Cover of OK!: The plan to get Ben and J.Lo Back Together!

As Kaiser recently mentioned, Bennifer 1.0 were hilarious together and such good gossip. They starred in a God-awful movie, they hit every red carpet, they did interviews, dumbass music videos and canceled a huge Hollywood wedding at the very last minute. So now that Lopez is divorcing the guy she married a hot minute after splitting with Ben, the gossip press is trying to create a new triangle. Affleck is married with a family but his wife is also high profile and it would be some very good gossip if he went back to Lopez. We’ve already heard that Lopez’s mom e-mailed Affleck for “marriage advice” about her daughter’s crumbling relationship. The next step is to wonder when Affleck is going to go crawling back to Lopez, or if she’ll crook his finger and he’ll come running, married or not. Affleck isn’t about to go there again, he’s learned his lesson. I doubt OK!’s story that he’s even spoken to Lopez recently. Still, it’s fun to consider. Here’s some of OK!’s report:

“They’re talking,” OK! can exclusively reveal. A Lopez colleague confirms that “they’ve spoken more than once.”

There will definitely be a rekindling if J.Lo’s mom, Guadalipe, has anything to say about it. As one pal tells OK!, “She was devastated when the engagement was called off…

“She is already trying to plant the seed in Jennifer’s brain that she should reach out to Ben as a friend,” adds another insider. “Guadalupe knows he’s married, and it’s not like she’s telling her daughter to have an affair. But she’s hoping that Ben and J.Lo, who have stayed in touch occasionally over the years, can be there for each other to help ease the pain of divorce. Then, when that period passes, maybe they’ll be back together if he’s available again. And truth be told, I don’t think J.Lo hates the idea either…”

Is Ben ready to take the leap again? At the very least, he seems to have opened the door.

“He did reach out to Jennifer as soon as she announced the split, basically offering her a shoulder to cry on,” an insider tells OK!. “It was a real comfort to Jennifer that he was thinking of her.”

[From OK! Magazine, August 8, 2011]

Even if it’s accurate that Ben talked to J.Lo after the news of her divorce broke (although I doubt it), it’s not like he’s going to get romantic with her again. He went through all that already. Plus the guy is married, no matter the state of his relationship. He doesn’t want another longterm girlfriend, he probably just wants some strange without strings. I’m not saying he would go there, just that it doesn’t make sense for him to want to go back to the woman he was with before his wife.

Kaiser reminded me of this blind item that seems to be about Ben and his marriage to Jennifer Garner. It reads, in part, “This celebrity couple is pregnant… But he is just not that into being a husband and father, and was looking for a way out of the marriage. In fact, he already had one foot out the door. Why? Because an ex of his is going to be back on the market soon, and he was excited about giving that relationship another shot.” I think this is definitely about Affleck, Garner and Lopez, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. I’m pretty sure Garner is not pregnant and was just wearing a loose top recently, and again it’s not like Affleck is clamoring to get back with that diva.

Oh and I just have to mention that Affleck’s very ugly new wiglet/flat iron hair is for a role. It’s not a proactive measure to keep Lopez away. We all know that she isn’t easily deterred anyway, considering that her estranged husband looks like a cadaver.

These photos are from 2003.





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  1. antisara says:

    I’m sorry but this “home wrecking” gossip is making me sick. Whomever is spreading this sh*t has to stop, especially when it comes to a Jello’s EX who by the way happens to be MARRIED and has two beautiful daughters.
    Nobody gives a crap what Jello is going through, been there, done that, she’s not the first or last bitch to divorce. But it’s a total different animal when someone irresponsibly gossips to involve a thrid party in hopes to ruin their personal life for selfish purposes, that SHIT is uncalled for, irresponsible and evil. There are TONS of eligible, loveable, SINGLE/DIVORCED/WIDOWED men out there who would love to bone Jello in a long term relationship, so WHY, OH WHY TRY TO RUN TO A HITCHED EX? SERIOUSLY?
    To the fellow celebitchers: how would we feel if an exgirlfriend of our hubby happened to recently divorce and try to spread rumors to get back with our husband? how would that feel? even if it’s just a rumor, it’s just completely, outrageously irresponsible, disrespectful and obnoxious, even if your name is Jello Lopez.
    Past is past and one has to learn the lesson from it and move on. I guess I wouldn’t feel so indignated if Affleck was single.

  2. brin says:

    It’s OK….enough said.

  3. The Truth Fairy says:

    I saw them walking together once in Miami and I must admit – they made a gorgeous couple (even though he was wearing ugly purple pants). Having said that, I will now go wash my mouth out with soap.

  4. Ari says:

    I agree w/ @antisara to promote infidelity and what not just makes our younger generation think this is normal and “OK” when its just sad

  5. 9 out 10 experts recommend says:

    Did OK! Mag get this info from left over residue of News Of The World? The article reeks of News Corp.

  6. KatScorp says:

    Garner would cut a bitch! :)

    And SpyDaddy knows how to dispose of a body.

    *waving at Brin* good evening babe!

  7. Quest says:

    What is wrong with OK, do they have to resort to provoking havoc in a marriage to sell issues. Oh poor JLo my ass, this woman is vapid and will move on to the next one soon enough (if not already) without the help of OK Mag

  8. lucy2 says:

    I think it’s really awful OK did that – Ben is married with two kids.

  9. Ell says:

    Absolutely agree with antisara, when I read the OK headline I was sickened, not only is it disrespectful to his wife (whether you like her or not) but his two little girls arent’ even considered in this good for gossip scenario. OK magazine have behaved very irresponsibly,

    Personally I have no interest in JLo or her love life, however I would like to see a hollywood marriage last.

  10. Cherry says:

    OMG WHY?? Everyone hated Bennifer 1.0, why the hell would we want to create a version 2??

  11. Erinn says:

    I just love how much magazines promote infidelity. I really hope that this is a fabricated story, and that it has no basis in reality. It’s a shame that they have nothing better to write about than a love triangle that probably doesn’t even exist.

