffany says:

    I get the offense about the gender thing, but come on.
    Hilary needs to go on “What not to Wear”. She has seriously looked horrid for years. It doesn’t take much to be stylish. You have to learn what looks good on you, and Hilary wears these huge ass clothes that make her look terrible. Sorry, even Janet Reno managed to wear a skirt. Hil can wear pants everyday, but please make them fit and be the right length.
    Sincerely, original Tiffany, confirmed pants wearer.

  63. Liz says:

    No, Tim, I believe the lady might have more pressing concerns as per her monumentally important contributions to the country as Secretary of State and doesn’t focus on trivial things like her raiment. Her job isn’t dispensable or asinine. Really, some people have the most vapid problems.

  64. lucy2 says:

    Still like Tim, but it was a dumb thing to say, especially about the gender confusion thing. There is definitely WAY too much focus on female politicians (R or D) appearance.

  65. mln76 says:

    Is Tim complaining about Newt Gingrich’s hair or Obama’s jeans? Or the general ugliness of the men in Politics? Have you see what Bernie Sanders looks like? The only person in the political world who is fair game IMO is the First Lady because her position is soley ceromonial and PR based everyone else should be off limits so they can try to take care of the mess out there.

  66. islandwalker says:

    It’s funny how everyone here is deriding Mr. Gunn ( who I also don’t agree with) but many of you REGULARLY call women “manish”, “horse faced”, “my little pony” and “you can see her adams apple” because the women don’t fit your ideas of feminine beauty. So it’s okay to pick on some for the way they were born but not others because they are more “accomplished?” Wee hypocritical don’t you think?

  67. mln76 says:

    @islandwalker I don’t agree with all the comments here but if you are an entertainer, an actress, a model you are putting yourself out their based mostly on your looks. Therefore what you look like is fair game. If Tim said the same thing about an actress I’d say it was slightly rude but I wouldn’t give a shit. Hilary Clinton is our Secretary of State. She may have been fair game when she was First Lady but now that she’s in a serious position she should be afforded the same respect as any other statesmen.

  68. Deven says:

    I don’t watch either one of the lightweight programs these men are involved with. However, I know artificial shilling when I hear it done for crass reasons like puffing up their low-brow TV shows with cheap “men jokes.”

    Neither one of these “men” is good enough to wipe Hillary’s boots. Neither of them could enumerate the essentials of her position at knifepoint. They run her down in the tiredest, most unimaginative ways at their disposal. They’re just cheap shills for each other. What a waste of skin.

  69. Jackson says:

    Love what you said, Kaiser. Spot on.

    I usually love me some TG, but totally not with him on this one. He messed up on several fronts. I generally hate when celebs backtrack on their comments but I really wish he would say something more about this. Not apologize, but maybe clarify his comments so he doesn’t sound so dang….IDK what the word is….out of touch? Wrong? IDK.

    Didn’t know Project Runway was starting. Yes, it sucked big time last season with Gretchen winning. Her style was shit. I might DVR it but doubt I’ll follow it like I did in the past.

  70. Joanna says:

    Back when Hillary was starting out, professional women wore suits and dress codes were stricter. So what if she’s not in fashion?! So now we have to be smart, unemotional, and sexy all at the same time? Work is work, if you want to look sexy, do it in your offtime in my opinion. Hillary is a very smart woman, and I could care less about her fasion sense. This is just a typical example of how a woman is expected to be all things womanly while competing in a man’s world.

  71. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I have to second islandwalker’s stance.Of course the joke was in poor taste, media personas aside, done in public where she couldn’t defend herself as opposed to a ‘was called a bitch on the internet’ scenario, and her being who she is commands a certain degree of respect that isn’t owed to say, Crystal Harris. A politican and spank mag model live in two different worlds until the sex scandal hits. That said, whuck?

  72. jane16 says:

    What a pig.

  73. tango says:

    I would never think Hillary is confused about her gender by the style of pant suits she wears. If nothing else, I think Hillary just doesn’t have knowledge of the best way to dress her body. I think she should rock pant suits often. I would just prefer they were better tailored to her body and in nuetral colors and leave the bright colors for the blouses/tops she wears under the suit jackets. Or use bright colors for accents like a great trench coat or handbag. And drop the pleated pants.

