Jennifer Lopez shoved Mary-Louise Parker out of the way to meet Duchess Kate


As we already know, Jennifer Lopez is ALL ABOUT Prince William and Duchess Kate. She got the most face-camera time with Kate and Will when they were in LA, at the BAFTA event. Jennifer brought her mom, and J.Lo and Guadalupe definitely seemed to come to the event with a goal. After the event, Jennifer even tweeted that the Cambridges were “simply charming” – as if she were the Queen of Hollywood and she deigned to meet the prince and his duchess wife. I think the overwhelming majority of us were just kind of horrified with her dress, though. She chose a really inappropriate dress to meet Will and Kate.

Anyway, Mary-Louise Parker is not worried about alienating the self-appointed queen of Hollywood. MLP was asked by People Magazine how she enjoyed the BAFTA event, and whether she got to meet Will and Kate. MLP replied, “I didn’t meet them. I was shoved out of the way by Jennifer Lopez. Uh oh, I shouldn’t have said that.” OH NOES. Jennifer is going to cut a bitch over this! MLP better watch her ass, because I think Jennifer is standing nude in someone’s basement, having chicken blood smeared on her so that a Santeria spell can be put on MLP. It’s going to be terrible!

Here’s a question: would you shove someone out of the way to meet Kate? I don’t think I would. I would like to see her in person, sure. But I’m not one of those people who needs to shake someone’s hand and have my photo taken with them, unless that person is someone like Michael Fassbender. I would shove my mother down a flight of a stairs to get to the Fassdong.






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  1. xxodettexx says:

    nice! i was hoping you guys would talk about this! i totally believe mary-louise! and i am glad i wasnt the only one that found her tweet about meeting william and kate to be obnoxious… “charming” really?

    so glad mary-louise called her out!

  2. xxodettexx says:



  3. mia girl says:

    My favorite celebrity story of the week!

  4. Hanh says:

    I can see JLo and her mamma doing that. They seem like pushy entitled twosome (like mother like daughter). LOL props to MLP to letting that “slip” out. We all know JLo is a big ass DIVA beeyotch and not in a good way.

  5. Novaraen says:

    Ha…look at the picture of J-Lo and her mom…their nose profiles are like before and after. J-lo had a nose like mommy once, but now you can see the deep curve she’s had carved in it.

  6. r u ok miss? says:

    everything about j.lo is rude and tacky, including this latest bit of ridiculousness. can’t stand her. ugh.

  7. Kelly says:

    Simply charming! That just kills me. Chica is not fooling me; she will cut a b!tch to get next to royalty.

    Also, in that bottom photo, Kate looks pretty gristly and ghastly… that neck, ugh.

  8. jh says:

    I totally believe this.
    I think JLo is the poster girl for clawing and killing your way to the top and I think she’s an ignorant narcissist who thinks everyone falls for her fake personality.
    Most of us have had encounters like this from people like her – people who think they can get something from you by charming you and don’t realize their intensity is a big warning sign. Just… yuck.

  9. Hautie says:

    Too bad MLP did not let her inner bitch out.

    I detest the poorly behaved. And it only reflects onto Jennifer’s own Mother for not instilling better home training.

    But at least MLP must have gotten a good laugh at how atrocious Lopez was dressed.

  10. irishserra says:

    I’m with Mia… hands down, the best story. I love a good giggle.

  11. lucy2 says:

    Love MLP, especially for telling this!
    JLo’s dress is terrible, very cheap and tacky. Appropriate for her behavior!

  12. Mr. Greek says:

    Meeeooooow!! Girly cat fight! Love it…it really turns me on, in a far out and happenin’ way, donchya know.

    Hmmm…I clearly recall shoving my grandmother out of the way when our family was at a Chinese all-ya’s-can-worf-down buffet. My lips were smackin’ for the egg rolls, rice, and chop hooey, and, well, as much as I loves my Nonna, ny primordial urges came to the fore. My Nonna required only ten stitches…Buddha bless her.

  13. Kat says:

    I love that MLP called JLo out on this. LOVE. Too often there is entirely too much sycophancy in Hollywood, from celebrities and regular folk, alike.