  12. brin says:

    G’Day KatScorp, hope you are having a good one!

  13. Jezi says:

    Good grief, I agree with the first poster. This isn’t right. Garner and Affleck have two girls together, not cool. And didn’t he say JLo was the worst thing to happen to him? Yeah, doubtful he would go down that road again.

  14. Pat says:

    Ben has said in many interviews how difficult the hysteria around his relationship with JLo was for him, which is probably why he tries to keep his relationship with JGarner under the radar, i.e. no red carpet, etc. I really doubt he would want to be in that spotlight again especially since he worked so hard trying to get back some credibility as an actor and director. Going back to Bennifer would mean being tabloid fodder again. While I do believe JLo and her mom would love this to happen, Ben won’t go there, he has too much to lose, not to mention losing the respect of his daughters who he obviously loves and adores.

  15. katnip says:

    OMG I’m shocked the tabloids are going to another story.. WOW who would have thought it.

    But lets face it.. Bennifer was the beginning.

    I hate this for his family. But I’m sure he and Jennifer 2 will be fine. Keep your heads down and keep living.

    and no putting stories about parents cheating or parents on drugs or whatever IS NEVER right. It is not right when you have 2 children or 6.

    but week after week the tabloids have done it. In some cases almost every week for 7 years. I think it would have been nice for the outcry on the ugliness of these stories and how they affect children to have happened earlier. Regardless of who the cover couple was.

  16. antisara says:

    I really don’t see Affleck going back to Jello, he’s been there, why raise two UGLY A$$ kids who aren’t even yours, while he has his own two adorable daughters? Why leave such a great woman as Garner for “hen blood” stench, clingy, needy, manipulating Jello? Hell, I wouldn’t even dream of it!

  17. tapioca says:

    Marc Anthony had a wife and kids when J-Lo hooked up with him – they were simply obstacles to overcome in the path of true love, or whatever BS people tell themselves to justify being cheating c***s. I suspect she’s epic in bed though, what with all the crazy!

    (Anyway didn’t-ya-know Ben is going to get back with Gwynnie after she ditches Chris Martin later this year?)

  18. Ahem says:

    You read that on blindgossip. I think it could be either Jlo or Goop. Why? just because jlo has announced she is divorcing does not mean she is officially back on the market. (Just like Goop) Both divorces have to be finalized for someone to be considered “single”.

    Again…I don’t think Jennifer Garner is all that innocent. She looks a little cray cray. But these magazines need to stop, false breakup/cheating stories are not good for any relationship.

    As for Goop…and for Jen Aniston if we are going to talk about ex’s. They would both get back with Brad in a heartbeat, kids and all. Ben Affleck? Eh…don’t get the appeal. Goop and Affleck = boring.

  19. ladybert62 says:

    I find this disgusting and disturbing. The man is married to someone else and hopefully they are happy and if not ideally happy, at least enough happy to try and work through it for their kids.

    I can’t begin to describe how awful I think this type of gossip is whether it refers to this couple or to goat-boy pitt getting back together with Aniston – I dont like Jolie or Pitt but I dont condone this type of reckless day dreaming for either them or the Beniffer duo.

  20. star says:

    Here’s my take: Jennifer Garner is cute and sweet – but 100% VANILLA. SNORE. BOOORING! Ben and J-Lo were HOT together. Their chemistry was off the hook. They are both Leos. They SHONE together. Anyone with eyeballs could see it. Ben looks MISERABLE with Garner. Yes, the kids are cute, and too bad so sad that the family is going to split up. But it’s best to do it now, before they are older, than drag on in a fake relationship. Kids pick up on that. I think Garner is VERY manipulative to get knocked up again, as she knows her husband is NOT INTO IT! NOT COOL to TRAP a man through pregnancy. I’m on TEAM BENNIFER and would LOVE to see these two together again. Move over Garner – you are a housewife now and that is great. Leave the sizzle to J-Lo, that lady is GORGEOUS! Also, with Ben being a Leo, he is obviously very protective and it’s well known he still cares so much for J-Lo. There have been a million signs pointing to Garner and Ben splitting up, so I don’t get CB or all the rest of the commenters acting like it’s some random crazy gossip. There’s a chance that the third wheel could possiblybe Gwyneth and not J-Lo- DON’T DO IT BEN! THAT GIRL IS BEYOND ANNOYING ON EVERY LEVEL. She is even MORE vanilla than Garner. You’re HOT boy – but we haven’t seen it in years – don’t fight it! Go get your girl J-Lo!!!! I want HOT BEN BACK!!! And yes, Ben will make a fabulous, HOT, divorced DAD. He’s a good father, just doesn’t love the snooze-fest wife anymore.

  21. Amanda says:

    Ben looked 100% happier with J to tha L.O. then he ever has with Jen Garner. But I don’t buy them getting back together. I do, however, buy that Ben’s butt-bored with his life and is searching for a way out that doesn’t make him look like a dick.

  22. Pity says:

    I agree with poster #1. This is a married man with two beautiful children. Gossip is fine – but gossip that destroys families and promotes cheating is not fine. This really just makes me a bit sick and the take you guys did on it also is pathetic. “It would be good for gossip”. So ruin families for gossip?

  23. star says:

    @ Amanda. Agree that Ben and J-Lo might not be reuniting, but I’m hoping for it. Yes, Ben is sooo bored! I really hope we get our HOT Ben back. He used to be so yummy. Now he’s not even “meh.”

  24. Annaloo says:

    “I make my living off the Evening News

    Just give me something – something I can use

    People love it when you lose

    They love dirty laundry”

  25. katnip says:

    The bottomline to me is BS on this story. Never going to happen.

    Main reason is Ben can never leave Jennifer and their daughters.

    Jennifer could leave Ben is she ever wanted to. But Ben will never ever be able to leave all those dimples. It will not be allowed by the public. EVER.

  26. Yessiiirrreee says:

    JLO? Jesse James is now a free man….

