Paris Hilton walked out of a GMA interview after being asked about the Kardashians


Do you remember how Paris Hilton is pretty much irrelevant now? Yeah. Her reality show, The World According to Paris, bombed out, ratings-wise. Her photos rarely make the blogs and tabloids anymore. No one gives a crap that she dumped her meathead boyfriend, and we only barely care that she’s now dating a pretty successful director, Todd Phillips. But in Paris’s mind, she’s still hot stuff. She’s still the Grand Dame of Useless Famewhore Dumbasses. Paris does not realize that she’s been replaced. She’s mostly been replaced by an assortment of Snookis, OctoMoms and Kardashians, basically anyone with no shame, narcissism and a red carpet. Anyway, when Paris sat down for an interview with Good Morning America, Paris was asked about her irrelevance and she got all pissy and walked out of the interview. This is the question that set her off: “Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?” Here’s the video:

When she came back, Paris said: “I’ve been in this business for 15 years now, so it’s been a very long time. Just like any other business person or someone in the industry, it’s always important to reinvent yourself and come up with new projects.” LMAO at “I’ve been in this business for 15 years” - WTF? What business?!? Fifteen years ago she was what? 16 years old, and dancing on tables, drunk off her ass. That’s how she first got noticed too.

By the way, I think it’s official now that Paris Hilton and the Kardashians just flat-out hate each other now. Last year, there were several stories about Kim being a bitch to Paris and Paris bad-mouthing Kim. Now Paris is too stupid to even pretend that she’s not filled with rage and jealousy over the Kardashians’ success.



Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. california angel says:

    I don’t get it she looks like an ostrich I will never get her appeal…

  2. Chloe says:

    Haha. I love that Paris Hilton thinks she gets to *walk out* of interviews and people will actually care.

  3. Anti-icon says:

    This was the oddest clip. She seems like she cannot form an opinion by herself, or has been advised not to. She needs to take a powder from “Show Biz” and go all Zen, (for real, not the camera/press release version) and step away from the camera…..

    She is a hideous example of what wealth and fame have brought us in the dynasty that is HILTON.

  4. susanne says:

    She’s so obviously pregnant in these photos, right???

    Not that she’s relevant, or that I care. She’s one of the few who really shouldn’t be looking down her nose at the Ks.

  5. Cherry says:

    I can’t believe how pretty Kim K was a few years ago. Look at that pic with Paris! Amazing. I hardly recognized her.

  6. curegirl0421 says:

    @Susanne – it’s the *first* thing that crossed my mind too! That is a serious pot belly if she’s not. Not that I’m against pot bellies, but dayum.

  7. Christine says:

    Why did GMA do an interview with her?

  8. Katija says:

    Seventeen cats is gross when some backwoods lady from the Bible Belt does it on “Hoarders,” and it’s gross when Paris Hilton does it. Animals are not purses. You can’t get a new one when the one you have stops being little and cute. And trust me – I’m not even a PETA person.

  9. Crittle says:

    That horribly embarrassing moment when everyone realizes that you’re jealous of the Kardashians.

  10. mia girl says:

    I cant even muster up enough interest to post something snarky.

  11. dorothy says:

    I agree, I never really understood her appeal. I would have thought her 15 mins. of fame would have been up a long, long, long time ago.

  12. Andrea says:

    As bad as I hate to give a Kardashian a compliment, Kim looks great there. she needs to stop ruining herself now!

  13. Nanz says:

    I feel for the guy who had to do that puff piece. Why was she interviewed if her show is going off the air??

  14. bub says:

    ugh she is repulsive

  15. brin says:

    @Christine…I was thinking the same thing, why is GMA even interviewing her? GMA & Today are getting too “tabloidie”, imo.

  16. Kelly says:

    Paris needs to change up her look – she’s had the solid-color blonde Barbie extensions for a dog’s age (well, not her dogs, because they tend to meet untimely deaths).