    I detest JLo. Always have, always will. Classless, talentless, trashy and a nasty, self-entitled piece of work.

  14. Penguen says:

    Obviously money and fame can’t buy class.

  15. You don't say says:

    I’m waiting for the spin on this incident, then the PR circus than ensues. I would rather meet MJP than LaLopez anyway, she sounds like a hoot.

  16. lem says:

    and this is why i love MLP! she just says what she thinks and moves on.

    side note: olivia wilde did a photo shoot recently (i forget what fashion mag it was in) but she wore this same dress that jlo wore. i actually like the dress on wilde.

  17. brin says:

    Yeah, JLo’s a real social climber and it shows. Tacky biotch. And please do everyone a favor and don’t come back to AI next year.

  18. pixiegirl says:

    Nancy Botwin is lookin’ HAWT! Love her and her honesty! Jlo – no.

  19. Toe says:

    “I would shove my mother down a flight of a stairs to get to the Fassdong”
    C’mon, its Jenny from the BLOCK. She would totally do that.

  20. Eileen says:

    I’d rather meet MLP than Waity…and I’d pass on JLo-she has the constant “taking a crap” face. Bugs the sh!t out of me.

  21. ladybert62 says:

    I dont quite understand how ms. lopez rates so high that she even got to meet them – who determines this? Were their any “A” listers at this event?

  22. Mr. Greek says:

    The last time I saw a dress like the one J-Ho painted on here was seeing Cher in a Bob Mackie gown on the old “Sonny and Cher” show. Yes, I’m carbon-dating myself here.

    Ohhh…I now have a serious craving for Chinese food!

  23. pixiegirl says:

    I think I saw JLo’s dress in a Deb store. In 1989.
    It would look better with some teased up hair and a side ponytail.

  24. Jackson says:

    Oooh, delicious! I love you for telling us this MLP!

  25. Jackson says:

    @pixiegirl – Deb store!!!!

  26. Quest says:

    JLO got her cat-claws out to ensure she was spotted with the Royal Couple… really disgusting way to meet Royalty …this woman has no class.

  27. Jingo Jango says:

    I think JLO’s biggest fan is JLO. Hope they had a good chuckle about how impressive she thinks she is.

  28. RHONYC says:

    because I think Jennifer is standing nude in someone’s basement, having chicken blood rubbed on her so that a Santeria spell can be put on MLP. It’s going to be terrible!


    Kaiser you got my dyin’ over here imagining JLO ‘Lisa-Bonet-Angel-Heart’ style with some chicken blood!!!




  29. Rachel() says:

    Jennifer Lopez sucks. Mary Louise Parker is amazing! Way to call J-Lo out. Everyone knows JL’s a rude bitch anyways.

  30. dr.bombay says:

    I like JLO because she’s very positive, most of the time. I don’t like her because most of what she says is redundant and vapid.

    MLP is the queen; love her.

  31. karena says:

    What has happened to Kate Middleton? She looks like she’s been freeze dried. Uck.

  32. Maritza says:

    Mary Louise Parker is very pretty but I can’t stand how she talks, it kind of sounds like Penny Marshall. I love Jlo, who cares if she’s pushy, I call that assertive.

  33. Maddox says:

    Well, she is “THE most beautiful woman 2011″ if People says so, then dammit it must be true.

  34. UKHels says:

    hilarious – does she think she’ll be invited to tea with the queen?

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    Doesn’t surprise me in the least. I wouldn’t expect anything less of J-Ho. Jenny from the block, indeed.

  36. Faye says:

    All class, that Lopez.

  37. fuefinawg says:

    Dang … I love MLP’s dress!

  38. Lucky Charm says:

    @ Mr. Greek – I have a coupon for PF Changs you can have. Yumm, egg rolls…never mind, I’m going to have to use it myself and get some for lunch, lol.

    And I LOVE MLP’s Oops, did I just say that out loud? type comment. JLo really needs to be cut down a notch (or ten or twenty!) and get over her big ego. I wonder how much she paid and/or pushed around to get invited…

    @ Maritza: That’s not assertive, that’s being aggressive. And that’s NOT a good thing!

