Bar Refaeli in a bikini, how can she read that iPad in the sun?

Here are some photos of Bar Refaeli rocking a bikini in Tempio, Italy yesterday along with her new boyfriend, David Fisher. We’ve seen Bar in a bikini plenty of times but she never fails to impress me. I also imagine she’s hoping to make it known that she’s getting serious with David, whom she seems to have premiered earlier this month. From what I can figure out about the guy, he’s an Australian photographer based out of London.


Apart from Bar’s incredible physique, around which she’s based a very lucrative career, the other thing I notice about these photos is that she’s trying to look at an iPad in the very bright sun. You can’t watch shows or read at all in the sun on an iPad, (unlike a Kindle) and it looks like she’s struggling with it. I only have a first generation one, though, and maybe the iPad 2 handles the glare better. It’s easier for me to focus on this minor detail about the photos than to pay too much attention to Bar’s body. Comparing yourself to supermodel Bar Refaeli is like singing in the shower once in a while and wondering if you’re on par with an opera diva. It’s not at all helpful or logical.



These two are so cute together. Fischer reminds me a little of surfer Kelly Slater, whom Bar dated a few years back.



Photo credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. Cherry says:

    ‘incredible physique’? Sure, she looks hot, but as far as supermodels go… Actually, the first thing I thought when I saw these photos is that she’s got remarkably short legs. Or is that just me?

  2. lem says:

    she seems to have the healthiest body in the modeling world. imo, its absolutely perfect.

  3. Kaiser says:

    Bangin’ body, busted face.

  4. Bubulle says:

    She’s hot for sure, but she’s no model material, just a hot babe.

  5. thinkaboutit says:

    It wouldn’t occur to me to compare myself to a supermodel…or any other woman, really. I can be hard on myself, but only with regard to how good I could look if I worked a little harder, never with the thought of “oh I look better than Jane but worse than Mary.”

    Anyway, I do LOVE to pick apart supermodel physiques since they’re getting paid for us to check out every inch, after all…and Bar has loose looking thighs and short legs. And a belly button ring hole…eww hate those. (also not sure she qualifies as a supermodel)

  6. tapioca says:

    @Cherry: I think it’s a combination of never seeing a Victoria’s Secret model without heels and Naomi Campbell’s insane pins!

    I was going to calorie-splurge on a McDonald’s for lunch ‘cos I’m antsy & premenstrual, but these photos have inspired me to stick to salad. Then wait ½ an hour and give in to the cheeseburger anyway…

  7. Anna says:

    @Cherry yes!! I was thinking exactly the same thing!

  8. May says:

    Hahahah loose looking thighs and short legs ? I’m sorry but half of you didn’t notice for example Christina Hendricks fat legs and chubby arms :) Just sayin’ ;)

    80% of women would kill to have Bar’s body, and I’m one of them

  9. Eve says:

    She was never a high fashion model type but she does have a beautiful figure.

    And I don’t think she’s average looking (face-wise). She has a pretty baby face — just not striking.

    About her legs…I think Alessandra Ambrosio has the weirdest legs of them all: they’re short when compared to her torso, her knees are really ugly and I have the feeling her feet point inwards when she walks. She’s the model whose “appeal” I’ll never get.

  10. May says:

    @ Eve

    Me too ;) And she has a manly face…

  11. Cherry says:

    @Mae: yes of course, I think we can all agree that Bar looks fantastic and ’80% of women would kill to have’ her body (I think 99.9% of women would actually be more accurate). But that wasn’t the point. We’re just bitchin’ about what tiny flaws we can find on her. After all, this is a woman who’s earning millions just by looking the way she does. (And by banging Leo.)

  12. Funnylilou75 says:

    she never fails to impress me either!! that body is just crazy perfect… that face..blah, but the combination with the body provide a totally hot whole package!

  13. Celia says:

    I don’t get the “would kill to …”-analogy. killing is the most extreme thing a human being can do to another. if you would go to that extend, not assuming it’s meant literally by those who say such a thing, than you can for sure eat healthy and in a controlled way and exercise to achieve such a body, plus spending a little money on surgeries if needed. but this isn’t the case for 80% or whatever percentage of women. just saying.

  14. Eve says:

    @ May:

    Yes, she looks like a tranny — and not even a good looking one. I live in Brazil and I can honestly tell you the transvestites here many times are so feminine they would fool the most experienced person. Ambrosio can’t hold a candle to them.

  15. daisydoodle says:

    you’re right the one thing I hate about my ipad is you can’t read it in the sun…that’s why me and my bikini don’t get photographed much with the ipad…

  16. Girafe99 says:

    @Eve, I could never understand what Ambrosio appeal as model was either, in fact I find a lot of the Victoria models not what I would describe as supermodel like

  17. Eve says:

    @ Giraffe99:

    Alessandra Ambrosio is cute at best (or at least she used to be). When she was younger and fresh she had a certain appeal — I’d say a “Seventeen” magazine kind of appeal. Then she started getting thinner and that enhanced her manly features. Plus when she speaks we get to hear her distinctively husky voice (she’s a chain smoker) which makes things worse.

    Most Victoria’s Secret models aren’t supermodels. Other than their VC’s shows/catalogues/editorials/ads people barely know them. The term “supermodel” has been overused by bloggers/magazine editors everywhere! Any well known model is called a supermodel nowadays when in fact they’re just top models — they’ve “made it” to the top but there are many of them, sometimes we can’t even tell them apart (they look alike, they walk the same way, they have similar facial features).