    She has a sway-back, that’s why she has a pot-belly. Also, she has always had poor muscle tone. She has always been the absolute worst dresser, and her clothing choices are never flattering.

  17. 4Real says:

    *coke bloat*

  18. 6 says:

    Well, in case anyone had any doubts about Kim K. having plastic surgery…..

  19. RocketMerry says:

    @Cherry. Look for more “Kim Kardashian original face” pictures on Google: she was beyond pretty. She was absolutely stunning. That pic of her and Paris does not make her old face justice, at all.

  20. Sassy says:

    I loved how “rehearsed” she sounded when she came back from the interview. And OMG, I want to stab her in the throat when she talks in that baby voice. Thirty-fucking-years-old…TALK LIKE AN ADULT.

  21. Roma says:

    @4Real: I actually think she’s off hence her fuller face.

  22. anoneemouse says:

    Same schtick different day…this girl needs to move on. Way past her prime.

  23. lucy2 says:

    Why on earth did they waste airtime with her? She’s been over for years, and never should have been famous to begin with.

    Of course they all hate each other, they’re all shallow, classless famewhores. But Kim’s original face was very pretty.

  24. Kelly says:

    Also, let’s bring back Michael K of Dlisted’s moniker for her – Wonky! That man has created some of the most indelible nicknames known to mankind.

  25. Charlotte says:

    Just by seeing the back of the interviewer’s head, I thought it was George Stephanopolous, not Dan Harris. My immediate reaction was, “Who did George piss off to have to interview Paris Hilton???” My favorite thing was the GMA crew laughing at the end when Dan Harris shared that Paris decided to break up with Cy whoever after seeing their relationship on her show. Listen to the common folk, Paris. You are a plastic twit!

  26. Madisyn says:

    If you watch the interview to the very end, you can here the camera crew LAUGHING when Robin Roberts asked (paraphrasing) ‘she broke up with her boyfriend AFTER watching the show because she and Cy didn’t have chemistry’, it was all Roberts could do to not crack up herself. Thats right GMA, openly mock her, WE all are!

    I also admit to chuckling a little bit when she said, basically, that she shills all these useless projects, perfumes, fashion lines because she doesn’t want to be controlled by her parents. Didn’t Pee Paw Hilton cut the family off (Parasite, her siblings and Ma and Pa Hilton) because of HER and her famewhoring ways? Well gotta hand it to her, she’s doing EXACTLY how she pleases, I’ll give her that.

    P.S. I buy that Parasite Hilton’s perfume is a billion dollar industry as much as I believe Blohan is sober and will win an oscar.

    @ Charlotte, your post wasn’t up when I typed mine, sorry for the duplicate thought.

  27. Gal says:

    She used her baby voice at the end when she said thank you. Funny. And Kim does look beautiful in that picture. Sad what she’s done to herself. Old pictures of Paris are beautiful too.

  28. Blue says:

    This makes me sad……… her 15 mins took years to be up. Yet she’s still getting some attention. Smh. Not good. Not good at all.

  29. misty says:

    It’s misleading to say Paris walked out of the interview. She stepped away from the camera to re-group, then finished the interview off with a new point of view, ending with a hug and kiss. Not scandalous at all.

  30. lexirei says:

    For a while, it seemed Paris was dead. But then this show came out, and POW! All gossip is around her again. Ugh. When will she grow up?

    Being jealous of a Kardashian *snickers*(especially showing it on national t.v.) makes her more pathetic.

  31. velourazure says:

    the “all about eve” of the reality tv world. (sorry for insulting “all about eve”).

  32. Lucky Charm says:

    Is she still around? I thought she had left the building years ago. Oh, only her relevance did. Bye, Paris; it’s been fun seeing you, but please don’t come back!

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    The interview was AT HER OWN HOUSE. How far did she walk? A couple feet?

  34. Madisyn says:

    *Wavinng* @ bellaluna

    Can you believe this idiot. Parasite just doesn’t stop. I’m going thru Blohan withdrawls, AGAIN!