  39. The Truth Fairy says:

    @ Maritza – You call physically pushing someone being assertive?! Most people would call that assault.

    JLow is so desperate for attention it’s pathetic. Good for MLP having the balls to call out this no-talent diva!

  40. Truthful says:

    Jho is so damn tacky and inappropriate, she always has been.

    self assuming and ignorant.

    talentless and lame

    horrible dress, she looks so classless!

    I’m glad this was mentioned.

    someone along the way told this bird she is talented, LOL..oh, yeah-she’s a good dancer.. 5 yrs ago.

    GO Mary!!

  41. tooey says:

    No, but I would shove a bitch out of the way to meet MLP. But only because I get her confused with her character on Weeds and would hope she’s holding. :0

  42. Mia135 says:

    Love MLP’s dress!

  43. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Being a grown woman who shoves anyone out of her eyeline just to shake hands with a couple of strangers whose jobs are waving and maintaining equilibrium after having not eaten in nine months and wondering if she’s Commonwealth roperty or not: simply charming. They don’t want you, Jenny: you’re from the block. And Lady Social Climber brought mom? I think we can surmise that if she thought shoving another woman out of the way to get to that ‘deluxe apartment in the sky’ as it were, the apple didn’t rot far from the tree.

    I can’t wait until Jennifer and I discuss Corrie over tea, a surfeit of eels, black lung, brain and Christmas pud and ‘smashingly’ blood pie. My dead-off witticisms are unornamentally ripping–see you at the Armada Salon!


  44. garvels says:

    Ha Ha Ha….I am still laughing. I completely believe this piece of gossip and good for Mary Louise Parker for calling out the diva beotch JLO.

  45. Kellie says:

    Ha! I love how J-Lo is giving Kate the “side eye” in the third pic. J-Lo’s facial expression looks like she’s thinking “whatever Chica, I got your number” Takes one to know one! Both are self-made females!

  46. Mairead says:

    Stupid feckin’ cow (JLo), considering that she thought that monstrous, ill-fitting, poorly-made piece of tackiness was an appropriate outfit to wear outside of a strip-club, I wouldn’t hold much stock in her opinion of anything.

    I have no clue who that other woman is, but I love that dress.

  47. Adrien says:

    I will shove the Royals and JLo to meet Mary Louise Parker.

  48. byrdie says:

    Whomever dressed the dutchess deserves a raise! She looks so beautiful.

    J-Ho is just tacky!

  49. lasherola says:

    That green dress is EFFING AWFUL!!! And I believe Nancy Botwin can take that cant-sing, cant-dance, cant-act, definitely-NOT-the-most-beautiful-woman-in-the-world no-talent any day!

  50. Jana says:

    LOL Love that she called her out on it. JLO’s dress was screaming look at me me me.

    Ben dodged a bullet. His Jen looked stunning

  51. Falliblehuman says:

    Having once been shoved out of the way in order for the shov-er to meet someone more ‘important’, I know how icky it feels. GOOD for Mary Louise Parker– calling her on it!

  52. Ron says:

    This is Hollywood. You get shoved out of the way all the time when there are famous people in the room. It is always funny to watch other famous people do it to each other, which happens at every single award after party I have ever been to. I just love that mlp called her on her shit though. And let’s face it JLo will shank a bitch that gets in her way. There are lots of carcasses on her way up.

  53. Elizabeth says:

    @ Penguen
    “Obviously money and fame can’t buy class”

    I have found that it also rarely buys any real taste in interior design. Check out the houses!

  54. Nanz says:

    MLP’s dress is beautiful!

  55. Susan says:


  56. jc126 says:

    I completely believe this.
    I really do think Jennifer Lopez’ talent is quite thin. She’s only so-so at a few things, not really good or great in any.

  57. Lisa Turtle says:

    Yes, that story is definitely accurate, probably exactly what happened.

    And right now, J.Lo is probably hearing that this story made the blogs from some poor publicist’s assitant (sent to take the hit, from the boss publicist) and as the assistant cringes, J.Lo simply says: “J.Lo doesn’t care, J.Lo doesn’t even know who Mary Parker is.” — But inside she’s thinking “J.Lo’s going to shankkk that sluttt.”