    Tim Gunn has gotten tiresome as time has gone on.

  74. Sassy says:

    I also was appalled at Tim Gunn’s comments. He always seemed like a gentle person who spared people’s feelings. However, I have to admit, I was shocked at how bad Hillary is looking. Her longer hair drags down her face. The former hairdo, short and away from the face, was much more flattering, and most likely easier to maintain. Her clothes are fine. She is a chubby older woman, and as such is dressed appropriately at all times.

  75. Lynnie says:

    I have an OK body (size 6 or 8 ) but I share Hillary’s “unfortunate ankles.” I like to wear flowy pants with form-fitting tops that show off my small torso (yeah, I’m built funny!) instead of skirts that show my legs. Anyway, I don’t blame the lady for rockin’ the pants suits. If she wore skirts all the time, assholes would be yelling for her to “put that away” and cover her legs. UGH…

  76. DreamyK says:

    I love Hillary and I love Tim. Hill has her own style for her very busy and important life. Unlike Tim who is schlepping with the likes of the kidney stealer Hopez.

  77. Aviatrix says:

    Completely class-less and lacking in taste or tact entirely. I’m rather disappointed in him and thought he always took the high road. Team Hillary!

  78. Ginevra says:

    Pantsuits are like the uniform here in Washington. And after many years in the public eye, Hillary has learned not to deviate from the formula. I mean look at all the crap Sarah Palin and Nancy Pelosi got for their expensive wardrobes.

    It’s not even a matter of “oh she’s so busy solving world problems.” Which of course she is. But DC is not LA or NYC and the fashion aesthetic here, while yes, a bit ugly, certainly has a function and a context. Understatement is important.

  79. fizXgirl314 says:

    wowza!!! can you believe this? If he had said that Obama needs to wear more baggy pants because he’s having racial identity issues, he’d be excommunicated from society. What a complete fool. Did he see the photos of the situation room? she was one of only 2 females in there privy to top secret information and an active participant in major political endeavors undertaken by our government… and he’s worried about her cankles? AGH…

    Also, I will never like Sandra Bullock until he takes that jackass George Lopez off the air. He’s so vile!

  80. B says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is foaming at the mouth over this. I guess you’re all just big Hillary Clinton fans or something? Either way, it’s likely a joke. Seriously, calm down.

  81. Bella says:

    Mr. Gunn (most likely) does not have to be bothered with the same ridiculous undergarments we women are expected to wear. They suck! Believe me, when a certain time of life hits, the last thing women want is to be trussed up in panty hose and tight fitting clothing.

    As to her hair, good for her for growing out the layered mess. Hopefully, she’ll go back to a nice bob.

    Go Hillary. (Hate your politics, though.)

  82. buckley says:

    I don’t know which shocks me more, the comment or the fact that he feels the need to please that hack Lopez.

  83. Lady C says:

    If HRC had said that about Timmy, she would be called homophobic. Tim Gunn is way to pretentious for my taste. But, hey, that’s just me the pant-wearing, mother of three, who has never been confused about her gender.

  84. mystified says:

    Hillary has a difficult body to dress. In case you don’t remember her from her first lady days, her legs are simply awful. They are not meant for skirts. I do think, however, that if you wear pants you have to be extra careful not to look too mannish. I don’t have a problem with her wearing pants, but I think the colors are too dark and heavy for her.

    I have no problem with Tim Gunn criticizing her look. He’s not making anyone listen to him. Hillary and the rest of us are free to ignore him if we choose.

  85. Callumna says:

    Tim Gunn has just shown how useless and frivolous his profession is.

    He’s really not necessary. Not in one single way. Secretaries of State, however, are.

    Sometimes you have to know your priorities, know life’s priorities, and where your profession really stands in the grand scheme of things. World has no need for him.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t call watching a grown woman putting up with the Tiger Woods of politics uplifting either, but that’s another subject. Her job doesn’t need more poodle skirts.

  86. angel says:

    One question…

    Who will be remembered and written about in 50 years?

    So go ahead and milk it you future irrelevant twits!