  35. Elizabeth says:

    @ susanne
    sure looks pregnant to me. scary!

  36. Thea says:

    I wish she would just go the F*** away. She has worn out the party girl image. And when someone confronts her stupid a** or makes her face her own stupid remarks she gets pissy. She is nothing but a ho and party girl. And I hate to tell her the party was over a few years ago. Time to get a life and a real job or latch onto some man who will put up with her shi*. She treated her ex on tv like crap. And then did that whole mousy little girl voice. Gag. And no I didnt mean to watch her, I was lazy and didnt want to turn the tv channel.

  37. the original bellaluna says:

    *waving back* @ Madisyn – Did you read about Dina’s “hostess job” at that Hamptons’ Party, complete with sex dungeon? Scary! *shudders* (And WTF is a sex dungeon, anyway?)

  38. Thea says:

    Knowing that Snooki had replaced me as the new queen of famewhore drama is enough to make me want to throw myself off Walmart, onto a Prius.

  39. Karen says:

    After all the horrible things she said and did, the roosters have come home to roost.
    All the people she’s demeaned are lol. karma’s a ……

    Kardashians take note-U need SOME talent to stay on top.

  40. Kim says:

    At least Paris is pretty and somewhat interesting. She doesnt have the best morals but she looks like an angel compared the Kardtrashians. Why why why does anyone have any interest in those fat, ugly girls with ZERO integrity. Paris at least has some integrity. The Kardashians have ZERO!

    Everyone says its payback for all the bad things she has done. What bad things? Besides the video?

  41. Kim says:

    She was told by her agent to wrap up hence why she looks off to the side. She didnt throw a hissy fit and leave. Im sure, like me & all my friends, she is flabbergasted by why the Kardashians get any attention.

  42. mia girl says:

    Great reference for Hilton and Kardashian. All About Eve is one of my favorite movies ever.

    I also thought of invoking Dr. Frankenstein and his monster…

  43. T.C. says:

    “That horribly embarrassing moment when everyone realizes that you’re jealous of the Kardashians.” LOL, I can’t control myself this is so funny. Best Paris Hilton moment of the decade. Love that she needed help coming up with a good reply to the question since she was clearly fuming with anger. LMAO.

  44. Charlotte says:

    @Madisyn – Great minds think alike!!

  45. Ellie says:

    Hopefully her 15 minutes are up and she’ll disappear with those Kardashians following shortly after. Whomever, are fans or thought these people are relevant should be ashamed of themselves. It’s embarassing. And Pathetic. You’ve made these people Billionaires for doing nothing! There are wars going on, people starving, major issues in the world. Why we have to focsu on this crap is beyond me!

  46. Lucky Charm says:

    Paris. Kardashian Klan. Ocotmom. Kate Gaggian. LiLow-blow. Jerkey Snore. LoserAnn Rimes. Who have I forgotten to list? It would be a really nice day if they all were completely forgotten about and we never had to see another picture or read about them again….

  47. pwal says:

    Ewww… she’s dating Todd Phillips?!

    Poor Todd…

  48. jemshoes says:

    Well I’ll say this about the game of reinvention: Nicole Richie did it better. And not solely because of “business” – it just seems Nicole found herself when she became a mummy. It’s pathetic watching Paris’ efforts now to stay in the spotlight – beyond embarrassing. :S

  49. Madisyn says:

    @ bellaluna, I did see that post, actually commented more than once, but still going through withdrawls.

    As far as a ‘sex dungeon’, I don’t exactly know, but I can only ‘ewwwwww’ imagine. I’ll pass.

    But definetly not surprising, at all. Bet her 2 daughters were there too.

    EDIT: Haven’t read the story yet but RADAR is reporting she has to be in court tommorrow. Will comment on the appropriate Dina post later.

  50. poof says:

    I love it. Not a fan of the Kardashians, but I love how all this spotlight on them must be driving Paris’ herpes ass crazy.