    As far as I remember, there were only five original supermodels: Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell. Then Kate Moss came along and somewhat “joined” the club. The last one we can call a supermodel is Gisele Bündchen.

  18. esblondie says:

    I love Bar, and think she’s beautiful…glad she’s found someone after the whole Leo thing (who I also love).

  19. tapioca says:

    @Eve: “As far as I remember, there were only five original supermodels”

    Janice Dickinson is hunting you down as I type!

    But yeah – personally I think Heidi Klum & Ana-Beatriz Barros are the only two 21st century models to hold a candle to the original Supers.

  20. Eve says:

    @ Tapioca:

    Janice Dickinson is hunting you down as I type!

    Yes, and she’s screaming “Braaaaains” while doing so.

    P.S.: I thought about adding Heidi Klum to the list but I gave up because I think she’s more like a reality TV mogul rather than a model today. Even back when she modelled her work consisted mostly in bikini/lingerie deals.

  21. The Original Ashley says:

    Never got the appeal of this chick. She has a very old lady looking face and it’s odd to know she’s only a year older than me! Seriously those lines around her nose are deep set for a girl her age.

    Her bodies okay but nothing to write home about. I expect swim suit models to have better looking stomach. She just looks like every other average girl out there. I’m convinced she only got as far as she has (Sports Illustrated and a Garnier commercial) because she’s with Leo. And even then he dated her for at least 2 years before she got crappy shoots with Jersey Shore kids and the SI cover.

    And “super”model, you must be having a laugh. That word gets thrown around way too much these days. Kate, Naomi, Giselle those are supermodels. Just because you’ve dated a famous man does not mean you get that title when you haven’t put in the work.

  22. Eve says:

    @ Original Ashley:

    I expect swim suit models to have better looking stomach.

    I’m assuming you like more athletic models (like Doutzen Kroes) because that’s probably what I like the most about her body. Her stomach is really flat but there’s still some softness to it. I don’t like women with six-pack abs (not even men, actually).

  23. The Original Ashley says:

    @ Eve I agree with everything you’ve said with the exception of VS models. In fact I’d say they’re the only models people know. Your average Joe wouldn’t know the names of the girls walking NY Fashion week but they can name Gisele, Heidi, Tyra, Marissa, Alessandra, Adriana, Karolina, etc. They’re the only models that have that mainstream factor. With the exception of Heidi, Tyra, and Gisele I wouldn’t say they’re “super” but they’re instantly recognizable.

  24. munchies says:

    wow… the guy is hot……..

  25. Eve says:

    @ Original Ashley:

    Oopsy, I think I should have been more specific. I meant “I’m assuming you like more athletic models (like Doutzen Kroes) because that’s probably what I like the most about her (Refaeli’s) body. Her (Refaeli’s) stomach is really flat but there’s still some softness to it. I don’t like women with six-pack abs (not even men, actually).

    They’re the only models that have that mainstream factor. With the exception of Heidi, Tyra, and Gisele I wouldn’t say they’re “super” but they’re instantly recognizable.

    I totally agree with that (the mainsteam factor of VS models). Most people know the models from VS ads and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions but they don’t know who the hell is Agyness Deyn. However, I’m a “purist” (lol!) when it comes to the term “supermodel” and I’ll only use it with the ones that fit the description: models that are a household name both commercially and in high fashion (like Bündchen and Moss).

  26. garvels says:

    I can read my ipad2 in the sun,however it did power off at a certain point because the ipad exceeded its temperature threshold.

  27. KsGirl says:

    Of all the celebs/models/famewhores I’ve seen in a bikini, this woman has, in my opinion, the most bangin’ body out there. Flawless.

    Celia – “I would kill to…” is a figure of speech. As I’m pretty sure you’re aware. People aren’t actually stating their intent to commit murder in order to look like Bar in a bikini.

  28. Nymeria says:

    I’ve heard so many things about how “amazing” Bar’s body is, and so I was expecting something, well, erstaunlich. Hafta say, not impressed. Heidi Klum has a lovelier figure by far – slim, but curvy at the same time. Bar looks like she’s a stretched-out eleven year old. I don’t get it.

    Keep in mind that I drool over Christina Hendricks and Marilyn Monroe, so I’m more into hourglass / curvy women. I thought Kelly Brook looked MAGNIFICENT in her turquoise bikini recently.

  29. Summer says:

    The guy is really cute
    *waves my number for him*

  30. kp says:

    there are screen covers that stop the glare! i got my dad one when i bought him his nook

  31. Nat says:

    She impresses me too. She has mastered the small middle ground of looking really healthy while still being skinny. On that note, I’m going to go for a run.

  32. Gossip Owl says:

    Dear Leo,
    Are you kicking yourself right now? Look at Blake Lively for a second. Are you kicking yourself right now, Leo?

    Gossip Owl

  33. mimi says:

    How can you say her legs are short?


  34. Eryn says:

    She has a slamming body, and I think she’s really pretty.

    I wish more models looked like her just because her body seems like a realistic “ideal.” Yeah, she’s thin and toned and not exactly representative of the average woman, but she’s not emaciated and she looks like an adult, not a fourteen-year-old.

  35. LuckyLilGem says:

    Gorgeous face, girlfriend needs to tone up a little to maintain that super model status.

  36. firefly says:

    How much does Bar pay Celebitchy to call her body “incredible”?? Please.

    If you want to make it believable, call it healthy, normal, average.. that would be on par with reality.

  37. Camille says:

    She has a nice enough figure, nothing all that amazing though, but she is a butterface IMO.

  38. dr ranx says:

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