Alicia Keys on her marriage to Swizz Beatz: “It’s really cool to have met my equal”


People Mag did an interview with Alicia Keys, and it came out a few days ago. I’ve been brooding about it for that long. I know some of you defend her, especially now that she’s gone “from homewrecker to housewife” and she’s a new mom and everything. That does make me more sympathetic towards her, but at the end of the day, Alicia still bugs. Big time. She openly had an affair with Swizz Beatz while he was married to Mashonda, she stuck by him as he went through paternity drama with another woman (Jahna Sebastian), she’s stuck by him even though Jahna says he’s a deadbeat, and even through Mashonda’s repeated public hissy fits. Basically, Alicia is the soul version LeAnn Rimes, only somehow, I think that Swizz is WAY more disgusting than Eddie Cibrian. And it pisses me off that Alicia’s behavior has gotten the legit-media whitewash. It pisses me off that Alicia gets to sit down with People Magazine and utter lines like “”There are so many similarities between us, it’s just mind-blowing. It’s really cool to have met my equal.” Her “equal”? Gurl…

It seems that married life is agreeing with Alicia Keys.

“It’s so fly,” the singer tells PEOPLE. “There’s something great about feeling at peace and ease with your partner and knowing you understand each other. I really enjoy that friendship.”

Keys, 31, who will celebrate her one-year anniversary with producer husband Swizz Beatz on July 31, adds that being like-minded with her mate helps keep things harmonious.

“There are so many similarities between us, it’s just mind-blowing,” she says of Beatz, 32 (with whom she welcomed a son named Egypt last fall). “It’s really cool to have met my equal.”

In fact, the two are so in sync that Keys even trusts Beatz (real name: Kaseem Dean) with helping her pick outfits for public appearances.

“I can say, ‘I’m not sure about this look for the BET Awards. What do you think?’ and I know that he will honestly tell me exactly what’s up,” she says.

The singer, who is also celebrating a professional anniversary – with the re-release her 2001 debut album, Songs in A Minor – says her wedding day tops the list of her favorite moments over a very eventful decade.

“When I walked down [the aisle] and saw him, I could barely hold myself together,” she says. “It was so beautiful – just about he and I and our love. The wedding was one of the best days of my life.”

[From People]

From the way the other women in Swizz’s life tell it, Alicia deserves no sympathy because she went into this whole mess with her eyes wide open, and if and when Swizz starts boning other ladies, Alicia should have known that karma was going to eventually smack her in the face. Will she still be participating in the whitewash if and when that happens? Or will it suddenly be, “Oh, poor Alicia, she got cheated on by such a dirt bag. He wasn’t HER EQUAL. He’s wasn’t SO FLY.”





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  1. photo jojo says:

    It’s funny to me about women like this, who actively go after a man who is in a relationship (and I am NOT excusing the male behavior here at all)… when you get what you want, sometimes you get what you deserve, too. She wanted Swizz, knowing how he behaved in a long term relationship, and now she has him. Everything comes back around again, ya know?

  2. tapioca says:

    @photo jojo: But you don’t understand! It’s different with Alicia. She changed him into a better man with the power of her LOVE! He’s never felt this way about another woman before and when he told them he loved them he didn’t mean it, but with Alicia he really, truly, with-all-of-his-heart MEANS it! He’ll never lie to her like he’s lied to every other woman he’s ever been with because of their LOVE!

    Yeah, she’s basically stupid as f**k…

  3. brin says:

    Co-sign with photo jojo. I think Alicia and Leann will be singing a different tune when it comes crashing down on them.

  4. Bubbling says:

    (Un)fortunately life isn’t all black and white. Sometimes shit just happens and all the right things come in the wrong way, but it’s life and it’s pretty much take it or leave it.
    Strangely enough, this site is all pro-Angie and the subject that she is basically “home wrecker, messing with married man” etc is never on the table,as is Alicia’s case.

  5. Quest says:

    All I can say is that Karma is a bitch with a long term memory, Alicia. We will wait for it.