  27. BellaLuna says:

    @ antisara- maybe you shouldnt go to gossip sites. This is what they are for! Discussion about the personal lives of people who have put themselves in the public eye.

  28. Hautie says:

    @ Amanda

    “Ben looked 100% happier with J to tha L.O. then he ever has with Jen Garner. But I don’t buy them getting back together. I do, however, buy that Ben’s butt-bored with his life and is searching for a way out that doesn’t make him look like a dick.”

    Agree! The boy has always look miserable in the relationship with Garner.

    But then again he would probably not be there had she not gotten pregnant.

    He just could not afford another scandal. And took the only path that would keep his ass out of another fire storm.

    But…. it is incredibly shitty of OK! to run a cover like this. No matter what state his marriage may be in, it is just in poor taste. And has no basis in being true.

  29. mln76 says:

    No way it’s going to happen it would absolutely ruin Ben’s career and he just got his rep back after the first Bennifer. Same with JLo no way middle America is going to watch her on AI if she pulls this crap.
    I don’t think Garner is all innocence and light (remember that Affleck was still kind of sort of engaged to JLO when the started hooking up) and I don’t think her and Affleck have a happy marriage but I doubt that they will break up any time soon-especially with the rumors of GOOPY being the next to announce a split. Garner has shown over and over that she’ll look the other way on his cheating,drinking, gambling and Affleck needs the cover that Garner’s image affords him.

  30. The Original Ashley says:

    I’m going to get sh-t for this but I think Garner is too vanilla for him and he wants the spice of La Lopez. I think he probably misses some of JLo’s slutty outfits and I’m willing to be she’s a lot more outgoing and adventurous if you catch my drift (plus homegirl was a dancer she probably has some moves). I can’t see Garner being anything other than a Stepford wife who probably stopped having sex with him as soon as she got the ring.

    Look at Damon’s wife. Isn’t she Italian and wasn’t she a “bartender” in Mimi when they met? Affleck probably sees that exotic-ness and wishes he didn’t marry such a safe preppy Ralph Lauren ad. I just get that vibe from him, although he did date Goopy and Fake Lively, hmm….

    I don’t however think they still keep in touch. I think he ran far away from her and never looked back. I do think she probably wants him back. She seemed really in love with him.

  31. Melissa says:

    Ok, so ever since I heard about that “Jlo pooping on B.A. during sex” story on Dlisted, it’s all I can think about when I see Ben Affleck and Jlo in the same article. Ughhhh I wish there was a way to wash that from my brain. I don’t see them ever getting back together. He and Jennifer Garner have a great family together.

  32. dovesgate says:

    I see where you are coming from when you say it would be good for gossip. You’re right, it would be. Devestating to the family it would be breaking up though.

    At least with the other break up stories, there always seems to be an air of “yeah right – b!tches be smokin’ something!”. This one has an undertone of gleeful handwashing. Save that for the Lindsey tailgate parties, eh?

  33. star says:

    @mln76 – Yes, Ben is a dog. But he used to be a HOT dog! I think people have to be who they are, ultimately. Trying to turn Ben into this “good boy” just didn’t work. He’s an AWESOME DAD – but come on, Garner, GIVE HIM UP and let Ben SHINE again like the sexy-a** Leo he IS!

    And as for the “public” they’ll get over him leaving Garner once he gets his mojo back and cranks out a hot flick. Also, they’ll see that he continues to be a GREAT DAD post-divorce..

  34. dorothy says:

    Um….he’s married and has 2 children.

  35. Thea says:

    There is a blind circulating that Jen is pregnant again and they had planned to split up, but now he doesnt want to to save his reputation. And they are saying he wants another chance with J LO. He isnt into the family man thing. But then I think doesnt J LO have kids also. And if this isnt true, thats really a pathetic thing to put on a cover as there are children involved and he has two of the cutest little girls I have ever seen. I think he is just a total ass anyway. All the gambling and everything, obviously he likes some risks. So I say pack em, and ship em to J LO then. Yeah, Jen G is probably boring but shes a mom and takes that seriously obviously. I have to respect that when today alot of women dont.

  36. po says:

    Maybe I’ve just become too cynical but why are we all assuming that affleck and garner are devastated by this. For a lot if these celebs the gossip is how they keep people talking about them even when projects aren’t making any money.

  37. says:

    @antisara: calling someone’s kids’ “ugly a$$” is absolutely uncalled for. They’ve done nothing to you.

  38. Kelly says:

    @star, did YOU write the OK! story, LOL? Seriously… this is all such complete horsesh!t. Getting back with JLo, getting back with Gwyneth… Thank god I’m not famous, because if anyone even suggested I was going to get back with my ex, much less printed it on the cover of a national magazine, I would shoot them!

  39. zesty says:

    Article was definitely poor taste. That being said, why in the world is Garner still considered high profile? Her career is hit or miss, and her innocent cutesy-girl persona is kind of weird as she approaches 40. She must have a great P.R. person.

  40. serena says:

    Garner’s rep denied any pregnancy rumor. Anyway, I don’t think something will happen, not another Bennifer 0.1 please.
    And Guadalupe is really a ********, telling her daughter to just go and homewreck a marriage (even if it’s trubled). Not to pathetic is it to go back with an ex?

  41. bigchili says:

    This is just gross. I highly doubt that Violet & Seraphina would think that it would be ‘fun’ and ‘great gossip’ if Ben & JLo got back together.

  42. Cheyenne says:

    I think everybody at OK mag is overdosing on crack.

  43. mick says:

    The media was what caused JLo’s and Ben’ breakup. They could not stand Jeny from the block marrying a very attractive Ben.

    I agree with Amanda, that Ben was very happy with JLo. He has looked sad and
    disgusted with life for a while now. Ben looks very bored. It is not uncommon for a woman to keep getting pregnant to retain an unhappy husband.

    Jennifer Garner knows the facts, as well. A woman always knows when her hubby is not into her.