  87. Karen says:

    I remember the days when we couldn’t wear pants. My women professors at the U. of Ga. took a lot of flack for doing so, but if 1 had to walk across that campus in rain and sleet, with your legs burning, red and frozen, we all supported. I live in pants today and will fight till the death for women to do so.
    I have more respect for Hillary than for a brainless broad who wears high heels that give her a head ache, just to show off her legs for the men. Give me brains over sex appeal every time, especially in gov. leaders.
    Tim shows off a very unattractive, dare I say dirty old man, attitude toward women. We aren’t here to appeal to your taste.

  88. womanfromthenorth says:

    And besides that, can we all agree that whether it’s Shiloh Jolie-Pitt or Hillary Clinton, it’s really not cool to associate “wearing pants” with “gender identity confusion”? Some women just love pants. Badly played, Mr. Gunn.

    Here Here!! Spot ON!

  89. Moops says:

    Thank God Hillary doesn’t give a f#@! what these two mysogynist idiots have to say about her looks. And thank God the majority us don’t care, either. She’s a politician, for pete’s sake, not an entertainer.

    P.S. If she wore dresses, they WOULD be mocking her cankles. If she wore haute couture, they’d be mocking her frivolity. Screw ‘em.

  90. kira says:

    I’m confused about his personality. Here, I thought he was a really cool guy, and now, this quote makes me wonder…

    When we will stop making people fit into gender-specific clothing? Just because her suits are baggy, does not mean she wants to be a man. She often travels to very conservative countries, and maybe she does not want to look like a sexy librarian, like Sarah Palin? Maybe, it’s easier to do her job, when she’s dressed down? Just a thought. :-)

  91. Peregrine John says:

    Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim.

    We’ve all known this for years.

  92. Runs with Scissors says:

    mln and katnip (and others, didn’t read them all) I totally agree with your comments, so I’ll repost them below.

    This is a real disappointment and it surprises me coming from him. She has FAR more important things to think about and the gender identity jab, really?

    “So disappointed in Tim she’s the freaking Secratary of State. She really doesn’t have time for fashion would rather her be doing this like helping to get Bin Laden than calling up a stylist to find out what’s ‘in’ this year.”

    July 28th, 2011 at 7:57 am

    “This makes me sad.. and I would not be surprised if he made an apology which he should.

    she is the Representative of USA. She deals with world leaders, and her job is Diplomacy not being a fcuking fashion icon. The more I think about it the more it pisses me off. Women can dress however they choose.”

  93. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Are we re-writing history? The man has never been a shrinking violet terribly interested in the feelings of others if their antics gave him ammo for interview frisson. If he hates your clothes he’ll say it and far more diplomatically Mr. Blackwell ever did. And you used to love it and cheer and Taylor Momsen was underaged enemy number 1 and…

    Why her, why now? I’m not American, but the sense that I got from watching the environment around her was one that condemned her for not leaving her politician husband when The People said she should. Glad that never happened again. Anyway, apart from excoriating her for not giving strangers more say in her personal life (must be a social climber), it seemed that sartorially speaking, she had been the nation’s punching bag, then there was the weight hair, and general face abuse. Hell, I remember my whole family convening at my mother’s house to watch that tribute to the victims and heroes of 9-11. And when Ms. Clinton, the New York senator walked on the stage to give her address, she was booed. 10 years later, and I still remember us all just sitting there, stunned. To top that off, a couple of hours later, Mr. President Clinton made a cameo in Jerry Seinfeld’s tribute piece and that same arena erupted into applause. Forget for a second that we was president as it was his wife who held political office during those heartbroken days. So, she was staying with her husband because the was a social climber, and if they divorced and she went on with a political career it would have been because she’s a social climber and not even her own family could deter her from her maniacal sprint to the top. Nothing sexist about that.

    If you’re deeply offended this particular time as opposed to all of the other times that he’s done this on late night talk shows–and this is pretty much all he does in his interviews, aside from re-assuring the host that he is pretty and go on about trends he hates–what is it about this particular screed that is more hurtful the previous ones? I’m not talking about politicians or women vs. men, since he quite frequently lacks charity when it comes to her wardrobe?