    (And yes, I picture J.Lo speaking exclusively in the third person)

  58. Brittney says:

    Mary Louise Parker is my forever biscuit.

  59. anons says:

    in the second group pic, will’s facial expression/body language looks like he’s thinking, “and who are you again?”

  60. says:

    J.Lo is such a tool- I cannot wait until she is completely irrelevant- not just hated and made fun of, but completely totally gone

  61. mzjask says:

    LMAO jlo speaking in the third person, @Lisa Turtle!!!

    “All bow to La Lopez” bwahaha

  62. Truthful says:

    hmmm, I just read that she and Skelly are splitting, LOL!!

    JHo is BACCK!

  63. dorothy says:

    Lopez apparently isn’t concerned with etiquette. Probably doesn’t even know what it is.

  64. Carolyn says:

    Laugh of the day. Way to go MLP! Conversation between Wills n Kate:
    Wills: Kate who was that damn woman with her mum again
    Kate: J-Lo
    Wills: Who?
    Kate: J-Lo…
    Wills: Is she popular on the continent?
    Kate: No
    Wills: Okay then…I kinda liked that nice lady in the red dress that she shoved out of the way…she kinda reminded me of you. But you’re way prettier.
    Kate: Thank you dear.

  65. Connie says:

    Jennifer Lopez is a fan of the British Royal family, she has met the Queen and some producer (Marchesa husband or Nigel?) has mentioned it.

    You guys are haters as is Mary Louise…Maria Menounos wrote a blurb about Jennifer in her book “EveryGirl” and talked about how she and Beyonce are the real and genuine…nice when the cameras are on and off. They remind her of her own humble roots.

    People are so prejudiced about Jennifer! She got excited but I hardly believe she “shoved” anyone! I saw the pics and at one point you can tell Jennifer is huddled with/nearby people like Tom Hanks and his wife…there were also reports that she would be seated at the same table or nearby Kate and Will.

    “Affleck, 30, who costars with Lopez in the upcoming “Gigli” and “Jersey Girl,” suggests in the interview that the public’s interest in him and J.Lo “has to do with race and class, the fact that I am white and she is Puerto Rican … That’s what’s underneath, although nobody says it, because it’s not politically correct.”

    As Affleck points out, “There’s a kind of language that’s used about her — the spicy Latina, the tempestuous diva,” he said. “She’s characterized as oversexed. I mean, the woman’s had five boyfriends in her whole life! In the physical sense, she is extremely chaste.”

    This. He had a point that is true to this day!

    Whenver people use the words “ghetto” or “ho” or “low” and refer to class when they speak about Jennifer, or imply that she is beneath Will and Kate…it’s all racism and classism.

    Even if you are right about her it’s hard for her critics to be taken seriously because they are so prejudice in the way they talk about her.

    Maybe Jennifer would have apologized to Mary Louise or didn’t notice.

    And Will and Kate were happy to meet Jennifer in other photos (not that you could tell in these).


    And obviously this site is filled with American bluebloods and the English aristocracy. I never knew.

  66. inthekitchen says:

    Speaking of J-Lo, looks like Marc’s had enough…splitsville! Somehow I’m not very surprised. She seems insanely high maintenance.

  67. Venice says:

    JLo and MA have ended thier marriage!

  68. Maritza says:

    I bet her decision to go topless for 2 movies she is planning to do may have something to do with the end of their marriage. Check this out:

  69. Relli says:

    @ Connie, I get your point but she has done and said so many freaking idiotic things that are just so stupid… its very hard to take her seriously on any level. Sort of like Jessica Alba….

    You know whose having the best week ever… Mark Anthony’s ex-wife. Yes that’s right Connie lets not forget JLO is also a home wrecker.

  70. Vicky says:

    Completely believe this story. Love MLP! JLo and Marc…not sure. I don’t like what i read about them but i’ve seen them both in interviews and they are really funny and sweet so who knows.
    Just read JLo and Marc have split.
    Carolyn-Love the royal conversation!