    As for the children, again, it is not uncommon for daddy to leave mommy for
    another woman.

    Face it, these are the times we live in.

  44. Maritza says:

    If Jennifer Garner is not pregnant she might consider getting pregnant with all the gossip surrounding her man with Jlo. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is pregnant. I think he might stray and want to have a fling with Jlo just for old times sake. Now that would turn into a circus if they were caught, I can just imagine the tabloid headlines.

  45. Lena says:

    OK is beyond the pale. As is “Star” who must work for a trash rag. I agree with some of the above that it is SICK to promote gossip to ‘create” infidelity in the public’s mind and I blame it 100% on Jello. She remembers when he e-mailed Garner after he heard she split with her husband (Jlo hacked into his e-mail) and this is her way of getting “even”. That was published gossip at the time and not a blind item. To all the above who “believe” blind items – they are fake. If they were true (or even half true), the gossip would just come out with it. He DIDNOT look happier with Jello, did you see the pictures that were run last week with him and her? He looked trapped. He dumped her at the alter for a reason folks & it has taken him 7 years to get his reputation back. He is with Garner because he loves her (he is the last person to marry someone just because they’re pregnant,that is so 1950s) and he loves being a father. PS Violet reads dammit!

  46. Annie says:

    @antisara your first post made sense then your second post showed you are no better than those editors.Calling those kids ugly was irritating and disturbing. Why would an adult call children ugly?

  47. Eleonor says:

    Bennifer 2.0? no, please, one was enough.

  48. Susan says:

    He is too in love with his kids to leave.

  49. Cheyenne says:

    Lena: PS Violet reads dammit!

    This is what turns my stomach about these bullshit tabloid stories and makes me wish the editors could be lined up against a wall and shot: they evidently don’t give a damn how these stories will affect the kids who are old enough to read them when they pass by a news stand.

  50. JustBored says:

    This is so disrespectful. This makes me sick. The man is still married with kids, why would they do this. This headline really made me cringe. To intentionally cause a family such distress is wicked and mean. Whether this true or not OK should be ashamed of themselves. Ben Affleck would be such an idiot to do that to his family. SMDH

  51. 4Real says:

    Media Takeout (black site) is trying say she’s going back with Puffy already too…so I’m not buying either story.

  52. Sue says:

    Lena@ (PS Violet reads dammit) How many other celebrity kids that can read that have BS stories written about their parents? Where are you and the other outraged posters when the posts are about them? Is it because this is written about Jennifer garner, Ben and JLO triangle that makes it different because when it was printed every were that Ben cheated on Garner with Blake Lively he was married then too with kids and their no big deal like there is on this post or are people outrage because they dislike JLO so much that people are so offend by this story.

    Please someone tell me what makes this story so different from all the other.

  53. Dana M says:

    I think that celebrity pregnant couple blind item is about Ben and garner however, the ex is has his eye on is Goopy.

  54. newtsgal says:

    I read the blind on this one too, while I agree that it’s Ben and Jen breakin’ up I don’t think it’s for Jlo. I think the ex in the wings is a girl named Tammy Morris. If you look at the photo blindgossip used you’ll see that the guy does look like Ben and the girl in the back looks like TM.

  55. the original bellaluna says:

    I believe Ben feels extremely to have dodged that glittery, narcissistic, pink-fur covered bullet of neediness that is J-Ho.

    I also think it’s deplorable what OK is doing. Maybe BA & JG will sue; maybe they won’t.

  56. Lena says:

    Sue: Yes, JLo shouldn’t be spreading the word the father of her babies was a cheater either, whether they read now or not. Also, I don’t believe Ben cheated with Blake Lively. That is BS too. You all are pretty gullible believing gossip that has no iota of proof. I like gossip as much as anybody but I don’t believe everything the internets say unless they can prove it somehow. One picture of a guy laughing at someone telling a joke during work does not constitute cheating. And as for “blind items” like I said if they had any truth to them the gossip would name names. But they know they can make up whatever they may please if they dont name names.

  57. MariPily says:

    Very sad gossip, there are children involved ( not just Ben’s kids which is all anyone on this blog seem to care about, is it because they are cute and white and dimpled?) but J-lo’s little ones too. I think J-Lo is probably more concerned with making a smooth transition for herself and her kids…not hooking up with her gambling, boring, womanizing ex.

  58. mick says:

    Yes, blame the tabloid for inflicting pain to Jennifer Garner and the “beautiful” little girls. Yet, Antisara, Elle and #22 have a different discription of Jlo’s twins, calling them “ugly”.

    Just like when Jen and Ben were dating,
    some people just don’t want them to hook up.

    Obviously, Ben is not happy with “plain
    vanilla”. Maybe, he wants some spice in his life. Perhaps, he has acquired the courage to do what will make him happy.

  59. Cheyenne says:

    @bellaluna: I doubt they have grounds to sue. OK makes vague references to a “plot” (doesn’t say whose). Nobody with a grain of sense is taking it seriously.

    It’s not like News Of The World that announced point-blank that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were splitting up, and the media picked it up and ran with it. Brad and Angie sued for libel and they had an airtight case. NOTW had to pay through their nose for that one.

    I agree with Lena that the bottom line is what all these lies must do to the kids who are old enough to read but are still too young to realize it’s bullshit. The tabloid editors are despicable.

  60. bluhare says:

    Whoa. This is all kinds of wrong everywhere. In fact, I can’t see a “right” anywhere.

    Ben Affleck is married with children. Whether you like him or his wife is neither here nor there. Whether he’s still got the hots for Whatzername is neither here nor there either. He’s got kids. End of story.

  61. Princess Lizabeth says:

    “We all know that she isn’t easily deterred anyway, considering that her estranged husband looks like a cadaver.”

    I love that comment! I have always thought that Marc Anthony looks very unwell, at best. Glad someone else shares my opinion!