    I’m not saying I enjoyed his comments, they were beyond tired and while I think there was factor of water finding its own level when Lopez is around but Hilary Clinton hasn’t experienced a millionth of the sexism coming from Tim Gunn as she has from her countrymen. He had a witless moment and said something dumb: I don’t believe that this incident proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s a misogynist. This site manages more sexism during eye blinks and while we understand that most of it should be taken with a boulder of salt, maybe it’s safe to say that he made that assumption and kind of fell on his face with it.

  94. e.non says:

    he may not be a misogynist (unlikely), but he’s definitely an asshole.

  95. the original bellaluna says:

    Mum always told me there’s nothing more terrifying to a man than an intelligent, beautiful woman.

    Smart woman, my mum.

  96. Rita says:


    You, of course, are absolutely correct and thank you for reminding us why we Americans appear to be the most screwed up people on the planet, maybe in the solar system.

    I am of course having fun with you but at the same time I’m dead serious….go figure.

  97. wunderkindt says:

    Upset re Hillary’s pants????

    Ok, this is pretty much a dumb and dumber moment.

  98. telesma says:

    Tim Gunn needs to shut up before he becomes about as relevant as Mr. Blackwell.

    Women don’t have to wear skirts to be comfortable with or certain of their sexuality. There are plenty of practical reasons to prefer pants, not the least of which is that they’re more comfortable and less fussy than skirts and hose. Some people have bigger concerns in this world than whether Tim Gunn’s fashion sensibilities are satisfied, and I expect Hillary Clinton’s concerns are a lot bigger than most.

  99. Chris says:

    @96: Your comment reminded me of an article I read the other day about an explosion in the use of anti-psychotic medication in the USA.


  100. koala says:

    true. i love queens!

  101. trh says:

    I doubt he’s man enough to say that to her face. And I don’t agree with the ‘politically incorrect equals’ argument. Can I as straight male accuse him of gender confusion without appearing to be a bigot? obviously not.

    *sigh* that woman should be my President. We needed the best human being for the job and instead we got the best man for the job.

  102. Masque says:

    Considering how fussy and prissy Tim is, maybe HE’s the one with the gender confusion.

  103. JulieM says:

    Tim Gunn is not too bright. I’ll never forget a few years ago on the Oscar red carpet, he was interviewing Valentino; who had just retired. Tim spent the whole drooling interview calling him Mr. Valentino instead of Mr. Garavani. If you want to call him Mister, get his first and last names correct. Valentino was surprisingly nice about it and let it ride. If Tim is such a fashion expert, shouldn’t he have known this?

  104. KCT says:

    @Masque – very true!

    It’s obvious HRC dresses for her body shape – she has thick legs and likely doesn’t want to show them off. Personally I like her hair longer when it’s cut well and styled. She’s a smart lady and it seems most people respect her for that rather than judging the way she dresses.

  105. Elleh says:

    People, please! Get over yourselves. This isn’t political. It’s about fashion and Hillary’s fashion is (and has always been) horrendous. Besides, no one seems to mind the near endless commentary on Sarah Palin’s fashion sense. Yes, Hillary is a 63 year old woman with an important job. She’s still a very attractive woman, but the undeniable fact is that she seems to think she needs to dress like a dumpy man in order to be taken seriously.

  106. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Oh, I didn’t mean to come off as high-handed about America, I know you’re having with me on that one but I still wanted to that point clear, as I don’t want to be the one who starts off a 49th parallel explosion.

    At any rate, there are plenty of bad ideas to go around. The mayor of Toronto is…just…awful.

  107. Dagny says:

    I always thought Hillary looked good – not overly made up but attractive and very appropriate for making an efficient and businesslike impression.

  108. Greta says:

    I like Tim Gunn but he is wrong in what he said about Hillary. She is not confused at all about her sexuality; she dresses like other masculinized, overweight women who are lesbians, such as Rosie O’Donnell. This is not my opinion. It is a fact. The problem I’ve always had with Hillary is that she hides the truth behind the lie of her marriage. This is also a fact.

  109. Just Me says:

    By: Just Moi . . .

    First Photo Critique:

    Could Tim Gunn be hiding his cankles in an epic identity crisis hodgepodge of unflattering old man clothing?

  110. Quercus says:

    This is the second time he’s said something like this about Hillary. The first time it was something like “she thinks she’s a man”. I swear I remember this from about a while back. What is his deal? I’m officially not a fan.

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