  6. 9 out 10 experts recommend says:

    Look at the sisterhood going on here. Alicia is a “homewrecker”. Let’s not forget Swizz was a married man with various children. He is the adulterer. He made vows to his ex wife, Alicia didn’t. I am not condoning women having liaisons with married men, it’s just bad form. I am pointing out the attacks on this woman. All this nonsense about karma. Really? Come on now. Alicia is a musician not the Pope. If this is true love wish them well or least lay it on him. Lay off the “what goes around comes around” talk. I know we have license to bitch on this site but make the bitchiness fair for both sides.

  7. Patricia says:

    “…my equal”?

    She’s said a mouthful

  8. Victoria says:

    “STARTS” boning? Puleeeze…. do you really think he ever stopped? HA HA HA…

  9. RocketMerry says:

    He’s a bitch for cheating on and abandoning those women and his children.
    She’s a bitch for home-wrecking a marriage.
    Karma’s a bitch ’cause…well, she just is.
    There. Better, “9-out-10-experts-recommend”?

  10. marymary says:

    The reason people are so upset with Alicia Keyes is, I think, because she was marketed to us from the beginning as a “classy” girl. We were told over and over again how smart and talented Alicia was, how she was so much better than her slutty, skanky peers. The Alicia Keyes we were sold would never sleep with another woman’s husband and then try to make herself look like the victim. And then she did just that.
    I can’t look at Alicia the way I did before and her music’s been pretty much ruined for me (because she is not who she said she is). Hate the mommyhood whitewash, but she’ll get what’s coming to her when he impregnates yet another woman.

  11. Addie says:

    Well if he is her equal, it just shows her non-existant morals.

  12. laland says:

    I’m sorry, but I disagree with you Kaiser. I think Alicia has been unfairly vilified by a jelouse ex-wife. As an African American woman who reads AA blogs daily believe me when I say his wife is not that innocent. She stayed in this marriage for 10 years while her husband was screwing everything that walked. He had babies with TWO different woman while with her. And believe when I tell she would not have left him had he not ended their sham marriage.

    I think Alicia provided an opportunity for her to play this victim because she’s more famous. Why wasn’t Mashonda crying to every outlet that would listen 10 years ago when he had a BABY with ANOTHER WOMAN.

    Although I think Swizz is a douche I don’t think things went down the way Mashonda is stating it did. There’s more to this story and we only heard plenty from one side.

    • jay dee says:

      As tru as that may be, swiss beats didn’t leave his wife for those women. He left mashonda for alicia keys. Alicia has been promoted to be this beautiful graceful person and now she looks like a home wrecker. Mashonda may be making a spectacle, but she has grounds to do so. I think the real one here at fault is swiss beats. he’s an adulterer.

  13. tapioca says:

    @9 out 10 experts recommend:

    “Lord knows it wasn’t easy, but believe me.
    Never thought you’d be the one that would deceived me.
    And never do wha u was supposed to do
    No need to hose me fool, cause I’m ova you
    Cause what goes around, comes around.
    What goes up, must come down.
    Now who’s cryin, desirin to come back to me
    What goes around, comes around.”

    Alicia started it! :)

  14. Roma says:

    I refuse to take any woman who uses the term “fly” seriously. I just can’t.

  15. the original bellaluna says:

    Just for once in my life, I’d like to see People do an interview with someone whose been married for 10 YEARS, not 10 months (or less). Let’s hear all those wonderful quotes about how he leaves his dirty socks where-ever he takes them off; farts in bed; leaves the seat up; and couldn’t rinse a dirty dish if his life depended on it. BUT we are still able to laugh together; still love each other; can’t imagine our lives without one another. (same goes for those stupid “love quotes” or whatever US calls them.)

  16. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Bellaluna, I agree totally, after a much longer period together when all faults and irritations have been discovered and displayed, if the 2 of them can still laugh together and still feel warmth and love then that would genuinely be worth writing about. (Apologies that this is a repetition and not as eloquent as your post ;) )

  17. Micki says:

    @tapioca: I like your sense of humour in (2).I could have written the same but oh, God it’s so tiring to hear this story again and again and from women that truly believe it too…
    I have no sympathy for her and he’s not even on my radar of human beings.
    But I like her voice though.