  62. mick says:

    @ Lena, I totally agree with you! It’s the thought of Jlo and Ben gettin back together that is bothering most of the commentators. All of a sudden, they want to show that poor beautiful little girls, the sanctity of the marriage is in jeopardy.

    All of the above is common in Hollywood.

    Yet, Jlo’s children are called ugly
    by the same rightous people who are so
    offended by the tabloids.

  63. Very telling says:

    I find it amazing reading these comments how posters are disgusted and disturbed by this tabloid story of a man in a relationship w/ two kids might leave his spouse for his ex. Yet I can’t recall all this outrage when on an almost weekly basis there were stories of a man in a relationship with 6 (at least three who can read the tabloid stories)kids leaving his partner for his ex.This story is BS just like 90% of OK magazine stories-IMO

  64. Truthful says:

    even more crazier with this blind is
    SOME folks said he’d go back to Goopy!!
    not JLo..(they are saying Goopy is quietly divorcing Martin)

    umm, I saw a pic yesterday of Jenn and I would put money on her being pregnant.

    her shirt was not bellowy, it was kinda fitted and her stomach is BIG, its all under her boobs.
    She had on a button down and it was VERY detectable..

    we’ll revisit this when they make the announcement. I think its horrible for the tabs to print this, desperate and disrespectful BUT they’ve always stooped low.

    sorry, I do not know how to post a link to the pic and I don’t want to bend the rules and be in trouble.

    I love the Dimple parade, they have a lovely lil family.

  65. duncecap says:

    WHY are people saying that Ben was happier with JLO? Are they completely glossing over the entire thing?

    Ben was miserable with JLO. You could see it towards the end. JLO took a grungy flannel wearing guy self-professed “intellectual” and turned him into a manicured bently driving tool and he hated it.

    Ben was glowingly happy with Garner too, at first. But again, his image was groomed to something it’s not and he resents it. He ALLOWS it happen so he has something to blame when the first blush of love (or lust) starts to dim. Its the most passive agressive thing I’ve ever seen.

    It’s his pattern with all women. Maybe his way to exercise some deeply hidden belief that that’s what women do to men, by actively choosing women that aren’t really a fit for him to start with. Not that I think there’s a woman alive out there for him. He’s a scuzzbag, and always was.

  66. Dee says:

    I must admit, Bennifer 1.0 was one of my all time celeb couple. They did look gorgeous together, though it does seem like a lifetime ago!!! I certainly don’t wish for Bennifer 2.0 to divorce… HOWEVER, I woulddn’t be shocked if Ben wanted a piece of the Lopez again!!!

  67. teri says:

    Garner could cut a bitch? lol, she seems like such a wimp and the first post looks as if garner herself wrote it. Kinda childish to call her Jello also, grow up.

  68. teri says:

    By the way I wish some would give Brad and Angelina a break considering they have kids together. Referring to your comments on why would anyone want to tear a family apart with kids?

  69. anyway says:

    Either there are a lot of naive readers on this blog or it’s just who is involved in this specific story that is bringing so much heat.

    I’m sorry, but don’t we hear stories like this all the time from gossip blogs? So he has two kids and a wife. So has that ever stopped any man from cheating and leaving if he wanted to? Esp in Hollywood? Eddie Cibrian anyone? Or Swiss Beats,to name more recent triangles. Why is everyone so mad and acting like this just cannot be true? This is Hollywood people! I’m not saying I condone it and I certainly don’t want another Bennifer 2.0 (gag) but if it happened I wouldn’t be at all surprised. Plus this is Jlo’s M.O. She did it to Marc while he was still married to Dayanara and had children with her. And Ben has long been documented to be a gambler with a penchant for strippers. Goopy blew up his spot on an interview when asked about Ben. Child, please!

  70. anyway says:

    and shame on the poster who called J-Lo’s twins ugly. What a hotshot you are talking crap about two innocent toddlers. Hypocrite much?

  71. Joe's Mom says:

    @antisara & @Lena, I agree. I’m not even a fan particularly of BA, but the thought of BA getting together with JLo again makes ME feel “trapped”! The really sick thing about this story (maybe that was the OK editors’ intent) is that it does give you the feeling that it could be true. Like maybe her Mom did do this? Whatever, I think this is one time, if it is not true, JLo needs to step up and deny this, because if she doesn’t, and people assume it’s true . . .. Well, I just feel it’s just is so smarmy, weird, shameless, ghetto and wrong. JMHO.

  72. Sue says:

    Lena@ I was not talking about what JLO might have said about Marc that will affect her kids I was talking about the many other celebrity parents that have BS stories written about them. As for Blake Lively thing I never said I believed it just that there was no outrage about that rumor. Once again where is you are and others outrage on other BS stories written about OTHER celebrities with kids for example: rumors about Matthew Vaughn and Bobby Flay might be the father of January Jones baby and both men are married with kids were you outrage about those stories too? Another example Rumor Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore she has kids, Brad an d Angelina have one whiten about them every week and they have 6 kids and the stories written about how John Travolta cheats on his wife with men he has a wife and kids WERE IS THE OUTRAGE FOR THESE AND OTHERS? To me it just seem like people are outrage because this story has to do with American sweetheart Jennifer Garner and her kids.

    Please tell me if I’m wrong you and any other poster feels the same way about all BS stories written that may affect any family and especially the kids because of tabloid lies and I’m taking your post the wrong way.

  73. I feel like I want to know more about Guadalupe and her hustle. I’m sure she just. . . a fascinating creature.

  74. Jane01 says:

    Joe’s Mom@ Why does JLO need to deny this story why not Ben?

    I’m not a JLO fan but I don’t see JLO wanting to get back with Ben he cheated on her because he didn’t have the balls to end thing with her and than talked shit about her, if she was going back to and ex I would say Diddy at less he has made up with her apologize gave her gift when she had her kids.

  75. Amanda G says:

    This is exactly why I was dreading J.Ho getting a divorce. Now the media will get a hard on over her sex life again. I can’t do Bennifer again, I just can’t!!!