  51. Miss Diagnosed says:

    @Madisyn- A sex dungeon is where bondage, domination, and sadomasochistic sex acts are performed. There are usually racks on the walls, buckles on the floor, swings or chains hanging from the ceiling, in which to tie the “slave” to and perform sex acts on them while you are in control. A friend of a friend had one in their basement. It was interesting. I never made use of it though, just saw it.

    I’ve never seen Kim K’s old face. I had no idea who it was until I read the comments. She was really pretty.

    Re: Lindsay being in court tomorrow. Didn’t @Innocent say she didn’t have to be in court, unless she had a violation? I thought that’s what I read from her comments.

  52. Miss Diagnosed says:

    On the Dina thread, @Innocent said that Lindsay didn’t have to attend unless the judge received notice of a violation.

  53. GeekChic says:

    @Katija, at one point I had 15 very well-loved and well-cared for cats, in addition to four dogs. It wasn’t in any way gross. The choice for those cats was life with me or death at a shelter. I think that the prospect of their death at the shelter is far, far more gross than bringing them home with me.

    I was actually thinking that Paris’ apparent love of animals might be her one and only redeeming feature.

  54. Madisyn says:

    @ Miss Diagnosed, like I said, ‘I have an idea’, but didn’t want to get into it here because its not the appropriate post, go over to Dina’s post and we’ll talk.

  55. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn – *crosses fingers* Could be cause for another crack tail-gate! :D Yay!!!!!

  56. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn – Just a link on Radar that’s saying she has to be there! Shall we plan? ;)

  57. jover says:

    Comments are too good; madisyn you’re right, what are these morning shows doing inteviewing the likes of this parasite?If they are that desperate to fill air time, shorten the broadcast. GMA has become a dumping ground for all the Disney products and it’s beyond sad that George Stephanopolous (sic) is reduced to puffball chats with Miley and this twit. Nature abhors a vacuum but our low brow media loves lowlife famehos.

  58. Dea says:

    Kaiser: I just read that Kardashians are suing Old Navy for their Kim look-alike model. How crazy is that? As much as I do not like Paris, Kardashians are really, really bad compare to Hiltons. Not to mention that Hilton family worked for generations for that money.

  59. munchies says:

    I think I like Paris more than the Kardashians. In the interview she was called for off thus she was looking to the crew side.It does not look like walking out to me and she remained composed and sweet over the interview. She is successful and Yes, she is in the business. people hate her so much yet shes earning millions from this. No one can replace Paris.Paris can stand on her own. try to separate Kris the mom, surgeries and botox from Kim or her sisters, they will not exist.

  60. original kate says:

    and paris hilton is being interviewed because…?

  61. Adrien says:

    Who would’ve thought that her impish sidekick Nicole Richie would end up being the matured one. She’s moved on and became very likeable. Oh well, Nicole was always the funnier, more interesting one in “The Simple Life”.
    Paris loves cats, so I love her now. Not really.

  62. wunderkindt says:

    There’s nothing more pathetic than being jealous of the Kartrashians!

  63. wunderkindt says:


    It looked like Wonky was knocked off kilter by the interviewers ‘tough question’ and desperately needed an answer to be handfed to her by a publicist/handler/babysitter or anyone with a half a brain cell!

    That is why she was desperately looking to the side. Finally exasperated, Wonky got up and ran away to recover in the fancy dog house with chandeliers. Because there were a couple of dead ‘accessory pets’ in there, she finally had to come back and make sure that her babyvoice would be the last thing ever heard in her final nanosecond of stale ‘Famous for Nothing-ness’.

  64. She doesn’t look angry, she looks cautious about the direction he was trying to steer the intereview. I completly get it when she says she observed her relationship through someone elses eyes, and saw it differently. It’s like getting your wedding photos back from the photographer to find your new husband was always checking out your best friend.