  18. 9 out 10 experts recommend says:

    @ tapioca & rocketmerry
    I agree with your statements and the song references. But love, I mean lust is powerful makes the sane insane, she has been dicktimised.
    I was trying to point out that there isn’t a long line of guys bitching about Swizz. It’s always the ladies sticking it to the woman. Let’s throw some rotten tomatoes- so to speak- at him!
    Also I must add I hate the word FLY in that context. It shits me.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Ruby Red – :) It just frustrates me that they do these fluff pieces (or use quotes by) people who’ve been married for about a minute-and-a-half. Like they know what they’re talking about. Yeah, RIGHT. I’ll give them an interview, all right. But of course, I’m neither famous nor notorious, so I don’t count (in their world)!

  20. lexirei says:

    I find it rather funny that alot of folks want to blame Alicia more than Swizz. The last time I checked, Swizz was the one who didn’t give a damn about his own marriage and willingly stepped out. He was the one who made promises to Mashonda, not Alicia. His name was on the divorce papers, not Alicia. Maybe she had some influence, but it was ultimately up to him to end it all. If he was so in love with his ex-wife, he would have stayed. So yes, Swizz is the true HOMEWRECKER.

  21. mln76 says:

    Swizz is a dog. Only a blind person could fail to see that. It reminds a bit of Whitney and Bobby-not that there are drugs involved-but Alicia is trying to whitewash their relationship just like Whitney did in the early days. The truth is Alicia likes his thug side. She isn’t interested in a clean cut guy who will treat her well and be faithful.

  22. Jezi says:

    He’s horrible and she’s no better. Both of them will get what they deserve.

    @laland So you’re saying because Mashonda stayed with him she’s to be blamed? That’s just horrible. Perhaps she loved him and wanted to hold on to her marriage. What would be wrong with that? He’s horrible for the way he treated her and if he was so unhappy in his marriage to her, then he should’ve left her prior to having affairs. Not wait until he had a chick to fall back on. That is no man in my eyes.

  23. Calli Pygian says:

    Re: the headlining quote-

    That is just waaaaay too easy. I am not touching it!!

  24. danielle says:

    Finding her equal…what an odd way to phrase things. It just sounds a bit stuck up…I can’t find anyone else who is as awesome as I am.

  25. TL says:

    Can we have a divorce countdown clock or predictions? I say within a year it’s over.

  26. lucy2 says:

    Agree that the media needs to stop glorifying marriages that have barely begun (and in the case, are sure to end badly at some point).
    Also agree that her use of the word “fly” is ridiculous. It’s 2011, Alicia.

    I don’t think commenting about her means giving him a pass. The general consensus is that he’s scum, not much left to say about it. I think many people are just still surprised that after presenting herself a certain way, these are the decisions she made.

  27. Lisa says:

    @laland- I read AA blogs on a daily basis too and I think Alicia is glorified in most of those while Mashonda is trashed. Mashonda may not be innocent, hell she was stupid for staying with wackbeats. Yes HE owed her respect not Alicia BUT Alicia should’ve respected the fact that he was married. The thing that grinds ppl’s gears is that she’s constantly bragging about how much they love each other and how much of a good man he is when we all know he’s a dog and she’s a dumb homewrecker for sticking up for him. Sorry, but I can’t have respect for Alicia and much less Wackbeatz.

  28. Pity says:

    Mashonda sure didn’t handle that break up with class did she? Pity party much. Can’t believe you are not calling her out for this celebitchy. As for the couple it happens in hollywood all the time. They are obviously in love. Move on and let them enjoy their marriage and child.

  29. Praise St. Angie! says:

    said it before and I’ll say it again.

    that man is SO ugly that it’s painful to look at him.

    as far as Alicia’s interview goes…just shut it, girl. get back to me in a year or two when he’s been impregnating women behind your back and you’re in the middle of a nasty divorce. then we’ll see how “fly” everything is.

    (like the rest of you, that word just made me cringe.)

  30. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:


    YES. That’s the reason that we’re all having such a tough time with this.

    It’s not that we are villifying Alica over Swish Bits – it’s that we all BOUGHT INTO this image of Alicia as a classy, intelligent dame and frankly… while there’s no doubt that her husband is the epic douchebag.. I think we all just feel like we’ve been “Had” by the Alicia marketing crew.

  31. EbonyShiksa says:

    @Praise St. Angie
    I bow down to your greatness, haha. Trust. Men like him DON’T change. And he WILL be impregnating other women while he’s married to her. Trust.