  76. You don't say says:

    I guess I don’t get the outrage over this particular story. Tacky, false, children involved, etc., etc. but it has been written about other couples as well, with children. No outrage on this level that I can remember. The people in this couple are not pure, nor innocent. Ms. Garner and Mr. Affleck both have histories of infidelity. Not saying it is happening now, but let’s get a grip. It’s a trashy, creepy, tabloid with no idea of what honesty and discretion means.

    Tabloids are trash, they would insist the sun rises in the west and talk about a “blind item” to prove it. Next week will be another made up story, so nothing different.

  77. anyway says:

    @You don’t say:

    Thank you. If memory serves me correctly wasn’t JG married to “Noel” who she met on the set of Felicity and then dumped him for Michael Vartan who she then cheated on with Ben? But I guess her having kids absolves her from all that.

  78. londonLady says:

    who knows where the blind item came from. could easily have been planted by OK or other tabloids to generate interest and give credence to the story.

  79. Madisyn says:

    Two or three posters stated the obvious. Neither parties reputations could afford the hit. Not to mention he dumped her ass very publicly several years ago. Agree w/Kaiser, if he’s miserable (and really do we know?) he would go for the meaningless, the anonymous, and the strange. I don’t think he’d even be papp’d in public with a woman who was not his wife for a very, very long time.

  80. Joe's Mom says:

    @Jane01: I guess I just feel I’d like to hear from JLo, whether her Mom actually is hoping for a reunion, and said this (and wasn’t careful about it being leaked). Ben would not be able to admit or deny what JLo’s Mom is saying/hoping for, I don’t think. The stuff that creeps me out is in OK’s 3rd paragraph up there: “She is already trying to plant . . . she should reach out to Ben as a friend,” adds another insider. “Guadalupe knows he’s married, . . . help ease the pain of divorce. Then, when that period passes, maybe they’ll be back together if he’s available again. . . . ” Yuck. I just feel if it’s true, it’s devious and weird, but as I said, even though it sounds like it could be factual, it could be a really slick/sick story from OK’s editors.

  81. BC says:

    There is no truth to this story.

    Ben left for the Middle East a few days ago to start filming his new movie Argo.

    J-Lo is in Atlanta GA filming her new movie.

    I guess who ever is making those plans for the big Hook-Up are going to have their work cut out them. Different time zones and Thousands of miles a part, and different work schedules and Kids to check up on….I guess it can be done?

    If anyone should deny this story it is J-Lo’s PR team. Why? because they are the ones that leaked the whole J-Lo’s mother Emailed Ben story…. with no email to back it up.

    It looks like Ben is going to be added to J Lo’s Divorce story because it gets a reaction. No one really cares if J Lo is bad mouthing Marc Anthony. He lost is “Man Card” when if left his wife and kids for J Lo. Half of the comments on the internet are basically calling Marc J Lo’s REBOUND MAN after Ben dumped her.
    This J Lo divorce story is about a week worth of news. The only way to keep it going is to add Ben into the mix a stretch in into 3 weeks tops.

    No one really knows the state of Ben’s marriage. It could be happy or stale for all we know. But… while some people keep predicting their breakup other Hollywood couples marriages are falling a part without any notice until the BIG BREAKING NEWS STORY is flashed.
    I will wait until the Ben and Jen Breakup actually happens.

  82. katnip says:

    Ben will be heading overseas to film his next movie..He is directing/staring.

    so all of this will be a mute point. I don’t know if Jennifer and the kids are going too, but Ben will be abroad.

    Wonder what the rags will do then..

  83. lexirei says:

    Whoever called JLo’s twins ugly are ugly themselves from the inside. If you don’t like what JLo does, that’s fine. But please don’t bring her innocent children into it. Some folks have no shame. Sad.

  84. Madison says:

    I don’t believe there’s any truth to this story, the Bennifer ship sailed a long time ago and neither JLo or Ben want to go back that crazy time again, never seen him go crazy over Garner like that though. Garnerloonies like antisara need to take some chill pills and stop the hate.

    Ben has worked too hard to get his career and image to where it is now he’s not about to risk it for anything. I imagine he’ll continue with the affairs in private and stay with his PR perfect wife and dimple kids.

  85. Jane01 says:

    Joe’s Mom@ Why do you think that JLO mom wrote that email it look to be tabloid BS because they have no E-mail as proof that it really came from JLO’s mom. Really think would you as a mother want your daughter to get back together with someone who treated her like shit and talked bad about her to the media?

  86. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t fair to either of them, their break up was tough. Maybe he was a jerk or maybe he wasn’t but they have kids. Jennifer cried over that relationship who is to say she’d want to go back to that or that’d he break up with his wife? After it didn’t work the first time?

    Jennifer finally has her independence and people have to go and make things up. I think she is going to take awhile being single before she dates ANYONE (whether it be a new guy and ex or anyone).

  87. Leslie says:

    This is probably really embarrassing to Jennifer Lopez and probably another reason she stayed with Marc Anthony as long as she did. To avoid these kinds of gossip rags…as someone posted above Ben Affleck was passive aggressive with most of his women and I’m sure she learned from that. She probably doesn’t want to get back together with him, especially now that she has her independence for the firt time in such a long time and young children. Also, Ben is married w/ kids and loves his wife even if we don’t see it or think it.

    I just don’t think Jennifer Lopez is going to be jumping into a relationship quickly this time around…with a new guy or ex or anyone else for that matter. She is working on her career resurgance too!
    They did send each cards or soemthing when each had their kids so it took work to even be friendly. This makes things uncomfortable.

    So awkward. I know I loved them together but I’m real and I know it’s not going to happen at all. And it’s embarrasing to all parties involved.

    Lastly, Jennifer’s mother doesn’t call her “J.Lo,” she used to kind of mock it and I think it’s a nickname the fans have for her. In her life her friends and family call her Jennifer or Jen…so this article keeps quoting people “insiders” who aren’t even calling her by her name!