  71. Kelli says:

    Well – it looks like JHo husband (Crack head Anthony) has noticed her lack of class and decided to leave her big ass anyway! GET THAT D-VORCE MARKY!!!!! It’s gotta be hard getting recognition of any kind being married to her! Looks like she left him at home that night – and now he is pissed! AHHHAHAAAHAAAHAA!!!!!!! I WOULD MARRY MARY LOUISE IN A SECOND AND I AM STRAIGHT!!!!! ME and Nancy sittin on my porch smokin a doob – what a nice fantasy!! She is easily the HOTTEST 47 year old on the planet! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STORY!

  72. Kelli says:

    @ Relli – JAbla may not be super smart – but don’t even categorize her with this homewrecking fake ass famewhore! She is a sweetheart and nothing like JHo! I feel I must stick up for JAlb’s on this one. She knows not what she says most of the time, but she isn’t a vindictive cold hearted bitch like the JHo is….

  73. Kim says:

    J Lo is a trashy ho. You can take the girl out of the ghetto but ….

  74. Kim says:

    Connie dont kid yourself. J Lo is classless (just look at the hooker dress she wore to meet the royals) and would push YOU out of the way to get what she wants.

  75. Whitey Fisk says:

    Love this story! Thanks for covering it.

  76. Dirty Martini says:

    I would shove Katie, Wills, JLo and her mom out the way to meet and hang with MLP.


  77. REALIST says:

    Just another reason to loathe J Lo-she’s a Diva and SuperRude. Way to fight back, MLP!

  78. Ariel says:

    <3 Mary Louise! Duchess Kate needs to eat something, that last pic is grim.

  79. HotLatino says:

    I’d shove her out of the way too, BOOHOO MLP life is not for cowards!

  80. yadicakes says:

    I love Nacy Botwins dress!

    JLO looks like the swamp thing in that hideous dress with the cut outs. What was she thinking?

  81. kim says:

    That’s JLO’s personality. She’s a selfish,, arcissistic over the hill bitch. We all know that!!!

  82. anonymous says:

    Does Jlo know that the first person on Kate Middleton list that she requested to see was Angelina Jolie, I guess she wanted to discuss her charities maybe who knows, it was reported that Angie was the actress highest on her list, not Jenny from the block,but it was reported that Angie was in Malta with her kids and Brad Pitt.

  83. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Pushing people is not good conduct, no matter how special and persecuted you want people to think you are, it’s just a garbage way of conducting yourself. I’m not white and I hate getting shoved but I don’t even know what that means, here. Should a white person be begging for the priviledge of being treated without respect do so with stars in their eyes, or begrudgingly to atone for something and fear of reprisal? Why should a person champion another person’s jackass behaviour? To avoid the wrath of the fans? What if a celebrity you don’t like pulled this, would the response be the same? Turning a person’s disrespect toward another person into a campaign about The Struggle doesn’t usually end well and with figures as remote as celebrities who don’t know or care about your one man war sound like false idol worship to me. I don’t think the people on this thread are the snobs, it’s the person who deems herself so superior to others the regular rules don’t apply to her and she may always do as she pleases with wanton disregard of other people’s feelings. It was a tiny thing that happened, but it’s going to be a feat to make me feel guilty about what bad thing someone else did.

  84. Lee says:

    JLo is a media whore…but then we all knew that…right????….also that green dress was cheap looking, not at all appropriate to meet royalty and it was just FUGLY….not that JLo looked much better.

  85. sandy says:

    I totally agree with Connie. Some of the comments for J-lo, I think originates based on class and race. Like, how can this chick touch Prince William or get to talk to the so called royals. You’ll never hear them call Nicole Kidman thrash-y who was at the same event and exposed her legs. If I remember right didn’t Lady Gaga wear something ridiculous to meet the Queen. In comparison Jlo looks fabulous. As for people saying Jennifer Garner looked fab I personally thought she looked boring and her blue dress was so creased and could have done with some ironing.

  86. Karen says:

    When she hears about this, I’m sure jlo will boo-hoo and feel sick, like she does on the show. Sorry, but that shit was sooo phony.
    Maybe pushing is one reason for divorce. I heard he wants 3rd child and she won’t give up new star raising status from show. She wants another year. He wants another child. He should carry it and give up career.
    who knows/ who cares.