  65. kira says:

    I can’t help it–I love it when people are mean to her. She just takes herself way too seriously. “I’ve been in the business for 15 years!” Yep, 15 years of being a waste of space. Congrats! ;-)

  66. constance says:

    Kim original face! Oh sweety, you poor fleshy mess.

  67. Nikki Girl says:

    Brilliant, I love it! Every single time anyone asks a question or says anything that bothers Paris in any way, this is exactly how she reacts, it’s absurd. And that was even a legitimate question! “Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?” It’s an honest question, how hard would it have been to just keep her composure and answer it instead of walking away and embarrassing herself? She’s such a worthless moron and an embarrassment to all American women, she needs to do the world a favor and fade into obscurity sooner rather than later.

  68. Amanda G says:

    15 years? She showed her “business” in a sex tape maybe 7 years ago…but 15? Uhhh…no. And the airhead baby voice is a “character?” Wow, she’s been playing it consistently for 30+ years!

  69. Lady D says:

    GeekChic, you are my hero. I have 5, two were feral and starving, 2 are foster cases for the Humane Society and then there’s Frodo who was chosen and seriously one of a kind. All loved, all well cared for. If finances allowed I would have 10 dogs and 15 cats.

  70. Hakura says:

    @Andrea“As bad as I hate to give a Kardashian a compliment, Kim looks great there. she needs to stop ruining herself now!”

    Kim really used to be naturally beautiful, back when she first started showing up in pics with Paris. She really has messed up her face something terrible. Apparently even beautiful women can look in the mirror, & just plain not see it.

    Personally… For some reason, I could tolerate Paris more than the Kardashians. She just always seemed more ‘one dimensional’ & harmless… Plus there was only *1* of her, trying to insert herself into A-List clubs, parties, & dating, so she was pretty easy to avoid/ignore. There are so many Kardashians that you just can’t get away from them anywhere.

    Unfortunately for Paris, her strange surge in popularity has passed, & she needs to accept that. Appearing openly jealous & petty in public just makes her look pathetic.

  71. foozy says:

    although i’ve never liked paris hilton, i still think that the question was a really mean one.

  72. Chris says:

    Was she ever relevant? And if so to whom?

  73. Phoenix says:

    Paris is absolutely vile. I watched her show once and she is completely ridiculous. And I dislike her even more because she actually makes me glad that famewhores like the Kardashian Klan have taken her spot. I’ll take Kim’s Kat face, gigantic fake ass along with her denial of having ANY surgery and insistence that she’s a size 2, over Paris self-entitled bitching all day.

  74. xploxite says:

    lol, apparently 74 comments and accounting.

  75. Chris says:

    @74: Hmm. I got nothing.

    And that’s 75 :(

  76. GeekChic says:

    @LadyD, thanks. You’re my hero, too, for doing everything you can to help. And you’re certainly a hero to those kitties! :)

  77. Jazz says:

    This vapid piece of whore is yesterday’s news. In fact, the day before yesterday. Can’t wait for the katrashians to be over.

  78. J.D.M.J. says:

    Re: Didn’t Pee Paw Hilton cut the family off (Parasite, her siblings and Ma and Pa Hilton) because of HER and her famewhoring ways?


  79. Katija says:


    I’m sorry, I typed first and thought later – I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m sure that there are several people in this world who can manage large numbers of animals safely and healthfully.

    However, the fact that several of her pets have died/gone missing leads me to believe that she – much like a five-year-old – is enamored by tiny little puppies and kittens and then grows tired of them when they mature into adults.

  80. Meanchick says:

    Paris Hilton is as about as relevant as ass-less chaps at the Republican National Convention.
    Coke bloat or just ate, the stomach wanted some attention.

  81. matt says:


    thats billion as in 1,000,000,000

    That Billion!?!!?

    also, if that haughty ditzy blond thing is just an act, then Paris may be one of my generations finest method actors.

  82. Luise says:

    I like Paris. Compared to the Kartrashians, she is the epitome of class. Kudos for having a billion dollar industry Paris!

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