    Oh, and that excuse of “Well, [insert fave homewrecker here] wasn’t the one who was married. [Insert fave married douche here] was the one who made the vows.”

    Um, a DECENT human being doesn’t set out to carry out a systematic destruction of someone else’s marriage. Yes. No vow was “taken” by Alicia, but what happened to being a good person? With a conscience? Knowing that this man was married with a kid and that it was BAD to carry on an affair? Not to badmouth and ignore a wife’s impassioned pleas? Since when is that “not as important” as a “vow”?

  32. Jezi says:

    @EbonyShiksa Now I bow down to you. Well said!!!

  33. Linner says:

    “Cool to have met my equal”? Equal to what, pray tell? That is a very conceited comment that will come back to bite her in the a$$.

  34. kieslwoski says:

    I so agree with this post, this guy is worthless and he is a leech living off Keys and her money. So sad that this talented woman who I held in very high regard turned out to be a low class homewrecker who seems to be controlled by this looser.

    Good luck with her career which has been in a downward spiral, yeah she also listened to her new hubby and fired her manager.

  35. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @laland,” believe me when I say his wife is not that innocent. She stayed in this marriage for 10 years while her husband was screwing everything that walked. He had babies with TWO different woman while with her.”

    what is Mashonda guilty of besides staying with a dog for too long?

    “think Alicia provided an opportunity for her to play this victim because she’s more famous. Why wasn’t Mashonda crying to every outlet that would listen 10 years ago when he had a BABY with ANOTHER WOMAN.”

    Mashonda was victimized by her philandering husband. I have a feeling the tabloids approached her, because Alicia was a bigger star than the other two women he impregnated, and he did her so dirty that she was ready to talk. Not the classiest move to trash the father of your child in print, but more excusable then seeking the rags out herself. I think you’re being a tad
    too harsh in your assesment of her. All of our disgust should be directed at him and the way he’s treated the majority of the mothers of his kids.

  36. mew says:

    Rock it while you have it gurl…

  37. Nah, nah & nah... says:

    These two are funny to me, all JLO & Mark-like. I keep hearing this clock ticking that won’t go away. And, who still uses the word “fly?” To describe an adult theme like marriage, at that? Watch me throw a few ill subliminal 80′s slangs in my post, too. It must be coming back into vogue.

    Whatever one thinks about their relationship, a woman can’t wreck a home that isn’t already wrecked, so Mashonda and her whinin’ get on my nerves. To be so strong and seemingly together and talented, I think Mashonda “played herself” through all of this more than SB & AK ever could.

    Jhana is a non-m-er-effin’ factor and just needs to go eat borscht or something. She’s the dumbest of the bunch, having a baby with a married celebrity who made no public commitment to her. Maybe that’s how the ruskies roll, but in Hell’s Kitchen? I’d think takin’ her man was “dope”, too, for no other reason than her stupidity.

    I’m not saying this couple needs a pass for their dirt but, as I said before, I’m sick of them. It ain’t racial; THEY’RE BORING! Pick this back up when he somehow works his back taxes AND various child support obligations into his palimony settlement like Mark’s about to do. Otherwise, let’s let them go somewhere and revel in their utter flyness.

  38. Violet says:

    Other than rumors about her sexuality, Alicia Keys wasn’t featured much in the gossip columns until she lost her mind — and her morals, though who knows if she ever had any to begin with — over Swizz.

    If Alicia truly considers Swizz, who got FOUR different women pregnant while he was with his last wife and who has a history of being a deadbeat dad, her “equal” then Alicia’s done a whole bunch of shameful things she’s managed to keep out of the public eye.

    I’m looking forward to the day that Swizz knocks up Baby Mama #5. Alicia gets on my last nerve with her smug, selfish ways.