  87. Kosmos says:

    # 6 thank you for that comment! Jennifer is brash and self-centered. She thinks the world revolves around her and I’ve never ever liked her much, so this story is rich! It’s all about her. That’s the vibe she gives off and she’s practically a talentless person, yet feels she’s a great singer.

  88. shay kay says:

    JLo seems to be one of those high maintenance, my way all the way all the time kind of girls….Marc Antony seemed like the same kind of guy which might explain why it didn’t work out.She seems nice enough to have as an acquaintance but not somebody I’d want to live with or work for.

  89. dd says:

    racisem?! big f*cking BS.
    thats have nothing to do with it,would beyonce do that?no,because she is sweet and have class,not like JLO wich is just a famehore with no manners and its have nothing to do with the color of her skin!
    i mean,that could of happend to other woman just like lindz,and goopy.

    anyway i just love MLP she rocks!

  90. ruthsdottir says:

    You know, I like a good story, but your Santeria comment is a bit too cutesy clever for me.

  91. c says:

    tbh, I doubt jlo had to ‘shove’ anyone out of the way. MLP is no where near as famous (she just sound jelous to me). The royals probably know who jlo is, MLP no so much.(coincidentally kate has admitted to listening to her music in the past)

  92. Connie says:

    “tbh, I doubt jlo had to ’shove’ anyone out of the way. MLP is no where near as famous (she just sound jelous to me). The royals probably know who jlo is, MLP no so much.(coincidentally kate has admitted to listening to her music in the past)”

    @92 Exactly, I think Kate wanted to meet Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie and Will shares her taste.

    I don’t think they know Mary Louise so much. Her show isn’t BIG…and J.Lo’s career/popularity is one they have been aware of for longer, they probably “grew up” with her music and movies.

    In other news what’s up with MLP’s cheeks and mouth? She looks…different.

  93. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I still don’t see how the race angle holds up, minorities can act like jerks just as anyone else can. People don’t have issues with the dress because they’re prejudiced, it’s because they have eyes. When the Spice Girls wore those horrible outfits to meet Prince Charles, everyone took exception to it and I don’t remember hearing anyone say that they were only being criticized because one of the members was half black.

    As far as fame goes, I don’t see that relevant in the least. You don’t get to literally push people around because you’re more famous–that’s feudalism speak. What kind of equality is that, to say that there’s a social hierarchy and the only to get to top is with box office result and diva exhibitions and none is free to live in peace because A-listers are inherently better than us? Who likes being shoved? I’m a minority too so I understand the impulse to side with the home team, but if there’s no critical thinking accompanying the sentiment, credibility gets lost. If we are required to stand up for our ‘own’, why should we also have to spend so much explaining away someone else’s bad deeds?

  94. Anonymous says:

    (coincidentally kate has admitted to listening to her music in the past)

    She has? When and where exactly did she say this? Kate has only given one interview, and that was when the engagement was announced. There was no mentioned of her taste in music.

    Don’t go making up lies, just to excuse how trashy Jennifer was by shoving MLP.

  95. Yo soy says:

    (coincidentally kate has admitted to listening to her music in the past)

    She has? When and where exactly did she say this? Kate has only given one interview, and that was when the engagement was announced. There was no mentioned of her taste in music.

  96. c says:

    Before you all slate me, it should be that type of music – pop.

    That is not verbatim. – good luck with getting that.

    My point still stands about the ‘shoving’ and ‘fame’ though.

  97. Bermudagirl says:

    I can’t believe that J-Lo wore that dress to meet royalty! What on earth was she thinking? That was not the time or place to ooze sexiness. Even without the cut-outs it was just TOO TIGHT! Not appropriate at all.

    Jennifer Lopez is FAKE! I noticed that about her from day one. She gives these interviews where she giggles and tries to act so nice and innocent when she’s not like that at all. Considering how fickle she is, as a man I’d be afraid to even date her never mind marry her. I wonder who she’s going to sink her claws into next. Anyone wants to place a bet she’ll go cougar-style and latch onto a really hot, YOUNG guy? Maybe a model a la Madonna. Yeah-my money’s riding on that…

  98. michelle says:

    A selfish, classless act done by a greedy bitch to meet classy people? Wow.