  88. Playlist says:

    The big difference this time is OK magazine is creating a cheating scandal, not referring to one. They are publicly endorsing that Ben should drop his wife and kids and hook up with JLO. A new low for OK magazine. I hope they get sued over this. No regard for the fact that Ben is a married man with two kids.

    JLO is too over the top greedy for the limelight for any guy, especially Ben. With Ben’s gambling issues, both Jen’s would be better off without him. He’s never looked happy in his marriage, but he never looked happy with JLO either near the end of that relationship. If Jennifer G. is pregnant than their marriage isn’t in trouble because they wouldn’t have spent the time together to get pregnant a third time. JLO mom sounds as controlling as Marc.

  89. Lena says:

    Wow, Madison and BC make so much sense I don’t know what they are doing on a gossip board. Madison, Im not a Garnerloonie but a long time Ben fan and the reason you don’t see him “go crazy” over Garner is precisely because he got publicly crucified for it in 2003 and he has been trying to have people look at him and see his work, not his private life for years and years now. Finally he gets to a point where people actually do (you don’t often hear of Bennifer II) and now this drags him back into Bennifer I hell. I have a feeling her camp is promoting this gossip for some wierd reason. If they didn’t, JLo’s camp should deny this crap because Well, “it’s just is so smarmy, weird, shameless, ghetto and wrong” and makes her look terrible.

  90. Cherry Rose says:

    I highly doubt that Ben wants to get back with JLo, or she with him. They both got their egos and reputations to think about. After all, his reputation went down after the whole Bennifer fiasco, and her ego would not permit her to go back to a man who dumped her very publiciy and humiliatingly, and who’s talked shit about their relationship. I sure as hell wouldn’t go back to a person who did that.

    And I highly doubt that Ben would go back to Gwenyth. It’s not like she’s really a popular actress these days, and I doubt she wants to move out of England. (Heaven forbid she lives with us peasants in the US of A!)

  91. mimi says:

    Ben looked happy and alive with Jen Lopez.

    I thought their chemistry was evident amd liked them together.

    Garner got pregnant and they had a shotgun wedding.

    Not exactly the idea of real love…

    I do hope he will end up with someone he loves and not with some woman who got pregnant…

  92. Lee says:

    Let’s see….J.Lo vs. Jennifer Garner….no comparison. The current and hopefully only Mrs. Affleck is soooo much classier than J.Lo.

  93. Sue says:

    Playlist@ I don’t know anything about Ben marriage but what does Jennifer G being pregnant if she is have to do with whether or not her marriage is trouble because Lauryn Hill ex cheated on her after having their first or second child and they went on to have 4/3 more kids together aversely that fact that he still cheated on her means that their problem with their relationship and what about that basketball player who had a child already with his wife cheated on her while she was pregnant with twins. I mean what world does you live in that you believe that just because man a keeps sleeping wife mean relationship is fine.

  94. Cherry Rose says:

    @Sue – Ben is all about image and his reputation. If he left Jennifer Garner while she was pregnant, that would in turn make him look bad, both in the tabloids and to Hollywood.

  95. Katherine says:

    I thought Ben treated JLo very disrespectfully. I don’t follow her but I remember clearly that I was impressed that she was very gracious in return. She even was very gracious when he and Jennifer G. had a baby with kind words for them and the baby.

    I honestly thought Ben was more concerned that JLo seemed too “low class” for him, an Oscar winner with ambition, and that Jennifer G. looked more, how shall I say it? white and automatically from a better class. So yea I think Ben was concerned with his image first and foremost.

    How Ben and JLo were together in private and how Ben & the new Jennifer are together now in private none of us know.

  96. kim says:

    I loved bennifer 1.0. Am I the only one?

  97. Camille says:

    @katnip #15: I agree with you. Funny how there is an outcry about this story- but not about one other celeb couple that has had this crap said about them for years…

    I REALLY hated these 2 together (Ben and JLo), although they did make for some fun gossip (much like how I felt about Pitt and Anuston – typo and it stays), so the thought of Ben and Jlo getting back together makes me feel kind of nauseous- especially as Affleck has a family with Garner, which would be sad to see break up.

    However, it would be good to see a NEW ‘TRIANGLE’ take over the tabloids. I am sick to the back teeth of the Jolie/Pitt/Aniston stories….

  98. duncecap says:

    I agree, Katherine. The last 1/4 of his relationship with JLo was him trying to find ways to make her fed up with him so that SHE could dump him, and he wouldn’t have to bother. Booze, gambling, strippers, and not even hiding it, really.

    I think he was in the process of doing the same thing to Garner– trying to get her to dump him by being a scuzz. I think he does this with all relationships that he’s got to run it to the ground, but he can never be the one to say that it’s over.

    I recall a Vanity Fair article where the writer visited where Ben and JLO were living. Ben’s den was sloppy and filled with books and such– Ben also tried to talk about politics and writing or something, and it just seemed so desperate. Ben thinks he’s so much smarter and more scholarly than he is. Do his women ever match up with that image? No, then he’d realize that that’s not who he is.

    So he pairs up with the diamond and shoe obsessed JLo– how un-challenging can you get? And then Garner– the suburb coma. Neither of which stimulate his mind, but don’t bruise it, either. It’s appealing at first, but eventually he’ll want to stray. It’s all about preserving that picture of himself in his mind.

  99. Playlist says:

    @Sue – Cheating on someone and leaving them are two different things. Ben may or may not be cheating on Jennifer even if she is pregnant, but sleeping with your wife says the marriage isn’t in that much trouble and you are still in the game. Any “other” woman should pay attention to that little fact. People in troubled marriages that are ready to call it quits are no longer interested in each other and sex is usually one of the first things tossed out the window, even if the world assumes otherwise.

    If Ben wanted out of the marriage, the last thing he would do is take a chance of getting her pregnant again. As others have already said, Ben is very aware of his reputation, and he is also aware of his wife’s reputation as the perfect Hollywood mom. A pregnant wife and a side dish of JLO (or anyone else) would be death to Ben’s reputation. It would also be death to JLO’s reputation as well.