  39. Jenn says:

    The only reason Eddie Cibrian is less revolting than Swizz Beatz is because he didn’t get his mistresses pregnant. Way to use a condom, or whatever. Alicia is 31 years old and talking like a teenager, so she and her spouse are probably on each others’ mental levels. Why people aren’t repulsed by her behavior is beyond me- she doesn’t pimp out her husband’s other kids like MeAnn (though God knows she has a ton to choose from) or taunt his ex-wife and mistresses on Twitter, though, so maybe that’s why she isn’t as reviled as the revolting MeAnn. But she is every bit as sickening and there is no way a man like that changes. Karma’s a bitch, just like her. Men shouldn’t get a free pass, but women are wired differently and should behave differently. No one thinks well of Cibrian or Beatz, that’s for sure. Their careers are on the downslide. And People gives a free pass to anyone who has the whiff of celebrity anyway, including MeAnn. But it *is* weird that people haven’t picked up on Alicia’s foul behavior.

  40. Very Telling says:

    @lanette because women mostly buy the tabloids and visit gossip sites. Its no coincindence that men are rarely on a tabloid cover unless two women are fighting over him.

  41. lexirei says:

    @lalaland( comment 12): Missed your post the first time. I’m a black female who constantly cruises black sites like Mediatakeout and Bossip. Most of the time, you see posters (who most likely didn’t pass the 5th grade) say some of the most disgusting things about AKeys while sweeping Swizz under the rug. Mashonda shouldn’t be painted as some hero either. I think she should have handled things with more class and grace (i.e. Sandra Bullock). She had every right to be mad. But talking to various magazines trashing the father of her son makes her a bitter fool. If anything, she should be blessed about having a cheating, lying scumbag out of her life.

  42. ADS says:

    Don’t you see this is all part of the plan. Alicia would rather people hate her for being a ‘man stealer’(urgh, like you can steal a man) than being a gay. Trust me those rumours were there and depending on where you looked those rumours were strong. Alicia took great pains to deny and deny in interviews over the years, even when she was not even asked. Swizz is in on it because he gets his baby mama’s taken care of via Alicia’s bank account, he gets his profile up and his reputation is barely tainted.

  43. crtb says:

    Rumors and reports are circulating that Swizzy has a two year-old-daughter with Moscow born singer Jahna Sebastian! IF this is true, the story goes:

    “The two allegedly met at London famous club Ministry of Sound in August 2007. All her attempts to contact Swizz Beatz after realizing she was pregnant failed. So she did it with the help of her lawyers.

    In July 2009 Swizz Beatz had to come to London to take the paternity test (it is reported that Alicia was there as well) and the results proved that he was indeed the father.

    The singer, who now resides in London, addresses that since then she gets no financial support from her famous baby daddy.”

    Since Swizz and Alicia have been dating for three years, that would mean he cheated on Alicia who he was creeping with while legally married to Mashonda!? Not a good look!

  44. crtb says:

    “You want to root for love. You want to say if Swizz Beatz wasn’t happy in his marriage he should have the right to move on. But the problem with the whole Swizz Beatz / Alicia Keys / Masonda affair is: Swizz Beatz watchers know how this is going to end. Just look at his history. When Swizz married Mashonda in 2004, his oldest son Nasir [from a previous relationship] was 3 years old. Now here he is again leaving another 3 year old [his son with Mashonda], and is already pregnant with his next child. When Swizz and Alicia’s baby turns 3, watch and see: He’ll be on to the next one. The Numbers don’t lie. It’s obvious Swizz Beatz likes the chase, but not so much what comes with it.”

  45. John Wayne Lives says:

    This has RUINED her music for me. F*ckn ruined it!

  46. jemshoes says:

    I also can’t look at Alicia Keys in quite the same way I used to before all this drama. Her “equal”? In what way? His morals (or lack of them)? It’s a strange comment.

  47. honeybunxo says:

    for those who are giving alicia a pass simply because she wasnt the married party the bible states that a man or woman who sleeps with a married woman or man commits adultery….so dont think just because alicia isnt the married party doesnt make her innocent in the least!! as a matter of fact she is JUST as guilty as swizz cheese and thats a fact!

  48. CheeChee says:

    All you people have it twisted, when she says her equal she is talking about entertainig.She is not talking about morals they have worked together for a longtime. All I can say mission accomplised by Mashonda, she got what she wanted to ruin Alisha’s career which is very tacky on her part. And to the people who are talking about Swizz wanted Alish for her for money, he has his own money he is an awesome producer, one of the best in the business. I think they are a great looking couple and I do wish them well opposed to the rest of you haters. Get a life and leave them alone. Alisha is not a pope and neither or you. All this needs to stop.