  99. Linda Lou says:

    You asked: “would you shove someone out of the way to meet Kate? ” No, but I expect this much from her, after all, this mujer is ” Jenny from the Block” . Her south Bronx style, circa 1990, still shines through!

  100. mannequin says:

    Poor little Mary Louise. I’d be scared if a big behemoth girl from down the block shoved me too. I’m sure Jennifer’s “class act” was laughable to the Duchess, and I’m darn sure she laughed at that dress.

  101. kibbles says:

    JLo is so ghetto. She will never change no matter how many millions she will acquire in her lifetime. So classless. Her dress was trashy, but her attitude is even worse. I thought everyone would at that event would have some face time with the royals, even if only for a minute. I guess JLo pushed people out of the way so that she and her mother could spend a few more minutes with the Royals. Kate probably doesn’t even know who JLo is! Kudos for Mary-Louise Parker for telling the truth and making JLo look more of an ass than she already is.

  102. MV says:

    Well , It’s supposed to be an evening for decent people with a ” Good taste of decency”. Judging by the clothes J.Lo wore, She might’ve thought She’s going to an early Grammy Awards party. Well I guess ,That’s better than a glittery jumpsuit.

  103. Noooooobama says:

    I believe JLo would shove, shank and eat her way to what she wants. No class whatsoever. And as far as race, get real. No one gives a rats patootie if shes purple,green or blue. Shes trashy, her dress certainly says that. Whoever posted the nose comment-Hilarious! And I bet Anthony got tired of her nasal whine and high maintenance. her own sister on Stern doesnt sound so thrilled about JLo either. that speaks volumes.

  104. alecia moore says:

    jenifer lopez is an actor whos money went to her head i dont like people who think there better than others because they have money i wont to become an actress hope to god i wont turn out snotty but thats hollywood its all about looks,money,sextapes

  105. alecia moore says:

    an yes belive me she did it

  106. Anonymous says:

    Whoa, I said this before–that Jennifer’s dress was so tacky and inappropriate to meet William and Catherine, but that first picture, I think I see her areolae & nipples! She’s not wearing a bra! Yikes. :o

    @Kelly I agree with you about Catherine’s neck. Wow, that’s what being uber-skinny does. Yikes again. :o

    Edit: This is eternalcanadian I forgot to log in. :P

  107. TG says:

    Whoever said that Princess Kate likes pop music and therefore as a result must like JLO’s music. Thanks for the laugh.

  108. Claire says:

    I love MLP’s dress. Very pretty. JLo is one of those Kim Kardashian types – they would be hard work to be in a relationship with!

  109. c says:

    @ TG

    Read the statements correctly before you answer.

    It’s listen to the type of music (nothing about like). So most probably knows who she is.

  110. Melancholy says:

    That green fungus has Jello in a half-nelson.

  111. onyx says:

    Came across this cause I saw Jlo’s name with a another woman’s face attached.

    I know lots MLP fans will be the ones to answer but ………..

    Saw the interview and MLP was clearly embarrased. The conversation should have gone :

    Journo : Did you get to meet the royals?
    MLP : No, I’m too insignificant and unknown, so was at the back like the rest of the public

    or more likely :
    Journo : How did you even get an invite

    This MLP is not very known in the UK, she may be big in the US………(no nominees this year either, bearing in mind not on the BBC or freeview, so out of sight, out of mind)

    She took the easy route out, hate her prissy ‘Oh Im innocent, and and got shoved’ act – admit it, you were at the back and Jlo at the front -blame the ghetto b”’; with a big butt, everyone can believe she shoved you with her big ass.

    i’m no J ho fan but I’m sick of people like this blaming a convenient scapegoat for things that have nothing to do with them. Crafty MLJ cause everyone knows your name now and that you were at the event since they can link you with JLo.

    That Jlo dress was too tight though and she did look annoying with her mom in the pics considering they are everywhere.

    The event was full of b listers by the way (with the exception of the few like Hanks, Streisand, Kidman etc.)

    Still, they are both fame hungry.

  112. onyx says:

    Also your long of body, short of Legs dress did nothing for you, did it MLP?

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