  100. Leslie says:

    “None of it is true,” a source close to Affleck assures Gossip Cop, while a Lopez rep dismisses the OK! cover as “inaccurate.”

    - So no need for people to get so worked up!

  101. Jane says:

    Somebody must’ve edited post #1 about Jlo’s “ugly” kids. That was uncalled for.

  102. Cinderella says:

    I don’t think Ben or J-Lo would be interested in each other these days. If J-Lo’s going after anybody, he will be super-rich. Costly divorce settlements get pretty old after awhile.

  103. Leslie says:

    @Duncecap has a point and sums up Ben but sometimes I don’t want to believe that’s true because he was so romantic with Jennifer L (like saying she was the woman that made him want to get married and have kids for real).

    But maybe you are right…especially when he started getting grief from people for being with a Puerto Rican and supposedly showing off their “wealth” but than celebrated for his relationship with Garner.

    People both under and over estimate him.

  104. Sue says:

    Playlist@ (sex is usually one of the first things tossed out the window) That not all the time true it’s call having you cake and eating it to, they want that family for image or whatever but they also what that fun they have with seeing/sleeping with someone there not tied down to. There are men out there that gives the person there with sexually transmitted diseases because their sleeping around on them. Do you think men who cheat plan on getting the other woman pregnant no and that possibility also does not stop them from sleeping around. Look at Little Wayne he has like 4 kids each with a different woman you would think that after the 1st one he would no better but no he went on to make 3 more 2 within months of each other.

    There are wives who look the other way because they want to make their marriage work.

  105. Jane01 says:

    @Playlist: Sue has a piont

    I have a friend who got a STD from her ex that how she found out he was cheating on her. They had their problems and decided to stay together and work on their marriage they were working on starting a family and thing were going fine or so she thought until she went to the doctors because she wasn’t feeling well thinking she was pregnant only to and found out she had STD. Like Sue said just because a man is sleeping with his wife doesn’t mean the relationship is golden on both ends, just means some men are asshole that can’t keep it in their pants.

    If your cheating on your wife even if your still sleeping with your them still means your marriage is in big sign that marriage is in trouble because that person is going outside heir marriage for whatever reason.(Any “other” woman should pay attention to that little fact.) he may not leave his wife does no mean he is going to stay faithful.

  106. Zimmer says:

    So tacky….

  107. Didi says:

    Ben might not be happy or in love with Garner but I don’t think he would run back to Lopez, no matter how hard she wants him. P.Diddy though, would

  108. Overya says:

    That is the reason why I would prefer People over OK mag!! OK Mag = it is OK to create your gossip beyond hallucination

  109. Danie says:

    Ah….I bet Ben thought he was rid of this tabloid garbage!
    What a silly story. Seems everyone has been rooting for Ben and his wife to split since they got together and began their family, but they always look pretty content and normal to me.

  110. mln76 says:

    Danie & Lanie I personally don’t want or care if Garner and Affleck split but anyone who reads gossip sites (not the tabs) has heard several rumors of Affleck’s affairs with co-stars. I tend to trust sites like Lainey because many of her blinds do end up being proven right (If I saw a story about Brangelina having problems in Lainey for instance I would actually find it credible because she doesn’t just make crap up like the tabs) but she’s not the only site that hints that Ben cheats. I tend to give it more weight than I do the obviously lying tab covers-who manufacture stories (LIKE THIS OBVIOUSLY FALSE ONE) to sell papers. Because it’s behavior that coincides with how he acted when he was single. He cheated on Paltrow and JLo that’s a matter of public record and zebras don’t change stripes.

  111. John Wayne Lives says:

    Messed up. I hope Affleck and Garner are normal people making it work. They seem nice.

  112. Joe's Mom says:

    @Jane01: I don’t know what JLo’s Mom wants or doesn’t want, and I don’t know if she actually sent or leaked an e-mail. It’s just that this story’s been blabbed all over the tabs, and I thought somebody should clarify if JLo’s Mom was actually saying this harmful, embarrassing stuff. JMO.
    However, Leslie says:
    “None of it is true,” a source close to Affleck assures Gossip Cop, while a Lopez rep dismisses the OK! cover as “inaccurate.”
    So, Affleck and JLo’s reps BOTH responded, and say it’s “innaccurate”, SO, I guess it was bugging one or both of them enough to say something about it, which makes me less grossed-out. That is all.

  113. duncecap says:

    Can anyone help me? I can’t seem to find the blind item about JLo accidentally pooping on Ben during sex. Did that become common knowledge while I was napping?

    If the links don’t exist anymore, does anyone have the dish?

  114. Maritza says:

    I read in AOL Latino that Jlo is giving Marc Anthony another chance because she found out he has been really depressed and crying for his Lola and the twins.

  115. bugsy says:

    *sigh* yeah…it’s all horrifying and disgusting when celebrities cheat…until it happens to create a fabulous new couple, for which people make excuses….

  116. bugsy says:

    This story might end up happening. Who knows? They could be sleeping together already, but like we’re ever going to find out about it. It’s painfully obvious that Affleck hasn’t been interested in his wife in a LONG time. She may dress like a granny sometimes, but she’s drop dead gorgeous, and their children are cute too. It wouldn’t surprise me any. He may not have wanted to marry JLo, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss the sex. Isn’t hollywood great?

  117. Ben_n_Jen says:

    I love this song Jennifer wrote for Ben…she changed the title at the last second too!

    And this one that I think was post break up:

  118. Playlist says:

    Sue and Jane01 – Seriously, how old are you? And how naive? We aren’t talking about your neighbor or some C or D list actor. We are talking about two high profile people that depend on their reputations in Hollywood. Get a clue. I also said there is a difference between cheating and LEAVING someone.

  119. Enjoyed every bit of your article.Really thank you! Will read on…